I'm Putting An End To This Shit.

12. okt.. 2020
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  • Journalism is a joke

    Hervy GervyHervy GervyDag siden
  • So, collecting a certain type of vessel (Destroyers) in a certain shooter and specializig on German vessels while holding German citicenship (no pun intended): Would that make me a triple-Nazi or a Nazi to the Power of Three? And: How come I haven't singlehandedly sunk the entire Royal Navy yet after my hours and hours of 'training'?

    Schwarzes EisSchwarzes Eis2 dager siden
  • Nux I am your fan forever so don't worry not everyone hates you.

    Scarlet RequiemScarlet Requiem3 dager siden
  • 11:57 I fear I will get that reaction everytime I bring up Hisoka and the Bungee gum. One of my favorite memes. I refuse to let the WOKE community ruin my fun. So I do my best to ignore it

    Gin Taku D. SakataGin Taku D. Sakata3 dager siden
  • 11:59: Final Fantasy Vii applies. The first and second missions you do in the game, are acts of terrorism, planting bombs in the Mako Reactors. No one mentions that. Nor do they mention the Chemical Gas attacks carried out by the Neo-Zeon and Titans forces in 0079 Gundam/ Gundam Zeta. Or the Atrocities committed by the A-Laws forces in Gundam 00, one of which featured an attack by orbital weapons platform. Its the Woke SJW movement Nux Taku. You want a target? You need to target the ENTIRE woke community. Destroying them, will help get our society back on track again.

    Gin Taku D. SakataGin Taku D. Sakata3 dager siden
  • 6:38 ok Nux, How good is the damn Bluetooth transceiver in those earbuds? To date, I have yet to find a bluetooth headset/phone combination that has enough power to overcome my bioelectric field. In short, if phone is in my coat pocket, or in my back pocket, the audio cuts in and out constantly. and I am the source of the damn interference

    Gin Taku D. SakataGin Taku D. Sakata3 dager siden
  • :54 then you got me, covering shiz, just cause I feel like playing a game again.... and feel that the BEST way to do such a thing, in 2020, is to livestream my gameplay!

    Gin Taku D. SakataGin Taku D. Sakata3 dager siden
  • i know im late to this party but i love how in 2006 Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate came out and this literally has Nazi's in it but when it came out no one cared it was just an anime you watched and liked and watched and didnt like it.

    rebirthofswordrebirthofsword4 dager siden
  • Kotaku UK did participate to BBC doki doki literature club controversy so... They're suck a lot.

    NatSpookiNatSpooki4 dager siden
  • If these journos get Attack on Titan Season 4 cancelled bad shit's gonna happen. I'll make sure that it does.

    Johnny WeedseedJohnny Weedseed4 dager siden
  • The chance that Pewdiepie is a nazi is not 0

    Bigdaddyn744Bigdaddyn7445 dager siden
  • I’ll Be Honest Here, People Can Like What They Like But Heres A Bad Ship. And I Only Like Yuri Hentai Kyoko X Sayaka Is A Bad Ship! Madoka Magica Best Anime And The Three Best Girls To Me Are: {My Waifu} Mami, Madoka, Sayaka Also I Like Bebe, Kyubay, Homura But I Hate Kyosuke, Hitomi, Kyoko {Fuck Kyosuke, Fuck Hitomi, Fuck Kyoko} The Four Best Yuri Ships To Me Are: - Madoka X Sayaka - Madoka X Mami - Mami X Sayaka - Mami X Madoka X Sayaka {The Sad Scene With Madoka And Sayaka In Episode 7 Is Adorable, I Love It! Its So Cute! 😍😍😍 If People Have Doujins Of The Four Best Yuri Ships To Me Then Please Reply! The Four Best Yuri Ships To Me Are: - Madoka X Sayaka - Madoka X Mami - Mami X Sayaka - Mami X Madoka X Sayaka {Mami Best Girl!, Mami Is My Waifu!} Im Asexual!, And I Only Like Yuri Hentai!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power5 dager siden
  • But Ear Buds Have The Detachable Parts That For Me!, Get Stuck In My Ears, Headphones Are Better, And I Use Bluetooth Headphones!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power5 dager siden
  • Bro i dont know if you know about TheQuartering but he covers shit like this often, not sure if you'd like his content but i suggest you check him out.

