I showed cursed pokemon vids to pokemon youtubers

15. mars. 2021
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This turned out even funnier than I anticipated!
Check out the epic pokemon youtubers that I tortured with this video!
Smallant: noworld.info
WolfeyVGC: noworld.info/dev/9OZkS1Mhl5UvKSiPrYqsxg
Plague of Gripes' select your partner: noworld.info/video/video/y4DWqcx9utWWk80.html
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  • 10:30-10:38 I want to die

    AR24 RaceAR24 Race8 dager siden
  • *THIS* is the kind of Pokémon world I *WANNA* live in!

    Red Eyed Shadow WyvernRed Eyed Shadow Wyvern11 dager siden
  • James is the TRUE advocate for gender equality

    John BakerJohn Baker13 dager siden
  • the first clip was live in tv

    Aayush RapalAayush Rapal13 dager siden
  • I thought the professor looked like king Vegeta

    Jason MJason M16 dager siden
  • 10:55 RIP Ant will his soul rest in peace

    NDR720NDR72017 dager siden
  • Day 1 of asking Nux if he remembers being in the class 1-A rap cypher rapping as Mineta: so did you enjoy it?

    All MightAll Might20 dager siden
  • That sounds like a dragonache

    Golden GryphonGolden Gryphon22 dager siden

    Kiba ShiraKiba Shira23 dager siden

    ZanerdoodleZanerdoodle24 dager siden
  • not gonna lie.... clicked for plague of gripes... mans a disturbed genius

    sakedrinkrsakedrinkr24 dager siden
  • James always was a savage

    Gee GamesGee Games26 dager siden
  • That pastor clip had me dead

    SkierusSkierus26 dager siden
  • Guzzlords cry in the anime still blows my mind

    BewildabearBewildabear27 dager siden
  • Plagueofgripes in thumbnail let's go

    Ferrell LinebargerFerrell Linebarger28 dager siden
  • Surprised you didn't do Pokemon Snap Triple-X

    Katriane KaiserKatriane KaiserMåned siden
  • Love this vid

    adam james thompsonadam james thompsonMåned siden
  • I like anime curse

    Mike JohnMike JohnMåned siden
  • “I don’t know how this is allowed on NOworld.” *Looks like nobody came across Nin10doh.*

    Poppy GrimbloPoppy GrimbloMåned siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIcemanMåned siden
  • And then there’s furries like me that actually watched... ‘that’ video unironically. I mean not by choice more by auto play but still.

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • Based James is best James

    RyanRyanMåned siden
  • The Pokemon Furry video was awesome, a wonderful twist towards the end.

    TBoneTonyTBoneTonyMåned siden
  • these types of videos are always among might favourite among your content

    TheRichmasterTheRichmasterMåned siden
  • these types of videos are always among might favourite among your content

    TheRichmasterTheRichmasterMåned siden
  • Yessssss I love that smallant is in this one

    Emil EchiverriEmil EchiverriMåned siden
  • Face reveal😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    Tech ZOLATech ZOLAMåned siden
  • If you do another of these, send them (or anyone) Guzzlord's cry/yell in the anime! It's hillarious. Great work man!

    ChaoGuy2006ChaoGuy2006Måned siden
  • It's crazy to me to think about how many people don't know Electabuzz's anime cry. I have been quoting it for 20+ year now and still find people who have never heard it.

    GenesisOfTheWindGenesisOfTheWindMåned siden
  • Nux have a video with you and noble react to Select Your Pokemon since he is a fan of the evee evolutions

    Draico StormDraico StormMåned siden
  • im i the only one who noticed that in the Select your partner video the docs buneary is shiny ?

    L.V de kokL.V de kokMåned siden
  • I hate that nux cuts it off before the part where he explains that it is supposed to be uncomfortable.

    Dominic DorsnerDominic DorsnerMåned siden
  • Wonder who the Pokémon anime was motorboating when they did Ekectabuzz...

    shadowplanershadowplanerMåned siden
  • "pokemon go to the polls," They really should have collaborated with Nintendo to make super rare Pokemon appear at the polling stations.

