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Over a year ago i memed that Bakugo from My Hero Academia (MHA) would die... i think im a prophet now.
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  • Billy is legend

    Christi NicoleChristi Nicole17 timer siden
  • If he died its we know that the creator of mha watches my man meme lord 💀

    DHRUV patelDHRUV patelDag siden
  • Horikoshi really went like: Nice meme, it would be a shame if *it came **_true_*

    • Loser •• Loser •Dag siden
  • I my not sure if I should believe this video or not after the first one, i'm so confused if he's dead or not. I don't trust nux or the internet......

    TamaTamaDag siden
  • I just realized nux taku is a pun on the 9orn game nut taku

    Kaleb CottonKaleb CottonDag siden
  • The Mha Fandom harrassed horikoshi over their ships look where it led them lol can't lie its smart just kill the characters so they can't ship them anymore

    YouYou2 dager siden
  • YES

    TheFish OfTheSeaTheFish OfTheSea3 dager siden
  • Spoiler alert . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bakugo married Deku And they lived happily ever. After The end thank-you for reading :D

    Zack The ReaperZack The Reaper3 dager siden

    Angel LocsinAngel Locsin4 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me if he's meming again? I'm trying to avoid spoilers (if possible now), so I don't wanna watch the video.

    ShottyPwningzShottyPwningz4 dager siden
  • He is legitimately dying this guy can see the future

    Aj SolisAj Solis5 dager siden
  • But like, if Bakugo actually died, he still wouldn't, the fans will never let him go. Fan fic galore! Thought I'd be more shocked at this point, but after RWBY vol 3 and the last round of memes, I don't even buy it till the season's over. Plus, Best Jeanist clearly should have died, he had his entire intestines blown out, but he somehow survived that on the anime? Can anyone actually die? Who knows.

    DiscreetRoyalty7000DiscreetRoyalty70005 dager siden
  • Lol let's go the shit fandom done let's gooooo lamo

    ????????????????????????6 dager siden
  • 12:39 Oda must have had a body switch with Aonuma . . . Only NUX would know

    Jaguar EmperorJaguar Emperor6 dager siden
  • random guy: "Light and Lelouch treat life as a game of chess." me: "you must not have heard of Nux."

    AkaiichiAkaiichi7 dager siden
  • Jujutsu Kaisen....

    G-Man : DayWalker ReporterG-Man : DayWalker Reporter7 dager siden
  • Natsuki Subaru from re zero really dies. Seriously he dies:)

    Ganesh HegdeGanesh Hegde8 dager siden
  • Death note: Am I a joke to you?

    Gacha Cryztal PlayzGacha Cryztal Playz8 dager siden
  • nobody: absolutely nobody: me:are you sir nighteye screte love child or something

    Samasung A5Samasung A59 dager siden
  • bruh shigaraki really got a kagune

    VenusGhostVenusGhost9 dager siden
  • Lmfao I'm satisfied😂😂😂

    Garrett HaysGarrett Hays9 dager siden
  • Dude... Sir Nighteye

    KohryuZXKohryuZX10 dager siden
  • Bro shounen main characters are built like fucking astartes with redundant hearts and adrenal rushes that staunch bleeding and shit.

    Remember me?Remember me?10 dager siden

    Chris AftonChris Afton10 dager siden
  • If he is able to predict who is the imposter in the first round, why couldn't he predict who dies in a manga...

    Chaotic PhoenixChaotic Phoenix10 dager siden
  • "Teenagers in anime don't die" KNY: say sike right now

    Mitsuri KanrojiMitsuri Kanroji11 dager siden
  • !MANGA SPOILERS! Yes, he died while fighting the U.A. Traitor - Kirishima - just after Kirishima had crippled Kaminari for life. Sadly, Deku was busy fighting the League of Villains, who were overpowering him until he drank Todoroki’s piss to gain fire and ice powers. It was a great scene, especially when the reverse Darth Vader scene - where Dabi tells Endeavor that ‘You are my father’ - had followed soon after. Great chapter. IT was so good, sorry to spoil.

    Mitsuri KanrojiMitsuri Kanroji11 dager siden
    • 🧢

      relax marvinrelax marvin7 dager siden
  • I love chaos

    Fork frogFork frog11 dager siden
  • 100 dimensional chess

    Ghost ElGamerGhost ElGamer11 dager siden
  • I mean ...smash fans did meme Steve and sans announcement to smash and it becomes real

    نبا القيسينبا القيسي11 dager siden

    Mel1k1 TamaniMel1k1 Tamani12 dager siden
  • Chill guys. On chap 286 Bakugo spoke and it seems he just got severely injured, not killed.