    SolinceSolince6 dager siden
  • Nux is the imperial over Lord what do you mean I think-

    I_Escalated_ quicklyI_Escalated_ quickly6 dager siden
  • Did I just see J-Hope?? :D

    M.Y.M.Y.6 dager siden
  • Fun fact about starwars *clears throat* everyone has done good and bad, take Vader for example sith... yes redeemed himself by saving his son and the galaxy from a dark power... yes has commander Rex served his republic till the end... yes did he have to kill his own under orders of a Jedi... yes. My point here is star wars may look black and white and that’s completely fine but if you have to make an article about it showing you’re lack of information then why make the article

    Ran 1812Ran 18126 dager siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman7 dager siden
  • I guess I shouldn't play Among Us, GTA, TF2 and Overwatch.....

    Melral CT-3718Melral CT-37187 dager siden

    Kakashi SenseiKakashi Sensei8 dager siden
  • Word of the day: "asinine"

    Max LoganMax Logan8 dager siden
  • Nux I'm here because you and I are almost the same person. The only difference is you're loud and you forget the funny.

    Kumo sanKumo san9 dager siden
  • I’ve noticed these problems a long time ago. Glad Nux was brave enough to call it out.

    Kh FreakKh Freak9 dager siden

    Chris HigginsChris Higgins10 dager siden
  • these people are simple minded. they don't understand the implications of individuality, they don't understand that different people can think differently. they have a disability, i don't know what the medical term for it is, but typical humans develop an intuitive awareness of the distinction between fiction and reality at about the age of 4. these people have not developed this. and because they can't grasp individuality, they project this upon everyone. their experience must be unanimous, the way they think or feel must be true for everyone, because they don't understand that, or why, it wouldn't be.

    AK48smokerAK48smoker10 dager siden
  • Raycons are trash lol. And see, Nux can say nice things about MHA. As long as he's not talking about Crybaby Deku.

    War624War62410 dager siden
  • “I spit on thee” I haven’t seen that face in years

    Prince Schwoop 52Prince Schwoop 5210 dager siden
  • That moment when Nux wanders in blindly into something most gamers knew since the days of Gamergate.

    PasOdMaterPasOdMater10 dager siden
  • No one tell them The Force Unleashed exists 🙄

    JustYourAverageGirlJustYourAverageGirl10 dager siden

    Pampa rompaPampa rompa10 dager siden
  • Next why do you keep lying to me about raycons why do every NOworldr who has a raycon sponsorship lie to me about raycons Raycon E55 and especially E25 earphones are absolute ass buy something of quality like Galaxy buds or Jabra 76 T's or if you fancy Apple airpod pros.

    LENNY!LENNY!10 dager siden
  • It’s amazing how nux is neither a protagonist and a antagonist

    Ratdog GamingRatdog Gaming10 dager siden
  • When I was a kid, I really wanted to cosplay as a Veil Heavy Trooper from Wolfenstein because they look fucking awesome. These days I would legit fear for my safety. Then again... I could always make it out of actual metal, padding, & insulating material, put functional tesla coils on it, and let anybody who tries being a fanatical dickhead learn the hard way about why "personal space" is very important to respect...

    Sam DenhamSam Denham10 dager siden
  • Mr. Itsagundum talked about this. Makes sense why I watch you both.

    Sky zombie45Sky zombie4511 dager siden
  • Idiots: "you know if you kill innocent people in video games it makes you evil" Me: looks at random planet "before creation comes destruction, HAKAI!"

    E.M. EwalsE.M. Ewals11 dager siden
  • I like cheese

    Goose bondGoose bond11 dager siden
  • You to hu

    Glen HumeGlen Hume11 dager siden
  • Meanwhile im carpet nuking the uk in HOI4... Ps.: Long live the empire

    Gergő Hodruszky Or Just Call Me GregGergő Hodruszky Or Just Call Me Greg11 dager siden
  • Are we going to ignore the fact that Nux has the Pekora BGM at the start?

