I'm Declaring War on the One Piece Community

6. juli. 2020
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Ok, I'll play the villain lol #YouLostTheWar
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  • 15:45 oh yeah, Ivanov 10/10 would kick Hancock's ass. Fight me.

    Mike ArchangelMike Archangel5 dager siden
  • Mihawk was the first warlord introduces not crodile

    Nuxs Biggest fanNuxs Biggest fan13 dager siden
  • summer of 69

    little skanklittle skank18 dager siden
  • Eustass Kid was higher bounty than luffy when first appear because he like to destory

    mu3az ahmedmu3az ahmed19 dager siden
  • Time: 4m55s I also don't mind you exist.

    Carlos GomesCarlos Gomes20 dager siden
  • Yamato is oden... well you almost got it

    the_devil 450the_devil 45021 dag siden
  • I've been reading the manga since it was in the east blue arch and don't like watching one piece theorys because I like to piece everything together myself. I don't want other peoples perspectives on the manga that I hold so close to my heart. People are always going to have shity opinions and thats why I stay out of the community.

    Aaron SongerAaron Songer28 dager siden
  • Its almost like the community has forgotten that the World Government assigns Threat Levels based off perceived Threat, not how powerful the person individually is. so "Admiral Level" Warlord Level" "Emperor Level" is all a bunch of Bull. I further believe the "Devil Fruits" are a literal curse, and what powers them has a twisted sense of humor. Eventually their Hubris will catch up with them and their arrogance will cause their doom. but that's just a Prediction. Or maybe a Theory, but the evidence is just Luffy's quest knocking people down a peg. I also think that Mouser getting Luffy his first bounty is a Huge load of Bull, but hey... plot

    George NelsonGeorge Nelson28 dager siden
  • I agree with the most points except Luffy being an Emperor. The term the fifth emperor was coined by Big News Morgans and not the government. Also, to be an emperor one has to be a real world power. Literally, any other Yonkou crew or the government can walk in and stomp Luffy and crew but that is not the case with the rest of the emperors. It's a stalemate with others maintaining the order.

    Abhishek SunkaraAbhishek Sunkara28 dager siden
  • kizaru cant move at light speed

    TheSPKidTheSPKidMåned siden
  • Actually Yamato was the wood user in Naruto

    M. JoshuaM. JoshuaMåned siden
  • I can understand where you coming from with most of what you said but to say there’s only two good tracks in one piece you must be off the crack bowl. Best anime soundtrack alive....

    ZellarentZellarentMåned siden
  • Ah an important discussion....but lets just appreciate the Pokemon RSE Fortree City theme in the background

    striderzer0striderzer0Måned siden
  • "Yamato is actually Oden in disguise" Little did they know that Yamato is a woman

    Rafaela DrawsRafaela DrawsMåned siden
  • 27:06 plot twist: oda watched your video to write the wano arc

    Willyguy22 V2Willyguy22 V2Måned siden
  • NUX! yout didn’t even roast them for the fact that, even thought it’s so long, they keep shoving it down people’s throats!

    Willyguy22 V2Willyguy22 V2Måned siden
  • So, Nux. Who do you think is stronger? Shanks or Mihawk?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    AisaAisaMåned siden
  • The power scaling of One Piece is Story Telling. Ever since Season one, through the driving story line, every time people power up is because they need to in order to keep the story flowing. Its not to power them up just because its been a while and he needs a new form based off his accomplishments. They power up in order to attempt to accomplish what they feel they need to do. This goes for the villains of the show as well. Black Beard had to use and still uses underhanded tactics in order to give him the upper hand. His ability to do that makes him so dangerous. I mystery surrounding the powers of his devil fruit further that danger. For me Oda has shown time and time again that whats truly powerful in the One Piece world is knowledge of the happenings inside and outside the Blue World. Knowledge is the true focus of this story which is why Oda keeps us in suspense by limiting even us the readers to how much knowledge we know about the world. As if we are learning through the eyes of Luffy and his crew, along with glimpses of the overall picture through the eyes of the certain powers that be.

