how tf did projekt melody have a kid?!

12. juni. 2020
570 029 Ganger

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Projekt Melody's a madlass:
Epic Projekt Melody art in thumbnail by: Kaptivate | キャップティべート (@KaptivateTV):






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  • I really like Project Takus dad, so underrated. Hope he becomes a decent NOworldr one day

    marthe watzmarthe watz5 dager siden
  • watched for the plot

    Food ScientistFood Scientist6 dager siden
  • I give zero fuck about this story I more into the fact the YFU baby and project melody are sister

    K Black Emperor DragonK Black Emperor Dragon8 dager siden
  • omg i gonna get pregnant rawr xd -NUX 2020

    jahshua olmedajahshua olmeda12 dager siden
  • 0:43 thats just how anime logic works sir

    dndnizzy gamingdndnizzy gaming13 dager siden
  • He said take that "kiddo" at the end. Do that mean he is their son.

    trey branhamtrey branham16 dager siden
  • Melody is the alleged child to troll nux and his people Change my mind

    ItsyaboiItsyaboi16 dager siden
  • Hopefully waiting for a dubbed anime

    Cevion MarshCevion Marsh18 dager siden
  • I like when he made fun of people saying "Oh my God he says he loves melody" Then he starts beatboxing

    Mixed MasherMixed Masher19 dager siden
  • Nux: Sakura sucks Me: (14:46) I got you

    simply one hell of a nekosimply one hell of a neko20 dager siden
  • this could be a soap opera

    Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. EPanzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E24 dager siden
  • Yes nux I'm the most op character in all of anime my abilities of memeing things into existence is undisputabley the strongest force in the universe *laughs maniacally*

    Zephaniah DejeneZephaniah Dejene26 dager siden
  • Honestly when you laugh at peoples suffering. After watching this video it feels like I’m in your shoes now. 🤣🤣🤣

    stone spicherstone spicher27 dager siden
  • Insert obligatory Kakyoin waking up screaming and "Kakyoin, did you lay this egg?" memes here

    soevylayersoevylayer27 dager siden
  • 9:29 is the ultimate meme. Also I wonder if Projekt Taku is going to prove they are your child by flexing upon you and Melody?

    Dbzmaster159Dbzmaster15928 dager siden
    • i will

      project takuproject taku26 dager siden
  • can we get a anime adaptation of your anime nux?

    dillian125dillian12529 dager siden
  • At long last we find out anime and hentai is actually revenge on the western world for WWII, thanks Nux. I always suspected it to be the case.

    Butt-Plug WizardButt-Plug Wizard29 dager siden
  • Dude, definitely talk about Interspecies Reviewers at some point! I'm watching the show now, after hearing about the shitstorm it caused a while back, and it's fucking fantastic.

    Butt-Plug WizardButt-Plug Wizard29 dager siden
  • 2:19 cool beat boxing bro

    Michael ColemanMichael Coleman29 dager siden
  • Wow i thought Nux would just go to the Gas Station to get some Cigarettes and never come back.

    SemsSemsMåned siden
  • wtf you did yo your son he is gone

    dachi gugunishvilidachi gugunishviliMåned siden
  • Nux taku I think not it is nut taku

    Zeus Agar。ioZeus Agar。ioMåned siden
  • Can we have a Nux Iceberg with the final level down saying "Nux Taku is literally God"

    Superplays GamesSuperplays GamesMåned siden
  • Nux fandom: *hears him say kiddo* Nux fandom: stop hiding it

    Miyamoto D. GuttsMiyamoto D. GuttsMåned siden
  • What if Projekt Taku is not only Nux and Melody's kid,...but from the future? 😮

    Star Warrior RobbyStar Warrior RobbyMåned siden
  • Is that real

    Josh Aaron P. GuatnoJosh Aaron P. GuatnoMåned siden
  • 16:33 nux calls his child kiddo imagine carring for your children

    Elemental LegondElemental LegondMåned siden
  • 9:28 lol

    riku izayariku izayaMåned siden

    a depressed cool cata depressed cool catMåned siden
  • Nux: Well Well Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions

    TheSemenDemonTheSemenDemonMåned siden
  • very nice

    tallonwolly call of duty world at wartallonwolly call of duty world at warMåned siden
  • The nux fanboys need to be nerfed. They’re too powerful.

