Belle Delphine is my new Waifu...

20. juni. 2020
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Sorry Projekt Melody, i still love you...






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  • Belle Delphine may be an S-tier Waifu, but Melody's actual wife-tier just saying

    Nux TakuNux Taku4 måneder siden
    • Your wife... No?

      Ofeq 2003Ofeq 2003Måned siden
    • I dont even know who she if but I prefer project Melody

      Soul.SlayerSoul.SlayerMåned siden
    • Voting for Mel more than Belle 😊

      your my worldyour my worldMåned siden
    • Huh SIMPS

      Kabyy 19Kabyy 19Måned siden
    • I myself do not like Della Delphine I need a big fan of her contact it's okay I know you must think I'm lying and I'm really really not I'm not a baby Mana bitonti although that Bo was good I'm just not a big fan of her content for one reason I just had a feel like she would die off in a year and people thought the look for more things that they light like anime and NOworld drama although I did like that music video

  • Give us the NuxTaku bath water.

    Harrisan sanHarrisan san3 dager siden
  • Simp

    OOFERGOD 2000OOFERGOD 20005 dager siden
  • Nux over here getting second-hand charismigasms from Belle's simp-pimpery. Love it.

    Jordan ScholtzJordan Scholtz12 dager siden
  • WUT ?

    أحمد شحاتهأحمد شحاته15 dager siden
  • Just for the experiment, would be interested to see you sell your bath water

    Yoda TheYoda The18 dager siden
  • She works for the (IlluminNutIt)

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!18 dager siden
  • She got arrested and after release she came back

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!18 dager siden
  • Projekt melody best waifu

    Pikatzu SorianoPikatzu Soriano25 dager siden
  • No

    Emmanuel UserEmmanuel User26 dager siden
  • Nux stop trying to get us to stop shipping you and Projekt Melody it won't work plus we all remember Projekt Taku btw when will we see the whole family together in a video.... P.s. Belle Delphine is no Einstein that's for sure he made the fucking Atomic Bomb she's just a person on the internet who does things right big FUCKING different besides the part were they are both perverts.... love you daddy Nux and Queen Melody take care and don't go to crazy in bed..😏

    Galacticus WolfsGalacticus Wolfs28 dager siden
  • Nux why why did you dis projekt melody

    Lorenz OjedaLorenz OjedaMåned siden
  • He- He's Still talking about Projekt Melody Even after saying he got a new waifu..... Nux just make ur move before u miss it...

    ShadowShadowMåned siden

    ブラボーマリオブラボーマリオMåned siden
  • Melody : I love you nux Nux: I love Emilia Oh sorry wrong video....

    Aritra BAritra BMåned siden
  • Bathwater.... when!?

    Spicy LizardSpicy LizardMåned siden
  • Belle is the queen troll and smart af

    cspace Infinity01cspace Infinity01Måned siden
  • Who thought Belle would save the world

    cspace Infinity01cspace Infinity01Måned siden
  • Like Barack Obama sayd in the dark knigth i like me some ahego

    Miguel GonzalezMiguel GonzalezMåned siden
  • First track: wish from gyakkyou burai kaiji.

    Харли КрутошХарли КрутошMåned siden
  • I'll be called dumb for this but I don't know who is Belle Delphine.

    mobile promobile proMåned siden
  • Nux must go for therapy lol

    Roydon VisagieRoydon VisagieMåned siden
  • Trump vs. Biden with Joe Rogan as the moderator... let's make it happen!

    Raymn20Raymn20Måned siden
  • Uh oh, Melody's gone horny just to impress Nux. Just my thoughts

    Azurite TanzaniteAzurite TanzaniteMåned siden
  • March: Coronavirus April, May, and June: Riots July: Belle Delphine Returns August: ??? September: FIRE

    Random DragonRandom DragonMåned siden
  • Nah fam, I'll stick with Melody. She's a lot less creepy.

    Donovan BlakeDonovan BlakeMåned siden
  • I think she's hillarious.

    Nid StylesNid StylesMåned siden
  • For almost the entire video, Nux was explaining how Belle was manipulating the ENTIRE internet by all doing all those things, but I don't think he realized that the making of this video was part of her mastermind marionette manipulation from her dumb high 189 IQ genius of a plan.

