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  • Dang you milked this hard

    Salad asSalad as10 timer siden
  • Rising of the shield hero accusations: u find out the truth Real life allegations: **you will never reach the truth**

    Super KatSuper Kat15 timer siden
  • The problem with the High Guardian spice thing is that Crunchyroll is a service that people pay for in order to legally stream their favorite anime while supporting the creators of said anime. Crunchyroll trying to make their own original content flies in the face of that reason people give them money, not to mention they're very fancy and expensive looking new office, that's why people were mad.

    Durty DanDurty DanDag siden
  • You sound like Gilbert Gottfried. Skip.

    Jon GoatJon GoatDag siden
  • Shield Hero Plot device is pretty weak and a imho disservice to the cause, believing anyone without proper investigation is kind of strange - I dont know if the anime goes into it any further but accusation=guilt ? It doesnt get any better if I compare it to witch hunts... Otherwise, I dont think the Anime is all about that the guy got kicked out, is it? Was it supposed to be more of a gag opener?

    deboozombie23deboozombie23Dag siden
  • Bro, they haven't seen GTO

    Karan ThukralKaran ThukralDag siden
  • **** funmation

    Dj Dragon EliteDj Dragon EliteDag siden
  • It doesn’t matter what your culture is, rape isn’t acceptable

    Ace The GreatAce The GreatDag siden
    • @Enigma wow, I respect that. There aren’t many people who can control themselves like that.

      Ace The GreatAce The Great2 timer siden
    • @Ace The Great To be fair I'm only going adult and have never drunk alcohol, never plan on drinking either.

      EnigmaEnigma3 timer siden
    • @Enigma it is what it is. Nothing good comes from alcohol consumption.

      Ace The GreatAce The Great8 timer siden
    • @Ace The Great I mean I don’t care if you believe my morality is low, but thnx for the concern anyways

      EnigmaEnigma9 timer siden
    • @Ace The Great Rape is very rare in anime so there is absolutely no attempt to normalize it except done for shock value in all cases.

      EnigmaEnigma9 timer siden
  • Should've done more research on AoT definitely, bc the creator is a nationalist who wrote anti-korean themes into AoT. It's an interesting read, the creators interviews at least. He's pretty shameless about his viewpoints and how they effected the storyline of AoT.

    CyrCyr2 dager siden
  • Pfff pushback against body shaming in the west is an ironic take because the fashion industry exists. Despite obesity being a prevalent issue in the USA, every single model, actress, person of status is extremely fit. They then sell this ideal of fitness back to the public, whilst also decrying against Body shaming. It's a house of cards.

    Aimless SavantAimless Savant2 dager siden
  • 23:28 i have many questions

    meth dealermeth dealer2 dager siden
  • "Buh, but Nux Taku. Wuh about Hetalia?"

    Aimless SavantAimless Savant2 dager siden
  • Now, I love Nux and his videos and his whole persona. I've been watching him for a long time and generally agree with his worldview and his humor but I respectfully disagree with some of the points brought up in this video particularly about how socially acceptable some words were in the past that have grown to be socially unacceptable in recent years. Language evolves with society and while I don't believe we should be policing language to the point that a word like say "idiot" might possibly be considered a slur in the future, it cannot be ignored that there are some words that have once caught wide use that have a grim history to them. Therefore with the evolution of, ideally, a more empathetic society it's only natural for these words to fade from every day casual use. For example, the fact that the word "Trap" was brought up. Now, I used to use it a lot to refer to the archetype when talking about anime before I knew any better, but one needs to understand why such a word would be considered hurtful or offensive to the trans community. Try to consider how there have been instances in the past, and unfortunately, there will continue to be in the future, of assaults and murders of trans women by intolerant men who would end up reasoning that they were "trapped" because somehow they think these trans women have deceived them for looking feminine when there is no deception to be had because trans women are women. It's really not about how these anime "traps" identify as male and just happen to crossdress or just naturally look female. It's more about the context of the word and the pain and the fear that it dredges up for this group of people. NOworldr ContraPoints talked about this in depth in her video "Are Traps Gay?" way better than this short blurb I wrote and it's pretty great. Another thing that I'd like to point out is the idea that we shouldn't be holding people to the same standards as what is socially acceptable in their respective cultures if it is different from our own. As an Asian myself that grew up in an Asian country, I do think that most vocal woke Westerners on social media do overreact a lot and over inflate things that really shouldn't be an issue and sometimes it is funny to look at, but we must consider that the internet is a thing now and whether we like it or not, humanity (if we don't end up being wiped out by climate change) is headed to a course that is more globalized. That being said, a global culture of morals and ethics may eventually prevail. Now I'm not saying Westerners should push their ideas on the East. What I'm saying is that people should be warranted to call out detrimental and dehumanizing aspects of certain cultures, and should not be tolerating them. You shouldn't, for example, stand for a culture that treats women like property in this day and age. This is all necessary so that society may improve and the human race may carry on better. I'm usually a lurker but I just felt like I had to say something this time around.

