every youtuber is lying about this...

15. sep.. 2020
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welcome to a world of lies...
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  • Listening to this my brain went on a tangent to my own philosophy that normal is an illusion. Everyone is weird in some way or another everyone just pretends they're normal in order to conform

    Tia HollinsheadTia Hollinshead2 dager siden
  • ... this man speaks facts.

    RezioRezio14 dager siden
  • Having the person talking about this topic be Nux (also considering his usual content) makes it all the more valuable to me! I really appreciate this! :3

    UrmelliUrmelli14 dager siden
  • lord nuxtaku has showed a great lesson.

    Blu BellBlu Bell17 dager siden
  • I honestly thought this would go more in the opposite direction by calling out people who try to capitalize on mental illness and drama

    Moira MenzelliMoira Menzelli18 dager siden
  • "Believe in yourself fam there's a light at the end of the tunnel, if you're unhappy it will pass and there will be a time where you will be happy again. Don't think of yourself as less, because you see that people around you have so much more because they in fact are struggling with their very own demons that they are not willing to share with you due to their own weaknesses" -Nux Taku 2020 Words of a true man

    ÂñįmęGüřł ʕ•ع•ʔÂñįmęGüřł ʕ•ع•ʔ18 dager siden
  • Nux:People are happy and people are sad Me: 0:59

    Cat KingCat King21 dag siden
  • Thank you to everyone that commented on this video, as a person that constantly fluctuates between highs and lows and can never properly Express either. I appreciate this video and the community in ways that I cannot properly put into text. So thank you

    Weekend WarriorWeekend Warrior22 dager siden
  • Nux is the best anime protagonist that just destroys people to make them realize they are all equally trash.

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar23 dager siden
  • 4:05 my sleep paralysis demons.

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar23 dager siden
  • This earned him Sub from me

    Nathan RoyerNathan Royer25 dager siden
  • Aight, you got me at the last part, you're my fav youtuber from now

    Tetsu UchihaTetsu Uchiha25 dager siden
  • Now I know how Nux knows when other youtubers Lie NUX EXPOSED!

    Tetsu UchihaTetsu Uchiha25 dager siden
  • Nux : I AM HUMAN TOO! Me: Your cyborg arm says something different-

    Tetsu UchihaTetsu Uchiha25 dager siden
  • Your videos always make me feel better Nux, thank you.

    JazmineToad's AdventuresJazmineToad's Adventures25 dager siden
  • thank you for this video

    Charles Antoine CrêteCharles Antoine Crête25 dager siden
  • laughs at the idea Nux is a mere human mortal and NOT the ancient god of flex!

    jesusiserejesusisere25 dager siden
  • Hey Nux, I'm honestly gonna cheer for you no matter whether or not you are at a peak or at the bottom of the valley. Just remember that we are out there whenever you feel down. p.s. In the event that you end up getting cancelled (which is impossible), I request that the fambase immediately uncancels you

    Matthieu LemoineMatthieu Lemoine26 dager siden
  • If you are a human, you have to prove it.

    Joshua ChandraJoshua Chandra26 dager siden
  • 1:48: And that's why I don't use Instagram, Facebook nor Twitter.

    S. L.S. L.27 dager siden
  • Dumb high IQ

    Lãjohñ sølårLãjohñ sølår28 dager siden
  • Real

    Abdiel MaldonadoAbdiel Maldonado28 dager siden
  • Am i only one wondering how nux will summon satan

    Mawless MawileMawless Mawile29 dager siden
  • Honestly exactly what I needed to hear

    McWifi the thrdMcWifi the thrd29 dager siden
  • I had to come back to remind you that someone... you know, and whom I admire...has what the medical community would call a Pre-existing Condition. This means that without the Affordable Care Act, this person would be paying for every single cent out-of-pocket because it would no longer be illegal to deny Insurance due to "Pre-Existing Conditions." Remember that when you think "Obamacare is so bad," or rly when you support anyone who wants to repeal it. The person in question deserves better. And I get the feeling this video was to support said individual.

    LanataLanata29 dager siden
  • just found out youtubers have emotions cant take this anymore dhmu

    II8cookiesnII8cookiesnMåned siden
  • Absolutely everyone needs to subscribe to this man. I wanna see him summon SATAN! O_O

    Exousian StudiosExousian StudiosMåned siden
  • So

    Muffin PopsMuffin PopsMåned siden
  • Surprise...SURPRISE ITS 2020 just accept that we suck

    Chicken SpeedChicken SpeedMåned siden
  • wow

    Gitesh GunjalGitesh GunjalMåned siden
  • This video gives me hope. For humanity and for Nux.

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns1992Måned siden
  • I like this video.

    Star BoiStar BoiMåned siden
  • no ones gonna say how he reminds them of sans from undertale but, more evil

    愛子 uwu愛子 uwuMåned siden
  • So You Say Run really does go with everything

    TheLordi987TheLordi987Måned siden
  • Other youtubers: sugar drops and rainbows Nuxtaku: hey, they lyin. They’re as miserable as the rest of us take solace in that lmao.

