MatPat's Theories Just Hit A New Low

9. aug.. 2020
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MatPat is known for amazing GAME THEORY AND FILM THEORY but all that is easily topped by the legendary FOOD THEORY!
Animemes theory intro by AFY-Sama:






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  • I REALLY love game and film theory but food theory is like wut?

    Samet ŞahinSamet Şahin2 dager siden
  • 69 licks? Nice.

    João Vitor LimaJoão Vitor Lima9 dager siden
  • 18:41 POG CHAMP MY GUY!!

    Sierra KimSierra Kim13 dager siden
  • 13:39 Return of the mac, get up! what it is, what it does, what it is, what it isn't Looking for a better way to get up out of bed Instead of getting on the internet and check a new hit me, get up!

    Sierra KimSierra Kim13 dager siden
  • Controlled chaos(nux) collab whit brain bunny(matpat). I wanna see it.

    leon FairChildleon FairChild14 dager siden
  • He's still smarter then you just saying

    Natalie JohnsonNatalie Johnson14 dager siden
  • When mat made the channel called “food theory” that’s when I decided I was done with him

    b l e a c hb l e a c h14 dager siden
  • Bro his fnaf theories are fucking hilarious at this point it's like listening to reptillian conspiracy theories I just turn my brain off and listen to it flow. At this point apparently two ghosts are inhabiting one body and the basis for how he tells who's in the body is eye color... The best part is that the source material is also going off the rail so it's like a double helix of crazy they meet and then veer off and then meet again

    Remember me?Remember me?14 dager siden
  • 8:29 So, your own content doesn't already do that? (Just a joke)

    Urban LlamaUrban Llama18 dager siden
  • I’m quite a big fan of matpat but I LOVE this video!

    Becca WilsonBecca Wilson24 dager siden
  • We all know MatPat like licking ;)

    Frozt FoxFrozt Fox26 dager siden
  • Why do people like him his theories are garbage

    Betty SpinaleBetty Spinale29 dager siden
  • To be fair, scientifically, "theory" does actually mean it's true. An idea begins as a question, then you build a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, and, if enough data supports the idea, then it becomes a theory and is accepted as true until more data calls it into question.

    DarthBil1DarthBil1Måned siden
  • This is honestly great

    Pau Surroca MarinPau Surroca MarinMåned siden
  • Crying toddlers ASSEMBLE 874 toddlers READY SET DISLIKE THE VIDEO I don’t care what’s happening I couldn’t resists

    Dyehrgidu XhrbbdjxhDyehrgidu XhrbbdjxhMåned siden
  • Wow this was not enjoyable to watch, like at all.

    Ricasio GamingRicasio GamingMåned siden
  • Secretly nuxtaku is matt patt

    God of AnimeGod of AnimeMåned siden
  • Wait... food theory is a thing... how does this work then 😂😂

    Dave cenaDave cenaMåned siden

    BananaBossLordBananaBossLordMåned siden
  • Food stories: Shokugeki no Matpat coming soon to crunchyroll.

    Prime AggravatorPrime AggravatorMåned siden
  • Nux, I love your content but we got to talk about the definition of Theory here. Theory: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. "Darwin's theory of evolution" Theories are used to explain things, you're thinking of hypothesis. Matpat uses it right in his videos, it's everyone else who uses it wrong.

    Jordan BaumJordan BaumMåned siden
  • I dont understand why so may people actually hate Matt Patt. Maybe they cant tell that most of the theories are FOR FUN. Also nice vid Nux.

    Eli UnversedEli UnversedMåned siden
    • @Animebryan2 seems legit. I just don't care to be honest. I mean isnt it natural for big youtubers to follow the trends though maybe not the way he did but still. A few of his theories are debunked by the next one inline and usually with the ones that do he says that hes looked at it wrong. unless its petscop from what i remember dont know the rest. TO be hones i just watch because some of them make sence from a science standpoint and im learning science and all that shit

      Eli UnversedEli UnversedMåned siden
    • The hate comes from a few reasons. First, there's some theories that literally seem like he just pulled it out of his ass & are likely not probable. Second reason would be his spamming of FNAF theories, which were overdone to hell & back because everytime he came out with a theory, it would be disproven with the next installment of the series. Then there's his 'trending' demographic targeting. People started noticing that he always did theories based on what was trending or based on what was favorable by YT's algorithm & was 'gaming the system', which upset a lot of his fans when they started to notice. Then there's his inability to handle criticism (which a lot of Internet Celebs have a problem with). He's regained his popularity over the past few years but long time fans & critics will always remember his flaws & lowest points of his YT career.

