10. juni. 2020
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Man I love Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh.






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Edited By: Dakota Broskie

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  • *“You’ll never take me alive”* -Seto Kaiba

    Cooler Than FriezaCooler Than FriezaDag siden
  • Wait is kaiba's English voice actor the same as brock from pokemon lol

    miraselcamiraselca2 dager siden
  • "Trump and Biden should duel" Just try to teach Trump about missing the timing...

    Himmafridge ygoHimmafridge ygo4 dager siden
  • Forgot the scene where he trsah talks his computer

    ControlZControlZ4 dager siden
  • I just want to say obelisk newer version's effect says the summoning of the card can't be stopped. So we got ride of hjs tree frozen dragon's sacrificed two for the effect. We all know in the anime the God cards effects are bs.

    FedoraEXFedoraEX6 dager siden
  • Kaiba isn't just the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh but anime itself.

    OnlyFailsOnlyFails6 dager siden
  • Seto kaiba in a nutshell: Bruce Wayne with out batman and has a dragon fetish

    Harry Potter Mega fan 1Harry Potter Mega fan 19 dager siden
  • Kaiba: mokuba what do I always tell you if at first you don't succeed blast them with your blue eyes again Us:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Harry Potter Mega fan 1Harry Potter Mega fan 19 dager siden
  • Seto on PS5 meme is a Kaibacorp approved sales pitch!

    MGAlterMGAlter10 dager siden
  • If Seto Kaiba ever insulted me, I'd take it as an honor to be called the lowest of trash.

    Starry GalaxyStarry Galaxy13 dager siden
  • Fun fact. Kaiba's english dub is voiced by the same voice actor who voices Brock. I can never unhear it now when it was pointed out to me.

    TawnyFirestarTawnyFirestar14 dager siden
  • Kaiba vs lex luthor the ultimate ego battle of all time!

    AstarothAstaroth14 dager siden
  • „Screw the rules, I have money“

    ChristophChristoph17 dager siden
  • This is rich! I've never heard anyone be so excited about Kaiba! xD He's my favorite too. Always and forever. Hell yea!♥

    StrawberrikStrawberrik18 dager siden
  • He used counter gate wich allowed him to draw a card and normal summon it if its a monster thats how he was able to tribute them.

    R6 ZephR6 Zeph20 dager siden
  • Kaiba's Blue-Eyes are literally his waifu from a past life, since her Ka and Ba were mixed

    Zoroark LoverZoroark Lover24 dager siden
  • Kaiba is the fuckin best. Nothing will change my mind on this.

    fruitsbasket rocksfruitsbasket rocks26 dager siden
  • I could not watch ANY other video of someone screaming unless it's about ones love for Kaiba because there is no other option

    ASprinkledDonutASprinkledDonutMåned siden
  • Kaiba is the epitome of flex. DSOD was basically Kaiba flexing: the movie. You can't get any better than building a space elevator just to assemble a puzzle, building a machine to travel to the afterlife for vacation and falling into a stadium with explosions around you saying you'd fire god if he was working for you because he did a lousy job. That's why we love Kaiba

    Tv ManiacTv ManiacMåned siden
  • I love kaiba and I’m surprised you didn’t use this clip

    Aaron DostalAaron DostalMåned siden
  • Is because the way he dress? So Edgy.

    Uncle PaulUncle PaulMåned siden
  • Kaiba made the duel academy and purposely made yugis God card the worst rank

    Beowulf 45Beowulf 45Måned siden
  • Still can’t believe Kaiba sacrificed freaking God, Gadget Soldier.

    The Giga MasterThe Giga MasterMåned siden
  • Kaiba = Escanor

    Demi SladeDemi Slade2 måneder siden
  • Kaiba was the protagonist of the movie

    Pgshfjh PPgshfjh P2 måneder siden
  • For the record, on the part where kaiba summoned obelisk, he DID tribute monsters i’m pretty sure. The duel rules basically made it so you did not need to tribute to summon high level monsters. Obelisk though basically ignored all the rules of the duel since it was a god card. So he still was afflicted by the requirement that god cards need 3 tributes. Hence why his blue eyes started glowing and shit when obelisk was summoned. They were tributes

    FabianFabian2 måneder siden
  • Evreyone knows the true god of flexing is anos voldigoad

    Dydh KillDydh Kill2 måneder siden
  • This video... it speaks my language. I have a shrine to Kaiba because he deserves it

    LonesomeMuseLonesomeMuse2 måneder siden
  • I LOVE hearing people get this hyped about Yugioh characters! YES!! I watched Yugioh for the first time a couple years ago and it’s quite literally taken over my life.

    Natalie CristineNatalie Cristine2 måneder siden
  • 11:14 best part should be in every meme compilation btw

    Samuel GarciaSamuel Garcia2 måneder siden
  • He was armed, it was an ARMchair I'll show myself out

    Michael ChengMichael Cheng2 måneder siden
  • "Yu-gi-oh is a Kids show" Season 0: Am i a joke to you?

