I Became An E-Girl And Made $25,000!!

3. mai. 2020
354 009 Ganger

You mean, you don't have 5 dollars?! How am I going to live my twitch stream fails lifestyle?!
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  • ngl this video wasnt what i expected when i clicked on i, its not bad or anything just had an idea and i was quite wrong

    That Musician ArronThat Musician Arron3 dager siden
  • Oh man Nux I just pulled an all nighter and watching this was the thing that made me tired and I nearly fell asleep as a result. Christ why’s it so accurate 😂

    Haru KitsuneHaru Kitsune4 dager siden
  • Boooy why have I never seen this vid befor 😂😂😂

    Cstroyer _Cstroyer _4 dager siden
  • this made me laugh pretty good xD

    Claire ShimizuClaire Shimizu17 dager siden
  • where the feminists at lol

    Avvi Bhardwaj 14102004Avvi Bhardwaj 1410200421 dag siden
  • I Only simp For Projekt Melody

    Douglas AugustineDouglas Augustine28 dager siden

    Tyler SharpTyler SharpMåned siden
  • Holy fuckin shit dude he literally dumpstered them xD

    ViliViliMåned siden
  • Tbh this hurt a lot

    Silver FoxSilver FoxMåned siden
  • This video is some king shit.

    Luke EbsworthyLuke EbsworthyMåned siden
  • I though I was an average healthy Male but now I know the truth.... This video gave me cancer

    TheHoooded1TheHoooded12 måneder siden
  • So many shots fired in this video

    Daniel RobertsDaniel Roberts2 måneder siden
  • Lmao Nux, why, just why?

    Kelmir OsueKelmir Osue2 måneder siden
  • nux is a feminest???

    Chara dreemurrChara dreemurr2 måneder siden
  • I'm died

    jking sozjking soz2 måneder siden
  • Ahhhhhhh

    Alipro777Alipro7772 måneder siden
  • ©_® V V J J

    Hermetilock2020Hermetilock20202 måneder siden
  • C=====3 8=====D (|) [|] &===D

    Hermetilock2020Hermetilock20202 måneder siden
  • Thumbnail sauce:twitter.com/kuzomari/status/1277315412896542720?s=20 bow to the superior weeb

    Gavin HuttonGavin Hutton2 måneder siden
  • This video makes me extremely uncomfortable

    Henry HarrisHenry Harris2 måneder siden
  • In Brazil 5 dollars is like 30 of our national coin

    Isaque MarinhoIsaque Marinho2 måneder siden
  • What The Fuck Nux

    [GD]ivan 88[GD]ivan 882 måneder siden
  • Women dont seek equally but to be out overlords

    HUNTER 11HUNTER 112 måneder siden
  • wtf did I just watch?!

    SpadesSpades2 måneder siden
  • the amount of parrying you must be really good at smash

    zx99 _zx99 _2 måneder siden
  • Hell yes

    KGBKGB2 måneder siden
  • Is that Deadpool

    I love the loving thing and DeathI love the loving thing and Death2 måneder siden
  • i spent much longer than the length of this video to figure out what the hell i was listening too 👍

    Future RatherFuture Rather2 måneder siden
  • What an amazing video, F for the dog

    Caio the FoxCaio the Fox3 måneder siden
  • what if... all the simps on the internet is just one really smart guy making ai and program it yo be simps why a really smart guy would do this? well he is a simp XD

    Momo The WeirdestMomo The Weirdest3 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail made me bust a nut... 25k damn I want that

    diamonds_for_chrismasdiamonds_for_chrismas3 måneder siden
  • Nux has become the very thing he sworn to destroy.

    Just Some Guy with a ScarfJust Some Guy with a Scarf3 måneder siden
  • Female nux gives me a bad feeling

    Ice DragonIce Dragon3 måneder siden
  • lol parry souund effect from smash bros as censorship is big brain

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  • Wow thats lilypichu and micheal reeves

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  • He became queen nuxanor

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  • Does this makes him a futa girl?

    Sherbert TrebrehsSherbert Trebrehs3 måneder siden
  • me: reads title me: ok, YUSEFN’T

    Andrew NewmanAndrew Newman3 måneder siden
  • I just came back and i never been so proud of nux....

    Silver NoirSilver Noir3 måneder siden
  • haha 42069 go big funni

    ReedReed3 måneder siden
  • Nux reminded me kind of Boa hancock

    Nishi AgarwalNishi Agarwal3 måneder siden
  • Equal rights, equal fights petition

    Memes And AnimeMemes And Anime3 måneder siden
  • How could you man, we had for you respect Until you put the HxH theme at the start of the video

    Memes And AnimeMemes And Anime3 måneder siden
  • I am sad that, I can like this video only once.

