I Showed Edgy Anime to Controversial YouTubers (ft Redo of Healer)

3. feb.. 2021
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  • I came for leafy but didn’t see any leafy 😔

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  • LOL

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  • you also using gogoanime nice

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  • When you hear the word redo Haha no

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  • R a P (e)

    Logan BarrosoLogan Barroso3 dager siden
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  • oof the james charles comment didn't age well

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  • 50,000 likes... I mean- i- we're already there-

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  • Oh yeah 50,000 likes has been reached.

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  • Healing is making something wounded like it was before it was wounded. Basicly a type of time magic. Also the manga is way better.

    GoretantathGoretantath9 dager siden

    san mansan man9 dager siden
  • Is there a way to drink bleach and holy water and poor it in my eye to?

    Godzillatrap786 B O I TRAPGodzillatrap786 B O I TRAP9 dager siden
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  • What do you say to someone in a wheelchair when they steal your camo jacket? You can hide but you can't run.

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  • Depression gang lol

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  • No offense BUT WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS?!?!?!???

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  • 1:24 " I hope I see breasts. " (Immediate tiddies)

    David GeorgeDavid George13 dager siden

    ofueofue14 dager siden
  • backstory from the book the s*** is a powerbooster

    XANDXAND14 dager siden
  • I actually really enjoy this anime ngl hope there's a season 2

    Nathaniel BalderasNathaniel Balderas15 dager siden
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nonononono

    no name brandno name brand15 dager siden
  • Me seeing the likes: yes yes yes yes yes yes YES

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  • Oh no . . . HE'S 2D NOW 😱😱😱 # TwoMonthsLate

    TheSilentDeath 326TheSilentDeath 32616 dager siden
  • I watch the entire anime it is amazing

    Nam DiepNam Diep16 dager siden
  • "why do they also have to r*** him too?" that's exactly what i thought. this is the definition of edge

    The WildcardThe Wildcard16 dager siden
  • LOL

    as7.as7.17 dager siden
  • It would be worse If you told them this was made by the same studio that worked on the first three High School DxD animes.

    Bryan Vinh NguyenBryan Vinh Nguyen17 dager siden
  • maken ki

    KiluaKilua17 dager siden
  • I clicked on this video, I have no fear

    Marvel ForeverMarvel Forever17 dager siden
  • "James Charles is not a rapist." Chris Hansen: "Nux, about that......."

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  • LOL

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  • non-lol anti-lol nol

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    Vortexplays The bestVortexplays The best19 dager siden
  • Do it now Nux, PArt 2

    GG20 dager siden
  • "I feel so close to home right now!" Nux: "Those are final words you know?"

    Plisken X51mmPlisken X51mm20 dager siden
  • fear

    Crado DragmireCrado Dragmire20 dager siden
  • Isn't the entire show a hentai much like darling in the franxx

    theoof1souttheoof1sout20 dager siden
  • Lol Lmaooo

    billy bananasbilly bananas21 dag siden
  • 8:34 I LOVE THE WAY HE SAID IT "Now *this* is anime"

    billy bananasbilly bananas21 dag siden
  • Yo 50k likes was a while ago

    Nikolai PetrovNikolai Petrov21 dag siden
  • I like the fact that Nux hide the screen but i dont matter cuz i alredy watch and that shits fire

    Dan DanDan Dan21 dag siden
  • lmao

    bluesky98bluesky9822 dager siden
  • 14:01 not quite, he stole the Memories of this one Alchemist Dude, so He was able to transform the metal. Also,(related to another scene earlier in the Video) his sp0rm makes people stronger.Thats why everyone wants to frick him Aaaalso, this is not the worst that happens... In my opinion, its a scene in Episode 11, but whatever Im just a regular bored guy,who wants to tell people Things,they probably dont wanna know

    Kuryo SXKuryo SX22 dager siden
  • lol

    ZelleZelle23 dager siden
  • "now this is anime"

    just bannerjust banner24 dager siden
  • "HE DI- D- Did-Did-Did You see tha- That was the best scene in the whole anime

    Straw Hat TylerStraw Hat Tyler25 dager siden
  • nux is a v tuner

    the memorable novelistthe memorable novelist26 dager siden
  • Part 2 coming soon