    Ug Gam seaUg Gam sea12 dager siden
    • Awwww man.

      Radiofloyd 235Radiofloyd 2358 dager siden
  • Go to funeral start laughing everyone else starts laughing even harder, back away slowly.

    Luke PrestonLuke Preston13 dager siden
  • akame ga kill main character died

    CliptasticCliptastic13 dager siden
  • Nux, what do you predict are the winning numbers for Powerball and Megamillions next week?

    Alondro77Alondro7713 dager siden
  • The 'Bakugo Dies' meme is proof that most people are idiots and never bother researching any claim they hear. Dumbasses. Worthless. INFERIOR!! They will be... EXTERMINATED!! EXTERMINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!! Then only my SUPERIOR mutant Alondroleks will remain and grow to RULE THE UNIVERRRRRRRRRRRRRSE!!

    Alondro77Alondro7713 dager siden
  • Spoilers

    Star WolfStar Wolf14 dager siden
  • Im alive-

    Bakugo-Bakugo-14 dager siden
    • Nah all for one put you back where your supposed to be *b I t c h* (jk bakugo is cool)

      Xavier JohnsonXavier Johnson13 dager siden
  • How does this man not rule a country?

    Baileaf 11Baileaf 1114 dager siden
  • Bakugo: **Dies** Nobara: That's rad!

    StillNoUsernameStillNoUsername15 dager siden
  • 0:31 what's that from

    ZekeZeke15 dager siden
  • Normals video kas vina slikts

    LIL NoOb XdLIL NoOb Xd16 dager siden
  • Main characters in shounen anime don't die huh, well not completely sure if it's shounen or not but anyone remember akame ga kill where pretty much almost everyone dies

    McJelly Otaku129McJelly Otaku12916 dager siden
  • you live on a different plane of existence

    Sudais HaleemSudais Haleem16 dager siden
  • I would be sad if he died, but I would start laughing at the shippers

    Lil WaluigiLil Waluigi16 dager siden
    • Lmao tru

      Xavier JohnsonXavier Johnson13 dager siden

    Iddo's PageIddo's Page17 dager siden
  • Spoiler for chapter 285 and beyond! I was literally reading chapter 285 and I was like wow Nux might be right.

    BonbozaBonboza17 dager siden
  • A meme that came true

    iron killer77iron killer7717 dager siden
  • Nux: talking about a super serious topic and how Bakugo actually dies Me: woah the opai cup was fixed.

    Brandon RoyerBrandon Royer17 dager siden
  • How dare u call A dead man/teenager a lmao

    Joshua SutherlandJoshua Sutherland17 dager siden

    Lado iiLado ii17 dager siden
  • When you simp for Bakugou but wish this is true for the sake of the meme

    Olivia ROlivia R17 dager siden
  • All might is gonna to die next in my hero academia

    secret superstar/ssecret superstar/s18 dager siden
  • Your like to dislike ratio is surprisingly good wtf

    Zohaib BukhariZohaib Bukhari18 dager siden
  • There is nothing better than trolling and then have reality join in on the joke

    gallaros9gallaros918 dager siden
  • 2:00 Speaking of Hunter X Hunter, I watched the whole anime, do I have any allies in my salt for how little we get to see a badass Leorio.

    EtEt18 dager siden
  • If you look up bakugo dies on youtube, the first two videos are as follows: BAKUGO'S DEATH!? Major blow to the heroes My Hero Academia BAKUGO ACTUALLY DIED LMAOOOOOOOO Nux is a madlad and a memer.

    Caden OllarCaden Ollar18 dager siden
  • 7:12 Sir Nighteye : *am I a joke to you?*

    Pirate 77Pirate 7718 dager siden
  • After binge watching your videos all day I'm actually having a most wonderfull evening bc my mom (who's been in a terrible mood for the past week or two) got me take out from my favourite place that I haven't visitet in like a year or sth^^

    Neo YanNeo Yan18 dager siden
  • You are a different type of evil

    AbhayAbhay18 dager siden
  • Explain how midoiya become the number 1 hero

    El ashura De MexicoEl ashura De Mexico18 dager siden
  • Nux predicted nothing, you simpletons. He simply used the SHEER WILL of memery to ENFORCE his glorious will upon the world.

