I Play UNO Like an Anime Villain (ft MxR Plays, Ironmouse & Pokimane Simp)

14. aug.. 2020
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    Nux TakuNux Taku2 måneder siden
    • You gonna fill me in on this plan?

      J MeisterJ Meister3 dager siden
    • And this my friends what they call: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap🤣🤣🤣 Get the reference?$$😏

      HMAsuraHMAsura21 dag siden
    • Victory is such a weak mind set.

      Zander HoldenZander HoldenMåned siden
    • My friend: Watches this video. *Show:* Hits 2:45 and says the Game "Assassins Creed" My entire family (But my baby sister) Sit up as I begin walking over to talk about the game.

      xDslayersDxxDslayersDxMåned siden
    • NGL as an ex-AFK Arena player, that's less than the tutorial already gives you, pretty misleading, but it's fine

      Zen ModeZen ModeMåned siden
  • Is it me or do they sound like pokimane and lily?

    GearsOfAGamerGearsOfAGamer23 timer siden
  • That subtle touch of playing a bg song from Megamind, though

    Sam MaySam May2 dager siden
  • Ayyy minor detail...you used a clip from bna. Nice

    Team EnderTeam Ender2 dager siden
  • Dude you Bipassed Frieza evil and Dio Evil Straight onto Kagato Evil! OAO And if you don’t know who that is watch the original Tenchi Muyo OVAs. I think you’d like Kagato. Unlike Most Anime Villains that go out with a “THIS CAN’T BE!” Kagato just looks At Tenchi, Smiles and essentially just goes “GG” Giving Zero Fucks Right Down to the End!

    willku9000willku90002 dager siden
  • bro i love this PLEASE do this again

    Keoni RomanoKeoni Romano4 dager siden

    Keoni RomanoKeoni Romano4 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie. Would love to see a part two of this

    LustfulKamiLustfulKami4 dager siden
  • If you're The Villain of Uno, there's only ONE man that can stop your Uno reign of Terror!! Or should I say....One IRISH Man!! Nogla!!

    J MeisterJ Meister5 dager siden
  • OMG I never thought that an absolute a****** be my favourite person in a game. nux I admire your b****iness and you're now my favourite f****** antagonist keep up the good work

    Shakida MoosazadegShakida Moosazadeg5 dager siden
  • Nux till you are in a sponsors game as a character I don't care cause unless I am constantly flexed on I refuse to play it

    mad man good daymad man good day6 dager siden
  • You know nux really would fit in perfectly as a card game anime villain. But like the villain who becomes a chaotic “good guy” half way through the story.

    kamron spencerkamron spencer7 dager siden
  • "You can level him up, that's insane!"

    Scott Van EkerenScott Van Ekeren8 dager siden
  • Lol he gos why u destroy a man will why 😂

    Flash BernerFlash Berner9 dager siden
  • Nux can really keep track of cards jesus

    Charles BooneCharles Boone9 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the NOworld channel of Hanae Natsuki (VA of Tanjiro from Kimetsu No Yaiba) playing UNO with other voice actors. The videos are subtitled in English if anyone is interested.

    ZeAwsum RikZeAwsum Rik10 dager siden
  • "What! I can't even put a card down?" Nux: "NO, for I am far to powerful!!" This shit had me crying hahaha

    Alexander StausholmAlexander Stausholm10 dager siden
  • so this is where quarintine brought me? to merik playing uno?

    Wolf WyvernWolf Wyvern10 dager siden
  • Why is nux reminding me of nagito komaeda

    نبا القيسينبا القيسي11 dager siden
  • Link for this version of Uno

    Kyle LewisKyle Lewis11 dager siden
  • Dude, this was epic! 🤣 CHAOS GOD OWNS UNO!!

    Mimiru DollMimiru Doll11 dager siden
  • Misleading title where is animak Evan is a Connor simp

    Tanmay KodiaTanmay Kodia12 dager siden
  • nux is best husbando :3

    KipoQueenBeastKipoQueenBeast12 dager siden
  • AFK Arena must have promised some sweet, sweet sponsor money

    Zaharius GallicchioZaharius Gallicchio13 dager siden
  • I feel bad for Evan lol

    Azeal_Nightxx9199Azeal_Nightxx919914 dager siden
  • Poor Evan.

    DIODIO14 dager siden
  • my facorite part 8:57

    ron montalbanron montalban15 dager siden
  • protagonist why are u doing this nux I live for the caos

    ELETE SheppardELETE Sheppard15 dager siden
  • Evil+Heart of the Cards= Season Zero Yami Yugi.

