1 flex from every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

14. sep.. 2020
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this is the biggest flex in anime.
Shuckmeister's 1 meme from every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: noworld.info/video/video/m4K0dp-jq8euzac.html
xForts' 1 second from every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: noworld.info/video/video/y4iuqNeDyZrUutk.html
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  • Oh ho, you’re ACTUALLY approaching me? Well, FLEX as hard as you like

    The ShuckmeisterThe ShuckmeisterMåned siden
    • SNoivernK shut

      Skiddle_balls0Skiddle_balls0Måned siden
    • lol


    • Flex me like one of your French gurls

      The shadow KnightThe shadow KnightMåned siden
    • @Chokovok ahem, what about nux and mel?

      Big MemerBig MemerMåned siden
  • 12:56 What we have all been waiting for

    D4NK3STD4NK3ST2 dager siden
  • This is beautiful when viewed out of context

    Chessnut J3Chessnut J313 dager siden
  • Nux can you make a video on the Think Before you Sleep, and Roma Army beef

    John KiddJohn Kidd15 dager siden
  • The biggest takeaway is that you watched with some weird subs bro

    Gabe PGabe P16 dager siden
  • Damn.... I haven't finished part 5😢

    killer 360killer 36017 dager siden
  • Why no dubbed episodes, eh? Would be sweet!

    Chris WuChris Wu21 dag siden
  • Couldnt watch the whole thing as i haven't seen past episode 2 of part 4

    rage_ manrage_ man21 dag siden
  • I enjoy the content but I don’t think You know what flexing is

    Danani HassanDanani Hassan24 dager siden
  • Za Warudo Za Warudo Za Warudo Za Warudo Za Warudo Za Warudo Za Warudo Za Warudo

    Jaden MerrittJaden Merritt26 dager siden
    • Muda muda muda muda muda +1 like and I'll had another muda

      Jaden MerrittJaden Merritt26 dager siden
    • Roda rora da

      Jaden MerrittJaden Merritt26 dager siden
  • aím bàaaaahq

    MeridethMerideth28 dager siden
  • What nux is flexsexul hmmmmmmmmmm

    Unicorn ReaperUnicorn Reaper28 dager siden
  • Be careful because you just summon

    Makhyusni MakhyusniMakhyusni Makhyusni28 dager siden
  • I love nuxs flex videos i too am a man of culture and flexing is a huge part of why i love anime so fucking much

    Jerry SimpsonJerry SimpsonMåned siden
  • the thing is, jojo characters are almost constantly flexing if you think about it

    Cream ArtCream ArtMåned siden
  • The torture dance is HANDS DOWN the single greatest flex in all fiction

    Cole WrightCole WrightMåned siden
  • And just to just to clarify that the reviews of every anime of every porn between anime review wise the journey of the flexes and mostly everything else you have inspired us to be who we are and and just so you just so you know that it’s been it’s been a one hell of a ride so just to let you know that I am a fan of the flexing the flex of anime God strings warriors heroes and villains mostly everything a parity and geniuses strong people in existence and just to let you know that everything is perfectly going to be perfect and hunky-dory so just to let you know that things are looking good well you have a wonderful day sir

    Bradon ByrdBradon ByrdMåned siden
  • Greetings Sir just to clarify that you’re you’re a random this is crazy but chaotic and it’s very interesting very interesting but it’s a good thing it’s a good thing not judging not charging so you know I just wanna let you know that you’ve inspired NOworldrs or you’ve inspired people that can express yourself and you have become dead of a novice well we have become Dadonov us and we need someone to guide us in the right direction but mostly NOworldrs are like wisemen and mostly white people that they will tell everything you need to know

    Bradon ByrdBradon ByrdMåned siden
  • See The misfit of demon king academy the flex’s are there

    Somtochukwu NnedolisaSomtochukwu NnedolisaMåned siden
  • Iggy gang

    Nicolas MoranNicolas MoranMåned siden
  • This should be a series. Mega flex

    Shiloh Mugabi AsiimweShiloh Mugabi AsiimweMåned siden
  • Since this is JoJo we're talking about, I almost thought this was going to be literal flexes, but then I remembered that this is The Flexmeister's video.

    GrotusGrotusMåned siden
  • 2:38 so Jonathon flexed on Dio by dying. Seems legit

    ZRobbie DZRobbie DMåned siden
  • I feel like some of the flexes were missed!

    Timothy BuehlerTimothy BuehlerMåned siden
  • Epic

    Astrid Iverz1Astrid Iverz1Måned siden
  • Dude, you have a great evil cackle.

    IncredibleCrowBulletIncredibleCrowBulletMåned siden
  • video starts at 1:52

    Gon FreecssGon FreecssMåned siden
  • Weird, NOworld denying me nux videos until I search for it

    Kazzy ShawnyKazzy ShawnyMåned siden
  • Bring back biggest flexes in anime but it's all jojo

    Ezra GrayEzra GrayMåned siden
  • Where's Roadroller !!?

