I Raided Big Streamers With 100k Trolls (ft MrBeast, Emiru, Ironmouse etc)

8. sep.. 2020
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WE ARE RAIDING STREAMERS and it's so good to be back!
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MrBeast: noworld.info
Emiru: www.twitch.tv/emiru
ironmouse: www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
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  • Just watched this through my break at work and people think I’m crazy laughing at my phone

  • Bro this some good stuff. Peeps should sub to Nux Taku :D Especially for this good content during this day and age...

    Olthdori MirthOlthdori MirthTime siden
  • theres tier S then theres Nux

    Twisted InsanityTwisted Insanity10 timer siden
  • Nux= embodiment of chaotic neutral

    Mc PwnMc PwnDag siden
  • Damn it Nux I broke my favorite plate

    demonwalker01demonwalker01Dag siden
  • 18:13 he looks like old markiplire

    ploksvyploksvyDag siden
  • noox taco haha now give me likes

    renrenDag siden
  • This stream was sponsored by raid: shadow legends.

    ultrasword64ultrasword642 dager siden
  • The only Billy I know is Billy the Fridge.

    Knight OwlKnight Owl2 dager siden
  • "Watch Euphoria" "Ill check it out" has me fucking GONE

    Uh OhUh Oh3 dager siden
  • the thrill of victory over the agony of his defeet

    DragnmastralexDragnmastralex4 dager siden
  • Holy shit I might be really high but this was so funny by the 6:25 mark that I had to pause the video cause my face hurt

    Lucas CrilleyLucas Crilley4 dager siden
  • Nux taco the ripoff we needed

    Matboogie PlaysMatboogie Plays4 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Flotte BieneFlotte Biene4 dager siden
  • I think there will be a crusade next time

    Lester RamirezLester Ramirez4 dager siden
  • We are Venom Billy: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

    Carlton HallCarlton Hall5 dager siden
  • Golden

    donutnoodlssdonutnoodlss5 dager siden
  • U made me laugh so hard I cried tears

    Naguto UzikagiNaguto Uzikagi6 dager siden
  • I'm new here, and may I say that your oc looks awesome

    Point ForcePoint Force6 dager siden
  • 12:27 He look like lowkey bunyfufu

    Over aLLOver aLL7 dager siden
  • I find it funny how IronMouse also converted all of the Nux army onto her side through wholesomeness, lewdness, and singing

    Wilian RodriguesWilian Rodrigues7 dager siden
  • When you catch so much attention that even you become a victim to a raid

    Wilian RodriguesWilian Rodrigues7 dager siden
  • me sees pointcrow i am content

    Lucian ThomsonLucian Thomson7 dager siden
  • Nagzz is too big a target for nux haha

    bobbob7 dager siden
  • Weeb

    CanadaCanada7 dager siden
  • 5:54 Astolfo is behind him #pog

    CloudyCatGodCloudyCatGod7 dager siden
  • This is why Nux deserves his own tier

    super demonsuper demon8 dager siden
  • Nux is the true billy

    Killersharko 120Killersharko 1208 dager siden
  • Billy is the god is billy

    Killersharko 120Killersharko 1208 dager siden
  • project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship project nuxanor is best ship

    nikolai son of riccaronikolai son of riccaro8 dager siden
  • 4:25 you wont believe me but i'm related to billy the kid. I said it not nux. im related to the worst outlaw. yes i am.

    Rubix and GamesRubix and Games10 dager siden
  • LOL this was actually really funny. and I really enjoyed the video

    Swamp DogSwamp Dog10 dager siden
  • This is the funniest video I ever watched

    Dark KloverDark Klover10 dager siden
  • 17:50 “Watch Euphoria?” I bit my chip and spit my tongues out so hard 🤣🤣 That was a bully move and I love it!

    J_Hill XDJ_Hill XD11 dager siden
  • everyone welcome... NUX TACO! Give em a hand folks! P.S. anyone think of the raining tacos song come to mind anyone?

