Final Fantasy VII OFFICIALLY Sucks

11. mai. 2020
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LMAO i had to do it hahaha, pls watch before hating because love me or hate me, i'm spitting fax
VideoGameDunkey Final Fantasy VII Remake Review:






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  • LMAO please watch the video before commenting hahaha, it's not what you think 😊 Also feel free to like/subscribe 😁

    Nux TakuNux Taku5 måneder siden
    • @Nux Taku You like annoying toxic people??? League of Legends video when then???? Remake is shit though, like if Dunkey gave a 7/10... that is being too lenient, it plays like someones terrible 100% UNIQUE TOTALLLY ORIGINAL fanfic.

      Guts The BerserkerGuts The Berserker5 måneder siden
    • Haha!! Love It!! Subbed. Your fun to watch

      Darth TlohDarth Tloh5 måneder siden
    • @Earendur Von Einzbern AGC Reviews' pretty dumb

      Ricardo HoàngRicardo Hoàng5 måneder siden
    • AGC Reviews said the FF7 remake was medicore.

      Earendur Von EinzbernEarendur Von Einzbern5 måneder siden
    • I heard you and Noble is fighting for Smentai and Offbrand 😂

      Ricardo HoàngRicardo Hoàng5 måneder siden
  • Still waiting FFVI Remake

    Makhyusni MakhyusniMakhyusni MakhyusniMåned siden
  • I give it a 6 because it feels like they tried wayyy too hard to make so many scenes over the top compared to the original.

    Daniel KennardDaniel KennardMåned siden
  • "Sucks to suck, my dude!" 🤣

    Confused NinjaXConfused NinjaXMåned siden
  • I quit after the 5 min dunkey promo

    YoungManDubYoungManDubMåned siden
  • The remake is garbage come at me simps no im serious the game is absolute garbage that only idiots would defend its all graphics thats all this game has bye

    Alex MaGandaAlex MaGandaMåned siden
  • I've never yelled at a video game so damn much.

    Shad BirdShad Bird2 måneder siden
  • I remember when I cared what other people think. Then I turned 10.

    HexiHexi2 måneder siden
  • Holy fuck, can you actually stay on topic for at least 1 minute straight?

    KujaKuja2 måneder siden
  • Ever since the ff7R dropped the online FF fandom has been insufferable.

    betamarklarbetamarklar2 måneder siden
  • On one hand, I love laughing at stupid fans from the sidelines, but on the other, It just makes me so sad that these people even manage to exist in the first place

    2022Adam Lacroix2022Adam Lacroix2 måneder siden
  • Breaks my heart SOOO bad I had the first class edition and everything. I beat the original 100 times, and platinumed it on ps4... But the remake is absolutely fucking terrible. Its soooooo far gone from the original... I cant even fucking play it. Thank you for the video man.

    Dreadnaught614Dreadnaught6142 måneder siden
  • Personally I’m not a big fan of ff7 the original And I’m not bothering with the remake. The original had a broken and stupid story. The characters where tokens and overall It’s a big meh. Now when it came Out it was something interesting because of the next gen graphics. Now the remake? Well what made ff7 playable for me I know is gone. The world exploration, the secrets to find, and all the hidden little things that made the game ok in my eyes aren’t there. The new final fantasy style just sucks in my opinion. You just walk down a. Long hall, fight a monster, maybe find a side rout that leads right back to the same place. It all just sucks.

    A darker dreamA darker dream2 måneder siden
  • A fandom that is toxic? Really?!?!?! '`°

    badreality2badreality23 måneder siden
  • I love nux

    Gone ManicGone Manic3 måneder siden
  • Game is pure shit

    Tyler RobbinsTyler Robbins3 måneder siden
    • no u

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
  • 9 was always the best FF and 7 was always boring, especially Sepheroth.

    jish55jish553 måneder siden
  • 7/10 seems a little high

    Wayward SpoonWayward Spoon3 måneder siden
  • "People are calling me out for problematic behavior? TOXIC!!!!!!!!"

