I'm Putting An End To This Crap.

12. okt.. 2020
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  • people should learn how to separate fiction and reality

    MAKODMAKOD22 timer siden
  • Just because Pewdiepie donates to good purposes doesn't mean he isn't a nazi lmao

    Ooof the degenerateOoof the degenerate3 dager siden
  • I like how nux just doesn't care about haters.

    Norbert SikeNorbert Sike7 dager siden
  • This would be a great time to undertale's pacifist vs genocide route

    Garrett McgradyGarrett Mcgrady9 dager siden
  • Remember that the world was arguably more peaceful under imperial rule regardless

    Hambo325Hambo32513 dager siden
  • *you beat an animal crossing villager with your net cause you want him to move out* ANIMAL ABUSE

    Leona KaibaLeona Kaiba17 dager siden
  • Once you view a fictional entity in a pice of work in the same light and seriousness as the real world with real world terrorists and fascists.. then you have lost. Here's the thing, why are the sith a compelling evil force? because it created with direct inspiration from real things, that however dose not make them the same thing with the same level of threat. Go to a nazi rally, and count how many storm troopers you find, how many orcs branded with the eye, how many Daleks. if the answer is 0 then congratulations, you just discovered that NONE OF THEM ARE REAL, and liking them dosen't mean that you align with their fictional politics... they're just cool fuckin bad guys. EDIT: if seeing terrible acts depicted in fictional videogames bothers you so much... THEN MAYBE A GAME BASED ENTIRELY IN GALAXY WIDE WARTORN UNIVERSE ISNT THE GAME FOR YOU!!!! It's literally called Star 'WARS', not Star 'Peaceful Democratic Conversations In Which You Water Your Garden And Sip On TEA'

    The Eye Is WatchingThe Eye Is Watching18 dager siden
    • Totally agree with everything in this statement

      Joel HadfieldJoel Hadfield15 dager siden
  • Killing civilians I spent 7000 round of mini gun 200 shut gun shells 400 AK rounds 50 rockets just cuz I was bored, even made elaborate traps and plans in gta v

    syed saadqain zaidisyed saadqain zaidi20 dager siden
  • ur channel has a lot of click bait titles too for the clicks,

    syed saadqain zaidisyed saadqain zaidi20 dager siden
  • Bro I'm sorry but praising facist rethoric isn't a meme

    TonioTonio25 dager siden
  • Nux are u caught up to the most recent AOT manga chapters? If so could u eventually talk about erens psychology and Philosophy as a character he’s become one of my favourites and I’d appreciate your view on him since I tend to find myself agreeing with most of your opinions probably because you have some semblance of common sense that is difficult to find on the internet

    Seb BBSeb BB26 dager siden
  • Dont trust journalist in anime or gaming The shitty media

    TSDamiano GTSDamiano G27 dager siden
  • Something like this happen to me on twitter. There was a 17yr boy who had a problem with his mother like to give him hugs, like any good mother. So I just told him "suck it up dude and let her should you affection because tomorrow isn't promised". Then he go's off on me telling he doesn't owe her a F'en thing and she can go F' off. And I just replied " Im so sorry for your mother having to care for something like you. Then other started calling me a rapidest supporter so to them people that want hugs mean they want or have raped children. Like I know there are some people who dont like physical contact but I dont care what problem you may have because we all do but im not going to let people force their crazy on to me so to end all that I just blocked them and went on with my day.

    DiailyDiailyMåned siden
  • I've preached like an asshole for several years about shitty internet "journalism". The grumpy old man in me is glad people are more in the same page as of late.

    Astral SynAstral SynMåned siden
  • ok nice...I don't care, can we appreciate Nux using old and new art style?

    Flo- JoFlo- JoMåned siden
  • Wait until Nux discovers they called the afterlife in Shadowlands "a war crime" because you wipe peoples memory Because let's be real That is not what a war crime is

    Mistress GinevaMistress GinevaMåned siden
  • Just because I'm racist doesnt mean I'm German wait

    Spych0Spych0Måned siden
  • Nux: *gets canceled(coughagaincough)* Also Nux: "oh no, anyway"

    Yeet boiYeet boiMåned siden
  • why is there pekora bgm

    El SwooceEl SwooceMåned siden
    • we all love perkora bgm

      Arno RaathArno RaathMåned siden
  • another crazy big disadvantage of earpods with wires is that you have to put your mask off if you want to take your earpods out. That was probably terrible english from a german.

    meta JmWmeta JmWMåned siden
  • these people don't play games, care about games or care about or participate in any of the community's of the things they complain about, they have no power, no sway and no credibility. IGNORE THEM

    WitherWitherMåned siden
  • Gaming article complaining about killing civilians and war crimes: NaZis aRe BAd! Me, reenacting the holocaust in Minecraft: huh?

