Deku is actually awesome...

6. mai. 2020
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In regards to my "Deku OFFICIALLY Sucks" My Hero Academia video I had to come forward and apologize for the wrong i've committed.
Check out Briggs' Tower of God video:






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  • So I was a watching the other video and was 18 minutes in and got curious to see if he had more videos on Deku... And uh this is *akward..*

    Cue CueCue CueDag siden
  • Deku is... Deku. And now he got angry and looks like a Nomu and that looks of Nomu-like is awsome.

    GrypciaGrypciaDag siden
  • What's up nux? You feeling chill?

    I'm no one, just a weebI'm no one, just a weeb2 dager siden
    • Bet no one at all sees this comment and im watching videos I haven't watched in a while cause I can't sleep +v+

      I'm no one, just a weebI'm no one, just a weeb2 dager siden
  • damn you nux, i had thought you would praise my dear deku, sadly this is not the case . still love you lol

    That Musician ArronThat Musician Arron3 dager siden
    • i just had a feeling that his title was not truth however i am still alive and i shall stay living with this travesty behind me idk funny guy do funny thing

      That Musician ArronThat Musician Arron3 dager siden
  • >.> I actually liked the 1st video about Deku.

    Necro ApacheNecro Apache7 dager siden
  • Nux has done it again haha great job

    MCR_TacticsMCR_Tactics10 dager siden
  • I dont agree with you, farewell.

    RAZZARAZZA11 dager siden
  • I like the characters deku, for his personality but I respect your opinion.

    Julia MaceroniJulia Maceroni12 dager siden
  • deku is a bitch as of yet, nothing has happened to prove otherwise, so until that day DEKU IS A FUCKING BITCH!!!. Good day

    israel screwfaceisrael screwface15 dager siden
  • Nux :i was wrong Me :sarcasm

    Maria Bernadette RaguindinMaria Bernadette Raguindin17 dager siden
  • Deku has to be one of the most popular main characters that people love to hate for some reason. Like no matter what Deku does, it seem like a lot of people just love to hate him and honestly as a Deku fan, I like it lol because it just shows how much of a prominent character that he is

    TokyoSagaTokyoSaga18 dager siden
  • Deku is pretty boring to me really. His personality doesn't seem that interesting and his constant muttering in class is God awful annoying I feel like bakugo portrays what I'm feeling. Deku isn't that bad of a character but his fans treat him like he's a god with amazing writing but really he isn't. Running up to a villain just to throw a backpack to his face isn't heroic, it's reckless and stupid and all might would have still came to the rescue regardless.

    Skikuro !!!Skikuro !!!22 dager siden
  • Mha anime is childish but manga is dark Mha's gonna be a filler upto S5 from s6 real shit starts

    Aditya Kumar SabatAditya Kumar Sabat23 dager siden
  • I came here to hear nux talk about deku, ended up learning how to deal with haters I don't regret anything

    Kartick DornahalliKartick Dornahalli24 dager siden
  • Nice job assholes you made the MHA community more toxic, to you my darling nux taku my favorite flexer you got the true W

    Zero 0Zero 024 dager siden
  • is this trending in phillipines?

    Kitty_moonlight5 mhaKitty_moonlight5 mha25 dager siden
  • Yo If I ever meet this man in real life I'm gonna eat his

    SceptaeiSceptaei27 dager siden
  • This video is a filler from where I see it, like a filler that's cannon but not needed.

    The RandomBagThe RandomBag28 dager siden
  • I hated deku with all my being after the todoroki fight

    eggs of gloryeggs of gloryMåned siden
  • I love your videos

    Memy AliMemy AliMåned siden
  • You have to be such a no life to make 4 alt account to hate on someone for giving his opinion

    Klassic KamKlassic KamMåned siden
  • The room in the background is BakuDeku lol.

    Rae LeeRae LeeMåned siden
  • This video: exists Me: *something's wrong I can feel it*

    Mashirao OjiroMashirao OjiroMåned siden
  • Jeez! Nux already has 1million subs?!? Nice on ya!

