I Showed Anime Tiddies to a Nuclear Physicist (NOT CLICKBAIT)

23. sep.. 2020
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    Nux TakuNux TakuMåned siden
    • It always was, but we come back willingly, don't we.

      coroixiwacoroixiwa17 dager siden
    • ( ·Þ· )

      Siya PatilSiya Patil18 dager siden
    • Anime is everything physical

      Tyler SharpTyler Sharp27 dager siden
    • Oi

      Bitsuke ?Bitsuke ?27 dager siden
    • This is how you know Nux should start working for NASA

      Lizari RabbitLizari Rabbit28 dager siden
  • The shuckmeister has an amazing series on JoJos btw. Check it out

    Descartes' ApparitionDescartes' Apparition5 timer siden
  • Nux is becoming to strong

    Savion RogersSavion RogersDag siden
  • This vid fucking killed me 😂😂

    Jared BurgosJared Burgos4 dager siden
  • I also studied quantum physics I even watched the bunny girl senpai movie

    Michael ChengMichael Cheng4 dager siden
  • Going off of how many planets are currently supposed to be in The Milky Way and how many people (rounded) are on Earth, the number of beings killed in the dual galaxy genocide is.... 1.40000000E+21

    Dylan TeilborgDylan Teilborg5 dager siden
  • Is the full show of guren lagan dubbed like all seasons

    carter mundaycarter munday5 dager siden
  • Nothing has ever made me want to click a like button so bad...That wave function tho.

    joe evansjoe evans6 dager siden
  • 14:30 that’s more like Soft and Wet, actually...

    Luis-Raul Diaz-RiosLuis-Raul Diaz-Rios6 dager siden
  • 4:30 Gainax Style - Almighty Twins! Independent Suspension!! 5:20 As Rubber, Like Water 11:37 Dream of Flat as Shadow 12:35

    Luis-Raul Diaz-RiosLuis-Raul Diaz-Rios6 dager siden
  • "Raycon" just dies "SHOOT YOUR GOO MY DUDE!" The entire library hears

    scrimpyhook 9524scrimpyhook 95246 dager siden
  • I was honestly terrified you were going to bring in Neil DeGrasse Tyson because that seems like something you would manage to pull off.

    William LacyWilliam Lacy6 dager siden
  • I thought he got Neil DeGrasse Tyson 😭

    Mary_3002Mary_30027 dager siden
  • I just think of an interview that Brandon Sanderson did when talking about skyward the book when he was like I thought my flying scenes were like 80% correct but it's like actually 2% correct cause flying is confusing

    Todd GonsalvesTodd Gonsalves7 dager siden
  • What’s the last scenes anime called

    Alex JonesAlex Jones7 dager siden
  • I recently learned about the coefficient of friction... or at least I was supposed to. I kinda forgot lol

    Tommy TrovatoTommy Trovato7 dager siden
  • I'm looking at these Gurren Lagann scene's and I know for a fact that they are not in the anime. Someone explain now!

    projoe7Mrx11projoe7Mrx117 dager siden
  • Considering how sensitive breastacles are, & the way rifles work, all I could think was "OH GOD THE BURNS!"

    o0Avalon0oo0Avalon0o7 dager siden
  • I’m glad youtube was like “ hello my child I shall grant you some good content today”

    Epic 820Epic 8208 dager siden
  • 3:32 i still can't get over the fact that the sniper rifle is using shotgun shells.

    hunn20004hunn200049 dager siden
  • the armor is obviously made of non newtonian fluid :)

    dsfgh zxcdsfgh zxc9 dager siden
  • 6:30 Gus Johnson abuse

    Julius BearJulius Bear9 dager siden
  • 6:40 I got a fix for that if your earbuds or headphones or headset are good they will have a different volume setting so turn ur normal volume down all the way before you put the earbuds,headset,headphones in, and if you connect to Bluetooth it 100% has a different volume thing so turn it down all the way connect ur listening device, after that ur good if it unplugs a video should pause anyway if it dosnt your earbuds suck.