    Smart DOGESmart DOGEMåned siden
  • this is fine

    Metalic ENMetalic ENMåned siden
  • I'm watching anime and nux at the same time, I have finally achieved full power

    SYN_ BASICSYN_ BASICMåned siden
  • Me : Nux x melody is getting out of hand Project taku: exists Me: let the fan fiction begin

    Liam Evola-GallagherLiam Evola-GallagherMåned siden
  • Plot twist: Melody was the one who got nux pregnant not the other way around.

    jay quickbladejay quickbladeMåned siden
  • The 4,000th comment and I just wanna say that you will be the dad

    J u n k o / / T s u m u g 1 - C h 4 n zJ u n k o / / T s u m u g 1 - C h 4 n zMåned siden
  • nux kinda reminds me of my father ;-; non existent

    Jay RussellJay RussellMåned siden
  • "daddy nux"

    スタープラチナMista doggoスタープラチナMista doggoMåned siden
  • Nux out here laying pipe like Luigi

    Hazbin Hotel SUPER FanHazbin Hotel SUPER FanMåned siden
  • But anyways ..... daddy knux..... hahahahahaha

    Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &AllBenjamin Riggs Outdoors &AllMåned siden
  • Well, ya see, Nux... When you have a wamen that is adored by many a degenerate, and said wamen is a connoisseur of lewdness, said degenerates will stare at her and she will get preganté OwO

    IAmGendoIAmGendoMåned siden
  • I want an anime of Nux, Melody, and Projekt Nux in a family life

    TikTakTikTakMåned siden
  • Using Casiopea in this video...god damn great band

    Reth SogenReth SogenMåned siden
  • Top 10 Anime Tortuses In History

    Cross-PixelationsCross-PixelationsMåned siden
  • Memes

    Nialo TomaralNialo Tomaral2 måneder siden
  • Nux you'll probably not get this but your fan base is like the orks from Warhammer 40k they can literally use there one psychic power to make things work and that lets say they believe red makes stuff go fast it does and say fuck you to the laws of physics

    Lord ChungusLord Chungus2 måneder siden
  • *dio laughter* you thought u guys had a kid but it was i, 34 rule artist

    John Hernandez DejesusJohn Hernandez Dejesus2 måneder siden
  • Killing 2 birds with one stone with that sponsor and novel

    jetastronomiajetastronomia2 måneder siden
  • Nux: I didn't have a kid with Melody! Also Nux: so did I have a son or daughter?

    abitextraabitextra2 måneder siden
  • Project taku: dad notice me Nux:😎no my son you must find your own path

    What if AnimeguyWhat if Animeguy2 måneder siden
  • I am shookith😱😱😱😱 woah woah woah wtf have I just heard on what website welp ok I just gotta flex on this dude from now on😠😎😈😈😈😈

    Snox Fox ゴゴゴSnox Fox ゴゴゴ2 måneder siden
  • nux nux nux nux nuxxie nux nux nux what is the actually furnaces of hell is that search? 6:22

    Minty- ChanMinty- Chan2 måneder siden
  • P L O T

    benezzybenezzy2 måneder siden
  • The lesson of this video: STOP. SHIPPING. NOworldRS.

    the Face of Death Productionsthe Face of Death Productions2 måneder siden
  • Juicy Story

    SucroseSucrose2 måneder siden
  • Projekt Taku

    OmegaStrikeOmegaStrike2 måneder siden
  • Me and fanbase: You fool nux this was only half of our true power

    Zeckera the YouTube manZeckera the YouTube man2 måneder siden
  • What would happen if you looked up "Nux Taku" on the "Pronhub"

    Keith StrifeKeith Strife2 måneder siden
  • haha i beat you i already have honey and paypal

    white wolfwhite wolf2 måneder siden
  • I always think when I see the thumbnail it's a click bait

    One Normal guy that breathesOne Normal guy that breathes2 måneder siden
  • Nux: son I'm going to get some views : dosnt come back

    Fabsters fabstersFabsters fabsters2 måneder siden
  • Hahaha

    Daniel Duntavs SaundersDaniel Duntavs Saunders2 måneder siden
  • This is both fun and terrifying

    J.D. ClayborneJ.D. Clayborne3 måneder siden
  • Mel: gets a kid Animemac: that’s my territory now

    Mars ProductionsMars Productions3 måneder siden
    • @project taku u can be me, if you look and see, my stream Vod has my avatar XD, also still go the Og stuff in my folders

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro26 dager siden
    • @project taku spelt the nam wrong m8

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro26 dager siden
    • @VTrap Shiro what?

      project takuproject taku26 dager siden
    • @project taku u spelt the name wrong

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro26 dager siden
    • @project taku y u capin

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro26 dager siden
  • "TAKE THAT, KIDDO! GET WRECKT!" Nux really channeling that "parent of the year" energy.