    OK Im SaitamanOK Im Saitaman11 dager siden
  • daily reminder that partisans are terrorists. so are you going to tell me that partisans who are terrorists who fought against nazis during the WWII are bad guys? you probably see where I am going and that is why that mentality doesn't really work. things are never black and white

    Sunrise SparkleSunrise Sparkle11 dager siden
  • love that colony drop on dublin

    Doven WolfDoven Wolf11 dager siden
  • lol Pewdiepie desserts everything he gets. He is the biggest individual youtuber and he should take some responsibility for youtube as a platform and not literally start internet racewars

    meanie-weeniemeanie-weenie12 dager siden
  • Stupidly at its finest 😌

    Carnalina ImmorminoCarnalina Immormino12 dager siden
  • For playing Star Wars squadrons as then the Evils You are a space nazi:D ......goodnight 😀

    Jeremiah wilcoxJeremiah wilcox12 dager siden
  • Nux: does a reaction vid to hololive on his 2nd channel Nux after that vid: uses Pekora's bgm in this vid :)

    Tsukiyomi SeireiTsukiyomi Seirei12 dager siden
  • I am convinced that these people don’t know what the nazi did, all the know it one thing. Nazi bad, and so they just think that anything they deem bad is somehow related to nazis.

    God KianaGod Kiana12 dager siden
  • I've lived in the anime community for probably 15 years now. I write fanfiction as a hobby and I get called a nazi every time I update. Earlier this week I got a friendly email telling me to kill myself because I'm apparently a nazi. The funniest part of it was I have a Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) fic available but that wasn't the one he called out. It was an Akame Ga Kill fic. So I pulled a Nux and fed off of this hate. My response was as follows... "Thank you for apparently knowing my politics better than I do. Though I have to ask. How am I a Right-Wing National Socialist from the 1920s to the 1940s when I'm 20 years old and a proud member of the US Airforce?" Honestly, the word has lost its value and most people don't even know what it means. Much less how to use it correctly. Anyway, love the videos and sarcasm Nux keep up.

    ZeCrimsonGamerZeCrimsonGamer12 dager siden
  • 2 million subs will summon satan? I'm fucking in.

    SamuelSamuel12 dager siden
  • I think Kotaku made the articles so that Nux can make a video giving them more clicks. 😶 Not quite the 189IQ move but it's up there.

    Nether LordNether Lord13 dager siden
  • I think you're overreacting they just decimate villages, literally everyone does it Weirdo

    Some Guy With A BeardSome Guy With A Beard13 dager siden
  • pekora bgm do be a bop though

    TriggerpugTriggerpug13 dager siden
  • TBH Spiffing brit needs to make a vid about Nux how he exploits canceled culture. The best Chad in ZA WARUDO

    Habiby FauziHabiby Fauzi13 dager siden
  • I remember havin a conversation about makin a d&d villain. They believed that only baddies with a tragic backstory with redeemable qualities were good villains. While they are allowed their opinion I think a healthy mix is better. It's extremely satisfyin to take a powerful bully beg for mercy or to put your sword into the chest of absolute evil especially when you've had time to stew over how much you want it.

    ValteineValteine13 dager siden
  • You damn sure do understand the art of clickbait, better than most--like 99.9%--which is why I never get mad when you clickbait me.

    reachthroughrealityreachthroughreality13 dager siden
  • kiss me

    Coen MahleckeCoen Mahlecke13 dager siden
  • I want to seven page muda these guys

    GioGioGioGio13 dager siden
    • Better make it 8 for good measure.

