I Play UNO Like an Anime Villain (ft MxR Plays, Ironmouse & Pokimane Simp)

14. aug.. 2020
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    Nux TakuNux Taku5 måneder siden

      Martin StefanoskiMartin StefanoskiMåned siden
    • NKokomo I’m inniijninjniiiniii

      AJ WatermelonAJ Watermelon2 måneder siden
    • Onion is I ini

      AJ WatermelonAJ Watermelon2 måneder siden
    • Noob no j in I j in no jiji

      AJ WatermelonAJ Watermelon2 måneder siden
  • 19:00 doesn’t sound like a chair creaking, so much as a different biological function, if you know what I mean... ;)

    Ian TanIan Tan17 timer siden
  • I would LOVE for there to be an Uno anime

    Kyle MatthewsKyle MatthewsDag siden
  • You're just playing this game like you're seto kaiba

    funtime gamerfuntime gamerDag siden
  • I laughed the whole time. 10/10 would love to see more Uno. Also I'm a new subscriber

    Cody LoussaertCody Loussaert4 dager siden
  • Thanks for reminding me of my social short comings that I bought Scruples, before Uno, before acquiring more than one friend.

    ChazrealChazreal4 dager siden
  • You will remember this as the day you almost beat lord nuxanor

    Auston GainerAuston Gainer4 dager siden
  • Whay bna

    Yarithza SostreYarithza Sostre6 dager siden
  • why do i feel like i play a lot like u

    PoonchsPoonchs7 dager siden
  • In mousey we trust

    clownclown7 dager siden
  • Has anyone ever told you sound like Tobuscus

    Kirby113ex !Kirby113ex !8 dager siden
  • Evan: Trying to play Le Lord Nuxanor : "Evan how dare you try to win. I will never forgive you for this".

    Devansh PopliDevansh Popli10 dager siden
  • Dream playing speed runs nux playing death note

    Issa Assadi ShehniIssa Assadi Shehni10 dager siden
  • im scared on how good nux can act as a villain-

    * Your Local Nerd ** Your Local Nerd *10 dager siden

    84 1284 1212 dager siden
  • Imagine nux taku and friends playing dnd

    xXGreenFoxyXxxXGreenFoxyXx13 dager siden
  • I think he's just gonna get in a call with ironmouse to "summon satan at 2M

    GalarticunoGalarticuno13 dager siden
  • 16:18 Evan on 6

    rex nightingalerex nightingale13 dager siden
  • A villain would definitely quote ninja, surely he's an aspiration.

    Ganondoof _Ganondoof _15 dager siden
  • Why be the antagonist or the protagonist when you can be both

    jakethecrazycakejakethecrazycake16 dager siden
  • Wait nux said he is an antagonist which means I already know he will lose the game

    FoxFox20 dager siden
  • "Chaos is dope" tell that to 2020

    mini corpsemini corpse20 dager siden
  • 4:25 *whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es

    Ember DragonEmber Dragon20 dager siden
  • Mom: why are you drinking mayonnaise? Me: ITS ALL PART OF THE PLAN

    WerOwOWerOwO21 dag siden
  • Dang dude heard you got covid, good luck hope you’re better soon

    Dat One GuyDat One Guy21 dag siden
  • When did the Armstrongs become villains?

    Dat One GuyDat One Guy21 dag siden
  • This is one of the best uno games I've ever seen, and I don't normally watch the PC version lol... kinda makes me want to play again.

    Raveras GeritokoRaveras Geritoko22 dager siden
  • So I can bring this video down to 3 words F*ck you Evan

    Random ManRandom Man22 dager siden
  • I don’t think Afk is the only thing you can pull out any where eheh

    jarred Knightjarred Knight22 dager siden
  • when nux talks like an anime protagonist can't be the villain

    BlueEagleGamingBlueEagleGaming25 dager siden
  • Sorry nux but you simp

    Allison NicholsAllison Nichols25 dager siden
  • If you don't have an internal anime monologue every time you play a tabletop game you're a fucking psychopath and that's a scientific fact 💯💯

    josebatxu32josebatxu3228 dager siden
  • I'm just going to say it nux. You radiate a massive amount of chaotic neutral energy and it's fucking hilarious.

    United ZygardeUnited Zygarde28 dager siden
  • 28:05 Nux be trippin

    MR T21B SNIPERMR T21B SNIPER29 dager siden
  • Wait Nux makes regular videos!? I've only seen his cursed NSFW videos

    TheLostWarriorTheLostWarriorMåned siden
  • I'll Discard Ash Blossom And Negate Your UNO

    InsaneFaceInsaneFaceMåned siden
  • Unpopular opinion blue bird is overrated

    Miki’s wifeMiki’s wifeMåned siden
  • Who's going to tell Nux about team mode?

