My Editors Showed ME The Most Cursed Anime Ever AND...

3. okt.. 2020
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My Editors had to watch ALL the cursed anime I showed wholesome NOworldrs and today they took their revenge...
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  • Billy billy billy billy

    Baze ChivaluksnaBaze Chivaluksna11 minutter siden
  • Billy

    Baze ChivaluksnaBaze Chivaluksna15 minutter siden
  • Your the Anime Hentai H20Delirous

    gamer taggamer tagDag siden
  • Am I the only one that noticed he said this(1992) predates Tom and Jerry(1946)? where the time machine at?

    dajnΧΡdajnΧΡDag siden
    • bruh

      DeAman1987DeAman1987Dag siden
  • I legit just saw Kuwabaara

    FLAMERFLAMER2 dager siden
  • me before video starts: *unzips*

    random manrandom man2 dager siden
  • I've never watched boku no pico, but after seeing this i'll give it a try Edit: Barely started it, skipped through the intro to cut to the chase. The girl's cute :) Edit 2: tf is with the cactus???????? At least that's over Edit 3: Gawd DAAAAMMMMNNN that is a nice ass Edit 4: Wait, grandson? Well jokes on them I'm pan Edit 5: This is very wholesome to me, I just hate the fact a cactus was in the beginning Edit 6: I paused it just as he spilled ice cream on the protagonist Edit 7: They're currently making out and I hope nothing bad happens

    Furry BirbFurry Birb2 dager siden
  • Even for someone who only made it to episode 200 of one piece the villain so far don't have a reason to do the thing they did besides just saying their villains.

    Ja ja the new kingJa ja the new king2 dager siden
  • The great thing about anime is that there is a romantic comedy for every fetish - maids, monster-girls, pedophilia, and even bestiality.

    godlessyurifangodlessyurifan3 dager siden
  • Hehe that fat guy reminds of the dude thats only says “ gush gush” 😂😂 Thats cursed anime

    SioneXSioneX4 dager siden
  • Headcanon: Araki watched this growing up. Its why so many Dogs die in Jojo.

    Thomas LamsonThomas Lamson4 dager siden
  • ''the girl wants to kill himself''

    NitroxFTWNitroxFTW4 dager siden
  • Shoot, I tried to forget about this cursed hentai. Until I recognized that octopus scene.

    The Super Shiny Mega GengarThe Super Shiny Mega Gengar5 dager siden
  • After watching this video I feel maybe eromanga sensei wasn't so bad after all

    Amey JoshiAmey Joshi6 dager siden
  • "I've seen many hentai that start out like this" -Nux "I have never watched a hentai"-Nux

    challengedcat 64challengedcat 648 dager siden
  • I am very proud to have written the highest voted review of this anime on MAL 4 years ago.

    gantzisballsgantzisballs8 dager siden
  • what on earth did youtube recommend me....?

    Aohowen ArgornAohowen Argorn8 dager siden
  • Sauce?

  • it's a dog... why a dog

    HP CuthuluHP Cuthulu9 dager siden
  • I vomited a lot

    20/20 Vision Production20/20 Vision Production9 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does this guy sound like pewdiepie

    Yours Truly The #1 PonyYours Truly The #1 Pony9 dager siden
  • The second I see curse anime I am like well can’t be that bad...... I am now dead

    LEGO builds of youtube !LEGO builds of youtube !9 dager siden
  • All this cringe and no anime name?

    steven Kimenezsteven Kimenez9 dager siden
    • @gantzisballs thank you king

      steven Kimenezsteven Kimenez8 dager siden
    • Kennel Tokorozawa. It's an AMAZINGLY bad anime.

      gantzisballsgantzisballs8 dager siden
  • V

    V a a lV a a l10 dager siden
  • You sould have 700 mil subs you know that

    Aryan JainAryan Jain10 dager siden
  • As a student nurse I have to tell people that sucking venom out of a wound never works, if you are bitten by a venomous animal: 1. remove yourself from the dangerous area if possible try to remember any identifying characteristics of the animal in question 2. do as little as possible to keep your heart rate as low as possible to slow spread send/call for help 3. bandage to whole limb and mark the bite site (if bitten on the torso or close to the trunk of the body your kinda screwed) 4. keep doing 2 until help comes

    Cameron LagunaCameron Laguna10 dager siden
  • Came here for the thumbnail

    Vaporous Elm993Vaporous Elm99310 dager siden
  • WHY. WAS. THIS. MADE?!?!?!?!