      Johnny WeedseedJohnny Weedseed4 dager siden
  • I don't see a problem with the new star wars game. If you don't like a side you can just not help them during the missions you are forced to play as them. It is the reason I can't beat the second level of I am forced to play THE REBELS. I keep shooting the galactic terrorist organization know as THE REBELS because I am a UNITED STATES MARINE and I say FUCK ISIS every day.

    hatecrimesrbadhatecrimesrbad13 dager siden
  • Exactly what happened with Joker. This country is ridiculous

    Tyler JefferiesTyler Jefferies13 dager siden
  • Idk how I came to this thought, but we have never seen Nux Taku’s avatar’s feet at all

    No-onehere ShouldknowokNo-onehere Shouldknowok13 dager siden
  • You think the Star Wars squadron article is bad? Kotaku wrote an entire article about why one of the gangs in cyberpunk 2077 is a harmful stereotype! And the logic they used for this makes me cringe. I’ve seen sixth grade essays with more logical reasoning than that article. The whole premise of it is literally “my Asian friend said that he thinks that this might be a little bit racist and therefore it is racist”, I am not even joking! They literally write something along those lines in the article! They outright say that the entire article is based off of personal experience and not any kind of empirical evidence. How do you become a journalist like that? How do you hope to get hired by any kind of legitimate news source?

    Jackson PowellJackson Powell13 dager siden
  • Gaming Journalists: “You’re killing innocent civilians!” Me playing Stellaris: “Heh, Planet Destroyer go Boom!”

    Nicholas TraxlerNicholas Traxler13 dager siden
    • "Heh, Devouring Swarm goes ñam ñam ñam"

      Rodrigo BogadoRodrigo Bogado12 dager siden
  • it's a shame this concept has to be explained to grown fucking adults. i swear some people need to get some real problems.

    Entitled IndustriesEntitled Industries14 dager siden
  • Nux talks about the thing everyone knows already but really, I love his videos so not complaining

    Giovanna MenineGiovanna Menine14 dager siden
  • Now I understand just how big the “Yeah, I’m an entitled asshole and I have freedom of speech to speak about every entitled shit as much as I want!” issues are but, I still don’t understand Zoro though.

    Digiking1992Digiking199214 dager siden
  • alternate title: "clickbait youtuber flexes on clickbait journalists (gone wrong) [face reveal]"

    12DAMDO12DAMDO14 dager siden
  • Another win for the nux empire

    Sir DanknessSir Dankness14 dager siden
  • People who say that if you support endeavor you support child abuse. I was an abused child, beaten to the point I went to the hospital sometimes, to the point I slept for days on end. I love endeavor, I love how he makes slow efforts to try and get back into the family he tore apart. He deserves a redemption simply for trying.

    Sai ChanSai Chan14 dager siden
  • "The endless chasm that is the asshole of society that I would like to spread open for the masses to get a little whiff of" ~ Lord Nuxanor, 2020

    unnatti sharmaunnatti sharma14 dager siden
  • Meh, you get used to it, being a leftist gamer/nerd/memer means I get hate from some on the left for being a gamer and hate from the right for not being a "true" gamer... so yeah, fuck people xD

    J. T.J. T.14 dager siden
  • anyone else here raycon shadow legends all the time

    Myles WachiraMyles Wachira14 dager siden
  • Stuff like this is why I am phasing out Kotaku and Polygon for my video game news (I certainly raised an eyebrow way back when Polygon wrote up an article about Critical Role's animated series Kickstarter and went out of it's way to say the web series is problematic because all of the main actors in the series are white) and looking at other avenues. Gamesrader seems alright so far and I went back to Gamespot after a decade or so.

    Ian WoodIan Wood14 dager siden
  • "Do you realize your killing civilians." Me currently beating up a random GTA 5 npc with a bat:

    Maurice HerreraMaurice Herrera14 dager siden
  • It really bugs me when people say this about anime. There's a difference between liking a character because they're evil and because they're well written. And, really, the whole 'you should only like the good guy' is silly, since half the time they wind up promoting violence to nearly just as extreme levels, only slightly veiled by self righteousness.

    Ward MWard M14 dager siden
  • 5D, big brain, 189 dumb high IQ flex: Rick and Morty watch Nux on inter dimensional cable. Of infinite possibilities, there is a reality where all of Nux’s videos are monetized.

