18. mai. 2020
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Tower of God is a Webtoon that took the Spring 2020 anime season by storm. let's talk about it.
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  • Tower of God was like a son to me. I've been a stan since day one.

    All Day AnimeAll Day Anime5 måneder siden
    • Delete your channel Briggo (jk lol)

      WCA ArtsWCA Arts2 måneder siden
    • Same.... Been reading the manhwa since its release..... Really happy they decided to make an anime

      Magnus MaximusMagnus Maximus2 måneder siden
    • All Day Anime You hate your son?

      lana altlana alt2 måneder siden
    • Same

      Some Robot BoySome Robot Boy3 måneder siden
    • Just go read the fucking WEBTOON

      KkingdrsKkingdrs3 måneder siden
  • If it can make you hate a character (that doesn't even exist) so much than, it succeeded

    Gst ArtGst ArtDag siden
  • Read the webtoon almost to the ongoing, but stopped because it didn't grasp me The start was promising but nah

    саша Абрамовсаша Абрамов5 dager siden
  • I doubt you’ll see this here, but you should check out Omnipotent Reader. The MC flexes quite a bit and I think you would appreciate it well

    Nick_KingstonNick_Kingston9 dager siden
  • I hate that I love this made lad But I love that I also hate him.

    Justin TerryJustin Terry20 dager siden
  • 5 months later ....... Hey Nux Taco

    Ed RoseEd Rose24 dager siden

    Trash PrincessTrash Princess26 dager siden
  • me (webtoon reader): eh okay It's the first 10 episodes the opinions will change by the end of the season me 5 minutes later: HE READ IT! HE FAKING READ IT! FINALLY! SOMEONE'S WHO'S NOT BASHING IT BECAUSE THEY SAW 2 EPISODES!

    Seikyuu ZeroSeikyuu ZeroMåned siden
  • Nux playing his wholesome cards

    Atharva SonawaneAtharva SonawaneMåned siden
  • I just finished the tower of god webtoon and my brain's drained.

    ᴋ ᴀ ᴇ ᴋ ᴀ ᴇᴋ ᴀ ᴇ ᴋ ᴀ ᴇMåned siden
  • When ya dumping on God of Highschool

    srivatsa srivasrivatsa srivaMåned siden
  • anime-onlys: tower of god ain't that good, sorry. webtoon readers: **laughs in jue viole grace**

    yoongii!!yoongii!!Måned siden
  • I think it's just the matter of the difference between Korean and Japanese way of thinking, culture, and people behavior, although I can't be sure how much it affect the story telling. I can't speak for all manga and manhwa, but speaking about ToG and One Piece, I do think One Piece has better character arcs and dynamics, while ToG has better plot dynamic. In a more specific way, my experience in watching and reading ToG is mostly how cool, cute, or annoying the characters are, and how unpredictable each plot point is. This unpredictability exists almost in all episode, while in manga like One Piece, they usually have certain pattern or plot structure. However, this predictable plot structure also becomes One Piece's strength at some point, because it gives annoyance, hopeless, sadness, and satisfaction at the right moment and at its extreme level. This emotional attachment is perhaps what I'm still looking for in manhwa.

    Stefani JovitaStefani JovitaMåned siden
  • Nux you are wrong rak is TURRET MASTER OK!!!

    Donald DuongDonald DuongMåned siden
  • Character growth is a big issue for many writers. They just can't do it. Great example is Bleach: The author writes tons of awesome new characters, but none of them ever develop even the tiniest bit. Not even Ichigo as far as i can recall. As for ToG: Some of the characters do change, although it takes quite a while until the author gets to it. Especially Bam is developing quite well. (He finally learned to stop SIMPing).

    mathis8210mathis8210Måned siden
  • I just want season 2 cuz I want to watch yuri fight scene animated Hadouken!!!! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!

    Ainin Sofea Mohd MarzukiAinin Sofea Mohd MarzukiMåned siden
  • Lol One piece fanboys criticising Tower of God for being long 😂🖕, Man I really hate this guy!!

    Manas NishadManas Nishad2 måneder siden
  • What bam do you like? Bam on prologue? long hair bam? Tasty chestnut? 밤나무 Overpowered bam on season 3? Bam with khun and rak except its on season 2? What bam do u like?