    Blanka GasparovichBlanka Gasparovich10 dager siden
  • Cursed anime, sponsored by SurfShark

    Jason BogueJason Bogue10 dager siden
  • My whole evening is now cursed OwO

    GoldenFox 911GoldenFox 91110 dager siden

    beasty wrenbeasty wren10 dager siden
  • What anime is this just want to reason

    Baby call outBaby call out10 dager siden
  • What are you doing step dog

    João PraunJoão Praun11 dager siden

    S-A-L-T B-O-IS-A-L-T B-O-I11 dager siden
  • Pain

    dino nuggetsdino nuggets11 dager siden
  • What the heck is this crap

    Silent0 MoneySilent0 Money11 dager siden
  • I'd like to bash my head in thanks. edit: Time to destroy the rest of my sanity and watch all of this. Fuck it.

    Esper DemonEsper Demon11 dager siden
  • This is hard to watch

    Jr MancilJr Mancil11 dager siden
  • I need to use Surfshark so the FBI can’t see where I am when I am watching this.

    Real IRONCLOUDedReal IRONCLOUDed11 dager siden

    Ella RøseElla Røse11 dager siden
  • "Have you heard she and that dog are an item? They live together and everything." Well yes, that's how pets are supposed to work. Animals that live with you that you do not fuck

    Kyle HaydenKyle Hayden11 dager siden
  • Just love when you scroll down the surfshark servers and after all those american servers is vietnam. Just Nam flashbacks man!

    Kevin GeremiaKevin Geremia11 dager siden
  • Why does every fuckung app have to have a "free trial"? It pisses me off

    Nate WhitehurstNate Whitehurst11 dager siden
  • "Deeper than evangelion" 🔫🔫

    FatalFatal11 dager siden
  • “Orange Justice Rumia” 👌 excellent choice

    Lover HoLover Ho12 dager siden
  • I just remembered im 14 i thought i was 13

    ѱ オフライン ѱѱ オフライン ѱ12 dager siden
  • Ok... the fact that this anime was a beastialitly porno made me die

    alienpajamas82240alienpajamas8224012 dager siden

    JRG OriginalJRG Original12 dager siden
  • The dog went aghego at 12:02😳

    con_ troollercon_ trooller12 dager siden
  • What is this anime called

    Braelon BrockBraelon Brock12 dager siden
  • "I mean, they live together and everything." --talking about a dog and a highschool girl. wtf has humanity come to

    ElouxEloux12 dager siden
  • Almost to 1.6 million subs I really wonder what this summoning Satan plan is

    Hero0fLegend 1011Hero0fLegend 101113 dager siden
  • Lol wtf is this?! Nux! 😂 wat did u do to me?!

    Onepiece KingOnepiece King13 dager siden
  • Anime Brian griffin

    VolTitanDevVolTitanDev13 dager siden
  • Killer Queen wants to bite za dusto this anime

    Spydy3000Spydy300013 dager siden
  • 10:03 Pervert Dog Isekai let's g O

    Chessnut J3Chessnut J313 dager siden
  • What da F**k do you mean brah that Sh!t was hilarious I f****** enjoyed every moment of that sh!t 😄😄😄👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    ronald lazarronald lazar13 dager siden
  • The fact that it's marked for kids..... (-ι_- )

    Chessnut J3Chessnut J313 dager siden
  • i'm currently going "what the fuck is this its insane" and "i fucking love this its insane " lol

    miner69erherminer69erher13 dager siden
  • Why did u decide to do this

    kit kat.kit kat.14 dager siden
  • am cursed....why did i clicked this video

    AmaOumaAmaOuma14 dager siden
  • Billy

    Chris ClarkChris Clark14 dager siden
  • This is so cursed😣😣😣

    Alma BrownAlma Brown14 dager siden
  • wait why is nuxtaku sans thats ilegal you cant be ssans

    Derpy_boiDerpy_boi14 dager siden
  • Wait... Is that guy under the dog costume the one from a Japanese game show who couldn't count to 20 and instead said "ten ten"?

