22. juni. 2020
596 871 Ganger

Deji proves his dumb high 189 IQ this time.
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  • do melody next

    SifreSifre21 time siden
  • How the F do you get raided while raiding

    Christi NicoleChristi Nicole3 dager siden
  • now we know he's white, we need more info

    Totly Humanly SaneTotly Humanly Sane4 dager siden
  • Atleast we now have the info that nux definetly is not black

    MrJokersMrJokers8 dager siden
  • I think Lord Nux has a foot fetish

    Azeal_Nightxx9199Azeal_Nightxx919916 dager siden
  • 12:05 I just imagined Nux as like, this little goblin thing

    Dragon CandyDragon Candy17 dager siden
  • Dang they found your address,,,if your gonna hack nux taku at least get us a face reveal

    M.arcuiisM.arcuiis20 dager siden
  • I want an animated fight scene of nux fighting the SWAT team with deji as their leader

    Shivang GulatiShivang Gulati21 dag siden
  • Those officers are the only hukan beings who know how nux looks like

    weed dweebweed dweeb21 dag siden
  • Calling the police for no reason is illegal so at the very least thats a multi hundred dollar fine.

    The Cool Axolotl LoganThe Cool Axolotl Logan25 dager siden

    The RandomBagThe RandomBag28 dager siden
  • I love how nagz always has the best reactions

    TheTrue SpazzTheTrue Spazz28 dager siden
  • Nux: **Making lewd stuff with other VTubers for content** Also Nux: **Forgets closing window few times** Some neighbour virgin: ''Ah shit some woman is troubles...'' **Same Neighbour investigates where noises came from for few days** Nux: **Raids NOworldrs** Swat: **Raids Nux**

    Samuel BenedicicSamuel BenedicicMåned siden
  • Imagine one of the swat guys sit on his chair and says: 'you guys are bunch of ass holes.' to us XD

    The DepressionThe DepressionMåned siden
  • But totally scripted

    demon masterXdemon masterXMåned siden
  • It's sad when Nux has to say it's not clickbait.

    Sarah Al-ZahraniSarah Al-ZahraniMåned siden
  • Billy is: always and forever

    briz caramicobriz caramicoMåned siden
  • What's wrong with hording guns

    James HolbrookJames HolbrookMåned siden
  • 189 that's funny I'm sure that's a misprint you can't just ad a 1 to the beginning

    James HolbrookJames HolbrookMåned siden
  • In the beginning the music is from naruto nice now you officially are a amazing weeb and NOworldr cool I subbed

    IT WAS I DIOIT WAS I DIOMåned siden
  • I hope that one day I get raided by Nux when I finally start up my twitch account and start streaming. uvu

    Rockn tmRockn tmMåned siden
    • ...youtube, can you not switch to the account I never use. tf. (I didn't feel like deleting/reposting the comment...)

      5Geass5GeassMåned siden
  • Lol, if I ever start streaming & use twitch & I get raided by Nux, the 1st thing I'll be doing is subscription only chat just for the subs & let them go at it! I'll most likely not be recording it directly to a video sharing site like YT but will upload a "safe for the workplace" version so I don't get a strike but show the enjoyment!

    elementalblaze79elementalblaze79Måned siden
    • That feeling when people not part of the group start doing what the group is doing is the BESTEST THING EVER! Lol

      elementalblaze79elementalblaze79Måned siden
  • 17:33 oOf the worst part is he's not wrong

    TroveionTroveionMåned siden
  • You know your raid is effective when the mods join

    TroveionTroveionMåned siden
  • “100k people” Has 63k followers

    TheBestMOCTheBestMOCMåned siden
  • BILLLYYY!!!!!

    Dark HowlingDark HowlingMåned siden
  • Nux raiding someone is an equivalent of tugging hair of a girl you like.

    Харли КрутошХарли КрутошMåned siden
  • Welp... That man who swatted you just put a massive target on his back.

    Kobra OrtizKobra OrtizMåned siden
    • Truth! LEOs don’t like that sh*t. Not play toys, and don’t appreciate putting people in danger.

      Jeffrey RootJeffrey RootMåned siden
  • Only Nux would have a big enough brain to find the irony in being raided by the cops while running raids on Twitch. You, sir, are a fucking legend.

