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  • Fun fact anyone that lewds Nezuko I will find and burn because degenerates like them deserve to be nailed on a cross

    RavioliRavioli9 timer siden
  • I know of more false rape allegations than I do of actual rape.

    Cú_ MaraCú_ Mara10 timer siden
  • god i cant wait for twitter too get their hands on redo of a healer

    Drunkcyndaquil420Drunkcyndaquil42011 timer siden
  • What if we put up a statue to honor the man who killed Hitler

    Ian GrethenIan GrethenDag siden
  • Redo of healer: hehe..now it's my turn..

    memelawdcsmemelawdcsDag siden
  • 👏👏👏 excellent

    C. JesterC. JesterDag siden
  • He’s getting close to 2 mil, better have that pentagram ready

    Danny W.Danny W.Dag siden
  • Rule of life, if people get mad over anime, its more often than not a good anime.

    Jackson C.Jackson C.2 dager siden
  • The only ones that can complain about the kamikaze flag are Asians, It the flag that japan used during ww2 while raping the hell on everyone in South Asia, the abuse on Korea that lasted years, outside of it they're not that much of a controversy, the earing where change while being aired in south Asia, cause that the flag corresponds to the time period on japan, but for South Asia is a painful symbol of the horrors of war they suffer, the only controversy where USA idiots on Twitter complaining about a Malaysian (I think it was) made an illustration with the simplified flag cause her version didn't have the kamikaze flag, there was no controversy, it was just Twitter being Twitter

    Arlice LovelyArlice Lovely3 dager siden
  • you should have added kaifuki

    EmptySergeantEmptySergeant3 dager siden
  • wait till they discover redo of healer lmao

    Clumpph TTVClumpph TTV3 dager siden
  • yeah

    Luke LeonLuke Leon3 dager siden
  • "It's a trap!"

    jo derpjo derp3 dager siden
  • My conclusion: kill all humans (I'm a AI so I'll survive🙃)

    Urs MersmannUrs Mersmann3 dager siden
  • The me too movement can’t accept women can lie. “But most of the time they’re telling the truth” doesn’t matter. It still happens, and considering the whole point of the movement is to believe women without proof how do you know how exactly many were telling the truth? For all we know, there could be a LOT more women lying but they believe them without any logic behind it.

    Legal ZA0Legal ZA04 dager siden
    • It does happen a lot more than people realize, but is barely ever mentionned in any mainstream outlet. But if you research the subject, there are tons of horrible stories of people getting their entire lives ruined over outright lies. I forgot the name of the guy but I always think of that story of a young American who got thrown in jail at 16 years old if I recall correctly after a girl from his high school accused him of sexual assault. He spent 10 years in jail, and only got released when the girl finally admitted she lied. From 16 to 26 years old, in jail. What the fuck is that guy supposed to do with his life after that? The point is that it doesn't matter "how many are lying", what matters is that when they are lying, someone's life gets absolutely ruined for no real reason and with no turning back. One such instance is far too many already. "Believe all women" is just as much bullshit as "believe anything and everything", at this point. By the way, I'm pretty sure the girl in that story never had to suffer any consequence for ruining the guy's life, which is the other big issue with false allegations, there's no punishment for that...

      John DoeJohn Doe4 dager siden
  • Ok to make things clear here, Swastika is an Ancient Symbol used by Hindus in India and we still use it even today. Its the symbol for peace and If someone bad uses that symbol to commit genocide doesn't make the symbol a controversy or that community bad. I can argue with Nux that the symbol used for Ichigo's Sword is for the peace and not some nazi symbol. So I urge Intelligent People of NOworld and other Platforms not to compare that symbol with any other, unless someone says that they are doing so intentionally.

    Bhagya PatelBhagya Patel4 dager siden
  • It’s almost as if western colonization didn’t end in the 20th century and these moral puritans are just trying to subvert other cultures.

    Johnny YKJohnny YK4 dager siden
  • I just wanna take a moment to appreciate the fact that your strategy to combat internet toxicity. Is to be toxic to the toxicity. And that it against all logic, works.