    No NameNo NameMåned siden
  • Another simp is born.

    Neko LordNeko LordMåned siden
  • 0:00 that is the equivalent of showing someone a picture of Mario and say he's Zelda, your favorite Pokemon from Call of Duty

    MemenatorMemenatorMåned siden
  • In other words: "Let's gather all babes and create a harem"

    Roel James RamosRoel James RamosMåned siden
  • Can't we all like this vid from lord nux for his bath water joke 😂

    GamerWolfFangGamerWolfFangMåned siden
  • this was sponsered by belle delphine

    thebeavers1thebeavers1Måned siden
  • Lmao Gamer Girl bath water

    MoroseLoki C.A.MoroseLoki C.A.Måned siden
  • Why'd I just watch this video. The only thing I heard about Bell is bath water.

    Aj GrahamAj GrahamMåned siden
  • You simped Nux

    Boitshepo TlhatlosiBoitshepo TlhatlosiMåned siden
  • Lol simp

    Miku4PresMiku4PresMåned siden
  • I'd buy lord nuxanore bathwater

    Alan EvansAlan EvansMåned siden
  • Mmmmm daddy nux water

    ArchAngel ReedArchAngel ReedMåned siden
  • Lets get that Nux bath water goooooooiiiinnnng

    Dodo SuperDodo SuperMåned siden
  • Nux we need you to do a song

    Louis NilesLouis NilesMåned siden
  • I take shower with my clothes on 🥺

    Cookies freeCookies freeMåned siden
  • S-I-I-I-I-I-I-MP! Ha ha

    Hoof HeartedHoof HeartedMåned siden
  • "Watching BelleDelphine for the plot" xD

    Ukitsu2Ukitsu2Måned siden
  • MPS used to do some T-shirts with nux Flex

    Dominic CroweDominic CroweMåned siden
  • Hell yeah she's back and no I wouldn't buy your bath water but I'd buy some shirts with some of your nux art

    Dominic CroweDominic CroweMåned siden
  • Well ok then

    Alec FernandezAlec FernandezMåned siden
  • Belle delphine is my waifu

    Belle delphine fanBelle delphine fan2 måneder siden
  • Me: *read the title* Me: SIMP

    Ale222 10Ale222 102 måneder siden
  • 10:06 Would for the meme

    Electro ShockElectro Shock2 måneder siden
  • is that sonic unleashed music? its a good thing sega doesn't copyright their music

    Matthew KuhnMatthew Kuhn2 måneder siden
  • 7:40 I mean Belle Delphine has an OnlyFans and she doesn't even share actual nudes there. And people still pay for it. Either her fans are the BIGGEST simps ever or she's doing something right.

    Dario FerrettiDario Ferretti2 måneder siden
  • "May the Force ever be in your favor, Mr. Potter." Great video! I totally agree. She is brilliant and the way she trolls clout-chasing betas really turns me on...

    Iridium SilicaIridium Silica2 måneder siden
  • We live in a society

    Maxwell BurgerMaxwell Burger2 måneder siden
  • hell ya man ill buy your bath water !!! lol im joking

    Allira S.Allira S.2 måneder siden
  • Simp

    •iiKimxDestinyii ••iiKimxDestinyii •2 måneder siden
  • Ngl, she has my respect and might be the only egirls (that I know of) in that case

    Guillaume JoopGuillaume Joop2 måneder siden
  • He shows willne and imallexx omg😁

    Leo SeddonLeo Seddon2 måneder siden
  • I mean it's two months later and still think he should sell bathwater

    sinkindapro fortnitesinkindapro fortnite2 måneder siden
  • stop SIMPIN

    KintsugiKintsugi2 måneder siden
  • He should reference senzawa the drunk goblin...she is the singinger of the vid

    Danilo BorjaDanilo Borja2 måneder siden
  • Dude some german dudes just copied your Video with other images...

    stormnr2stormnr22 måneder siden
  • When she says I'm also a taxpayer! priceless hahahahaha!!!

    LordAnestisLordAnestis2 måneder siden
  • She may not be a genius, but she is at least smart enough to have people around her that know how to market.

