I Started a Meme Religion (AND IT'S POPPING OFF)

17. sep.. 2020
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This is getting out of hand and i love it.
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Lost Pause: noworld.info
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  • It's still a 5.58 on MAL. The mods managed to stonewall this crusade pretty effectively. Maybe Saladin and Alexander Nevsky are both working as MAL volunteer janitors now?

    gantzisballsgantzisballs3 dager siden
  • TBH,you the man(deity) nux, but I wont(didnt) give the show a good score BC of the wasted potential, when I first heard about it, i was stoked because of the main idea, but after watching ALL THE EP'S, have to say it kinda sucks,even so, I look forward to and hope for a season 2

    Shadow whiteShadow white23 dager siden
  • Your whole video made not sense in the middle ofnit

    Jared LewisJared Lewis23 dager siden
  • It got from 2.1 to 5.7

    demon masterXdemon masterX24 dager siden
  • Oh my boi Peter grill

    demon masterXdemon masterX24 dager siden
  • I think I’ll demonetize this one!

    Colonel FistmilkColonel Fistmilk26 dager siden
  • Omelette au fromage, yes

    Tueuse SurvivorTueuse Survivor27 dager siden
  • I've done it, Nux. I've watched all of the teachings of the Grill. I've seen the light, and it is glorious. What an experience :'3

    Kalucion MiatsumeKalucion Miatsume28 dager siden
  • The rating went from like 5.21 to 5.53. We slowly getting there bois

    щафищафиMåned siden
    • It was 2.1 befor I think

      demon masterXdemon masterX24 dager siden
  • im watch this youtuber for the first time and he sounds like 2017 white irish pewdiepie

    The Art DoctorThe Art DoctorMåned siden
  • Aight what the hell is this

    A Sergeant That Needs Some Artillery SupportA Sergeant That Needs Some Artillery SupportMåned siden
  • got7

    Taryn HandysideTaryn HandysideMåned siden
  • Isn't your editor for the videos also the nest best expert since he watched it to edit the videos. Give more respect to the editor!

    NOZONNOZONMåned siden
  • Just came back coincidently from myanimelist....what do you know I just so happened to have left a 10 out of 10

    jacob perezjacob perezMåned siden
  • Raise the banners my brothers and sisters. The CRUSADE HAS BEGUN

    jacob perezjacob perezMåned siden
  • I expect this will be the true all knowing religion in the future of that one time I got Isekai`d with my truck,the plot,it "thiccens"

    Raymond HattonRaymond HattonMåned siden
  • Well can I multi religion? This and Satan will do

    Tree FlaretionTree FlaretionMåned siden
  • Is no one talking about Nux' singing skills? NGL they're amazing :D

    Deadly_Anime_CatDeadly_Anime_CatMåned siden
  • hail to peter grill

    malcolm Duncanmalcolm DuncanMåned siden
  • Peter Grill solid 8/10

    Saheem WarrenSaheem WarrenMåned siden
  • ###### Peter Grill Spoiler###### the elf girl is in the 3 episode and she gave this man no choice i actually feel bad for him.

    Saheem WarrenSaheem WarrenMåned siden
  • I watch as much peter grill as i could find online 3 episodes

    Saheem WarrenSaheem WarrenMåned siden
  • “And on that day MAL received a grim reminder” is what will be recorded in the history books of the *Nuxtaku Chronicles*

    Digiking1992Digiking1992Måned siden
  • why? why? why the f*ck did you make this????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Joel MenaJoel MenaMåned siden
  • I do love me some Peter grill and the post nut clarity

    Second RaydenSecond RaydenMåned siden
  • The big crime here is that they are only 12 minute episodes....

    Jesus MoralesJesus MoralesMåned siden
  • Nux is the master of reverse psychology

    The RussianThe RussianMåned siden
  • We are the grill, and we are many.

    TsitzelTsitzelMåned siden
  • This channel is the medium of the one true preacher of The Glorious Grill. Verily, the reason that the tale of Peter 'Chad' Grill spread throughout the land like wildfire. And it is with great pleasure that I, a humble Grillian, bear witness to such history in the making.

    Chessnut J3Chessnut J3Måned siden
  • This channel is how The Grill Master began rising, towards the Halls of Anien Meme fame

    Chessnut J3Chessnut J3Måned siden
  • Putting my comment so that people will see me when the churches show this video

    Dealer of Dank memesDealer of Dank memesMåned siden
  • Imma share this everywhere lol. Word of the grill must be spread by the great preacher of the grill nuxanor 😂😂

    Absol DisasterAbsol DisasterMåned siden
  • All hail Petergrill, may he bless us Billies and Twitch Crusraids!

