Japanese marketing makes no sense...

13. feb.. 2021
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  • darling in the franxx is another example, in the manga virm never existed and 02 and hiro never died which made the entire darling in the franxx suck.

    xCuppiesxCuppies18 dager siden
  • There are only two types of people in this world. People who like anime, and uncultured swine.

    chaosmastermindchaosmastermind21 dag siden
  • I was shocked when Erin Jaeger died because they deviated from the manga. Definitely trending in Japan.

    chaosmastermindchaosmastermind21 dag siden
  • I love Blue Exorcist... I'm still heartbroken. WAIT WHAT THERE'S A SEASON TWO?!?! OKAY WHEN THIS VIDEO IS OVER TIME TO FIND THAT Edit: Nux you amazing bastard I'm so happy I could cry I'm so glad to know there's more Blue Exorcist anime. I also need to reread the manga but holy hell I finally get to watch this show and be happy about it again.

    Sadie LynnSadie Lynn26 dager siden
  • There's a good video about why aot season 2 took 5 years. noworld.info/video/video/tIC5qblqmbDg1MU.html tldw WIT studio didn't want to be known as the "Attack on titan" so they planned a lot of shows to beforehand. Also then manga was still at the season 2 arc at the making of the first season

    vp 787vp 78729 dager siden
  • Is Nux’s AoT plan the reason behind that meme that Eren was fat in the manga?

    Dan RolandDan RolandMåned siden

    خالد ماضيخالد ماضيMåned siden
  • Right on especially with No Game No Life. I still waiting for it I wanting it so bad. It be cool if they could be petitioned to make another.

    Ryan FerryRyan FerryMåned siden
  • Me who was waiting 10+ years for negima content

    Callum SmithCallum SmithMåned siden
  • I don't think season 2 of One Punch was THAT bad. Sure, the animation was a step down but on the other hand, the sound design stepped up big time.

    Timo KampwerthTimo KampwerthMåned siden
  • Nux just keeps summing up my thoughts

    ReconSniper0013ReconSniper0013Måned siden
  • If you think the anime marketing is bad, Nintendo has something to show you.

    Daniel DDaniel DMåned siden
  • Glad I’m not the only one who liked the Pokémon manga.

    The Shroomfruit ChannelThe Shroomfruit ChannelMåned siden
  • I ve just discovered throug this video that no game no life, one of my favorites animes has no second season, and overlord, an anime i drop after 10 episodes, has a lot of seaons and they are both made by the same studio. Fuck you madhouse.

    Unidad176Unidad176Måned siden
  • And they Mad house took years between Overlord seasons

    Brick breakerBrick breakerMåned siden
  • Lol read the magna.

    [invalid string ID][invalid string ID]Måned siden
  • I think that it's just at a business point. Corporations don't care about their audience cliche come claim it here. Companies just don't know what we want and it's most likely that we don't know what we want either.

    Steven GomezSteven GomezMåned siden
  • Digimon > Pokemon Nothing will ever change my mind on that.

    Nightbringer235Nightbringer235Måned siden
  • I love blue exorcist, and was vibing until you mentioned it then I got mega sad. And now I just sit here and wait for season 3.....4 years later.

    Opie operative funkshadyOpie operative funkshadyMåned siden
  • I refuse to watch promised neverland season two out of fear of being disappointed

    sir. Tinasir. TinaMåned siden
  • Power of love defeats satan... SOUL EATER PTSD

    Xellos KaczorXellos KaczorMåned siden
  • Also, I love Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, but the author of the webcomic has one of the best shoujo comedy manga ever and IT DOESN'T HAVE AN ANIME!!!!!

    MademoiselleRedMademoiselleRedMåned siden
  • Haruhi: Endless eight.