    Pouliot Louis-FélixPouliot Louis-FélixMåned siden
  • I think Midoriya will have more character development as MHA continues, it’s still relatively early in the series and Ik he hasn’t had the whole idealogical battle with a villain yet but there still is a lot of time for that to happen so yeah that’s at least my take

    Cody RhynesCody RhynesMåned siden
  • I think mha is the only anime you and I disagree on our taste are pretty much the same

    Joshua GuevaraJoshua GuevaraMåned siden
  • To be fair, Nux has made Deku my least favorite Shonen Jump protagonist. I mean, he's adorable or whatever, but he'd be better as a side character.

    Bubbly ChubblyBubbly ChubblyMåned siden
  • I'm new to this guy but I'm already loving the aggressive "yEaH" so I'm staying.

    crystal laviacrystal laviaMåned siden
  • i new you didnt actually like deku because like, YOU MADE A 50 MIN VIDEO TALKING ABOUT HIM! and then you just make a 13min video saying you like him?! yeah no i knew you didnt change your mind about deku! also i like your deku vid it made a lot of sense!

    Moon FlowerMoon FlowerMåned siden
  • For the first time watching you I had felt genuine disappointment that it was a troll instead of a genuine counter argument your previous comments about Deku being as worthless as his name suggests. I had held hope that this was your Shonen Prtoagonist moment where you rise beyond the trolls to a new level but I forgot we are still in Season 1 of your story arc. Still, youll always be my Nuxichan. stay true to yourself, even if yourself is Sakura. P.S. nobody doubts that LeMillion deserved One for All.

    a moosea mooseMåned siden
  • Japan truly knows what to trend

    PsivoxPsivoxMåned siden
  • alright, it's fair to have your own opinions, it's wrong to stifle that or attack someone over it, so I'll happily accept your decision. That being said, I want to share my opinion and say, fuck you for disliking my precious bone-breaking cinnamon roll!

    Cyberpwnage112Cyberpwnage112Måned siden
  • Like dislike ratio has already balanced out thanks to Nux Nation.

    TsUJaN #TsUJaN #Måned siden
  • *When people see Bakugou and Deku vs nine*

    Iyioluwa OwoeyeIyioluwa OwoeyeMåned siden
  • I just watched nux,es deku is trash vid and I never questioned deku as a bad character cos hes the mane character so mad respect nux for the honesty but then I saw this vid and I legitimately stopet in my trakes and was like nani the fuck just happened then in true nuxanor fashion he was just flexing on the haters haha what a g love u nux xxx

    Lois HunterLois HunterMåned siden
  • Hey Nux Taku, Please watch Deku analysis by OniMaru. It will change your mind. PLEASE RESPOND WHEN YOU SEE THIS

    Tankiso MpelaTankiso MpelaMåned siden
  • As someone who still likes Deku, keep flexing Nux, the haters deserve it.

    Nicholas HansenNicholas HansenMåned siden
  • honestly i have so much respect for our lord nux taku like yes i like bnha but also bnha isnt a structurally phenomenal series and deku is a terribly written and developed character doesnt mean i dont watch the show doesnt mean show is great i just still like the show even tho its a shitty one (a good comparison is sherlock, and if yall love sherlock go watch hbombguy's 2 hour explanation of what its shit) anyway props to nux taku ur critisms r great and pls continue to destroy bnha

    Starlight LiarStarlight LiarMåned siden
  • While I disagree with your opinion, I can damn sure respect it. The people getting into hissy fits over this are whiny losers.