    Edward BelenEdward Belen14 dager siden
  • 18:20 this "anime" was watched by 120 million people which means almost all of Japan's population are into this stuff

    Yazan HamdanYazan Hamdan14 dager siden
  • Plot twist: the dog is actually a regular dude and the girl insane

    joshua mintonjoshua minton14 dager siden
  • Sauce

    Super DudeSuper Dude14 dager siden
  • All the good series that never get X animated, AND THIS SHIT GOT FUCKING AIRED?

    Fadil LangstonFadil Langston14 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Marcel ByrdMarcel Byrd14 dager siden
  • Tnx nux, i love your anime reviews. This "most cursed" series has been all my favourite animes! Please keep the good recommendations coming :)

    Avlin ÆrbødigAvlin Ærbødig15 dager siden
  • I both hate and love the fact that someone took the time to write and produce this.

    111111hakar111111hakar15 dager siden
  • So.. where's the sauce 👀

    Rayyan NoordinRayyan Noordin15 dager siden
  • That was a roller coaster from start to finish😵

    Manda HopeManda Hope15 dager siden
  • Jack and Kor... Sounds like the Jak 2 game dynamic. Villain is actually named Kor wtf?! Also word if advice, Scooby is a Great Dane and the German Shepard is creep dog.

    RobXHolic FoxyFanRobXHolic FoxyFan15 dager siden
  • what is this called dear lord

    Ermac or SomethingErmac or Something15 dager siden
  • This is just like Interspecies Reviewer, you don't know if this is anime or hentai

    zippodippodooozippodippodooo15 dager siden
  • Bro wtf

    Grace HurtGrace Hurt15 dager siden
  • Why did i got this notification 1 week later

    caleb acostacaleb acosta15 dager siden
  • Hmm.... it lacked tasteful anime Wamen. but it had all the freak of a hentai; touche.

    Rin HatsuyukiRin Hatsuyuki15 dager siden
  • i many concerns about why and who published this anime...

    TheEphemeralEternityTheEphemeralEternity15 dager siden
  • We have to realise and except that Japan is extremely strange, even to me who likes anime.

    NorvekNorvek15 dager siden
  • those were painful to watch!

    Eric RickertEric Rickert15 dager siden
  • WTF IS THIS!?!?! Damnit anime.😨😨😨

    Deon TaylorDeon Taylor15 dager siden
  • "Sauce?"

    Karma DreamKarma Dream16 dager siden
  • "Does everyone have the weirdest fetish in this universe?!" Say the guys who are voluntarily watching this dumpster fire...

    NeRethil WolfssonNeRethil Wolfsson16 dager siden
  • 12:02 welp, at least it's not as tame as the stuff he shows other youtubers.

    spamuel98spamuel9816 dager siden
  • 6:40 why he goin to germania

    Hue JppHue Jpp16 dager siden
  • Damn son where’d you find this

    Hue JppHue Jpp16 dager siden
  • i need it in ang dub plz

    RadoslawRadoslaw16 dager siden
  • Nux: i showed cursed anime to wholesome youtubers MXR: Am i a joke to you MXR Channel: Sloot Mods

    Timothy MorganTimothy Morgan16 dager siden
  • Yo what am i watching

    Liam ArchebelumLiam Archebelum16 dager siden
  • Nux but I thought you were a masochist!

    Jovanny Diaz AbadJovanny Diaz Abad17 dager siden
  • What did I just witness?😰😱

    Jovanny Diaz AbadJovanny Diaz Abad17 dager siden
  • 11:49 Cameron Boyce in his sleep.

    Elijah LewisElijah Lewis17 dager siden
  • Someone out there has a fetish for this and somehow hate that more than this video

    nerdikusnerdikus17 dager siden
  • What is the anime's name i need to tromatise a friend

    heavens doorheavens door18 dager siden
  • the dog got a girl and you didnt

    Koshi KunKoshi Kun18 dager siden
  • Dude it is Twilight . A old man(Eduard or whats his name, the vampire dude) and a dog(wolfboy) fight for the affection of a suicidal teen(Kristen Steward).

    Robert-Alexandru TacheRobert-Alexandru Tache18 dager siden
  • Whats the animes name

    Mrshittytaco PooMrshittytaco Poo18 dager siden