    Rogan KaneRogan Kane2 måneder siden
  • Little does Nux know Kaiba's briefcase is his lightsaber

    Patrick ClementPatrick Clement2 måneder siden
  • Alright look thing is i dont like Seto Kaiba , I dont care how popular he is or how he makes Fan Boys or Fan girls orgasm. I domt think someone like him deserve praise or likes in all honesty same with Marik or Bakura. Just the character die already. I know im going to get hate for this . But i never liked him in all honesty and every time i see a fan video appreciating the character. I ask myself does the character even care about you ? But there it is i honestly thought Nux Taku aka you the one who posted this video would know better but of course you do anything for views and your videos are nothing but rambles. I dont get how your popular i dont really find you Nux Taku appealing at all.

    Tobi AkatsukiTobi Akatsuki2 måneder siden
  • Kaiba has that yugioh season 0 spirit. Anything for challenge. Anything for a game.

    CamisadoCamisado3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is the first to realize that simping for a woman is such a mindset, that i why he simps dragons instead. My kaiba is a dragon simp.

    TheInfernapeKing BattletubeTheInfernapeKing Battletube3 måneder siden
  • It's amazing what a singular man's need for his salty runback in a children's trading card game can do for the world's economy.

    RaivonRaivon3 måneder siden
  • well actually, kaiba DID draw a card out of the ground

    David KimDavid Kim3 måneder siden
  • Imagine in Kiba was a Green Lantern

    Aashish DyalAashish Dyal3 måneder siden
  • nux: Yu-Gi-Oh! is a kids show laughs in eng sub and season 0**

    Chika FujiwaraChika Fujiwara3 måneder siden
  • no homo but i'd simp for kaiba

    Chika FujiwaraChika Fujiwara3 måneder siden
  • So sad that the common sense meme died

    RainyRainy3 måneder siden
  • Most of us blue eyes players have that ego and narcissistic mentality lol

    Reaper SkullReaper Skull3 måneder siden
  • Compilation of Jaiden Yuki loving the game that involves pieces of paper

    H3kamanH3kaman3 måneder siden
  • Why the hell do you watch it on dub 😂

  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that kaiba touched Joey

    Logan XavierLogan Xavier3 måneder siden
  • Seto Kaiba Is The GOAT #2020

    Last90's DudeLast90's Dude3 måneder siden
  • Do Atem next

    Conan the adventuror 2Conan the adventuror 23 måneder siden
  • to those who think that Kaiba could beat Yugi with Blue-Eyes easily.... You do realize that Yugi once beat him in a match that was Battle-Ox vs Kuriboh, right?

    Colleen SchaferColleen Schafer3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba = The Batman of children’s card games!

    Blitz TigerBlitz Tiger3 måneder siden
  • Yes a clash once again easy stuff yes old age regular way gotta complete the drill each time you summon it

    CjCj3 måneder siden
  • Yes gotta put up with the drill easy

    CjCj3 måneder siden
  • A clash yes we arent allowed to fight we can't play it the way you wanna play you're broke its easy yes everything will pay off

    CjCj3 måneder siden
  • Get rich quick plan

    wulfypupyboiwulfypupyboi3 måneder siden
  • Abridged kaiba: screw the rules i got money!

    Jeremye TremblayJeremye Tremblay3 måneder siden
  • If it's a laugh compilation you want one piece has some of the best

    Mental PopcornMental Popcorn3 måneder siden
  • I love yu-gi-oh!!!!!!!

    Peta Krost MaunderPeta Krost Maunder3 måneder siden
  • Pot of greed is one of the first banned cards and today it is still banned. draw acceleration to generate advantage in hand is one of the most absurd things in yugioh since there are no limiters on how many things you can activate in a turn.

    brago90brago903 måneder siden
  • "He sees another dragon--- YEAH BABY!! TIME TO SIMP FOR ANOTHER DRAGON!!!"

    Twila EuroTwila Euro3 måneder siden
  • Nux about kaiba: his only power is being rich. I knew that kaiba was batman

    The BlitzThe Blitz3 måneder siden
  • its 2020 and the love for yugioh never quench.. gotta find someonw who i can grind my zombie horde deck with

    Kyrielle PunongbayanKyrielle Punongbayan3 måneder siden
  • I have never seen someone more hype about Kaiba than me. I freaking love it!!!

    Joanna VelezJoanna Velez3 måneder siden
  • Owo

    Some guy who has a orange MustacheSome guy who has a orange Mustache3 måneder siden
  • I'm kind of surprised that no one mentioned how Kaiba Invented Time Travel to Specifically go back in time and Duel the Pharaoh into submission and simultaneously Created 2 Timelines 5Ds where Kaiba city was Blown up from the Time Machine . . . blowing up and the Timeline of the YuGiOh DBZ scouters . . . Zexel? where the Time Machine didn't blow up. This was my favorite part of an hour long YGO Timeline vid and is the only part I still remember ^^; Would be kinda funny if going back in Time Seto Kaiba Became Priest Set because he Still Lost and has no Money or Power in the past ^_^

    Miriam MikoMiriam Miko3 måneder siden
  • Obelisk requiresc3 tributes

    Kareem LewisKareem Lewis3 måneder siden
  • Forreal, Kaiba was straight flexing through all of Yu-Gi-Oh!!! Bro, his summoning of Obelisk in the DSOD Movie is WAY better in sub.... "Obelisk is no monster.... KAMI-DA!!!"