    Han soloHan soloMåned siden
  • Take care of your mental health bro

    doughnut heartdoughnut heartMåned siden
  • I love how obvious it is that every dislike is a salty boi who got they feelies hewt

    j sullivanj sullivanMåned siden
    • Also not that my opinion matters but I like mha and I get emotional seeing small boi deku make big punch and save someone. I think its prolly the well timed music or ssomethin, but gotta say in the last video you brought up some ridiculously good and well thought out and spoken points about deku that I never saw in him or mha as a whole. So thanks for the enlightening videos, I still like deku and mha, but I'm a basic bitch wit bad taste. Luv u xoxo

      j sullivanj sullivanMåned siden
  • I disagree with you about a 52 minutes video jajajaja. Way too long for someone with not a lot of free time.

    Nick SerranoNick SerranoMåned siden
  • Well that's truth haters help move on and Evolve to Something more Trolling like you are Nux

    Underswap PapyrusUnderswap PapyrusMåned siden
  • I'd say deku can be a good character soon maybe. I hope so Anyway I really like MHA so I'd be really sad if deku actually sucked completely

    Shiro ChannShiro ChannMåned siden
  • Come to think of it, Nux's avatar looks like a blue-eyed Kaneki

    Berserker76Berserker76Måned siden
  • If you saw the new My Hero movie: Heroes Rising, you would have known that Deku was prepared to give up his quirk and his dream just to save an entire island.

    Neptune CpuNeptune CpuMåned siden
  • I just found your channel and I kinda like how you just did something random to catch haters off guard! Not like anyone would care reading this paragraph, this is just from an autistic person's view: Having autism 1 (it was called high-functioning autism before), I always has been scared about what people might say about me or horrible stuff about autism that people will blindly believe and thus ruin our lives (because of them being pussies), I still love how you dare talk about controversial stuff. I do like Deku a bit, but he's just a part of the anime and there are other characters I like more. I would never freak out so much about someone saying they hate a character! Like wtf? I easily relate to many characters but... they are just fictional. Death threats are just harmful, good that you can laugh it off though. Anyways, while I don't get the reason behind raiding streams and shit (unless to teach a lesson about something serious, I mean I get that people likes to troll, but be careful about who you troll), I do like how you own people who do dumb shit, exposing them for doing so such harm over fictional characters. Geez.. Well, Idk if I will watch many of your videos, but this shows how far someone can go with humor and satire. Exposing bullshit... there is so much of it, and I'm gonna help with that, from an outsider's viewpoint. Sorry, I'm just rambling, it's just... naturally, like almost every autistic person, I'm the perfect bully victim, probably didn't get sarcasm or many jokes at first (which people on the internet seems to like to insult us for), but some of us can learn to get jokes and sarcasm. I'm really nervous about talking in front of people or stuff like that, but having thought up counters for default, ignorant questions makes me feel a bit more confident. People will probably get snowflake vibes from this too, but snowflakes fake having disabilities or whatever. I just like opening up to spread awareness and acceptance. Haters are pathetic anyways. Encouragement is always better than shame! Peace trolls lmao

    NikorinNikorinMåned siden
  • I don't mind ppl hating other protagonists I think demi's a great protaganist Everybody has an opinion and it's doesn't matter were all mostly different

    Sparkle BoySparkle BoyMåned siden
  • lawl, i've always hated deku i almost didn't make it through the first season because i hated deku that much. now that i'm caught all the way up in the manga hes still pretty trash, mirio deserved to be the protag and is second best character in my hero IMO.

    Mr.marvelMr.marvelMåned siden
  • No you are an emotionally unstable psychopath! BAKA!

    mathis8210mathis8210Måned siden
  • Deku does kinda suck.

    kaigen999kaigen999Måned siden
  • I love bakugou in the background just about to explode everyone

    Succubus 135Succubus 1352 måneder siden
  • Tog is easily hxh level in the webtoon

    NoelleNoelle2 måneder siden
  • I personally love Deku, and hes my favorite character in mha- but obviously I respect your opinion Keep up the good work 👌

    Random D3monRandom D3mon2 måneder siden

    Boss LadyBoss Lady2 måneder siden
  • This man is so annoying 🤢🤢, my god he sucks big time I am do really 😷😷