    AlphaAlphaMåned siden
  • Now wait till Journalist play Persona 2

    DishDishMåned siden
  • Cant listen to what you are saying, vibin to pekora's bgm

    Alexandre SeverAlexandre SeverMåned siden
  • Imagine these peoples thoughts about Hisoka....

    HaydenHaydenMåned siden
  • every time I see his editor use JonTron I always think I would love to see a collab between JonTron and Nux

    Ben BlackBen BlackMåned siden
  • :3:p

    Veka laeVeka laeMåned siden
  • I've got a bad guy fighting for a good reason. Light from death note.

    ender of hope eater of soulsender of hope eater of soulsMåned siden
  • I feel like this video is arguing with and “calling out” arguments and points that literally don’t exist. Like you’re laughing at strawmen for almost the entire runtime of this video. Are there any actual examples of this toxicity you’re talking about? I mean the only actual article referenced in this video wasnt even saying that liking the game or playing as the characters makes you a bad person, just that the game didn’t do a great job of writing sympathetic imperial characters. Also how is fascism “anti-conformist”?

    The BHNThe BHNMåned siden
  • This dude was using Pekora's bgm? Siiiiimp.

    VisiousInstance64VisiousInstance642 måneder siden
  • Bruh hitler got a kill steak and didn’t get the nuke?

    DoomDoom2 måneder siden

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck Nein2 måneder siden
  • I feel like you were so close with final point. So close lol

    Kevlar JordanKevlar Jordan2 måneder siden
  • The media has lied to people again and again. They deserve to be mentally tortured. I think I know how to do it. Let's make them read fanfiction.

    empty space blue fireballempty space blue fireball2 måneder siden
  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter did it in like 1994? 96? You're the best Imperial pilot, the plot is excellent, the graphics were great for its time (I played it several years later and was amazed), the sound and music were revolutionary... and it made you proud of being part of the Empire. Most of the time you didn't kill rebels, you fought "grey" factions, but still.

    Ukitsu2Ukitsu22 måneder siden
  • So basicly.. these toxic people say that if you like villains ur a badguy.. God thats beyond stupid. First off all good and bad arent as black and white in the real world. Thinking like that is just straight up dumb. Nobody really is just evil and good. We all have good and bad parts. Second... These are fictional characters... they arent freaking real.. how hard is that for some people to understand. I love alot of villains. But am i a villain? No ofc not.. i love the joker but im not gonna go out and shoot people.. wtf. I love villains cuz they are scary and interresting. Because they are not freaking real. You dont see me saying "oh boi hitler is such an interresting villain of the ww2 arc wowie" because he is a real person who did horrible things. But someone like diavolo.. my fav villain of jojo atm.. i love him because he is scary, mysterious and interresting.. and he is not freaking real. If he was real i would not like him cuz he is a pshycho who kills people and tried to kill his daughter.. but he is not a real freaking person.. its all fiction

    Pickle BoiPickle Boi2 måneder siden
  • You remember how someone in the sandbox had to play as the bad guy and have the bad guy action figures out when playing with friends? All of this is just like that. But... Kotaku is saying that is bad. Also playing as the bad guys tells you the story of how bad said bad guys are. You see it yourself. So when you play the good guys story you are even MORE motivated to kick ass. Also, how can we know how bad the bad guys are/were if we don't see what they've done? And the best way to do it? Force a player into that role.

