I showed Anthony Padilla my cursed guide to Vtubers

24. april. 2021
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The 5 Rules of Vtubers I spent a day teaching Anthony Padilla about alll the cool stuff ft clips from Coco, Marine, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody & Hime Hajime.
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  • it's dank in this rabbit hole. thx nux!!!

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    • Literally and otherwise

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    • Two bruhs chillin in a hot tub

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    • Welcome to Vtube

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    • Hi

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    • Luv ur vtuber avatar

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  • *Anthony Padildo*

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  • Bro it's passed 5 likes ...

    Brett KBrett K4 timer siden

  • awesome video! cool to see you 2 doing something like this!

    carn1fex_carn1fex_14 timer siden
  • OMG Nux, you're so funny.

    Loco LogosLoco Logos16 timer siden
  • hi im back... WTF IS THIS VTUBER SHIT???!!!

    optimistikoptimistik20 timer siden
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    Jean LewisJean Lewis21 time siden
  • 6:48 uffffff juice

    Riki NshRiki NshDag siden
  • Much wow

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  • 2:20* Every Nux Taku fan ever: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this dude

  • 4:05 definitely definitely dont like it at all... Yeah i may or may not be addicted to it lol

    DMC GhillieDMC GhillieDag siden
  • Its neccessary to visit Erectus- i mean Directus

    DMC GhillieDMC GhillieDag siden
  • 6:10 AMOGUS

    20212021Dag siden
  • 500k likes? Plz

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  • we got the five likes i went on five diffrent accounts lol

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  • I love how half the video Anthony has that mortified shadow over his face.

    Matthew CoyleMatthew CoyleDag siden
  • Anthony's avatar makes me think of code vein ngl

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  • i also regret eating breakfast while whaching this video.

    Rayne BridgemenRayne BridgemenDag siden
  • the first thing i see, is nux. I am like ok, i turn to the other guy. Well.... Hello...

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  • Lmao let's get this VID TO 500K

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  • Ah yes, a video with 2 grown adults talking about l*wd vtuber content.....😂😂 (No hate, all love) ❤️❤️

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  • You could sell this man grass thats in his yard for 500 bucks and he wouldn't know

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  • Anthony was the first cursed NOworldr!

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  • 10:14 Been there, done that...

    OreyLzOreyLz2 dager siden

    Jackie 108Jackie 1082 dager siden
  • As a Japanese who really knows was Onahole means yeah I approve of Mux's version

    Smull BoySmull Boy3 dager siden
  • If you own a Ona Whole please reply i have 2 questions Whats its like And do you like it make it 3 questions is it worth the money

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake3 dager siden
  • Not sure if this was accidental, but at 20:00 the images (for a second) aren't pixelated during the transition scene.

    SwordAnimeSwordAnime3 dager siden
  • LMAO Wow, so wholesome! 12/10 on the wholesome scale!

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  • Lmao most wholesome on youtube. Susan recommends for great content for freedom of speech!

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  • 6:12 KOR YOU LITTLE-

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  • i learnt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many new words today IM DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • You two are fucking awesome together 🔥🙏🏼🤘🏼

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  • tell him rule #34 always make wholesome art to everything

    Spider GeniusSpider Genius4 dager siden
  • That marine story has happened exactly as stated to me before on the same app

    StormimiStormimi4 dager siden
  • 18:50 = like

    Abyssal AnimainAbyssal Animain4 dager siden
  • One of your best videos in a while, I had a pretty hearty laugh at this, thanks man.

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  • This was one of the most surreal youtube experiences

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  • I now have more love for ironmouse, god dam I almost cried.

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  • Groovy collab.

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  • lmao! this video made my day better! It was so wholesome!

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  • rule 34*

    Hitlerosourus ChristHitlerosourus Christ4 dager siden
  • It's about the journey & the destination but not the return trip.

    D YellowMadnessD YellowMadness4 dager siden
  • Nux's face at 10:43 right before the closeup on Anthony.

    D YellowMadnessD YellowMadness4 dager siden
  • Anthony Padilla and Nux!? And they said Avengers Infinity war was the most ambitious crossover of all time.

    Pat LundPat Lund4 dager siden
  • All my childhood heroes are becoming vtubers and its great

    Shrek 1990Shrek 19904 dager siden

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  • Time to make 500000 accounts ;)

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  • I like how all v-tubers have long necks

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  • At the start of every video, I ask myself why I am here...then the intro happens...

