E-Girls Caused Nuclear War

27. mai. 2020
301 707 Ganger

H3H3 vs Keemstar and Pokimane the Simp Queen are dropping nukes on the community so i figured i'd be toxic and annoy everyone, you're welcome.
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  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth26 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth26 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth26 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth26 dager siden
  • who thinks nux is insane or sane nux is supersane

    max koremax koreMåned siden
  • (Not so) Hot take: Thots deserve as much disrespect as the simps they pander too. Also! Pokimane is a megalomaniac with an eggshell ego? What else is new?

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck Nein2 måneder siden
  • No nux we are evolving its just backwards

    IredboksIredboks2 måneder siden
  • *please* make a video trolling on porn adds

    Cyber SearcherCyber Searcher3 måneder siden
  • Nux taku probably has a simp out there somewhere

    Wesley smithWesley smith4 måneder siden
  • Nux said he’s single but we all know that isn’t true. Melody exists.

    Dude PoisonDude Poison4 måneder siden
  • The simp arc

    boom 350boom 3504 måneder siden
  • alinty is big brain

    TitanOfSiegeTitanOfSiege5 måneder siden
  • yo pokimane got uno reversed

    TitanOfSiegeTitanOfSiege5 måneder siden
  • i’m a simp for nux

    gintoki’s wifegintoki’s wife5 måneder siden
  • As a twitch e girl I'd smash

    Gammerboi 3000Gammerboi 30005 måneder siden
  • Who TF played casiopea in the background😂😂

    AduryanTAduryanT5 måneder siden
  • 2018- year of the snitch 2020- year of the simp

    cavalier libertycavalier liberty5 måneder siden
  • Carona, the one girl that no one loves Simp: Baby gi me hug Also simp: Dies from asphyxiation Narrator: This is why simping kills

    Matthew HallMatthew Hall5 måneder siden
  • help me guys what this simp means please explain this

    mr babayagamr babayaga5 måneder siden
  • How he speaks sounds like Pewdiepie

    BrokenstarBrokenstar6 måneder siden
  • I simp for my gf

    alexalex6 måneder siden
  • hahahahahahaha

    Jonathan LopezJonathan Lopez6 måneder siden
  • im hearing some Casiopea mint jams in the backround

    LimyTenLimyTen6 måneder siden
  • How TF did I miss this? There's a new controversy every second on the second...

    AnimaineAnimaine6 måneder siden
  • I couldn't help but laugh when he said that he wishes kazuma was here😂😂

    Manuel BaezManuel Baez6 måneder siden
  • Nux doesn’t really know the entirety of the h3h3 and keemstar situation.

    Andrew SnyderAndrew Snyder6 måneder siden
  • I'm not insane... I'm just ahead of the curve

    T.StrongT.Strong6 måneder siden

    Domas PauliukeviciusDomas Pauliukevicius6 måneder siden
  • Thanks for clarifying this topic that seems to elude the 189 IQ simp-base. I'd simp to you too, if I had any money. Or time. Or a life. All hail lord "Daddy" Nux!

    Silent-Sniper19 - BenSilent-Sniper19 - Ben6 måneder siden
  • Their is really drought for the meme thier......lets make it flood

    I love the loving thing and DeathI love the loving thing and Death6 måneder siden
  • here i was hoping that you tell us you aren't not a simp, simping for project melody

    haha teemohaha teemo6 måneder siden
  • I never thought I'd hear Nuxanor talk about ItsaGundam. This is the one outcome where humanity wins.

    TimedCreature96 T.C.96TimedCreature96 T.C.966 måneder siden
  • Aww yes nux calling melody a e-girl

    tboss2017 gaming 2tboss2017 gaming 26 måneder siden
  • I dont why but tux Remindes me of watchdogs

    Vincent Du PlooyVincent Du Plooy6 måneder siden
  • Well He got project melody pregnant

    Vincent Du PlooyVincent Du Plooy6 måneder siden
  • I'm a simp then sadly not for you nux

    Quarter GQuarter G6 måneder siden
  • Everyone: DROP KICK THAT BITCH Lord Nuxinor: Good job my servants

    Quarter GQuarter G6 måneder siden
  • Mekong I believe makes a high S+

    Quarter GQuarter G6 måneder siden
  • there's also "oK bOoMeR" girl

    some DuckedUp kid named Josephsome DuckedUp kid named Joseph6 måneder siden
  • Nux: *Get's Bored* Nux: "Guess I'll declare war."