    TsitzelTsitzelMåned siden
  • Nux tux is human my life is a lie wow just wow

    ptsd Nkosiptsd NkosiMåned siden
  • this long ass video was for what?

    ShadyShadyMåned siden
  • Your words cut deep,deeper then any blade.

    godgodMåned siden
  • Nux is one of the most genuinely great people i've seen on this site.

    inraserinraserMåned siden
  • Nux going out and calling the Internet out and it's beautiful

    Miss DracoMiss DracoMåned siden
  • I was happy for a super long I time for about almost a full year but a couple days ago it ended it because of lack of confidence or being unfit or anything like that I just feel unhappy my only assumption is school started again and maybe I’m not enjoying life but than again last year at school I felt happy so what is the answer I’m just hoping this passes quickly

    Ian ChryslerIan ChryslerMåned siden
  • You know you've said this kinda stuff before, not a video on it but a few things like this in an old video of yours which actually made me subscribe to you. I glad you're still the same Nux after these few years. Love you, keep it going.

    the champion ribbitthe champion ribbitMåned siden
  • He does like to bullshit another but I saw he's the most honest man I've met. Maybe we should vote him.into office. Nux for president 2020

    CodenamesaitamaCodenamesaitamaMåned siden
  • It's confirmed. Nux has red days.

    IgηøɾαmυѕIgηøɾαmυѕMåned siden
  • This is something I think I did need to hear. Sometimes I think less of myself because I compare myself to others. This person gets more content made than me, this person doesn't react to comments like a lil bitch like I do, etc. but like... I don't see the times that they DO slip up and feel bad about themselves. I only see what they choose to show, and it's nice to be reminded of that. Everyone else is as fucked up as me! xD

    The Angry LibrarianThe Angry LibrarianMåned siden
  • i respect the gintama music that comes near the end of an episode if something sad or emotional happens at the start of this video.

    joeDman40joeDman40Måned siden
  • -4+5 thats positive baby.

    Aaron GentileAaron GentileMåned siden
  • Wait is it mha sound in the background 😂 I LOVE U NUUX

    I AM NOT a humanI AM NOT a humanMåned siden
    • Not human...

      VaingloryVaingloryMåned siden
  • Meme on

    Logan DelaharpeLogan DelaharpeMåned siden
  • Everyone subscribe dude’s gonna summon Brook to manifest in our world 🙏🏼💀

    Pat KeiskiPat KeiskiMåned siden
  • But great video 👍🏼💯🎯

    Pat KeiskiPat KeiskiMåned siden
  • I wonder what inspired all these non skippable ads 😇

    Pat KeiskiPat KeiskiMåned siden
  • This video made me subscribe. Been watching the channel for a little while and I found that I really enjoy these videos where Nux just sits down and talks about different things. 👍🏻😁

    Alter ForceAlter ForceMåned siden

    Like a ProLike a ProMåned siden
  • uhm Nux I am being 100% with you I dont pick little bits of my videos I show who I am in my videos and honestly your right im not happy but that is what I show in my vids my emotion but for the most part your right Nux lol

    GoldenWhiteGeneralGoldenWhiteGeneralMåned siden
  • omg human being confirmed

    Amen JonesAmen JonesMåned siden
  • I'm still having a hard time believing you're a human...

    Kathryne Cassil-MortensonKathryne Cassil-MortensonMåned siden
  • I see mechanical arm I see familiar looking letter I cry

    SameerSlashSameerSlashMåned siden
  • I take my hat off for you, Don Nuxtaco. Nice video.

    Joel Dash ReedJoel Dash ReedMåned siden
  • Yoo Nuk, im a long time subscriber. I actually unsubscribed for a while but am back. It's great to see the progress! I knew you'd get more followers. You're one of the best anime youtubers stay awesome.

    Pissed HulkPissed HulkMåned siden
  • Man, at the end of the day, you just like everyone. Who would had thought?

    Chris the ChilledChris the ChilledMåned siden
  • "Skip the bad times" *Inhales* KING CRIMSON!

    Joogle PlusJoogle PlusMåned siden
  • Bruh I am so surprised I never thought you were human

    Aquatic SquidAquatic SquidMåned siden
  • I thought nux was the gold guy from ballmasterz

    Senketsu FiSenketsu FiMåned siden
  • Alright Nux sad Sureee I'll believe it. Maybe. Idk. Na hope you have a g 1.

    DessoDessoMåned siden
  • I saw the title and immediate thought "oh fuck what can I do to help" cuz that's the kind of person I am. I immediately out other people first and I have major depression like I should be taking meds but I don't talk about shit sooo yeah. Nux you are amazing tbh I kinda wanna give you a hug but the virus and idk where you live

    Candy MaiCandy MaiMåned siden
  • Waaay ahead of you man, I uploaded two unhappy videos in a row! Hey NOworld...where the f&*k is my tick?!

    PaperPatriotPaperPatriotMåned siden
  • Always have a interesting message nux.

