Memes That Predicted the Future (ft Projekt Melody, Belle Delphine, Yandere Dev)

28. juli. 2020
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Memes in thumbnail: Projekt Melody, Yandere Dev, Belle Delphine, Dio from JoJos & Interspecies Reviewers!
Me and The Shuckmeister spitting facts about Dio:






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  • my one claim to fame, back when Jonny Craig was kicked out of Dance Gavin Dance(for the second time), that same day i said 'watch, Tillian Person is gonna quit his band to join up with them' and it took a few years to happen but thats exactly what happened. If you don;t know the bands/people this wont make any sense lol

    LuckyMonikerLuckyMoniker4 dager siden
  • Did anyone else notice he made a Davie504 reference?

    Jordan BeathJordan Beath6 dager siden
  • 'Ft Belle Delphine Yandere Dev and Projekt Melody'

    Pokémon SUPERSUPPokémon SUPERSUP11 dager siden
  • Did nux steal Davie 504’s thing

    Maximus 17177Maximus 1717711 dager siden
  • Memes also got a president elected...

    Azal 423Azal 42314 dager siden
  • A lot of your predictions are self fulfilling prophecies Nux. Nothing wrong with that, if you’re influential enough to do that, that’s worth flexing about.

    Solrex the Sun KingSolrex the Sun King18 dager siden
  • I feel like Nux could accidentally be the richest person by memeing the stock market

    Stampy_ ButtermanStampy_ Butterman25 dager siden
  • Anyone else lowkey exspecting him to say he got projekt melody prego

    Cian Mac phaidinCian Mac phaidin28 dager siden
  • Love Sick that was later changed to Love Letter was canceled, lmao.

    Bidhan TandukarBidhan Tandukar29 dager siden
  • I think by far the best meme prediction was that hentai would come to life

    Zerron KaiboZerron Kaibo29 dager siden
  • i think nux is now the anime hero that we needed all along but never got so now he is an evil master mind who has made his way to youtube and is a overlord of all memes he is the accelarator of our world if you know the anime i got it from then you are big brain

    uwu bot or no owouwu bot or no owoMåned siden
  • the man he has to much POWER he made interspecies reviewer popular he makes the FUTURE AMAZINGGGGG

    uwu bot or no owouwu bot or no owoMåned siden
  • mha chapter 285 : hello lord nuxanor

    Lucas Van De CasteeleLucas Van De CasteeleMåned siden
  • 1:10 Never forget that Araki predicted 9/11 in Stardust Crusaders.

    BrognusBelgenBrognusBelgenMåned siden
  • Ok, Yandere Sim is not a very complicated game, but you have to realize, Yandere Dev was a complete amateur game dev making a game basically by himself (volunteers for art, voices, and some models aside). It takes years to make a competent game, a decent game, from scratch. This goes for indie devs, and triple A companies, I had no idea someone made another yandere sim, but from just that brief clip, I could tell, they didn't do it from scratch. Sure yandere sim doesn't have amazing models or anything that can't be easily replicated, but any game made to look or work like another game, is more often than not a copy of the game. Made off of the work from the original, that's why a game could be made quickly to be better than another that's had longer development time. Nux, you're a meme lord, and I love you for that, but game design is not your battleground, you haven't given me any indication you're familiar with game development, so as someone who is a game dev, I am just gonna say your statement is too exaggerated to be taken at face value. Much like any episode of Jojo's. I may look into this yandere sim clone to see if it truly is just a copy with improved mechanics, or if it has anything to it that yandere sim couldn't reach itself. As coding alone can take a good number of hours, and that's with my fast typing speed and being good at math and such. So even with any flaws Yandere Dev has, I still fully support yandere sim. Aside from this point of exaggeration on game design, still a good video. I guess I have some innate hostility towards comments about game design being easy because the people who make those comments don't know anything about game development, though I also get angry at comments saying that no one can criticize something they don't have a complete understanding of. So this makes me a bit hypocritical, but I do think you'd need to at least have a basic understanding of game development to truly criticize how someone goes about making their game, and how long it takes. But if you're just criticizing the game, you can criticize it from a player's perspective, such as when a game is buggy, or has a bad story, or some mechanics don't work when they should. All that is valid criticisms most any person can make, it's just that criticisms on a game's development itself are best done when you have a basic understand of game development. But I just tend to ramble on, so I'll cut myself off here, good video, and if anyone wants to debate feel free to reply your thoughts, if you want to meme, then at least make it obvious that's your intent. As I may not always pick up on it.

    Dark RiteDark RiteMåned siden
  • you know i have never seen nux from the waist down.... but hot damn look at those eyes. lmao his eyes are down there

    akatsu Bakiakatsu BakiMåned siden
  • Wait Dio in part8? That's ain't right, right?