    Skai2Blue4USkai2Blue4U2 dager siden
  • When I first watched Goblin Slayer I was highly disturbed bc it seemed so realistic. If I were to be in a world like that I could see those things actually happening which made it scary. I wasn’t going to continue watching it, but decided to and I loved the story.

    cambria moorecambria moore2 dager siden
  • Say it with me kids, CON TRO VERSY!!!

    Danny MoMo3Danny MoMo33 dager siden
  • in today's society being a Karen is celebrated because cancel culture has taken over with its offended trends. so everything is controversial because everyone wants attention even if its negative or stupid. its like a room of whiney 4 year olds that get a cookie each time they throw a tantrum you're going to have a room full of screaming shit bags.

    DragnmastralexDragnmastralex3 dager siden
  • Humans are naturally toxic and naturally kind hearted just a mash of colors and indefinite chaos in social norm which is why having your opinion is bad in a chaotic environment

    himu zenokihimu zenoki3 dager siden
  • the reason "trap" is controversial is because the word literally implies the viewer that is attracted to the character is falling into a trap. should be pretty obvious this is transphobic. like, say you call a real trans woman a trap. although an anime character may be a male identifying as a male, the word trap is transphobic bc of the definition of it

    funny rat universalfunny rat universal3 dager siden
  • Careful stating facts, Nux. That’s not allowed at the moment.

    Daniel MacDonaldDaniel MacDonald3 dager siden
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    That Bloke_JThat Bloke_J3 dager siden
  • Attack on Titan being a story about Fascism...isn't that literally the point? That the "bad guys" (as of season 3) are all either militant isolationist authoritarians, or fascist authoritarians who are basically straight up Nazis? Unless the series goes out to somehow make the bad guys the good guys all of a sudden, I don't really see how the fuck that show can be called fascist. And even then, we're still left with the fact that the show doesn't even really advocate either political ideology considering it's mostly about "we want to live a life without having to fear for our life at every point". The fuck is wrong with some people?

    Doom DootDoom Doot3 dager siden
  • Was a neat video and voiced a lot of my late thoughts probably better than how I would have myself xD But (and that's just me nitpicking)... "a solid 5 minutes of the first episode were extremely graphic scenes..." wait. Wait a minute. Goblin Slayer is Extremely Graphic nowadays? For realsies? O.o Holy flying laser cow I feel old :|

    Gurdim EikenskjaldiGurdim Eikenskjaldi3 dager siden
  • Bruh, the fact that the bodyshaming argument falls apart when we're talking about the show (/series/manga, I guess) that includes a hero whose literal power is to eat and be fat, and another bunch of heroines who have the power to become thiccer; I feel like they could have really chosen a better show to argue against there. Also, sidenote, is it just me, or does it seem likely to anyone else that most female characters in MHA (animation) have the same body type, because they probably just use one body template for most characters, since that's way easier to animate? Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, considering Anime production is like 99% about how to cut costs during production, and 1% about making those 99% look good.

