I Showed YouTubers CURSED Anime Clips - (w/ CDawgVA, Wolfychu, Emirichu, Gibi ASMR & BRIGGO)

1. juli. 2020
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HAHA IT'S HERE! After weeks of work YA BOI DID IT! I gathered some of the most wholesome youtubers together to watch the most OBSCURE CRINGEY ANIME CLIPS OFF ALL TIME!
Wolfychu: noworld.info/dev/_nEHeUEVNY5ZYLRWg8KoZQ
Emirichu: noworld.info
Gibi ASMR: noworld.info/dev/E6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q
CDawgVA: noworld.info/dev/PsZ_0SkFdi551iYTG04R2g
All Day Anime: noworld.info/dev/1fV7yBEjnRwhJxwZFCRnOg
The Madlad editor MudanTV: noworld.info
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My Nux Taku Avatar Artist: twitter.com/violett_psycho

My Revolvania Outro by Nick Nitro: noworld.info/dev/lCzAESv7Lq_wAvqhbxa0LQ

Edited By: MudanTV

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  • Cdawgs reation

    edamura makotoedamura makoto8 timer siden
  • 8:00 I weren't interested at all than I heard dat

    Sylvia LysfjordSylvia Lysfjord21 time siden
  • Me: sees the anime of kirito watching * ahem* something Also me: is it bad that I know what that anime is

    Little kiri boi 2Little kiri boi 2Dag siden
  • Don’t watch a lot of his videos at all. But subbed because I respect him

    Xavier FXavier FDag siden
  • The Guests: The less videos, the more subs

    Jose Gabriel CastilloJose Gabriel CastilloDag siden
  • Wtf is this

    Arctic FlamesArctic FlamesDag siden
  • just great

    cqn potatocqn potato3 dager siden

    GachaWolf_57GachaWolf_574 dager siden
  • (theres nothing wrong with this clip) Nux:Are u- Are you ready wolfychu Wolfychu:noo ho ho

    H A P P YH A P P Y4 dager siden
  • that black butler refrence tho-

    Brooke CraddockBrooke Craddock4 dager siden
  • If anyone appreciate what nux has done is totally hard First he has to remember every part where he has to stop just to make everything perfect and making every clip perfectly sinc and I think I'm the only one that just discover that

    H A P P YH A P P Y4 dager siden
  • 21:16 God: Oh no, am not involved in this degenerecy.

    Galaxie LionGalaxie Lion4 dager siden
  • I like the Darling in the Franxx reference on the konosuba movie

    ThatoneGuyThatoneGuy6 dager siden
  • Nooooooo this is discustinggggg

    Shar LeeShar Lee6 dager siden
  • wolfychu the whole time : 0///////0

    tsu froppytsu froppy6 dager siden
  • On god I remember the "From Commonplace to World's Strongest" pope up the see scene.

    Jared MendozaJared Mendoza7 dager siden
    • I meant ass scene

      Jared MendozaJared Mendoza7 dager siden
  • at this point, raycon is a man of culture for letting him be the sponsor X

    Sora GameSora Game7 dager siden
  • 💙♥️💔

    Shawn SchneiderShawn Schneider7 dager siden
  • so wholesome

    the ants gaming channelthe ants gaming channel8 dager siden
  • wolfychu is the only wholesome person in this whole video

    gamer_weeb_weirdozgamer_weeb_weirdoz8 dager siden
  • I see that nux is an official anime now

    MR. REDMR. RED8 dager siden
  • Im gonna say nope

    deepeststoneocean is crackdeepeststoneocean is crack10 dager siden
  • His voice reminds me of Alastor from Hazbin Hotel- Edit: Random girl: *Eats mushroom however the heck she does it.* Me: *Commit inhale mushroom.*

    Hi my name is stickersHi my name is stickers10 dager siden
  • *me watching this* *the next video*: a rat in a bikini *me*:welp, I’m not comfortable (What’s the first a name again?)

