I donated $1000 to streamers if they could make me laugh

8. april. 2021
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LMAO this was worth every penny and i had a blast! i love raiding and donating to streamers and i think this is the greatest you laugh you lose challenge on youtube ft Kiryu Coco vtuber & Amouranth in the thumbnail and in the video. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEXT TIME where i donate to streamers mrbeast style if they expose their most embarrassing clips and another episode of Browser History!
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  • WOW! This is so wholesome!

    TurahoTuraho13 timer siden
  • 17:51 didn't see that coming

    Frost ZeroFrost Zero21 time siden
  • I don't find the armpit fart funny and I don't think the 3000 bits amuranth got are well deserved but whatever

    Frost ZeroFrost Zero21 time siden
  • omg that pizza joke! Im stealing that one!

    carn1fex_carn1fex_Dag siden
  • Comment for alarithum

    the mouseinatorthe mouseinatorDag siden
  • think nag should show you the one where he voice vanilia from nekopara lol xD

    Otaku ParadiseOtaku Paradise2 dager siden

    Coenie SnymanCoenie Snyman2 dager siden
  • Lmao this was very wholesome

    Josh McgowanJosh Mcgowan3 dager siden
  • so, i am from dutch and in dutch koe means cow(15:53). so you should call him cow cow.

    Dj rutgerDj rutger3 dager siden
  • Lmao this is so wholesome

    Joseph RussellJoseph Russell4 dager siden
  • I'm sorry, Nagz, Nux is right; the last one was a lot funnier than the previous two combined!

    zemorph42zemorph424 dager siden
  • 22:08 who was she?

    Katsumi ShioruKatsumi Shioru4 dager siden
  • Ļļlllļ

    Gven JaisGven Jais4 dager siden
  • Clearly Nux doesn't understand Zoro

    alex candelarioalex candelario5 dager siden
  • Haha i Like your humor

    riefer play'sriefer play's5 dager siden
    • Butt you are cringe

      riefer play'sriefer play's5 dager siden
  • If I don’t see a fart noise I swear

    ErrorlessErrorless6 dager siden
  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    ًً6 dager siden
  • Lmao this is so wholesome

    RickTheNewKidRickTheNewKid6 dager siden
  • Love the final fantasy 7 music

    Zeek the geekZeek the geek6 dager siden
  • If you slow down the video at 10:39 you see my channel for a second LMAOO that’s kinda cool.

    da Trashbotda Trashbot6 dager siden
  • id love to hang with you mate you seem cool as fuck

    Xion NightroadXion Nightroad7 dager siden
  • Nux, you are one of the most beautiful people to ever exist! So much fun :)

    Bairrfhionn DalcassianBairrfhionn Dalcassian8 dager siden
  • 2:05 she has an onlyfans...

    LazyToonsHDLazyToonsHD9 dager siden
  • Nux ngl every video you make,you evolve

    Anime FanAnime Fan10 dager siden
  • Wat cacl

    Bradley MorseBradley Morse10 dager siden
  • Yo what song played in the background during the penne vodka story

    Hori KyohHori Kyoh10 dager siden
  • Nux is becoming mr. Beast

    katsuki bakugokatsuki bakugo11 dager siden
  • lmao

    Jeffery CezeskiJeffery Cezeski11 dager siden
  • "lmao, this was so wholesome"

    AlphaDuke 666AlphaDuke 66611 dager siden
  • Nux throwing sreamers money:call me mr taku

    Gladion 1000Gladion 100011 dager siden

    Gianlucca GutierrezGianlucca Gutierrez11 dager siden
  • LMAO this was so wholsome

    Riku .HRiku .H11 dager siden
  • This was the one I was waiting for. I was there when you went after Nagzz.

    Doct JoeDoct Joe12 dager siden
  • Is it me who heard that nya 9:43

    Gabes2000Gabes200012 dager siden
  • Still cackling. Oddly wholesome this time around.

    JakeJake12 dager siden
  • 3:03 nux saying "that's right" with a voice like light yagami Light yagami: THATS RIGHT I WIIIINNN

    Kisachi KirisagiKisachi Kirisagi13 dager siden
  • Wait...did I just see Kitboga?

    Darkness DpaDarkness Dpa13 dager siden
  • Its like ksi videos

    SeaTorrentSeaTorrent13 dager siden
  • Lmao this was soo wholesome

    therealcintherealcin13 dager siden
  • Nux love the humor

    Daniel ScheuerDaniel Scheuer14 dager siden
  • LMAO! This was so wholesome!

    FaceFace555FaceFace55514 dager siden
  • Jeannie

    Ino145Ino14514 dager siden
  • Jeanie should've said what did thw toaster say to the person "put it inside of me"

    Alpha OmegaAlpha Omega14 dager siden
  • Did I really hear that you tried to trick people into using racial slurs?! Disappointed 😞 say it isn’t so 🤦‍♂️

    Jeremie MillerJeremie Miller15 dager siden
  • LMAO this was so wholesome

    Marvel ForeverMarvel Forever15 dager siden
  • 10:00 go Mr beast

    Marvel ForeverMarvel Forever15 dager siden
  • bro why do i have the same humour as nux

    Paprikagamezz lolsPaprikagamezz lols15 dager siden
  • As the person formerly known as Liquid Satan, I absolutely love and approve the sheer evilness and the maniacal laugh, Nux! Keep it going, brother!

    Normcore MotorsNormcore Motors15 dager siden
  • Lmao, this is so wholesome

    Pizza LoverPizza Lover15 dager siden
  • Clicked on the video because of the thumbnail. Hated the content. Stayed because it started getting funny. Saw the whole video. Liked and subscribed. New favorite channel confirmed!