    Ember The QueenEmber The QueenMåned siden
  • 0:50 My Mom Prepares a Funeral for Me Cause of Death: Lack of Air due to Laughing for 🔄 amount of time (🔄 means Infinity for you who don't understand, this is the closest infinity symbol I could find)

    Storyteller 0Storyteller 0Måned siden
  • This is henceforth the way I shall be playing uno against my friends.

    The Glitchy XThe Glitchy XMåned siden
  • Ah yes THE MOST BEST ANIME LINE “Za Warudo”

    UnderLoveStudios ULSUnderLoveStudios ULSMåned siden
  • What would be epic, is to see a nux version of "Uno: The Movie"

    War PhoenixWar PhoenixMåned siden
  • ha, no

    gentle side charactergentle side characterMåned siden
  • 20:08 Nux: I'm four parallel universes ahead of you!

    Abraham CereceresAbraham CereceresMåned siden
  • 0:58 wryyyyyyyyy

    Take that LTake that LMåned siden
  • Lol I love this. A bunch of fuckin weebs going at it with uno.

    Aussi97Aussi97Måned siden
  • “I played with the heart of the cards” Me: WAIT IS THAT A YU- ( Yugio reference ) ( Aware I spelt it wrong )

    **-Snap -****-Snap -**Måned siden

    Eric D.Eric D.Måned siden
  • you acted more like an anime protaginist at the end. you sacrificed yourself to beat the evil even

    James isnotmyrealnameJames isnotmyrealnameMåned siden
  • his IQ in some of these games was over 69,420

    J FJ FMåned siden
  • It was all apart of the plan

  • damn i would love to play uno with you all haha. you all seem so great.

    justin cullinanejustin cullinaneMåned siden
  • Is there a place I can watch the entire stream? This is golden

    Pyro-ToxinPyro-ToxinMåned siden
  • I’ve been playing like a villain my whole lie and never knew. I wasn’t allowed to play black jack again.

    Kieba HowKieba HowMåned siden
  • The only way to improve the plan is if Jeannie played the zero instead, handing the one straight to Nux, who would immediately win!

    Daleks are Not ScaryDaleks are Not ScaryMåned siden
  • Evergreen, permafrost, the Sahara and magma

    Elijah JustElijah JustMåned siden
  • Breaking news: Nux is acting as usual.

    Common BookCommon BookMåned siden
  • Damn it's just uno and it gives vibes like the trash tastes chess tournament Edit :well i guess it's even more than that

    RikyDanial NasriRikyDanial NasriMåned siden
  • I like how he doesn't acknowledge Evan by his name in the title

    Ellis WallaceEllis WallaceMåned siden
  • I never understood uno... why the fuck are everyone including Nux stronger than me at it?

    I'm the Great EgoGatto the Egoista GattoI'm the Great EgoGatto the Egoista GattoMåned siden

  • i believe in nux satanic demented laughter supremacy 🎭

    I fell on My faceI fell on My faceMåned siden
  • "GODAMMIT!!! They don't call me MOTHER FUCKING SATAN FOR NOTHING! GODAMMIT! FUck my earhole" Iron mouse, whenever you rage I simp like your pal Froot. Your beautiful for that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yusei MOTHERLOVING FudoYusei MOTHERLOVING FudoMåned siden
  • the youtube buddy jokes in this is insane

    Kaung Zan OoKaung Zan OoMåned siden
  • Me: Watched the video Also me: So Nux made everyone dance in his palm the whole time.

    フィクリズルフィクリズルMåned siden
  • You should hit the button befor you play the card

    Kolton HearnKolton HearnMåned siden
  • You are crazy that is why I subes to you hop you have a great life

    Kolton HearnKolton HearnMåned siden
  • The Blue Eyes White Dragon Technique Is A Legendary Technique That Is Only Used On Blue Eyes White Dragon Users

    Cross-PixelationsCross-PixelationsMåned siden
  • nux called assassins creed 2 quality

    LoggyVR's TutorialsLoggyVR's TutorialsMåned siden
  • nux reminds me of chaz prinsten from Yu-Gi-Oh GX

    Elapid PythonElapid PythonMåned siden
  • 21:45 is it part of the plan,is it not part of the plan which is it?

