I Showed YouTubers Cursed Anime Attacks - (w/ CDawgVA, MxR Plays, Wolfychu, Gibi ASMR & Lord Briggo)

16. sep.. 2020
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i sense a disturbance in the force, time to show wholesome youtubers some cursed anime scenes i guess, subscribe to join the toxic side of the force. and WAP that like button!
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  • 21:56 the anime is called why the hell are you here teacher and it’s actually good

    I have depression anxiety ADHD And I’m antisocialI have depression anxiety ADHD And I’m antisocial12 timer siden
  • I need hoely

    Vocal PellyVocal PellyDag siden
  • This should just be the entirety of G-Gundam

    Philipp LyanguzovPhilipp LyanguzovDag siden
  • Hahaha sooooo funny

    Ranugrah RomadhonRanugrah RomadhonDag siden
  • Ima just say that they are not the only ones having nightmares

    amber-star Floresamber-star FloresDag siden
  • 24:10God I love the way nux is all "by the way, speaking of DICKS"

    StoneTheMason MusicStoneTheMason MusicDag siden
  • But a penis would have more muzzle velocity because of the longer barrel. Of course the vagina ultimately has a higher caliber but less accuracy due to a lack of rifling. ON the other hand the penis can carry more ammo into battle because of the stowage on the lower glacis on top of the range bonus...but, hmm..decisions

    StoneTheMason MusicStoneTheMason MusicDag siden
  • Who else raised their hands!?

    Rubber DucRubber Duc2 dager siden
  • That last clip with the loli was worth the half an hour video

    ChukahChukah2 dager siden
  • Poor herry he has to hold back

    the dark Crowthe dark Crow3 dager siden
  • "Could be multiple balls" - Henry ( or what ever he said his name was )

    Scout_ PlayzScout_ Playz3 dager siden
  • Why is the guy at 16:18 dressed like Arthur..?

    Josh DayJosh Day3 dager siden
  • Can I get the sauce on the one with the fountain for research purposes

    Kallen convisKallen convis3 dager siden
  • Rate Isekai Harem Monogatari

    brtplayzbrtplayz3 dager siden
  • nux's maniacal laughter is the best part 100%

    gauci101 llgauci101 ll3 dager siden
  • I literally started wheezing at the thumbnail

    Yoshikage kiraYoshikage kira4 dager siden
  • Poor connor and wolfychu

    Paradraw ZombieParadraw Zombie4 dager siden
  • I love that the thumbnail had "wussy cannon"

    Amanda McElyeaAmanda McElyea5 dager siden
  • MY EYS!

    J GamingXDJ GamingXD5 dager siden
  • Okay, for that last clip... I've seen enough sports and wrestling clips to know that that was going to happen.

    KonstantinsenKonstantinsen5 dager siden
  • 9:22 Yes,I'm with her I vote for P-ssy Canon 27:14 My guess,She's going to fall into someones lap.......Nope,guess not

    AmberTheFoxAmberTheFox8 dager siden
  • 19:59 I spit coffee out my nose!

    Stellar PieStellar Pie8 dager siden
  • Nux I ain't wholesome

    Anneke KoekemoerAnneke Koekemoer9 dager siden
  • Alternate title: Nux shows youtubers softcore hentai.

    Just DepressedJust Depressed9 dager siden
  • Poor wolfychu

    LunaDestiny 123LunaDestiny 12310 dager siden
  • What even was that water one

    Emily M.Emily M.11 dager siden
  • cursed? more like BLESSED

    Mccoolfriend6Mccoolfriend611 dager siden
  • and people genuinely liked "Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?", I mean yeah it's that type of anime I know...

    CarlosCarlos11 dager siden
  • **This is not wholesome...*

    leifaxardoleifaxardo12 dager siden
  • Is that mask on your hair... Red X ? From Teen Titans

    Merle ChristinMerle Christin13 dager siden
  • yaoi is Christian.... if you say so

    LuckyMonikerLuckyMoniker13 dager siden

    Xshadowx32 HDXshadowx32 HD13 dager siden
  • My friend doesn’t watch anime and I decided to play a harmless joke on her. I mean she’s never been rickrolled and she doesn’t know what a simp is! Pathetic. So anyways I jokingly recommended boku no pico and sent her straight to google images.