    Joseph HoskowitzJoseph Hoskowitz14 dager siden
  • Darth Vader is one of my favorite characters of all time. He is a bad guy and does terrible things that make be sick. But he’s cool.

    badtemper88badtemper8814 dager siden
  • I'm just a 17 year old with limited understanding of the world, but I believe this comes from the ideas of postmodernism. As this idealogy is based in that the world is viewed in total relativism and because of it there are infinite interpretations of the universe. The conclusion is that you can only relate to people who are exactly like you, so if you relate/see things from a character's point of view it can only means that you are just like 'em and therefore you are a heinous person as well.

    Mohammed SakaylMohammed Sakayl14 dager siden
  • Are they trying to create supervillains? Because this is how you create supervillains.

    sneakyskunk1sneakyskunk114 dager siden
  • I feel like endeavors redemption was handled really well. It took time for him and his family to reconcile, and how he actually started the change after all mights secret was found out. When todoroki was slowly starting to forgive his father for everything wrong he did. And how he showed not just him but his wife and other kids he wants to do better and will gave me chills. I respect him as a hero.

    nameless _seedlingnameless _seedling14 dager siden
  • Did they forget it’s fictional a video game and Star Wars

    SixAsura 2002SixAsura 200214 dager siden
  • Peepoopoo

    BamBamsBubbleBamBamsBubble14 dager siden
  • Honestly, journalism and these journalists are nothing more than a joke nowadays.

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache15 dager siden
    • Journalism is Dead.

      Alonso CovarrubiasAlonso Covarrubias2 dager siden
    • You tell em, mustachless man!

      John SmithJohn Smith4 dager siden
  • Praise the (sun) algorithm.

    RematicRematic15 dager siden
  • Request No 9: Nux please make, "No one understands Homelander" video.

    Viraj BaileViraj Baile15 dager siden
  • Journalism is kinda of a joke now because of these people

    Versus 22Versus 2215 dager siden
  • This video is from 2 days ago? It feels like it was uploaded 3 years ago since this shit is still relevant.

    teh1archonteh1archon15 dager siden
  • we all notice it, but it is almost useless to fight against it, they are like a shameless, retarded hydra. If you get rid of 1 bad take, 2 more will pop up. It is pretty funny tho.

    Nashi _Nashi _15 dager siden
  • That Red X is just a lazy shwastika, you Yachtzee!!!

    R GR G15 dager siden
  • I watched this video while playing the Nazi campaign in Battlefield V.

    Chon H TailorChon H Tailor15 dager siden
  • let them be as toxic as they want, that way we can make fun of them and laugh at their stupidity, anyway now that that's out of the way, I think I'm going to rewatch the saga of Tania the evil.

    Reaver volfeedReaver volfeed15 dager siden
  • Liking Kilua is way more sus than liking Hisoka.

    Chilly JackChilly Jack15 dager siden
  • Games journalists and activists (what's the difference?) are children who never learned the concept of nuance.

    Chilly JackChilly Jack15 dager siden
  • While I think about it. People like villains that murder millions. Yet the only difference with Endeavor and maybe some others is that they didn't mess with a fan-favorite who is also their child. If it's a random face it's fine, shrug to the side.

    shiyiku spriteshiyiku sprite15 dager siden
  • This is exactly what I've been thinking and there was an article on among us being fascist.

    king subwayking subway15 dager siden
  • Imagine trying cancel someone and force them off the internet only for them to just use it to flex on someone

    Brandon MillerBrandon Miller15 dager siden
  • This proves that elders take kid shows seriously when they are endeavoured

    Mack MenezesMack Menezes15 dager siden
  • nux taku has the most balls of anyone on the internet this beautiful man

    cheshirekatwamhcheshirekatwamh15 dager siden
  • Absolute madlad

    Davi FerreiraDavi Ferreira15 dager siden
  • then by the same logic the people that play bad people in movies are bad

    KillshredderKillshredder15 dager siden
  • Controversial Declaration:Joaquin Phoenix's Joker was trash.

    Arf BarkArf Bark15 dager siden
  • XD no!!!that alladen shit was too much I'm dying

    Tim SchaeferTim Schaefer15 dager siden