America is Cancelled

24. aug.. 2020
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Uzaki Chan BAD, Netflix Cuties GOOD?






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  • Wow look at all the morons who didn't do their own research on anything like usual it's a french film

    archaic god samhainarchaic god samhain5 dager siden
  • Reminds how Hollywood was pushing this stuff and it comes to bite them in the ass when the names come out for Epstein Island and they try to block it.🤣🤣🤣

    Donald HickokDonald Hickok13 dager siden
  • Guide our

    lord doctorlord doctor14 dager siden
  • 1° como esse cara me apareceu? 2° por que eu amei tanto ele?

    Camille BarrosCamille Barros17 dager siden
  • It's sad the video title had to change, I'm guessing from crazy amounts of flagging or something similar. At least you weren't forced to add censors and bleeping in the actual video.

    MATTman101wowMATTman101wow18 dager siden
    • But you know I'm sure one day NOworld will add that in, forced or even just algorithmic auto censorship. Might even add per video market censors, blocking rainbows when viewed in the middle east, or clipping out segments that support racial equality in the South US.

      MATTman101wowMATTman101wow18 dager siden
  • It took him all the way to 2:10 to get started lol

    SusChan HentaiprotagSusChan Hentaiprotag19 dager siden
  • Anyone noticed that Nux ended changing the title?

    Joaquín Casas CortésJoaquín Casas Cortés21 dag siden
  • Porn stars being more honest than politicians actually doesn’t surprise me at all. You gotta be pretty honest and open to be a porn star...

    AJLAJL23 dager siden
  • Pedophile is the technical term for the mental disorder in which someone is attracted to prepubescent children. If they don't support the anime with the 19 yo girl than they don't support people with mental disorders trying to healthily express themselves.

    The Cool Axolotl LoganThe Cool Axolotl Logan23 dager siden
  • You're wearing Eds coat when he visited Briggs and presumably the arm is also Briggs autmomail, I just finished Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and I have a gaping hole in my heart as that show was a part of me, my origins, my upbringing even. Thank you for filling that hole Nux, albeit a lot is left to be filled. But still, I'm grateful.

    abdul batenabdul baten24 dager siden
  • cuties is just a netflix anime adaptation of generic loli anime. it only feels creepy because they are actual girls and not just cartoons.

    fakiirificationfakiirification25 dager siden
    • @romerto Camerto yes, but not nearly as creepy as real people acting it out. Something about them alien eyes in anime makes you not identify it as human quite as much. Or maybe that's just me.

      fakiirificationfakiirification23 dager siden
    • The cartoon is creepy

      romerto Camertoromerto Camerto23 dager siden
  • Netflix managed to mess with the story Amy IS the one to say "Hey let's twerk" when she joins the team, I didn't see it but I looked a lot of things about the movie after its controversy. Also if I remember correctly the guy that gave the movie an Oscar was charged of paedophilia, so the use of child's oversexualization to denounce it somehow failed ? Then again I didn't watch the movie

    PtiYoshismash / YoshismashPtiYoshismash / Yoshismash26 dager siden
  • so they got upset over a 19 year old, but no one batted an eye at an 800 year old dragon loli? that does make me laugh. are you sure it wasn't because the 19 was too old for the pedo's? or any one of the 600 other loli characters in anime?

    Jenna HermanJenna Herman27 dager siden
  • Wait, Nux changed title of the vid. Didn’t he?

    OmenApproachingOmenApproaching28 dager siden
  • What happened to the title? It's changed, why? I-I'm confused

    Thiccer ThanUThiccer ThanU28 dager siden
  • America is retarded...america is messed up...demonetized?? Or nah?? Real opinion...or middle ground???? Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

    Reagus09Reagus0929 dager siden
    • U mad

      romerto Camertoromerto Camerto23 dager siden
  • 7:56 : I made an entire video about it, link in the description me:checks description for the video also me: you have lied good sir.

    ThisOneDudeThisOneDudeMåned siden
  • I’m a white American and Uzaki is fine by me!

    Boltonator SAOMDBoltonator SAOMDMåned siden
    • Ew

      romerto Camertoromerto Camerto23 dager siden
  • To be fair, you are not an adult, until you are between the ages of 24 and 27, biologically speaking for the vast majority of humans. Some humans never grow up entirely and some do it in their teens. So somehow America isn't aware of this, because of obvious stupidity, and as a result, America assumes 19-year-olds are supposed to look like 30-year-olds even though that is a result of actors who are in their 30s playing 18-21-year-olds in TV shows and films.