    Doom DootDoom Doot3 dager siden
  • conculsion: Karens and Darens needs to stfu when it come to anime unless it is a anime about them. I have seen corpse party of all things. Never heard of a cotronversy about that even though it had children litterlly being muliated alive by children ghost. Danganronpa who is also a anime too. only a minor contronversy like Uzaki chan. No contronversy about how a High school girl destory the entire human race by just one flick of a wrist or how the students are literally murdering each other and going into peer pressure in a life or death trial. Is it just me or they dont do somewhat big cotronversies about anime if it was already a game in the beginning than the ones that dont have a game until later in the future?

    Renee WalkerRenee Walker3 dager siden
  • That one ninja character from yu yu hakashu had a literal swatztica symbol on his head and I didn’t here shit about it and I’m glad

    Ratdog GamingRatdog Gaming3 dager siden
  • Go back i want to be monke

    Gameplan341Gameplan3413 dager siden
  • Can I just take a moment to appreciate situational humor? At 15:00 while Nux is talking about Hitler he says "we are" and a Wendy's ad pops up w/ "Introducing our new pretzel baked burger!!!!" Main stream media folks lmfao

    Joshua OlsenJoshua Olsen3 dager siden

    Dangai ichigo KorosakiDangai ichigo Korosaki3 dager siden
  • Watched this, drank a lot of vodka, gave a thumbs-up...now off to re-watch Eromanga Sensei. Cheers.

    Ken HKen H3 dager siden
  • Dude, I get you are from USA, but please, do an actual research, don't just say you did it. Hitler didn't invent swastika and it was not his symbol, he just used it. It has been in use for millennia in many cultures. It's even a symbol of Buddhism, which is one of the prominent religions in Japan. It's even a symbol to Slavic tribes, mostly pagans, who the actual Na-tsis wanted to wipe out. You have some porn-stars wearing a cross as jewellery, it doesn't mean a cross is a symbol of sexworkers. Next, flag of Japanese Empire isn't racist symbol, it was a symbol of a nation. Where do you even get your data on false rape accusations being at 1%? You are very talented and make for a good content with excellent editing, however you portray your feelings, or hearsay as facts, when its not so. Anyway, keep the salty memz coming plez, for us weirdo's thirst for them.

    Ján ChovanecJán Chovanec4 dager siden
  • Trump or biden, I have to know... Which one was yugi?

    I'll do it tomorrowI'll do it tomorrow4 dager siden
  • I love how he put the nazi symbol with Eren.😂😂😭💀💀

    I D K ? ? ?I D K ? ? ?4 dager siden
  • Blowing the crap out of someone. Sounds like they pulled the grenade in the a$$ from Archer, the fake cancer drugs episode during a rampage.

    ZyphurZyphur4 dager siden
  • Astolfo is my phones wallpaper right now. Nux always on point lol

    Ronald SmithRonald Smith4 dager siden
  • Ima keep recommending this anime just because of the beautifully tragic story. First anime to make me cry and rage at the ending but I will always give it a 10/10 *Brynhildr in the darkness*

    Ronald SmithRonald Smith4 dager siden
  • In the context of the word trap I think you are correct in how it was not initially a slur. But as anime became more mainstream trap was being used by people as a slur. So while the words origins aren’t a slur for trans people terrible toxic people made it one

    Aster SolomonAster Solomon5 dager siden
  • I think that the explicit scenes in goblin slayer added to how evil goblins are.

    Aster SolomonAster Solomon5 dager siden
  • For me it has nothing to do with the rape but it was overly sexualized and it was an underaged girl that got to me big time but other than that it would have been fine, for me anyway

    BeastMaster 4287BeastMaster 42875 dager siden
  • 21:59 one of those does not belong

    Albin JacksonAlbin Jackson5 dager siden
  • "Bakugos death was a meme I made up" later, Bakugo gets stabbed by all for one/shigaroki and could die

    Christopher SteinerChristopher Steiner5 dager siden
  • Swastikas are religious symbols

  • The GLORIOUS savagery of Nuxy-BOI is UNDEFEATED! Always lettin em know whats good. And that LAUGH never fails. Lol