    poopywoopy Loligodpoopywoopy Loligod10 dager siden
  • Hey, basketball fan here, what Akashi does is called ankle breaker, and it's pretty common, it's just not that dramatic. Here's one for reference: noworld.info/video/video/kKDamNyvltjMyqM.html

    Erlon Bruno Souza MirandaErlon Bruno Souza Miranda10 dager siden
  • Holy shit, because this video is actually educational its not getting shot in the face by youtube, nux just flexed on the youtube algorithm on a way we didnt expect

    The Gamers Three - The best group of idiotsThe Gamers Three - The best group of idiots10 dager siden
  • gravity is kinda sus ngl

    Law LichtLaw Licht11 dager siden
  • austin powers also had machine gun bewbs

    Konichi HuahuaKonichi Huahua11 dager siden
  • 14:17 yo is that Trafalgar D. Water Law im hearing? Man that voice just doesn't fit that red head like like it fits law...maybe its the lack of gray eyes

    StoneTheMason MusicStoneTheMason Music11 dager siden
  • He was wrong about this one at 10:02 if you are millions of light years away you see whats happening in the past by the same amount i think and hope he knew this but just got confused

    Patriotic GamingPatriotic Gaming11 dager siden
  • What else is stretchy? Missed a bungie gum reference

    Mark OlveraMark Olvera11 dager siden
  • My potential energy is LIMITLESS! *becomes a super fatass* :C

    Alondro77Alondro7711 dager siden
  • A CLUE TO NUX' IDENTITY!! Nux and his COUSIN were driving in NYC!! On a narrow street with tons of double-parked cars! WE MUST GET ALL THE CAMERA FOOTAGE FROM NYC'S NARROW STREETS!!

    Alondro77Alondro7711 dager siden
  • Actually a sniper shot (assuming they’re using 300 win mag) is 900-1000 m/s

    Daniel StarrDaniel Starr11 dager siden
  • the cultured king teached by the cultured phisicist best cultuted flupping video

    ShenøH_WithØutLifeShenøH_WithØutLife11 dager siden
  • God damn it i thought it was neil degrasse tyson :(

    yeeyee yeeyeeyeeyee yeeyee11 dager siden
  • We're in the presence of two geniuessness masters of physics tities. All hail Lord Nux Taku!!!!!!! 🙌

    Tomás CarvalhoTomás Carvalho11 dager siden
  • As someone who got a BSc in medical physics, this is hilarious

    Dharshan ManivannanDharshan Manivannan12 dager siden
  • Anyone know the sauce for the last anime

    DaSean HollowayDaSean Holloway12 dager siden
  • I just realized Nux’s “coat form” has a Furu metaru arukemisuro burozeruhodo Arm

    Ug Gam seaUg Gam sea12 dager siden
    • I had a fucking stroke reading the Romanji title.

      Chimble, Master of ChimneyChimble, Master of Chimney10 dager siden
  • Does anyone notice how when he has his note out the stamp is just the super smash bros orb?

    Brandie McAdamsBrandie McAdams12 dager siden
  • Love the RedX mask.

    justjakkjustjakk12 dager siden
  • One more note it would be so hard to miss people that close

    Tyler SovineTyler Sovine12 dager siden
  • Talking from experience she would be not ok her eardrums would burst and the heat would be intense not exactly a common practice for a sniper team lmao but its jiggle physics so I approve :D

    Tyler SovineTyler Sovine12 dager siden
  • Lets assume that the breasts are two spheres... You, my friend, are a true physicist.

    Prashanth BPrashanth B13 dager siden
  • Alternate title: Nux manages to FLEX on a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST about QUANTUM PHYSICS.

    Alex BaileyAlex Bailey13 dager siden
  • 11:18 what’s this anime called? I’m sure that I’ve seen it before but I forgot the name

    Sir IncoSir Inco13 dager siden
  • I hope in the following video he shows him "Steins Gate"

    Maurice SteinhäuserMaurice Steinhäuser14 dager siden
  • Boob Physics, my favorite subject.

