10. juni. 2020
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Man I love Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh.






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  • Ah, I see you are also a man of culture and watch LittleKuriboh

    Samurai5461Samurai546150 minutter siden
  • You cant say yu gi without thinking SETO KAIBA

    rilla srilla sTime siden
  • This dude has Tony Stark level technology and he uses it to go back in time for a rematch because he's so petty about losing its beautiful.

    David ryanDavid ryanDag siden
  • Nux I want to see you talk about sly cooper

    Chris BailetChris BailetDag siden
  • Actually when you summon a god card it cannot be negated and it need's 3 tribute and there's even a card that need's the the 3 god card on the field which mean's it need's 12 monster's to be on the field

    Joshua AbonalesJoshua Abonales2 dager siden
  • he made OBELISK the god spell

    gamema5ter2001gamema5ter20017 dager siden
  • Remember when Kaiba threatened to separate Pegasus soul from his own body using his own methods?

    Total NerdTotal Nerd7 dager siden

    RadkuRadku10 dager siden
  • Yes not plz

    kng Wilsonkng Wilson14 dager siden
  • Do a Yugi one or the 5ds main character

    John DyerJohn Dyer21 dag siden
  • It’s like they say mokuba If at first you don’t succeed blast them with your blue-eyes again

    paws7 yugioh, Naruto and morepaws7 yugioh, Naruto and more21 dag siden
  • 2020 was the year of crush card virus and

    paws7 yugioh, Naruto and morepaws7 yugioh, Naruto and more21 dag siden
  • Loved this vid because I know what it is like being a kaiba fanboy and all your friends hate kaiba 2021will be the year of kaiba Pass it on

    paws7 yugioh, Naruto and morepaws7 yugioh, Naruto and more21 dag siden
  • so does anybody here knows what pot of greed does??

    Pablo WalldezPablo Walldez29 dager siden
  • This is the reason why every high rarity Blue Eyes is expensive.

    Lord QuazLord QuazMåned siden
  • He was the Champion in the beginning

    Dieckman TenirDieckman TenirMåned siden
  • Are we going to address his mass fangirl following because of the flexing?

    Jennifer StittJennifer StittMåned siden
  • hi

    EPakGamingEPakGamingMåned siden
  • Regarding politics and games: you might want to check out (Legend of Koizumi) where politicians duke it out with mahjong and where mahjong power equals political power. One of the high lights is Adolf Hitler going Super Aryan during a mahjong match with the Pope to decide the future of humanity. It's balls to the wall awesome.

    A Man of CultureA Man of CultureMåned siden

    KlutzBunnyKlutzBunnyMåned siden
  • If this comment gets a like, I’ll adopt a dog from the pound

    Kai GreerKai GreerMåned siden
  • "SHUT UP MOKUBA" -Seto Kaiba

    ZeropelliZeropelliMåned siden
  • bro this video feels like im watching it with a homie, i love this format so much!

    arms456456arms456456Måned siden
  • Rick while a pickle: I have transcended common sense

    Joseph JostarJoseph JostarMåned siden
  • "I dont like bullys" Proceeds to bully him

    Joseph JostarJoseph JostarMåned siden
  • Now that I think about it, that flex @15:33 is actually extremely weak. Seto: "Here's a suitcase with all of my lame reject cards that I didn't use to build my extra OP Deck. Feel free to use any of these pathetic cards I rejected to boost your deck so you can duel me. I already know I'll win because I kept all the good cards for my deck". Seto is just LAME, WEAK, and PATHETIC here while he pretends to flex. If he truly wanted to flex, he should have said "Here, make a deck out of these cards I rejected, then I'll let you use my OP deck I use that is undefeatable and I'll kick your ass with those lame reject cards".

    Draco WarriorEXDraco WarriorEXMåned siden
    • @Carlos De La Curz It makes me laugh. (I am laughing) Well, he's living life to the fullest at least.

      Draco WarriorEXDraco WarriorEX12 dager siden
    • I mean I'm more surprised that nobody bought up the this man Seto Kaiba made a damn time machine this so he could go fight a dead man for his obsession. This guy can fix any of the world's problems but dose things only for his self interest.

