I Raided Twitch Girls With 100k Simps...

7. juni. 2020
592 047 Ganger

I tried to be toxic but this turned out wholesome, f in the chat, let me know if you like these "annoying twitch streamers" vids as much as i do lol - PRAISE BILLY!
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    Nux TakuNux Taku4 måneder siden
    • Billy is love billy is life

    • There is this one guy at tje of one piece who can make wind blades so tactically there is someone with wind power but he dies 5 episodes later because Nami kicks him from the boat end of story

      Carina SchleidenCarina SchleidenMåned siden
    • I like offlinetv too XD

      RedJayRedJay2 måneder siden
    • Nux Taku ther is a wind power in one piece tempest kick enies lobby

      Cookie MasterCookie Master2 måneder siden

      CHAI JUN WEN MoeCHAI JUN WEN Moe2 måneder siden
  • Nice

    clouds as witnessesclouds as witnesses3 timer siden
  • Lol simps

    LogicMatumLogicMatum6 timer siden
  • Very hipes.

    H3705 CIVWVHOW PH3705 CIVWVHOW P15 timer siden
  • After this, I had to join billy

    GaberThe MiniBoss2020GaberThe MiniBoss2020Dag siden
  • 5:30 :c

    AshuAshu2 dager siden
  • Wait, are those lt eddy emotes?

    aresking4332aresking43326 dager siden
  • SNOWSOS=The Anit-Simp

    Weak_around_YouWeak_around_You7 dager siden
  • Nux I hope you know I meet your fans in person pretty often. Infact there's so many nux fans at my work place that I'm kinda scared. Lol

    AstarothAstaroth8 dager siden
  • If i was ever raided by nux I'd just say..."everyone... Nux is amazing, he's a true hero of the internet. He proves that even the mentally challenged can do well in this world" Just goon the shit out of him

    HeyHerdyHeyHerdy9 dager siden
  • even after 4 months, it's still wholesome to see Nux genuinely care about Jake; both the deep conversation they had and the little panic when he fell

    Levi WatchTowerLevi WatchTower10 dager siden
  • Hahaha the guy who said "Am I retarded?"😂😂

    newton lwebuganewton lwebuga11 dager siden
  • The billy cult had me dead

    Christian ReevesChristian Reeves11 dager siden
  • "We came from Billy's basement"

    mitchell solanomitchell solano11 dager siden
  • They killed him

    SetsumakiSetsumaki12 dager siden

    Thean LiangThean Liang12 dager siden
  • love your videos its all I watch now your amazing. keep up the great work lord nux

    SAO SPEKTORSAO SPEKTOR14 dager siden
  • Call all of the streamers PewDieCake

    Chad FreemanChad Freeman15 dager siden
  • Nux has mastered the power of clickbait

    Edoardo LupiEdoardo Lupi15 dager siden
  • That dude going off on the anime rants is officially on my homie list

    Sarcastic Syringe2020Sarcastic Syringe202022 dager siden
  • It feels like it was just just yesterday this vid was made

    Creepy creeper and diamondCreepy creeper and diamond23 dager siden
  • The best video ever name

    brennen montybrennen monty24 dager siden
  • 7:12 There actually is?

    Jacob ZieglerJacob Ziegler24 dager siden
  • Nux’s villainy is so natural and funny, how do you do it?

    Random NameRandom Name24 dager siden
  • My uncle’s name is billy

    YuriYuri24 dager siden
  • billy

    Liu BiJieLiu BiJie25 dager siden
  • Love the MgRonalds shirt on Jake

    Michael CableMichael Cable25 dager siden
  • Just in case you legitimately didn't know, body painting is actually allowed on Twitch with some specific limitations. Pasties are required and if you're not careful you can get banned but it's cool to see the final product

    YamiYami27 dager siden
  • *secretly still depressed about L's death and mourning him every day of every year since he was killed* why bring death note up #Exposing_myself

    Stephanie MarceliaStephanie Marcelia27 dager siden
  • "Im Unclean" *Hes on a tier entirely beyond my understanding*

    Oh? Your Approaching Me?Oh? Your Approaching Me?29 dager siden
  • When he's talking about how death note has something that nothing else has, it almost sounds like he hasn't seen renai bouken or something.