    Connor Kent!Connor Kent!15 dager siden
  • Imdont know if I should be learning, laughing, or just be staring at those tig ol’ biddies

    mere meeemere meee15 dager siden
  • What is the firts scene anime name

    Kasper HuikkoKasper Huikko16 dager siden

    Vinke LastVinke Last16 dager siden
  • When nux studies quantum physics because it’s his hobby he’s the humblest of humbles 👏👏 Nux superior channel

    Neosp 14Neosp 1417 dager siden
  • other youtubers: so these earbuds fit my ears so well, you should buy them Nux: You don't want to watch hentai in public like a pleb, this is the stylish way to watch hentai in public

    Zane BruceZane Bruce18 dager siden
  • Yooo I LOVE quantum physics toooooo you just became a 9000% cooler to me!!

    Just A Simple NobodyJust A Simple Nobody19 dager siden
  • We are practically the same person and I am scared. - I watch the same animes - I study quantum physics for funn - I love to annoy people with nitpicking - I am a weeb - I don't watch hentai (not a degenerate) - l make arguments just for the arguments sake.

    GilgabroGilgabro19 dager siden
  • Well definitely not clickbait...

    GilgabroGilgabro19 dager siden
  • On that last clip, plate armor in that shape, in real life, would be absolutely horrible.

    creeper izakcreeper izak19 dager siden
  • Isn't bluetooth a signal that gets emitted from your phone? Doesn't that mean that anybody who wanted to could just tap into the bluetooth signal that was meant for your earbuds? Questions like these are the reason I use wired headphones.

    creeper izakcreeper izak19 dager siden
  • Make him watch bunny girl senpai

    Arlo SmithArlo Smith19 dager siden
  • Trish Una can increase her jiggle physics let that sink in

    Jovanny Diaz AbadJovanny Diaz Abad19 dager siden
  • Its like the dunkey of jojo

    poppibottles Sanchezpoppibottles Sanchez20 dager siden
  • Wtf am i watching 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

    Katie JackKatie Jack20 dager siden
    • U boys need jesus like for reals😳😳😳😳

      Katie JackKatie Jack20 dager siden
  • Ok, the image in the top right of the thumbnail. What's it from? I would like to have the sauce.

    Sam, King of the DankSam, King of the Dank21 dag siden
  • im not sure if these 2 are dumbasses or frigging geniuses

    Francis ZabalaFrancis Zabala21 dag siden
  • Amazing

    Esoteric IndeedEsoteric Indeed21 dag siden
  • No neil degrasse tyson flip

    dophin loverdophin lover21 dag siden
  • you knew what you were getting into when you clicked the thumpnail

    Underrated GalaxyUnderrated Galaxy21 dag siden
  • I suspect that all the girl HoTD are flat-chested and stuck water balloons in their bras. Because as the owner of a pair of breasts myself, I can state that unless there are outside forces acting on them individually, they always move in the same direction. If one is swinging downward, the other is also swinging downward.

    DragonFae16DragonFae1622 dager siden
  • 17:02 omg she did bend the armour 🤣what

    MysticMylesZMysticMylesZ22 dager siden
  • fun fact actually trying to use tits as a bipod can break the sternam at a high enough caliber

    ghost kakyoinghost kakyoin23 dager siden
  • "boobvments" 😂😂

    guthrie velosoguthrie veloso23 dager siden
  • the word was superposition my good nux, this is the way

    E JE J23 dager siden
  • ITS A TRAP!!

    Bailey WhiteBailey White23 dager siden
  • Comunity, I need your aid, please share with me the name of the last anime

    Predator KanekyPredator Kaneky23 dager siden
  • LMAO poor kor

    Shortatacus ShakeShortatacus Shake23 dager siden
  • What's the name of the last show anime?