    Tavi 959Tavi 959Måned siden
  • LOL, if one day I would have a stream, I would love to be raided by Nuxtaco ;-D

    Syriusz BSyriusz BMåned siden

    Mahalis RayhanMahalis RayhanMåned siden
  • I mean Billy is the greatest warrior ever. He slayed an evil ocean, fought the Litch, and fought a BEAR!!!!!

    Flame ShotFlame ShotMåned siden
  • When toxicity becomes beautiful 🧘‍♀️ah yes I love this fan base 😂😌

    naomi dlamininaomi dlaminiMåned siden
  • we stan billy.

    lxsa_lllxsa_llMåned siden
  • But someone being swatted isn't interesting with no video. So by not having done a face reveal yet and not using a cam while steaming, you inadvertedly trolled yourself out of getting even more clout and views from this.

    Christoffer RasmussenChristoffer RasmussenMåned siden
  • I wonder how many of those streamers are just pretending to not know it's nux

    Golden BoyGolden BoyMåned siden
  • Naggggggz is honestly the most hilarious to me

    Angel BujandaAngel BujandaMåned siden
  • You just got BAMBOOZLED!

    MergeMergeMåned siden

    •Bread Animates••Bread Animates•Måned siden
  • 100000% haters hack alert!!!!

    Lukantije 14Lukantije 14Måned siden
  • is Billy in the comments !?

    TorintoTTorintoTMåned siden

    Michiru SimpMichiru SimpMåned siden
  • Let's join billy cult

    Non BannaNon BannaMåned siden
  • Glad you're ok, Nux

    Confused NinjaXConfused NinjaXMåned siden
  • Billy is BINOD

    FeAr KaZoMFeAr KaZoMMåned siden
  • What you could do is tell the cops that I am a steamer and this is my address so they don't swatt you again

    Larry 20Larry 20Måned siden
    • they can’t just purely rule out the fact of him doing something bad in the future let’s say a streamer really did start hoarding weapons, if they got a legitimate call they can’t just say oh nvm lol” as that could be endangerment another scenario would be you getting swatted yourself just to tell them not to come back so you could start doing things all in all it just doesn’t work out

      Wow CWow CMåned siden
  • I am not sure if I should ask, but who is Billy?

    Jack WriterJack WriterMåned siden
  • Do you want to know who called the swat team.... It was Billy

    The ShusherThe ShusherMåned siden
  • Doit to icekittem

    Black Heart228Black Heart228Måned siden
  • The meme gang vs crusaders Me:NANI

    azara and valerieazara and valerieMåned siden
  • sooo you got "FBI, OPEN UP'd" ?

    Vaqz xKh@0zVaqz xKh@0zMåned siden
  • Man gets raided in casually says "and that's another episode of nux taku guys"

    Rosathan playsRosathan playsMåned siden
  • When he said if this video I'm gets cut surprisingly short the video switched and I was so confused.

    Input AngelInput AngelMåned siden
  • Him a Target Ha!! that's to funny

    Dark MarkDark MarkMåned siden
  • Is Nux commentating live when he shows the raid

    CharlessCharlessMåned siden
  • Was def.the dumb high IQ guy that swatted you bro

    Jeremy BrownJeremy BrownMåned siden
  • Daidus is a sakura fan

    MessySnail 1MessySnail 1Måned siden
  • I laughed so hard when he got to jonah lol

    Angel AcunaAngel AcunaMåned siden

    FlanoopFlanoopMåned siden
  • 189 IQ more like -189 IQ

    Adam KhanAdam Khan2 måneder siden
  • poor razor lol

    william hollowaywilliam holloway2 måneder siden
  • *Hide the illegal Hentay*

    Just a guy with a MustacheJust a guy with a Mustache2 måneder siden
  • The people who do this swat bull should be arrested for doing that but I can gerinty thay didn’t even get talked to about it if I did something like that I’d be in prison so ya stop that shit

    Thunder woods StreamsThunder woods Streams2 måneder siden
  • We will slowly draw Nux from the hints over the years. CAN CONFIRM: NOT BLACK. Source: This video.

    Frank NewsomeFrank Newsome2 måneder siden
  • Naggz had such a funny response 😂

    ChesterSnapChesterSnap2 måneder siden
  • When it says not click bait and as soon as I click an add plays. NOworld becoming like fuqn cable now soon to be obsolete with all them adds.

    Nezz EffectNezz Effect2 måneder siden
  • Stay safe fam!!!

    mecca6801mecca68012 måneder siden
  • wearing multiple sunglasses was lit

    Chaos ConvergentChaos Convergent2 måneder siden
  • Hey Nux why don’t you join Billy ?