    Bezblade89Bezblade895 dager siden
  • A "Trap" is just a person that shits on societally dresscodes and norms for demeanor. And that's a pretty liberal thing! Damn, all those people supporting these controversies are actually promoting the thing they are critic about. Since most of those shows are active critism of real problems. Also, don't insult the word "western". When you say "western" you mean US, since outside of my window there is advertisement for a porn-shop in the middle of a major street. It's enough that the USA thinks they alone are "the world", they aren't "the west" either. And yes, the scales between left and right are so heavily skewed to one side or the other, that the scales actually makes a rotation and nobody realizes that they are already on the other side.

    Fallenangel 85Fallenangel 855 dager siden
  • Any anime controversies are just clout chasers trying to get more clout western audiences think they are entitled to everything it started in Japan now if you can’t read I’ll type it again, JAPAN here in the US everything is a sensitive topic but in Japan you don’t see them protesters trying to protest things the US is just too sensitive and too problematic there are too many people who think they are doing something right but they aren’t they are just triggering the people who understand that the social norms in Japan are different than the US social norms

    Kage tracerKage tracer5 dager siden
  • So it's just intollerance of other cultures? Always has been.

    Markus GodingMarkus Goding5 dager siden
  • Why are people so cuckoo?

    Art sane AsylumArt sane Asylum5 dager siden
  • The swastika was orginally a Christian symbol actually Hitler used it cuss he thought or rather he wanted people to believe his actions where justified by God And the biggest genocide is actually the Armenian genocide But I do understand amd agree with the point u where trying to make there

    Johnaton SimsJohnaton Sims5 dager siden
  • time skip pls

    Davion harrisDavion harris5 dager siden
  • Just gonna point out the fact that 90% of these controversies started from triggered Americans with a decent following

    That DudeThat Dude5 dager siden
  • Dear Nux Taku, First of all, thank for showing Jan Matejko's Battle of Grunwald as an example of an ideological war, it wasn't really a part of that historically, more of just a war for land and resources in my opinion but I am still happy that you showed it, as Matejko is one of the most appreciated painters of my country. Secondly, I can't fully agree with the thesis you presented at the end. I think it is natural for people to believe that their moral standards and ethics should be universal around the globe, and not believe that something is okay, just because it is done by people that believe it is. I also believe, however, that showing even the most immoral, heinous and disgusting acts in a work of fiction is not at all immoral by itself and should be allowed, as long as information about the kind of content one might encounter in such a work is easily accessible, so that a responsible adult, that doesn't want to experience something potentially severely upsetting, trauma reminding or emotionally scaring to them, is able to consciously avoid it.

    Jan AndrzejewskiJan Andrzejewski6 dager siden
  • The war of the card games has begun. Hang on... Maybe first we should deal with WOTC the company making the cards that's f*cking us in the asz... Hang on U Go or whatever I'll be back with my army of dominic tutors.

    Darkstalker 171Darkstalker 1716 dager siden
  • Lmao Eren woth Hitler symbol. He is already predicting Season 4's controversy.

    War2244War22446 dager siden
  • the answer to everything and the unverse is 42 :P

    TheHentai FriendTheHentai Friend6 dager siden
  • JUST DONT WATCH IT NORMIES! problem solved,right?

    NatSpookiNatSpooki6 dager siden
  • kyouka jirou is a girl too you know

    Jovanni WaltersJovanni Walters6 dager siden
  • What! He died?!

    Kaname FujiwaraKaname Fujiwara6 dager siden
  • I think people who run Funimation dont actually watch anime, so they wont know it till anyone complains

    Lord SesshoumaruLord Sesshoumaru6 dager siden
  • Man, I was really just here for the list and not his opinion. Which I could have just read this list in some watchmojo style video. This video being almost an hour killed me

    Desmond WellingtonDesmond Wellington6 dager siden
  • Goblin Slayer is badass and berserker is awesome I love them both

    Alexander SmithsonAlexander Smithson6 dager siden
  • what about the controversies with pokemon and yugioh? devil worship, black face, animal abuse, seizures? there have been controversies in anime before this current decade, and there was anime that was super mainstream in the 90's and 2000's.