      Animebryan2Animebryan2Måned siden
  • Also your definition of theory is incorrect.

    Call Me Dude Bro or BruvCall Me Dude Bro or BruvMåned siden
  • 2:15 MATPAT'S THE CRINGY ONE? Before I typed this comment I was going to type another comment saying how edgy and cringy this guy guy's anime persona is and his sad and failing attempt to be cool but suddenly I was interrupted by 2:14- 2:15

    Call Me Dude Bro or BruvCall Me Dude Bro or BruvMåned siden
  • Nux just make a Fries theory video Edit: Shouldn't he know how to make theories due to the fact he studied physics?

    Gerell BurrisGerell BurrisMåned siden

    Lightframe910Lightframe910Måned siden
  • nux do you know the deffinition of a theory? you don't? cool me neither...

    HERObestedeckeHERObestedeckeMåned siden
  • I didn’t even know that was a thing I thought you were joking 😂

    Cashie AngelCashie AngelMåned siden
  • If I wanna save on french fries, like a normal person I use the McDonald's App and save that way. I don't know, common sense there.

    Toru KoroshiToru KoroshiMåned siden
  • And what is that people consume the most? @ 4:06. Mobile games. I'm sure one day he'll tap into that market.

    Toru KoroshiToru KoroshiMåned siden
  • 17:44 Just think for a second about what u just said...

    Denise HallDenise HallMåned siden
  • at the end of the day.. it's all just a theory, A MATPAT THEORY!

    Ryan RafiRyan RafiMåned siden
  • Theory does Mat own a dictionary?

    BlackestfangBlackestfangMåned siden
  • when mat pat makes a video him and his team should stop and ask this one simple question: "is it a theory?" half of the food "theory" videos he made aren't really theories

    TroveionTroveionMåned siden
  • love this new film theory video nice job mat pat- i mean nux

    TroveionTroveionMåned siden
  • why do you where a fool persona mask but you have a poop mask on the side of your head. But your points are valid.

    MomMomMåned siden
  • yo porn theory sounds fire

    jigokgamijigokgamiMåned siden
  • Everyone kinda forgets kids watch this kind of stuff....

    CreeperkingHTCreeperkingHTMåned siden
  • When nux writes pullmereff instead of kakyowin

    bklobus kbklobus kMåned siden
  • I mean matpat has stated that he dosent really make theories anymore a while back, I mean I dont know where he said it, but I mean... at least he said it. I am kinda retarted tho.

    Henry JordanHenry JordanMåned siden
  • No shit sherlock Yes I'm a sheep

    T BoneT BoneMåned siden
  • Meh I can still listen to it while playing video games

    blobboblobboMåned siden
  • His science is god awful. Thank you Lord Flexanor.

    Biggus ChungusBiggus ChungusMåned siden
  • He actually shouts out his writers and editors pretty frequently not directly but at least acknowledging that he has them

    Mr. NMr. NMåned siden
    • And it was also actually genuinely funny to me how he rips them vidjos apart for the exact same reasons that you would watch them for in the first place

      Mr. NMr. NMåned siden
  • 21:00 "Top 10 Rappers Eminem Is Scared To Diss"

    Eomer SimbajonEomer SimbajonMåned siden
  • zero licks are needed you just go chomp

    SpellgazerSpellgazerMåned siden
  • Nux. Buddy. Friend. I don't know if it was intentional or not. But you missed something. You said that the fry video had too much chance involved. But they addressed that. That's why they got fries from multiple regions, and even multiple locations.

    OnyxLeigionOnyxLeigionMåned siden
  • I love Mattpat but I don’t care.

  • I find youtubers talking about other youtubers to be the top level of cringe.

    FirestoneXFirestoneXMåned siden
  • Evryone who disliked this video generally hates nux or misunderstood the title of the video

    Phoenix the gatekeeperPhoenix the gatekeeperMåned siden
  • Wooooooooo...who made the intro by the way...

    Nahian KabyoNahian KabyoMåned siden
  • This video has given me the push to finally watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The weirdness of that short clip is perfect!

    Lord GibletsLord GibletsMåned siden
  • Is this whole channel, like, ironic???