    Jackfish The 6thJackfish The 6thMåned siden
  • Evangelion is overrated anyway. Peter Grill was never rated to begin with!

    MilenosMilenosMåned siden
  • I mean, what do this show is trying to present? exactly, it deliver in everything the show aspire for, he is not pretentious as trying to be deep and emotionnal, its a true masterpiece in is own kind.

    MilenosMilenosMåned siden
  • My lord Nuxanor your voice is godlike but please don't ever use it to sing again

    Branson KingBranson KingMåned siden
  • I would've been 100% on the train if this was an Ishuzoku Reviewers religion. But...a religion about that trash of peter grill? I'm out lmao

    Charging inprogressCharging inprogressMåned siden
  • _Spreading the word of the Grill._

    Alpha Jay 3.0Alpha Jay 3.0Måned siden
  • At the moment of this comment it has a 5.21 score from a 1.41

    bogdan giuscabogdan giuscaMåned siden
  • Nux's Grill song is confirmed to be used in the next zelda game

    Rehan ShaikhRehan ShaikhMåned siden
  • You've only started one cult? Pfft ~ noob :v I became the deity of one -- er...two, no, three? -- without even trying xD Had people wanting to sell their souls to me just so they could call me "Papi" (I'm female by the way). Had a whole other group that called me "Daddy". Needless to say, I'm apart of a strange community, lol ~ Oh and despite being female, most of those people had no idea of my gender because I would keep confusing the fuck out of them on purpose xD

    Moira MenzelliMoira MenzelliMåned siden
  • We are all Billy, students of Lord Nuxanor, and we worship the Grill...I don't know about you guys but I am complete.

    Onslaught18Onslaught18Måned siden
  • I'm getting mixed signals here! *_It's gloriously bad good 10/10 show, where speedrunning is given. I swear, blink your eyes even once and you miss half the action_*

    TheBlueraidTheBlueraidMåned siden
  • Kenshi vs Grill

    West HouseWest HouseMåned siden
  • peter grill is the biggest disappointment of the year and is bad for 2 *HUGE* reasons; 1 in the "uncensored" version they barbie doll the pussies and 2 the episodes aren't long enough!!! for real though; why even use those angles where you show the pussy if you're just going to barbie doll them?!?! this kind of shit is why 30% (real number) of japanese adults don't know how babies are made

    cobrakingofeartcobrakingofeartMåned siden
  • Honestly if you didn't give a 10/10 before the hypnosis thats kinda cringe

    Rango 2011Rango 2011Måned siden
  • I'm amazed that despite the sheer amount of unrelated 10s this anime has on MAL the average is still 5.1 Just how low was it before?!

    wisefelipewisefelipeMåned siden
    • 2.12

      demon masterXdemon masterX24 dager siden
  • Nux: Simps E boys, sings musicals, worships the Holy Grill Me: This guy lol Nux: Denies love child with Projekt Melody.. Me: why am I always drawn to questionable decision makers..?

    briz caramicobriz caramicoMåned siden
  • I get cryaotic vibes from nux now. Sad times.

    LascivaFoxLascivaFoxMåned siden
  • Good video but it kinda satirizes christianity

    Kaleb MillanKaleb MillanMåned siden
  • Sorry nux but my religion is Anos Voldigoad

    Despresso PLDespresso PLMåned siden
  • Benby

    Chuck BrownChuck BrownMåned siden
  • the manga is honestly funny as hell

    StrawbyskullStrawbyskullMåned siden
  • Nux: discovers Peter grill and likes how bad it is Me: we are about to witness the birth of a god 🙏

    Seloko MogotsiSeloko MogotsiMåned siden
  • So unfunny jesus

    Garfields ass scrubberGarfields ass scrubberMåned siden
  • We need a Grill counter on this video

    PrimorockPrimorockMåned siden
  • IDK man for me is peter grill is like the schrodinger's cat. He is a simp and a chad at the same time, sometimes he is a masive simp with her betrothed and try to avoid the chadness within him and somethimes he is a masive chad and nail all the girls but again all the chadness fades away with the loli elf. This is a great study case. I have no doubt the phylosopical part of the title was with that intent

    Ignacio DroppelmannIgnacio DroppelmannMåned siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIcemanMåned siden
  • I genuinely love this anime

    Lord FriezaLord FriezaMåned siden
  • Darn you Lord Nux! Because of you I had to read our lord and savior Peter Grill!

    james spinnerjames spinnerMåned siden
  • Not to be confused with the religion of grillS AKA being a dad

    ass class best classass class best classMåned siden

    FUN GUYFUN GUYMåned siden
  • He's my new hero. Peter grill. I want to be like him when I grow up