    SoundFX ASMRSoundFX ASMR16 dager siden
  • i was already laughing at before 27:29 but right after i was dying

    harrison parkerharrison parker16 dager siden
  • wholesome video...keep making them..

    Alex AlexxAlex Alexx16 dager siden
  • amouranth aint funny she has booba but no personality

    HozicHozic16 dager siden
  • I'm a simple man. I see Coco kaichou, I click

    Andrew Dugenia [あくあクルー]Andrew Dugenia [あくあクルー]17 dager siden
  • Poor Naggz😂😂😂😂😂

    Ryan IraRyan Ira17 dager siden
  • LMAO so wholesome

    Dustin PealerDustin Pealer17 dager siden
  • Wow this is so wholesome!

    DennisDennis17 dager siden
  • Hol up, this channel is 13+??? But im 12-

    ブランドーディオブランドーディオ18 dager siden
  • Yup nux is Wholesome...

    Sydrick PamplonaSydrick Pamplona18 dager siden
  • Pretty funny

    kentoebashikentoebashi18 dager siden
  • I think nux should raid LowTierGod

    thrumpthrump18 dager siden
  • Lmao. This is so wholesome. Hope this helped Nux☺️

    Lover_of_neko 101Lover_of_neko 10118 dager siden
  • Miyunebun: I can give u a choo choo Me: I'm choo choo. I'm not for sell

    Deontae HightowerDeontae Hightower18 dager siden

    Andrei GheorgheAndrei Gheorghe18 dager siden
  • Wholesome algorithm comment

    M3m3 GodM3m3 God18 dager siden
  • Nux can succ content from even a rock

    grand moff revangrand moff revan18 dager siden

    Jamal AnthonyJamal Anthony18 dager siden
  • I was thinking about commenting how wholesome this was even before you asked to comment about it being wholesome

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiago19 dager siden
  • Lamp tis is so wholesome

    John GeeJohn Gee19 dager siden
  • 4:28 I mean, you've gotta recycle😏

    KermitsFatherKermitsFather19 dager siden
  • fullmetal kaneki kurosaki is so wholesome

    This too is artThis too is art19 dager siden
  • bless this video

    QuinZelseQuinZelse19 dager siden
  • u know when coco calls u crazy u have trancended beyond the rabbit hole

    M.Khizar BudyeM.Khizar Budye19 dager siden
  • "Lmao this is so wholesome" Did I do it?

    Daragh O'SullivanDaragh O'Sullivan19 dager siden
  • I’m glad I saw that nword vid before it got deleted 😂😂

    Shoretrooper74Shoretrooper7419 dager siden
  • What the fuck you doing by giving them so much money?

    Super Siam001Super Siam00119 dager siden
  • This guy sounds and reminds me of Gilbert Gottfried

    fade2black001fade2black00119 dager siden
  • Wow.. The standard for female streamers is so incredibly low lol.

    pinkCEOpinkCEO20 dager siden
  • One of my favorite jokes I've heard lately What's the worst thing a French woman can ask of her significant other ... To be treated as a Queen

    WightcrowWightcrow20 dager siden
  • What makes me laugh is that content creators need to use OTHER PEOPLE'S content to come up with comedy XD

    Motivation Exceeds MeMotivation Exceeds Me20 dager siden
  • You should have given that last streamer a bonus for farming him. And I loved that you invaded Jeannie's stream. She freezers on the spot. She's a lot funnier when interacting with her fiancé, Henry, at mxr plays Edited for spelling

    ryudragonlord1ryudragonlord120 dager siden
  • Did Nux try to get MurderOfBirds to make him laugh or was I seeing things?

    Raven TwilightRaven Twilight20 dager siden
  • miyunebun&nux need 2 collab

    The ViewerThe Viewer20 dager siden
  • Lmao this was so wholesome

    Alex MunozAlex Munoz20 dager siden
  • Day 1 of asking Nux if he remembers being in the class 1-A rap cypher rapping as Mineta: so did you enjoy it?

    All MightAll Might20 dager siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman20 dager siden
  • This just furthers my belief that amouranth has absolutely no talent

    Nikki MoriNikki Mori20 dager siden
  • Lmaaooo so wholesome!

    Violin ViolatorViolin Violator20 dager siden
  • He's just laughing there, menacingly!

    KoblížekkKoblížekk20 dager siden
  • Oh, thats apetizing

    KoblížekkKoblížekk20 dager siden
  • that was wHOLEsome

    TaOwcaTaOwca20 dager siden
  • I mean nux

    YungJBYungJB20 dager siden
    • You can simply just edit your comment bruh

      JustyeetJustyeet20 dager siden
  • We must make Nun go broke

    YungJBYungJB20 dager siden
  • KoeKoe indeed...

    Oktaviani FriskaOktaviani Friska20 dager siden
  • some bitch: makes armpit fart noises nux: that is one of the funniest things ive ever seen bruh how old are you

    Vince VanlandeghemVince Vanlandeghem20 dager siden
  • Lol this was a great video

    RichieTheGamerRichieTheGamer21 dag siden
  • That toaster joke sounds more like a pick-up line "excited" women would use tbh.

    Ezekyle AbaddonEzekyle Abaddon21 dag siden
  • "lmao this is so wholesome"

    TRENT12999TRENT1299921 dag siden
  • omg koeficient dies inside a bit NJ mam

    Xerro FpvXerro Fpv21 dag siden
  • Damn I didn’t even know the vid was taken down, I’m glad I watched it when I could

    William NelsonWilliam Nelson21 dag siden