    {Well Hello}{Well Hello}Måned siden
  • You should've showed purplecliffe

    Ochi DiazOchi DiazMåned siden
  • Do another one with Hoodlum Scrafty, Pokemon nuzlockes, and Pimpnite Just not verlisify... or... make a video dissing verlisify and his toxicity.

    OttoOttoMåned siden
  • I watched this before I was about to sleep.... now I can’t stop seeing.. uh.. Pokémon.. when I close my eyes.

    Shadows PrimedShadows PrimedMåned siden
  • Me loves pokemon and then watches this video yeets my TV out the window because I watch pokemon on it 👁😥👁 😔

    Trinity HowertonTrinity HowertonMåned siden
  • me: *Half listening to video while doing other stuff* Nux : "...by Plague of Gripes" Me: WHAT! Nux, no, no Nux, they're not ready!

    JeffJeffMåned siden
  • I freaking love Electrabuzz's original cry, it's so funny!

    Kuro KageKuro KageMåned siden
  • Furry website... *e621 Flashbacks*

    LucarikenLucarikenMåned siden
  • I hate the select your partner video. It made me physically ill.

    Alfredo276Alfredo276Måned siden
  • The pokémon go thing was funny because my 69 year old grandfather plays pokémon go

    GamesBeatGamerGamesBeatGamerMåned siden
  • nooo he got smallant tooooo

    bob rossbob rossMåned siden
  • 18:22 If this is true I want a Hydreigon to swoop down and rip my christian head off

    HalfieHalfieMåned siden
  • 10:54 HIS FACE🤣🤣🤣

    shadow foxshadow foxMåned siden
  • i know exactly that furry website too

    Avriel MimigaAvriel MimigaMåned siden
  • This is hilarious

    Zachary MatuszakZachary MatuszakMåned siden
  • Amazing vid. Now corrupt my boys Mandjtv and Pokemen7plays next

    Ainsley GarciaAinsley GarciaMåned siden
  • Yo Nux, you missed one. The Ron Paul election campaign video. The original theme song singer changed the lyrics of the Pokemon theme song during the 2012 election because he was a Ron Paul supporter. noworld.info/video/video/yqexerufq8u4pKs.html

    Zachary MartinZachary MartinMåned siden
  • If Pokemon's considered satanic I don't even want to know what the fuck shin Megami tense games are

    Jeremy FriesenJeremy FriesenMåned siden
  • I watch Smallant only for The legend of Zelda

    IsquackIsquackMåned siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/0qPdfs6J2azHl9U.html

      IsquackIsquackMåned siden
  • This is the single best land worst birthday present btw it was on the day this “video” made

    Sum GuySum GuyMåned siden
  • You call this cursed? I call this W E D N E S D A Y

    SomethingSomething RyonaSomethingSomething RyonaMåned siden
  • Nux my boi why

    los7stlos7stMåned siden
  • I just noticed something, electrabuz sounded like Jotaro and/or Star platinum from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

    Creepywolf109 videosCreepywolf109 videosMåned siden
  • We need NumbNexus in this. Match chad energy with degen energy

    PeppermintPeppermintMåned siden
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Big juicy squirtle manBig juicy squirtle manMåned siden
  • I will never be able o unsee this.

    justjakkjustjakkMåned siden
  • wow

    Dru BalDru BalMåned siden
  • Electibuzz sounds like it was voiced by the same dude who did Star Platinum.

    Diego RodriguezDiego RodriguezMåned siden
  • It's awesome to hear some of the music from Super mario RPG: legend of the seven stars.

    Daniel AnnanDaniel AnnanMåned siden
  • Tbh should have shown the Video from the "Pokemon episode" with porygon where Misty Turns into a vaporeon

    SirMisterMisterSirMisterMisterMåned siden
  • I just checked my history its really fuck up by Nux video

    jhon Noel Sottojhon Noel SottoMåned siden
  • It’s weird hearing you talk softly half way through the video. I kept having to rewind to figure out if you were the one speaking.