  • Every time Wolfy does this she gets less and less innocent...

    finian rileyfinian riley13 dager siden
  • Ok can I die now ...... ( ._. )

    AvacadoAvacado13 dager siden
  • "Wholesome", but has a guy that makes videos on slutty Skyrim mod videos.

    AncapFTWAncapFTW13 dager siden
  • Nux and Wolfy could make a good couple Im no very good at shipping sooo.... dont sue me

    Seth Matthew PalaoSeth Matthew Palao13 dager siden
  • Connor seems like he's just suffering in every collab

    Watson -Media Max-Watson -Media Max-13 dager siden
  • 🅱️ussy cannon.

    Shiny GreninjaShiny Greninja13 dager siden
  • wow i actualy guessed the last right

    ebil knubebil knub13 dager siden
  • Show them scenes from "La Blue Girl" and see how they react to that! XD

    Cartoon CritiqueCartoon Critique13 dager siden
  • If there isn't high school dxd or Keijo I'm suing 😃🏃🏽‍♀️

    noyanoya14 dager siden

    Tsuyu AsuiTsuyu Asui14 dager siden
  • Link to fourth clip?

    Gabriel WardGabriel Ward14 dager siden
  • I've seen the third to last anime its so i-idk.

    Just some Guy On The InternetJust some Guy On The Internet14 dager siden
  • Little surprised you have not unleashed the GooshGoosh on them yet.

    RavensaursRexRavensaursRex15 dager siden
  • I looked up the ping pong club video ;-; My eYES-

    •Ash_ theAvocado••Ash_ theAvocado•15 dager siden
  • It wouldn't surprise me if they decided to recreate the third last scene in Uzaki Chan wants to hang out.

    aaron laluzerneaaron laluzerne15 dager siden
  • Someone please give me the name of the animes on 8:50, 21:32 and 25:54.

    Ralasuco GamingRalasuco Gaming15 dager siden
  • 25:09 Damn she kicked him in the balls so hard he turned into G.E.R

    Daddy DioDaddy Dio15 dager siden
  • "sexy commando" I overestimated, because I know what going commando means...

    spamuel98spamuel9816 dager siden
  • 25:10 What is that melody ?

    Jacek StasiakJacek Stasiak16 dager siden
  • Henry wholesome totally yes 😏

    Jon-Thomas McCullough-HelmJon-Thomas McCullough-Helm16 dager siden
  • For anyone wondering, 24:24 is noworld.info/video/video/sHfMes5_1LvYqZY.html

    Ulquiorra CiferUlquiorra Cifer16 dager siden
  • I feel bad for wolfychu

    Angel EsquilinAngel Esquilin16 dager siden
  • Cdawg: Im wholesome god dammit Has literally bought a naked kanna mouse pad

    NO UNO U16 dager siden
  • She died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    favour rafefavour rafe16 dager siden
  • Cdawg sounds like Nigel Thornberry

    andrew rowanandrew rowan17 dager siden
  • “Nothing bad has happened to lolis” Madoka magica flashbacks

    ArKtic04ArKtic0417 dager siden
    • None of them deserve this Sayaka,kyoko,mami, Madoka from the other timelines book none the one who we all want dead is Kyubey

      sararyder studiossararyder studios6 dager siden
    • Why must you make me sad in this

      sararyder studiossararyder studios6 dager siden
  • I like cdawgva answer. Punch her in the stomach haha.

    Clem & LeeClem & Lee17 dager siden
  • “We need to delete youtube rn”...R U SURE WE ONLY NEED TO DELETE NOworld RN??? :Also where do u guys think that knife is going? :NUTS(ABSOLUTELY NUTS)

    Wolf ProductionsWolf Productions17 dager siden
  • That scream 😂 25:25

    BluewolfofFire0BluewolfofFire017 dager siden
  • subtitles "you've changed me nazi boy"

    Theory InsomniacTheory Insomniac17 dager siden
  • I see videos like this and watch and torture myself because I love your stuff

    Fredo RodriguezFredo Rodriguez17 dager siden
  • I lifted my hands

    Faker_Gamerz1Faker_Gamerz117 dager siden
  • 16:10 Aw God, the Ping Pong Club. Why Nux, for the love of God WHY?! For viewers not aware of the Ping Pong Club anime, let me put it this way- It's not what you think. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. 4/5, would watch again.