    ThisIsAigleThisIsAigle4 dager siden
  • Never understood how the word Trap goes against trans people. Wouldn’t it go more against cross dressers or people like drag queens? They always say they are a guy or girl eventually. They identify with the junk they were born with, they just dress how they want lmao nothing offensive there as far as I can see

    Lukas GauvreauLukas Gauvreau4 dager siden
  • The Girls in MHa manga were a perfectly healthy weight and saying that at least they're now useful compared to some years ago is an argument that has nothing to do with what you were defending. So we have now female that are a bit more developed so we should shut it ?

    StOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNGStOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNG5 dager siden
  • Lol disagree with the one piece girls being useless since nami's and Robin's jobs are critical towards Luffy becoming the pirate king. Also they had several battles and feats. Even in post timeskip, Nami was able to assist in defeating a yonko commander.

    Ling LingLing Ling5 dager siden
    • Agreed. It’s true that there is a slight minority of women in the anime, but I’d still say Robin and Nami are pretty strong and are able to stand up for themselves if necessary. And to top it off, their job in the crew isn’t to be a main fighter, especially Nami. Nami joined to navigate, which she shows superiority in again and again. As well as Nami’s personality isn’t all about fighting, rather a will to survive, similar traits can be found in both Usapp and Chopper at times. Robin’s personality is much more comfortable with the thought of fighting, but she’s not searching fo the fight like I’d say Luffy is. We also have a few strong women showcased in the Marin as well as in other piratecrews (or the Captain). So I’d say as a conclusion that One Piece no doubt could do much better in that department (by introducing more strong women), however, plenty of the women they already have are both strong and independent! Ofc, there are women in the series that looks a bit more weak or aren’t as independent, but that goes not only for women, but men in the series too. Let’s not forget that it’s not realistic that every single character is badass with no fear of dying at all, so portraying some people with more fear is okay (but just do it for both genders).

      Don DonDon Don3 dager siden
  • When you realise paradis is Israel

    Superiority ComplexSuperiority Complex5 dager siden
  • I’m so fucking tired of cis people thinking they’re the ones that know more about trans people than actual trans people 😑

    The Violet Prince VODSThe Violet Prince VODS6 dager siden
  • As a very woke, very far left (libertarian socialist) person from Sweden, the Uzaki-chan controversy is very weird to me. It always confuses me when American liberals attack anything in which a character even slightly young-ish looking is portrayed in a sexual light. I feel like Americans don’t understand the concept of other countries having slightly lower ages of consent. (It’s 15 here in Sweden. That said, Japans age of consent is a little low imo.) I really liked this video and I appreciate you prefacing some of the topics with disclaimers since it prevents actually intolerant people from thinking they can highjack the comment section.

    Comrade JesusComrade Jesus6 dager siden
  • Yo it's time to cancel bleach, let's go raid Twitter and spread the word

    Sleep Paralysis DemonSleep Paralysis Demon6 dager siden
  • ah.... this is my home

    ツCRB-BaconツCRB-Bacon6 dager siden
  • *remembers Stalin killed 50 million Russians*