    John ValenzuelaJohn ValenzuelaMåned siden
  • I'm happy to be as unhappy as we are. Stay HUMAN, fam!!

    Pootan InamoPootan InamoMåned siden
  • I come to realize every youtuber who does this positivity and "best self" nonsense is probably not feeling great all the time. Thats not possible. I'm sure this true with those us with facebook and instagram accounts. I know i have felt that I was not living such a good life from looking at the photos/posts of my facebook friendnds. They are either in realtionships who are so greatfull to be with that person, and any kid they have and they also post photos of trips taken I can't afford, so I began to think that I 'm less than these pepole. I realized I'm not less than them. and they are just posting about the good and "cool" things. People rarely admit to bad things that happed and being sad about it. Nux, thanks for for talking about this.

    Grant MiddletonGrant MiddletonMåned siden
  • Basically what nux is saying is stop having God complexs were all average human beings w human emotions you can suppress all you want but you cant turn off cant fight mother nature homie dont believe the toxic bs believe it or not nux isnt special either hes just got the one human trait most of you have lost COMMON SENSE its not that hard people just have to face reality thank you nux I appreciate your content and I appreciate your presence homie

    D e c e p t i o nD e c e p t i o nMåned siden
  • got a RaidShadowLegends add ... lol

    Beau davidBeau davidMåned siden
  • This doesn't explain how you have a voice clone in Project Mouthwash's Bleach Abridged voicing Uryu.

    Eamon QuinnEamon QuinnMåned siden
  • Whether Nux is trying to gain traction on Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” hype algorithm flavor of the week or he’s genuine, I appreciate someone with Nux’s reach putting out a video like this. As obvious as I think many of us promote our “best selves” 24/7 on social media, some people actually don’t know that so to that I say thank you Nux

    DJ MilezDJ MilezMåned siden
  • i think im fine if people just think im depressed in photos coz i cant make a false smile and my eye kinda make me look like im bouta cry

    SomeAsianGuy 269SomeAsianGuy 269Måned siden
  • Go nuke taco

    Fappy BirDFappy BirDMåned siden
  • That's a good wisdom.

    Rui MartinsRui MartinsMåned siden
  • It's almost like social media is cancer

    Chrisdi VodiChrisdi VodiMåned siden
  • Damn that's deep. Thanx nux.

    Lena OtakuLena OtakuMåned siden
  • Nux why you so smart man

    PR1NC3 K3M0NPR1NC3 K3M0NMåned siden
  • Positive things

    Mig RivMig RivMåned siden
  • Bro literally right when I get sad you did to lol ummm nux c'mon man were basically the same😳

    zoomin zoroarkzoomin zoroarkMåned siden
  • *_N a n i ?_* wait hol' up, I'm making few calls to confirm validity of your human-ess.

    TheBlueraidTheBlueraidMåned siden
  • I needed this my gma just died and u made me smile thank you

    Sam HughesSam HughesMåned siden
  • 6wrld:im human me: No your the god of meming

    That0neShinobiThat0neShinobiMåned siden
  • Nux just feels so real. I hope I can trust him

    Awsome PersonAwsome PersonMåned siden
  • Here for the low volume Gintama sappy music in the background.

    AlstructionAlstructionMåned siden
  • It's not just YT, but real life too, maybe even more so, as you can be more honest using an avatar... In real life, your so-called friends run off, when you need someone to talk to about your problems! We get bombarded with ads of a perfect life, most of us can't afford and we're expected to excel at everything...

    ediediMåned siden
  • When I clicked on this i didn't expect Nux to make an amazing motivational speech in his own way, but it's great

    kiracat 707kiracat 707Måned siden
  • And i am going to take you up on that summoning Satan thing

    techno Xtechno XMåned siden
  • Nux: i am a human being Me: i thought you were a cut off trying to find out witch backround you should be hung up on

    techno Xtechno XMåned siden
  • Perfection boring, Imperfection is where it's at.

    TheFreakTheFreakMåned siden
  • iq dumb high that he even considered this.

    Knarly Wisard69Knarly Wisard69Måned siden
  • Nux’s twitch is underrated

    Sam lawsSam lawsMåned siden
  • You know I never cared for Nux’s persona, but I respect him more as a decent human being after watching this vid. Keep doing what you do Nux 💪

    Scorn MetalasScorn MetalasMåned siden
  • Look life isn’t perfect. The closest you can get is playing Minecraft in creative mode. But things can still be blown up by a stray Creeper fighting something.

    MoveSpammerGuy team7colorsMoveSpammerGuy team7colorsMåned siden
  • Besides the wholesomness of this video, can we just appreciate the fact that even Nux who hates HeroAca can appreciate the magnificence that is "you say run"?

    Gao_DargonGao_DargonMåned siden
  • You do seem happy. But everyone has bad times. My life, kinda tough, got autoimmune diseases, but I'll never let that steal my life & happiness.

    Christopher MichaelChristopher MichaelMåned siden
  • I fucking love nux

    mjmjMåned siden
  • I’m surprised that nux still had his old pictures.

    Voice_act StartVoice_act StartMåned siden