My Editors Showed ME The Most Cursed Anime Ever AND...

3. okt.. 2020
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My Editors had to watch ALL the cursed anime I showed wholesome NOworldrs and today they took their revenge...
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  • OMG this guy is such a Deliberately Obscure Reclusive Klown

    mordekai pironovamordekai pironova2 timer siden
  • This anime is a good example of why I stay in Heaven.

    GodGodDag siden
  • White Women: The Anime

    GG ChannelGG ChannelDag siden
  • Wait, that furry suit in the after credit that the first furry?

    Lawrence SzaboLawrence SzaboDag siden
  • This is bent and twisted solid gold!

    Larry PinkardLarry Pinkard2 dager siden
  • Ngl the music just makes it so much better and I don’t know why.

    Xander EliteXander Elite4 dager siden
  • What's the name??

    ARGO SatoARGO Sato5 dager siden
  • well i wonder if there are any other stories with this premise of dog is in love with human owner stories i think the only one i can think of is the horror film man's best friend warning which is a pretty messed up comedy film the most fucked up part of the film is where the main character/villian the dog rapes a female dog and is played for black comedy and also to set up a sequel beascue the girl dog then gives birth to puppies one being just as psychopatic as the father no sequel was made though weird consdering the film did good financially

    a namea name6 dager siden
  • the anime's name is kennel tokorozawa

    a namea name6 dager siden
  • the video begins at 3:00

    Nicolas FloresNicolas Flores7 dager siden
  • This is very questionable to watch just from this video. Do I have a right to worry?

    Zaya JacksonZaya Jackson8 dager siden
  • 🤨What anime is this?

    Saiyan JusticeSaiyan Justice8 dager siden
  • WTF did I watch just now?

    Dynamite 55Dynamite 559 dager siden
  • Just "fix"the dog. Problem solved

    J from state farmJ from state farm9 dager siden
    • yeah "fix" the dog wink wink

      a namea name8 dager siden
  • Tom and Jerry debuted in 1965....this is from 1992.

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson10 dager siden
    • don't know if you're joking but the first tom and jerry cartoon came out in 1940

      a namea name8 dager siden
  • Wtf is name of the first name

    TCR .34TCR .3411 dager siden
  • after 2,178 comments my comment is not the best or the worse

    Banks WootenBanks Wooten12 dager siden
  • Japan is into some f..cked up sh..t this the most messed up anime I've ever seen

    Waldo VermaakWaldo Vermaak12 dager siden
    • so when can we get a spiritual successor to this comedy legend

      a namea name8 dager siden
  • Um... I hate myself for asking this but what is this horrifying abomination called.

    ExodusExodus12 dager siden
    • they say it in the video

      a namea name8 dager siden
  • next up on Anime Abandon

    beard Catbeard Cat13 dager siden
  • Shit and here i thought boku no pico tipped the cake of lows with lewd animes or even hentais-

    krush skull da ork boikrush skull da ork boi13 dager siden
    • @a name basically that some animes and hentai draw off the same idea when it comes to moral like perverted ideas,its actually really simple when youve watched alot animes like I have that use the idea of showing anime tiddys or near to full nudity

      krush skull da ork boikrush skull da ork boi6 dager siden
    • @krush skull da ork boi yep it is.... is there something i should be explaing i am kinda confused what you are trying to tell me i am probally being really stupid not getting it am i sounding like i said something that i am not realizen i said

      a namea name6 dager siden
    • @a name watchable but is it not morally questionable?

      krush skull da ork boikrush skull da ork boi6 dager siden
    • well this is atleast watchable

      a namea name6 dager siden
  • America: Oh so you decided to finally make an anime based on human-animal relation and how they get closer while defeating spiecies barrier and gaining true mutual understanding and durable friendship cool :) . Japan: ...Yesnt

    Michał LińczukMichał Lińczuk13 dager siden
  • I love this chanelle and I will be in the area of this place

    jonathan moneyjonathan money14 dager siden
  • i expected like curse storys of animes where all the drawers died mysterious or somethinglike that, got a guy commenting anime sodomy instead,still dont understand why u call wierd hentai cursed and its fine for yt but okay,diff people diff taste i guess.