    Zhor'i AmbassadorZhor'i AmbassadorMåned siden
  • oh look 798 people (as off this post) have been added to a FBI watch list for pedos and online activity.... who is disliking these -_-

    akatsu Bakiakatsu BakiMåned siden
  • I’m very embarrassed to be from America.

    PainPainMåned siden
  • So we’re not going to talk about the slur in the title?

    Zoe TheobaldZoe TheobaldMåned siden
  • Are you sure the same people are defending this?

    Poke EmblemPoke EmblemMåned siden
  • Wanna know what the sad thing is? There was actually an anime (I can't remember the name of it) where a genius girl got naked when she was solving problems (I don't know why either). The girl was not only a loli, so she looked like an elementary school student, but she was in middle school. No one has raised hell about it, that I'm aware of

    Drake WareDrake WareMåned siden
    • that's fiction brah. these are real life twerking preteens. not cartoons. these children were abused and acted in a goddam pedo movie. can u imagine that these kids cant even go and see the movie they acted in? as it is 16+rated. japan are far more comfortable than every single country in the west when it comes to sexual stuff and it shows in their sexual crimes statistics. they have hotsprings where all genders and ages bathe together for THOUSANDS of years and they are still operational to this day. they have far less sexual crimes against women and minors there. i wonder why. it makes it extra funny when westerners try to judge japan for their culture and anime when at times they should look in the mirror with that fake moral compass of theirs.

      AH silverAH silver25 dager siden
  • Is this still monetized? I just came from a different video where he said somehow this video didn't get demonetized and that made me lol.

    Samuel AavilaSamuel AavilaMåned siden
  • As a American...I can only be disappointed in my own people. O 30 Just glad not all Americans had a screw loose in their questionable brains but hey the world is round, some still think its flat, no way to talk about poor Earth chan our dear mother world.

    Alshian Game CrazyAlshian Game CrazyMåned siden
  • Im from Brasil and everyone is fuki#ing laufing from those things

    shadow ronquimshadow ronquimMåned siden
  • As an American I gotta agree with that title....

    I can't find ma snickers barI can't find ma snickers barMåned siden
  • love the snorlax tho. It would make a really nice variant for him

    Siegebraum Of CatarinaSiegebraum Of CatarinaMåned siden
  • 4:49 those glasses are too beautiful. I have been staring at them for 5 hours now.

    Dai JunDai JunMåned siden
  • Oh no! How dare you! *insert standard hater comment here because I am too lazy to think of one*

    Deadly_Anime_CatDeadly_Anime_CatMåned siden
  • America sure is retarded at some moments. But making pedos happy with that show on Nexflix? AW HELL NAW.

    SomeOneQuite ImportantSomeOneQuite ImportantMåned siden
  • Bet I can guess what us state nux is from if he is from the us due to the very light German accent and nux being a weeb its fucking Indiana like litterly everyone in Indiana sounds like nux and if they arent some 70 year old political worshiping retard there a weeb or there a 60 year old man sniping spruills with a pellet gun I would know I'm from that shit

    sparrowsparrowMåned siden
  • YT did a good thing and suggested your channel. Well done! 👍🏽💪🏽👊🏽✌🏽

    DmajiniDmajiniMåned siden
  • They don't want pedophiles to watch a 19-year-old, I believe a 19-year-old is way too old for a pedophile. Sometimes an 11-year-old is too old for a pedophile. I hate America and I am American

    TikamoshTikamoshMåned siden
  • "America is Retarded" Understatement of the century.

    Mikaru KaguyaMikaru KaguyaMåned siden
  • Hahahahahahahaha

    AJ GamingAJ GamingMåned siden
  • most Americans are mad at cuties

    Bob JohnsonBob JohnsonMåned siden
  • Just to let you know nux, the leftists and democrats who worship cuties doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

    decworlddecworldMåned siden
  • Wasn't cuties made by a french film director?

    bruh momentbruh momentMåned siden
  • Anime aside, you're JUST now figuring this out?