    {kono dio da dio}{kono dio da dio}2 måneder siden
    • Season 3 Bam 😭😭😭

      Ainin Sofea Mohd MarzukiAinin Sofea Mohd MarzukiMåned siden
  • i was vaguely interested in it at first, but by the end, i kind of hated it.

    WinterXLWinterXL2 måneder siden
    • Just read you will see if it's good

      Elite VivioElite Vivio2 måneder siden
  • I LOVE HOW YOU CLAPPED AT THAT ONE PART HAHA XD I am sorry you had to go through that nah not really sorry you troll your fandom n then they troll you right back broski xD

    Patricia BaylonPatricia Baylon2 måneder siden
  • *laughs in kallavan*

    RagingIsBadRagingIsBad2 måneder siden
  • Season 1 drawing are pretty dope but it completely changes from season 2

    Crazy ManCrazy Man2 måneder siden
  • I love how expressive his avatar became after al these years

    Zachery SchmidtZachery Schmidt2 måneder siden
  • We are not a community. We are a cult.

    AleAle2 måneder siden

    LoudByNatureLoudByNature2 måneder siden
  • So it's average?

    steelhound duncansteelhound duncan2 måneder siden
  • Just finished season one of TOG... and I actually want to break my phone by slamming my face into it repeatedly. No anime has ever made me fell this way before. Fuck TOG.

    WCA ArtsWCA Arts2 måneder siden
  • It's not baam/bam, it's 25th Baam!!! 😂😂😂

    Magnus MaximusMagnus Maximus2 måneder siden
  • me liking the video allows Nux to flex on them haters XD

    TheFastSnakeTheFastSnake2 måneder siden
  • When I read the title I knew what this video was about

    NISRANDOMNISRANDOM2 måneder siden

    Deborah TbzDeborah Tbz2 måneder siden
  • yo, Rachel is the best antagonist of 2020, she is far from op, but she has the threat value needed to make a good villain! and before you ask, this is not a flex

    Rainymations !Rainymations !2 måneder siden
  • All the meta discussions reminded me of why I subbed. Few NOworldrs bring up this stuff. And it's always on my mind. Thank

    lana altlana alt2 måneder siden
  • I watched it already. It was really good, except for the end when you wanna stab the blonde bitch.

    The Skies Have FallenThe Skies Have Fallen2 måneder siden
  • Hell yeah!!! One Piece!!

    AnimeD roXAnimeD roX2 måneder siden
  • Hockney (TOG) is that you?

    Anwar SamiaAnwar Samia2 måneder siden
  • Imagine if other Webtoons like inordinately and grim reaper end up animated and we have bullied power house and death on anime’s side

    WALNUT DIOWALNUT DIO2 måneder siden
  • I agree. Tower of God was getting a lot of hype so I checked it out for myself, and it's just okay. Not mindblowingly amazing and not garbage, just okay. It feels like a typical shonen

    BoltStrikeBoltStrike2 måneder siden
    • because the anime cut out content and changed things! you are an ignorant

      JonasJonasMåned siden
  • why did i get 5 ads within the 1st 8 mins

    DragonJT7DragonJT72 måneder siden
  • I think it picks up around 120

    Sebastian BrandSebastian Brand2 måneder siden
  • It gets good by season 2 from what I’ve read

    Piyo :D SBLPiyo :D SBL2 måneder siden
  • Say you enjoy it instead of saying it changed the world Or you dont like it instead of saying its garbige

    Payton MemitaPayton Memita2 måneder siden
  • Superior biengs live in the gray area of everything

    Payton MemitaPayton Memita2 måneder siden
  • Your pride is second only to THE ONE AND ONLY ESCANOR

    Payton MemitaPayton Memita2 måneder siden
  • Alt name for tog: “the simp bites back”

    Lil WaluigiLil Waluigi2 måneder siden
  • Dude I finished the whole manga with in 3 days🙂🙂

    akashnil joarderakashnil joarder2 måneder siden
  • I don’t know if anyone said this yet but “”RACHEL IS FOR THE STREETS””

    Rickey GordonRickey Gordon2 måneder siden
  • Anime Only Viewers: "Man, Bam is the worst part of this anime" Me, a Manwa Reader: *laughs in Rachel*

    Spencer ReddingSpencer Redding2 måneder siden
    • yep yep

      Seikyuu ZeroSeikyuu ZeroMåned siden
  • I read the webtoon after season 1 ended. Currently in season 2. Now,it feels wierd to look at anime Bam.