    Anith KingstonAnith Kingston4 måneder siden
  • This is the closest we've been to seeing a female weeb

    •4 måneder siden
  • This is late, but please give your editor a bonus

    Jedimaster TmanJedimaster Tman4 måneder siden
  • Everyone can laugh at me because i was blushing hard and i was redder than a tomato

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    LeFeï DaRagerLeFeï DaRager4 måneder siden
  • Thot slayer This vid made me laugh so much 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • the denial about being a simp is strong with this one

    GenoOWGenoOW4 måneder siden
  • This is a big flex... Hail Lord Nux..

    Greg DGreg D4 måneder siden
  • I think I know the girl at 2:33 personally. Its just so blurry in the video. Can anybody tell me her twitch name? I wanna confirm. That would be hilarious :D

    PsaroAlexPsaroAlex4 måneder siden
  • I actually really like the moral behind this video. This needs to be shared with a lot of people.

    ZombieSinAngel9ZombieSinAngel94 måneder siden
  • XD oh god

    Trash WeebTrash Weeb4 måneder siden
  • That impersonation was gold lol

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  • Who hurt you Nux xD

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  • This is the worlds best roast

    Sceptiles DungeonSceptiles Dungeon4 måneder siden
  • What if this was actually true in some kind of alternate reality.

    Kaz AvaliKaz Avali4 måneder siden
  • 0:20 Michael Reeves

    Superhero123kalebSuperhero123kaleb4 måneder siden
  • Amazing i love how everyone has simp in the name XD

    Dub NationDub Nation4 måneder siden
  • I like how this goes on for 10 fucking minutes it's painful but enjoyable

    BallotBallot4 måneder siden
  • So this might be the first Video where I am actually CLUELESS As fuq!!! like? whats the point of this video? From what I understanding Nux is bitchin and whining, that's about it.

    Sanji All-Blue Vinsmoke JadzkiSanji All-Blue Vinsmoke Jadzki4 måneder siden
  • 8:24 just gold

    Kubo PoutKubo Pout4 måneder siden
  • Nux pretending to be an e girl while the Hunter x Hunter OST plays

    firm apefirm ape4 måneder siden
  • Nux literally just pulled one huge Iachi on these twitch streamers Totally massacred all of them except Projekt Melody Not saying that Mel can be put in the same category as them. Mel is beautiful. Mel is wholesome. MEL IS LOVE.

    thatd00dovertherethatd00doverthere4 måneder siden
  • This man is a God. He predicted the anti racism movement a month before it happened and made a video about it in advance!

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  • This is just awesome.

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  • Nux just has over 9000 intellect its not even funny

    Jogi MogiJogi Mogi4 måneder siden
  • 0:36, SHE HAS BOOBS THERE???!!

    ꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂4 måneder siden

    Devyn ErmoldDevyn Ermold4 måneder siden
  • I believe I would simp Lord Nuxanor if he truly was a girl on the E

    The Speakable Cheese ShakeThe Speakable Cheese Shake5 måneder siden
  • I was hoping for Nux E-Girl to be a Sakura fan, just emphasizing how real twitch tho... i mean e-girls really are

    John RJohn R5 måneder siden
  • Good video not sure why.

    Jack SmithJack Smith5 måneder siden
  • I came here only for the thumbnail (where do I find the unedited original nux taku e girl?)

    Alex GerardAlex Gerard5 måneder siden
    • I'm so sorry...

      Alex GerardAlex Gerard5 måneder siden
  • I actually hope that hurt someone.

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  • i laughed so hard I died; this is my ghost talking

    cameron scottcameron scott5 måneder siden
  • If Lord Nux got projekt melody preggie and wamen dont exist then... ohh no

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  • I have never laughed so hard in the first 5 minutes of a video

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  • If nux had an only fans where he showed his Face ID pay

    JOSHTHEBOSS 333JOSHTHEBOSS 3335 måneder siden
  • I’d simp for Nux but I’m too poor to 😭

    elysenguyenelysenguyen5 måneder siden
  • Dude you are actually fucking hilarious 😂🤣 I watch your colab videos with uproar and it has me in stitches 😂🤣

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  • The holy archives need more of mommy nux.

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  • F****** legend!

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  • Me who thosent have a bank account or credit card: I have 400 saved

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  • Wow the holograms in the video look so realistic

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  • F*ck this was hilarious... xD

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  • Funny one

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  • Unno u won’t get demonetised for showing cleavage. Bruh

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  • אכן

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  • what is happening?

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  • 🤣🤣🤣

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  • My family calls me the biggest ballbuster they've ever met but I'd kneel down in Nux's presence any day

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  • Nux my boy you are to good

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