    SpookyBurSpookyBurMåned siden
  • uh oh nux did you use E621

    Crasher AnimationCrasher AnimationMåned siden
  • Kiyoyuki Yanada did the voice for electbuzz, and he only used it one scene the the japanese dub, internationally they used the same recording for every scene electabuzz was in.

    Eddman368Eddman368Måned siden
  • Why dose ant seem so uncomfortable?

    J HSJ HSMåned siden
    • He is lmao

      Were BlountWere BlountMåned siden
  • Yep boys we did it, We made the Internet the most wholesome place on earth!

    Cohen DunstanCohen DunstanMåned siden
  • Alternate title: Gilbert Godfried tortures streamers with the dark side of their fandom xD

    TerashellTerashellMåned siden
  • Loving that Plague shoutout. Hahahaha

    Radical SharkRadical SharkMåned siden
  • Can we calm down you have been doing to much cursed videos

    GrimReaperGrimReaperMåned siden
  • 7:45-7:48 when he realizes the professor looks like him. I say the professor looks like fuckin King Vegeta lmfao

    AssmosesAssmosesMåned siden
  • Oh god I actually know what the Harkness test is!

    GameGod7GameGod7Måned siden
  • I saw plague of gripes in the thumbnail.

    Moff AntMoff AntMåned siden
  • This is just an excuse for nux to look at furry smut

    deddedMåned siden
  • #nuxisafurry Macke it hapen

    Gabriel HultinGabriel HultinMåned siden
  • I'd love to see this with more folks, like Tyranitartube or MandJTV

    Tangle KelpTangle KelpMåned siden
  • OK.lets PRETEND that these Poketubers NEVER had seen pokemon Hentai in their Life..

    TrainerRED CharizardTrainerRED CharizardMåned siden
  • I thought the professor looked like vegeta. WolfyVGC us vegeta

    Akku8581Akku8581Måned siden
  • 5:45 the dude prolly did the mudamudamuda voice thing to from do in jba

    CrimsonFlame 2007CrimsonFlame 2007Måned siden
  • Always love a good reaction to Select Your Partner.

    Kevin BellKevin BellMåned siden
  • U my cultured sir are a legend lol

    Lacey SummersLacey SummersMåned siden
  • I remember playing Pokémon Go and going to all these spots in my city and events too.

    Stryfe72Stryfe72Måned siden
  • Nux name is a porm game

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaMåned siden
  • "Oh man, I can't wait to show die-hard fans some of the most deviant content on the internet! I can't wait until their armies of children who have never had experience with hardcore content spam 18+ artists on twitter and make them depressed, private or leave all together!"

    Ethereal311Ethereal311Måned siden
  • 9:46 is that Brock?

    Justin KingJustin KingMåned siden
  • I saw nothing cursed, all I heard was vulpix

    Justin KingJustin KingMåned siden
  • Cyber Demons? uh I think he got Pokemon mixed up with Shin Megami Tensei

    GigaHertzGigaHertzMåned siden
  • “That’s not a Pokémon.” “That’s Blaziken.” “Say sike right now.”

    K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的なK REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的なMåned siden
  • Pokemon go got boring Quick for me. I live with 3 pokestops and the raid and can access them all from my couch

    CryingAloneCryingAloneMåned siden
  • I was about to move on from this furry trap to another video when he said "Wolfie VGC" You got my attention

    Gigi IzzyGigi IzzyMåned siden
  • The James one was great

    NilsperryNilsperryMåned siden
  • So uh what partner yall picking 👀

    Junky introvertJunky introvertMåned siden
  • “Pokémon go to the poles”

    god man11god man11Måned siden
  • Step-ash what are you doing

    SuddsySuddsyMåned siden
  • I would say that Victreebel has the best cry in the anime, who could forget that classic banshee scream

    HuskyTreeckozzHuskyTreeckozzMåned siden
  • As a Christian, I am so freaking embarrassed by that nutcase fundy thinking pokemon is a demonic ploy....

    Metal MinisterMetal MinisterMåned siden
  • Thanks PeachSaliva and your horrible internet name for voicing that aggressive Vulpix

    FattucusFattucusMåned siden
  • My boi smallant lost his soul

    Jalend BishopJalend BishopMåned siden