    Jonathan DavidsonJonathan Davidson4 måneder siden
  • Do real anime videos again

    Lars AberleLars Aberle4 måneder siden
  • lol iv'e played both the Remake and the original '97 ; love both of them. i enjoyed the original's first part a lot better than the remake however; The blood trail scene felt a lot scarier in the original surprisingly lol also wasn't a big fan of some of the side fillers since some of them where just talking to a bunch of kids or getting some herbs... really hope they add more to the ending than on the original ff7 tho; the world gets recreated/reborn and Red XIII runs around...... and then we get Advent children lol

    Hispanicboy15Hispanicboy154 måneder siden
  • Every fandom is toxic really

    xXTheGaming Misfit178XxxXTheGaming Misfit178Xx4 måneder siden
  • FF7 looks boring & irrelevant.

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi14 måneder siden
    • black chase67 thanks 😊

      Jordzyi1Jordzyi12 måneder siden
    • no u

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
  • Nux is the gasoline that enrages an arson in fandoms that nobody asked for, but that only makes him stronger.

    σуα σуα?σуα σуα?4 måneder siden
  • I agree that Dunkey's videos are entertaining because he's so unique. He made the most oddball complaint about Doom Eternal, which is that the chainsaw is repetitive. I disagree and no one else has said that, but that was his one and only complaint about the game, so it stuck out and made it interesting and shed light on his perspective which differs from everyone else. I'd much rather he say that FF7 Remake sucks when he thinks it does 100%.

    AnimericaAnimerica4 måneder siden
  • Found this to be a boring chore to play. From bad dorection, to terrible voice direction, to plot holes and the immense padding. Won't be touching part 2. Final fantasy died when sakaguchi left

    ThatKidSONThatKidSON4 måneder siden
  • You and Donkey need to collab it needs to happen!!!

    Martin LacayoMartin Lacayo4 måneder siden
  • Okay listen up for a sec. I know people who haven’t tried out certain games because of what dunkey might of said about them. People suck him off

    MarkMark4 måneder siden
  • Even though the ORIGINAL IS FAR SUPERIOR this remake is a great game on it´s own, it´s very interesting and way too diferent to the original material, is almost a reboot, got some flaws but even with it´s flaws is far better than FF 15, is a well made game, got everything FF 15 needed to be a great game, and yes is very influeced by FF 13 + KH, but i like it, the original is a total masterpiece, this remake is "great game", is like CGI anime adaptation of the original game, just like all the FF7 spin-offs before it..., so at the end of the day the Original is still a masterpiece and this new game is a great entry for the fans, is the ultimate fan fiction...

    rick hunterrick hunter4 måneder siden
  • Jesus you yell a lot

    AbsquatulaAbsquatula4 måneder siden
  • Oh my god. you are a mad genius. to just laugh at toxic stuff. you got my respect lol i wish i can be brave like that.

    MediocreArtsMediocreArts4 måneder siden
  • claim you support everyone's right to have an opinion...but then generalize people with different opinions as story bro.

    Supernerd471Supernerd4714 måneder siden
    • Nuxtaku is a lol cow farmer and professional troll Better not to get angry at what he does. He loves to troll fans and corporations

      Omio RahmanOmio Rahman4 måneder siden
  • I actually hate FFVII Remake, but this guy is sooo self-obsessed it's irritating.

    SeriousMcnegativeSeriousMcnegative4 måneder siden
    • sucks to be you

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
    • He is a troll

      Omio RahmanOmio Rahman4 måneder siden
  • But nux. 7 remake is trash. Just like 15 was the single most garbage entry in the series. At least 7 had character people actually cared about. Still sucked though. But I guess the new age is different. Instead of good story an gameplay. We can now settle for shiny hair an pretty sparkly graphics. An as we all know. Graphics are what make a game good or not.