    NATENATEMåned siden
  • I'm personally a fan of both of you and this is video is hilareos

    Thomas DyckesThomas DyckesMåned siden
  • i didnt get a single thing from that video

    Rainbow Marc Galactic WisardRainbow Marc Galactic WisardMåned siden
  • Wait. I’ve seen this before. But I haven’t... ITS TIME TRAVEL CONFIRMED

    Knight SansKnight SansMåned siden
  • The insanity at the start

    ApollyonApollyonMåned siden
  • I like both you and matpat

    Just a CommenterJust a CommenterMåned siden
  • I occasionally watch MatPat's videos too. They are hilarious to laugh at everything.

    Tannis ManhaTannis ManhaMåned siden
  • We need a rage theory channel about salty, toxic people instead of a channel about salty, toxic fries. We thank you Nux.

    Mr. MonkMr. MonkMåned siden
  • *I honestly like MatPat’s videos a lot. He seems like a good guy, and he teaches me all sorts of stuff that I never knew. But I mean, that’s just my opinion.*

    Crimson XeroCrimson XeroMåned siden
    • Snail066 Snail 06 Keep in mind that what you said might seem rude to someone like me who has never heard that joke before...

      Crimson XeroCrimson XeroMåned siden
    • @Crimson Xero no I was making a film theory joke no need to be an ass about it

      Snail066 Snail 06Snail066 Snail 06Måned siden
    • Snail066 Snail 06 Bro, no need to be an ass.

      Crimson XeroCrimson XeroMåned siden

      Snail066 Snail 06Snail066 Snail 06Måned siden
  • You mean Mathew pathew?

    underscoreHankunderscoreHankMåned siden
  • who is this nux guy that keeps interrupting my food theory video?

    Quentin LongeQuentin LongeMåned siden
  • I fear that Nux is about to get scientifically flexed on about the word "Theory"

    Zachary CurdyZachary CurdyMåned siden
    • A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested and verified in accordance with the scientific method, using accepted protocols of observation, measurement, and evaluation of results. Where possible, theories are tested under controlled conditions in an experiment. From wikipedia. In fact his Game Theory channel dosen't have many theories? It has a lot of Hypotheses. Notice me senpai

      Zachary CurdyZachary CurdyMåned siden
  • How dare you disrespect matpat like that his theories are amazing Love both of you guys

    DMT_uselessDMT_uselessMåned siden
  • When mat said that he’s never once watched p?!n his face said yeah I’m just doin this to make my viewers think I’m the most perfect guy on the internet. Until u watch his older videos.

    Mark SchleiferMark SchleiferMåned siden
  • liking for 69 licks.

    Red NovaRed NovaMåned siden
  • He could have just looked at the calorie counts also, and used, you know, basic math.

    Ronald JuengerRonald JuengerMåned siden
  • You made one major error when you showed that you expected McDonald's to set prices by anything that resembles logic. Where I live a 4 piece nugget costs $1.29 while a 6 piece cost $2.69 and a 10 piece cost $3.99 (these prices were pre-pandemic and are for the al-a-carte prices, not meals). So for anyone who doesn't wish to do the math, that means that 2 4 piece nuggets cost $2.58 and 3 4 piece nuggets cost $3.87 meaning that of the 3 options there is literally no reason to buy the 6 or 10 piece nuggets as buying multiple 4 pieces gets you more for less. (admittedly the 40 piece nugget was $10 and the $20 was $5.50 which makes the 40 piece the best deal and the 20 piece the second best unless the 2 for $5 deal was going on in which case it was cheaper to buy 2 10 pieces as opposed to a 20 piece)

    Christian StonecipherChristian StonecipherMåned siden
  • Never liked him, also thought his content was lazy.

    ⚔️Armoured Nerd⚔️⚔️Armoured Nerd⚔️Måned siden
    • So is nun taku’s in my opinion

      AKAKMåned siden
  • Nux keep mentioning these are not theories! These are not theories on repeat.XD

    LonewalkerLonewalkerMåned siden
    • To stretch the video out to justify more ads

      AKAKMåned siden
  • Mans sounds like Hatty Hattington

    ScopeTicScopeTicMåned siden
  • Yeah, let’s not talk about his Persona Video. It was, let’s say, atrocious. He literally INSULTED the Persona Community

    Cloaked 108Cloaked 108Måned siden
  • Porn theorists would perfect for Mattpatt given that hes absolutely never watched porn and would have a completely objective view on the matter.