    Justus HughesJustus Hughes6 dager siden
  • People in the US (and UK too tbh) try to make obesity seem like its somin you can’t change. Obesity is a disease, but it’s because its so widespread in these places that they get offended at something that doesn’t resemble them, claiming that its calling them ‘unattractive’ or that it’s ‘fat shaming’. They actually forget that in Japan, obesity is not looked upon the same way in the western world, matter of fact japan’s obesity rate is at 1%. While the US sits at *40%* and the UK *60%*. In Japan, they are crazy healthy over there. That’s just the cultural/ social difference. Its the same in how its embedded in us that we think its fine to have McDs everyday. (The Japanese most likely won’t agree, simply because they are used to a different lifestyle/ perspective). Anime was created by the Japanese, for the Japanese. Yes, its so good that it was able to spread worldwide, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna change specific points bc it doesn’t fit w others’ culture social norms. This is a whole other country we talking about. You can enjoy their stuff, but best know they’re gonna centralise it to what they go by, which may be different to western countries. So for western people to bitch about ‘she’s too skinny’ or ‘why do they make her look so young’ literally just tells me that they do not even bother to acknowledge that Japan aint the same as the US or UK. They actually speak a whole nother language, christianity aint the most prominent faith over there either. What makes you think they’re gonna bow down to westerners ideas when they are literally NOT THE SAME PLACE! Again, obesity IS A DISEASE. And yes, it can be very hard to deal with, but the vast majority of people get themselves to that point. Only a minority of people actually have biological issues that keep them obese. You may naturally carry more fat on your person (like me lol) but you can’t use that as an excuse to stay obese. Your body naturally will shed off that absurd amount of extra fat quickly bc of the unnecessary stress it places on the body. But its the routine of feeding yourself too much that keeps you in the same position. Truly its a battle of the mind, which is what i’ve learnt. I’ve never been obese, but i was always overweight. At one point i was very close to being obese and that was an eye opener to me. It took me 2 years of refining my habits and educating myself to get to where i am now. While i’m still on the heavier side, i used it to my advantage when exercising. People who are endomorphs like me tend to build muscle almost as quickly as they can pile on fat. And the more muscle you build the more fat your body will burn off in order to fuel those muscles. You’re bot gonna look like a bodybuilder. Them guys take years to get to the size they are. But you’re donna be able to give your body better curves in more ‘desirable places’ under the fat. You could even get some parts of your body showing some muscle definition, giving that toned look some girls/ boys are after. Sure i have to work a little harder than a naturally slim girl to stay in shape, but it is what it is. Its all about taking time with yourself to change bc it is a lifetime change. I don’t eat like a rabbit 24/7/365 btw. I eat what i want. But i make sure to do so in moderation. So less nutritious foods (like cookies - my favourite) will not be the bulk of my intake for that day or any day. I balance it out by having more foods with one ingredient. Like eggs, mixed vegetables, potatoes etc. Again, its a process, but i believe anyone can do it if they have the support and educate themselves. Get therapy/ counselling if you need to - many people who overeat tend to do so because of a subconscious habit, disorder, or a way of coping with past trauma. (If you think you may have an eating disorder, check in with your doctor, don’t self diagnose). I realised that my issue was eating bc either i was bored or emotional. So when i’d be upset i’d eat to to take my mind off of it. When i was bored, i ate to give myself something to do. I was able to realise these bad habits in myself through journalling what i felt every time i ate, but for some people it may be harder to pin down the cause, so getting help is definitely advised. *TLDR; obesity is a disease but because it is so widespread in the western world people refuse to see it as such. Matter of fact some might get offended at the fact that girls don’t necessarily look like them. Or that they’re ‘too thin’. Japanese culture and social norms are different to other countries; attacking their work bc it doesn’t fit in your culture and/ or social norm is ignorant to the fact that other countries with their own culture and social norms exist.* Sorry for the lil rant, but if you took the time to read this I hope it helps! You can get healthier and not feel bad about doing so. You deserve to be after all!

    Cece DiamantCece Diamant6 dager siden
  • See i never thought of Mina’s quirk like that till you mentioned it😂😂

    Cece DiamantCece Diamant6 dager siden
  • This my seem weird but isn't the loli fanbase more toxic then anything???

    Killer RedKiller Red6 dager siden
  • Hate. Boners. Not my favorite thing, to be honest.

    Tyler Knows NothingTyler Knows Nothing7 dager siden
  • *people are outraged at all the revealing skin and sexy poses females are given in anime/mange* so....are we just gonna cancel 95% of Anime then because Fanservice is a bad thing now? And if so; what about Reallive Movie-Characters who show skin cause most of the time it isnt story relevant too. I can do this all day. xD

    Julez TempestJulez Tempest7 dager siden
    • @StOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNG there lies another "problem" if it can be called such. If i create a work of fiction i can just say that character X is of legal Age (or any age in general) even if the character doesnt look like it. There was this one anime whos main character was this short greyhaired girl (dont remember the name but its a new one from last year i believe) who looked like a child but was older then she looked and had huge Breasts. People were upset about her design even though there are people with similar proportions (a few i know myself) . Its always the preference of the viewer and we cant just tell the creators to stop doing it cause its their art/work and they have the right to design it as they see fit

      Julez TempestJulez Tempest4 dager siden
    • @Julez Tempest idk Can we just stop sexualizing minor in général :(

      StOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNGStOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNG5 dager siden
    • @StOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNG well yes, those genres need to be sexualised cause it's the theme of the show. If we sexualize men the same way in mainstream shows and Everything that doesnt fit to the genre/is essential to it we have the same Problem we have with over sexualization woman in every anime. If you find it tiring to only see woman sexualised then you need to find some Animes were men are the focus ^^

      Julez TempestJulez Tempest5 dager siden
    • @Julez Tempest well it's not mainstream bc there's only in like inverted harem and in almost no other show x) so yeah that proves my point girls are largely more sexualized in anime and 90% are minor so

      StOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNGStOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNG5 dager siden
    • @StOp PrOscrAtiNaTiNG im sure there is male fanservice anime too , its just not mainstream enough to be noticed

      Julez TempestJulez Tempest5 dager siden
  • imma bet zhat the next on is gonna be Redo of Healer

    Martin CsatáriMartin Csatári7 dager siden
  • This dude is annoying. He spends 5 minutes rambling on about nothing and acting like an edgelord before getting to the actual point of the video.

    BloodLibel1023BloodLibel10238 dager siden
  • 1:33 HA!

    Aqueous Carton82Aqueous Carton828 dager siden
  • Interspecies Investigators is very hot. I can only make assumptions in regards to why it was removed, but I have no evidence to substanciate any of the assumptions so its very much a "I do not know." situation. My theory is it has something to do with the gender bend of the angel who then had sex with the female hyena that had a penis, but again, this is complete conjecture and I have no evidence to back it up.

    The Gaming ArchaeologistThe Gaming Archaeologist8 dager siden
  • AoT has a lot of fascist things in how the setting is. Then again I've never seen it as "pro-facism" since the seasons I've seen so far pretty much can be against it. Especially that other land in the last season I saw, that place was VERY fascist with how certain people were treated as "others" and beat on them for leaving a designated living area. Again though, this is not pro-facism I've seen so far.

    The Gaming ArchaeologistThe Gaming Archaeologist8 dager siden
  • The hero academia situation is interesting. It seems more of a slight artistic change than body shaming since from what you showed the changes weren't that extreme. Like making someone who looks like Blob from x-men suddenly turned super thin/athletic build.

    The Gaming ArchaeologistThe Gaming Archaeologist8 dager siden
  • I imagine that the issue of shield hero would be much worse if you NEVER saw what happened and the audience were expected to believe that he was innocent. Its still a very touchy subject as there are still people out there who claim 50% of victims are liars.

    The Gaming ArchaeologistThe Gaming Archaeologist8 dager siden
  • I feel that as much as I love Goblin Slayer it should certainly come with trigger warnings as those who are victims of sexual assault may not expect this.

    The Gaming ArchaeologistThe Gaming Archaeologist8 dager siden
  • These are the kinds of analysis and recommendations. You do a really good job on them. Please keep it up! And thank you so much!

    JraijinJraijin8 dager siden
  • Woke people : Cuties - an award winning film glorifying and nomalizing pedophilia and the sexualization of children must be defended at all costs, and anyone that doesn't like it is "sexist." also woke people: body shaming is evil more woke people: anyone who discrimates is also evil! woke people again: Uzaki-chan - body shames, and height discrimates the 19 year old,and accuse anyone that likes her to be a pedo!

    IvelliosIvellios8 dager siden
  • I know it's not relevant to what you where saying but Yu-Gi-Oh! is played with 8000 life points. 4000 in duel links. So now I am gonna pretend that I am very angry that you got this wrong.

    CaiusTheShadowCaiusTheShadow8 dager siden
  • LOL

    HjalmarHjalmar8 dager siden
  • Well technically Stalin genocided more people but we don't talk about that here in the US

    Spencer PattonSpencer Patton9 dager siden
  • Nix: "Hitler commited the biggest genocide on earth" Stalin: *laughing in 7 times as many victims*

    andrei burgheleaandrei burghelea10 dager siden
    • Mao Tse Tung: 50mi go brrrrrrrrrr

      Gatim XABLAUGatim XABLAU9 dager siden
  • Yooo, I'm in the 1% of being falsely accused! Let's gooo, ya boi a 1%

    Hambo325Hambo32510 dager siden
  • I personally do not like the graphic rape scenes, unfortunately Goblin Slayer would not be fleshed out properly without them. The whole purpose of such scenes was to emotionally scar and show viewers the damage of the absolute vulgar defiling goblins, not spooky scary dangerous goblins (because even in the anime no one is scared of goblins unless they have been defiled by them, of which are far and few simply because of the fact you had to survive the goblin attack first).

    jaxion maxomusjaxion maxomus10 dager siden
  • Stalin was objectively worse than Hitler in terms of geocide / mass murder.

