I Showed YouTubers CURSED Anime - (w/ CDawgVA, MxR Plays, Gibi ASMR & Lord Briggo)

17. aug.. 2020
732 010 Ganger

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  • My mom just texted me to say she’s watching this 😔😔😔😔

    Gibi ASMRGibi ASMR5 måneder siden
    • Omg poor mum

      Jesse VincentJesse Vincent2 måneder siden
    • Lol

      Noah CollitonNoah Colliton4 måneder siden
    • BRUH

      veldora rimuru tempestveldora rimuru tempest4 måneder siden
    • The council has awarded you one single *YIKE*

      Rexol ReptileRexol Reptile4 måneder siden
    • @Ace Sorou rem

      Jayden ColónJayden Colón4 måneder siden
  • Wow

    dang rayrompadang rayrompa4 timer siden
  • "Then her boyfriend suddenly went crazy on me." Hentai artists: "Write that down!"

    General AblonGeneral Ablon9 dager siden
  • This guy is weird

    Nathan WesterfieldNathan Westerfield18 dager siden
  • What anime is the girl telling the weird story from? Sauce?

    Souper SideSouper Side28 dager siden
  • I watch hentai even I have a girlfriends

    Chavaroj KosethkornpongChavaroj KosethkornpongMåned siden

    Elias blackElias blackMåned siden
  • Dude define wholesome :(

    Zephaniah DejeneZephaniah DejeneMåned siden
  • Anime was a mistake

    Chelovek_zuru笑Chelovek_zuru笑Måned siden
  • What was the anime where the girl tirned into a cow

    GodlyGoku101 •_•GodlyGoku101 •_•Måned siden
  • Subscribed

    Robert GarciaRobert GarciaMåned siden
  • anime was really a mistake

    THEsubtilizerTHEsubtilizerMåned siden
  • Cdawg is wholesome and people who say Cdawg isn't wholesome should be shamed

    Chill Gamers AnimationChill Gamers Animation2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where to find the most saddest story in all of anime that 1987 anime clip

    Greg PerianayagamGreg Perianayagam2 måneder siden
  • I think I need some brain bleach after this...

    Galey LuuGaley Luu2 måneder siden
  • Nux: please smash like Me: I want to man but I'm not even sure if I'm even gonna be able to keep this on my NOworld history

    71 Rebirthed71 Rebirthed2 måneder siden
  • I’m still hung up on the cow transformation

    Petra MacnearyPetra Macneary2 måneder siden
  • Just coming to see the panda queen’s reactions

    BadonkagoombaBadonkagoomba2 måneder siden
  • Mans be looking like Sans

    SaddestJojoOutThereSaddestJojoOutThere2 måneder siden
  • Son we need to talk. That’s one of the worst things you could hear while watching this

    MYSFER 10MYSFER 102 måneder siden
  • Damn emilia

    LoopLoop2 måneder siden
  • Can someone tell me where can i Search the video?

    el profesorel profesor2 måneder siden
  • What is the bad luck clip

    Noriaki KakyoinNoriaki Kakyoin3 måneder siden
  • I NEED TO Get the clips for this

    Zaid SinhaZaid Sinha3 måneder siden
  • "I appreciate the censoring" spoken like a true asian.

    Terance BoothTerance Booth3 måneder siden
  • Why the rezero clip? Im sad now. He just rejected her... that is just... no.. lol

    Golden GrainnzGolden Grainnz3 måneder siden
  • Lov

    makayla hairstonmakayla hairston3 måneder siden
  • What was the 19:01 clip called

  • 25:32 Connor Pog

    NoobChillsNoobChills3 måneder siden
  • Gibi ASMR: cosplays as Rem Me simping with a Subaru Jacket: "I love Emilia"

    Minsung KimMinsung Kim3 måneder siden
  • Link?

    VinhVinh3 måneder siden
  • I just love the idea that Nux wakes up 8 hours later and thinks "Oh shit! Connor didn't get the last clip."

    LunchTrey GamingLunchTrey Gaming3 måneder siden
  • The girl with the pink and blue hair I dig it

    Ku-ZuKu-Zu3 måneder siden
  • i love you nux i love emilay

    Dominic 365Dominic 3654 måneder siden
  • This video is very wholesome... This video is age restricted

    Not_A_OgNot_A_Og4 måneder siden
  • Its almost like they are assuming that because conner likes Yaoi aka gay cartoon porn that he can't be wholesome.... "Social Justice warriors pick up there pitch forks!" XD

    That1powergamerThat1powergamer4 måneder siden
  • That higurashi episode is honestly the creepiest in the franchise. If it were just Keiichi fantasizing about his school friends doing sexual things, it would be different, but Oichi is like 50 something fantasizing about a 10 year old rubbing her butt on the window.