    PassportPassport7 dager siden
  • you tryna say I don't call people retards? bruh

    House KingHouse King7 dager siden
  • My conclusion is plain and simple: Do your research, most if not all controversies about anime could be cured if people simply researched the culture anime comes from. Even better if you realize that in a world with a multitude of various cultures, some cultures might not agree with your worldview. (And that is ok!)

    NightofshadowsNightofshadows7 dager siden
  • Modern problems require modern anime to show us unabashedly how stupid and soft we’ve become. Thx 4 memin on these hoes.

    James WelckleJames Welckle7 dager siden
  • I would love to see the creepiest anime moment or the scariest anime moments since it October

    What LifeWhat Life7 dager siden
  • Why didn’t Nux go back to WW2

    The swag GuyThe swag Guy7 dager siden
  • My God, a sane man!

    Kaname FujiwaraKaname Fujiwara7 dager siden
  • I have issues with the incest ending. Not my taste.

    Kaname FujiwaraKaname Fujiwara7 dager siden
  • Nux is just our non political god of memery

    Csmo ClanCsmo Clan7 dager siden
  • Goblin slayer is for mature audiences, if you are upset about it, you are not mature, you just like shouting

    SnizumsSnizums7 dager siden
  • Not going to finish the video, just made it to 32:13 where you asked the question if I had to answer I have no idea why you did, I honestly was curious about the controversies and nothing else. (This might be heresy but I don’t watch anime and this was recommended this But I blame MXR) I spent the entire video using the cellphone skip feature just to hear the controversies and nothing else making for a much shorter video.

    VulpophobiaVulpophobia7 dager siden
  • "Everyone wanted to bitch about things they have no control over you love to see it" should just be said about the whole list lol

    DumatRisingDumatRising7 dager siden
  • The source of this controversy with anime is simply the Fact that it's Japanese and apparently the Twitter Crusaders have some kind of problem with Japan because of Japan being well Japan and Humans are by nature going to hold a grudge against something that is different from their own

    EchidnaEchidna7 dager siden
  • Genocide

    Limitablesnow89Limitablesnow897 dager siden
  • This is the same with the nigga, nigger word... Imagine that streamers around the world suffered because someone in the US feels bad just by hearing the word. That is without saying that we, the people that are not from the US, hear the "n word" all the time from you / them.

    Leocram VinciLeocram Vinci8 dager siden
  • Anytime someone tries to pull this in my circle of friends i find myself saying "Are you culture shaming? are your cultural views more important than their own?" they shut the hell up and keep it that way.

    abucket14abucket148 dager siden
  • It’s all Twitter fault

    Wrathbtw UltimateWrathbtw Ultimate8 dager siden
  • Nux is culture

    Filipe BritoFilipe Brito8 dager siden
  • One of the MAIN reasons I watch Anime is BECAUSE of the cultural differences I get to witness while watching (plus artstyles, story arcs, ect). It's just interesting to note the differences in cultures between different people.

    Jonathan HoldenJonathan Holden8 dager siden
  • I didnt see any problem watching game of thrones... why would this be a problem in anime?

    dean aragodean arago8 dager siden
  • but its not very healthy to be very slim either. i dont like that they changed the girls body sizes bc i think ururaka was super cute chubby but i still love the anime. and i think that all body sizes are beautiful. in japan they do not really talk about concepts like we do in america but that makes anime a but better. for everyone to enjoy thanks for coming to my ted talk

    heidi sparkaheidi sparka8 dager siden
  • The next video spoiler Levi dies in AOT season 4

    gaming persongaming person8 dager siden
  • for the love of god start the goddamn video. way too much into. I lost interest!

