Exposing Pedos In The Anime Fandom - The Most Toxic Anime Controversy (Uzaki Chan's Boobs)

20. aug.. 2020
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Uzaki chan will forever be remembered, amen.
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  • Me being 11

    gruesome grim gamergruesome grim gamer7 dager siden
  • I know a lot of women who have a body type like hers . Also Uzaki does NOT look like a child at all , because of her proportions , fashion and the show clearly depicting her as an adult .

    Parps 6ditaParps 6dita15 dager siden
  • I subbed you brah Glad to be in your family

    CLUB ANIMECLUB ANIME17 dager siden
  • God damnit someone PLEASE photo shop or concept art Uzaki in place of Atlas. Not just for the sake of meme power but the shear recognition of those with "powerful spines".

    Cain ChaosisCain Chaosis17 dager siden
  • Dont forget she's 19

    Colton PColton P20 dager siden
  • i said: oh no. when you said uzaki chan's

    EclipseEclipse22 dager siden
  • My girlfriend is fairly short and has a pretty large pair of um 😐, things, so I can safely say that girls do in fact have cup sizes similar to the ones seen in anime.

    Cooper TownsendCooper Townsend26 dager siden
  • "I don't know too many children with breasts that size" That implies you DO know at least one child with breasts that size

    CocoElementsCocoElements28 dager siden
    • There's a thing called early bloomers

      Midnight CMidnight C22 dager siden
  • This mahn is str8 genius 🤣

    Kp6 OTŘ !!Kp6 OTŘ !!28 dager siden
  • First time seeing a video of yours. 1. You sound like you actually enjoy "pedophilic" stuff according to girls you use in your video. 2. Calling out SJWs and the likes does make you at least appear right-wing. 3. I realise you do those things to either "bait" people or shade but who knows. All in all, very entertaining videos tho.

    DulmorgothDulmorgothMåned siden
  • I think Nux and Literature Devil would get along well... imagine if they collabed! We’d either get Litty D being as casual as he is in morning nonsense or Nux being memey in a formal way!

    The-X-Territory [Harvey Green]The-X-Territory [Harvey Green]Måned siden
  • Not sure why you are so desperate to deny that her design is just weird.

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns1992Måned siden

    FemiFemiMåned siden
  • i ignore this shit because i noted in my mind that women or girl with small tits became jelious and say that its illegal but i wanted to say them that thier tits wont grow buy being toxic to uzaki

    red bufflored buffloMåned siden
  • Man just spitting straight facts

    ICEWOLF_ 657ICEWOLF_ 657Måned siden
  • Tweeter is a living Bruh moment

    Stingray 2000Stingray 2000Måned siden
  • Some mc being strong dosent make the anime better

    The GameDevilThe GameDevilMåned siden
  • I immediately thought of Mini Ladd when he said shmedophile

    Kevin DurantKevin DurantMåned siden
  • I enjoyed this too much, so basically these guys are saying if you are attracted to a busty short girl (who is above the age 18), you are a pedophile.... So stupid.

    Maubray MzomaMaubray MzomaMåned siden
  • thumbnail art is by null_(nyanpyoun)

    Jesse HillsberryJesse HillsberryMåned siden
  • First time seeing one of your videos, got some good laughs and subscribed. The DBZ bit was great, that was my first anime way back when but I never got the whole "but can they beat Goku" shtick, it's fun to discuss battles between two characters lol so long as you're not an ass about it. Uzaki-Chan's spine ftw

    dearman4dearman4Måned siden
  • 5:16 this part of the video is retarded

    Drake Lawrence A. EjurangoDrake Lawrence A. EjurangoMåned siden
  • Show 'em "cuties". Bruh

    aLeEhA ToFiQuEaLeEhA ToFiQuEMåned siden
  • Ok you like what you like I will like what I like which is dragon ball z

    Brandon BorradaleBrandon BorradaleMåned siden
  • Nux: LET'S GO ANOTHER STEP FURTHER!!!! everyone else: sure

    Dr. PhilDr. PhilMåned siden
  • The more I watch Nux, the more impressed i become. THIS MAN SPITS NOTHING BUT FACTS I LOVE IT

    Angel AcunaAngel AcunaMåned siden
  • I have a very hard time finding anyone who talks bad about her, all I see is people defending her.