    Mytru MaraMytru Mara4 måneder siden
  • 1.5 mil subs now. I was here before 400k I think? First major spike was Flex series then uncharted territory of Hentai and then real Goldmine turned out to be milking existing anime content for reactions by other people in these videos or reacting to things like memes or controversy Nuxself. Who needs original content like essays, "Nobody understands" and such when you can just make people react to things or react to memes yourself. That channel changed so much and I can't say I am happy with that (happy for Nux to become big though). Character essays, "Nobody understands" and other content I subscribed for and enjoyed is just gone. I don't think Biggest Flexes are making comeback anytime soon either.

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns19924 måneder siden
  • Take a shot every time he says wholesome

    I’m here to watch AnimeI’m here to watch Anime4 måneder siden
  • CDawg: I love you Nux Nux: I love Emilia CDawg: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

    Oreo ChatzOreo Chatz4 måneder siden
  • Raaaaaaagh re zero season 2 trauma came into play here and now

    Elora SilverheartElora Silverheart4 måneder siden
  • I like when GIBI ASMR dress like rem from re zero rem my waifu

    Christopher FigueroaChristopher Figueroa4 måneder siden
  • did I just got BNHA 4 spoiled ? 😭

    Tenshi ChuntaTenshi Chunta4 måneder siden
    • Tenshi Chunta on what?

      I’m here to watch AnimeI’m here to watch Anime4 måneder siden
  • You got to introduce them to HighSchool DxD

    James DiggsJames Diggs4 måneder siden
  • That mouse pad was disturbing.

    josh33025josh330254 måneder siden
  • 10 million subscribers butt window cleaning nux.. nobody will forget

    VendusVendus4 måneder siden
  • Cdawg: " I love you Nux" Nux: "I love Melody"

    Filipe CardosoFilipe Cardoso4 måneder siden
  • Nux, you should use that one clip from the Megami Tensei anime where everyone in the class gets possessed by demons and eats the two students who bullied the MC (the female bully gets eaten by the cooch first, and the male bully takes a computer monitor to the back of the head, gets paralyzed, and has to watch as he is eaten.)

    Demiurgus, God of FormDemiurgus, God of Form4 måneder siden
  • It got age restricted bois............

    FullArtKannaFullArtKanna4 måneder siden
  • What are all the anime in this video

    darkness gamerdarkness gamer4 måneder siden
  • Uuhhh

    Seth AndersonSeth Anderson4 måneder siden
  • Nux says it's a very "" wholesome video"" and continues to get it age restricted 😂😂👍

    The DunkinNinjaThe DunkinNinja4 måneder siden
  • The perfect ending - I love you nux - I love emilia

    mehmet esat gülermehmet esat güler4 måneder siden
  • is it bad that i just subscribed because nux's voice is ear porn?

    Daddy's Little Monster GamingDaddy's Little Monster Gaming4 måneder siden
  • "Deku called...before he died." Damn, man! Spoilers for other anime series! Most of us haven't either seen My Hero season 5 or read ahead in the Manga. And Nux, you could have beeped that shit out in editing! Rookie mistake (or just not giving a shit about people's enjoyment of more mainstream anime.) Either way, dick move on both your parts.

    pjamese3pjamese34 måneder siden
  • This makes me re think watching anime 💀💀💀💀💀

    Success StormSuccess Storm4 måneder siden
  • Nux i did not know u rapped i saw it in rustage's vid

    PhantomPhantom4 måneder siden
  • i need to take a break to comprehend what i just watched

    iron defiency maniron defiency man4 måneder siden
  • 2:36 who this?

    Willyguy22 V2Willyguy22 V24 måneder siden
  • When Nux Taku says more then one time 'Wholesome' in a sentence you have to know there is something wrong.

    Jack WriterJack Writer4 måneder siden
  • CDawgVA: "I love you Nux" Nux: "I love Emilia" Top 10 betrayals in Anime channel history

    SoundHysteriaSoundHysteria4 måneder siden
  • dose anybody know what the original 4 video nux played

    unfellable painunfellable pain4 måneder siden

    Pyrandom GamingPyrandom Gaming4 måneder siden
  • I've seen that cow transformation clip before

    dbzsgtfandbzsgtfan4 måneder siden
  • I love it when mxr plays is involved

    Big DBig D4 måneder siden
  • I just realized why his voice sounds familiar, Nux sounds like a character from Battle Block Theater. Its a cursed thing to realize.