    Christian FlemingChristian FlemingMåned siden
  • BitBaby xD

    Moira MenzelliMoira MenzelliMåned siden
  • I AM BILLY!!! {Much Luv Lord Nuxenor!!)

    Clif BryantClif BryantMåned siden
  • Get people to change their title to I AM BILLY

    iamdanneiamdanneMåned siden
  • Lord nux man the billy thing is the best thing ever my grandpa's name was Billy and he passed away in march and hearing "we are billy and we come from billy" literally warms my heart

    Shaun SmithShaun SmithMåned siden
  • where is the nude deadpool...

    Crimsontiger133Crimsontiger133Måned siden
  • "We're also raiding e-boys" Besides yourself, who is that Nux?

    NymphonomiconNymphonomiconMåned siden
  • Nux got out wholesomed and then killed him XD

    Super DoranSuper DoranMåned siden
  • K but Female Nux actually kinda hot doe

    astolfo simp a.k.a Dragonastolfo simp a.k.a DragonMåned siden
  • @4:37 his wall is so out of whack... It gave me OCD. Thanks. lol

    Spencer PriestSpencer PriestMåned siden
  • That last moment was so wholesome i got misty

    Samuel MukiriSamuel MukiriMåned siden
  • Billy is a stand alone complex

    Rod BodRod BodMåned siden
  • I don't want to misgender, but these are some of the most masculine Twitch girls I have ever seen.

    Samuel ZulegerSamuel ZulegerMåned siden
  • Wait theres a naked deadpool lady?

    Pulse iNsanityPulse iNsanityMåned siden
  • Nux's Billy army is one of me favorite things on the internet.

    KumohoshiKumohoshiMåned siden
  • 18.44 Nux: God, we killed him... God: idk what to say anymore ... im not suprised -_-

    Bakahoe DudeBakahoe DudeMåned siden
  • So you're admitting you're guilty of 100 thousand counts of sexual harassment? Real smart there dumb ass.

    The Tender TrollThe Tender TrollMåned siden
    • Simp

      Golden BoyGolden BoyMåned siden
  • 7:15 he has never heard of “The Other World Doesn't Stand A Chance Against The Power Of Instant Death.” Manga in guess literally about a guy that can basically tell gods to go die....

    Nightmareman99Nightmareman99Måned siden
  • I like seeing streamers try to argue with 100,000 people

    lord Grimlord GrimMåned siden

    hihiMåned siden
  • Okay, Death note isn't even on my top 50 favorite anime list lol. I just didn't like it. Naruto Shippuden is a better Shōnen anime. And I like Seinen, harem, and isekai anime better than Shõnen anyways lol

    DeddsosDeddsosMåned siden

    DeddsosDeddsosMåned siden
  • I love you too *BROOO* This poor dude just got friend zoned...

    Isa B.Isa B.Måned siden
  • Nux: No more daddy nux! Me: *DADDY NUX DADDY NUX DADDY NUX*

    Giyuu Mp4Giyuu Mp4Måned siden
  • 2nd Nux video ever My love for him has grown exponentially

    Ian HopkinsIan HopkinsMåned siden
  • 13:05 ' do I look like I'm retarded?' Uuurm I don't think that's a question you want answered by this fanbase 😅

    Alex StearnAlex StearnMåned siden
  • this is genius

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • I love how he trolled only like 2 actual girls

    Blue Shadow StudiosBlue Shadow StudiosMåned siden
  • futurefunk

    Adams SethAdams SethMåned siden
  • I love this cultured channel that I have found.

    Darth_SkyrotosDarth_SkyrotosMåned siden
  • death note is garbage watched the first episode and it was so stupid... 🤷‍♂️

    EzioTheDeadPoetEzioTheDeadPoetMåned siden
  • i meeeaaaannnn.. franky kinda has a wind power

    dino boidino boiMåned siden
  • 12:46 The youngest kid and only he knew what happened.