    Dawid RemleinDawid RemleinMåned siden
  • I want to make a meme religion with nux as a part of the pantheon!!! XD and all of us can actually do it!! In america you can make your own religion and I think it would be the most awesome religion in history! XD

    That1powergamerThat1powergamerMåned siden
  • Nux watches EmpLemon confirmed

    Chris FitzChris FitzMåned siden
  • this man is literally the child of 4chan, i love it

    JasonJasonMåned siden
  • Metal Gear Rising Raiden comes through your Memes stop now. But don't..

    MoroseLoki C.A.MoroseLoki C.A.Måned siden
  • 14:24 I caught that Davie504 reference.

    Instinct Bros GamingInstinct Bros GamingMåned siden
    • epic.

      KyryzardKyryzardMåned siden
  • 14:23 If you're fan.. S L A P P like

    AGamingAlexHTAGamingAlexHTMåned siden
  • Nux need to see the wikipedia article again :D Some mad lad changed it to "NOworldr Billy"! Materialscientist FTW!

    DDlol01DDlol01Måned siden
  • Nux is dr doofenshmirtz if he was obsessed with anime

    Ultra TurtleUltra TurtleMåned siden

    QzyQzyMåned siden
  • you have done it again. you brought me hope. been waiting years for yandere sim!! but finding love letter brings me hope. thank you Oh Lord NUX.

    Justamad maxJustamad maxMåned siden
  • Jesus Christ is the Ultimate MemeLord.

    Justamad maxJustamad maxMåned siden

      Justamad maxJustamad maxMåned siden
  • now we know Nuxanors Darth Title. DARTH SIMPIS THE WISE ALLLL HAIL DARTH SIMPIS!

    Justamad maxJustamad maxMåned siden
  • too much bro

    Augusto RibeiroAugusto RibeiroMåned siden
  • I just realised I’ve spent 7 hours just watching Nux Taku all day....

    Land Whale172Land Whale172Måned siden
  • 14:24 we need a nux davie collab bro

    rishiabuhhrishiabuhhMåned siden
  • "I don't do politics here, I do MEMES." -An ideal society

    Lavender InkLavender InkMåned siden
  • Joesaf Nuxstar

    FurisinFurisinMåned siden
  • Memes are the Monado?

    PasscodeAdvancePasscodeAdvanceMåned siden
  • Check mate. OMG. BASS. that reference xD

    Allan ARENAAllan ARENAMåned siden
  • Your content is awesome but dude seriously cut the intro down a little

    RpchnRpchnMåned siden
  • Simp gang worldwide for Eren in AoT season 4

    Tueuse SurvivorTueuse SurvivorMåned siden
  • appreciate the davie 504 reference

    RedEnd 47RedEnd 47Måned siden
  • when did Dio "arrive" in part 8?

    Presents StudiosPresents StudiosMåned siden
  • Nux's philosophy of memes is lowkey really true and I actually already live by it and hearing him spew out my way of life feels so goddamn good

    thatd00dovertherethatd00doverthereMåned siden
  • The ancient occult art known as Meme-Magic

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiago2 måneder siden
  • The onlyfans tier list has came out everyone. We now know that Daddy Nux keeps his promises

    Jabrielallstarz711Jabrielallstarz7112 måneder siden
  • So this is what all that coding actually was son?

    SakuranSakuran2 måneder siden
  • was i the only one who heard him say "Checkmate" "omg" "Bass" ?????? 14:23

    Jonoab69Jonoab692 måneder siden
  • I went from aethiest to memest.

    NovaNova2 måneder siden
  • His “legs” in the classroom tho

    Adddmeee eAdddmeee e2 måneder siden
  • Why are you keep imitating pewdiepie, kinda weird.

    OPOP2 måneder siden
  • Otaku knows what muda means too You're not black, you're not saying nigga, only one group deserves the label weeb and its not anime fans

    Tai PaoTai Pao2 måneder siden
  • See you all in epic7

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • A good way fo saying like i hav befor. I m not a norm human i am fo a dif world and dif time

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • I hav forseeing dooms day to but event leding to it are mixs my 3rd eye

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • I for saw it taht how one fo my powers i us with my esp works

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • I now911 befor it happen

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • Like me he now wet will happen befor it dos in events also wet night eye calls forseeing

    Jamie KoschJamie Kosch2 måneder siden
  • Nux is the main writer for the simpsons

    Sinister PicklezSinister Picklez2 måneder siden
  • Trump runs for president Everyone laughs Kanye also does the same and everyone laughs Does that mean our great Lord Nuxanor will not only be the Flex King and Grand Memer, but also *PRESIDENT* ?!

    Felix ciafukFelix ciafuk2 måneder siden
  • That davie504 reference

    Rachit KakkarRachit Kakkar2 måneder siden
  • 18:01 didn’t quite get me, but 18:05 made me do a literal laugh-sneeze and made me choke on the saliva that didn’t explode out of my mouth and nose

    PlipbloopPlipbloop2 måneder siden
  • Didn't they destroy DIO's body under the sun in part 3????