    No Focksgiven.No Focksgiven.4 måneder siden
    • no its great

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
  • Is like mockery to the original. You can't remake a story that's been set in stone.

    Luke ChapaLuke Chapa5 måneder siden
  • Ok but why are Nux’s emojis in his pinned comment so polite and wholesome 🤷‍♀️

    Dank ScootalooDank Scootaloo5 måneder siden
  • Im.playing this shit as i typr its so fucken broing. I walk an talk more then i fight

    eduardo rodriguezeduardo rodriguez5 måneder siden
    • you r just and idiot who plays cod probablly

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
    • so

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
  • za warudo caught me off guard

    Eevee SansEevee Sans5 måneder siden
  • I have a confession to make. I've owned the original ff7 on ps1 since it came out and I've never played it. Still own it, but haven't touched it.

    modernmobstermodernmobster5 måneder siden
  • This is actually Nux's first strand type video

    spi cyspi cy5 måneder siden
  • Why was this click bait in my recommendations?

    RakimRakim5 måneder siden
  • Sadist and masochist? Nope!!! Satanist and Methodist lol A huge joke I came up with, with my friends.

    dmsflcldmsflcl5 måneder siden
  • Honestly no beat the game . 7/10 graphics (good overall. Sims characters and 2d back ground image when looking down from upper plate drops you out of immersion. 6/10 combat gameplay 3/10 gameplay engagement (boring when doing any minigame, side quests dont really get me invested in characters) 2/10 story (take the story you love, inject it with Disney, make Sephiroth come off more like an ex boyfriend then anything menacing, slice it into chapters with sporadic pacing and Dementors.... God Damn Dementors....)

    Kspice9000Kspice90005 måneder siden
  • Too funny dude. I totally got click baited and I'm not even mad about it. 😂

    Set and Match GamingSet and Match Gaming5 måneder siden
  • Final fantasy 7 isn't complete but I love this first episode

    Ki SigmaKi Sigma5 måneder siden
  • I'm also a fan of Donkey shows.

    Eat a BulletEat a Bullet5 måneder siden
  • Damn Nux. You got me. I literally stopped watching this video, finished FF7r, and then came back just to find out that you haven't played it... You glorious bastard!

    Maurice CorbettMaurice Corbett5 måneder siden
  • Review without bias that what they mean.

    Juan OconJuan Ocon5 måneder siden
  • Brilliant. Please could you do some "No one understands..." videos on Scias & Urshin/Deis from Breath Of Fire 4 Nux? If you've never played it, research it - I'm sure you'd enjoy both the memes and philosophy involved. You could also argue why Fou lou is justified (maybe) in his actions unlike Cray … but that's another video entirely. This is before you even get into the whole interspecies debate (Birds x Cats, Dragons x Birds, Dogs x Faeries, Gods x Humans, Fish x Birds and so on). Oh, and the camera angles... (It's not what you think =) You could also get your you tube friends to dub various scenes (any from the opening/closing scenes to the "War Shout" attack or best Kahn/Marlok/Parrot from the trap village impression, pronunciation & accent are key.... ) Best girl/woman = Mami (Nami). Biggest T**t = tie between Lord Yuna; Captain Rasso, Cray & Mami's Landlord. Best Flex = Won-qu, Infini (optional - spoilers), Fou -lou, Scias, Marlok, Ershin/Deis. Best Laugher at Toxicity = Nux / Rhoppe (the guy rides/surfs the **** stream literally) Best almost Sakura = Nina (she gets a slight pass because of her insane speed, wisdom & healing in game) Most useless = Kahn; Kahn; Yemchef/ Joh? - the boss at the causeway - he never gets a hit in and is like an auto win, akin to a pointless cut-scene. Urshin (if you don't know how to effectively use him/her/they/it). Ultimate Badass/Best Character = Fou Lou, Mami & (????? - spoilers but those who've played know who I mean). *yeah I know I put Kahn twice in the most useless, but there is a reason (I could have included all of his appearances but stuck to his two main roles in game and yes he sucks hard in both).