    MademoiselleRedMademoiselleRedMåned siden
  • Hot take: no game no life was just another garbage isekai and madhouse knew it and made the right decision

    Dirty DanDirty Dan2 måneder siden
  • If it's anything like pokemon, the merch is what makes the most money by a landslide. The anime is probably just ads for merch

    Hambo325Hambo3252 måneder siden
  • ill still wait on the 3rd season from Kengan Ashura

    KifferJokerKifferJoker2 måneder siden
  • Angle beats 2010 announces there will be a season 2 in ova 2 11 years later were is season 2?!?!? Panty and stocking same problem deadman wonderland same problem. Prison school same problem akame ga kill same problem. Full metal alchemist not brotherhood same problem.

    Chimbie97Chimbie972 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman2 måneder siden
  • Magi Season 3 Man...

    Kiruya UchihaKiruya Uchiha2 måneder siden

    The Stealthy Ninja proThe Stealthy Ninja pro2 måneder siden
  • Aot fans: 5 years! bruuuuuhhhhh samurai jack fans: 10+ years i have kids now :| Dororo fans: Literally fucking dead

    Empty EmpathyEmpty Empathy2 måneder siden
  • Hey Nuk, I herd a leak about attack on Titan

    The _FusionThe _Fusion2 måneder siden
  • おはようございます!元気ですか?このビデオは何について話しているのですか?

    Kevin PrKevin Pr2 måneder siden
  • 最近気温がおかしくなったし私服を選ぶのが大変です

    theDX3theDX32 måneder siden
  • I've had that thought about OPM Season 2 for the past week, like why would anyone in their right mind give the rights away to one of the most popular and mainstream anime of all time. Like here in the west all these movie companies are fighting over the rights to all the superheroes, Sony, Marvel, Fox, WB, etc. And due to this, we don't get to see some of the characters on screen together (X Men in MCU). So you would think it would be the same, Madhouse had the rights so no way in hell they would let go of this free money, but they did. And if I remember correctly it was because they had other projects, *what other project would be more profitable than ONE PUNCH MAN* . All in all, I agree, Anime marketing is weird, and their business decisions even weirder. I know this sounded ranty but it's just my speculation, so if anyone actually knows about marketing pls inform me.

    Not KirkNot Kirk2 måneder siden
  • Hajime no ippo gets a new season like every 8 years! Why Madhouse and now Mappa?

    SoySauskeSoySauske2 måneder siden
  • The bit about blue exorcist is a real revelation. I loved the first 15 episodes and I remember feeling super confused when the plot went off the rails super quickly, and was even more confused when I saw the manga still updating on VIZ.

    John McAuliffeJohn McAuliffe2 måneder siden
  • Don't forget Drifters, it was by the same creators of Hellsing, and it was sooo good and they also teased a season 2. But nope, and season 1 was 2016....

    Alpha KoalaGamerAlpha KoalaGamer2 måneder siden
  • I remember when I read a Pokemon manga. Completely different from the anime, it was so fucking good.

    MinoiladMinoilad2 måneder siden
  • Blue Exorcist is something I went in with no expectations and came out more than satisfied. The song themes, the plot (it was so surprisingly compelling), the characters. Loved them all.

    MinoiladMinoilad2 måneder siden
  • Never even heard of that, me what about no game no life?!?!?

    Jay MartindaleJay Martindale2 måneder siden
  • Blue Exorcist was trash fam. 3 out of 10

    Nonstop xPNonstop xP2 måneder siden
  • I'm definitely late, but remember when that anime movie about a guy and girl switching bodies co-marketed with harry potter and it resulted in dobby in a schoolgirl outfit?

    KillerbeareaterKillerbeareater2 måneder siden
  • one punch man season 2 was such a letdown it got me to do something I never thought I would ever do.... READ a manga.

    Johann WarrenJohann Warren2 måneder siden
  • How is it that Japan is known as a whole economic powerhouse, but some in the anime industry just don't know how to animate a medium right? Say it with me now-- YOU CAN MAKE A MORE CREATIVE ANIME ADAPTATION WITHOUT MAKING THE FLOW OF THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HORRIBLE.