    SvafriSvafriMåned siden
  • 7:57 bruh i know people even bigger than this, and i have teachers that weigh as much

    Willyguy22 V2Willyguy22 V2Måned siden
  • I mean Goku made a new galaxy by yelling but I do prefer other anime

    Gamer GlitchGamer GlitchMåned siden
  • heres this and then theres highschool dxd lol

    zilla killazilla killaMåned siden
  • outside of crunchyroll, what is a good legit site to watch anime on, that has a way better selection than crunchyroll??

    maddkillermaddkillerMåned siden
  • 8:01 fully agree. i'm not saying to go out of the way to bully a fat person but uh...............c'mon. just because society's okay that your fat, it doesn't make that fat unhealthy. (and no i'm not talking about genetically or naturally overweight people, that's not there fault)

    MonodomanikMonodomanikMåned siden
  • Nux said hide your children I took my Meise and nephew and put them in a gun safe after I took the guns out

    Blank BlankBlank BlankMåned siden
  • What’s the thumbnail

    Vulplix be Kinda Hawt nglVulplix be Kinda Hawt nglMåned siden
  • 69 hundred comments NICE

    The DarkKiller GRThe DarkKiller GRMåned siden
  • Uzaki Chan is literally the body type of my entire family...

    CaptainsEyePatchCaptainsEyePatchMåned siden
  • So... I just learned that nux is a SJW who apparently doesn't know what a SJW is... Interesting.

    CaptainsEyePatchCaptainsEyePatchMåned siden
  • It really is the pedos that are saying that uzaki chan looks like a child. Never have I seen a child like that and if thats what you think children look like thats screwed.

    CyanideWolf03CyanideWolf03Måned siden
  • I am a huge fan of dragon ball but I enjoy other anime like claymore witch if you haven't seen it you should it's badass and other anime to most of the fandom they just like the brawling Chad fest that is dragon ball

    sizedjoker 98sizedjoker 98Måned siden
  • It’s almost like these people have never been outside or see other people. Short people exist. Short thicc adult women exist. Edit: also as a short curvy woman do not appreciate being infantilized due to being short or having a baby face. Baby face and height does not equal child. Some people are vertically challenged and age better than others.

    Gabby AbbottGabby AbbottMåned siden
  • Im overweight and belive its healthy to lose weight so im trying si i dont have a heart attack at 54

    PipTalePipTaleMåned siden
  • You should watch Isaac Butterfield videos. He's great vs Toxic people and funny as hell.

    Dakota CookDakota CookMåned siden
  • My cousin is the literal definition of a short stack

    Ancient BunsAncient BunsMåned siden
  • I heard somewhere fat acceptance is death acceptance but because they are probably eating more than the average person and so losing food for other people. America has a ton of fat people so even if you think its just a smaller portion of food then think about 1 million people taking more than they should. If you are actively trying to lose weight then sure get healthy.

    TheCowPotatoTheCowPotatoMåned siden
  • Once again, this mans just speaking truth bombs. Always real, always factual, people are alway stupid regardless of topic. Lord Nuxanor is my spirit animal.

    DJ DamionDJ DamionMåned siden
  • Well, Uzaki is such a boring character. I kinda think author made her this way because of it

    Chaotic FrogsChaotic FrogsMåned siden
  • How do you feel about no game no life??? Nux

    Travis RobinsonTravis RobinsonMåned siden
  • thank you....... someone had to say something👏👏👏👏👏

    Lee ChaukeLee ChaukeMåned siden
  • Oh my God 🤣 I know a dragon ball fan like that 😂

    Dakota JensenDakota JensenMåned siden
  • 😂

    Hasin IshrakHasin IshrakMåned siden
  • Fuuuuuuck, you know what I just realized? If they think a petite-looking ADULT is bad, wait till the toxic people get a look at season 2 of Kobayashi Dragon Maid and the new character that will most likely come along with it. It's gonna be magnificent.

    FlamingNinjaBoiFlamingNinjaBoiMåned siden
  • Made a child with big boobs doesn't made her an adult, it just made her a child with big boos because it just draw not real human. We all know that girl Obviously a child, she act like child and her bady as a child they just added big boobs so they sexualities her with no objection.