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  • This man has a vetuber blunt rn I'm about to sub the only thing that would make it better is if he passed it to nux

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  • 20:00 you forgot to set something

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  • Le mao

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  • 20:00

    Brendon BethellBrendon Bethell5 dager siden
  • 19:00 so let's wait for 4 years and then let make them remember what they said.

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  • Lmao this video made my day better, it was so wholesome

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  • Ironmouse the most wholesome youtuber

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  • Why does Nux keep using that picture?

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  • Wow this is so wholesome

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  • 4:23 he is prepared

    skullxbreaker06skullxbreaker065 dager siden
  • The funny thing about vtubers are that they can be themselves without worrying about being judged. Im pretty sure we all have a horny waifu side. We have been taught to keep certain topics for friends and family, like masturbating and hentai (to list a few). Vtubers can be the degenerates and connect with all of us, without worrying about someone recognizing you (unless you have a unique voice like Ironmouse). Even if their fans (who are also degenerates) were to recognize them and wouldnt make them feel awkward, there is always that perceved stigma of it. That worry of the worst possible outcome, becoming a reality. I hope they all (vtubers and camgirls) make all the money they can, while they can. Im sure we all will be a fan forever, and i would still want to watch a granny Ironmouse (or Mel or Silver, etc). Thats just my opinion, if they chose to still be doing it.

    crealkillrcrealkillr5 dager siden
  • Get this video to 500k likes for part 2 with the tail lol

    King AceKing Ace5 dager siden
  • I'm not the first one to ask this, but bro what's nux search history

    Billy YoungquistBilly Youngquist5 dager siden
  • Rule 1: reference adult content in an optional way. Rule 2: use euphemism or direct notation of lewd things but only as jokes Rule 3: do not make 1 and 2 your entire personality unless that is your main draw. Additionally, invite fan content. Rule 4: your IRL personality and experience should seep in Rule 5: channel memes/in-jokes. By these rules, Nux was a VTuber before getting a model.

    Charlie KahnCharlie Kahn5 dager siden
  • I'm scared to Google onahole

    karma 21186karma 211865 dager siden
  • Except most VTubers deal in innuendo which could be construed as accidental. You know, "please don't take that out of context" things.

    Charlie KahnCharlie Kahn5 dager siden
  • This is super wholesome.

    King AceKing Ace5 dager siden
  • Wholesome

    Jannis SimonJannis Simon5 dager siden

    MikeTaylorLivesMikeTaylorLives5 dager siden
  • Wait, what was Rule #5? I totally missed it....

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  • 6:12 sus

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  • Guys dont yall think nux should do more peter grill videos ewith vtubers and youtubers

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  • 6:12 editor san is doing his best

    alina [Gura12]alina [Gura12]5 dager siden
  • 0:25 bruh i watched that pokemon video as a kid so many times and i'm JUST NOW REALIZING that it's the same dude i watch right now

    alina [Gura12]alina [Gura12]5 dager siden
  • Why do i feel like Anthony thinks of Nux as the neighbors kid

    live life fulllive life full5 dager siden
  • *looks at Anthony's model* How many hundreds of bucks went to that bad boy from the waist up? I bet it took quite a few nights in a maid cafe putting the bucks from the waist down. Note I am also pinching my nose at how odd my own comment is, my perverse mind just had to put this out there for the world to imagine how he got a little extra on the side.

    SealAwayHeartsSealAwayHearts5 dager siden
  • Hollup... 19:59 - 20:00

    RetexRetex5 dager siden
  • i like how nux is in 360p while anthony is in 4k

    08 vystor08 vystor5 dager siden
  • Vid

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  • I think I came back after a year and I see this

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  • Anthony padildo when?

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  • Are you sans

    I'm garbage okI'm garbage ok5 dager siden
  • Did ya bois know of that one vtuber who put dried tofu inside of her body to dampen it before squatting over a bucket to shoot it out of her cooch?

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  • 6:12

    EmanGamerKidEmanGamerKid6 dager siden
  • Lmao!!! this video made my day better! It was so wholesome!

    I didn't read the terms of serviceI didn't read the terms of service6 dager siden
  • Whoa how unexpectedly wholesome

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  • My dude be looking like Sans from undertale tho-

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  • If Anthony ever gets cancelled I will die

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  • His pinoy right

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  • Jesus this guy is unfunny

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