    Jon HJon HMåned siden
  • Thanx man for doing this..at least this might beat some shit into their tiny brain pea😂

    001 Aakash Bansal001 Aakash BansalMåned siden
  • One Piece X Gundam crossover!

    Zak BakerZak BakerMåned siden
  • Como buen español q ve a nux taku estoy orgulloso

    Ignacio HualdeIgnacio HualdeMåned siden
    • Yes I speak english

      Ignacio HualdeIgnacio HualdeMåned siden
  • Ngl I clicked on this thinking I would get pissed off but no Ok, hypothetically, say we have a warlord who had a 450 mil bounty. He has a devil fruit, this devil fruit gives him the power of... idk, rust. I'm pretty sure someone already had that but whatever. So he can rust stuff. Say he goes up against a 10 thousand bounty minor pirate who just happened across a wind devil fruit or something. Idk, but his power is immune to the warlord's power. They fight. The 10 thousand rookie wins because he had the natural upper hand. This in no way means he can beat a person who the warlord could beat. He wouldn't stand a chance against zoro. Therefore it all depends on your opponent and their particular abilities/skill set, not power level. I've actually never heard of people arguing over one piece power levels before, so uh guess I should be more in the loop. Anyways power scaling is kinda dumb here because... that's not what one piece is about so stop being obsessed with who COULD hypothetically beat who, depending on who has already beaten who. So if eneru somehow managed to take down literally anyone, does that mean luffy can take them down too? No, he could take out eneru because of his powers. That's not a basis to decide who he can defeat.

    Thiccer ThanUThiccer ThanUMåned siden
  • The ocean is pirate king level

    MysteryKingdomMysteryKingdomMåned siden
  • Nux declares war on the the. One piece community me but I’m a fan of Nux and one piece does this mean he declared war on one piece NOworldrs like tekking 101 and others

    Iron DekuIron DekuMåned siden
  • dude has been on reddit too much, who’s opinion is he really representing here

    Will BrobeckWill BrobeckMåned siden
  • I have been watching anime for over 15 years but only just today have i started watching One Piece, so far i am enjoying it immensely, but goddamn 939 EPISODES! That's one hell of a binge!

    Shaun ChambersShaun ChambersMåned siden
  • nah zoro has the byakugan in that eye

    HunterHunterMåned siden
  • A theory being correct doesnt define it being a theory, it being correct makes it a good one but id argue there are some really interesting theorys that grab at the most random details along with facts to come to some crazy conclusion is ridiculous. I think that speaks to the possibility of one piece, which i love. i know you dont like baseless theorys but you should of called out one specifically.

    LucIdGrIpLucIdGrIpMåned siden
  • knowledge is power though, in the case of nico robin she wasnt powerless, at least not completely. She was a legitimate threat, the number reflected that. You cant say the bounty is just clout, it isnt. The belemy thing is interesting of course the bounty isnt luffys power level but it reflected his threat or power. In order to beat crocodile luffy had to surpass his current level it took many attempts to win. Belemy could have been closer to luffys strength before he encountered crocodile. Most things comes down to match ups, discussion can be fun though, i see these "power levels" as arbitrary terms to give form to scale in order to read the "power" of certain characters. Its laughable to think anything would be 100 percent accurate. Its all for fun discussion, and hearing peoples reasoning can be entertaining. Toxicity exist everywhere though, its inescapable.

    LucIdGrIpLucIdGrIpMåned siden
  • Can't wait to find out your thoughts about the great feud between 6 and 7.

    Howard on the 13th FloorHoward on the 13th Floor2 måneder siden
  • Best contender are the fanbases of animes with shitton of plot holes... lets take for example naruto. In naruto some people debate, cough seththeprogrammer cough, how person x is faster than light thefore he beats y and this and that... dude do you have any idea what you just said? You can't put real life physics into an anime and try to explain it in a reasonable manner. If person x beats lightspeed he bends time and space. He literally can teleport and has no mass, can go backwards in time . You can't reason with anime logic... In DragonBall people are so strong that galaxies are shaking, while transforming their cloth burns away... but their hair stays fresh? You got people moving rocks and making them float by powering up, that means they beat the planets gravity? Watch it and enjoy it. That's all. Don't try to find logic in an anime you will make yourself look like a clown.

    AnoBananoSROAnoBananoSRO2 måneder siden
  • Luffy will die along with blackbeard near the end and buggy will somehow be there for some dumb reason, and being the survivor he becomes like a de facto PIRATE KING! Would be fucking hilarious.