    الرائد كويلنزالرائد كويلنزMåned siden
  • I’m 20 years old, 4’10”, and have big(ish) tiddies. Women like me do exist XD

    Angela NeriAngela NeriMåned siden
  • "SJW, bleeding-hearted, four brain-celled dumbasses that feel the need to get aggravated and upset at somebody about something trivial" - Nux 2020

    Luke - Aka EgotistLuke - Aka EgotistMåned siden
  • Im A Dbz Fan But I Dont Be Like The TOXIC Side Of DBZ fandom I Think That Goku Can be Beat By Many Anime Characters So Not All Of US are Like That. Mr. Nux Taku

    Mason AddleyMason AddleyMåned siden
  • Just put sh in front of everything

    LiL BillLiL BillMåned siden
  • 6.9k comments.. nice

    Cerealously GamingCerealously GamingMåned siden
  • Shit like this is why I subscribed lol

    Daggers and DiplomacyDaggers and DiplomacyMåned siden
  • uzaki-chan isn't my type I'll stick with my wifu sakura Ogami

    speedsketch 44speedsketch 44Måned siden
  • What is this anime theory of uzaki chans power

    Woon WTingWoon WTingMåned siden
  • 6:05 *”The DNA of the soul.”*

    Mattia D'ercoleMattia D'ercoleMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/somrd9egt8vZ08k.html

    M.C. Turnt House of TechM.C. Turnt House of TechMåned siden
  • Actually even if uzaki’s spine was made of metal, even if it was holding up the whole world, goku can still beet her. Metal is like air to goku, planets are like feathers... GOKU WOULD DESTROY HER IN A FIGHT! You sir, are an ignore piece of fermented cabbage who needs to watch some better anime’s like goku and uh vegetable because they can beat everyone!

    A marketable SalmonA marketable SalmonMåned siden
  • nux, after watching the video, I can honestly tell you that the argument you're making is for people who aren't even arguing this point. your whole thing in this video is trying to go up against the TRIGGERED and OBNOXIOUS SJWS. but i fear that in doing that, you're being hypocritical yourself. most of these people aren't triggered sjws. hell, most of them aren't even saying that the entire anime fandom is pedophilic. it just feels like you're making an argument for a group that isn't there. and if they were, they've been spoken to and told why they're incorrect. its not people trying to steal your anime, or ruin a good laugh. they just feel that she's hypersexualized, and the fact that she looks very young is just a little weird. its not even something they thought of themselves. the show has acknowledged that she looks like a little boy with balloons in his shirt numerous times, but they'll still make the sex joke. i know you're very set on treating them like the toxic side, and treating your side as wholesome and right. but I really suggest you try and reconsider. instead of looking for the people on the surface, who are barking up a storm and getting angry for no reason. look underneath and find all the people who are just trying to make reasonable points for something that is a problem in the anime community. I don't even expect you to look at this comment and think about it, but these are my thoughts, as a subscriber and watcher of your videos.

    planet marsplanet marsMåned siden
  • Actually uzaki remains me the general appearance of risu rin in the anime we can't learn

    Tal KleinTal KleinMåned siden
  • has anyone seen Ty lee from Avatar the last air bender

    Slimer44 ProduccionesSlimer44 ProduccionesMåned siden
  • Amos voligoard is the ULTIMATE flexed , he is the one above lord escabor . Misfit of a demon academy . Quick synopsis . He flexes so hard with a one punch man play style

    GmnWorldGmnWorldMåned siden
  • I'm 165, woman with kinda cute face, C cup, hourglass figure and I lik to dressing cute... So I'm child even tho I'm 21? Just because I look young?

    Cheryl PikeCheryl PikeMåned siden
  • I am DBZ fan and I feel you bro

    Marc TaziwaMarc TaziwaMåned siden
  • I am DBZ fan and I feel you bro

    Marc TaziwaMarc TaziwaMåned siden
  • Last I checked uzaki Chan doesn't even look like a kid. She looks like a girl in her late teens, early 20s.

    Professor AsrielProfessor AsrielMåned siden
  • the issue people have isn’t with uzaki’s body, it’s with her face i think. i think people look at her face and think it’s child-like. an example is that little dragon girl from the maid anime. her and izaki’s faces look similar. that’s what i think the issue is?