    King AceKing Ace2 måneder siden
  • Wait nux has a brother

    SirAndrew Cooper96SirAndrew Cooper962 måneder siden
  • Garou vs everyone was so satisfying to read especially in Yusuke Marata's edition. I remember thinking, "MAN i cant wait to see how they are going to animate it." BUT OF COURSE $#@*

    King AceKing Ace2 måneder siden
  • Spitting true fucking facts. I was going to write a long comment about how much I agree but bruh I realized that I have nothing else to say I agree with everything you are spitting, especially with the specific examples you are give.

    aidansoeaidansoe2 måneder siden
  • Please No Game No Life... please

    HyperHyper2 måneder siden
  • One of, if not the best, video you have ever released!

    Kain HighwindKain Highwind2 måneder siden
  • Didn't even mention Soul Eater

    xdDestrutor _YTxdDestrutor _YT2 måneder siden
  • Lol much haha

    shanerswoopshanerswoop2 måneder siden
  • I had so many good anime cancelled on me just because those dudes gone "its only advertising for the manga" that i could explode. I dont read manga. I just watch anime. Please dont do this 🤦‍♂️

    C0d3B14ckC0d3B14ck2 måneder siden
  • Ugh, tell me about it, You like The devil is a part-timer, and want to see a second season? Well but to you. What we have a preview to next episode of blood the lad at the end of the show? Well, Eff you one person who likes it. Except for the one anime that I really liked that never got a second season and the anime artist died before it's completion, Mayo Chiki! That I can understand, but since when has an anime studio ever not created original content that's anime exclusive?

    NoPony SpecialNoPony Special2 måneder siden
  • Filler Ending BS: Blue Exorcist, Black Butler, Toriko, Tokyo Ghoul, Trinity Blood, etc. Didn't get a new season: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, No Game No Life, Code Breaker, D. Gray-Man, Kekkaishi, Magi, Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren't They?, etc.

    Matt GingerFlameKingMatt GingerFlameKing2 måneder siden
  • This has to be a gintama theme in the background

    DiomantisDiomantis2 måneder siden
  • Anyone waiting for hyoka s2?

    Sujal RajputSujal Rajput2 måneder siden
  • Guess we forgot how long the Venture bros and Boondocks had between seasons

    Cortez De La NocheCortez De La Noche2 måneder siden
  • Blue Exorcist was the second anime I have ever watched. If it wasn't for Death Note, I probably would have stopped watching anime.

    Skeptic MafiaSkeptic Mafia2 måneder siden
  • lllloooonnng lllloooonnng meeeiiieeeeeiiiieeen if you get that reference you're a fucking legend

    homunculushomunculus2 måneder siden
  • 5:14 Exactly what was on my mind 😂😂

    Danen SosnoreDanen Sosnore2 måneder siden
  • I Do Agree With You About The Pokémon (Related) Argument About Making (At The Very Least) A Time Skip "One Shot OVA" About Ash Being An Adult With May Or Misty (Like In The Original Cut From The First Movie Or Something Like That Would've Been Nice As Well Also I Might As Well Add In Here Also) With Continuing On Forward Following Their Children To Another Adventure Would've (At Least) Given Me And Many Older Fans (Of This Franchise) Some Closure On This Series As A Whole (That Is As Such Though) Even Though Nintendo (Most Likely) Will Still Continue To Milk This Franchise For All It's Worth At The Very Least They Wouldn't Have To Keep Rehashing Ash Into A "10 Year Old Boy" Every Time A New Series Starts Again And Again And That They Can Just Use Their Children To (Ultimately) Accomplish The Same Goal Just Without The Pre Conceived Notion Of "Ash's Tended Failure To Win At Any Of The Gym Leagues" (That Is As Such Though) Except For That 1 Win At The End Of Sun And Moon Anime (Series) Though

    ESX BroadcastsESX Broadcasts2 måneder siden
  • No game no life is absolute shit

    Demone DanteDemone Dante2 måneder siden
    • you couldn't be more wrong about that. the anime is awesome, and the mindgames very cool. plus the world and it's lore are jsut golden!