    CMartiniYolo GamingCMartiniYolo Gaming11 dager siden
  • if you ever end up in my stream I think ill die

    Revna Ulfhild Ch.Revna Ulfhild Ch.11 dager siden
  • Oh god

    Revna Ulfhild Ch.Revna Ulfhild Ch.11 dager siden
  • WAIT! Emiru is streaming!? I... Wat... So she is not only doing tiktok but also streaming!? Good God you just made me a simp...

    EricEric12 dager siden
  • ive watched 2 minutes hes just the definition of mad lad

    Sean JenotSean Jenot12 dager siden
  • Nux can you make a video on the Think Before you Sleep, and Roma Army beef

    John KiddJohn Kidd12 dager siden
  • 14:30 Hey guys. Point Crow here. Do you ever get collectors anxiety

    KAIsibs Does GamingKAIsibs Does Gaming12 dager siden
  • Tales of The N.T Crusades

    Christian DixielandballChristian Dixielandball13 dager siden
  • Everyone is Billy, but Billy isn't everyone

    better nickname pendingbetter nickname pending13 dager siden
  • 0:21 noworld.info/video/video/25ynibSZp7zIpKM.html I legit banged out to the entire song in my head once I heard these few notes. XD For anyone who can't find it though, you're welcome.

    TheHearingDeaf2006TheHearingDeaf200613 dager siden
  • Is anyone ganna realize this mans Pokemon is named “10 inches”

    Lazy_Marlin61Lazy_Marlin6114 dager siden
  • I gotta follow pointcrow on Twitch, I keep forgetting Oh yeah, nux too.

    creeper izakcreeper izak14 dager siden
  • I love how she was singing baka mitai so great

    Divinee TrayDivinee Tray15 dager siden
  • i truly come back to this vid because of SmallAnt

    dag dagdag dag15 dager siden
  • We broke him boys😂😂

    Hilary WilliamsHilary Williams15 dager siden
  • the noworld.info/video/video/mKK2q7NwvL2alM0.html end

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown15 dager siden
  • 5:44 Had me dying 🤣

    Just A GuyJust A Guy16 dager siden
  • i saw wanderbots on the twitter part, that's epic

    Alexander WiklundAlexander Wiklund17 dager siden
  • Pointcrow

    Luke PrestonLuke Preston17 dager siden
  • 1 month later did nagzz actually do it?

    Bman296Bman29618 dager siden
  • Wait a second..is that egg from TikTok?

    Swagg Hype BreeZer [スワッグクルー]Swagg Hype BreeZer [スワッグクルー]18 dager siden
  • I just used to watch his Fairy Tail videos...but now I'm watching all his vids, this guys hilarious.

    Ishaan GuhaIshaan Guha19 dager siden
  • the noworld.info/video/video/mKK2q7NwvL2alM0.html future and what is to come.

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown19 dager siden
  • nux is the ultimate flexer

    Unique BillUnique Bill19 dager siden
  • dude,Nux please take some G-Fuel i wanna see what happens if your super caffinated

    Bones ShrinkingCoyoteBones ShrinkingCoyote19 dager siden
  • Mouse sounds like Kirby

    jack williamjack william20 dager siden
  • Props to the girl playing League. She kept reasonably calm and went along with the joke ^^

    Noneofyour BusinessNoneofyour Business20 dager siden
  • The legend of BILLY continues... I am Billy. You are Billy. WE ARE BILLY - soviet anthem plays-

    Noneofyour BusinessNoneofyour Business20 dager siden
  • I hear the "We are billy" in venom's voice lmao

    Petrol BombPetrol Bomb20 dager siden

    Alan LinAlan Lin21 dag siden
  • Day one of trying to get Nux to notice me by liking this comment

    Delta PrimeDelta Prime21 dag siden
  • Dam the first guy was cool

    Alexandru GogaAlexandru Goga21 dag siden
  • I like the jojos bizarre reference with ironmouse

    heh. you.heh. you.21 dag siden

  • Nux: trying to troll Meanwhile trolled by Billy

    Sam NaloSam Nalo21 dag siden
  • 18:00 why you do Ken like that? Shout out to CinnamonToastKen He played with markiplier and ohmwrecker for a while.