    HanMyo HtetHanMyo Htet2 måneder siden
  • Urek babies

    Franklin GabisayFranklin Gabisay3 måneder siden
  • The anime doesnt measure up to the webtoon.

    Samantha NoppSamantha Nopp3 måneder siden
    • Even still I only read it to waste time, cause I have nothing else to do.

      Samantha NoppSamantha Nopp3 måneder siden
  • The further you read the better the art gets in the webtoon.

    TheBigAwesomeTheBigAwesome3 måneder siden
  • Fuck Rachel

    Scko_aScko_a3 måneder siden
  • If you like webtoon than UnOrdinary is great

    asleep humanasleep human3 måneder siden
  • Well now I’m pissed. Not cause the vid, I got 2 UNSKIPABLE, 15 SECOND EACH ADS. WTF NOworld YOU BITCH. Oh and about reading only 3 or 4 WEBTOONS... *You fools~* those are _Rookie numbers._ My recently is 170+ WEBTOONS...My friends question how I remember all of those stories... (I delete the ones I don’t enjoy) God I really don’t have a life, do* I?

    Kitten LoverKitten Lover3 måneder siden
  • It gets good after the anime 1st season ends

    Matthew BMatthew B3 måneder siden
  • no ones calling you daddy bro stopp lmao love your content though

    cesar granadoscesar granados3 måneder siden
  • Waaaait. I read this somewhere 😅 I have been hearing about it from my friends and I didn't know it was animated

    Chase CarlsonChase Carlson3 måneder siden
  • Unique then you should have a unique opinion about the story and game called Yakuza 0

    The Young FamilyThe Young Family3 måneder siden
  • The mang... Webtoon was better.

    Tanvir HasanTanvir Hasan3 måneder siden
  • i would say when white is revealed it starts being god tier

    weebachuweebachu3 måneder siden
  • people can dislike videos fyi no need to cry about it

    Toph TodorokiToph Todoroki3 måneder siden
  • I love how Nux will get the hardest Flex-Boner when he doesnt stop reading ToG and sees Bam's development xD

    AceTheWorriorAceTheWorrior3 måneder siden
  • I read it

    james bondjames bond3 måneder siden
  • Does the country of animation origin not depict the category in which the “show” will belong? Tower of God, animated, was originally released from a Japanese studio in Japanese language. Right? Avatar was released in the states, so it was a cartoon. This isn’t even a debate to me? Am I missing out on delicious controversy?!

    Sara CrosbySara Crosby3 måneder siden
  • So is it time for korean anime to shine?

    Sang youSang you3 måneder siden
  • Keep in mind s1 is the prologue

    Wildcard JoeyWildcard Joey3 måneder siden
  • At least we can all agree that Khun is best boi! 😍💙

    Lotte 22LilFoxLotte 22LilFox3 måneder siden

    connix 95connix 953 måneder siden

    Yi Jin LinYi Jin Lin3 måneder siden
  • sorry nothing is better than fmab and aot

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment3 måneder siden
  • 13:15 to 13:38 Dr bonehead is a youtube channel that does manhwa english dubs and reactions to both manhwa and anime and uploads them on youtube. I also think that his opinion about the anime is around 7 or 8 out of ten because of the missing dialogue, scenes and all but he is in between about the good and bad opinions and he would usually tell the viewers what the anime had missed. You should check out his channel :)

    Peter PhungPeter Phung3 måneder siden
  • Rak is best character lol. At least in the webtoon.

    Scyron AucoleScyron Aucole3 måneder siden
  • i love tower of god but i do agree that they did cut a lot but is still good

    Xephion SaketzuXephion Saketzu3 måneder siden
  • Spoiler for anime watchers Bitch gets worse later on (Rachel is bitch you will figure out why later)

    kenneth kringkenneth kring3 måneder siden
  • I enjoyed it. Just finished reading the Manga/Manhwa

    Tivis7Tivis73 måneder siden
  • Nux, where is the 2nd part to this video

    Khun ClementineKhun Clementine3 måneder siden
  • If Avatar is an anime so is Spongebob....