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • If I remember right Mad house didn’t want to do S2

    Demone DanteDemone Dante2 måneder siden
    • aka they were dumbasses wasting a ton of money in the making.

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • What if AOT really ditches the manga Anime fans: nux you fucking jinxer

    Yash patilYash patil2 måneder siden
  • I never knew of the second season of the promised neverland until it was about the be released

    Anthony ScottAnthony Scott2 måneder siden
  • on the topic of Pokemon, you should have mentioned Pokemon: Origins. It follows the story of Red much like the video game and it's 110% better than the regular Pokemon anime

    Naughtius MaximusNaughtius Maximus2 måneder siden
  • NGNL S2: yeah I'm gunna do what's called a pro gamer move... It will only take 9 years

    bossBOOM 2060bossBOOM 20602 måneder siden
    • No wonder blue exorcist season 2 was so boring... I actually had to watch 2 episodes at a time unless I would fall asleep.. and the ending was insanely predictable... Honestly

      bossBOOM 2060bossBOOM 20602 måneder siden
  • seeing as how pokemon is the highest grossing media franchise, i'm sure they're doing something right... although i would like if they made an anime of the pokemon adventures manga

    craigimecraigime2 måneder siden
    • they're not. gamefreak hates pokemon and would like to move on from the pocket monster, but it makes so much money that they don't have a choice anymore.

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • Mad House doesn’t believe in Season 2s Except I guess Overlord Shut up me

    Be Brave Entertainment LLCBe Brave Entertainment LLC2 måneder siden
  • Blue exorcist season 1 sounds like what happened to Gantz anime adaptation

    Ken ChenKen Chen2 måneder siden
    • and full metal Alchemist the first anime... or many more shows in fact.

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • This is why I genuinely believe nux for president is an awesome idea

    Warren LanhamWarren Lanham2 måneder siden
  • I remember soul eater also going off the rails because the manga hadn't finished yet.

    NemoracNemorac2 måneder siden
    • just like with fma and many more... hence proving that trying to do flowing animes instead of seasonnal animes doesen't work.

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • If someone decide and make a PROPER ANIME for tokyo ghoul JUST like the manga is will be the next big thing again.

    Lena OtakuLena Otaku2 måneder siden
    • or maybe not,because pepole would still be salty with tokyo ghoul root and the poor adaptation...

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • Blue exorcist TT bruhhh I miss this show. Season 2 was not that bad.

    Lena OtakuLena Otaku2 måneder siden
  • I agree 10000% . They butcher the anime but... at least they made good manga! 🙂

    Lena OtakuLena Otaku2 måneder siden
  • Nux: "It's Like they're trying to get people to hate them" Nux: "Wait, I NEW COMPETEATOR TO MY TITLE OF MOST HATED"

    Cam GuyCam Guy2 måneder siden
  • wait there is a 2nd season of Blue Exorcist? I thought it was finished with 1 season... lol

    PokeringoPokeringo2 måneder siden
  • Dragon ball super is airing only old series tf

    Sandris VirsisSandris Virsis2 måneder siden
  • The only way to forgive The Promised Neverland skiping GP ark would be if they add Yuugo later and give him a different end... If you ñnow what I mean...

    S0m3 1d10tS0m3 1d10t2 måneder siden
  • 5:01 if i remember correctly and correct me if im wrong please but i think no game no life the novel had gotten a copyright claim and while i think it was proven false the company still didnt wanna touch it due to that the reason the movie came out was cause they had already announced it so they didnt want to talk it back so thats why i just suggest to go get the light novels and read it yourself as there probably wont be a season two no matter how much we wish for it

    Fallen AngelFallen Angel2 måneder siden
    • @DEVIL true

      Fallen AngelFallen Angel2 måneder siden
    • @Fallen Angel even if wjqt you Said was somehow incorrect, the fact that the anime never got another season and probablybwont anytime soon is still enough of a motivation to get a fanmade anime going if you ask me.