    Tenzin ChogyelTenzin ChogyelMåned siden
  • Legit one of the funniest vids I’ve gotten to watch in weeks

    Connor McGuireConnor McGuireMåned siden
  • Man, this feels like a 3rd person view of me playing magic: the gathering with my friends when I run my control decks “Hey that’s a nice board state... MEET THE GRAVEYARD BIIIIITCH!” Lmao

    ILikePi04ILikePi04Måned siden
    • @Elapid Python I figured as much lol, it is kinda weird seeing Boros and Dimir get along... this seems off

      ILikePi04ILikePi04Måned siden
    • @ILikePi04 No hate hear ether just joking around

      Elapid PythonElapid PythonMåned siden
    • @Elapid Python no hate to aggro, especially boros and UW flying, mono red 0iq makes me wanna jump off a cliff though lmao I just personally like to lose friends by playing Dimir control because I’m that kind of asshole lol

      ILikePi04ILikePi04Måned siden
    • as a Boros aggro player, I personally want to say screw you for all of my red/white solders that have fallen to control decks

      Elapid PythonElapid PythonMåned siden
  • Literally anyone with one card in uno: oh yay uno Nux: DAT **** IS MINE! *whips out 7 card and yanks the victory from them*

    Cyber DalekCyber DalekMåned siden
  • Nux has mastered Uno and Among us!? He's too powerful

    JustsomegirlJustsomegirl2 måneder siden
  • Nux:heart of the cards! H20 delirious:heart of the cards! Me:is that a coincidence I think NOT!!!

    anti ritoanti rito2 måneder siden
  • #heart-of-the-cards

    infinite logicinfinite logic2 måneder siden

    Halomaster CosmanaHalomaster Cosmana2 måneder siden
  • Uno😸 pink and bruh 😎😼😇😇😇

    Veka laeVeka lae2 måneder siden
  • It was actually this video that awakened my love for Nux's shit. I'd seen some of his videos before analyzing different animes, and I appreciated the quality of those videos. But then I stumbled across this video and kinda just stuck around. Now I'm part of the noti gang and have stucks around for a 4 hour stream from our lord and savior Nuxanor. He seems like such a genuinely kind person, and the fact that he's able to live his life so happily in spite of the fact that people find the dumbest reasons to try and cancel him is just mad respectful. I truly hope he's able to enjoy making videos for the foreseeable future, because I can't get enough of him

    IOnlyDrinkJesusMilkIOnlyDrinkJesusMilk2 måneder siden
  • Soul Society never would've won had Nux taken Aizen's place.

    Daemonsbane AllynDaemonsbane Allyn2 måneder siden
  • And a while ago after this video Vtubers did a Chuunibyou Uno game.

    TorManiakTorManiak2 måneder siden
  • Evan on his turn had a 7 before he placed a nine Foreshadowing 100

    Canari Number 4Canari Number 42 måneder siden
  • That Evan on 7 though

    Royce AbshireRoyce Abshire2 måneder siden
  • ITS ALL PART OF THE PLAN -just going along and saying its part of the plan- xD 189 IQ

    kit554kit5542 måneder siden
  • Nux has the energy of GreyStillPlays but its just anime references

    Greasy SteveGreasy Steve2 måneder siden
  • There is Toxicity and then there is Nuxanor and his Positive Toxicity. never change Nux, never change.

    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and RamdomnessYanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness2 måneder siden
  • Yo do a collar with mvperry

    Robert RosengameRobert Rosengame2 måneder siden
  • Is your character based on sans from undertale

    Lapo PokeboyLapo Pokeboy2 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku is best girl.

    Colt MirroColt Mirro2 måneder siden
  • Oh my god this is almost as badass as the among us gameplay.

    Hyperion5182Hyperion51822 måneder siden
  • Recommended anyone?

    DiegoDiego2 måneder siden
  • DeezNux

    Demonic SpiderDemonic Spider2 måneder siden
  • i hate that i love him hahaha

    Zac Sta. AnaZac Sta. Ana2 måneder siden
  • u know that pokimone is pokemone ahhahah got it ?

    Jayden Davis LimJayden Davis Lim2 måneder siden
  • This was truly epic

    CarlosCarlos2 måneder siden
  • But do you even play yugioh cause now its roll dice i go first you dont have hand traps i have full combo its over gg game 2

    Dumpster SludgeDumpster Sludge2 måneder siden
  • i feel bad for evan not really

    Mohammed Khizar BudyeMohammed Khizar Budye2 måneder siden
  • Nux reminded me of No Game No Life.

    Jada BatesJada Bates2 måneder siden
  • Nux is Psycopath and i like it

    Gilbertus RonaldoGilbertus Ronaldo2 måneder siden