I Showed Weird Anime to Non-Anime Fans (ft Oompaville & Kwite)

11. sep.. 2020
241 022 Ganger

Hahaha I found NOworldr normies and introduced them to the wonders of weird anime plots!
Check out the NOworldr normies in the vid:
Oompaville: noworld.info
Kwite: noworld.info
Anime Mentioned: Assassination Classroom, Interspecies Reviewers & Shinmai Maou no Testament.
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  • This video is to transform Oompaville and Kwite into Wholesome people.

    Adithya Venkataramanan RajagopalanAdithya Venkataramanan Rajagopalan2 dager siden
  • Assassination Classroom is a really good anime 👍 I was sad at the ending though with Korosensei. I won't say more I don't want to spoil it if you haven't watched it yet. Check it out to find out what I mean (The ones that have seen it, you guys know what happen and it was sad/happy) my favorite character is Karma Akabane ❤ 🔪 🔫

    yameili perezyameili perez3 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie, Assassination Classroom is amazing and kwite and oompaville should watch it. Also "Karasuma Sensei" XD

    Naomi CalderonNaomi Calderon10 dager siden
  • KonoSuba pls

    Richard IrwinRichard Irwin10 dager siden
  • NO, I remember Evil Sisters! Why did you have to flex on ME with this horrid memory?! And I saw the UNCENSORED version, too! WHY DID I, WHY?!?!

    Grif the CritGrif the Crit11 dager siden
  • this video got me adding some animes to watch and honestly I'm kinda disappointed in my self

    a foola fool12 dager siden
  • Hey Nux, Assassination Classroom is actually a middle school class. Not to be mean or anything

    Lucy BlackthornLucy Blackthorn12 dager siden
  • Now I would say you could have imoutoed a little bit harder Nux but fair enough eromanga sensei is the difference between diving in the deep end and tying and anchor around your neck and jumping

    Gray RookGray Rook12 dager siden
  • My sister is a demon lord is a really good anime

    Savion RogersSavion Rogers14 dager siden
  • Nux can you make a video on the Think Before you Sleep, and Roma Army beef

    John KiddJohn Kidd15 dager siden
  • *shows assassination classroom* me: *depression flashbacks*

    18 Muhammad Ridwan Wirasasmita18 Muhammad Ridwan Wirasasmita16 dager siden
  • lol, just realized the Wendy plush in the background the position of it😂

    Levi’s Gaming caveLevi’s Gaming cave16 dager siden
  • When nux showed them testament of sister new devil he should have show the maple syrup scene

    William StanleyWilliam Stanley17 dager siden
  • Oompa: Is this in america? *LOL*

    Gemini JesterGemini Jester17 dager siden
  • I'm recording all episodes of Assassination Classroom!!! This is great Nux!!! 😄😄😄

    PAW DASHERPAW DASHER19 dager siden
  • When you realize Nux actually searched the DUB version of Assasination Classroom: SUB watchers: TRAITOR

    ÂñįmęGüřł ʕ•ع•ʔÂñįmęGüřł ʕ•ع•ʔ20 dager siden
  • School of assassins wasn't my cup of tea, however the 2nd I'd possibly see, and the inter species reviewers anime I did enjoy, it'd be nice to get more seasons from it. Thanks Nux.

    MadJackPat CiderhouserulesMadJackPat Ciderhouserules21 dag siden
  • You know they aren’t weebs when they are watching animes dubbed without crying of pain

    kanekikaneki23 dager siden
  • I just went to Kwite's channel and scrolled through his vids. He started wearing a mask before quarantine. I got up to 2 years ago in his vids and he was already prepared. He might have seen this coming

    Jesse VancooneyJesse Vancooney26 dager siden
  • 13:36 oompa: whats the difference between this and hentai Nux: There's no penetration *Oompa makes a face God, this is like my sister finding some ecchi manga then me explaining how it isnt hentai, I can relate

    Jesse VancooneyJesse Vancooney26 dager siden
  • 10:43 cue skyrim intro

    Jesse VancooneyJesse Vancooney26 dager siden
  • That was hilarious to watch and I even am watching both the first two anime that were shown. Nux, you may have just made them anime fans you sneaky genius

    Robert WestRobert West27 dager siden
  • Closing in on summoning our dear Lord Satan,, nice!

    Cobmobs Creative CornerCobmobs Creative Corner29 dager siden
  • Dude I genuinely enjoyed interspecies reviewers as a female and that is my greatest shame

    bug.be4rbug.be4r29 dager siden
  • So there's 2 pandemic happening

    Duckling ChiefDuckling Chief29 dager siden
  • 8:33 nOiCe.

    James HarrisonJames Harrison29 dager siden
  • "yo, where this at, america?" lol strait mood

    kanedgy the guykanedgy the guy29 dager siden
  • You didn’t even show them the intro to IR!!

