I Taught PewDiePie About True Gender Equality (ft Sive the Belle Delphine Simp)

30. sep.. 2020
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Sive is a madlad, he's PewDiePie's editor and Belle Delphine's biggest simp, and today he's going through anime chad rehab to truly teach Pewds about true gender equality.
Sive just uploaded a video as an evolved being: noworld.info/video/video/moasiJ-GsbSbwtE.html
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Edited by Sive the legend himself: noworld.info/video/video/moasiJ-GsbSbwtE.html

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  • What happen too all the swearing

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  • Ayyyyy, there was the fruit of grisaia I'm there. The fruit of grisaia was absolute gold and totally understand There were definitely some better scenes for this video than the one in this video though

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  • So what was the name of animes I know a few of them

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  • See the problem with a lot of simps is that they'll try to overcompensate trying to deny their simp status. They go from idolizing women to acting like they hate women when the key is to merely see women as just people. They are neither worth scorn or adoration. Just a respect they're willing to earn.

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  • Description says: "Anime Chad Rehab" Me: Im getting mixed messages here

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  • Still a simp

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  • This is the fuckin best shit Im dying laughoing

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  • "Am I going good bruh?"😂😂 nux your a genius, but we already know this

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  • y’know, Belle Delphine won’t be hot forever. Give it 20-30 years she’ll probably be irrelevant and ugly

    The Jack and Dave show!The Jack and Dave show!7 dager siden
    • Peter Hausfrau time is on nobody’s side.

      The Jack and Dave show!The Jack and Dave show!7 dager siden
    • Great, she already is a millionaire. 20 more years and she will be a billionaire LMAO

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  • Didn’t he trick people into thinking bakugo died

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  • Honestly, they’d never put a nuke on an AC-130 in any real scenario

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  • Sive went through simp rehab but instead of turning into a chad he became a coomer

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  • Bro I remember in 4th grade I got in a fight with a girl and when I was sent to the office. I said that I was defending myself. God my principal was a simp.

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  • Equal rights mean equal fights

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  • Isekai anime with a female protagonist, but she has a harem of simps who do everything for her, up to and including fighting with the demon lord, but SPOILER ALERT they fail to kill him, so she confronts him on her own and then turns him into yet another simp o hers.

    KompatybilijnyKompatybilijny19 dager siden
    • @Sein the procrastinator Like the old saying goes: "No matter how good you are at something, there is a retarded kid in China that does it better than you". So apparently in this instance you just have to switch "China" with "Japan". That kid was better than me at coming up with this bullshit.

      KompatybilijnyKompatybilijnyDag siden
    • This is basically the otome game isekai genre. There are many ln and mangas with the exact scenario you wrote

      Sein the procrastinatorSein the procrastinatorDag siden
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  • That's the first time I've seen Sive. Seems like I confused him with another person who worked with/for pewds so I had a totally different person in mind when they talked about Sive ^^

    FHFH20 dager siden
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  • "Brofist to the face" that really had me going. Officer I didn't punch them in the face, I gave them a brofist and it just happened to go into their face. How many times do I have to tell you? Lol

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