    Megan The complete idiotMegan The complete idiot10 dager siden
  • 8:21 where

    Dj_DevilDj_Devil11 dager siden
  • Wait everyone is it me or is the fur from the jacket look like angry Pomeranians hair aka bakugou’s hair

    Cara A AustrieCara A Austrie11 dager siden
  • soo you say we apreciate arifureta rigth? Ye And we know that arifureta created a new type of CGI like: Beautiful amazing very good good ok not bad, but also not good bad trash HORRIBLE WTF IS THIS THING? *ARIFURETA*

    Um plebe qualquerUm plebe qualquer11 dager siden
  • Red x or slade mask there

    dont eat waterdont eat water11 dager siden
  • I’ve made a 1st grader ummm how do I say this... NOT wholesome

    Jory HollisJory Hollis11 dager siden
  • 8:19 anime name pls pls

    MD Mohiuddin KhanMD Mohiuddin Khan12 dager siden
  • Someone gimme the fighting hentai please

    FGO FanaticFGO Fanatic12 dager siden
  • 25:47

    The FoolThe Fool12 dager siden
  • oh look, angelbeats: a great series ;w;

    Yeet UwUYeet UwU12 dager siden
  • wtf

    falout 33r4rfalout 33r4r12 dager siden
  • what the f$##$ is that anime

    Red Gaming HackerRed Gaming Hacker13 dager siden
  • Does anyone know where that mushroom scene is from? I need to spam it to everyone i know.

    Luca WhiteheadLuca Whitehead13 dager siden
  • Nux: " oh wait, you knew this was a hen*i?!" Me: Nani da f*ck?!?!

    Gamerdistroyer 1Gamerdistroyer 114 dager siden
  • bruh emily recited a hentai????

    Trafalgar D. Water LawTrafalgar D. Water Law15 dager siden
  • I'm scared to check my recommended after watching this

    Latoya DownsLatoya Downs15 dager siden
  • U foreal have bakugo parts on u like photo shop

    tiffany chastietiffany chastie15 dager siden
  • love arifureta lol

    Khristian HardingKhristian Harding16 dager siden
  • bro what? thats a hentai? hand over the sauce, i wanna "validate" some scenes

    _DustifieD __DustifieD _16 dager siden
  • Nux haves colors like Sans, and he evil like Monokuma. He edgy. And I like it.

    Toxapex HashimotoToxapex Hashimoto16 dager siden
  • i saw pink slippers in the intro and my brain was like "SANS" what is wrong with me

    FishTacos25FishTacos2516 dager siden
  • Cdawg is don’t wholesome

    Head in clouds GachaHead in clouds Gacha17 dager siden
  • Poor wolfychu :( Lmao

    Chocolate_MochisChocolate_Mochis17 dager siden
  • Who TF eats whole ass mushrooms on a stick? Do they actually sell that at Japanese festivals?

    Jademoon25Jademoon2517 dager siden
  • What do you think is gonna happen to her in this obstacle course? Is it.... gonna grab her shorts or something? *shows what happend* 😐 I'm thank full that does not happen to me

    frances eden arcofrances eden arco18 dager siden
  • I live for these reactions

    frances eden arcofrances eden arco18 dager siden
  • I uhhhhhhhh like is O.O And why didn’t Wolfe chu show her face :________(

    påštėŁ wåffŁėpåštėŁ wåffŁė18 dager siden
  • Misty Cronexia is the Elder God of Culture. Nobody is more cultured than Him.

    Crimson GamingCrimson Gaming19 dager siden
  • I see wolfychu i click

    Anna StajaAnna Staja19 dager siden
  • If I see one punch man I freak out

    Galib MansoorGalib Mansoor19 dager siden
  • 9:04 💀

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo20 dager siden
  • Your stuff is normally good but this time I just spent 25 minutes just progessively laughing louder and harder to the point that I can say my back hurts like all hell... And that means something cause I broke my back once

    Andrew BonafiliaAndrew Bonafilia20 dager siden
  • "I’ve never wanted to be a hostage so bad in my life"

    BelixffvlBelixffvl20 dager siden
  • The boy who saw the girl licking the mushroom is traumattised

    Cold snorunt24Cold snorunt2421 dag siden
  • I just had a spit take with the second scene omfg

    Riptide645Riptide64521 dag siden
  • 20:20 Haven’t even seen it yet and I’m already guessing SOMETHING, gets caught on SOMETHING, SOMEHOW 21:28 I F*****G KNEW IT!!!!!!

    Jerome ErwinJerome Erwin21 dag siden
  • this mans laugh is amazing

    Sage ShishaSage Shisha21 dag siden
  • 4:01 i can tell that she dang thicc obvi

    Emily HowEmily How21 dag siden
  • people liked arifureta WHAT THE HECK!!!