    MechaHITMechaHIT2 måneder siden
  • Aight I asked Apeis and apparently he doesn't watch ur videos so that's ironic

    NopeNope2 måneder siden
  • Aight I'ma go ask Apeis if he watches you. Then we'll finally know. Good thing I have him friended

    NopeNope2 måneder siden
  • Future 2021 October Nux Taku declares war on me

    M2v - AnimationsM2v - Animations2 måneder siden
  • wait... someone made a better yandere simulator, can i get a link?

    Brough FoxBrough Fox2 måneder siden
  • This is the best crossover Never mind it wasnt a crossover

    Robert RobertsonRobert Robertson2 måneder siden
  • Daily reminder to not take anything Nux ever says seriously because it's 100% a meme on some level

    Elesa BrooksElesa Brooks2 måneder siden
  • We simp for Dio ✊🏽

    Keletso Mighty LebitlaKeletso Mighty Lebitla2 måneder siden
  • The future is now, old man.

    R GR G2 måneder siden
  • Great job on this video

    Marcus Williams Jr.Marcus Williams Jr.2 måneder siden
  • is your name based on nutaku

    Blue DuoBlue Duo2 måneder siden
  • 4 more years finish that wall make America great again law in order

    IcemanIceman2 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman2 måneder siden
  • This collab is intimidating.

    Countdown to ZeroCountdown to Zero2 måneder siden
  • It's all fun and game until Nux Taku memeing doomsday day...

    Its RezzyIts Rezzy2 måneder siden
  • Nux the Oracle

    Vixster GonzalezVixster Gonzalez2 måneder siden
  • Simp for Dio 2020

    Lordnux The secondLordnux The second2 måneder siden
  • I need to show my mom the pic of Inigo Montoya saying "I do not think it memes what you think it memes..."

    Sephandre ManticoreSephandre Manticore2 måneder siden
  • Sadly i deleted my account in Nutaku

    Dai MonJiDai MonJi2 måneder siden
  • Ive been saying this guy is a prophet! Simp gang! Super dio simp

    StrawHat RenzoStrawHat Renzo2 måneder siden
  • you are talking about interspecies reviewers as an ark, does that mean we will get an beach episode and an tournament ark between you and incredibly grand youtubechannels, finishing with the grand battle against pewdiepie and t series at once, uniting all memes at once, to create the meme that can destroy it all.

    Tio AlraTio Alra2 måneder siden
  • Checkmate omg bass 😂😂😂😂 Davie is proud

    EridasEridas2 måneder siden
  • Yoooo those who watched yugioh vrains 19:01 that was a crazy reference. Also yugioh vrains is very underrated and deserves some more praise and attention

    Oscar GardeaOscar Gardea2 måneder siden
  • 4:15 I don’t think I ever heard nux make a joke on his dick

    RyukobestwaifuRyukobestwaifu2 måneder siden
  • I used memes to predict that YandereDev will never finish his fucking game

    RyukobestwaifuRyukobestwaifu2 måneder siden
  • Why put ft. Lol wut

    Ma D. LadMa D. Lad2 måneder siden
  • I give up on not saying anything i am a random person on the internet no one knows me..... and i can't give evidence other than knowing that i went to take an official iq test when i was younger and was told few years later after i have forgotten the number and it is / was 144 iq level. so that pretty damn high i think but not sure....

    Mark HainesMark Haines2 måneder siden
  • Funimation and MAL trying to flex on Nux Nux: youve activated my trap card

    Fernando Cordoba QuesadaFernando Cordoba Quesada2 måneder siden
  • I simp for Nux

    Taia HunterTaia Hunter2 måneder siden
  • *OMG 🅱️ass* Davie504 100

    the best name of all timethe best name of all time2 måneder siden
    • shadowfighter579 yes

      Aspy GamerAspy Gamer2 måneder siden
  • you know nux is a great youtuber when you go to subscribe but realise you already are.

    GameDev ArkitectGameDev Arkitect2 måneder siden
  • Idk why.. Your sounds like pewds..? XD

    Mirai SeiyuuMirai Seiyuu2 måneder siden
  • 14:23 I understood that reference

    Ur_AwesomeUr_Awesome2 måneder siden
  • 12:55 ALMOST 10 times your subs!

    RimiRimi2 måneder siden
  • no one understands Nux Taku

    Ricky MusgroveRicky Musgrove2 måneder siden
  • Just got this notification

    c-bs animationsc-bs animations2 måneder siden
  • i predicted sans getting in smash the day of the direct B)

    SinfullSquadSinfullSquad2 måneder siden
  • Trump is the american example of obesity

    CadeShadeCadeShade2 måneder siden
  • I have no hope for anyone

    CadeShadeCadeShade2 måneder siden
  • Holy shit i was shocked to be spoiled on dio on part 8, i havent caught up yet i am still in chapter 97 in part 8. Im like god danm. wow didnt know that, well im not even mad about it

    Генеральная SozaГенеральная Soza2 måneder siden
  • Dorohedoro is Anime of the Year

    ichi Matsuichi Matsu2 måneder siden