    Al1veAl1veMåned siden
  • No, we are destroy cuties. Its a french movie.

    Cynical MiscreantCynical MiscreantMåned siden
  • Nux: America is fricking retarded Me: oh you just found out

    Chase MurphyChase MurphyMåned siden
  • #AmericaIsRetarded

    Lamont BarnesLamont BarnesMåned siden
  • idiots its a growing up movie ... kid dosnt do what parents would like because kid feeds they know everything, kid gets in with bad group of kids, kid realizes they are wrong and does the right thing by the family. dumb. every one that sees it as anything else is a pedo including all yall reading this thinking that is wasn't a movie about growing up.... Idiots...

    ZamnaZamnaMåned siden
  • I feel like Americans have a bad reputation because people just film most of the stupidity here in the US

    QuesoDaesoQuesoDaesoMåned siden
  • "America is retarded" very corect asesment from your side nux.

    Lizard_WizardLizard_WizardMåned siden
  • in other news, grass is green.

    person personperson personMåned siden
  • ...understatement of 2020. ...and that's sayin a lot.

    XxSTOZZYxXXxSTOZZYxXMåned siden
  • His voice is nice

    Bino.C DavidBino.C DavidMåned siden
  • All American take that trip all them who aren't on the sex offenders list

    the oppressedthe oppressedMåned siden
  • You better shut that s*** down right quick Lord nux that was France who did all that b*******

    the oppressedthe oppressedMåned siden
  • 5:08 why are there two Nux?

    OmniscientWarriorOmniscientWarriorMåned siden
  • I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

    -Redacted- Fumblings-Redacted- FumblingsMåned siden
    • I, too, have lost faith in humanity.

      Cat the MegCat the MegMåned siden
  • This video is also a room reveal!?? Or I'm late to the party.

    Iman SolIman SolMåned siden
  • This sickens me

    kaleb dickersonkaleb dickersonMåned siden
  • Cuties is made by a feminist woman of color and is meant to denounce the patriarchy that's why it gets a pass. Uzaki is too much fan service for heterosexual males and we all know heterosexual makes MUST SUFFER

    McufreMcufreMåned siden
  • Im American and I agree

  • For the record Bathesda does allow player's to marry love interest characters of the same sex (when marriage is in the game) and romance characters of the same sex when marriage is not a feature in the game and there is a same sex couple in the dragon bourn dlc you can encounter in a specific location I personally don't know it but there are plenty of videos here on NOworld if you want to know all about it. But yes Bathesda does tend to only do what's profitable and cut allot of corners I just felt I should mention some things nux didn't.

    That1powergamerThat1powergamerMåned siden
  • Speaking of banning words: remember that r/animemes banned the t-word (trap)?

    Zhadow Storm GamingZhadow Storm GamingMåned siden
  • I have never been so offended by something I one hundred percent agree with

    _ Dummy_ DummyMåned siden
  • 5:47 second from the right. The face looks like that of a dude's

    Zhadow Storm GamingZhadow Storm GamingMåned siden
  • This is true

    StealthSC 18StealthSC 18Måned siden
  • _This comment has been removed by Netlix_

    ༒𖤐 ᴀʀᴄᴛᴜʀᴜs 𖤐༒ ϟ༒𖤐 ᴀʀᴄᴛᴜʀᴜs 𖤐༒ ϟMåned siden
  • thank you captain obvious

    isazulf 2.0isazulf 2.0Måned siden
  • Idk how to feel about cuties for one Pedophilia........just no...... But on the other hand it calls out a part of society so.............idk

    nitsua gamingnitsua gamingMåned siden
  • Jokes on you i'm not american I"m from the Uk.

    KiBlastinSSR'sKiBlastinSSR'sMåned siden
  • don't blame all americans, not all of us americans citizens agree with the type of trash with think america is all about.

    Johnathan SchumanJohnathan SchumanMåned siden
  • Me an american: *looks at the title* Also me: Amen to that 😤

    ALostBraincellALostBraincellMåned siden
  • The worst part is that the poster was made to specifically target the North American audience, because it looks completely different in Europe. Ironically, the spin on the topic in the movie is on the opposite side of the American PR, basically saying that young girls (and women) have a lot of pressure put on them, and forget or aren't allowed to just be kids. The ending of the movie really depicts the freedom in letting go and actually being the kid you are, but also emphasises that adults need to let kids be kids. You're faced with many uncomfortable truths in the movie, and for many girls or young women especially it might hit close to home. It feels more like a biopic about the Senegalese woman that wrote the story, and if you can keep that perspective in mind, then you might want to watch the movie. It has some very good commentary about today's society.

