I'm getting cancelled again...

29. juli. 2020
209 004 Ganger

F in the chat.
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  • Stop saying it

    QuartzFox XQuartzFox X13 dager siden
  • Nux is actively trying to be cancelled, and when people do try, he provides the pitchforks and torches

    Ira LatensIra Latens2 måneder siden
  • If you bend the knee, you'll be kicked while you're down If you spit back at those jeering, you'll get mad respect

    Tay KylesTay Kyles2 måneder siden
  • This guy reminds me of the castle crashes narrator

    TheMadManTheMadMan3 måneder siden
  • F

    DanielDaniel4 måneder siden
  • Being aware of your weakness to cancelation, is actually the only criteria for invincibility from cancelation, which is a backend criteria to the original!

    BoxHeadBoxHead4 måneder siden
  • F

    thatd00dovertherethatd00doverthere4 måneder siden
  • Am I the only on who audibly corrected Nux when he said innacceptable?

    attack - helicopterattack - helicopter5 måneder siden
  • No!!!!!!!!! Please dont!!!!

    Robert E SteffenRobert E Steffen5 måneder siden
  • So THATS what happened to Jenna marbles I was wondering where her once in a blue moon video recommendation went . Aw.....

    Kyashi TsukiKyashi Tsuki5 måneder siden
  • This mans meme power is to strong

    Anderson SharpAnderson Sharp5 måneder siden
  • Me: .....WHO DOES THIS nux: who doesn't.

    FoxHoundFoxHound5 måneder siden
  • 10 years ago: "The F word is disgusting!" Now: "F's in the chat bois"

    Mohammad Zulhilmi FawwazMohammad Zulhilmi Fawwaz5 måneder siden
  • nice

    John LJohn L5 måneder siden
  • You’re canceled #youlostthewar

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk5 måneder siden
  • F

    just another tøp stanjust another tøp stan5 måneder siden
  • Yo, love the videos. But can you please speak up about #blm. I know you don’t like to get into politics but I feel like this is more about peoples’ lives and human rights than politics. Much love, brother.

    Zain AlmayahiZain Almayahi5 måneder siden
  • Saltydkdan cancelled himself Now Nux Dang😂

    Starlight-JStarlight-J5 måneder siden
  • “I’m getting cancelled again” Anything new?

    Subscribe if you watch animeSubscribe if you watch anime5 måneder siden
  • Im a new fan but Nux amuses me so much Im happy I found him XD

    Umbrex TakaiUmbrex Takai5 måneder siden
  • I spit on thę... SPtOUhuH

    Jeremiah Hudson-DavisJeremiah Hudson-Davis5 måneder siden
  • Sword are not blue

    Primodial ForcesPrimodial Forces5 måneder siden
  • Haha, good one Leafy...

    L.N HL.N H5 måneder siden
  • Alcatraz shut down many years ago

    Blake AlexanderBlake Alexander5 måneder siden
  • I love this channel

    pro gamer cornpro gamer corn5 måneder siden
  • the moment ya hate this person ya lose. my favorite line in this one. 6:54

    sion samidaresion samidare5 måneder siden
  • *masoschism has progressed too much over the years*

    my name is applmy name is appl5 måneder siden
  • Big protagonist energy

    Guillermo GonzalezGuillermo Gonzalez5 måneder siden
  • If someone does something actually fucked up, not like it was considered okay then and isn't now, like it's actually always been a no and is morally wrong without any other way it could be viewed, they deserve to be cancelled and considering you can probably assume the type of shit I'm talking about, arrested as well.

    Elesa BrooksElesa Brooks5 måneder siden
  • The mob givith and the mob taketh away

    Shoen gamingShoen gaming5 måneder siden
  • Now I have to get a new stunt dubble

    Maguy NdooleMaguy Ndoole5 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman5 måneder siden
  • Can we please just cancel Cancel Culture?

    vampirenocturnevampirenocturne5 måneder siden
  • he just canceled the cancel

    HabibiHabibi5 måneder siden
  • Cancel generation

    Fábio NevesFábio Neves5 måneder siden
  • Imagine if nux gets canceled this entire community would riot

    voidlesskyvoidlessky5 måneder siden
  • "Cancel culture's a bitch and the masses will simp it" - Nux 2020

    PhantomwriterPhantomwriter5 måneder siden
  • I knew it. I had a feeling you were going to make a joke out of canceling

    Moises MontecilloMoises Montecillo5 måneder siden
  • Chanel the toxic energy into yourself

    NinjaWolf 3213NinjaWolf 32135 måneder siden
  • In all seriousness, your videos and viewpoints on hate online have really helped me. I tend to get some level of hate online (not a lot, but it's there), and it used to bother me. Now, I just say what I wanna say, and if it bugs people, then they can die mad. (Of course, I try to respectfully explain why I disagree before I start meme-ing on them, but at some point, they're just asking for it). So thank you, Lord Nuxanor, for existing. You make this world a brighter place.

    That Nova GalThat Nova Gal5 måneder siden
  • Wow, I sure wonder why there are so many Harry Potter references. I personally have no idea because I don't have a sister that is obsessed with Harry Potter and I wasn't forced to watch all the movies because of Harry's "birthday".