    Rusty HecklerRusty Heckler2 måneder siden
  • Nux: I’m cheating on you with Belle Delphine Melody: wtf without me?

    Golden Pirate GamerGolden Pirate Gamer2 måneder siden
  • 11:41 Is that Nagito Komaeda in the front? wtf??

    Riley StoudtRiley Stoudt2 måneder siden
  • If you do make bathwater i shall bless it with it with the she belong to the streets prayer.

    Mr. TeaMr. Tea2 måneder siden
  • I support Melody getting her child support! Lol

    Chad P.Chad P.2 måneder siden
  • you ever going to go back to good content?

    Hero SyndicateHero Syndicate2 måneder siden
  • Eyyyyy the Kaiji ost at the begining!

    Anass OuallaAnass Oualla2 måneder siden
  • I will buy nux bath water I wiLl TaKe Ur enTIrE StoCK

    Rebecca BaillieRebecca Baillie2 måneder siden
  • Nux:"let me know if you want my bath water" me:"hmm, it has to be a trap but i still want to spring that trap'

    G RG R2 måneder siden
  • yes nux i would like your bath water

    Jaskaran SinghJaskaran Singh2 måneder siden
  • SIMP

    Brooklyn NewtonBrooklyn Newton2 måneder siden
  • But if she ever wet to wish her way bake here i will do so to

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • She made a wish i made it com true for her she is on longre in your time she wet to go to a dif world so i tok her to one wer she may strat a new neve to be seeing in your world anaig

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • Belle is hilarious and the biggest troll ive seen as of late besides Nux This video is so spot on its crazy!

    Pedro JPedro J2 måneder siden
  • mega simp

    John LJohn L2 måneder siden
  • plot twist, she is just flexing on the internet.

    Ebony StaveEbony Stave2 måneder siden
  • Will buy Nux Bath Water (TM) for the memes

    kopecktkopeckt2 måneder siden
  • I recognize that scream at the end

    TheBrothersCrimTheBrothersCrim2 måneder siden
  • Who else wants lord nuxanor schlong juice in their water?

    Gabriel AvilesGabriel Aviles2 måneder siden
  • i mean... i dont want your bath water but if you wanted to give me... I suppose I'll take it.... BAKA

    static Voidstatic Void2 måneder siden
  • Give me that Nuxanor bathwater

    3Nigmat1c3Nigmat1c2 måneder siden
  • *cough* melodyXtaku *cough*

    Mirio TogataMirio Togata2 måneder siden
  • U have an annoying voice sorry😅

    Willjaejae UniverseWilljaejae Universe2 måneder siden
  • I may have accidentally made myself attracted only anime girls and I hate it

    soloartmansoloartman2 måneder siden
  • All and all, Nux is pretty much saying that Belle Delphine has the string string fruit and is doffy, and is only using it to control the internet.

    Berserk D. RagnarokBerserk D. Ragnarok2 måneder siden
  • That sonic unleashed music in the background

    Alfonso RobledoAlfonso Robledo2 måneder siden
  • This makes me want to erase 2020 from the timeline more.

    Nicholas WilliamsNicholas Williams2 måneder siden
  • I would

    sillE ___sillE ___2 måneder siden
  • I would

    sillE ___sillE ___2 måneder siden
  • I've always said it, Belle Delphine is a Genius!

    eddebrockeddebrock2 måneder siden
  • Nah she’s just hot

    tareq 13tareq 132 måneder siden
  • Yo she has 110k extra subscribers then you 😱 this needs to be corrected lmfao

    TJ's ChessTJ's Chess2 måneder siden
  • She's just gunna dissappear again. Without whoring herself out shes screwed

    Creeper KingCreeper King2 måneder siden
    • I should add that she's done what 200 others have done. And lasted 5 years longer I'd live to see her struggle more if she thinks this will get anywhere

      Creeper KingCreeper King2 måneder siden
  • Daddy nux be faithful to mommy Melody

    Yes IhaveoneYes Ihaveone2 måneder siden
  • Simp

    MrSmeshyMrSmeshy2 måneder siden
  • belle is a SIMP

    Ash notfoundAsh notfound2 måneder siden
  • Belle Delphine is literally Netflix Wallmart Zero Two

    GoshecaGosheca2 måneder siden