    Mr BubbleMr Bubble3 måneder siden
  • The anime was great not god tier Im hyped for season 2

    Persona EnthusiastPersona Enthusiast3 måneder siden
    • The series gets better in season 2 if they dont butcher the adaptation

      Persona EnthusiastPersona Enthusiast3 måneder siden
  • Pretty sure everyone’s already read this on webtoon

    KangSan KimKangSan Kim3 måneder siden
  • If Tales of Demons and Gods were animated like Tower of God, would been a boom of manhwa years ago. Tales of Demons and Gods is an amazing both in manhwa and light novel, but the animation..........well......kinda make people sick

    Matheus HeringerMatheus Heringer3 måneder siden
  • Now we wait for him to make a god of highschool video.

    F L O W _F L O W _3 måneder siden
  • yes, khun is best boi

    MysticMystic3 måneder siden
  • Anime fans always hate "za bitch o"

    All Things Tech RelatedAll Things Tech Related3 måneder siden
    • @Quan 2ximes i google za bitch o tog and she came up lmao

      All Things Tech RelatedAll Things Tech Related3 måneder siden
    • Yes Rachel is not for the “streets” she’s for za worldooo

      Quan 2ximesQuan 2ximes3 måneder siden
  • imo, i prefer tower of god in the later parts of season 2 to its recent big arc. The floor of death and hidden floor arcs are some of my favorite arcsof recent years.

    nicolas B.nicolas B.3 måneder siden
  • Nux " i have not read alot of webtoons " fan base recomends 800 webtoons

    Xzavier Yeo-LindenschmidtXzavier Yeo-Lindenschmidt3 måneder siden
  • kpop stans and weebs unite

    1LoveChez1LoveChez3 måneder siden
  • Tower God season 1 was kinda crap compared to the manga but looking forward to season 2 because of baam coming back as Jue Viole Grace

    fam harrisfam harris3 måneder siden
  • Rachel < Sakura Change my mind

    StraxStrax3 måneder siden
  • hmm i didnt really see the difference between webtoon style and manga style.. youre comparing one piece panels, top tier of the top tier in world building and comedy to the very early stages of TOG, thats a highly plot driven action adventure.. ofc its not the same theres comedy webtoons out there, too. but ur right, i actually also havent seen a lot of woldbuilding in webtoon.. but on the other side.. is worldbuilding that popular in manga? anyway, idk, ill krep that in mind. what i wanted to say, TOG is NOT the One Piece of Webtoons. nothing is the One Piece of anytjing, One Piece is untouchable, lol, but TOG is still AMAZINGLY fkn good (the webtoon at least)

    I'm PurritoI'm Purrito3 måneder siden
  • Eagerly waiting for you to do a further review of the series!

    Esdeath 02Esdeath 023 måneder siden
  • "His goal is simping a girl that wants to climb the tower" Oh boi.

    Yannis MpaYannis Mpa3 måneder siden
  • Nux Daddy sounds way better than Daddy Nux

    Yannis MpaYannis Mpa3 måneder siden
  • I feel like Nux is gonna enjoy God of Highschool bc of the way the main protagonist flexes on ppl

    WILSONWHYWILSONWHY3 måneder siden
  • rachel is..... OHHH BOIIIIII

    dAVID bELDENdAVID bELDEN3 måneder siden
  • togs dialouge is just bad at the start

    BotsWhoGetSoftlockedBotsWhoGetSoftlocked3 måneder siden
  • tog starts off trash lool

    BotsWhoGetSoftlockedBotsWhoGetSoftlocked3 måneder siden
  • Me: he's finna hate on it Nux: it's actually pretty good Me:..... 😶oh how the turned tables Edit: also the op was by my boys Stary Kids and I agree it wasnt so hot... it was hard to listen to

    IHateItHereᄂᄋᄂIHateItHereᄂᄋᄂ3 måneder siden
  • This video was incredible. I've been searching far and wide for a credible argument as to why someone would dislike this, and you're the only person I've seen so far that's pulled it off. It's a very well structured argument, and I've come to deeply respect your opinions.

    Izaiah CreagerIzaiah Creager3 måneder siden
  • Nahhhhh it gets very gud in season 2......jue Viole grace My only answer to the haters....the op is good its by stray kids.

    Ash TalkesAsh Talkes3 måneder siden