    Dirk StriderDirk Strider4 måneder siden
  • 11:10 The sound of the cheeks on window xDD ahh

    The purpleBatThe purpleBat4 måneder siden
  • Does someone know the source of this clip with the most cursed and tragic character backstory I’ve ever heard? Please, for research and science

    heyitsalyheyitsaly4 måneder siden
  • Freaking amazing!!

    Dungeon DaveDungeon Dave4 måneder siden
  • “Japan was a mistake.” Conner, 2020

    Fletcher ReedFletcher Reed4 måneder siden
  • *He is an Emilia Simp Thats What I Know* (5 mins earlier) *I Like The Pink One Instead*

    ProdG ProductionsProdG Productions4 måneder siden
  • FBI called me

    Super YeetSuper Yeet4 måneder siden
  • Sloot lord henry

    Noriaki KakyoinNoriaki Kakyoin4 måneder siden

    Ceaser ZeppeliCeaser Zeppeli4 måneder siden
  • I now have lost half of my brain cells from the first two clips and then felt so bad for that girl with the crazy shit backstory.

    RosaRosa4 måneder siden
  • I love how MxRplay..henry know what he mean by 'wholesome anime' XD

    nicolas Blackburnnicolas Blackburn4 måneder siden
  • I love Echdina

    BFjordsmanBFjordsman4 måneder siden
  • I immediately thought of the old Heart song "Crazy on You"...God, I'm OLD!

    David J. ThompsonDavid J. Thompson4 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one sitting here when they talk about the loli like she may appear to be 8 years old but we all know she actually like 100 years old, using anime logic! No? Just me? I'll see myself out then...

    OtakulaOtakula4 måneder siden
  • I like it when is the blond goddess goes crazy makes a doll out of her hair for him

    Zachary HoltenZachary Holten4 måneder siden
  • I almost died from laughing 😂

    Light GamingLight Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Is there a playlist for this

    ZRampage GamingZRampage Gaming4 måneder siden
  • I love you nux

    General MudcrabGeneral Mudcrab4 måneder siden

    Jamen SkeltonJamen Skelton4 måneder siden
  • ... What Higurashi No Nako Koro Ni OVA was that twisted scene from? I want to make sure I avoid it in the future. Staying weird... while losing my precious sanity. Thanks for those.

    Insult to the Human RaceInsult to the Human Race4 måneder siden
  • A little part of me desperately wanted the Emilia clip to be edited so rem turned into a car and dipped.

    peachpanda96peachpanda964 måneder siden
  • A new generation where simp doesn’t exist is awaiting us.

    Shimohira ReikaShimohira Reika4 måneder siden
  • May I have a list of these anime please and thank you

    Concepcion GomezConcepcion Gomez4 måneder siden
  • Henry is wholesome? Are you sure?

    Dead PoolDead Pool4 måneder siden
  • I just want it for um research purpose

    KingKiller GamerKingKiller Gamer4 måneder siden
  • Umm can anyone give me the name for the girl got stick up her

    KingKiller GamerKingKiller Gamer4 måneder siden
  • What’s the scene with the really unlucky girl, I have some people who I need to show it to

    Jayden HalsteadJayden Halstead4 måneder siden
    • Same

      digiteen99digiteen994 måneder siden
  • I love emilia 😈

    Nyx valorNyx valor4 måneder siden
  • 4:19 I like how the Lord of immersion looks at the camera.... Remembering all the mods he did.

    Tau-5 SamsaraTau-5 Samsara4 måneder siden
  • Gibi's Rem cosplay was so cute!

    The CookThe Cook4 måneder siden
  • I need the sauce for that nutting grandpa part for umm research purposes

    Uliks ZeqiriUliks Zeqiri4 måneder siden
  • I'm a simple man. I see immersion. I click.

    loonypotloonypot4 måneder siden
  • I would love to see daidus in your vids but I guess he already know like 90% of these scenes 😂

    Niklas B.Niklas B.5 måneder siden
  • This video was so funny and good

    Anime GangAnime Gang5 måneder siden
  • This dude gets as excited as hisoka when he shows wholesome ppl perverted clips

    Twisha VijayTwisha Vijay5 måneder siden