    DaleIIDaleIIMåned siden
  • “It’s just a theory a fuvking stupid theory” and then mat pat pooped himself

    joseph roszelljoseph roszellMåned siden
  • The porn theorists is so fucking funny holy shit

    Um Cara Normal num Planeta normalUm Cara Normal num Planeta normalMåned siden
  • Ye took norigami ye took eddy burback ye took naruto to fight matpat ye monster

    poo poopoo poo2 måneder siden
    • Also you spent the first half of the video tring ti convince fans not to hate on you dont hide it

      poo poopoo poo2 måneder siden
  • If you want a porn theory from matpat than you should do it your self and capitalize off of it and out do matpat if you like tearing him a new ass hole. Just say.

    Handsome HaydeesHandsome Haydees2 måneder siden
  • Mat: Science found out... Nux Taku: Duh! No bs Sherklock! Me: Just watch some videos of the "Realer Irrsinn" show, a city wasted ~100k € on a study to find out if a street under a bridge is more clogged up with just one lane instead of 2, the results say the double lane is ~25% faster. If you really want to say "No bs Sherlock", then say it to a research that didn't take 5 minutes to check. (btw, it not only cost around 100k, but it also took 8 months, too)

    KittenKatja NekoKittenKatja Neko2 måneder siden
  • There's an easy fix, you record at x2 speed and edit the video to go at x0.5 speed.

    KittenKatja NekoKittenKatja Neko2 måneder siden
  • A lot of people generally make hate videos. But it's nice to know that there's still people like you that can just have fun and meme

    Comedy GluttonComedy Glutton2 måneder siden
  • Next Channel: Drink Theory

    Nova NationNova Nation2 måneder siden
  • I kind of like matpats videos even though some of the theories are GARBAGE I enjoy watching his content EXEPT FOOD THEORY FUCK FOOD THEORY

    FBI AGENT 24FBI AGENT 242 måneder siden
  • Nux vs MatPat is the most anticipated fight ever

    Penguin McSwaggnPenguin McSwaggn2 måneder siden
  • Well I mean a 20 oz mtn dew costs more than a 2 liter mtn dew so I’m not surprised gotta check this stuff honestly.

    James PJames P2 måneder siden
  • Yo what's happening to shmentai!? Im not finding anywhere on Google images anymore besides websites

    Anime SauceAnime Sauce2 måneder siden
  • Who by now knows Lord Nuxinator isn't an epic troll lord? I see you, and I'MHERE FORIT!

    Kevin FortuneKevin Fortune2 måneder siden
  • I really can't wait until the nux criticism videos starts to drop.

    Larry DLarry D2 måneder siden
    • @Crimson Chains on no. May pay need to be knockee down a peg. Mat is way more annoying than nux.

      Larry DLarry D2 måneder siden
    • Your probably an onlooking Matpat fan right ?

      Crimson ChainsCrimson Chains2 måneder siden
  • Who is Billy?

    samuel rodriguezsamuel rodriguez2 måneder siden
  • Mmmm foooddd

    cheems the doggocheems the doggo2 måneder siden
  • Nux: **battles MatPat on youtube** MatPat: **doesn't notice**

    NIGGACHUNIGGACHU2 måneder siden
  • Bad content, trying to be good. Is a great description for 5 minute crafts

    Robert GiesbrechtRobert Giesbrecht2 måneder siden
  • no MatPat is just acting like me, making alternate accounts to cover more topics

    Kaleb FaulknerKaleb Faulkner2 måneder siden
  • Nux: *sees Matt* Finally an opponent worthy of my Toxicity! Our Rivalry will be LEGENDARY!!!!

    James McgovernJames Mcgovern2 måneder siden
  • Nux you are so amazing I wanna marry you

    PsychopompPsychopomp2 måneder siden
  • Nux doesn’t understand educational videos cause he already knows everything

    SoySauskeSoySauske2 måneder siden
  • MatPats wife is all the porn that wholesome man needs ☺😚

    Ernest PierceErnest Pierce2 måneder siden
  • Haha! I TOO never look at dirty videos! Only the good stuff.

    TheMelnTeamTheMelnTeam2 måneder siden
  • It took me a long time to laugh this hard.....🤣🤣🤣🤣 thank you ,my boy! NUX God of memes!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    rocco raptorrocco raptor2 måneder siden
  • The confliction between being subscribed to both of them is real

    Fluffyth3f0xFluffyth3f0x2 måneder siden