    Anonymity Addicts AnonymousAnonymity Addicts Anonymous26 dager siden
  • Lol

    Anonymity Addicts AnonymousAnonymity Addicts Anonymous26 dager siden
  • Girls:aaaah Me: don't worry kids the girls are just having a fight

    SlenderforestSlenderforest26 dager siden
  • The most wholesome thing in this whole video is Nux's "goddamn"

    Trash_bin_is homeTrash_bin_is home27 dager siden
  • 9mm kills the body, .45 caliber kills the soul, *12 Guage kills their soul in hell*

    Aheago VultureAheago Vulture27 dager siden
  • I feel like Keyarga would be a great boyfriend if he didn’t go through all that trauma and wasn’t so creepy all the time

    TheBombBeastTheBombBeast27 dager siden
  • Can I get a LMAO chain

    Jared ConnerJared Conner27 dager siden
  • redo of healer is now called: rising of the shield hero hentai adaptation

    Average WeebAverage Weeb28 dager siden
  • Nux!! 55k likes!! Where's episode 2??

    random3263827random326382728 dager siden
    • I need to see papa gundum suffer again 😂😂

      ZachZach27 dager siden
  • I am 10000% sure this is the villain's origin story that we've always wondered about but are too afraid to see.

    LunchTrey GamingLunchTrey Gaming28 dager siden
  • Another shit click bait vid legit cant get any views without clickbait of actual loli hentai or normal hentai OR just lying about whos in the vid. Hes a good channel when he makes actual anime content. And not shit like this. Sad to see him become like this.

    General PepsiGeneral Pepsi28 dager siden
  • Lol

    Free CandyFree Candy28 dager siden
  • I would love to enjoy the time with this person even for a moment

    M KM K28 dager siden
  • So, I read a few chapters of this LN. I can't believe it got an anime... I couldn't watch teh 1st episode but some things that were explained in the ln; having sex with a hero will increase non-hero's max level. He wasn't 'biding his time', he had to wait to get the resistance to the drugs. And this is one of the worst things ever to exist. Idk if it gets better, but I can def. say by chapter 6 it only got worse. That hot poker scene was hard to read.

    AltmaAltma29 dager siden
  • Wii fit music starts playing

    Joshua JonassaintJoshua Jonassaint29 dager siden
  • LMAO

    Roberto YT garzaRoberto YT garza29 dager siden
  • Since I don't see any lol lmao

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  • Call me weird but where i can watch Redo of Healer?

    Śmieszny WalentyŚmieszny WalentyMåned siden
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  • dude... that was one chapter of manga... sorry to burst your bubble. ask Joey about that.

    The Obsesed Anime FreaksThe Obsesed Anime FreaksMåned siden

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  • Mm 55k likes..

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  • Pretty damn happy to see Gundam getting so much love

    Kamui_DonoKamui_DonoMåned siden
  • Since reccomendations brought me back here I should say if you have been involved in the generally degeneracy long enough you should already be desensitized to abduction murder mind break and rape...that being said the show itself is actually quite good Hero is one of the best protags of the last few years easily.

    Sentient PaperclipSentient PaperclipMåned siden
  • we are waiting for our part 2

    WabbieWoeWabbieWoeMåned siden
  • Lmao for his rod

    Steam Greaser24Steam Greaser24Måned siden
  • How do I find this?

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  • 12 eps + 12 epz + an ova so all in all it got 26 epz

  • Where's my part 2

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  • lol

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  • I think the reason he could heal a demon to death is it works like Minecraft and undead die to heals

    LazyLazyMåned siden
  • his healer jizz makes other people stronger my bois, this makes total sense

    LightrusLightrusMåned siden
  • LMAO I would choose his rod but not because I was in her situation - because this dude is a fucking chad

    Kyrsten NapolitanoKyrsten NapolitanoMåned siden
  • Woo, part 2!

    Zeus The Soulless GingerZeus The Soulless GingerMåned siden
  • Lol! Lmao!

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  • I guess im a one in a million degenerate weeb who actually got what the fuck everything in this anime meant at first glance I guess im rare?

    InsertfunnynameInsertfunnynameMåned siden
  • "this anime's not that bad" uhhhhhh

    Patrick HoPatrick HoMåned siden
  • When the Vietnam flashbacks kick in 19:53

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  • 55k Nux

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