    SeverinsenSeverinsenMåned siden
  • Like how this movie was made in France but America is still to blame even though about everyone (except the pedos) hates this movie and wants Netflix gone

    Offtopic.WriterOfftopic.WriterMåned siden
  • Please separate us from the leftists and woke idiots we want them gone more than anybody. It's like having a leech that chastises you for not letting it suck your blood. But seriously the majority of Americans are decent people it's just that twitter is wasteland of human filth

    George EberhartGeorge EberhartMåned siden
  • yea we are

    Bill PoterBill PoterMåned siden
  • As a Hispanic-American I can agree America has a lot of idiots and you can find a bunch of them on Twitter

    Dude LostDude LostMåned siden
  • “Wamen”

    Zaid ImageZaid ImageMåned siden
  • Yes, yes we are retarded, some more then others and some not at all.

    Jack FishbockJack FishbockMåned siden
  • In seriousness, every single state in the US is very different. On behalf of Texas, Anime: Good, Cuties: Evil.

    Skipping Step 1Skipping Step 1Måned siden
  • Wew lad. Wait till you get a load of the upcoming Netflix Adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. No 🚬 Allowed!

    Justin BaileyJustin BaileyMåned siden
  • I love that one of the true heros in 2020 is the Anime villan himself Lord Nuxxanor

    Salohcin YeliwSalohcin YeliwMåned siden
  • Yes. Yes it is.

    RoachdoggJRRoachdoggJRMåned siden
  • Glad to not be American

    Vedus DominatusVedus DominatusMåned siden
  • 0:00 when he talks about idiots that are toxic I totally agree

    Abyss WatcherAbyss WatcherMåned siden
  • As an American I can appreciate this because I see it everyday and it is disgusting. To be honest America is going down the shit hole and pretty much no other American seems to give a crap or they say they do care and they want to fix it but join in on the bullshit themselves.

    Theforgottenclonetrooper 0Theforgottenclonetrooper 0Måned siden
  • Wait a minute...the Feminists only hate Uzaki-Chan because they don't have big breasts just like her

    UltraUltraMåned siden
  • if there could have been a portal to anime world, i would leave this world immediately

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoMåned siden
  • might be a reverse uno to catch a predator.

    U WatchU WatchMåned siden
  • i dont watch this guy in public just an fyi

    heysiricall911heysiricall911Måned siden
  • uzaki becomes 20 in the anime and that is legally an adult in japan just saying

    Ben DriskellBen DriskellMåned siden
  • Inside of nice days tries to force everything upon them but on the world when they can't even control the world so nice State can suck it

    blue angel Wolfblue angel WolfMåned siden
  • Let’s be real. Real life girls aren’t hot at all and 2D anime girls are the ones who are the best type of girl and the hottest girls on the planet

    Beasel matchesBeasel matchesMåned siden
  • Haven't seen many of your videos(I blame youtubes algorithm) I like the new avatar art.

    117Haseo117HaseoMåned siden
  • As an American, I 100% agree with you. We are retarded

    Jay RizuriJay RizuriMåned siden
  • Nux: "Going off on topic." Editing, randomly adds Jacksepticeye: "LAUGH!"

    Drakeblood TVDrakeblood TVMåned siden
  • Just google how many girls they had to interview for this movie. Dancing and twerking.

    Corey PellettCorey PellettMåned siden
  • Bocu no piko

    BitzBitzMåned siden
  • Here I am never hearing of this movie until it actually came out a couple days ago and I can tell you now that it tanked badly. I've never seen Uzaki Chan but now i'm going to watch it because it sounds awesome.

    Brynell OwensBrynell OwensMåned siden
  • 12:12 Re: TARD: Starting life with zero braincells

    Muhamed MulicMuhamed MulicMåned siden
  • i love uzaki

    dragonborndragonbornMåned siden
  • 12 year old me, just hit puberty would adore this movie

    Vive L'EmpereurVive L'EmpereurMåned siden