    Booty SaurusBooty Saurus2 måneder siden
  • Btw horrible video nux taku, 9 minutes in and I don't understand what your getting at, it seems your saying the one piece community has some type of power scaling problem, but I don't understand what you mean, could someone take time out of there day to summarize what points he is making with this video.

    Michael DavisMichael Davis2 måneder siden
  • Aince everybody seems to be making ridiculous logic to put one character above another in strength and it seems to be very funny and gets alot of likes, I shall do the same I think I should say, shanks is yonko level,seaking bitoff shanks' arm, so seaking is yonko level and stronger than shanks, and luffy beat seaking, therefore luffy is yonko level plus, shanks stopped akainu from killing koby, luffy is stronger than shanks who stopped akainu and as such luffy is stronger than akainu. Benbeckman stopped kizaru, and shanks is stronger benbeckman, and luffy is stronger than shanks and as such is stronger than kizaru and all admirals. Luffy is also at least equal to roger and whitebeard in power because shanks clashed with whitebeard, and whitebeard clashed with roger. Kaido and big mom are also several 100 times more powerful than the ancient weapons and major powers because kaido one shot luffy who is clearly yonko level plus, and big mom took luffy out of g4 just by blocking his attack. Big mom & kaido alliance destroys one piece universe confirmed. That is what I should say. But I am better. I saw a comment saying "if sugar touches kaido, kaido is done for, sugar yonko level confirmed", my original thought was "if kaido hits sugar, sugar is done for", but now I realise something, I didn't laugh at such a comment clearly meant for comedic effect and as such, my power level far exceeds that of all who laughed at either that comment or this comment.

    Michael DavisMichael Davis2 måneder siden
  • Fucking semantics. Nux has been browsing reddit for too long and getting into 4 hour debates online, which is never good for one's mental health. These are called fan fiction, not theories--but as someone who prides himself so much on language and rhetoric, he should be aware that language evolves quickly and words, within even a few weeks, can have additional meanings. Example: Literally use to mean literally. Now, it can also mean, "an emphasis to express a strong feeling, while not being literally true. Come on Nux... We know you're better than this.

    Nathan HouserNathan Houser2 måneder siden
  • Oh I get it, turn yourself into the toxicity, then get rid of the toxicity!

    Pengo SlowpoPengo Slowpo2 måneder siden
  • Dude fujitora said he didn’t try. He wanted the pirates to save the day and defeat Doffy.

    HeavenlyrednoseHeavenlyrednose2 måneder siden
    • It’s literally called slow photon 🤦‍♀️

      HeavenlyrednoseHeavenlyrednose2 måneder siden
    • The government did not call luffy emperor. It was big news Morgan. Akainu was surprised when he heard it

      HeavenlyrednoseHeavenlyrednose2 måneder siden
  • Every one knows that Buggy D Clown will find the one piece and will become the king of the pirates 😂😂

    lo llo l2 måneder siden
  • "In order to stomp out toxicity, we need to become toxicity." As he puts up a picture of Rachel.... Top tier video

    SarenRougeSarenRouge2 måneder siden
  • Power scaling in One Piece is indeed pointless. I agree.

    The Nerd King KrokusThe Nerd King Krokus2 måneder siden
  • I just wanna ask is that Pokémon music on the background??