    Sarai BrecciaSarai Breccia5 måneder siden
  • Ff7 remake sucks just finished it today, they crippled all of the voice actors , scrambled the story at the end and the game didnt even get post game content , for someone who didnt play or watch the ff7 lore this game will be pretty cool, for someone who has they will feel pretty pissed they messed with the story and characters, its like asking for a medium- rare steak and instead getting a medium stake, its still a good cooked steak but you were expecting it to be medium-rare :$

    Saint socram NŷmaíãSaint socram Nŷmaíã5 måneder siden
    • no its great

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
    • It has bad things and good things Really makes you feel like the mayor The lore is butchered There is little something for everyone 10/10 ign

      Omio RahmanOmio Rahman4 måneder siden
  • Man I dropped a comment about the music being forgettable and people shit the bed over it. I feel for dunky.

    Angelo LorenzoAngelo Lorenzo5 måneder siden
  • Fact is why review a game if u already have a biased opinion of the game your review is pointless .... Its like u knowing u don't like burgers but still ordering one to complain about the taste wtf🤣🤣🤣🤣

    greenecarlos93greenecarlos935 måneder siden
  • DUDE!!! I love your inflection. Don't worry about how long a video is. If you keep it interesting, I will still be listening even if it is hours long. Keep up the great work.. You are funny as fuck to me!

    TheCynysterMindTheCynysterMind5 måneder siden
  • Game review?

    Nitsuj NewbieNitsuj Newbie5 måneder siden
  • Ill buy ff7 remake when its 30 or less. Its not a masterpiece. Its incomplete, with timewasting side quests.

    Chal PChal P5 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry but, I my opinion, TIFA SUCKS, I WANT CLOUD!!!

    cococo cococococo coco5 måneder siden
  • Thanks for introducing me to dunkey. I thought I was a video game junkie, but I cannot remember hearing about him ever. Good video.

    Barney ClarkeBarney Clarke5 måneder siden
  • I literally almost lost some respect for you master nux going into this vid even though I knew full well it was probably going to be sarcastic tomfoolery

    Tanner HancockTanner Hancock5 måneder siden
  • LOL "paid by nintendo" did anyone else catch that?

    R SR S5 måneder siden
  • Remake is garbage.

    jin kazamajin kazama5 måneder siden
    • no u

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
  • @8:48 Same

    Comic SansComic Sans5 måneder siden
  • FF7 was a full game at launch. FF7 remake should've been too.

    jimmy climerjimmy climer5 måneder siden
    • no it dosnt try remaking that into 60 hours game

      black chase67black chase672 måneder siden
  • I don't listen to critics because all it is their opinion. In fact companies like IGN which critics video games are bought out by video game developers in order to advertise video games either favorable or unfavorable.

    ImAlive 4UImAlive 4U5 måneder siden
  • Just came because I saw dunkey

    Ludicrous SwirlLudicrous Swirl5 måneder siden
  • I'm commenting before watching. Nothing you can do to stop me. Flex.

    Johnny ShieldsJohnny Shields5 måneder siden
  • Did they give Tifa a mastectomy or not?

    Pipi RamirezPipi Ramirez5 måneder siden
  • I have seen several of your videos and honestly thought you were better then this I can get no enjoying something you can do that no matter how good but to make a video about how much it sucks as if it were some indisputable fact......

    Hercule JoestarHercule Joestar5 måneder siden
  • The people who are giving you death threats really have problems

    Roku RokuRoku Roku5 måneder siden
  • Damn, Nux. You scary.