    STINGERSTINGER24 dager siden
  • The Schrodinger bobs

    ikaro souzaikaro souza24 dager siden
  • How can it be so hard to hit that you need to use a person to help aim and still miss WHEN THEIR SLOW FAT ZOMBIES!!! This guy couldn't hit the side of a barn with a mini gun. (Anima protagonist number 953 the Beta. Alvin York the Chad.) Like really if you're that bad at shooting then how the heck did you live that long. I bet he couldn't hit a cow with buck shot from a meter away. Wow I hope that the Army wasn't composed of bat faces like this guy. Dude any American toddler could shoot better then that. Like you go out for a day of shooting and you can hit a can off a pipe by the end. But this guy's living in the zombie apocalypse and he still can't hit a gay, fat, slow, dumb zombie?!? I have ADHD and I can still hit a watermelon from a good distance. If someone with a learning disability can get the hang of it in a day then WHAT THE F#CK DOES THIS GUY HAVE!!! I can't even man. This is why you don't give guns to Non Americans. Sorry that was mean. But still true. And no we're not helping you when the zombies come. Except for Canada because we need their maple syrup. And we don't have a wall. And Alaska is their. Ok, yeah Russia would be fine to but their able to rip a man's spine out of his *ss hole when their sixteen so that doesn't count. Oh yeah heads up if the zombie plague is coming from anywhere it's China so just be careful.

    Darkstalker 171Darkstalker 17124 dager siden
  • Shame Steven hawking didn't live to see this

    n ziomn ziom24 dager siden
  • Who else thought he made a video with Neil deGrasse Tyson

    JaKalen FellsJaKalen Fells24 dager siden
  • Great shiz.

    Adam TogstadAdam Togstad24 dager siden
  • Yesterday, being a nuclear physicist sounded the most boring job in the world until today.

    MiraqenMiraqen25 dager siden

    CobyCoby25 dager siden
  • So wait, is chuck stuck in a state of constant flux between being a male and an anime chick? Cause he should've stabilized when we looked at him, based on quantum mechanics and he still has his dude voice...wait....OH MY GOD, WE STABILIZED HIM WITH HIS INSIDES HUMAN MALE AND HIS OUTSIDES ANIME WAMAN!!! WE WERE BETWEEN THE STATES!!!

    ChronoFlationChronoFlation25 dager siden
  • Nux talking laughing about quantum physics being light reading and I'm just like "I read a book on String Theory in 2nd grade cause I wanted to learn if time travel was possible...is Nux my spirit brother or is he making fun of me....or both" For anyone wondering, I gave up in chapter 3 cause I got to the point where I was understanding less than 50% of the words I was reading, lol. Or maybe it was less than 20%. Thank goodness for words like "and" and "Some" helping me to make it that far. The first few pages weren't bad at all though

    ChronoFlationChronoFlation25 dager siden
  • haúúóooííí*wavés#hihihihihihihih

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • lééchíe nuttérsbuddérs lipinpsydeloidenauloblistísmnßhííiieeeaaaehgt chuah úmnmnmnúh

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • úh úm úhmhphmghphuuuuh whaít wauhgt?

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • #Fàrtsonamericàsbúbbléçrícríànalaßswholés*

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • bruh u clicked baited me with neil degrass tyson you naughty naughty you teasing me you naughty

    dydyrunkdydyrunk25 dager siden
  • The producers for these shows: should we make it weirder The other producer: HELL YEA

    I poop a lot I poop a lotI poop a lot I poop a lot25 dager siden
  • omg you guys are great. please bring him back on again

    Harry DuganHarry Dugan25 dager siden
  • i'm surprised nux didn't show him levi spinning like a beyblade

    _ZynePuff_ZynePuff26 dager siden
  • One ya thay shotgun shells and no thay don’t bounce like that lol

    Thunder woods StreamsThunder woods Streams26 dager siden
  • anime

    devil ze313devil ze31326 dager siden
  • ironically putting "not clickbait" in the title is pretty fucking click baity

    Brandon WoodyardBrandon Woodyard26 dager siden
  • Physics of Anime Tiddies: sponsored by Raycon

    Jason BogueJason Bogue26 dager siden
  • So.... where’s the golden rectangle?

    Luna RenLuna Ren26 dager siden
  • You see, the angle of the breast dangle is directly proportional to the heat of my meat. Hope that explains a few things

    JxJx26 dager siden
  • nux: RAYCON EARBUDS my brain for no reason: RAYD SHADOW LEGENDS

    Dale CochranDale Cochran26 dager siden