    Harsh RajaHarsh Raja2 måneder siden
  • i just LOVE One Piece

    lolthispoopslolthispoops2 måneder siden
  • #youlostthewar

    Bob AbernathyBob Abernathy2 måneder siden
  • Bro youre fundamentally not understanding the story in some parts which is so ironic. Fujitora could easily beat doflomingo except he knew he was not allowed to because doflomingo was a warlord and therefore condoned by the Marines and the World Gov. Also when speaking of warlord or admiral or yonko commander. Those are all ranges of KNOWN power levels. We haven't seen every yonko commanders strength, or even ever former warlords strength or even every yonkos strength. But we have seen enough to set standards for people in that category. Moria/Croc is the floor of warlord level. Cracker smoothie or Jack are probably the floor of yonko commander. And Aokiji is the floor of admiral level (this one is personal though since you could argue like fujitora is weaker but I don't believe that) so those are the minimums to be considered in those classifications BASED SOLELY ON POWER. Brooo, your Hancock statement shows how little you know. That's not a powerscaling feat that's a fucking hacks ability, WHICH EXIST IN ALL ANIME. Hacks abilities do not care about power scaling, they have their own system entirely. For your A>B B>C therefore A>C problem you're just being dumb. If I beat you solely on my strength not any hacks ability or PLOT, then I can beat anyone you beat solely on your strength alone. Because A PUNCH IS A FUCKING PUNCH, HAKI IS HAKI. It's not wildly different depending on who's using it, there's armament, kings and observation. Again Your lacking understanding Yet again, you don't understand one piece. Foxy shoots sluggish photons, they're literally slow light that slows things it touches. If it's called slow photon, why would it go faster than NORMAL LIGHT. Yet again you don't understand. Apus power is literally a hacks ability. Meaning Apu isn't strong at all, his fruit can hit anyone if they hear the fucking sound. So clearly he's not above Zoro or Luffy, it's just a fuckin hacks ability. Also you're being very disingenuous about what people actually thought about Apoo. We were surprised to find out the limits of his hacks ability because we do not know if it does actually work if anyone hears it. What if they're someone like big mom who's stated to have skin tough like steel, would the attack go through her defense or would the attack happen but have no affect. We do not know the limit of the hacks ability, regardless though we know Apoo isn't yonko level or even that strong because In a real one on one, the enemy will just adapt cover their ears and kick the shit out of him. Or even just take the hits and land better hits on Apoo. Law could literally use room to vacate the area around his ears of air so he can't hear at least not very well, zoro and Luffy could just tear of some clothes and clog their ears. It was a meme, one you weren't a part of and because of that you took it too seriously. If you go to those videos you brought up with yonko level Apoo and watch it you see most people aren't actually saying that and if you go into the comments you KNOW for sure most people don't believe that. And most people predicted apoos weakness. Yonkos level does have to do with power, no one who's yonko is weak? So what are you on about? Clearly there is MORE to it but you still have to be strong to even begin to be considered. Overall this video just showed YOUR lack of understanding of one piece and power scaling over all in the one piece community.

    dooby boodydooby boody2 måneder siden
  • Wrong

    dooby boodydooby boody2 måneder siden
  • Jokes on you yamato is oden

    CoryCory2 måneder siden
  • Cringe af

    GeeksDudeGeeksDude2 måneder siden
  • stupid, tryna hard talkin like pewds

    furankufuranku2 måneder siden
  • Declaring war to king of lightning basically he allways talks about powerscalling

    Matias DominguezMatias Dominguez2 måneder siden
  • Please, PLEASE, PLEASE TRY ONE PIECE im begging you try it out

    Coolio AshCoolio Ash2 måneder siden
    • It is REALLY good

      Coolio AshCoolio Ash2 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku: declaring war on morons is my favorite thing to do. Me: DECLARING WAR ON KARENS plz

    Bella HendershotBella Hendershot2 måneder siden
  • You know I didnt initially agree with you, but now that ive seen the backlash to the newest chapter youre definitely right. The fanboying over fights and characters and power scaling is so ridiculous there. Just enjoy the ride man

    Samir AhmedSamir Ahmed2 måneder siden
  • One piece power levels is got from bounty...alies.. fruits.. technically a lot of shit

    Kame KaziKame Kazi2 måneder siden
  • The Doffy vibes I’m getting from you😭

    StrawhatsheyStrawhatshey2 måneder siden
  • lmao he said ussop but didint show ussop he showed sogeking bad editing

    raddyisyourdaddyraddyisyourdaddy2 måneder siden
  • the real issue here is that Yonkou is an obsolete term now that there are 5 of them; Gokou is the correct name so no, Luffy is not a Yonkou

    Luie PowellLuie Powell2 måneder siden
  • Luffy being yonko to me seems more like the media within the one piece universe exaggerating luffys power and influence. Its not like he couldn't get there the emperors seem to have their own established families and or fleets.