    TskmasterTskmaster18 dager siden
  • Where do you even get these videos

    Demon GirlDemon Girl18 dager siden
  • CDawg, usually revoicing bad Hentai scenes, most wholesome guy on Nux collabs XD

    Alex SchleeAlex Schlee18 dager siden
  • The Mangina X'D

    Alex SchleeAlex Schlee18 dager siden
  • I wanna do a vid with nux and everyone else but that isnt ever gonna happen sadly

    Tactical GlizzyTactical Glizzy18 dager siden
  • W TF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Leah CampoLeah Campo18 dager siden
  • The average person has one testicle, Nux I'm pretty sure average means most people, so Nux do you have two or more testicles? Why would you say something like that, I'm questioning my very existence is life a lie would you be able to give someone 100% pleasure during s*x? I'm going to google this my FBI agent is going to have to go through a new world of pain now

    simp_for_ pokimaine gaming21simp_for_ pokimaine gaming2118 dager siden
  • to those questions, i would like to say that theres no possible answer in anime logic/physics..

    Rhon rhonzRhon rhonz18 dager siden
  • The guy used virgin ball and the girl used the real final flash

    CaidenN16CaidenN1618 dager siden

    Heiress_AriesHeiress_Aries19 dager siden
  • sexy commando 30 sai ping pong club nande sensei the maid one unknown that song coolio strawberry mashmellow

    the continuous onethe continuous one19 dager siden
  • at 17:21 just why this is just why like what the f*** is going on here like that the H-E two hokey sticks just skip the gosh dorn video go the the f*** next video pleaze just skip the whole video

    Robert ngoRobert ngo19 dager siden
  • kill me

    Taco Tori 33Taco Tori 3319 dager siden
  • Henry is nowhere near wholesome have you seen his Skyrim mod videos lol 😹😹

    Patrick Ace CombsPatrick Ace Combs19 dager siden
  • I was laughing the whole time especially when they're call some of the anime hentia when they were in fact anime

    John TurmtobiJohn Turmtobi19 dager siden
  • I'mma be real with you. I lost it at "Virgins of the world, lend me your virginity!" You can't write this shit.

    DavidDavid20 dager siden
  • 23:52 “is this a hentai?” Probably

    Tj WessonTj Wesson20 dager siden

    Roberto Lopez IIIRoberto Lopez III20 dager siden
    • ps.the second to last scene just hurt.me.physically so.much

      Roberto Lopez IIIRoberto Lopez III20 dager siden
  • 24:10 the speed by which Jeannie's expression changes

    Nishant DesaiNishant Desai20 dager siden
  • lost pause 3

    Christopher BumpChristopher Bump20 dager siden
  • what is going on inside they're head? *zooms into wolfychu's mind* wolfy's mind: noworld.info/video/video/1mK7l8ix25vFztk.html

    teresa ausleyteresa ausley20 dager siden
  • Seeing Black Lagoon in here makes me very happy. One of my favorite anime

    Charles LewisCharles Lewis21 dag siden
  • Ok i need the links to all of the videos

    the chill zonethe chill zone21 dag siden
  • Some holes in wholesome.

    Alexander EngholmAlexander Engholm21 dag siden
  • God damn it I love Henry

    Poo ButtPoo Butt21 dag siden
  • God damn it I love Henry

    Poo ButtPoo Butt21 dag siden
  • you should show em the Plastic Nee-san hip thrust clip.

    BrokenBroken21 dag siden
  • No showing ankles in this Christian Minecraft server

    ShiahkaziShiahkazi21 dag siden
  • why ;-;

    GagainGagain21 dag siden
  • 19:05 what is Henry talking about? Now I'm curious

    TsUJaN #TsUJaN #22 dager siden
  • Hi wolfychu

    Draegon RobinsonDraegon Robinson22 dager siden
  • Oh, that clip at 24:17.... I know it. I love it. Black Lagoon is in my top 10 favorites out of well over 200...

    Apollohates HisdayjobApollohates Hisdayjob22 dager siden
  • I lifted my hands as well

    Kiara SabellagaKiara Sabellaga22 dager siden
  • My question is where does he find this "wholesome scenes" ?

    XxMiss AxXXxMiss AxX22 dager siden
  • the last scene made me cry laughing to valhala, and CDawgVA is the most wholesome EASILY

    ToRa7aToRa7a22 dager siden