  • I wish I was cool enough to get raided by billy 😂

    Entropy’s MultiverseEntropy’s MultiverseMåned siden
  • I am so glad to have found your channel and content, bravo sir.

    John RedmanJohn RedmanMåned siden
  • Damn norwegians

    Andreas ThonAndreas ThonMåned siden
  • You said girls but there was like 85% dudes lol

    Shadow CatShadow CatMåned siden
  • Good job Billy from the future😂

    silverclaw 666silverclaw 666Måned siden
  • I don't even know what a simp is

    Anime AddictAnime AddictMåned siden
  • I’m sorry but the death note is good but it’s isn’t all that man like there’s more then elemental powers there shadow there light there anti ablitys like there even ablitys similar to the death note

    N RN RMåned siden
  • ahhh uwu senpai

    king pinking pinMåned siden
  • ahhh uwu senpai

    king pinking pinMåned siden
  • deadpool girl clickbait

    Kayden SchneiderKayden SchneiderMåned siden
  • RIP Reckful. And the best Anime is clearly Slayers.. 😁

    Mikael OlssonMikael OlssonMåned siden
  • IQ 189 nux

    the 15the 15Måned siden
  • Click bait, his title says he’ll raid twitch girls yet he raided more bois, and there was not a single e-girl raid.

    Supreme video's producerSupreme video's producerMåned siden
  • 18:42 Insert Minecraft death meme

    dynasteve16dynasteve16Måned siden
  • Nux u should raid a leonhart stream

    David KightDavid KightMåned siden
  • Dont we all somewhat simp for our waifus?

    Johnny JoestarJohnny JoestarMåned siden
  • that dude is good at singing and rapping

    Anthony Mc PhillipsAnthony Mc PhillipsMåned siden

    sushisushiMåned siden
  • I fucking love your videos man

    Rosathan playsRosathan playsMåned siden
  • I'm not on twitch. Guess I can't blow up this way, but exodia beats billy

    AJ's YugitubeAJ's YugitubeMåned siden
    • noworld.info/dev/RZu4pUZlVLqPWAtGrOm6BQ

      AJ's YugitubeAJ's YugitubeMåned siden
  • Wow, I didn't think my reaction and stream would be worthy of being in a video. Thanks for the raid sorry im 2 months late ❤

    Full_Time_NoobFull_Time_NoobMåned siden
  • Death note got dry mid-first season

    Sahqon RahSahqon RahMåned siden
  • dude deserves a colab after the shit he went through

    kylelee1911kylelee1911Måned siden
  • Nux:let's get into the meat and potatoes me:no peas and carrots

    Justrayray 124Justrayray 124Måned siden
  • ultima weeb.

    Hollow OneHollow OneMåned siden
  • I saw the thumb nail and I was hahahaha SIIIIIIMPPPP!.... Nah just kidding bro. Nice video

    Alex CrossAlex CrossMåned siden
  • Death note has nothing else an anime has the power to kill people by writing there name

    Joshua HastingsJoshua HastingsMåned siden
  • the fairy tail music had me UwU

    Paris PittillaParis PittillaMåned siden
  • B.S DBZ

    Rasan JamesRasan JamesMåned siden
  • Damn you killed him :))

    uwu s-senpaiuwu s-senpaiMåned siden
  • Omg please raid twitch.tv/Bustin he accidentally killed a fish named Billy lol

    Tauxin AustinTauxin AustinMåned siden
  • Expertly placed Fairy Tail theme.

    TakenbyspidersTakenbyspiders2 måneder siden
  • hunter x hunter better than death note, the characters power is literally anything they want and it still works, a guy punch you so hard you have to pay interest

    Dev For FunDev For Fun2 måneder siden
  • Did he really get 100k people together?

    Eunico GuiangEunico Guiang2 måneder siden
  • Nux looks, sounds and acts like he feeds on chaos

    Kiro kunKiro kun2 måneder siden
  • Sanji dies????

    THPlerryTHPlerry2 måneder siden
  • The fair tail music got me good. Almost woke up boyfriend.

    EspurrBunsEspurrBuns2 måneder siden