how tf did projekt melody have a kid?!

12. juni. 2020
530 684 Ganger

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Projekt Melody's a madlass:
Epic Projekt Melody art in thumbnail by: Kaptivate | キャップティべート (@KaptivateTV):






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  • Projekt Taku

    OmegaStrikeOmegaStrikeDag siden
  • Me and fanbase: You fool nux this was only half of our true power

    Zeckera the YouTube manZeckera the YouTube manDag siden
  • What would happen if you looked up "Nux Taku" on the "Pronhub"

    Keith StrifeKeith Strife4 dager siden
  • haha i beat you i already have honey and paypal

    white wolfwhite wolf5 dager siden
  • I always think when I see the thumbnail it's a click bait

    One Normal guy that breathesOne Normal guy that breathes6 dager siden
  • Nux: son I'm going to get some views : dosnt come back

    Fabian DFabian D7 dager siden
  • Hahaha

    Daniel Duntavs SaundersDaniel Duntavs Saunders8 dager siden
  • This is both fun and terrifying

    J.D. ClayborneJ.D. Clayborne9 dager siden
  • Mel: gets a kid Animemac: that’s my territory now

    Mars ProductionsMars Productions15 dager siden
    • Brrr, this is funny cause I’m no longer projekt taku XD

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro13 dager siden
  • "TAKE THAT, KIDDO! GET WRECKT!" Nux really channeling that "parent of the year" energy.

    AdorniAdorni15 dager siden
  • He called his kid kiddo, he loves em

    Noah JamesNoah James18 dager siden
  • Nux is doing a gene

    Aaliyah WatsonAaliyah Watson19 dager siden
  • Daddy nuux

    chase's a gamingchase's a gaming19 dager siden

  • Ohhhh daddy nux they grow up Soo fast look their already a streamer like mommy and daddy 🤣🤣😂😂😏

    Belgas IgodsBelgas Igods22 dager siden
  • When 2d meets 3d

    Ze BroitoZe Broito23 dager siden
  • NUX if we did not rag on you, you'd die from depression. Because you love getting back at us, and we live to see what... YOU WILL DO NEXT TO THE WORLD OF MEME'S!!!!!!!!

    Donald C. StewartDonald C. Stewart24 dager siden
  • To be honest you were kinda asking for it with that title man.

    Hush96Hush9624 dager siden
  • When you memed that you got melody pregnant Face the consequences that you bought to yourself nux😂

    john bolojohn bolo24 dager siden
  • ñuxàr gpt project melody preggérs? oh mai góod luk ín cóúrtníes hóúse àt cóúrt wére thé bretech tesla and the rest óf the cróuñd throñéd and riñged and garbed làwlíe abidiñg sítisens are íncludiñg 2 yéar old lolis and mel mel bae bae congrats on winniñg

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • SIMP

    literally Just a guyliterally Just a guy25 dager siden
  • Yeah i saw the stream

    Mustard MexicanMustard Mexican26 dager siden
  • Nux said kiddo, project taku is his kid conformed

    huckpohuckpo27 dager siden
  • Nux you poor fool, there is no fandom more savage and powerful than shippers. You put a ship down and the waves naturally attack.

    Zan ZecusZan Zecus28 dager siden
  • I only came back to see the struggle *slurping from soda intesifies*

    Sean Jamieson BaldwinSean Jamieson Baldwin28 dager siden
  • Ah yes the life cycle that is the simp

    Sean Jamieson BaldwinSean Jamieson Baldwin28 dager siden
  • 3:29 But we are on your side, nux. Parenting brings no end of joy and good times to the father and mother. Plus you get to bang melody.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access28 dager siden
    • Haha

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro13 dager siden

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access28 dager siden
  • You held her hand. You filthy degenerate.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access28 dager siden
  • my hero aca is trash simply because itsuka isnt a main character

    gigaswardbladegigaswardblade29 dager siden
  • wait a second i didn't know you make "thattime i got isekaid with my truck" didn't read it thinking "ooo generic isekai"

    D347D347Måned siden
  • fun fact: nux is actualy gray stillnplays

    Naithan John MatuguinaNaithan John MatuguinaMåned siden
  • U have raise a kid 🥺🥺 thats my boy

    1k subs 1 vid challenge1k subs 1 vid challengeMåned siden
  • We memed a child into existence. We have the power to control the reality Nux lives in

    Nick Fletcher.Nick Fletcher.Måned siden
  • Next we need a crossover with Legal Eagal to advise on Project Melody's persuit of child support payments from Nux.