    [XGA] Shin Edgelord[XGA] Shin Edgelord5 måneder siden
  • I came upon this video randomly and have no idea who you are but from this alone I can only away take away that 1: you are really, really jealous of some guy called Dunky 2. You honestly really do seem extremely jealous of some guy called Dunky and I don't think you realize it

    Spire WolvesSpire Wolves5 måneder siden
  • Nux ya beautiful masochist never stop making videos :)

    Zoe IbbotsonZoe Ibbotson5 måneder siden
  • I thought Dunkey's review was hilarious, and of course he has a right to his opinion. He hates JRPGs in general, didn't care for the dialogue in the remake at all, nothing wrong with that. What gets me are the people who are all like: "I love the characterzations, I love the dialogue and all the character moments, I love all the original content and how they expanded on it, but I hate the Whispers of Fate and the ending completely because it is Nomura Nomuring things up, bringing his Kingdom Hearts bs into my FF game!" Nomura is also the character designer who created the characters you love, and he was also, as director, in charge of redesigning and expanding on these characters as they appear in retelling. If you loved 95% of this game but absolutely hated those parts, you still have to give Nomura credit for what he got right. He is the reason that Tifa and Aerith are as lovable and awesome as they are, that Cloud is his cocky assholish self. If you're going to trash him then at least give him that much credit, because I fell in love with those characters all over again. Was all of their dialogue great? No, some of it was laughable, but some of it was damn near perfect. I understand people's apprehensions, Squenix's track record as of late has been spotty, but I loved this game overall and would definitely give it a 4 out of five or even a 4.5, as I optimistically await news for when part 2 will release.

    Meng HaoMeng Hao5 måneder siden
  • I kinda think its hilarious that a year ago, everyone was like, "yes KH3 is shit cuz Dunky said so", and now everyone hates his guts for hating FF7R

    JRockz133TJRockz133T5 måneder siden
    • @The Aetheral midnight sheikh I'm not saying both got bad reviews. I'm just laughing at hypocrisy

      JRockz133TJRockz133T5 måneder siden
    • Umm bruh go and look at all the other reviews of ff7r and kh3 and then u will understand why ur comment is stupid

      The Aetheral midnight sheikhThe Aetheral midnight sheikh5 måneder siden
  • Remake> original

    Eric VEric V5 måneder siden
  • I don't think FF7 Remake is a 10/10 game but it's still a pretty good game. The more important thing to learn from this toxic mess is that one should be a fan, not a fanboy/fangirl. Nothing's perfect but we can always work to make it better. And censoring negative critique because it sullies the mental image of your favourite piece of entertainment is just plain regressive. PS: Keep pointing out the toxicity in any community. Keep doing the great work, you wonderful bastard.

    DearUncleHermitDearUncleHermit5 måneder siden
  • Kingdom hearts ? This is no ff7 it is a glimpse of final fantasy 7 now next instalment will be final hartsy 7 fuck you fans and cat sith will be replaced by Mickley, oh and claud ultima weapon will be a key..... to hell with tetsuya nomura. Rip ff7 .At least we have the original game to ease our frustration... sublime with tifa heaven mod by the way 😍

    Nuno DanNuno Dan5 måneder siden
  • I didn’t hate the game But lord it was underwhelming to me. Too much padding the runtime. Storytelling elements were real subpar compared to the original. 7.8 outta 10

    Durante626Durante6265 måneder siden
  • Oh, so your a masochist? watch this video i dare you

    isaac prichardisaac prichard5 måneder siden
  • just got a new subscriber 🤣 The fuck I've been that I haven't come across your channel sooner?! Lol

    Gracie IbañezGracie Ibañez5 måneder siden
  • We just got it today, lol.

    CplHicksjrCplHicksjr5 måneder siden
  • Dunkey is totally fine, just wasn't his kind of game. Not a big deal to me. I loved the game, it definitely has flaws, but I loved it and I think it shows a lot of promise and innovation that can be capitalized on.

    ValkyrouValkyrou5 måneder siden
  • I just ignore Twitter for the most part, cause it's just... the worst?

    Komai DrawzKomai Drawz5 måneder siden
  • 6:34 Yes, I'm sure you love part 6.