    The Flying SailorThe Flying Sailor2 måneder siden
  • On the Endeavor argument: I don't mind people appreciating him for the well written character that he is - a hero to the public but a total douchebag to his family/loved ones. I haven't seen his redemption arc yet, but honestly I don't think he deserves one until after he actually gets punished for his crimes (jail/prison/maybe community service since he is still a 'hero'). Also, can we talk about how he basically threatened his wife and her family to let him marry her just so he could pump out superpowered offspring? Not just me? 😰 And a shoutout to the shippers out there with Endeavor x ABC pairings - maybe you should go to where Endeavor sent Todoroki's mom after she finally snapped and burned her own son's face because she couldn't handle living in such a toxic household 🥰

    SnazzJazSnazzJaz2 måneder siden
  • I love how your sanity is rapidly depleting as video progresses

    ItalianSpaghett4ItalianSpaghett42 måneder siden
  • Yeah this is w really troubling and stupid problem. I've got had 1 experience with it that sticks out I said that unironically I thought the pink haired girl was the one most fit to take care of the child got into a decently heated discussion with someone and by the end of it they told me to fuck off 10/10 would do again

    cooler1303cooler13032 måneder siden
  • naughty naughty mr nuxanor, calling people out makes them think they are right. you shouldn't ply with your food

    Crowned KingCrowned King2 måneder siden
  • Nutaku >>>>> Kotaku

    KharnKharn2 måneder siden
  • Okay, about that raycon stuff. While I get the appeal of wireless audio, people often forget to mention the major drawback it commonly brings, compared to wired; *audio delay.* So far, every single bluetooth speaker/headset/etc. I’ve used has had a noticeable delay in audio. If all you’re doing is music or phonecalls, no big deal. But *anything else* on *any device*, and it can quickly become an issue. So while cords are annoying, at least wired devices play the audio immediately.

    Grey Rifter RellikGrey Rifter Rellik2 måneder siden
  • there is a twitter profile that regularly looks through games and lets you know whether you can break the Geneva conventions. of course that person does it satirically, but kotaku writing a hate article over this is wildly ridiculous

    gage wiggintongage wigginton2 måneder siden
  • I'm going to stop you right there. Pewdiepie has been using Nazi dogwhistles for years. Like if he isn't a full blown nazi, he is constantly signaling nazis and every "apology" somehow contains even more dogwhistles. Most of the time, I only call "Nazi" on legit Nazis, and pewdiepie is at least nazi-adjacent

    Bryant FoxBryant Fox2 måneder siden
  • Who keeps giving dumb people smart phones? Because that's what must have happened for Nux to be accused of being a Nazi

    Keiton ValentineKeiton Valentine2 måneder siden
  • Me liking the terrorist in a movie. Realizing I'm watching the news.

    Chris LasmierChris Lasmier2 måneder siden
  • Nux, we noticed this, and got Gamergate and then Trump and both have amounted to nothing in the same amount of time almost

    SloxmanSloxman2 måneder siden
  • is the music in the background from banjo and kazooie

    limbo_exelimbo_exe2 måneder siden
  • 5:41 *I died laughing*

    JakeSnakeyJakeSnakey2 måneder siden
  • I'm crying at toxicity. crying laughing that is

    Erwin TolusErwin Tolus2 måneder siden
  • Oi dont think we didnt see you stealing pekora's bgm

    Xen XXen X2 måneder siden
  • At least someone else said something about it I would but I dont have enough clout and im not so we'll known

    firefox 111firefox 1112 måneder siden
  • I don't think there is anyone direct cause for the stupidity of the modern day. But I do think the primary cause is that the people who are crying about being able to play the bad guys in video games and make the whole "If you like such and such character then your a bad guy cause that character is a bad guy" kind of arguments is really just them preaching from a high horse of made of lies. The people on Twitter who loose their shit over characters like Uzaki Chan, they don't care at all whether or not Uzaki Chan is actually demeaning to women or offensive. They don't care because they are just trying to play the morality police and virtue signal to make themselves feel good about themselves. They do this because they know deep down that they are sad pathetic people with no redeeming qualities. So they have to preach their false morality and hide behind a lie of them being a good person. They aren't good people, they just want to push a nonsensical narrative and lie through their teeth to sooth the pain of knowing just how awful they are, to give them some kind of feel good. I can only assume that on the indivual level it starts with them being completely unable to cope with their own insecurities, that's the first step and we see where it leads.

    Renegade MarblesRenegade Marbles2 måneder siden
  • cant wait for 2 mil

    IdunnoIdunno2 måneder siden
  • Remember when extra credits made that video about "normalizing" nazis and we all just laughed and called them stupid? Imma... Imma startin to think they maaaaybe were on to something since apparently NO ONE knows wtf a nazi actually is anymore...

    hurlock24hurlock242 måneder siden
  • I thought I recognized that banger BGM in the beginning.