    Ashlie HallAshlie Hall8 dager siden
  • Aight so basically we live in a society right

    I spam GrabI spam Grab8 dager siden
  • Nux is the song of joker and sans. I like the way you talked about this Anime stuff and thanks for doing this video

    João Paul Ferreira GarciaJoão Paul Ferreira Garcia8 dager siden
  • I really don't understand the my hero controversy. If we all really did have quirks and were wanting to become heroes, chances are you would be fit and have muscle instead of a lot of fat. Coming from a person who is overweight (trying to change that) I never once felt excluded or felt bad about myself because there weren't "thicker" characters in my hero or any anime for that matter. Also, the fact it's different from the manga happens to a lot of animes, an example I can think of off the top of my head is Haikyuu. A specific character, Bokuto, was more muscular in the manga, a matter a fact they all were but in the anime they were thinner and had less muscle (this changed s4). The whole "it's gross he's drawing the girls like that" is plausible and I can see where they're coming from, however, most of their quirks coincide with their hero costumes. Sure at times its a lil sexual but that happens in just about every anime, and you could argue the fact that they're minors which I agree with that it's a lil weird but it's called fanservice for a reason, not to mention the target audience is typically within the characters own age range. Never understood why people get so pressed over things that are completely different in completely different places esp with body image. Just because you think being overweight is normal doesn't mean it is everywhere else.

    マモンマモン9 dager siden
  • Everybody that hates the woke movement needs to watch Bill Burr's SNL monologue. Check it out. You will not regret it.

    Tony Williams jrTony Williams jr9 dager siden
  • Mans really said “Sonic hump mayrio” kahsmjshdnsihde

  • People butt hurt over Goblin Slayer? I'm guessing they haven't seen Berserk

    Jason BogueJason Bogue9 dager siden
  • What's WRONG with these guys? Just get maybe 60 people who have their own prejudices (race, violence, sexism, etc., etc.) and have them rate each new anime. Then a statistical number-cruncher spits out a rating. If something has an offensively high rating on some shiz that triggers you, then don't watch it. Duhhhh. Even in the West we can look at the label and see if something's good for cleaning out septic pipes, but not good for sprinkling on corn flakes for breakfast. Or vice versa. Your own browser could block stuff that might offend your delicate sensibilities as you wish; then NOTHING need be censored EVER.

    jimhsan1jimhsan19 dager siden
  • I've always thought the first episode of Goblin Slayer was.. almost necessary? I mean the entire angle here is to paint goblins and other monsters as actual threats that need to be taken out. You don't get that really in most anime. Most anime borderline on "I'm killing these creatures like someone might kill cattle. I might even be the badguy." They really don't show monsters as things that need to be destroyed. If this wasn't an anime and those weren't goblins, but instead, an entire organization of 10k individuals that did the things the goblins did then the entire world would try to stamp them out in whatever way we could.

    Retro HipsterRetro Hipster9 dager siden
  • Stalin would like to have a word..

    Echoeversky ÜEchoeversky Ü9 dager siden
  • 33:52 music to my ears🥰

    Big BandeBig Bande9 dager siden
  • body shaming complaints but who praised Baruto for that episode with chocho. WHO SENT THANK YOU LETTERS? Her name is ChoCho... Ni Hongo ga hanashi masuka? I almost lost my composure there. *caugh caugh*

    Azriel, The God PrinceAzriel, The God Prince9 dager siden
  • I still want more bleach

    The WiseassessThe Wiseassess9 dager siden
  • 33:37 a Yes The Battle of Grunwald we kicked those western butts. Leave the the East alone xD

    BlueTorchBlueTorch9 dager siden
  • Yeah I've been accused, still getting over it, but she's fine xD

    Da ChrispyDa Chrispy9 dager siden
  • An anime about keanu Reeves would have no controversy, I think I speak for the whole population of earth

    Nabil n' KashifNabil n' Kashif9 dager siden
  • Weeaboo anime youtuber is more adequate than all SJWs together, while i'm read Karl Marx... What a wonderful world i live now...

    TATAR4ik72TATAR4ik729 dager siden
  • I love hyouka, and this made my day a 100x better. 32:10

    Lemon aid BillLemon aid Bill9 dager siden
  • Only the chaos incarnent could laugh this much at toxicity

    MikasaMikasa9 dager siden