    Theodore McCarthyTheodore McCarthy10 dager siden
  • Considering what I've seen from people around me i would bet money that a lot more than 1% of rape allegations are false. With that i said I would bet more money that the percentage of false accusations filed as police reports is not as high as the number of false allegations not filed as police reports. Most common false allegations are to colleges and to random people. Colleges kick men out all the time for rape accusations that are not investigated or even reported to the police often. False allegations are also used as a social tool to ruin someone's social position or to raise ones own by being a victim.

    Barney StensonBarney Stenson11 dager siden
  • Legal age in america depends on the state. Arnt most 17

    Texas VikingTexas Viking11 dager siden
  • The most genocide of all time goes to ghengis Khan...

    Texas VikingTexas Viking11 dager siden
  • Goblin slayer is completely badass

    Texas VikingTexas Viking11 dager siden
  • The vid is better at 1.25% speed lmao

    S SchusterS Schuster11 dager siden
  • Laugh or cry. What about the 3rd option of punch to the jaw?

    Texas VikingTexas Viking11 dager siden
  • Twitter is not ready for the redo of healer

    Some HispanicDudeSome HispanicDude11 dager siden
  • The problem with many rape scenes is that they don’t take into account that they are rekindling trauma in sexual assault survivors. I have a friend who can’t watch rape scenes because it causes PTSD. Also, so many rape scenes are unnecessary and only exist to shock. Rape should never be used for that, because it trivializes rape.

    Lorna MLorna M11 dager siden
  • Nux is basically Paranoia Agent's opening come to life.

    Non-Canon_GanonNon-Canon_Ganon12 dager siden
  • Guess i won't be the first to say this but Ichigos sword hilt. It's a Buddhist thing. The Nazis stole their symbol from Buddhist. It's a literally a symbol of peace. The Nazi symbol is flipped and tilted .

    Greg ThomasGreg Thomas12 dager siden
  • i guess, there is no hope for Persona 2 remake uncensored

    AJAJ12 dager siden
  • summary of the video: Todays world is filled with a bunch of sensitive babies

    daniel ukodaniel uko12 dager siden
  • In regards to the my hero body shaming controversy, it wouldn’t make sense for heroes to be anything but fit as heroes should be in tip top fighting shape. Also hero’s are an ideal, something to strive to be. Just like being healthy is. It makes sense that are ideals would be healthy then.

    joe burritojoe burrito12 dager siden
  • 33:40 holy shmuck. You actually used Jan Matejko's depiction of Battle of Tannenberg (Bitwa pod Grunwaldem) witch depicts one of biggest battles of medieval Europe.

    Jan MikielewiczJan Mikielewicz12 dager siden
  • 666 dislikes Why

    big boi fishbig boi fish13 dager siden
  • TIL every anime controversy is fucking dumb

    B SB S13 dager siden
  • Yah that was really char how you said the r slur that was really nice yah that's basically the n word of neurodivergents

    QuartzFox XQuartzFox X13 dager siden
  • one trip to japan back 2000's- American (and it's always American) collage age back packer student loses shit at the swastika on the tourist maps and actually prominently featured at the shrines and temples at these locations, goes on actual spittle screaming rant at the guest house, then ballistic hyper hysteric when every one else (mostly Japanese and most of the rest eastern culture knowledgeable/educated) basically shot her down... literally screamed she was leaving this NAZI country NOW and heading her next country on her bucket list - India.... just looked at her and went "yeh good luck trying to avoid swastikas there"

    Mark SeckerMark Secker13 dager siden
  • The reason why people get so angry about the use of trap, is because not only has it been adopted by misogynists and crypto-fascists as a slur against trans people, but the term itself suggests that those individuals dress the way they do simply to “trap” or deceive heterosexual men into engaging romantically or sexually with them. There have been many instances of transwomen being murdered by a man who had previously engaged with them after finding out that they were trans. Later using the defense that they were “trapped” by them in court. The idea that these people exist are simply gay men looking to “trap” straight men is an incredibly insensitive, inaccurate, and derisive one which affects many trans people in the current day. I don’t like people word policing without giving any reasons, rather I favor educating others on how and why using that word is problematic and aligns them with a group of people they may not otherwise be supportive of. The more nontransphobes that use that word, the more platform and greenlights we are giving people who are transphobic to continue doing so.