    LularuuLularuuMåned siden
  • That's literally how Asian woman look in most Asian countries...

    BloodmancerBloodmancerMåned siden
  • Uzaki chan isn’t a Loli, she’s a college student (I think that’s right)

    Davis HedgehogDavis HedgehogMåned siden
  • *Arguments about Uzaki, who is 19/20, looking like a child* Lolis enter the chat.

    The Real PupnastyThe Real PupnastyMåned siden
  • 9:40 well theres my subscribe lol

    jonas kingjonas kingMåned siden
  • Reminded me of Artsy so I didn't watch the anime. 😂😂😂

    Krishna hanseKrishna hanseMåned siden
  • The average female height in Japan is 4,9, Uzaki chan is 4,11 so she's actually above the average height for a Japanese woman so are people saying it's wrong to love an average sized Japanese woman🤔

    FlammingSandwichFlammingSandwichMåned siden
  • You should watch the documentary young sex for sale in Japan to see a more realistic take on the link between anime and actual pedophiles but yeah just toxic.

    Super HansSuper HansMåned siden
  • And here I am wondering why people are attracted to a drawing.

    Super HansSuper HansMåned siden
  • What ever the flip the girl's name is just looks young, notna child, just young. Early 20s ish.

  • I saw a pedo post on reddit and it has liek 13k downvotes

    johannes rummeljohannes rummelMåned siden
  • In my country I hear many cases of incest + pedophilia like it's insane like a story about a 12 yr old getting raped by her uncle. Well I guess those are things that happen when you live in a 3rd world country such as Ethiopia. I hope this eventually stops.

    Gabriel MichaelGabriel MichaelMåned siden
  • The way nux said "sugoi dekai" was hallarious to me

    ThomasThomasMåned siden
  • amen. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Dickernus, The Bruh Moment.Dickernus, The Bruh Moment.Måned siden
  • Dude. I like uzaki Chan and I'm a child. So am I a shmedophile?

    Chad McNairChad McNairMåned siden
  • Good video and solid argument. Stumbled upon ur channel and it’s good looking forward to more videos.

    Brothers in gamingBrothers in gamingMåned siden
  • Ok... Pass me the sauce of the thumbnail

    マービーMubbieマービーMubbieMåned siden
  • That but about Uzaki’s spine immediately made me remember Kimimarou (or however it’s spelled) from Naruto

    Adam KellyAdam KellyMåned siden
  • You, *HAVE* TO send them to Brazil.

    Your local Anime WeebYour local Anime WeebMåned siden
  • I feel like Nux is just going from corner to corner in a room with infinite corners, where each corner has a different group of toxic fans.

    punkin2k7punkin2k7Måned siden
  • This has effectively changed my perspective on this whole parallel universe that is the internet...

    ChaoticSonic400ChaoticSonic400Måned siden
  • This dude... This dude is a GODSEND! Finally, someone with more than a ounce of sense! This guy is awesome!!!

    Duo FrostDuo FrostMåned siden
  • Who else is fallen victim to the schmedel files whispers under breath aka Pedophiles I know I did quite a beam times when I was about 2 or 3 thanks world for being such a lovely place lol

    2 sinful sans the gaming actor2 sinful sans the gaming actorMåned siden
  • 10:10 OmG nUtaCo said “UwU”

    Smooth brain MomentSmooth brain MomentMåned siden
  • Quick explanation: _The reason there are so many SJW's doing crap is because they're hopping onto the trends as Uzaki is suprisingly well known_

    Arctohru the slothfulArctohru the slothfulMåned siden
  • Nux's counters to toxicity is Sugoi Brainnu

    iTAMiiTAMiMåned siden
  • a men

    K-ae-Lee-Be 200K-ae-Lee-Be 200Måned siden
  • There are women in their 30s that can look like a teen. I should know, my Dominican cousin is 38, she's short and busty, has a baby face and can pass as a highschool student lol

    zeldaprincessgirl100zeldaprincessgirl100Måned siden
    • Every Asian women I’ve met look younger than they really are. Especially Chinese girls

      Erik P.T.Erik P.T.10 dager siden
  • Uzakis spine can beat Goku 😤

    Plushy SanePlushy SaneMåned siden