I Showed YouTubers Extreme Anime Clips (ft Cr1TiKaL & Melody) #HentaiGang

6. des.. 2020
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We went on quite the journey this time and i feel like me eyes have been opened...
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  • The "hentai" was rrly weird,especially the parts with the humanoid skeleton,the bearded man with the wrong art style and the hot girl

    sans lazybonessans lazybones4 minutter siden
  • Why’d he have to put #HentaiGang 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dog walker 9000Dog walker 90009 timer siden
  • I watch evongellion because if was the only anime I didn't watch on Netflix

    Douglas BrownDouglas Brown16 timer siden
  • I love how there's a toyota add on this

    richard Brownrichard BrownDag siden
  • Hey

    Ride the GamerRide the GamerDag siden
  • charlie literally looks like he's having vietnam flashbacks

    Chin ChinChin ChinDag siden
  • “Hey man” - charlie 2020

  • Charlie is my waifu

    Canada BoyCanada Boy4 dager siden
  • wait "mess me up... erm... my brain" what im getting eye pen flash backs i hate it

    Alex PilotinAlex Pilotin4 dager siden
  • I nowk that senec its the one wer he mskes firedsqide calmara

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch4 dager siden
  • I literally just realized that Nux has automail.

    Lukas CozadLukas Cozad4 dager siden
  • Food Wars was weird

  • I love highschool dxd

    Yung SlimYung Slim6 dager siden
  • No, it was in the Hulu version

    Leeroy PorkinsLeeroy Porkins6 dager siden
  • how tf do you keep up with politics, video games crazy hentais, knowlage, and skills at the same time?

    ff7 dager siden
  • Im not even phased anymore, i see shit like this every day

    Anos VoldigoadAnos Voldigoad7 dager siden
  • Highschool DxD is amazing

    Larry ParkLarry Park7 dager siden
  • I wish melody was my waifu

    Big DBig D7 dager siden
  • and guess im never watching evangelion, cool kids table for life

    ChangabangChangabang7 dager siden
  • seeing melody in real clothes makes me uncomfortable.

    ChangabangChangabang7 dager siden
  • Nux got schooled while playing in his territory

    FanFan8 dager siden
  • 0:40 - 0:43 Melody attempting to not sound lewd. Now here's a cursed "lewd" for those that find it: LUWUD

    PreHisTorIc CReAToRPreHisTorIc CReAToR8 dager siden
  • The sea cucumber scene made me wince in agony, I've been hit by the strings of those things. It is. Painful, all I remember from that moment is just screaming and agony.

    Christoffer IpsenChristoffer Ipsen9 dager siden
  • i'm sorry, can we just go back to dragons fucking cars for a second?

    mastrblastr8mastrblastr89 dager siden
  • Spider crabs are awesome there beautiful take it back please

    Jc ArmyJc Army9 dager siden
  • Funny facts: sea cucumbers do spit a white viscous material from their body as a defense that some sea creatures will eat. and to some it's a mild irritant.

    TheGodshatterTheGodshatter10 dager siden
  • Hey count my hands in🙌

    Ghost KnightGhost Knight10 dager siden
  • In the first 5 minutes I counted 4 times Melody referenced p0rn through “ this is Monday for me” and “makes me want to get tentacle” also “stick me grandpa let’s go” “ we know your experience with sticks” I know she does p0rn it’s just funny that she still references it considering NOworld’s demonization policy’s.

    Rage CounterFitRage CounterFit10 dager siden
  • Why did my arms go up?

    That_GuyThat_Guy11 dager siden
  • 10:21 when he said dragon spirit my mind went to kung fo panda

    SKEETERBOY87SKEETERBOY8711 dager siden
  • Is it just me or I hear a mario kart music in the background?