    TheLast ChapterXXTheLast ChapterXXMåned siden
  • Yes all you need to enter grill country is anime (hent@i) fetish

    Clayton FergusonClayton FergusonMåned siden
  • No more boko no pico anime recommendation, no it was Peter grill all along

    Pointless InkPointless InkMåned siden
  • Join the cult, join happiness

    Archlich SteveArchlich SteveMåned siden
  • I feel special being the ogs of this cul- I mean religion

    Anteo YoutubeAnteo YoutubeMåned siden
  • Join the Grill-igion

    John WhiteJohn WhiteMåned siden
  • Thank you for enlightening me about Peter Grill just watched the first ep. and I swear I was like if they tease this man with a threesome and he says no like most anime do I was going to be rioting in the streets with a sign that says sex life matters 😂😂😂 but thankfully this anime delivered. Bruh this anime is hilarious.

    GigAkumaGigAkumaMåned siden
  • Grillington.

    Not AdamNot AdamMåned siden
  • I was here

    Some dudeSome dudeMåned siden
  • Nux, turning Billies into Grillies like a true saint

    The WretchedPlebThe WretchedPlebMåned siden
  • We are a polytheistic religion which worships the true lords billy, speedwagon, and the mighty grill.

    me squawk Man.2me squawk Man.2Måned siden
  • Why don't you add peter grill to next power level?

  • I've been ip banned from Myanimelist for giving Peter Grill the review it deserved.

    Борис МарденскийБорис МарденскийMåned siden
  • tried to spread the word of the Grill just like the Grill spreads his seeds, got instantly ip banned from MAL i actually watched all 10 episodes and i enjoy them

    kouiki lolkouiki lolMåned siden
  • What took you so long?

    AceAceMåned siden
  • I have done the deed my lord : D

    nem érdekesnem érdekesMåned siden
  • Peter Grill is legit fire.

    Boomie373Boomie373Måned siden
  • peter grill and the post nut clarity

    Bernard RednixBernard RednixMåned siden
  • Sorry Nux.... I am currently.the pope of the Macross Inquisitiorial Church! May missiles rain down upon our heretical foes!

    Monster hidden from The SunMonster hidden from The SunMåned siden
  • "And you call them steamed hams despite the fact they are obviously grilled"

    Random GuyRandom GuyMåned siden
  • Man oh man I picked the wrong day to try acid LOL

    Big DBig DMåned siden
  • Your the one who is toxic!!

    Manas NishadManas NishadMåned siden
  • Hi people 5 years from now👋👋, has covid been fixed yet? Cancer medicine? Im just curious.... happy weird recommended video :3

    porsche macan gts turbo 2016 turbo 2016 editionporsche macan gts turbo 2016 turbo 2016 editionMåned siden
  • Homer Simpson: Ooh eternal damnation!

    HymaungdrHymaungdrMåned siden
  • How may I spread the word of this Gospel oh Lord Nuxanor though who hath come from Billy yet is still Billy?

    Dylan BonifaceDylan BonifaceMåned siden
  • Sign me up

    C̶r̶a̶z̶y̶S̶h̶a̶n̶e̶-̶C̶h̶a̶n̶ ?C̶r̶a̶z̶y̶S̶h̶a̶n̶e̶-̶C̶h̶a̶n̶ ?Måned siden
  • I was actually gonna get into the anime before nux even covered it, now imma wait

    Below Average GorgandaBelow Average GorgandaMåned siden
  • You will go to heaven nux taku

    Daniel LopezDaniel LopezMåned siden
  • Sorry nux I'm already a member of the foamy cult

    michael baumemichael baumeMåned siden
  • want to join

    Joaquin FernandezJoaquin FernandezMåned siden
  • 420 69 48 members. Nice.

    CmorDusMor TitanstriderCmorDusMor TitanstriderMåned siden
  • Praise the Mighty Grill!!!!

    Sovereign WillSovereign WillMåned siden
  • I'm gonna lose my billy cult virginity with this AL vote. Here goes nothing!

    Felice SciaraffiaFelice SciaraffiaMåned siden
  • I sure do hope no one with a MAL account scores Peter grill 10/10 myanimelist.net/anime/40436/Peter_Grill_to_Kenja_no_Jikan# ...really hope not

  • Billy

    Josh OharaJosh OharaMåned siden
  • Billy

    Josh OharaJosh OharaMåned siden
  • Billy

    Josh OharaJosh OharaMåned siden
  • Billy

    Josh OharaJosh OharaMåned siden