    Austin GehmanAustin Gehman6 måneder siden
  • Nux:*hating how people enjoy his content Me:Some people just like to watch the world burn😎

    Abdulla AlsalehAbdulla Alsaleh6 måneder siden
  • So does this mean that everybody who goes and joins your twitch raids are YOUR simps?

    Gary SharpGary Sharp6 måneder siden
  • The human mind is truly a weird thing it degrades it self to the point of simping, and not exit the comfort zone and have to deal with some cognitive dissonance.

    Nichollas al rumheinNichollas al rumhein6 måneder siden
  • All men are kings! If he breathes he's a simp!

    Kyle McGeeKyle McGee6 måneder siden
  • Lord Sage wiseman nux. Oh, the wisdom, the knowledge, the big brain u share!

    milke asubimilke asubi6 måneder siden
  • * le clear of throat* *S I M P*

    ReedReed6 måneder siden
  • hey lets be real, the KEEM H3 drama was birthed by Mutahar, sure Muta didn't force Keem to slander H3 but it did spawn from that

    Michael 182Michael 1826 måneder siden
  • Nux taku a straight bad man kills me with every video 😂😂

    P 1P 16 måneder siden
  • I am Nux Taku and i simp for Projekt Melody,therefore i am "normal"

    Daniel ThunderDaniel Thunder6 måneder siden
  • Dude that outro song is fire, I feel like I've heard it from somewhere but I cant think of where though

    Ryan BealsRyan Beals6 måneder siden
  • Ur such a simp🤣

    Brooklyn NewtonBrooklyn Newton7 måneder siden
  • Why have an animated waifu made by someone else when you can use a character creator to make your own. Phantasy Star Online 2 is the true solution.

    Atonomus XulAtonomus Xul7 måneder siden
  • uwu owo

    owo leggowo legg7 måneder siden
  • Dude why did you sound so cringed when she stated a fact? If a girl doesn’t feel happy in a relationship she has a right to be interested in other men! It’s just logic. 🙄🙄

    Deborah TbzDeborah Tbz7 måneder siden
  • All hail lord twigo the only nonn simp outside of nix and maybe 5 or so of his subscribers

    cool stuffcool stuff7 måneder siden
  • You just don't have a filter, Nux! Keep on keepin' on.

    horus falconhorus falcon7 måneder siden
  • Cassiopeia on a video about simps? damn bruh

    VV7 måneder siden
  • Can someone actually explain WTF “E-Girl” Mean?

    CristianVlad 2013CristianVlad 20137 måneder siden
  • Do anime videos again

    Lars AberleLars Aberle7 måneder siden
  • People should stop uslessly using simp. And they should also stop missunderstanding ''simp'' and ''loving your gf'' I keep getting called a simp because I love more my gf than other people. I mean- If I am with her, it's because I love here more, yk? So yes, ofc, I treat her better than other people. It Is NORMAL, it's not being a simp. It's loving your gf. So ye Thanks for reading, I got a bit mad but thanks. Edit- I am going to send that on many vids, so stop saying I copied this .-.

    AlorentAlorent7 måneder siden
  • 5:24 Never before have I related more to a Nux quote than right now

    thatd00dovertherethatd00doverthere7 måneder siden
  • Poki needs to see this

    Toxic ManToxic Man7 måneder siden
  • Cough cough me cough cough

    weebgamerweebgamer7 måneder siden
  • I have a simp alert

    weebgamerweebgamer7 måneder siden
  • I too, would simp for Big Moist

    JeMeSouviens1995JeMeSouviens19957 måneder siden
  • Alinity has openly said she will cheat in a relationship

    AndominateAndominate7 måneder siden
  • NUX you MadLad, your only wholesome to us because you've changed us.. you fam.. nah YOUR ARMY of super sayajin katana wielding crazies with mind-sets of anyone else has to be a zombies, staying in our room even B4! this new Plague ... so yeah that makes you the only wholesome youtuber relative to my insanity anyway . keep it ya "mega-wacko" we the fam eyy haha 👍👍

    Andy SixAndy Six7 måneder siden
  • Can I simp on u

    Zia AhmadZia Ahmad7 måneder siden
  • This will be your best series yet Nux. I know what I am talking about.