    Windar ArgunandiWindar ArgunandiMåned siden
  • nice jojo's MAD m.noworld.info/video/video/yHu-f76iw83YsJo.html

    ライライMåned siden
  • Don’t forget that Nux originally promised us feet pics for geetting him to 2 million subs

    EsessienEsessienMåned siden
  • Nux Taku Great Video! The Subscriber Rate Is Not Going Up! Subscriber Rate Go Up! We Must Summon Satan! Now! He Will Rise!

    Izaac PowerIzaac PowerMåned siden
  • saying "yo" everyday to the guy you turned into a rock low-ley is a huge flex, yeah

    Joren EngelsmanJoren EngelsmanMåned siden
  • I really liked that ep joseph vs empress I think her name was he used hamon and predicted her next line

    zayed sultanzayed sultanMåned siden
  • JoJo’s reference here noworld.info/video/video/s2uymrKdp5efwsk.html

    Kristeen LivesayKristeen LivesayMåned siden
  • 12:13 HELL YEAH BABY

    Za ambulancu daZa ambulancu daMåned siden
  • How DARE YOU not include tHe BuLlEt ScRaPeD mE

    Za ambulancu daZa ambulancu daMåned siden
  • Mikitake eating a pack of tissues. Hardcore flex.

    ThorndoggThorndoggMåned siden
  • Jojo is just one big flex. Also I love that you know Nujabes.

    PaperbagzPaperbagzMåned siden
  • There were both meat and potatoes in this video........Hail 2 U

    General GreviousGeneral GreviousMåned siden
  • I waited so long for this video

    sarah Ücdalsarah ÜcdalMåned siden
  • The torture dance is unironically the BIGGEST flex in anime. It's the Jojo equivalent of teabagging.

    Black HatBlack HatMåned siden
  • Ngl, Kars flexing his power by slicing that car in a second or two despite everything is my favorite scene of jojo, that animation was CLEEEAAANNN

    אילאי מעטוףאילאי מעטוףMåned siden
  • Could this be? The perfect video?

    J KenfieldJ KenfieldMåned siden
    • Wheres the commentary tho?

      J KenfieldJ KenfieldMåned siden
  • Yo Angelo LMAO

    Galactic SPEGGalactic SPEGMåned siden
  • 5:23 wait. I don't recognize that episode...

    RustyGun4HireRustyGun4HireMåned siden
  • Please react to Demon King Academy, mc is the embodiment of flexing

    ParatoriusParatoriusMåned siden
  • Might be my favorite video you’ve ever done

    NooodleLegsNooodleLegsMåned siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIcemanMåned siden
  • I was expecting the baby. You don't disappoint.

    Neko VermillionNeko VermillionMåned siden
  • This is the one video that we always wanted, and asked for.

    Cyber DabossCyber DabossMåned siden
  • Nux, maybe you wont read thisbu5 I've got some good things for you. 1. Plunderer It aint the best anime but they flex all the time. They have a number which represent their strengh. To sum it up: Enemy; oho you thougt I had a Number of 469 but my ACTUAL streangh is over 7000 hahaha you wont be able to defeat me now. Protagonist: oho you know my number isnt 5000 but actually 20000 hahaha you didnt see that one comming did you!?!?! Solo leveling: the main caracter flexes all the time: lately he stopped the villain introduction and told him to shut up and wait so he could continue to pat his sisters head also very good manwa (korean manga)

    LarsLarsMåned siden
  • 1:51 actual video start

    Jim RidderströmJim RidderströmMåned siden
  • Jewce Man needs to make, one gay every episode.

    Mamipack DudeMamipack DudeMåned siden
    • Yes

      Mxgical Weeb ThoughtsMxgical Weeb ThoughtsMåned siden
  • This makes me wanna rewatch jojos again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Titαniα OtakuTitαniα OtakuMåned siden
  • Them's some good flexes, to be sure.

    SirRosserSirRosserMåned siden
  • I wish I lacked context.

