i hate anime now...

27. juli. 2020
309 794 Ganger

You all deserve to know my feelings about anime in 2020
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  • Public reminder that Bungee Gum has the properties of rubber and gum!

    Nux TakuNux Taku6 måneder siden
    • Uzaki chan

      CaptainSaintsCaptainSaints2 måneder siden
    • Why of course

      EVIL KING CATEVIL KING CAT5 måneder siden

      Some Random Guy Who Give Advice for funSome Random Guy Who Give Advice for fun5 måneder siden
    • Oh yeah, did you know that Bungee Gum also has the properties of rubber AND gum?

      BENZYBOY101BENZYBOY1015 måneder siden
    • A true madlad has inspired us with quotes of hisoka the great

      Emperor CalickEmperor Calick5 måneder siden
  • Now thief I think about it when a toxic person makes me mad I’m just absurdly toxic to them

    Marcus BrownMarcus Brown13 dager siden
    • Now that I think about it

      Marcus BrownMarcus Brown13 dager siden
  • I hate it too now

    FeitanFeitanMåned siden
  • Thanks. I too hate Sans memes

    Sadist Fake Bootleg TikiSadist Fake Bootleg TikiMåned siden
  • Re zero s2???

    hmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmMåned siden
  • I feel you. A lot of anime just seems too melodramatic, poorly written and out of sync. There's other problem with certain genres now but it's rare to find a decent one to watch.

    Siyabonga SkhosanaSiyabonga SkhosanaMåned siden
  • Hey i have a question....sawarasenai kimi wa shojo na no? 😂😂

    Lucy HeartfiliaLucy Heartfilia2 måneder siden
  • You had me in the first half not gonna lie

    KONO DIO DAKONO DIO DA2 måneder siden
  • What's the name of the soundtrack on the background?

    All In AnimationAll In Animation2 måneder siden
  • I liked anime,I was good at drawing faces but not body's.i searched on google how to make anime body then I found anime people who were naked,Im starting to hate it now because their making it seem like the real world😠

    Modikana langaModikana langa3 måneder siden
  • I have met several women in college who have the exact same proportions as her, including my ex girlfriend! I mean, she had much wider hips but still 😜

    Mitchell SecchiMitchell Secchi3 måneder siden
  • Re:Zero Season 2? I mean what cave you live in.

    ZZ3 måneder siden
  • I hate those animes with the long title, for example ”I accidentally impregnated my girlfriend in the dungeon of Alomahora, waka waka!”

    helMisanthropehelMisanthrope3 måneder siden
  • Did I..... Did I just watch a serious video.

    LadyYoruichi ChanLadyYoruichi Chan4 måneder siden
  • One piiiieeeccceee

    Mark StinsonMark Stinson4 måneder siden
  • There's something wrong if the most hype anime this year is Pokemon.

    Queenie LeungQueenie Leung4 måneder siden
  • No anime content is good right now, still don't understand zoro

    Fred SmithFred Smith4 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku: "i dislike anime" Me: *Hokage Funeral plays*

    Noriaki KrakyoinNoriaki Krakyoin4 måneder siden
  • Nux: There is no good anime this year BNA: 😓

    1Kishibe0 ___1Kishibe0 ___5 måneder siden
  • This was a much needed vid, thank you

    Darth AspectDarth Aspect5 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku: If you're new here, Idk why you would be here on this video as a new person. Me:👀👀👀 Nothing makes sense that's why....

    Sarah Al-ZahraniSarah Al-Zahrani5 måneder siden
  • On its so true my god.

    Robert E SteffenRobert E Steffen5 måneder siden
  • Nux: there's no good anime this year Dorohedoro: *I beg your pardon?*

    Mr. KaijuMr. Kaiju5 måneder siden
  • Can you be a weeb and a chad at the same time?

    HigdonixHigdonix5 måneder siden
  • the misfit of the demon king academy is the only mention able anime so far in my opinion.

    Jack MetcalfeJack Metcalfe5 måneder siden
    • Than you haven't seen re:zero. it's already the anime of the year in my opinion. The score for Misfit of the demon king on MAL is also only 7.41, while Re:Zero is rocking a hard 8.55.

      Bill Nye The Nazi SpyBill Nye The Nazi Spy4 måneder siden
  • this video was so wholesome, I did not expect this c':

    Da Cavola - Cauliflower GirlDa Cavola - Cauliflower Girl5 måneder siden
  • Can you make one video that isnt clickbait?

    V 0451V 04515 måneder siden
  • You inspire me so much. You are the new messiah!! Srsly tho you bring me so much joy

    roxy jasproseroxy jasprose5 måneder siden
  • Seven deadly sins?