    CarpenterCarpenter5 måneder siden
  • So are you going to be making more videos soon? I think you're hilarious and hope you start up again soon.

    Jordan DenneyJordan Denney5 måneder siden
  • Is Cancel Culture a Waifu/Husbando? I mean so many people are into it that I have more questions than answers.

    Luke BubarLuke Bubar5 måneder siden
  • Cancel Culture: BOOOOOO Nux: Your Boo's mean nothing! I know what makes you cheer!

    NevermoireNevermoire5 måneder siden
  • I love your psychopathic narcissistic masochism and superiority complex humor. Like I don’t understand how the hater assholes hate you but let’s encourage them them so you can keep spitting🙃

    Saskia LootsmaSaskia Lootsma5 måneder siden
  • Yay

    mm5 måneder siden
  • Has nothing to do with cancel culture...but did you ever do a video on keijo(probably spelled wrong)? The butt bumping anime

    Sky zombie45Sky zombie455 måneder siden
  • I’m 99.9999999999999999% sure that nux is a masochist now

    Hi, I have no creativity for a nameHi, I have no creativity for a name5 måneder siden
  • Very educational video, Daddy Nux. Very cool.

    Daniel LichtenbergDaniel Lichtenberg5 måneder siden
  • Sorry kids but facts don't care about your feelings

    John ReidJohn Reid5 måneder siden
  • Lol

    Samuel EvansSamuel Evans5 måneder siden
  • Actually, all it takes is one person at NOworld (or the algorithm) to just hate your face, and you're gone without so much as a naughty e-mail from NOworld shaming you about it. This is why platforms such as BitChute and LBRY exist. So that in the event that some soy boy NOworld employee decides to smite you, followed by the rest of the NOworld staff not giving a fuck, it won't matter. Because your peeps are still following you anyways, your revenue is coming from Patreon, SubscribeStar and maybe you've even got some crypto going on, so fuck what NOworld thinks anyways :D Right now you have fuckin' DOCTORS being taken down just for saying hydroxychloroquin works. I mean, WTF right? For decades, some doctors approve of a drug, others think that same drug is satan, the doctors agree to disagree, and the patient has the freedom to choose for themselves which doctor they want to treat them. But now, the main stream is like "you're not allowed to disagree or choose! yea shall be smited for failure to conform to the tends!" ... what a fucking second here ... now there is an expectation of mass conforming to main stream drug trends? Has the entire world become the ghetto and CEO Susan is pimping for big pharma? LOL. Clown world, folks. Its fucking clown world.

    Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy v2.0Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy v2.05 måneder siden
  • "An individual person can be smart. But as a group, people are dumb panicky animals" -George Carlin

    Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy v2.0Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy v2.05 måneder siden
  • Me: trying to be nice to Nux and complement him on his awesome vids Nux: if I read hate comments it means that I’m succesful, I love it. Me: wAIT sO yOU waNT mE tO dO ThAT

    GoldenarrowF KuiperGoldenarrowF Kuiper5 måneder siden
  • NOT TRUE if you are an Employee. If your boss fires you because "mob loud, boss no balls" you are fired and fucked, and possibly others won't want to hire you... - If you are a NOworldr, I guess this is less of an issue...

    Martin VerrisinMartin Verrisin5 måneder siden
  • The unstoppable force vs the immovable object.

    EpiclolzEpiclolz5 måneder siden
  • New fan. Enjoying the content and wishing I had found you years ago!

    Geno BreakerGeno Breaker5 måneder siden
  • This is pure wisdom

    Ivan HuertaIvan Huerta5 måneder siden
  • Someone gets a death threat or a hate comment why you so mean to me 😭 Nux gets a death threat or hate comment yes feed me more

    GxlxzylulGxlxzylul5 måneder siden

    That Nova GalThat Nova Gal5 måneder siden
  • been a while i dont see that "victory" image on my screen...glad it still exist, now its only "defeat" over and over again

    Luiz MeirellesLuiz Meirelles5 måneder siden
  • Why did I just subscribe to noble's secret channel just to find out he is canceling himself 😂 your awesome nux!

    Rabbit23GSORabbit23GSO5 måneder siden
  • I'm in love with your fucking voice. Spongebob taught me using curse words makes your sentences fancy!

    Some Fucking RetardSome Fucking Retard5 måneder siden
  • Me:So, Nux, did you cancel yourself or not? Nux: Well yes, no and quite possibly maybe not.

    Mickel MaldonadoMickel Maldonado5 måneder siden
  • is it just me or are u guys also not getting nux videos in ur feed?

    Roman NjorogeRoman Njoroge5 måneder siden
  • Escanor:I'm the strongest human alive Lord nuxanor who will cancel himself:who decided that

    deadttk 26deadttk 265 måneder siden
  • Officially GOATED

    Alex LindseyAlex Lindsey5 måneder siden
  • Shane deserves accountability but you cant deny the fact that hes not the same. It doesn't justify it at ALL, but he has changed

    GingerDora TheExplorerGingerDora TheExplorer5 måneder siden
  • So... Is Nux cancelled?

    therainbowboxtherainbowbox5 måneder siden
  • Nux sometime ago gets "cancelled" makes memes Nux now BRING IT ON CANCEL ME ALL YOU WANT BUT ILL BE BACK UP AND RUNNING IN TWO HOURS. MAHHHHHHHH!!