    Nico SommerNico Sommer18 dager siden
  • Neji died tho

    Logan BarnesLogan Barnes19 dager siden
  • Well i don't want spoil naruto but pain kills someone who was a main character

    Abdullah AlomariAbdullah Alomari19 dager siden
  • Cheers for the spoiler.......

    BooCarKeysBooCarKeys19 dager siden
  • This was deku telling his story of how he became the no.1 hero,but all of sudden it changed into bakugo p.o.v

    Epic guyEpic guy19 dager siden
    • Bakugo is probably with Deku as hes telling the story

      Blehbl BlehblBlehbl Blehbl18 dager siden
  • I feel like nux just feeds off he hate at this point P.S. The power of memes is incredible👌🏾

    Jason ThompsonJason Thompson19 dager siden
  • When I got to that part u started laughing like crazy thanks to you

    Jello In PantsJello In Pants19 dager siden
  • Funniest shit I’ve ever seen

    Dark RupeesDark Rupees19 dager siden
  • the things to come.

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown19 dager siden
  • You are a powerful man. *But like it looked so real*

    The non Aesthetic personThe non Aesthetic person20 dager siden
  • 4:45 oops

    Sapphire 53Sapphire 5320 dager siden
  • Nux: I will not spoil Nux 10 secs later: deku's teacher dies

    Olavo XavierOlavo Xavier20 dager siden
  • He deserved it

    Braylon MaddoxBraylon Maddox20 dager siden
  • The first 7 seconds are real gold content!!

    omkar gharatomkar gharat20 dager siden

    HiHi20 dager siden
    • Ye, sorry for the spoil ma dude

      solitude vvsolitude vv19 dager siden
  • metal gear rising: "the memes!"

    In The Making ofIn The Making of20 dager siden
  • Dragon ball literly every season

    kaleb griffinkaleb griffin20 dager siden
  • lmao funny thing is gran torino is still alive too 7:10

    tophfantophfan20 dager siden
  • Got the notification for this 5 days after post, wow

    Kaelin FisherKaelin Fisher20 dager siden
  • I've been waiting for this video.

    Larissa MoreiraLarissa Moreira20 dager siden
  • Nux: no other hero died Nighteye: am I a joke to you?

    Jesus AvilaJesus Avila20 dager siden
  • Night eye died

    IsntItTwubbsIsntItTwubbs20 dager siden
  • Shit I was supposed to wait till he hit 2 mill

    Lord SatanLord Satan20 dager siden
  • Bakugou is just getting new trauma evwry other season and Im here for it

    Hey lol *vomits violently* GpsHey lol *vomits violently* Gps20 dager siden
  • Bakugo won’t die

    UsolandUsoland20 dager siden
  • Don't let you're memes be dreams.

    J Rock3091J Rock309120 dager siden
  • As I read chapter 285 one thought went through my mind. Dear god. He was right

    KingLatticeKingLattice20 dager siden
  • I don't think bakugo is dead tho.. I think he might lose his quirk.

    Shuyu ZhangShuyu Zhang21 dag siden
  • Plot twist: Nux is actually the writer of MHA Thus making Nux the chosen one

    HeZSterHeZSter21 dag siden
  • Call me crazy, but I think this was predicted pretty easily. Bakugo has had an arc of becoming a better person, which is only really completed with a heroic sacrifice. Horikoshi has been pairing characters up for what I assume will be the next generation, and the only options for Bakugo are Kirishima, Deku, Camie, and Uraraka, which are all paired with others. Not to mention, most Shonen have a death that is meant to strongly impact the protagonist, Jiraiya, Ace, android 16, Kite, etc. And the best characters for that in MHA are Bakugo and All might.

    Ash DalbeyAsh Dalbey21 dag siden
  • Naruto and sasuke vs haku 🌚

    Percival OmertaPercival Omerta21 dag siden
  • Nuxs finger reveal this episode and he’s not even talking about it

    AstroAstro21 dag siden

    JJ21 dag siden
  • Conspiracy Theory: Did Nux KILLED Bakugo? (My Hero Academia)

    DoubleTrouble202DoubleTrouble20221 dag siden
  • 2:21 damn he knew about AmongUs in April 😂I got on it 2 weeks ago how late am I 😂

    Drip ADrip A21 dag siden
  • In this world, it’s either meme or be memed on.

    MaidOfPastaMaidOfPasta21 dag siden
  • Dam your god ussop time to patron take my donations

    AA21 dag siden
  • When we saw this meme l screamed lol

    XAsh XXAsh X21 dag siden
  • Lol

    XAsh XXAsh X21 dag siden