    MoveSpammerGuy team7colorsMoveSpammerGuy team7colorsMåned siden
  • I think I can feel something! OK OK

    Chris LewisChris LewisMåned siden
  • i mean, he was right, sex slave has a better connotation than just slave, of course when a spell is involved that stop being playful

    Dev For FunDev For FunMåned siden
  • I love how my friend reacted when we watched testament of sister new devil. Was fuckin hilarious

    Super VegitoSuper VegitoMåned siden
  • ow my feelings

    Kris DavisKris DavisMåned siden
  • Wait I just started high school and I haven't tried to assassinate my teachers once

    NightHawkGamerHD !NightHawkGamerHD !Måned siden
  • We need flamingo (the NOworldr) to collab with them

    Asher_wol4Asher_wol4Måned siden
  • Assassination classroom is my favourite anime.

    Mr PotatoMr PotatoMåned siden
  • 1:58 boy with the book on the left, sauce please.

    TheFastSnakeTheFastSnakeMåned siden
  • this is highschool dxd shit

    Maris_NvMMaris_NvMMåned siden
  • so the second anime on the list i havent seen what it is but im guessing testement of sister new devil right?

    uwu bot or no owouwu bot or no owoMåned siden
  • Let's be honest assasination class room may have a werid plot but it is action packed and sad as hell!

    greywolf 115greywolf 115Måned siden
  • I feel like Nux just got 1 million. Keep goin, almost there to 2 million!

    Osamu DazaiOsamu DazaiMåned siden
  • I love how it went from the greatest school anime of all time to sexually harassing your demon king stepsister to whatever the hell the third one is.

  • Is shinmai maou a henti? Why i have never heard about it?

    vegan cardiganvegan cardiganMåned siden
  • Yes I need more of this also I love highschool of the dead and assassination classroom

    ReaperArrowReaperArrowMåned siden
  • Makes me want to go back to my hobby of committing war crimes in third world countries... ahhhh... good times...

    Kyle DarneyKyle DarneyMåned siden
  • Should’ve shown Nagisa as a trap😂

    Big GayBig GayMåned siden
  • i have watched inter spice reviewers and the tesment of a new devil sister

    rheon laltoorheon laltooMåned siden
  • I miss the no one can understand the philosopy of this character

    Sol DI 1Sol DI 1Måned siden
  • Oompaville how are you doing? AAAAAAAAÀAHHHHHHHHH

    Gangsta PenguinGangsta PenguinMåned siden
  • 😫😩😫

    ‘-‘ Some weeaboo‘-‘ Some weeabooMåned siden
  • 4:57 AMERICA 100

    Drake WitkowskyDrake WitkowskyMåned siden
  • Nux is torturing us too, he plays the animes in dub.

    JustYour EverydayWeebJustYour EverydayWeebMåned siden
  • Dude when I saw him do that stuff to his step sis lil me was like aaaaah yesss time to rise and lil me was like k I'm gonna go hard and stay still like a stick

    SenpaiPlayzSenpaiPlayzMåned siden
  • No entendí una puta mierda... Pero esta mamada ve mi crush.... Y estoy decepcionada💔💔

  • 06.08 what is sairaorg doing here

    artturi siikanenartturi siikanenMåned siden
  • Bruh They thought Assassination Classroom was weird? I mean... It's not that weird. My gateway was Jojo and I didn't think that was weird. What is up with these people? How is stuff Like that weird

    idkjustputsomethingidkjustputsomethingMåned siden
  • 4:20 Omg if only they knew. If only they knew. The pain we have been through when we finished the anime. I still cry thinking about it. They need to finish the anime the need to. 😭

    Save Koro-SenseiSave Koro-SenseiMåned siden
  • oof forgot to censor at 9:42 lol

    PixlmonPixlmonMåned siden
  • It an amazing feeling when you, as an anime fan, don’t know one of the shows yet you don’t bat an eye because it’s par for the course.

    Vgamer311Vgamer311Måned siden
  • When has anime ever been based off true story

    mintwolf_ majorweebzmintwolf_ majorweebzMåned siden
  • You see after the age 100 in anime it's a free for all

    Dreaded JayDreaded JayMåned siden

    chikobowoskichikobowoskiMåned siden
  • I actually watched assassination classroom after this and thoroughly enjoyed it😂

    Piper KrierPiper KrierMåned siden
  • Convert the normies

    Jacob PerschbacherJacob PerschbacherMåned siden
  • "What's your judgement on this anime? "Um, so, do you remember that gun from earlier?"

    Casual Linux UserCasual Linux UserMåned siden
  • You should show them food wars.

    NinjaPay 99NinjaPay 99Måned siden
  • 3:57 “Where’s this school at, America?” I’m dead

    LRK CM3LRK CM3Måned siden
  • The two things highschool of the dead is know for are. 1. Fan service and 2. The bullet that goes between the chicks boobs.