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
    • @DEVIL true that would be interesting to see but yeah don't take what I say as fact look it up for yourself to be properly informed as I may have a mistake in my info

      Fallen AngelFallen Angel2 måneder siden
    • or maybe fans can just make an independant anime adaptation of No Game No Life.... since anyways it seems cursed to never get adapted

      DEVILDEVIL2 måneder siden
  • I mean, I really like the Pokémon anime...

    Justice123Justice1232 måneder siden
  • Tell this to usd the dragonball super fans......Ultra instinct broke twitter.....yet the broly movie came in 2019 for dub.....Manga still going but they switched all efforts to one piece....Still havent even announced when Dragonball super will come back... they said it will.... but not when....

    Brandon McnuttBrandon Mcnutt2 måneder siden

    I will find youI will find you2 måneder siden

      I will find youI will find you2 måneder siden
  • Nux: My brothers watching it Me: Nux...BROTHER

    Xenni :DXenni :D2 måneder siden
  • Your plan of "poisioning the water" about the AoT anime is actually hilarious since sensible people won't really give a fuck. Sure, they'll rage/rant on their own or amongst their friends like I would do since that's objectively a bad decision, but at the end of the day, it's not like I'll go to twitter and send death threats to the creators. tHe uNHinGeD fAnS mEaNwHiLe... Yeah, it'll be hilarious.

    Izaya HasegawaIzaya Hasegawa2 måneder siden
  • YES.

    Elmer GarayElmer Garay2 måneder siden
  • 2014 had some banger anime. Wow I even did a video for terror in resonance. I think my favorite was ping pong the animations. If you can get over the animation which is good in its own unique way it is an amazing story.

    Random Anime ReviewerRandom Anime Reviewer2 måneder siden
  • Hahahahaha. Imagine when Nux finds out about how long it's been since the last Game of Thrones book.

    NeflewitzIncNeflewitzInc2 måneder siden
  • AoT: 5 year long break Me: *cries in hunter x hunter*

    The Evil IncarnateThe Evil Incarnate2 måneder siden
    • HxH never coming to back.

      ZZ2 måneder siden
  • I think its dumb af when the mfers making the anime say yeah let's just fuck the manga in the ass, It doesn't exist

    Liam MahanLiam Mahan2 måneder siden
  • *Nux rants* HxH fans: yep...

    Frozen WrathFrozen Wrath2 måneder siden
  • Part of them failing is they try to fit the rules of streaming sites

    Always 0 TiredAlways 0 Tired2 måneder siden
  • Chicken run😂

    snacky 1253snacky 12532 måneder siden
  • I’m sad cause my autism makes it impossible to read manga and comics

    Always 0 TiredAlways 0 Tired2 måneder siden
  • I was crying in my bed when I heard the promised neverland anime skipped goldy pond in the anime. Good game thing I read the whole mana the day before the second season started

    JR. BeastJR. Beast2 måneder siden
  • D gray men took like 10 years...

    ScytheScythe2 måneder siden
  • Thank you ! I enjoyed really the video, I am subbed here, and you all might like my content also! For fun streams and recordings on interesting and fun games (AND MORE!) noworld.info/dev/T70Z2kJVdteUyWVkjxfa7A

    Rune Blade TVRune Blade TV2 måneder siden
  • idk men, japan is a freaking automatic hell 24 hours 6 days at week, that should explain everything.

    ----2 måneder siden
  • That's because while anime is intended to be a product, anime is mostly intended to be used as an advertisement to sell manga and light novels. If people could see the end of the story in the anime, then why would they buy the other material?

    David SpechtDavid Specht2 måneder siden