    The Ultimate Sonic Fan 1The Ultimate Sonic Fan 116 dager siden
  • Is "its all part of the plan" a chant for the billy cult ?

    Kroue DraekenKroue Draeken16 dager siden
  • when he said humble i almost died laughing

    Giorgos KoualisGiorgos Koualis16 dager siden
  • Next time when you play save a +4 card and then say "what parent uses their full power when fighting mere children" which is madara's best line

    Abhishek SrivastavaAbhishek Srivastava17 dager siden
  • NUX!!! You need to post more uno vids with everyone, but, also I just had an idea... You, Melody, Mousey, and I guess Evan should all get together and play Monster Prom. No lie I've seen playthroughs of it, and the gameplay and constant cursing and innuendos practically call you.

    Dbzmaster159Dbzmaster15917 dager siden
  • Gimme money.

    Brick BytarBrick Bytar17 dager siden
  • "send your mom my regards" *evan dies*

  • Evan really was the Sabaru Natsuki of the episode. 💁‍♂️😂

    Nicholas EpsilonNicholas Epsilon18 dager siden
  • did anyone else notice the 666 in his hand when MXR won with the +4

    TsumagiriTsumagiri19 dager siden
  • I would like more uno!

    Spamachu ChanSpamachu Chan19 dager siden
  • I can't thumb up enough for this video 😂

    Niko CatNiko Cat21 dag siden
  • Nux: in this house it's evergreen Me: In this house it's evergreen in I rule Supreme

    Dragonlich 42Dragonlich 4221 dag siden
  • tbh I was cheering for Evan the whole time, he is the protagonist of this anime.

    ZephyrZephyr21 dag siden
  • All according to keikaku

    Gabriel CassleGabriel Cassle21 dag siden
  • Alt title: Nux playing with his friends gone wrong [GONE FLEXUAL]

    Tetsu UchihaTetsu Uchiha21 dag siden
  • The editing tho

    Kentucky fried ChickenKentucky fried Chicken22 dager siden

    Price Of OhioPrice Of Ohio22 dager siden
  • Skip intro 4:25

    Silver_KneeSilver_Knee22 dager siden
  • Hi Skeppy

    Luca06LuwaツLuca06Luwaツ23 dager siden
  • Even got sent to the shadow realm too many times

    Ahab the Engineer HunterAhab the Engineer Hunter23 dager siden
  • Someone pulled of a sosuke aizen in the real world.... Impressive👌

    euan pascuaeuan pascua24 dager siden
  • This guy has the best "MUHAHAHAHA" ever

    Aidan JodyAidan Jody24 dager siden
  • im not gonna lie idk what to keep my volume at when i listen to u whenever i turn it up my eardrums die but when its lower its still killing my ear drums but i can barley hear u T_T

    Bryson PayneBryson Payne25 dager siden
    • it was only during the sponsorship part though

      Bryson PayneBryson Payne25 dager siden
  • Lor. D Doodoo nuxanor 🤣

    Mystehc idls allot IdkMystehc idls allot Idk25 dager siden
  • Send your mom my regards 🤣

    Elena SierraElena Sierra25 dager siden
  • Nux you need too watch the rest of it after you left they spent about and hour and couldn't beat the A.I. that replaced you in the end they gave up and quit the game noworld.info/video/video/k4etnJyqm9KcupY.html&ab_channel=PotasticPVODs 2:25:00

    OLDDSG Michael BrayOLDDSG Michael Bray26 dager siden
  • too bad nux's ass would be beat by the one, the only... B A R B A R A

    Steam EmperorSteam Emperor26 dager siden
  • I'm glad we understand the plan

    Andre BootheAndre Boothe26 dager siden
  • if Henry and Janie's reaction videos keep getting demonetized all the time they should just start uploading this kind of gameplay to compensate

    Nick Fletcher.Nick Fletcher.27 dager siden
  • "It's all part of the plan" your Aizen is showing

    Brian DockeryBrian Dockery27 dager siden
  • Nux during sponser: it’s the best thing u could whip outta ur pocket Projekt melody: 😏

    Accelerator 2.0Accelerator 2.027 dager siden
  • can't remembrer the last time i laught that hard

    Vincent BourbeauVincent Bourbeau27 dager siden
  • I honestly think nux could win against L in uno

    Timothy MorganTimothy Morgan27 dager siden
  • the edits got me🤯 Well done editor

    VextysVextys27 dager siden
  • Nuxtaku x Iron mouse

    rainbow pixelboyrainbow pixelboy28 dager siden
  • I wanna play uno with nux is seems fun UwU

    Panpandapro 8978Panpandapro 897828 dager siden
  • the amount of cussing is unreal lol >.