    KablanqKablanq2 måneder siden
  • dat pekora bgm at the beginning thou

    KurakkuKurakku2 måneder siden
  • Sum-Up: There are idiots who can't tell the difference between fiction and reality, and/or assume that others can't.

    mytruepower2mytruepower22 måneder siden
  • Bro nux's butt metaphors are just amazing

    Seif ElassalSeif Elassal2 måneder siden
  • Honestly people who call others a nazi because of haveing a different opinion are technically a nezi themselves. So if someone calls you a nazi piss them off with the brutal truth. And I don't go on twitter because I'm extremely truthful and I'd probably get band for life

    JLG MoviesJLG Movies2 måneder siden
  • Hah, let they now about Accelerator

    GorillaoGorillao2 måneder siden
  • So basically Keeming (As in Keemstar bullshitting about other NOworld's and being a hypocrite

    Nat WhiteNat White2 måneder siden
  • I love this video

    Luka LukaaLuka Lukaa2 måneder siden
  • Journalism is a joke

    Hervy GervyHervy Gervy3 måneder siden
  • So, collecting a certain type of vessel (Destroyers) in a certain shooter and specializig on German vessels while holding German citicenship (no pun intended): Would that make me a triple-Nazi or a Nazi to the Power of Three? And: How come I haven't singlehandedly sunk the entire Royal Navy yet after my hours and hours of 'training'?

    Schwarzes EisSchwarzes Eis3 måneder siden
  • Nux I am your fan forever so don't worry not everyone hates you.

    Scarlet RequiemScarlet Requiem3 måneder siden
  • 11:57 I fear I will get that reaction everytime I bring up Hisoka and the Bungee gum. One of my favorite memes. I refuse to let the WOKE community ruin my fun. So I do my best to ignore it

    Hogoromo OtsutsukiHogoromo Otsutsuki3 måneder siden
  • 11:59: Final Fantasy Vii applies. The first and second missions you do in the game, are acts of terrorism, planting bombs in the Mako Reactors. No one mentions that. Nor do they mention the Chemical Gas attacks carried out by the Neo-Zeon and Titans forces in 0079 Gundam/ Gundam Zeta. Or the Atrocities committed by the A-Laws forces in Gundam 00, one of which featured an attack by orbital weapons platform. Its the Woke SJW movement Nux Taku. You want a target? You need to target the ENTIRE woke community. Destroying them, will help get our society back on track again.

    Hogoromo OtsutsukiHogoromo Otsutsuki3 måneder siden
  • 6:38 ok Nux, How good is the damn Bluetooth transceiver in those earbuds? To date, I have yet to find a bluetooth headset/phone combination that has enough power to overcome my bioelectric field. In short, if phone is in my coat pocket, or in my back pocket, the audio cuts in and out constantly. and I am the source of the damn interference

    Hogoromo OtsutsukiHogoromo Otsutsuki3 måneder siden
  • :54 then you got me, covering shiz, just cause I feel like playing a game again.... and feel that the BEST way to do such a thing, in 2020, is to livestream my gameplay!

    Hogoromo OtsutsukiHogoromo Otsutsuki3 måneder siden
  • i know im late to this party but i love how in 2006 Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate came out and this literally has Nazi's in it but when it came out no one cared it was just an anime you watched and liked and watched and didnt like it.

    rebirthofswordrebirthofsword3 måneder siden
  • Kotaku UK did participate to BBC doki doki literature club controversy so... They're suck a lot.

    Nat-chanSpookiNat-chanSpooki3 måneder siden
  • The chance that Pewdiepie is a nazi is not 0

    Bigdaddyn744Bigdaddyn7443 måneder siden
  • I’ll Be Honest Here, People Can Like What They Like But Heres A Bad Ship. And I Only Like Yuri Hentai Kyoko X Sayaka Is A Bad Ship! Madoka Magica Best Anime And The Three Best Girls To Me Are: {My Waifu} Mami, Madoka, Sayaka Also I Like Bebe, Kyubay, Homura But I Hate Kyosuke, Hitomi, Kyoko {Fuck Kyosuke, Fuck Hitomi, Fuck Kyoko} The Four Best Yuri Ships To Me Are: - Madoka X Sayaka - Madoka X Mami - Mami X Sayaka - Mami X Madoka X Sayaka {The Sad Scene With Madoka And Sayaka In Episode 7 Is Adorable, I Love It! Its So Cute! 😍😍😍 If People Have Doujins Of The Four Best Yuri Ships To Me Then Please Reply! The Four Best Yuri Ships To Me Are: - Madoka X Sayaka - Madoka X Mami - Mami X Sayaka - Mami X Madoka X Sayaka {Mami Best Girl!, Mami Is My Waifu!} Im Asexual!, And I Only Like Yuri Hentai!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power3 måneder siden
    • Wat