    Haru Ch. 佐々木晴チャンネルHaru Ch. 佐々木晴チャンネル22 dager siden
  • Me at 7:55 : “Something seems familiar but I can’t tell what?”

    Ulises GonzalezUlises Gonzalez22 dager siden
  • 11:09 yea that statement is indeed true however he has done even worst shit than that.

    The FoolThe Fool22 dager siden
  • SMASH Ike No thank you

    Gecko GamingGecko Gaming23 dager siden
  • That mushroom one was really disturbing....

    Mayank MallikMayank Mallik23 dager siden
  • no to moch nope

    TimberGamingTimberGaming24 dager siden
  • nux you made me think i didnt buy windows for a sec. Activate your windows xD

    TexasPistolMassacreTexasPistolMassacre24 dager siden
  • Nice

    xSoporificxSoporific24 dager siden
  • Oh no he have done it....wolfychu is now corrupted

    Filthy HobbitsFilthy Hobbits25 dager siden
  • Well if that is what wholesome means then I'm not wholesome

    Allison NicholsAllison Nichols25 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth25 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth25 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth25 dager siden
  • Simp

    Norbi NemethNorbi Nemeth25 dager siden
  • RIP emirichu she isn’t in the hashtags

    Lila ThuriesLila Thuries26 dager siden
  • Why the hell did I agree to watch this

    CypherCypher26 dager siden
  • Bro i’ve never heard Gibi not whispering, so i’m shaken by her not whispering

    Malachi WinstonMalachi Winston26 dager siden
    • Also hearing Gibi say “Sh*t” suprised me

      Malachi WinstonMalachi Winston26 dager siden

    Eliya HussainEliya Hussain26 dager siden
  • Nux looks like he is a human version of sans if you remove the gloves mask and gay 👁👃👁 👄

    Eliya HussainEliya Hussain26 dager siden
  • How come a hentai from the 90's has better animation than most of the stuff that's coming out right now?

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck Nein26 dager siden

    Saki’s Wonderland •*w*•Saki’s Wonderland •*w*•26 dager siden
  • When Kirito is taking a sip out of his cup that picture and on the screen of his computer I love that hentai. And if I got his name spelt wrong sorry I'm not so good at names

    Hentai girl24Hentai girl2426 dager siden
  • No thank you. I’ll be going now.

    Yami YugiYami Yugi27 dager siden
  • "It cant get anymore cursed then thi-" SUPER CYAN THINKS YOUR SUS.

    Determined CharaDetermined Chara27 dager siden
  • dragonborn? sounds like skyrim

    Le krankenwagen kidLe krankenwagen kid27 dager siden
  • Hahaha

    Wade CraftWade Craft27 dager siden
  • I wonder how emirichu encountered that old h-anime (Kite). That's old as fuck.

    仙崎リュウガ仙崎リュウガ27 dager siden
  • Can we get a moment of silence for anyone whos parents barged in

    NixiTypeNixiType28 dager siden
  • Nux : this video is sponsored by ra- Me : no not raid shadow legends Also nux :reycon Also me : phew

    Tanzim UshanTanzim Ushan28 dager siden
  • Over a minute of advertisement, disappointed

    Hey It's alexHey It's alex28 dager siden
  • I hate you so much when you where sponsoring you showed some of your vids and it showed someone thing i don’t wanna spoil but it was something about sanji I’m in a alabasta ark 😭

    Shadow The CatShadow The Cat28 dager siden
  • Lol

    Hannah DoodyHannah Doody28 dager siden
  • Will someone please tell me the. and if this anime lmao

    Kermit suicideKermit suicide29 dager siden
  • need to throw some are you lost? scenes in here

    Rachlos94Rachlos9429 dager siden
  • You like the most trash merchandise I ever

    Ariel WhyenoooAriel Whyenooo29 dager siden
    • This guy be like the more trash merchandiser

      Ariel WhyenoooAriel Whyenooo29 dager siden
  • Selamat pagi: good morning

    Kent rudy the water benderKent rudy the water benderMåned siden
  • you should show wholesome anime (eg K-On) to cursed NOworldrs

    Francis CasipleFrancis CasipleMåned siden
  • This is the first video I've watched of this guy, he sounds like a mixture Sans and Dr. Doofenshmirtz that has a light Irish accent

    MozzarellaHHNMozzarellaHHNMåned siden
  • why in the hell do you dress like Sans ?

    Amberlee BrownAmberlee BrownMåned siden