    The DuggeningThe Duggening2 måneder siden
  • Nux i would love to see a similar video about the issue of power scaling in Tower of God and the importance of narrative over linear power scaling, great video, great content, good stuff my guy

    Daniel D'ErricoDaniel D'Errico2 måneder siden
  • I was pissed by the title of the video, but then I agreed on all that he said

    Matheus PompeuMatheus Pompeu2 måneder siden
  • I have a theory that nux is actually doflamingo in an alternate timeline

    the morphine manthe morphine man2 måneder siden
  • 1 month late and this is Factual! Thanks for understanding where others just want the typical Shounen. Even the Master Togashi have an amazing Power system because even the hunters with low Aura can have and amazing and gamebreaking ability

    Pavel Montes EstradaPavel Montes Estrada2 måneder siden
  • Spot on, man. You can copy paste "Shut the fuck up", ou "If you think Oda made bad decisions, do your own story and make it better - the whole word will thank you!" to reply most of One Piece comments.

    spookybukspookybuk2 måneder siden
  • but the theory of crocodile was a woman,that was a good theory

    Paulo D ManoelPaulo D Manoel2 måneder siden
  • This man is a true agent of chaos. Good job, dude, you killed them dead

    Daniel LyraDaniel Lyra2 måneder siden
  • Nux is on good crack Iuv it

    Christ CooperChrist Cooper2 måneder siden
  • Yo Nux I think you should make a video on dragon being as wanted as he is for reasons more similar to Robin and Nami meaning knowledge, organization and more behind the scenes stuff rather than his own actual power. I am honestly somewhat invested in it and I KNOW it's one of the most controversial OP theories/predictions or at least has the argue points I think. I know he's not a trash fighter, buuuut I mean come on YOUNG Robin is solid proof you're power isn't the only thing that affects you're bounty.......

    Efrain CastilloEfrain Castillo2 måneder siden
  • I just comment on 3 things: Yes, Nux Taku is ABSOLUTELY right! And man, the Brazilian One Piece community, oh gosh, it's embarassing with their stupid theories they pull out of their asses The second is, what bullshit theorie as that one that said "Zoro dreamed of cutting diamond" hahahahaa The first time someone mentioned cutting diamond(Zoro VS Daz Bones), he said himself: "I don't care about cutting diamonds, it's pointless". And third: EVERYONE gets this wrong about what Oda said! He NEVER said WANO would be a war that would make Marineford seem tiny, he said that THE FINAL WAR OF ONE PIECE will make Marineford look tiny! He only said that he was planning a huge war for the One PIece ending and that war would be so huge, so catastropic that it would make Marineford seem child's play, he NEVER said that war would happen in Wano, the FANS were the ones sayint that. And that's proven flase cause, let's be honest, Big Mom has MUCH more potential of making a world war than Kaidou! She's the one with marriage alliances with basically everyone n the world, she's the one who has Vegapunk labs at her dsposal, she's the one with a Devil Fruit that makes everyone who fears her be rendered almost useless, while Kaidou is a big strong guy in a closed country, and Luffy still has to go back to Whole Cake, so I'm pretty sure the next Tottoland Arc will be when the big war happens, not in Wano. And yes, that's a personal theory and I'm searching and uniting facts to back it up but I'll never post it, is just a personal theory I''ll wait to see if it's true

    Victor SantosVictor Santos2 måneder siden
  • Here's an idea. What if Mihawk's eyes are actually some form of observation haki that enhance his vision. What if it really is the case that Zoro's closed eye is actually imbued with this haki and he keeps closed because he hasn't mastered it yet. What he'll finally open it in his fight with Shiriou.

    Yesman SamYesman Sam2 måneder siden
  • Sugar can probably make kaido into a toy, ig sugars yonko level

    Saku1237Saku12372 måneder siden
  • You would almost think that actual "Pirate Capitans" did all of their own pillaging and killing. Some of them never even fought, but only played the role as the CAPTAIN of their crew (many of them did fight, and fought to keep their power), but some of them where sitting in their Villa's while their crew attacked and pillaged places far away from them.

    Chris MayChris May2 måneder siden
  • I mean the Bird Cage plot was logically stupid even in One Piece universe standards. Fuji as a swordsman didn't even try to cut it, and neither did Zoro or anyone else. No one never brought up or opt to cut it, instead they kept insisting on pushing it for some reason. Frankly I put logic and consistency over narrative or whatever else since writing is an objective measure of how much your world makes consistent sense in itself. It doesn't have to be real, but at the very least the logic of the universe needs to make sense in and of itself. Otherwise arguably anything and everything can happen just because, and removes the intergrity of the piece of fiction.