    Daniels Channel No2Daniels Channel No214 dager siden
  • 👌🐶yehhhhs

    MeltingnursepeteyMeltingnursepetey14 dager siden
  • Whats the anime name huh

    Mitchel LatchmansingMitchel Latchmansing14 dager siden
  • wtf is happening

    krepsy Kkrepsy K15 dager siden
  • Honestly the comparison to twilight is too accurate, with both a really old guy and a dog both chasing after a desperate girl

    Steel RegencySteel Regency16 dager siden
  • All these comment and the description but couldn't find the name or link to the actual product

    Drew BrunkDrew Brunk16 dager siden
  • I didn’t survive it’s to dirty that nasty dog

    StOP DO JOT ChaNGE PaCK U PlanStOP DO JOT ChaNGE PaCK U Plan17 dager siden
  • I can’t believe that dog is a pervy dog

    StOP DO JOT ChaNGE PaCK U PlanStOP DO JOT ChaNGE PaCK U Plan17 dager siden
  • I didn’t survive

    StOP DO JOT ChaNGE PaCK U PlanStOP DO JOT ChaNGE PaCK U Plan17 dager siden
  • Scooby Scooby Don't -- were are you?

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro Kirishima17 dager siden

    Adam BukerAdam Buker18 dager siden
  • Just three spirits hanging out with zero bodies

    Lobster BisqueLobster Bisque18 dager siden
  • Me when I watch nux videos: before 😄 after Scard

    Keston CryerKeston Cryer19 dager siden
  • Sauce ?

    O B I T OO B I T O20 dager siden
  • Holy! Shiiiii!! It is on youtube!!

    Lord DemonossLord Demonoss21 dag siden
  • The animation is pretty funny though

    Luis DominguezLuis Dominguez21 dag siden
  • Me not realizing that kor is guy . Y'all can't blame me. This is my first video ive watched of this channel and heard of these humans

    Mocha DekuMocha Deku21 dag siden
  • What the fuck.....

    Test MailTest Mail21 dag siden
  • Wth who made this shh

    SlicezzySlicezzy21 dag siden
  • lol doesn't surprise me this exists.

    Grayve RoseGrayve Rose22 dager siden

    Parade_Cos ytParade_Cos yt22 dager siden
  • Remember when it felt really fucked up that so mamy anime and manga have little-sister-older-brother relationships? I feel like the bar has been placed sooo much lower than that now. And this anime is just a slight example.

    E Zach Lee WrightE Zach Lee Wright22 dager siden
  • Honestly this made my life better I laughed Sm

    Stephen LacyStephen Lacy22 dager siden
  • Wait lol tom and jerry is around since the 40's ish

    sweafcatsweafcat22 dager siden
  • .......Democrat approved......

    Marvin EllisMarvin Ellis23 dager siden
  • Yep definitely cursed who the fudge came up with that mess?

    ucity metalheaducity metalhead24 dager siden
  • Just an FYI the guy at the end in the dog costume is Jimmy from Batsu Game aka downtown aka the guys who invented silent library and no laughing challenge "Batsu game" (punishment game)

    The Speed ScientistThe Speed Scientist26 dager siden
  • That Alinity jab 👌

    Allan LockeAllan Locke27 dager siden
  • Can a man get some souce here?

    Rex KiritoRex Kirito27 dager siden
  • I have to say I don't know why japan needs to change the name of the real restaurant wcdonald it's just added an letter A but wacdonald doesn't mean to wack people

    Delia PizarraDelia Pizarra27 dager siden

    Tony KlupsTony Klups28 dager siden
  • This is a rick and morty universe where people date dogs

    PurpleVIPurpleVI28 dager siden
  • The dog is THE one piece villian

    NingiziNingiziMåned siden

    Gemma AdamsGemma AdamsMåned siden
  • Lol

    pasiden b6pasiden b6Måned siden
  • masterpiece

    ilyKAIilyKAIMåned siden
  • What's the censor bar girl?

    grant langkampgrant langkampMåned siden
  • This is so fucking cursed

    FBI._.FBI._.Måned siden
  • I believe I can never look at a dog innocently again.. This was very cringey..