    Manas NishadManas Nishad2 måneder siden
  • Okay Shigaraki

    Reenial !Reenial !2 måneder siden
  • it is really easy to hate isnt it BUT HOW COULD I KNOW i make ANIME MUSIC VIDEOS AND HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A SINGLE DISLIKE !!!! well lets see how my channel gets when i start trolling like lord nuxanor here

    Double D EntertainmentDouble D Entertainment2 måneder siden
  • I have no idea people would get that mad....I never like deku

    M. Zufar AlazmiM. Zufar Alazmi2 måneder siden
    • Deku is made out of plant based materials

      Lunatic CultistLunatic Cultist2 måneder siden
  • Me: that’s impossible

    Royal GamersRoyal Gamers2 måneder siden
  • So still don’t like Deku-?

    Strawberry _Strawberry _2 måneder siden
  • I ain't a hater but imma still like

    blood moon foxblood moon fox2 måneder siden
  • Haters: *Think they’ve won* Fans: Ahhh, another dose of flexing.

    That Artist GuyThat Artist Guy2 måneder siden
  • That was ironic 😂 But it's okay.... Whichever way you choose that's fine by me 😁

    Anasa LaryeeAnasa Laryee2 måneder siden
  • How to get death threats starter pack "Shoto Todoroki is a garbage character" "Mineta is kinda hot" "Mt.Lady isn't that cute" "The my hero academia traitor is deku"

    Sensible Sucker News OfficialSensible Sucker News Official2 måneder siden
    • @【 R E K T E R . 】 even though bakugo is my favorite character I can 1000% understand people who don’t like bakugo people who don’t get why people hate bakugo or act like he hasn’t done anything wrong is drowning in stupidity

      Albert JacksonAlbert JacksonDag siden
    • But there is a possibility Deku is a traitor but he doesn't know about it.

      GrypciaGrypciaDag siden
    • Or “Bakugo is a bad character”. You won’t see the end of it with Bakugo stans.

      【 R E K T E R . 】【 R E K T E R . 】4 dager siden
    • @Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff I am talking about the local rule34 "artists"

      Sensible Sucker News OfficialSensible Sucker News OfficialMåned siden
    • But mt lady isnt cute she annoying 😂

      Sergei Vasilyevich RachmaninoffSergei Vasilyevich RachmaninoffMåned siden

    YamashietaYamashieta2 måneder siden
  • the haters don't seem to get the fact that he made that video for the very purpose of pissing them off

    Izabella PaterIzabella Pater2 måneder siden
  • But honestly as a my hero acadamia fan boy I honestly think bakugo would make a better protagonist

    DC JumpDC Jump2 måneder siden
    • The whole anime should've been bout Aizawa

      Leonore DayLeonore DayMåned siden
  • YES I KNEWWWW IT ofc you do not think Deku is awesome there had to be an intENSE amount of character development in a short period of time for you to be like aight nevermind he an awesome lil crybaby nevermind Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy I loveeee your videos and how you approach yucky things in life! Lots of optional big hugs for you!! :D

    Patricia BaylonPatricia Baylon2 måneder siden
  • Wait does he hate deku tho? Still?

    Psycho XmYtPsycho XmYt2 måneder siden
  • Deku sucks

    SilverKillerSilverKiller2 måneder siden
  • Me : *sees this video* what!? Nux: sike Me: oh okay, thank god

    AmiBee !AmiBee !2 måneder siden
  • why is there no hate

    KarukiKaruki2 måneder siden
  • I disagree, with your view on haters, hate isn't good, but criticism is good, ignore hate, listen to criticism

    deMAXgamerdeMAXgamer2 måneder siden
  • Straight up Mr Dr King Lord Nuxanor, I don't like The character either. Izuku just doesn't make sense to me at all.