    Ryan GiraldiRyan Giraldi13 dager siden
  • Pain.

    Matthew HernandezMatthew Hernandez14 dager siden
  • My takeaway? Anime becoming mainstream in the West was a mistake.

    ShadowMercuryShadowMercury14 dager siden
  • where's the tier list???

    Isaac RIsaac R15 dager siden
  • honestly, i just want a list of the anime depicted in this video so I can.. err... avoid watching them. due to the controversy. yes. avoid. that's the word. edit: this video is a lot more than just about anime lol

    Fuyuno HinotoriFuyuno Hinotori15 dager siden
  • What are you talking about bro, fat people absolutely suck... ...the food out of my plate.

    Abdominal TreasonAbdominal Treason15 dager siden
  • Thank you for talking about the woke, lefty, cancel culture, bullshit. There are some things that should be addressed, but all this cancel culture shit is so toxic and hypocritical it's insane...

    James4KJames4K16 dager siden
  • Well, duh... of course the SJWs of the west have to judge anime from japan by western standards, because those are obviously the better standards. And if you think different, you're just a racist!

    Christopher ZajonskowskiChristopher Zajonskowski16 dager siden
  • I seem to gain more knowledge and understanding with videos like these if they come from you. Not sure why yet though.

    Raveras GeritokoRaveras Geritoko16 dager siden
  • As a fat person, it sucks to have your thighs rub together whenever you do something that require your feet

    Gab GabrielGab Gabriel16 dager siden
  • I agree with many of the views in the video. But Tanjiro’s earring are on the verge of being extremely offensive. If you don’t know what “fascist” symbol it closely represents, it’s the Rising Sun Flag. Which was shown throughout the Meiji Restoration to WW2 to colonize Asia. To save you some time from research, basically Japan never apologized for their war crimes (especially the comfort women issue). So places like Korea and China (and other Asian countries that were once occupied by Japan) see the Rising Sun Flag (all styles of the flag) as a hate symbol, like the swatstica. Tanjiro’s earrings are inspired by Hanafuda. His earrings don’t look like 🎴 which is the ONLY card it looks similar to. And it’s still pretty far off with the colors and the position of the sun’s placement, and the lines coming out of the sun. Of course it’s not an exact copy of the flag either. It looks more similar to the rising sun than it does to the hanafuda basically. Now I’m not too sure if the artists is aware of this or drew it intentionally. Maybe they drew it cause it looks aesthetic (which many people do forget that the rising sun is not an aesthetic and neither does it represent Japan). Tbh I’m still gonna read and watch Demon Slayer, but it’s still gonna be in my head though. I and many fans hope the author addresses this and apologizes for it. Idk if there’s a redesign but an apology would be the nicest thing to hopefully expect.

    PANDA CHANPANDA CHAN16 dager siden
  • His voice would be annoying with almost anyone else. Between his passion and how he says things, Nux's voice works for him

    King ZayKing Zay16 dager siden
  • I'm gonna just be the guy to say it *SHIELD HERO DID NOTHING WRONG*

    Rocco RodriguezRocco Rodriguez16 dager siden

    Eagle EyeEagle Eye16 dager siden
  • Lmfao demon slayer takes place before ww2 even happened people dumb like always 🙄

    PandaNinjaPandaNinja16 dager siden
  • Yes, I’m going to un-ironically share an opinion that’s not in meme form. This is mostly because I take everything too seriously and am literally the most unfunny person on this planet. Anyways, I wanted to say that the problem w/ Goblin Slayer (IMO) is not how they depicted the rape scene so clearly, but because it was dealt w/ in a very sexualized manner. They put in a lot of unnecessary camera work & a lot of awkward placement to show as much as possible w/o the lady bits being shown. That’s a pretty big deal & some criticism is warranted & even deserved. Rape scenes should not be approached that way. However, people obviously took it WAY too far & often times for the wrong reasons.