    Johannes BorumJohannes Borum5 måneder siden
  • so ig im 50% weeb and 50% chad .___. this man is the smartest human ive seen talk

    Bry HolguinBry Holguin5 måneder siden
  • Tower of God, God of Highschool, Noblesse, Balance Unlimited... They are all good

    Selma Ben MahmoudSelma Ben Mahmoud5 måneder siden
  • God of High School is the shit, idk what this guy is talking about

    dinnerdinner5 måneder siden
  • Also there is one good anime currently airing... Digimon Adventure (colon digivice)

    Haos magna IngramHaos magna Ingram5 måneder siden
  • Time to watch Anime Crime Division for the 3rd time this month

    Haos magna IngramHaos magna Ingram5 måneder siden
  • NUX! ever heard about the comic to be Blade Devil?

    Idan ChenIdan Chen5 måneder siden
  • Tower of god is also garbage

    Smallcentaur3Smallcentaur35 måneder siden
  • immo if you want anime with deeper meanings and messages then just you wait for To your eternity this fall now that will be amazing

    Sunrise SparkleSunrise Sparkle5 måneder siden
  • I would say that god of highschool is absolutely banging and enen no shouboutai season 2 is pretty damn good so far and it seems like it's just getting better.

    Cameron WareCameron Ware5 måneder siden
  • Impossible

    SoulDipperSoulDipper5 måneder siden
  • hes not wrong

    Noriaki KakyoinNoriaki Kakyoin5 måneder siden
  • Hear ye hear ye! Lord Nux has spoken, laughing at morons commences now

    Alex AlexAlex Alex5 måneder siden
  • Hey hey hey what abour re zero season 2 dude otyer then that u got a point

    Know1oneKnow1one5 måneder siden
  • Kazuma is my favorite anime protagonist

    karutakaruta5 måneder siden
  • Okay deca-dence is really good

    MarlonOwnsYourCakeMarlonOwnsYourCake5 måneder siden
  • There will always be balance 2020 2021 will be the bright gate that will lead us back into salvation

    Dryz 0Dryz 05 måneder siden
  • Hand egg LUL

    AcetoneAcetone5 måneder siden
  • Nothing can top Attack on titan, death note or any good mainstream anime this year.

    GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay yaGA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya5 måneder siden
  • .............

    crimson nightscrimson nights5 måneder siden
  • Have you watched Dorohedoro?

    TaxuTaxu5 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman5 måneder siden
  • damn Nux, that is a real deep lesson, and while it's true that anime is ass this year, why not re-watch some of the good ones? not a bad idea right?

    Dottie MetcalfDottie Metcalf5 måneder siden
  • i saw a lot of flexes in Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou mainly on thots and sadomasochists you might find funny

    Taelonso GrimTaelonso Grim5 måneder siden
  • The Misfit at Demon High is pretty good so far. There are only 6 episodes so far but it's pretty hilarious. Also, Quanzhi Fashi season 4 was pretty great.

    The Skies Have FallenThe Skies Have Fallen5 måneder siden

    bengayminbengaymin5 måneder siden
  • That anime he was talking About yeah i agree

    Vinacent KenjiroVinacent Kenjiro5 måneder siden
  • The smash bro’s music was classy lmfao

    god or notgod or not5 måneder siden
  • Quality at it's finest

    Scruberdubdubs !Scruberdubdubs !5 måneder siden
  • Aot?

    sh4tteredsh4ttered5 måneder siden
  • Every one is Wierd....Everyone (except those that don't like Sakura) is wonderful!

    Mechanas Golden GearMechanas Golden Gear5 måneder siden
  • Witing for the 12 tower of god videos talking about how and why it was mediocre, thank you very much

    TwinklesparksTwinklesparks5 måneder siden
  • yo your "Character" that you use in your videos would look dope in some animes

    TabsTabs5 måneder siden
  • I was so disappointed by the tower of god anime it does zero justice to the webcomic that is really good. I agree for the most part it’s hard to find good new anime this year. Here’s to hoping the fall gets better anime for the world!

    Tofu ReneTofu Rene5 måneder siden

    JerikolokiJerikoloki5 måneder siden
  • Random comment - Algorithm.

    Cultist of the BoarCultist of the Boar5 måneder siden
  • Why are you the uncle of sans

    Feather RainFeather Rain5 måneder siden
  • We ran out of anipoints on Dr. Stone

    KuroComicsKuroComics5 måneder siden
  • "Idiot" was offensive 100 years ago then it got replaced with a new non-offensive term "retard".

    butsuketebutsukete5 måneder siden
  • Ion gon lie I thought it was just me struggling to watch them because I was lazy... but it’s just because most of them aren’t good😭

    akari brownakari brown5 måneder siden
  • He's not wrong this season's animes not as great. Last season I had like five or six I was waiting for. This season it's like only fire force season 2 and maybe rent a girlfriend. Last 2 years winter and spring were amazing.

    Kln WgKln Wg5 måneder siden
  • re zero ?

    PurpleWarrior 18PurpleWarrior 185 måneder siden
  • Laughing at morons is the future? Wdym! Laughing at morons is the present!

    PSA: Chicken NuggetPSA: Chicken Nugget5 måneder siden
  • I’d say season 2 of tensura and season 3 of Log Horizon would be the best, but I’m not sure we’re gonna survive long enough to see it...