      A Random PersonA Random Person2 måneder siden
  • But Ear Buds Have The Detachable Parts That For Me!, Get Stuck In My Ears, Headphones Are Better, And I Use Bluetooth Headphones!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power3 måneder siden
  • Bro i dont know if you know about TheQuartering but he covers shit like this often, not sure if you'd like his content but i suggest you check him out.

    SolinceSolince3 måneder siden
  • Nux is the imperial over Lord what do you mean I think-

    I_Escalated_ quicklyI_Escalated_ quickly3 måneder siden
  • Did I just see J-Hope?? :D

    M.Y.M.Y.3 måneder siden
  • Fun fact about starwars *clears throat* everyone has done good and bad, take Vader for example sith... yes redeemed himself by saving his son and the galaxy from a dark power... yes has commander Rex served his republic till the end... yes did he have to kill his own under orders of a Jedi... yes. My point here is star wars may look black and white and that’s completely fine but if you have to make an article about it showing you’re lack of information then why make the article

    Ran 1812Ran 18123 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman3 måneder siden
  • I guess I shouldn't play Among Us, GTA, TF2 and Overwatch.....

    Melral CT-3718Melral CT-37183 måneder siden

    Kakashi SenseiKakashi Sensei3 måneder siden
  • Word of the day: "asinine"

    Max LoganMax Logan3 måneder siden
  • Nux I'm here because you and I are almost the same person. The only difference is you're loud and you forget the funny.

    Kumo sanKumo san3 måneder siden
  • I’ve noticed these problems a long time ago. Glad Nux was brave enough to call it out.

    Kh FreakKh Freak3 måneder siden

    Chris HigginsChris Higgins3 måneder siden
  • these people are simple minded. they don't understand the implications of individuality, they don't understand that different people can think differently. they have a disability, i don't know what the medical term for it is, but typical humans develop an intuitive awareness of the distinction between fiction and reality at about the age of 4. these people have not developed this. and because they can't grasp individuality, they project this upon everyone. their experience must be unanimous, the way they think or feel must be true for everyone, because they don't understand that, or why, it wouldn't be.

    AK48smokerAK48smoker3 måneder siden
  • Raycons are trash lol. And see, Nux can say nice things about MHA. As long as he's not talking about Crybaby Deku.

    War624War6243 måneder siden
  • “I spit on thee” I haven’t seen that face in years

    Prince Schwoop 52Prince Schwoop 523 måneder siden
  • That moment when Nux wanders in blindly into something most gamers knew since the days of Gamergate.

    PasOdMaterPasOdMater3 måneder siden
  • No one tell them The Force Unleashed exists 🙄

    JustYourAverageGirlJustYourAverageGirl3 måneder siden

    Pampa rompaPampa rompa3 måneder siden
  • Next why do you keep lying to me about raycons why do every NOworldr who has a raycon sponsorship lie to me about raycons Raycon E55 and especially E25 earphones are absolute ass buy something of quality like Galaxy buds or Jabra 76 T's or if you fancy Apple airpod pros.

    LENNY!LENNY!3 måneder siden
  • It’s amazing how nux is neither a protagonist and a antagonist

    Ratdog GamingRatdog Gaming3 måneder siden
  • When I was a kid, I really wanted to cosplay as a Veil Heavy Trooper from Wolfenstein because they look fucking awesome. These days I would legit fear for my safety. Then again... I could always make it out of actual metal, padding, & insulating material, put functional tesla coils on it, and let anybody who tries being a fanatical dickhead learn the hard way about why "personal space" is very important to respect...

    Sam DenhamSam Denham3 måneder siden
  • Mr. Itsagundum talked about this. Makes sense why I watch you both.

    Sky zombie45Sky zombie453 måneder siden
  • Idiots: "you know if you kill innocent people in video games it makes you evil" Me: looks at random planet "before creation comes destruction, HAKAI!"

    E.M. EwalsE.M. Ewals3 måneder siden
  • I like cheese

    Goose bondGoose bond3 måneder siden
  • You to hu

    Glen HumeGlen Hume3 måneder siden