    Deleto blueDeleto blue11 dager siden
  • I have actually held a cecum burned my hand it was a weird experience

    Joshua Bradford #1Joshua Bradford #111 dager siden
  • The project melody link also goes to moists channel... Lmao

    Neonblack789Neonblack78911 dager siden
  • god damn it my brother saw the dxd scene and I got a whooping WHY

    ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀᴀɴɢᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀᴀɴɢᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ12 dager siden
  • Yay I did not watch it I true gamer

    skilledbuddhaskilledbuddha12 dager siden
  • 1:20 I love this one! 😂 I remember the food more than her reaction to it though. 3:41 And then fainted when she figured out who his dad is. 6:05 Backfired! The scene backfired. 7:24 I'm that, but not. I count how much anime I've watched (including ones I haven't completed or just stopped for one reason or another) but I will not watch anime I have no interest in. 8:31 If that was the case, I wouldn't get most of (any of) yours, SSSniperwolfs, DanTDMs, or Dr. Mike's.

    Jennifer HendricksJennifer Hendricks14 dager siden

    Derek WallaceDerek Wallace15 dager siden
  • I dont watch any of Nux's videos I'm here from Charlie's content, but I love how Nux just wobbles back and forth as if he is taped onto a long wooden stick that someone is holding.

    Marauder MilesMarauder Miles17 dager siden
  • YESS!

    Elmer GarayElmer Garay17 dager siden
  • noworld.info/dev/KMqNjidYwJdPa246p1P8mA

    Hyperactive TalksHyperactive Talks17 dager siden
  • Critikal must feel like a 3rd wheel at times like wtf lmao.

    JMackGamingJMackGaming18 dager siden
  • God: what the fuck is this?

    Arthur TeixeiraArthur Teixeira18 dager siden
  • Pengus is just like 😑😑😑😶😐😶😐💀💀💀

    ŘÄÝMØÑĐłəğəñđžŘÄÝMØÑĐłəğəñđž19 dager siden
  • When you learn that the middle ahegao face at 10:23 is a trap.

    LRK CM3LRK CM319 dager siden
  • Once I saw demon king daimao I was like oh well.

    king crimson AUking crimson AU19 dager siden
  • Melody:ok mess me up mess me-ummm I mean my brain

    H A P P YH A P P Y20 dager siden
  • I feel like clicking on these videos with those thumbnails are sending the fbi to my door

    Colecat0130Colecat013020 dager siden
  • Ah yes demon king daimao

    Kaekuda !Kaekuda !21 dag siden
  • Not do drugs do me

    Jaeger 123Jaeger 12321 dag siden
  • 2:40 it was in the version that aired on Toonami.

    DavidDavid22 dager siden
  • I like how, as soon as he says stuck up rich girl he just shows a picture of Louise from familiar of zero lmao

    Chapter Master SeydonChapter Master Seydon23 dager siden
  • i wish we could see dragons fucking cars because it sounds so intriguing.

    Different!tale AlexDifferent!tale Alex24 dager siden
    • Just go to r/dragonsfuckingcars

      CoolKid 420CoolKid 42020 dager siden
  • Is that Demon Lord Dainamo? Or whatever it's called.

    W.D. GasterW.D. Gaster24 dager siden
  • I don’t think the mushroom candy people know how to eat it. I just chomp off right away.

    Basement DwellerBasement Dweller24 dager siden
  • Lol so wholesome ;) you welcome nux

    iagame ytiagame yt25 dager siden
  • bro i swear these three guys could be homies and play games together

    koki サイバーkoki サイバー25 dager siden
  • Dragons fucking cars where did the cars come from

    Rayas KazukiRayas Kazuki25 dager siden
  • Cooking things there making people go naked is the hole point of Food wars.

    ophelius Dareophelius Dare25 dager siden
  • I want to put this in r/cursedvideos

    dread beardread bear26 dager siden
  • These videos suck so much bro. :/ Actual content - rants, analysis, making fun of toxic people, etc. etc.is on Nux Taku now I guess

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns199226 dager siden
  • The bad that I've watched most of these animes;-; well all of them

    tristan bryanttristan bryant26 dager siden
  • 6:28 what is that anime?