    Wesley GemotoWesley Gemoto29 dager siden
  • You should do this with Phase 10.

    Jon PJon P29 dager siden
  • What is that cute Panda avatar?

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns1992Måned siden
  • best uno game ever

    n3n3n3n3Måned siden
  • "Assasains creed has always been a staple of quailty" nux the sponsors have stolen your poor soul

    Cian Mac phaidinCian Mac phaidinMåned siden
  • ...and I thought I was the only one that did this....

    Witty Pun HereWitty Pun HereMåned siden
  • Ezio is one beast, in the game is pratically Kaz one dope.

    Antonio AcconcioAntonio AcconcioMåned siden
  • "love to see it"

    MemeDreamPotatoMemeDreamPotatoMåned siden
  • It’s so awesome to see (hear? Lol) Jeannie being so free and cursing. Mxr channel has to be so chill because NOworld is literally harassing them. It’s awesome hearing her so happy.

    Santiago ArauzSantiago ArauzMåned siden
  • Nux: I don't care about winning. I care about suffering. Specifically Evan' suffering. 23:23 if it ain't broke, don't fix it :v

    Moira MenzelliMoira MenzelliMåned siden
  • Lol, the way to win at uno is to make sure you aim your attacks at just one person & make sure you have a partner to help to make sure they don't win!

    elementalblaze79elementalblaze79Måned siden
  • i love you can hear Evan screaming in the background for most of the game :D

    Jaden LeeJaden LeeMåned siden
  • I love how energetic he is 😂😂

    Twila EuroTwila EuroMåned siden
  • Legend says Evan never played uno again 😂.

    Ankit DubeyAnkit DubeyMåned siden
  • 13:01 25:59

    Eric GarciaEric GarciaMåned siden
  • Nux is the ultimate villain of the Uno anime

    Kolby MillerKolby MillerMåned siden
  • I am plotting my dialogue for the next time I play UNO (whenever the hell that is)

    Moonlight HunterMoonlight HunterMåned siden
  • U right

    Mason McManusMason McManusMåned siden
  • 16:42 Nux: "i am the senate" Jeanny: "not yet" Nux: "so its treason then"

    BuckeroothBuckeroothMåned siden
  • So, KakeUno.

    The MichaelThe MichaelMåned siden

    Torrable - RobloxTorrable - RobloxMåned siden
  • Reak havoc opon ZA WARUDO

    Swapfell SansSwapfell SansMåned siden
  • This is one of the best video I have seen in months 😂😂😂😂

    Rodrigo ValverdeRodrigo ValverdeMåned siden
    • I like how Nux play UNO as I do😂😂 We are villains

      Rodrigo ValverdeRodrigo ValverdeMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/rZGoaMWGlMrJuc0.html simp

    Noah ChildressNoah ChildressMåned siden
  • simp

    Noah ChildressNoah ChildressMåned siden
  • AnimeNoah: "I think we should start a bond." *Nux plays skip* Nux: "Go, restraining order!" I paraphrased this a little.

    Abrupt FuryAbrupt FuryMåned siden
  • 22:27 simp. Lost my respect.

    playermaxx1playermaxx1Måned siden
    • he's a simp for VICTORY and FLEXING! you gotta respect that fam

      Doctor DevilDoctor DevilMåned siden
  • But Nux..... you're always an anime villain

    NavaTheRamenGuyNavaTheRamenGuyMåned siden
  • There are so many golden moments in this I absolutely CANNOT Most entertaining 30 minutes of my goddamned life

    h . adh . adMåned siden
  • I like the fact that nux is slamming references from yugioh all over the place

    foxgal timefoxgal timeMåned siden
  • I'm laughing so hard at this Lol! It's so funny especially with how it all goes.

    Fallen WolfFallen WolfMåned siden
  • Whan the game give you the option to go afk and let the game play itself is the moment you have to realize its pay to win and its as good as Raid Garbage Legends

    Night NekoNight NekoMåned siden
  • Talking about Afk arena me ._. says assains creed me also playing black flag while watching :D

    Jonathan ChadduckJonathan ChadduckMåned siden
  • Sometimes being a bitch is the joe star secret technique of running away I’m quoting u on that

    Accelerator 2.0Accelerator 2.0Måned siden
  • nux started simping to half win

    Avar NyxAvar NyxMåned siden
  • It's part of the plan.🤣

    Andrae SibuloAndrae SibuloMåned siden