    C'thulu TenticalisC'thulu TenticalisMåned siden

    Matt CervantesMatt CervantesMåned siden
  • We should all agree that killing a mob capo with a banana is the biggest flex in jojo

    SNoivernKSNoivernKMåned siden
  • I’m highly upset they didn’t pee in the dude’s mouth in this video lol

    Je’Quan GoldJe’Quan GoldMåned siden
  • only ONE flex from each JoJo episode? Yare yare dawa, you could've gotten at least ∞

    Teet NusTeet NusMåned siden
  • Kira: gets head crushed by an ambulance Nux: NEXT 👏 FLEX 👏 Diavolo: gets trapped in infinite death sequence and is scared for his life Nux: NEXT 👏 FLEX 👏

    w0wsum1actuallyw0wsum1actuallyMåned siden
  • Yuo*

    KillerofcatsKillerofcatsMåned siden
  • Joseph Joestar is just one big flex on death

    TheUnrivaledNessTheUnrivaledNessMåned siden
  • im just laughing as the vid goes ...cuz it brings back a lot of JoJo memories 🤣🤣🤣

    Kelvin NarhKelvin NarhMåned siden
  • Wait no, you never showed Joseph flexing his crying skills for Caesar

    D3pr3ss1ng L1f3D3pr3ss1ng L1f3Måned siden
  • YOU DIDN’T EVEN USE the line this is requiem and thunder cross split attack

    Liam the Dragon slayerLiam the Dragon slayerMåned siden
  • The biggest flex of this video is that it made me what to watch Jojo all over again just to appreciate these flexes more.

    LiwenDiamondLiwenDiamondMåned siden
  • Yes

    IzogenIzogenMåned siden
  • I feel like Nux grows more powerful when he does videos on jojo

    Sarah PearlSarah PearlMåned siden
  • I’m getting a bit lost in the definition of a “flex”

    Paul PhillipsPaul PhillipsMåned siden
  • Alternate title: Nuxanor risking his channel for copyright

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a MustacheMåned siden
    • Yo

      SanicHyperSanicHyperMåned siden
    • Sup dude

      FNAFAnimator06FNAFAnimator06Måned siden
  • the only flex I know is flex tape

    Guido MistaGuido MistaMåned siden
  • I would've thought the entire requiem scene would be considered s flex

    Blandy8521Blandy8521Måned siden
  • I didn't understand anything that happened in this video.

    Nabeel ChowdhuryNabeel ChowdhuryMåned siden
  • _Meanwhile, in an alternate part 5_ Giorno : I, Giorno Giovanna, have a drea- Jotaro : 6:21

    Rainbow WorldRainbow WorldMåned siden
  • It's just like nux to make a very "attractive" thumbnail

    MD24 ClipsMD24 ClipsMåned siden
  • The one non jojo reference

    Cheese GremlinCheese GremlinMåned siden
  • Nux i have an argument, clearly the bivgest flex of part 4 was kira giving shigechi an oberly detailed report of his life including where he lives, his job, name, age, and even his nightly habits then immedistely killing shigechi

    FreeHugzFacehuggerFreeHugzFacehuggerMåned siden
  • Jonathan: *Dies* Nux: What a flex

    Papa JoPapa JoMåned siden
  • Thank you for including the Handshake, I needed it

    Just Some Guy With Half A BeardJust Some Guy With Half A BeardMåned siden
  • Hi

    Its Oscar KujuIts Oscar KujuMåned siden
  • how many hours a day do u practise for the evil laugh

    Daniel MarDaniel MarMåned siden
  • 4:25 for the ultimate flex

    The Frosty CornerThe Frosty CornerMåned siden
  • Best vid on the tube

    Troy ThompsonTroy ThompsonMåned siden
  • Now what,you will tell us you are buff and have a cool mustache?

    Sr Elle 2.1Sr Elle 2.1Måned siden
  • Joseph’s bizarre flexing

    Star BladeStar BladeMåned siden
  • I really like a fellow nujabes man. Also. Keep Flexing man

    Robert SundinRobert SundinMåned siden
  • This video made me realise how much Giorno flexes on his opponents Like Father, Like Son!

    Notorious G.I.ONotorious G.I.OMåned siden
  • Me: *Wanting to watch a Jojo comp* Nux: Oh you expected a comp but it was me Nux Me: Of course...

    Mitch BondMitch BondMåned siden
  • Oh my God I've missed this😢😭

    Lisekho TototoLisekho TototoMåned siden
  • I gotta say the jojo giorno theme is great can't stop listening to it. Plus I love going over the biggest flexes in the series especially DIO's biggest flexes! Also Speedwagon best supporting character in that series! Thank you nux for doing this video!

    Kendra HinoriKendra HinoriMåned siden
  • Nux Taku Blabbering for 2 mins :

    PrinceinPrinceinMåned siden
  • Nux didnt put the whole 7 page muda im destroying my phone

    Michael OchiengMichael OchiengMåned siden
  • Actual anime related content thank goodness!

    Joshua RitterJoshua RitterMåned siden
  • I love it when nix makes a jojo video

    lj playsmclj playsmcMåned siden
  • I Giorno Giovanna, and I flex like a god

    Brayan Argandona FlorentinoBrayan Argandona FlorentinoMåned siden
  • I was gonna be like, I've seen this already. Then no, Nux is /sexyflex

    Dylan ClackDylan ClackMåned siden
  • Ok can we just talk about how Mista used gold experience like its his stand

    Mayo manMayo manMåned siden