    BMambeE 123BMambeE 12326 dager siden
  • My guy its called foodgasms

    ThatkatThatkat26 dager siden
  • My mans got the mkwii music in the background

    Malachi PenalverMalachi Penalver27 dager siden
  • R/blessedimages

    kng.wtfツkng.wtfツ27 dager siden
  • Who was the girl in the thumbnail

    KyngTrashmouth YTKyngTrashmouth YT27 dager siden
  • I legitimately put my hands up at the end

    itsyaboylamboitsyaboylambo28 dager siden
  • The description has opened up another world for conspiracy theorists that charlie is melody

    itsyaboylamboitsyaboylambo28 dager siden
  • it took this video to make me realize that charlie and melody are basically the same person just different genders

    CaleborgCaleborg28 dager siden
  • High school dxd is boss

    rain makerrain maker28 dager siden
  • 6:13 MOVING ON!!!! 😂💀🤦🏻‍♂️ she was so lost 🤣

    Carlos CazaresCarlos Cazares28 dager siden
  • Just think of the people making this and there watching hentai and raping videos while drawing and animating these lol wtf I’m laughing out louf

    Ender WatchEnder Watch29 dager siden
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    Wendy JenkinsWendy Jenkins29 dager siden
  • When You Watched High school DxD When You Were A Kid

    Marauder_ FrenzyMarauder_ FrenzyMåned siden
  • i watched evangelion and its actually good so dont be too hard on that show

    Keks Krieger 44Keks Krieger 44Måned siden
  • I mean, Melody has lewd streams so it’s not exactly the worst thing you can do.

    I’m Friends with my FBI agentI’m Friends with my FBI agentMåned siden
  • They should put food wars on 4kids. That would be a great idea!

    AstromelonXD _AstromelonXD _Måned siden
  • 18:14 no joke had trouble breathing

    Christopher SmithChristopher SmithMåned siden
  • i went to hulu and i can confirm that the tentacle scene from food wars episode one is there.

    Gavin RossGavin RossMåned siden
  • If she is copying the techniques the name should be “Unlimited Butt Works”

    Davi BritoDavi BritoMåned siden
  • everyone raise your hands

    Phillip CooperPhillip CooperMåned siden
  • Hell yeah high school DXD :D

    Animal GamerAnimal GamerMåned siden
  • Actually HS DxD isn't all that bad, even though there are a LOT of these weird scenes, if you are willing to go through that though that, it's not the worst anime.

    NeathendbossNeathendbossMåned siden
  • Melody: Eh seems like my streams

    NotRustyFooxNotRustyFooxMåned siden
  • I watched the first 5 anime’s before

    Hmoob MouaHmoob MouaMåned siden
  • Make a D*mn maid sama vid nux come on.

    Brendan FreakBrendan FreakMåned siden
  • *Alternate title: Keanu Reeves Jr. and two Weebs react to anime together*

    Everything ThriceEverything ThriceMåned siden
  • you should collab with oompaville more, you're both some of my favorite youtubers and I would love for you to collab more.

    Luke FaerberLuke FaerberMåned siden
  • Tentacle porrrrrnnnnnnnoooo

    Josh XYZJosh XYZMåned siden
  • I have seen all of these top teir anime

    Kris SmarttKris SmarttMåned siden
  • What does it say to me and I can

    dan dallmandan dallmanMåned siden
  • Take some of these out of context and it would just be hentai

    RacoltroRacoltroMåned siden
  • I still have a ps2 at home (i'm 15 years old)

    NigelNigelMåned siden
  • when they bit the tip of the mushroom I felt pain

    The_IronReaperThe_IronReaperMåned siden
  • Both links in the description lead to moist channel :-:

    GenesisGenesisMåned siden
  • "How was it? It was"

    Śmieszny WalentyŚmieszny WalentyMåned siden
  • When he said high school DXD I was like "oh god"

    XPRØ 7XPRØ 7Måned siden
  • Damnit now I have to look up the dragons Its got my curiosity

    ChessGamerChessGamerMåned siden
  • Gtg get the windex for my eyes again

    Jacob ThomasJacob ThomasMåned siden
  • The latest appearance of the hit hunger games actor moist cr1tikal

    Giratina The_distorterGiratina The_distorterMåned siden