    James LewisJames LewisMåned siden
  • Is that casiopea as the BGM?

    Liam JamesLiam JamesMåned siden
  • Nux Taku keeps bailing on paying child support. Melody needs her sweet ching-ching.

    Zhor'i AmbassadorZhor'i AmbassadorMåned siden
  • When you hear Nux call his son kiddo: *I Feel Heart Crack*

    Thanatou AngelouThanatou AngelouMåned siden
    • Hehe XD

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro13 dager siden
  • Reason why i disliked the video: He spoiled one piece after I JUST started at episode 10

    sans sandwichsans sandwichMåned siden
  • Daddy Nux? I’m sorry but he is Father Nux

    Shang LeeShang LeeMåned siden

    David RonquilloDavid RonquilloMåned siden
  • If a 2D anime dude knocks up a 3D hentai girl, the baby is... a real boy?

    Alec RoseveareAlec RoseveareMåned siden
  • Someone: "why do you wanna live in another world?" Me: ........"I wanna make magic happen... take that as you will"

    Elora SilverheartElora SilverheartMåned siden
    • Bruh

      VTrap ShiroVTrap Shiro13 dager siden
  • SIMP

    Jeff ShittlesJeff ShittlesMåned siden
  • This means something...... *NUX, BECOME A VTUBER NOW!!! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!!!! 😂🤣*

    Alfian FahmiAlfian FahmiMåned siden
  • You got your biggest wish. Having hundreds of people call you Daddy.

    BuckeroothBuckeroothMåned siden
  • One anime actually did get an anime girl pregnant with a head pat.

    BuckeroothBuckeroothMåned siden

    Prince CasilacPrince CasilacMåned siden
  • Open mouth insert foot

    Kotaro NumazakiKotaro NumazakiMåned siden
  • yesssss physic is amazing

    daddy nux's biggest fandaddy nux's biggest fanMåned siden
  • big puppa nux

    Adam SmithAdam SmithMåned siden
  • So the light novel that they made is the protags with the god of death

    Geremy ClementeGeremy ClementeMåned siden
  • What a madlass

    railgunawesomerailgunawesomeMåned siden
  • Nux you stared at her for too long

    MemelordMemelordMåned siden
  • 3:03 - we now know the reason why nux is on wattpad 😂

    ExorcistEspeonExorcistEspeonMåned siden
  • I'm sorry (not really), but I started cackling madly as soon as Tux said "I got Projekt Melody Pregnant" because I instantly knew where it was going

    Sohno TerraSohno TerraMåned siden
  • Nux, what "Fun Time" Exactly

    Mr !!?Mr !!?Måned siden
  • I'm at least 5% sure they legit like each other.

    Chris WallaceChris WallaceMåned siden
  • Nice clickbait

    Hafiy NexoHafiy NexoMåned siden
  • father nux

    LaudandsaviorLaudandsaviorMåned siden
  • He well follow one of his parents footsteps Most likely on update 18.00

    CayseniskitsunegamerCayseniskitsunegamerMåned siden
  • Pull out game weak

    Diet WatermelonDiet WatermelonMåned siden
  • Is V out boy or a girl

    Olle LarssonOlle LarssonMåned siden
  • You would make a fine father one day of the non meme born kind

    Solaris NovaSolaris NovaMåned siden
  • I feel bad for you but this will never stop

    robert smithrobert smithMåned siden
  • i seen her ph vids. all i can say is, DAMN that's some cool sh+t

    Just MeJust MeMåned siden
  • Nux: "Why can't you be on my side?!" Fan base: "We have no sides."