    Andrew SnyderAndrew Snyder18 dager siden
  • I don’t understand the demon slayer one. Well I don’t understand any hahahh

    Loka- ChanLoka- Chan18 dager siden
  • All the subject that Nux taku talking about interest me a LOT!!!! the only downside is.... taking 1/3 of his video explaining what he's going to talk about xD still like you tho!! ps: I NEVER ASK TO BE EDUCATED!!!!

    *QcFr* Gaming*QcFr* Gaming18 dager siden
  • In India... Specially in Hindu culture... Swastika is a holy symbol

    varun svsvarun svs18 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the controversy of Redo a Healer will make!

    SnowStormSnowStorm19 dager siden
  • Statistics aren’t facts lmao.... “did you know that people on earth only have an average of 1 testicle”. See.... lol

    Edward GreenEdward Green19 dager siden
  • You just say you’re toxic for good....how is that not like the warriors you brought up?

    Edward GreenEdward Green19 dager siden
  • Fuck it, cancel science

    The ColonelThe Colonel19 dager siden
  • Nux, where is the loli tier list you promised?

    Joshua BurchettJoshua Burchett19 dager siden
  • Historical context, watch the Pedantic Romantic's video on the subject. Trap started as an in joke among trans users on 4chan, it was than co-opted by 4 and 8chan's notorious transphobes. It didn't get into the anime community until later. It's also a purely western construction that only really recently had any traction in Japan. It's still an obscure term there. Also funnily enough neither Astolfo, nor Felix/Ferris are cisgender crossdressers. This is confirmed by Fate's author and in the Re:Zero light novels. Astolfo is non-binary/trans-feminine and Felix/Ferris is a trans girl. In the later case she changed her name to reflect this. So she even has a deadname.

    Natsume-HimeNatsume-Hime19 dager siden
  • They thought Goblin Slayer was bad. Now let's see what Redo of Healer will bring to the table. I am interested to see.

    The True NemesisThe True Nemesis19 dager siden
  • The swastika, or rather a thing very much like it is pretty normal in Japan actually. It's an important Buddhist and Shinto religion. Like you see it on shrines all the time. Not just in Japan either, but all across Asia. So it makes sense that Ichigo's sword and full bringer ability would show that off. Since pseudo Shinto imagery is all over Bleach's aesthetic. Since Bleach is kind of a loos take on the Shinto afterlife. Amazed you missed that. Kind of the exact lack of cultural understanding that lead to the Demon Slayer controversy, ironically.

    Natsume-HimeNatsume-Hime19 dager siden
  • The bigger issue with Goblin Slayer's rape scene, is how it was animated. See it was shot very sexually enticingly, basically porn level. Where in the manga it was framed as a horrifying event. Whoever made that choice definitely deserves to be demoted to janitor, for making that really stupid choice. Since portraying a rape scene like you want the audience to bust a nut. That's pretty fucked up. I mean yeah, the scene was also going to be controversial at the best. Animating it like a porn scene... That's messed up and stupid. I'm not angry, or even offended. I'm fucking baffled how anyone thought it was a good idea to animate it that way.

    Natsume-HimeNatsume-Hime20 dager siden
  • I still remember the goblin slayer/shield hero period and I remember that both shows were some of my favourites because they were different

    Andrea B.Andrea B.20 dager siden
  • WRONG! Hitler did not commit the most genocide in history, that title belongs to King Leopold of Belgium who less than 100 years prior killed almost twice as many people as Hitler did.

    STRAWMANSTRAWMAN20 dager siden
  • Point of the story - Americans are sensitive

    ᴘᴀɪɴᴋɪʟʟᴇʀᴘᴀɪɴᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ20 dager siden
  • That feel when people don't know the history of the swastikas so just go "der nazis her der"

    Emperor TakashiEmperor Takashi21 dag siden
  • Well said sir. This presentation was very well done.

    YabenjinYabenjin21 dag siden