    Johnny GJohnny G5 måneder siden
  • Nux is my spirit animal.To Piss off the toxic fandom..yep that me!

    PepperKatPepperKat5 måneder siden
  • Shill.

    JRPGFan20000JRPGFan200005 måneder siden
  • neither did i watch dunkeys video nor did i pay attention to his name trending on twitter but i gotta say. if you review a game fully knowing you hate the genre as a whole i think its weird but whatever

    David KasekDavid Kasek5 måneder siden
  • It was a just little annoying how the culture shifted slightly after the dunkey video to it being cool or whatever to hate and criticize the ff7r, with much of the criticisms just being quotes from his video. It’s cool to agree with his video or whatever but at least have your own opinion before you contribute lol

    Bro StacheBro Stache5 måneder siden
    • Noise Marine honestly I think it’s a little more symbolic that that. They obviously made the original story a canon part of this universe. What the characters are doing is literally re making the original story. But like making it differently. Which isn’t outside of the definition of remake. It’s just a bit unorthodox I guess

      Bro StacheBro Stache5 måneder siden
    • That's always been the case for the Dunkey fanbase though. But if you ask me, Im just more concerned they sold it as a remake. But ended up being a remix or a reboot.

      Noise MarineNoise Marine5 måneder siden
  • As they say to each their own. Dunkey as the authority to say FF7 Remake “Officially” sucks? Never even heard of the guy even until now 😂 I would rather trust the majority of people who say that the game is good than one person who says the Remake “Officially” sucks. Ps. I played over 100 hours in the remake for that plat trophy. The game is good in my opinion, but the combat ATB system needs some improvements.

    Filisianboy9Filisianboy95 måneder siden
  • Get dunkeyed on

    Wily Wyvern // Metal Dragon ProductionsWily Wyvern // Metal Dragon Productions5 måneder siden
  • I loved Final Fantasy VII Remake, but I truly agree that the fanbase can be very toxic at some times. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and not everyone can have the same likes and dislikes. It's that simple, just like how you can't get all the girls in the world just because you have a six pack and a nice personality: some find it hot and some plainly don't. Loved the video, here's a subscribe.

    Jireh ResurreccionJireh Resurreccion5 måneder siden
  • Wish they'd remake FFVI and FFIV.

    DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)DragonDraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon5 måneder siden
  • Remake does suck.

    KuuhazanKuuhazan5 måneder siden
  • Videogamedunkey? You mean the guy who got the world record on Bowsers big bean burrito right?

    AyeatoAyeato5 måneder siden
  • Sephiroth kills Aerith, and she deserves it.

    Jeff EffJeff Eff5 måneder siden
  • ... oh god that thumbnail is like, 20 different NOworldrs all at once or something (actually 3)

    FF18CloudFF18Cloud5 måneder siden
  • I don’t even know who donkey is. He looks like he still loves with his mom tbh

    Seven DigitzSeven Digitz5 måneder siden
  • Dunkey has been bashing his head in trying to like JRPGs ever since he had fun playing Persona 5

    Ninjartist 36Ninjartist 365 måneder siden
  • And I’m gonna follow this up with an invalidation of your last bit about opinions. Giving rational arguments and supporting it with facts and examples is more than just an opinion. It’s an overused word that has straight up blurred it’s meaning with how people just use it as the way to escape being forced to accept that their perspectives were incomplete. An “opinion” is only as valid as the information that is allowed through one’s ears... and we can’t continue to say “well, that’s my opinion” just to dismiss what other people say and try to treat that as if it settles the issue. Not every opinion is equal, and we have to start forcing better educated people to put an end to the plebe nature of how the first amendment is applied.

    HockerHocker5 måneder siden
  • The combination of sarcasm and rational argument here is absolutely fucking amazing.

    HockerHocker5 måneder siden
  • Dunkey is fucking great, he's just Nux but is a video game dude that hates anime lol

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro5 måneder siden