    GauntletGauntlet2 måneder siden
  • Oda wins

    FranzoresFranzores2 måneder siden
  • Should I read the manga or watch the anime?

    DemonDerpzDemonDerpz2 måneder siden
  • I love op but this video is mostly true

    John WoodJohn Wood2 måneder siden
  • Hats what I fucking thought cower

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • You lost the war it’s ok thi

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • #youlostthewar

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • #racistnux

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • Wow..... as a one piece fan I thought this video will definitely offend me in someway.... but dam, turns out i 99 percent agree with him..!!!!!

    Shahji HashemShahji Hashem2 måneder siden
  • So many people are saying there's no possible way this war will work out but their forgetting a now very crucial fact. The staff under Oda have now started saying that the series is heading towards wrapping up. Luffy's already been beaten once by Kaido so it makes no sense to give him another loss at least as far as I can see right now. If Oda's heading towards ending things then he needs to start resolving plot points and charachter arcs that go past Wano. This is why I think that no matter what happens the war will end with Kaido and Big mom beaten.I'm sure oda has a good plan for this and Luffy is already staring at Big Mom currently too.

    Cloud5001Cloud50012 måneder siden
  • You hide behind that persona and attack others and laugh from a point of immunity. Lol do you think that’s never been done? You think you’re smart lol look up the def. of Huberis lol

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • You lost nux lol

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • Lol drop a dress so we can swat u

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk2 måneder siden
  • i power scale a lot as a hoby but i havent been near the one piece community and this sounds like a shit show. who let this happen, i thought one piece is meant to be about the story not who's the strongest

    Jett FoxJett Fox2 måneder siden
  • Since when did you stop with VideogameDunkey? Your voice sounds alike (at some points). NUX TAKU = VIDEOGAMEDUNKEY CONFIRMED.

    DouweDouwe2 måneder siden
  • Good joke

    WiktorGames12WiktorGames122 måneder siden
  • the only real toxicity in the one piece fandom is you not getting a color image of crock for your ranking every one piece arc video thumbnail.

    Clash BluelightClash Bluelight2 måneder siden
  • i'm part of the one piece fandom

    Rebel Greninja • 69 years agoRebel Greninja • 69 years ago2 måneder siden
  • Yamato was oden though

    Ayidh AlotabiAyidh Alotabi2 måneder siden
  • When you run out of video ideas Normal channels: hey guys I broke up with my girlfriend Nux: I'm declaring war on the most sold manga and over 100 million people

    asher peterasher peter2 måneder siden
  • pretty sure its just an injury and there will be a flashback to how he got it with some sort of lesson to learn from his training

    shaharooly ofirshaharooly ofir2 måneder siden
  • I love, the power level in One piece was a soft one. The matchup is more important.

    jfspiresbetajfspiresbeta2 måneder siden
  • Tekking101 is the major reason why Im hyped for one piece every chapter

    Marine Admiral JeronimoMarine Admiral Jeronimo2 måneder siden
  • im a moron and i find this video offensive, how could you say those things about morons?! i thought nux was supportive of the moron community but now i am repulsed and disgusted by your words. when i first came out as a moron, my parents werent so supportive, they kept insisting "NO! IT CANT BE! YOURE SMART, IM SURE OF IT" but i had to break the news that... i was a moron [insert crying sounds]

    shaharooly ofirshaharooly ofir2 måneder siden
  • We nee a deep philosophy on my little pony soon

    someone.i don't care what to namesomeone.i don't care what to name2 måneder siden
  • I want to see your take on funiamtion so bad.

    Silver SyanideSilver Syanide2 måneder siden
  • When I heard yonko commander level I literally laughed out loud

    Lane KamphausenLane Kamphausen2 måneder siden
  • Not no one understands Zoro? That’s fine ig

    Lane KamphausenLane Kamphausen2 måneder siden
  • This video is funnier after watching the response video recently uploaded LOL.

    Jörgen JörgensenJörgen Jörgensen2 måneder siden
    • Yep

      aely M.aely M.2 måneder siden
    • That's what I'm here for babee

      InkMama ZolaInkMama Zola2 måneder siden
  • Wait 24:56 nux said OP had better comedy than almost anything else. Is he talking about like all of shounen or Naruto/bleach type stuff. I thought he liked Gintama?

    Apple JaxApple Jax2 måneder siden