    Angel AcunaAngel AcunaMåned siden
  • "take that kiddo" nux=handsome Jack confirmed????

    MonsterRAGEnrgMonsterRAGEnrgMåned siden
  • nux you just flexed on the fan base by have a kid

    Yusno KatsukiYusno KatsukiMåned siden
  • This is more cringe than the "anime" you show us.

    Johny EtwerJohny EtwerMåned siden
  • I'm sorry Nux, but you can't just outflex Alimony.

    GoloGoloMåned siden
  • Okay so basically I just subbed to Melody today cuz turns out she's awesome And because you keep hanging out with her or sumthin, this video got recommended to me Point is, my dude I just *LOVE* the vibes you're emitting My bet is that Imma get your ass in my recommended for a while. Shit I might sub to you too. I don't mind. You got the right vibes, you got the memes, and a lack of inhibition in juuuust the right places. Have a metaphorical high-five you glorious bastard.

    PixPixMåned siden
  • human simp AI? eh make sense ( cus i simp for anime character )

    abb gamingabb gamingMåned siden
  • Yeah I love the intellectual people of both fan base.

    GamerWolfFangGamerWolfFangMåned siden
  • i dont see the link to the isekai in the description D:

    lúcio correia dos santoslúcio correia dos santosMåned siden
  • Nux: Melody uploaded a stream. sounds like she's not the only one.

    Alcoholic Step FatherAlcoholic Step FatherMåned siden

    Boitshepo TlhatlosiBoitshepo TlhatlosiMåned siden
  • BTW the number one hentai loving country is the Philippines trust me

    Gabriel WabanGabriel WabanMåned siden
  • project melody is basically the hatsune miku of 2020

    rishiabuhhrishiabuhhMåned siden
  • Dude sorry your a little to hyped start posting other stuff that don't include "project melody" pls you have some potential as a gamer

    Aaron HollonAaron HollonMåned siden
  • I started reading that time I got isekai’d to another world with my truck and I thought that it was going to be a guy traveling to other worlds with his truck

    Random GooseRandom GooseMåned siden

    kitchengunkitchengunMåned siden
  • Oh boy, I'm exited they're animating Nuxtaku Chronicles. I hope they make the fight in the second arc good.

    V eltV eltMåned siden
  • Hey nuts what's it feel like to be a dad

    Daniel WestDaniel West2 måneder siden
  • "When the fanbase takes its own life "!? *NANI!?!?!?*

    The WretchedPlebThe WretchedPleb2 måneder siden
  • She's the new Virgin Mary, her child shall lead the Weeabo Liberation Front

    Donovan MckenzieDonovan Mckenzie2 måneder siden
  • You have a daughter named Sakura :)

    masterofinfinity479masterofinfinity4792 måneder siden
  • So does this mean Nux has to pay melody child support now?

    crevanillecrevanille2 måneder siden
  • Yup Nux X Melody

    FrizTimelyne AlifFrizTimelyne Alif2 måneder siden
  • Am too lazy to watch the video so. Did she have a kid now or nah?

    Ed-era velenosaEd-era velenosa2 måneder siden
  • “I made projekt melody pregnant” huh... no bells rung

    A depressed Lunatic gamerA depressed Lunatic gamer2 måneder siden
  • The epicness level of this meme is OVER 9000!!! XD

    Viewable11Viewable112 måneder siden
  • #That’s how Sakura got pregnant

    Storm NightStorm Night2 måneder siden
  • alternet universez

    Aljaž BriljAljaž Brilj2 måneder siden
  • When the context is so nonexistent you have to watch

    EchoMaster 124EchoMaster 1242 måneder siden
  • We all are sure. You are the father.😂

    Max IrgendwasMax Irgendwas2 måneder siden
  • Plot armor

    za warudoza warudo2 måneder siden
  • Did you not get called out daddy yet ?

    Anubhab DeyAnubhab Dey2 måneder siden
  • Finally, they fluffed

    DJ jxjxdjsjkYTDJ jxjxdjsjkYT2 måneder siden
  • s i m p

    no uno u2 måneder siden