    PSA: Chicken NuggetPSA: Chicken Nugget5 måneder siden
  • Nux: Anime this year is Garbage Peter Grill: Am I a joke to u!? 😂😂

    Shawn Von KaiserShawn Von Kaiser5 måneder siden
  • Idiot is a slur Nux. It applies mostly to SJWNPCs who scream at people for being sexistracistsupremacist a-holes. Being that SJWs are mainly comprised of persons who can be defined as people (more specifically those who tread where they defecate) and NPCs being robots who are bereft of brain, obviously IDIOT would be highly offensive to individuals of their cultural exclusivity. Just the same as "reason", "logic", "rational", "emotional", "crazy", and "calm" are all trigger words for every feminazi and will be banned from most social media in the next few years.

    Sephandre ManticoreSephandre Manticore5 måneder siden
  • Who else is inspired by nux??

    Fix Gabriel AcebesFix Gabriel Acebes5 måneder siden
  • Fire force is great and the rest of this seasons arcs are fucking heat especially if they add the joint investigation arc

    Pickle NickPickle Nick5 måneder siden
  • I didnt know that a tower of god anime came out😂 i loved the webcomic and now im afraid that the anime is garbage

    Vinh 1999Vinh 19995 måneder siden
  • Let me just take a moment and say Nux, I really like your voice XD it's kinda like, idk how to explain it, aDdIcTiVe?

    Kailee's SpaceKailee's Space5 måneder siden
  • I’m interested in seeing if Seven Deadly Sins season 4 will redeem the last season

    SuperVeryLongNameTooLong YesIndeedExtremelyLongNameSuperVeryLongNameTooLong YesIndeedExtremelyLongName5 måneder siden
  • Not totally crap for anime this year. Season 2 of Kaguya Sama Love is War aired and is writing itself into a modern classic.

    Benny SnickersBenny Snickers5 måneder siden
  • try god of highschool nux

    salim shaukatsalim shaukat5 måneder siden
  • It's time for aot season 4

    Joey GeerdinkJoey Geerdink5 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku: "I'm not interested in watching sports" *confused Haikyuu noises*

    That Nova GalThat Nova Gal5 måneder siden
  • Honestly though, I have to agree with him, most of the anime I watched this year was just continued seasons of anime I’ve watched before.

    HippityHoppity I’mTooPoorToOwnAnyPropertyHippityHoppity I’mTooPoorToOwnAnyProperty5 måneder siden
  • What did you think of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun?

    That Nova GalThat Nova Gal5 måneder siden
  • What do you think about Inuyasha

    Arrow 18Arrow 185 måneder siden
  • OK seriously what happened to this Outro I cannot find it!?!?!!?

    Icarus3325 XDIcarus3325 XD5 måneder siden
  • 2 of my favorite channels like laughing at morons Nux,and Griffin Gaming

    GoatInAJetPackGoatInAJetPack5 måneder siden
  • I also hate anime, but for my own reasons, anime to me is what every dude and woman dream to be reality, but we all know this can never be, if we all could have the life we wanted it wouldn't be that special, i love anime in a way also cause it gives me hope that one day i could find happiness, and in a way life can be happy but only if you are willing to put in the work, but anime life is happiness for everyone, but in this world you have to be REALLY lucky.

    timothy hollidaytimothy holliday5 måneder siden
  • I also hate anime, but for my own reasons, anime to me is what every dude and woman dream to be reality, but we all know this can never be, if we all could have the life we wanted it wouldn't be that special, i love anime in a way also cause it gives me hope that one day i could find happiness, and in a way life can be happy but only if you are willing to put in the work, but anime life is happiness for everyone, but in this world you have to be REALLY lucky.

    timothy hollidaytimothy holliday5 måneder siden
  • Okay as much as I'd like to joke nuxanor, I agree with your point.

    Clayton GudielClayton Gudiel5 måneder siden
  • Nux: "follow your passion" Bro i would just be watching hentai 24/7

    monke 01monke 015 måneder siden
  • "I like laughing at morons" -nux Yeah i too its kinda my hobby at this point

    monke 01monke 015 måneder siden
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm, Hamefura, Misfit of Demon Academy... there are at least 3 good shows from this season.

    Logan KotterLogan Kotter5 måneder siden
    • Ascendance of a Bookworm is Dr. Stone issekai, Hamefura is a show with a really stupid main character, and Misfit of Demon Academy is Biggest Flexes in anime material

      Logan KotterLogan Kotter5 måneder siden
  • But there is the god of high school and the misfit of demon king academy

    Judy TamerJudy Tamer5 måneder siden
  • what about bna? (brand new animal)

    Masked EliteMasked Elite5 måneder siden
  • Where can i watch interspecies reviewers?

    Kelly RyanKelly Ryan5 måneder siden
  • Nux is my favorite anime ever no 🧢 like he’s a God incarnate

    SlayroneSlayrone5 måneder siden
  • appare-ranman?

    Patrik BanekPatrik Banek5 måneder siden
  • we need more good anime

    IB JSIB JS5 måneder siden