    AdorniAdorni3 måneder siden
  • He called his kid kiddo, he loves em

    Noah JamesNoah James3 måneder siden
  • Nux is doing a gene

    Aaliyah WatsonAaliyah Watson3 måneder siden
  • Daddy nuux

    chase's a gamingchase's a gaming3 måneder siden

  • Ohhhh daddy nux they grow up Soo fast look their already a streamer like mommy and daddy 🤣🤣😂😂😏

    Belgas IgodsBelgas Igods3 måneder siden
  • When 2d meets 3d

    Ze BroitoZe Broito3 måneder siden
  • NUX if we did not rag on you, you'd die from depression. Because you love getting back at us, and we live to see what... YOU WILL DO NEXT TO THE WORLD OF MEME'S!!!!!!!!

    Donald C. StewartDonald C. Stewart3 måneder siden
  • To be honest you were kinda asking for it with that title man.

    Hush96Hush963 måneder siden
  • When you memed that you got melody pregnant Face the consequences that you bought to yourself nux😂

    Crystal GolemCrystal Golem3 måneder siden
  • SIMP

    literally Just a guyliterally Just a guy3 måneder siden
  • Yeah i saw the stream

    UrCasualIntrovertUrCasualIntrovert3 måneder siden
  • Nux you poor fool, there is no fandom more savage and powerful than shippers. You put a ship down and the waves naturally attack.

    Zan ZecusZan Zecus3 måneder siden
  • I only came back to see the struggle *slurping from soda intesifies*

    Sean Jamieson BaldwinSean Jamieson Baldwin3 måneder siden
  • Ah yes the life cycle that is the simp

    Sean Jamieson BaldwinSean Jamieson Baldwin3 måneder siden
  • 3:29 But we are on your side, nux. Parenting brings no end of joy and good times to the father and mother. Plus you get to bang melody.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access3 måneder siden
    • i will surpass him

      project takuproject taku26 dager siden
    • Haha

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro3 måneder siden

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access3 måneder siden
  • You held her hand. You filthy degenerate.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access3 måneder siden
  • my hero aca is trash simply because itsuka isnt a main character

    gigaswardbladegigaswardblade3 måneder siden
  • wait a second i didn't know you make "thattime i got isekaid with my truck" didn't read it thinking "ooo generic isekai"

    DEALDEAL3 måneder siden
  • fun fact: nux is actualy gray stillnplays

    Naithan John MatuguinaNaithan John Matuguina3 måneder siden
  • U have raise a kid 🥺🥺 thats my boy

    1k subs 1 vid challenge1k subs 1 vid challenge3 måneder siden
  • We memed a child into existence. We have the power to control the reality Nux lives in

    Nick Fletcher.Nick Fletcher.3 måneder siden
  • Next we need a crossover with Legal Eagal to advise on Project Melody's persuit of child support payments from Nux.

    James LewisJames Lewis3 måneder siden
  • Is that casiopea as the BGM?

    Liam JamesLiam James3 måneder siden
  • When you hear Nux call his son kiddo: *I Feel Heart Crack*

    Thanatou AngelouThanatou Angelou3 måneder siden
    • Hehe XD

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro3 måneder siden
  • Reason why i disliked the video: He spoiled one piece after I JUST started at episode 10

    RomanRoman3 måneder siden
  • Daddy Nux? I’m sorry but he is Father Nux

    Shang LeeShang Lee3 måneder siden

    David RonquilloDavid Ronquillo3 måneder siden
  • Someone: "why do you wanna live in another world?" Me: ........"I wanna make magic happen... take that as you will"

    Elora SilverheartElora Silverheart3 måneder siden
    • Bruh

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro3 måneder siden
  • SIMP

    Jeff ShittlesJeff Shittles4 måneder siden
  • This means something...... *NUX, BECOME A VTUBER NOW!!! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!!!! 😂🤣*

    Alfian FahmiAlfian Fahmi4 måneder siden
  • You got your biggest wish. Having hundreds of people call you Daddy.

    BuckeroothBuckerooth4 måneder siden
  • One anime actually did get an anime girl pregnant with a head pat.

    BuckeroothBuckerooth4 måneder siden

    Prince CasilacPrince Casilac4 måneder siden