    The GloryXrosThe GloryXros3 måneder siden
  • i always had a crush on kaiba's sister

    SerjohnSerjohn3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba doesn't want to admit that Atem was his best friend, and was crushed to see him go, to the point that he'd build a dimensional time machine to get a rematch so that he didn't have to hold that "L" >w>

    Viro VeteruscyViro Veteruscy3 måneder siden
  • Konami finally realized how cool he is and made him the main character of the anniversary movie

    mysticknight48433mysticknight484333 måneder siden
  • 15:06 blonde guy: Satou Kaiba Cultured people: Satou Kazuma

    Midnight_HorizenMidnight_Horizen3 måneder siden
  • Isn’t that the dork with the dragon fetish?

    Michael Hewitt-ClarkeMichael Hewitt-Clarke3 måneder siden
  • One of the many things that I thought was cool about Kaiba was the fact that he pilots a jet designed like a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. In hindsight, one of the many things that I respected was the fact that he did his best to be a great older brother. Seto is one of the reasons that Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is my favorite monster card.

    TonyAMTonyAM3 måneder siden
  • 21:56 My friends, my family, and my therapist: Common sense says that you should not devote your life to worshiping a 2-dimensional character. Me: I have just transcended common sense!

    KING KILYEKING KILYE3 måneder siden
  • 17:33 i’m surprised that it’s English dub, because the English version was on 4kids and they replaced the guns with fingers. So they must’ve spliced the English audio and put it over the Japanese.

    KING KILYEKING KILYE3 måneder siden
  • how about Zoro from one piece?

    Foxx SenpaiFoxx Senpai3 måneder siden
  • I think Light Yagami would be perfect for a video series like this

    orinplaysorinplays3 måneder siden
  • remember when he had an island to have like 3 duels on and he just blew it up for no reason but to show off his blue eyes white dragon jet

    Ian HartIan Hart3 måneder siden
  • I miss playing the old Yu-Gi-Oh game I stop whenever I link monsters came in. now I'm going to have to do something that's really heartbreaking and destroy all my old decks by breaking them down and putting them up

    NoPony SpecialNoPony Special3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for prasing my husbando! Too bad he's not real...

    Linda esquivelLinda esquivel3 måneder siden

    AniGamer SpiritAniGamer Spirit3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba would be the perfect life coach

    William WoodsWilliam Woods4 måneder siden
  • I fucking love Seto Kiba! ❤️ thank you sooo much for this vid Nux

    Jackie KnightJackie Knight4 måneder siden
  • If Kaiba was in Infinty War he would summon The Living Tibunal to wreck Thanos.

    BenFranklin89BenFranklin894 måneder siden
  • This vid is just nux fangirling over kaiba😂💔

    Zaino4everZaino4ever4 måneder siden
  • The Arabic subtitles were killing me 💔😖

    Zaino4everZaino4ever4 måneder siden
  • I still don't understand zoro. Nux Any help?

    Rajath PaiRajath Pai4 måneder siden
  • I think the abridged series perfectly represented Seto.

    Todd MacGregorTodd MacGregor4 måneder siden
  • Jojo's Bizzarre Adventures - punches + card game + Vegeta = Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Frey daFrey da4 måneder siden
  • Did you change the thumbnail to include the PS5 Kaiba edition?

    vanguardduelistvanguardduelist4 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is SUCH a powerful flexer, that a video game company in OUR SEPARATE REALITY designed a whole _console_ off of his trenchcoat.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access4 måneder siden
  • Eh... Kaiba's a G!!!

    Nasa JackNasa Jack4 måneder siden
  • So this is how I sound when I won’t shut the fuck up about this abSOLUTE LEGEND - nice

    Emma ScottEmma Scott4 måneder siden
  • Nux when I run for President I need you to be my hype man.

    Sean RowlandSean Rowland4 måneder siden
  • Kaiba: "I don't like bullies!" Also Kaiba: *bullies Joey continuously through the series*

    AsmyliaAsmylia4 måneder siden
  • The student council background is amazing

    Drew DavisDrew Davis4 måneder siden
  • Seto is my favorite character on Yu-Gi-Oh

    MMA KING jrMMA KING jr4 måneder siden
  • Gonna search Yu-Gi-Oh abridged now thx

    Dominick SolerixDominick Solerix4 måneder siden
  • Someone needs to make a compilation of the Yu-Gi-Oh stutters but to the song "Sandstorm"

    Azazel_PersonaAzazel_Persona4 måneder siden
  • For real though, the blue eyes train should be made into a card

    Samurrot 07Samurrot 074 måneder siden
  • “I have a blue eyes white dragon jet your argument is invalid”

    Tom SkyTom Sky4 måneder siden