    Jacob ZieglerJacob Ziegler21 dag siden
  • We need a rading streamers video dedicated to vtubers

    Popes XDPopes XD21 dag siden
  • Me: What's this Nux Fans: Ome of us, One of us, ONE OF US, ONE OF US

    Brandon HughesBrandon Hughes22 dager siden
  • No one gonna mention how he started singing with mousey?

    Zero PrimeZero Prime22 dager siden
  • Your chat knows your targets far better than you do.

    aaronamaphoneaaronamaphone22 dager siden
  • That pointcrow dude reminds me of Jared from subway except he’s in shape

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!22 dager siden
  • This is absolutely hilarious 🤣

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!22 dager siden
  • I’ll just have fun watching you on here because no one ever raids my streams 😆 but it’s fun to watch other people’s reactions

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!22 dager siden
  • If there's 2 things I love its people doing nice things for people and *TOTAL CHAOS*

    The Cool Axolotl LoganThe Cool Axolotl Logan22 dager siden
  • The Emiru part killed me lmao

    Mark AžmanMark Ažman22 dager siden
  • I actually did shots for the PointCrow confusions, and now ill be in bed by 7

    Colton Watkins but spookyColton Watkins but spooky23 dager siden

    King Christian lKing Christian l23 dager siden
  • Makes me want to become a twitch streamer and raid you as you raid others. Lol

    L0NE SHAD0WL0NE SHAD0W23 dager siden
  • "You can borrow my microscope" Bruh

    PyrytePyryte23 dager siden
  • "Who are you guys!?" You missed the chance to spam "We are Star Fox!"

    thebbcjokethebbcjoke23 dager siden
  • 10:45 you meant to say gintama is the worst anime

    Black PhoenixBlack Phoenix24 dager siden
  • I like how we all got clickbated by nux and the mr beast title

    MryeboiMryeboi24 dager siden
  • I feel bad for the green-haired anime boy

    AriWasHereAriWasHere24 dager siden
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    Joaquin ViveroJoaquin Vivero24 dager siden
  • My favorite YT is noox taco

    Guanjie ZhaoGuanjie Zhao25 dager siden
  • Emiru: How are we supposed to be bill as a unit if we can't even trust each other This is deep, I felt this.

    darealpimpofdasouthdarealpimpofdasouth25 dager siden
  • Lmfao I saw "BURGERKING IS HYDRATED" in one of the chats

    Todoroki BellTodoroki Bell26 dager siden
    • That's what happens when Billy gets confused by so many instructions.

  • Nux's twitch is legit this chaotic entity and goddamn, I am HERE for it

    Inuda FoxInuda Fox26 dager siden
  • hey there’s some video in your ads

    hot breadhot bread26 dager siden
  • If become a youtuber i am doing this

    Silvergoku GomugomuSilvergoku Gomugomu26 dager siden
  • I can't remember the origin of the "we are raiding streamers" at the intro. What's that from?

    Deej EhDeej Eh26 dager siden
    • It's "we are fighting dreamers" from naruto.

      Deej EhDeej Eh26 dager siden
  • My phone is set to Japanese and I’ve gotten used to it but I still can’t read anything I’m not even from or in japan help

    FruityExeFruityExe26 dager siden
  • Idk who this Nagz dude is but he's amazing at interacting with chat.

    CalCal27 dager siden
  • Nux you had so much goddamn fun with Nagzz...and that gives me life.

    PurpleThetaPurpleTheta27 dager siden
  • yey :D

    fafa Thoughtfafa Thought27 dager siden
  • I feel so embarrassed for the people fooled

    Fork frogFork frog27 dager siden