    NinjaPay 99NinjaPay 99Måned siden
  • You just have them react to the Woody scene from Tatami galaxy

    RuFRuFMåned siden
  • ew english dub

    Sir_PugsySir_PugsyMåned siden
  • Nux can say “so I’m gonna ruin your day and make you barf with the most disgusting hentai” and normie youtubers will be like “yeah sure, sounds cool” cuz Nux can convince anyone to do anything.

    Jacob BarkerJacob BarkerMåned siden
  • I love Interspecies Reviewers! 🤣

    SpeediraWindiraSpeediraWindiraMåned siden
  • The original interspecies reviewer was Eclipsa from Star vs the Forces of Evil xD bitch kept notes on all her monster "conquests" ~

    Moira MenzelliMoira MenzelliMåned siden
  • I still haven't seen interspecies reviewers but the other 2? TOP NOTCH

    pootch1pootch1Måned siden
  • Assassination classroom is the best I love it so much 😤

    pootch1pootch1Måned siden
  • When you get 204k views but only 24k likes

    Newfollower 7Newfollower 7Måned siden
  • 5:13 Do High school of the dead boobs jiggle faster than a speed of sound and a sniper bullet.

    J0ha44sJ0ha44sMåned siden
  • “Slave can have different connotations”

    Aidens AbyssAidens AbyssMåned siden
  • I'll admit; I'm a girl, and I found Interspecies Reviewers to be HILARIOUS!

    Kitsune AitsukiKitsune AitsukiMåned siden
  • You shouldve shown the episode where professor vitch comes

    gum guy1gum guy1Måned siden
  • 0:06 what are you doing?

    gum guy1gum guy1Måned siden
  • Nux really hit them with the tone down version, they wouldn’t not make it pass the sub version and testament of my new devil sister is god like

    SABean RPuffSABean RPuffMåned siden
  • So Nux brought them together yet they still haven’t done the animation collab I suggested almost 8 times almost a month ago

    Riley SylvesterRiley SylvesterMåned siden
  • -____-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 PzychotikMåned siden
  • Me: wonders how he gets ads NOworld: we have fetishes too man, shut up.

    LS_playzzツLS_playzzツMåned siden
  • Oompaville: Where's this school at, America? Me: School? you mean the shooting range? My Friend: What's school?

    VernyBoiVernyBoiMåned siden
  • 8:55 dude this one of my favourites

    Kieran SmithKieran SmithMåned siden
  • I already know highschool DxD is in this vid

    Charlie BernhardtCharlie BernhardtMåned siden
  • For context of the Demon Sister Anime, its not revealed until the end of the 1st ep, but the Brother is actually a former Hero Trainee (who are tasked to kill Demons for the Human Race) and his dad is actually the strongest Hero of the previous generation. The reason why the other girl wanted to link them with a Master-Slave contract is for the sake of the Demon Sister's magic to grow but it "somehow got reversed" and the Demon Sister ended up being the Slave rather than the brother (which is actually WAS the plan to make them both stronger by introducing more harem members and both Brother and Sister weren't aware of it). Its highly convoluted, as the Brother ends up fighting both Heroes and Demons alike to protect his Sister and his Harem, which eventually culminates in him becoming the representative to fight the New Demon Lord so the Sister would replace that guy so peace between Humans and Demons could happen.

    J. Louie DinorogJ. Louie DinorogMåned siden
  • Nux (on interspecies reviewers): This is an Anime you watch with your bros My Gf: Wants to watch it because it sounds neat.

    JaycrenJaycrenMåned siden
  • 10:42-you're finally awake dude this is skyrim all over again

    or ben-amosor ben-amosMåned siden
  • well actually the difference between hentai and an ecchi anime like that one with demon stepsister is they don't actually show full on sex and even when they do skirt the line they do not actually show the vagina and penis and mostly get away with boob and butt shots.

    Sara FontaniniSara FontaniniMåned siden
  • yo why does oompaville look like my english teacher lmao

    Lg628Lg628Måned siden
  • “Do they have drugs in Japan “

    Communist MicrowaveCommunist MicrowaveMåned siden
  • I watched all these (uncensored obviously)

    Josh OharaJosh OharaMåned siden
  • No

    rocket gamingrocket gamingMåned siden
  • ranma 1/2

    Daniel KarlstedtDaniel KarlstedtMåned siden
  • 1:44 what is that anime

    Marico NashMarico NashMåned siden
  • Now I’m thinking to watch assassination classroom

    Sophie The loofSophie The loofMåned siden
  • I gotta say this is one of my absolute fav nux videos. Please make more of this series

    sgap pisgap piMåned siden
  • *"I'll try and finish as quick as I can."* - Basara Toujou

    Kelvin ShubertKelvin ShubertMåned siden