    Kyle SnodgrassKyle Snodgrass5 måneder siden
  • Everytime I see a Karen "One Winged Angel" plays in my head, also I disagree Mr. Nux. NOworldrs are the ONLY ones who can cancel themselves, most who are canceled are fired by the slutty corporations afraid they might not get the masses massive money penis anymore.

    SoirtemehtSoirtemeht5 måneder siden
  • Nux's voice reminds me of a character from an old tv show but I can't remember which one, maybe weevil from Yu-Gi-Oh?

    MrMangarilloMrMangarillo5 måneder siden
  • Nux when he is thinking of video ideas, rjefekvgfvfehvfekhegvayvgseiefyguycfdvyfgfywgryegferiyfegeriergfieyrfgerfyrygfwriyfrgfrwigrviuefherkhfrkfurwgfriwufgetuehfiuefhtegukehejfehfkerufhrkfgrekfergfreiyfgekfefiyrfgrekgtehg LETS SAY WERE ALL GETTING CANCELLED THIS WILL BE THE ULTIMATE CLICKBAIT

    ThebigEThebigE5 måneder siden
  • RIP daddy

    Jenaf 37Jenaf 375 måneder siden
  • Oh we know you ain't going no where nux. You are flexing meme villian king after all. All hail Lord Nux

    Mary CrumpackerMary Crumpacker5 måneder siden
  • F

    RyuzetsuRyuzetsu5 måneder siden
  • What Nux gives: *FACTS* What Nux doesn't give: *FECKS*

    TheDecepticondudeTheDecepticondude5 måneder siden
  • this is the most motivational thing I have heard in my inter first half-an-hour I've been online today. Very Cool.

    Jennifer PapilloJennifer Papillo5 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku: spits facts Me: THANK YOU!

    Ricardo GomezRicardo Gomez5 måneder siden
  • bro youtube is only a shell its not what it once was

    FL4KFL4K5 måneder siden
  • Big brain Time

    DoomGuyDoomGuy5 måneder siden
  • Nux copying Dave Chappelle. Bravo, Bravo...*slow clap* See you next season.

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim5 måneder siden
  • Oh my god i actually thought nux was really getting camcelled XD

    Sheldon WolfSheldon Wolf5 måneder siden
  • Bruh people trying to cancel nux is like punching a masochist

    JosheJoshe5 måneder siden
    • @Vlad Tepes moans in Tio Klarus

      Kevin WongKevin Wong5 måneder siden

      Vlad TepesVlad Tepes5 måneder siden
  • this whole video is nux explaining his kink for hate XD

    Twainx 231Twainx 2315 måneder siden
  • That's why I like NuxTaku, he takes W's cuz he's a boss.

    Toru KoroshiToru Koroshi5 måneder siden
  • I think I am in love with you Nux.

    J SomebodyJ Somebody5 måneder siden
  • watching nux video think to self "do i hate nux ........ f**k no he a mad lad and dam right in the face of this hate/cancel culture like a boss"

    ArticFoxy13ArticFoxy135 måneder siden
  • #Drama

    Khira JKhira J5 måneder siden
  • "People are too weak to stick to their guns and people are too quick to pull the trigger." Deep.

    Cetshwayo MoyoCetshwayo Moyo5 måneder siden
  • It's all acceptable. These people are lunatics. Just ignore them.

    sammorgan31sammorgan315 måneder siden
  • Nux is slowly creating a better world

    I don't KnowI don't Know5 måneder siden
  • This is the equivalent of “Suicide is badass!"

    TeMarion MarshallTeMarion Marshall5 måneder siden
  • I love JennaMarbles with all her "What guys do" bit. Shit was hilarious.

    Toru KoroshiToru Koroshi5 måneder siden
  • Nux: Oh.. you are trying to cancel me ??? WELL IM GONNA CANCEL MYSELF ! ManiacleLaugherIntensifies*

    Marc Elias SchryerMarc Elias Schryer5 måneder siden
  • Nux cancelled? i mean i guesssssssss?????????

    Messiah KennedyMessiah Kennedy5 måneder siden
  • I will tell you why cancel culture is not real and is only temporary. you get pressure and pain temporarily from angry people on the internet. what you did was probably wrong but the storm will blow over after a few weeks and the news cycle is over. you will be back. Shane Dawson keeps doing terrible things in cycles he gets canceled he comes back and thrives for a while then gets canceled again

    Jedidiah oyeyemiJedidiah oyeyemi5 måneder siden
  • W8, Kneecaps?

    MicOverseMicOverse5 måneder siden
  • So true! That was dumb smart 😏

    Myem04 !Myem04 !5 måneder siden
  • I can confirm, my 6 year old sister says it more than me and my parents couldn't care less

    Mythic IceMythic Ice5 måneder siden