    Juan VelezJuan Velez7 måneder siden
  • Im dead asf😂😂😂😂😂 the simp for waifus part. Made so much sense😂😂😂

    Trafalgar D. BearTrafalgar D. Bear7 måneder siden
  • So i'm a little behind on internet lingo currently so can someone explain to me what a simp is??

    Jon PaitJon Pait7 måneder siden
  • He is Slim Shady but hes not sad

    KugelblitzingularityKugelblitzingularity7 måneder siden
  • Gonna put it out there: Kpop Stans = SIMP

    TheIsahataTheIsahata7 måneder siden
  • Nux: I simp for moistcritcal. me: guys, don't worry, he's simply trying to hide the reason projekt taku was born

    LightrusLightrus7 måneder siden
  • Nux: Sanity is overrated Also Nux: Im gonna try to be the shred of sanity in this insane landscape. Massive flex right there.

    DampfkartoffelDampfkartoffel7 måneder siden
  • Simp

    SinSin7 måneder siden
  • 5:31 “man I wish kasuma was here to drop kick this bitch” lmao

    Medsca MincoMedsca Minco7 måneder siden
  • Me watching Nux- :D Me realizing he said "The World" instead of "ZA WARUDO"- D:

    Solaireofastora 599Solaireofastora 5997 måneder siden
  • Alinity pulled the r/Nicegirls string

    Justin Y. with a MustacheJustin Y. with a Mustache7 måneder siden
  • What she was was facts! Females believe and live by that shit trust me. My ex said the same thing when she justified the reason for her cheating on me

    Mexico MozziMexico Mozzi7 måneder siden
  • Imagine watching this video, not knowing what a simp is... guys.. whats a simp??

    Sharon WangLiuSharon WangLiu7 måneder siden
  • It's weird hearing Nux's voice get quieter, like I'm not used to him sounding like an adult.

    y The Greaty The Great7 måneder siden
  • I would actually wanna see his character in a comic or anime

    D'j-e RD'j-e R7 måneder siden
  • Simping for E-girls < Simping for Nux Taku

    BRS TaisenBRS Taisen7 måneder siden
  • the true simp queen is back, belle delphine is back

    Crusty ChutCrusty Chut7 måneder siden
  • When I see this I see a case of a bunch of unhappy, lonely people (men AND women) looking for something or someone to connect with and the internet has created this false sense of community and interconnectedness. Its a downside of the internet where people think online interactions are REAL relationships... but theres also a plus side. The internet has allowed us to communicate with nearly anyone we want and it can be used to find others who share same interests. Join a online group and then set up a meeting and then you all get together at like a Starbucks and talk anime or whatever. Use the internet to make real friends people

    Patrick DPatrick D7 måneder siden
  • A woman or not, I’ll never ever, simp worship a twitch streamers or NOworldrs, because I don’t need to & I don’t know who they are. So 🖕🏻em.

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi17 måneder siden
  • Nux: *hates on simps* Also Nux’s next video: IM S I M P I N G

    Quinn Lee-millerQuinn Lee-miller7 måneder siden
  • I love how nux can be the biggest troll and best philosopher at the same time

    xXOmeg4G4merXxxXOmeg4G4merXx7 måneder siden
  • Normal more like worms in jars

    Berserker PotatoBerserker Potato7 måneder siden
  • WTF this was the last video that yt recommend to me

    AdlerAdler7 måneder siden
  • People: “How’s lockdown going” Me: “What lockdown?”

    Dabbing PersonDabbing Person7 måneder siden
  • I miss the days that I didn’t get a 2 minute advertisement every 3 minutes on a 17 minute Nux video about jentai and simps.

    GrandBreakerGrandBreaker7 måneder siden
  • He says wholesome content random hentai thumbnail

    Isaac ChungIsaac Chung7 måneder siden
  • On the idea of simping or donating I have mostly guys and some girls but they are mostly small streamers so the don’t take it for granted.

    Nova GamingNova Gaming7 måneder siden
  • careful about saying things about pokymaine, shell go after your sponsors.

    DurandusDurandus7 måneder siden
  • Rem is a simp

    OsclipsOsclips7 måneder siden
  • 5:09 watch this and be mad cause what the frick

    Tyler LiuTyler Liu7 måneder siden
  • Not to be a simp But we should only simp nux Which isn't simping because its flexing

    C0unterAc3C0unterAc37 måneder siden
  • It’s okay to simp... for our lord nuxanor

    GreenGreen7 måneder siden