    أحمد شحاتهأحمد شحاته2 måneder siden
  • nux should raid flight

    Kevin MartinezKevin Martinez2 måneder siden
  • Subscribbled on Twitch

    Daniel ZumbuschDaniel Zumbusch2 måneder siden
  • Me and you and to meat some time ps from pokemon ub 0p tv

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • O ye thi look just like m o e enju expiss her hair is not as logn but thi nice to me so we get a long

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • Thi to she with me nux

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • I agree with you we all need to lol at thos tweeis

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • Just so you nowk i did that for fun nux

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • Nux truk you think thas a hi i q my i q is 190 wet about you

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • [Nux The Raider] has been raided by [SWAT Team] Revenge raid? >Yes No

    Ghostgaming 367Ghostgaming 3672 måneder siden
  • 1:06 bruh i swear you sounded exactly like deji there xD

    Just DanielJust Daniel2 måneder siden
  • A single like simply isn't enough for how hard I laughed at this video.

    Isaiah FrederickIsaiah Frederick2 måneder siden
  • (NOT CLICKBAIT) ..... I love it

    Sione Amv 火Sione Amv 火2 måneder siden
  • Was Nagz in the middle of Weeb Wars with Noble of Lost Pause when you raided him?

    Mitch BurnsMitch Burns2 måneder siden
  • Nice pewdiepie refrence

    Ban FatherBan Father2 måneder siden
  • “Bruh you’re lucky you’re not black” That killed me man

    Adam ChangAdam Chang2 måneder siden
    • I just rolled my eyes, whites, hispanics and orientals have been wounded, killed or had family suffer the same fates. "Lucky you ain't black" my rear end. Truth is "You're blessed this batch actually had trigger displine and calmer minds"

      Nightmare ChevalierNightmare ChevalierMåned siden
  • I love how Nux loves pissing off Deji

    Natsuku WeebNatsuku Weeb2 måneder siden
  • good thing they didn't see a bunch of anime shit and take him out back like old yeller lol. any interaction with the law nowadays is like 30% chance you're getting fucked up

    Chris NickolChris Nickol2 måneder siden
  • Oh no, Nux wasn't able to raid Jeannie!

    John Russel SantosJohn Russel Santos2 måneder siden
  • swat team: are you hiding anything illegal here me: bruv my iq is dumb high 1 8 9 thats how big it is swat team : turns the place upside down looking for stuff me: my iq is still 1 8 9 you're not finding.... it's dumb high

    scott sterlingscott sterling2 måneder siden
  • I love this community

    Malik Floyd-adkinsMalik Floyd-adkins2 måneder siden
  • Billi

    Connor HerrnbergerConnor Herrnberger2 måneder siden
  • Thats a good idea for the streamer that gets raided. All they gotta do is put it on "sub-only" mode and if everyone still wants to spam they all would have to sub.

    Rob mac024Rob mac0242 måneder siden
  • NUX!!! I am joining Billy Gang, oh yea my twitch user is AnazaraTepes. YAYYYYYY!!

    EricaAngelina TunacaoEricaAngelina Tunacao2 måneder siden
  • I just got the naruto back ground music outta my head then i watch this video

    john wrightjohn wright2 måneder siden
  • Im starting to think that Nux taku is the newest and purest incarnation of chaotic evil. Not outright a bad person just ..... It's hard to explain but i think you get it.

    Sebastian BrandtSebastian Brandt2 måneder siden
  • Man that guy may be IQ test smart but not NUX smart or smart at all since IQ tests can be bullshit

    Eternally LearningEternally Learning2 måneder siden
  • Wait a second... I know that voice But thats a different channel Could it be? P-pewdiepie

    Sinister PicklezSinister Picklez2 måneder siden
  • when nux said he said he had the best toxic fan base i was over joyed because im one of them

    FlaringWolfFlaringWolf2 måneder siden
  • man i love being toxic

    MRDoomPlayerMRDoomPlayer2 måneder siden
  • Ok I've been watching your vids for a while now and I realized I haven't subbed cause I'm ready for more of this 😂

    Jessica CallenderJessica Callender2 måneder siden
  • H E ‘ S A B I L L Y ?

    Rosehip_Desu_WaRosehip_Desu_Wa2 måneder siden