    Quine BheiQuine BheiMåned siden
  • holy. shit.

    Laneylee ShikariaLaneylee ShikariaMåned siden
  • What the, who the, why the, how the FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Dingus McFurgusonDingus McFurgusonMåned siden
  • I'm surprised you survived that attack from your editors Nux 😂

    april anthony Sanchoapril anthony SanchoMåned siden
  • 18:01 castrate

    Barnabas PodonyiBarnabas PodonyiMåned siden

    Kyojinatic_ GoLFKyojinatic_ GoLFMåned siden
  • Kennel tokorozawa

    ssjgogetadbzgtssjgogetadbzgtMåned siden
  • This anime depicts what two months into covid lockdowns was like for many women.

    Harper SanchezHarper SanchezMåned siden
    • Wtf?

      Full-time POGFull-time POG21 dag siden
  • i laughed so hard from this vid that YOU GOT A NEW SUBSCRIBER, rofl

    Dante BlackDante BlackMåned siden
  • What the hell did NOworld recommend me with this video!!!!

    Lay NeeLay NeeMåned siden
  • well thank you for giving me nightmares for a week

    araf abdullaharaf abdullahMåned siden
  • @lakieth stanfield

    Scorcher FisherScorcher FisherMåned siden
  • Which anime is this?

    Meagan KestleMeagan KestleMåned siden
  • i need to bleach my eyes now

    LexiPiLexiPiMåned siden
  • 12:05 mom: *walks in*

    Alexandra Two faceAlexandra Two faceMåned siden

    Benicio MelchorBenicio MelchorMåned siden
  • What the hell is this anime?

    Neil Owen CaraniNeil Owen CaraniMåned siden
  • Original Tom and Jerry was made in the 1940’s

    Cryptfist !Cryptfist !Måned siden
  • Think i have a new genie wish. For 2nd season of this anime🤣

    Zid96Zid96Måned siden
  • **You're In quite the predicament here aren't you**

    Thehost1781 GamingThehost1781 GamingMåned siden
  • Did she jus say rin tin tin

    Shawne SmithShawne SmithMåned siden
  • Nooo! Evil imagery with the jumper cables.

    ChronoChronoMåned siden
  • what the heck is this? thumbs down.

  • I made the mistake watching this no headphones.

    Skipply DiddlySkipply DiddlyMåned siden
  • Artichoke

    ArtichokeArtichokeMåned siden
  • lol wut

    Trunt87Trunt87Måned siden
  • Honestly if and old man walks away with one classmate in rl and she is fine with it, what would you do? Wait... THAT is Rintintin? That dog is famos.

    Tobias PauseTobias PauseMåned siden
  • U sound like a weeb version of Pewdiepie!

    Popular GuyPopular GuyMåned siden
  • I want to watch this anime because "WTF?!" but at the same time I don't want to watch it because "WTF?!"

    TwlightWolf84TwlightWolf84Måned siden
  • pretty sure tom and jerry predated this by about 40 years

    Zac GZac GMåned siden
  • Egg McMuffin

    robert copherrobert copherMåned siden
  • The jumper cable joke at the beginning reminds me of the kick-ass comics

    Owl SpagettOwl SpagettMåned siden
  • This is like if Mr. Pickles was made in 1989 and was about sex and not bloodshed

    Your name goes hereYour name goes hereMåned siden

    THEsubtilizerTHEsubtilizerMåned siden
  • What is the name of this anime I have to watch it Just for schitts and giggles

    Richard RandallRichard RandallMåned siden
  • This gives me whitney wisconsin vibes tbh.

    Star-ChanStar-ChanMåned siden
  • I wanna bleach my eyes

    Pandemonica Is very TIREDPandemonica Is very TIREDMåned siden
  • For one thing ,It's better than boruto .

    Francisco UrrutiaFrancisco UrrutiaMåned siden
  • But jacob would be the dog and edward would be the old guy

    Danny MataDanny MataMåned siden