    King L'TrellKing L'Trell2 måneder siden
  • Wait hold up if you are gonna kill anyone don't give them a heads up XD lmao0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ooo

    MonozhromeMonozhrome2 måneder siden
  • So it isnt just me who doesnt like this trash anime

    Altros • 2 years ago • editedAltros • 2 years ago • edited2 måneder siden
  • Hahaha, 😂 Honestly the clickbait title is worth it- I respect you more for holding onto your opinion . THAT & you don't just shit on stuff from what I have heard so far, you come from a logical standpoint *with* your opinion & backup if you do go to far Edit: I'ma check out that tower of God video 👀 new channels to check out bois

    Kyashi TsukiKyashi Tsuki2 måneder siden
  • My opinion on last vid: I appreciate your opinion but still like him tho but see him in a not blind light atm Nux: I was wrong Me: 👀 is this a troll or noh, like, I'm new but also know nux is king of flex and troll lmao

    Kyashi TsukiKyashi Tsuki2 måneder siden
  • Trending in Japan

    mr illuminati204mr illuminati2042 måneder siden
  • Duudde its alright if you hate deku 😂, I absolutely love mha and deku and all of the characters, everybody has their own opinion

    Hiromi 'sHiromi 's2 måneder siden
  • roasting deku took 52 min talking good about deku took 13 min

    Vanguard MLVanguard ML2 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry I blew up at you. This isn't just because this video happened...I'm just using this as an opportunity to apologize. Deku is still awesome. So prepare for the assassination attempts. I'll be paying rapt attention when it's on the news.

    William McNearWilliam McNear2 måneder siden
  • U made some good points in deku suck vid but at the same time u also blew it a lil out of proportion and missed some of the points of the show but don’t involve me with that shitty ass fan base witch sucks

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones2 måneder siden
  • love how this has Japanese subtitles

    Lucas OCLucas OC2 måneder siden
  • I like deku's character, hes not the greatest of all time, but he interesting to analyze and watch grow as a charater.

    jolly tuber12jolly tuber122 måneder siden
  • bro i was about to put a dislike on this video cause it not the nux taku to apologise when you was right all along about deku and discover that i was fake and get hip event more xD love you due when you do that XD

    Beauharnais AlexandreBeauharnais Alexandre2 måneder siden
  • Where my haters? Where my haters? I don't got 'em, I'm not famous!

    aroura skeatcharoura skeatch2 måneder siden
  • NUX is trying to do the tsukuyome on us lol ultimate genjutsu this is a joke obviously

    halimxyhalimxy2 måneder siden
  • I strive to be nearly as petty as this man.

    Lusus NaturaeLusus Naturae2 måneder siden
  • I still hate deku you give power to a child who doesn't even deserve it and your asking for trouble!

    Nathaniel OsoupNathaniel Osoup2 måneder siden
  • Honestly I thought that Deku was a good character were but you do have some amazing pointed honestly I have nowhere to speak because I thought the emoji movie was good on first watch. I have zero taste

    Lea DaviesLea Davies2 måneder siden
  • I love u but since u love haters I hate u

    Jose CardenasJose Cardenas2 måneder siden
  • I love deku but this is just amazing

    Pairy KurtaPairy Kurta2 måneder siden
  • Hey nux... buddy... let's have a little talk... because I think we would be great friends as i love good debates on characters!

    wishihadawaifu lifefactswishihadawaifu lifefacts2 måneder siden
  • Haters: hate on Nux and want him to feel bad. Nux: laughs and have fun with it. Haters: ........

    Cathrine Klodvik-LoddengaardCathrine Klodvik-Loddengaard2 måneder siden
  • When I saw the title, I was a little worried there for a second. Then I realized this was Nux we were talking about it and thank god

    Claire DavisClaire Davis2 måneder siden
  • I still agree with the last video of Deku

    PlantPlant2 måneder siden
  • Ggwp

    Shiva guptaShiva gupta2 måneder siden
  • I was lmao u r awesome

    Shiva guptaShiva gupta2 måneder siden