      Carlos De La CurzCarlos De La Curz16 dager siden
  • "I'll tribute god" me: I fusion summon D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok , BATTLE, Caesar, EQUIP GOD

    typeOU et cotypeOU et coMåned siden
  • so, what actually happened in DSOD is that it was a special duel when you don't tribute summon monsters, except go cards, the end.

    typeOU et cotypeOU et coMåned siden
  • Kaiba is the best yugioh character. Only his abridged version can rival him.

    Dragonslayer 901Dragonslayer 901Måned siden
  • Kaiba is one of the greatest characters in anime. The mad lad not only bought out his step fathers company as child but has basically made it impossible for any other game to thrive with all the shit he developed for this childrens card game and I will never forget when he screwed the rules and changed fate and his best line to date "It's no monster, It's a God". Top tier character

    ManuelManuel2 måneder siden
  • this is the same guy who lead another guy to not alive for a card

    Abo ElphonseAbo Elphonse2 måneder siden
  • Duke devlin from yugioh abridged is amazing love his theme song sexy back

    Wesley DamenWesley Damen2 måneder siden
  • Here's why he can summon obelisk. He needs to sacrifice 3 monsters, notice how after obelisk is summoned, the 3 blue eyes are no longer on the field, that's because he sacrificed the blue eyes to summon him.

    Alan ValadezAlan Valadez2 måneder siden
  • He can be SPECIAL summoned by tributing 3 monsters

    nothingtoseeherebutmenothingtoseeherebutme2 måneder siden
  • *creates portal to the afterlife just to duel Yami again*

    MehgaMehga2 måneder siden
  • Fun fact, the “perfectly qualft hair” was a dub line. Same with the waterbottle. The japanese dubbing went a different take. Like a good entirety of the english dubbed lines for Kaiba got changed. Thats how much of a Flex God Kaiba is

    SuperSayianWarriorSuperSayianWarrior2 måneder siden
  • Kaiba somehow remembers me of Gilgamesh from the Fate franchise

    Lorenzo BontorinLorenzo Bontorin2 måneder siden
  • “That was close.good thing I’m Seto kaiba or that might’ve actually hurt.”-Seto kaiba during Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged somewhere

    BlinKZBlinKZ2 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is the embodiment of salty run backs...

    Roberto BlakeRoberto Blake2 måneder siden
  • I think Seto Kaiba has magical powers unrivalled that he just ignores because he doesn't believe in them.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access2 måneder siden
  • What about the jet pack scene

    adam Plattsadam Platts2 måneder siden
  • “I’ve kidnapped the most important person to you in this world.” “Unless you’ve somehow kidnapped me without my knowledge, I believe that’s impossible.”

    MariothaneMariothane2 måneder siden
  • “Yu Gi oh, it’s a kids show” Nah bro, it’s a MAN show

    Kai GreerKai Greer2 måneder siden
  • This is why the dub of yugioh is superior than the sub. The over the top serious dramatic acting, and Kaiba takes first place. He never settles for mediocrity. Suck it pharaoh. And you can't change my mind

    whatwhat98whatwhat982 måneder siden
  • kaiba: invents a time machine to duel. people say that time machine are not logical kaiba: im going to shaw you that dueling defies common sense

    Alex BruckshawAlex Bruckshaw2 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is such a chad, he's such a badass character and does whatever the fuck he wants. And that trench coat looks sexy as fuck. I was expecting this video to be a character analysis of Kaiba, but I am totally okay with just watching you simp over Kaiba's best moments.

    Ulquiorra CiferUlquiorra Cifer2 måneder siden
  • i activate this card, and i this card, and i this card, and i...

    Antonio AcconcioAntonio Acconcio2 måneder siden
  • 3:10 what have you gust say?

    Antonio AcconcioAntonio Acconcio2 måneder siden
  • *“You’ll never take me alive”* -Seto Kaiba

    Cooler Than FriezaCooler Than Frieza3 måneder siden
  • Wait is kaiba's English voice actor the same as brock from pokemon lol

    miraselcamiraselca3 måneder siden
  • "Trump and Biden should duel" Just try to teach Trump about missing the timing...

    HimmafridgeHimmafridge3 måneder siden
  • Forgot the scene where he trsah talks his computer

    ControlZControlZ3 måneder siden
  • I just want to say obelisk newer version's effect says the summoning of the card can't be stopped. So we got ride of hjs tree frozen dragon's sacrificed two for the effect. We all know in the anime the God cards effects are bs.

    FedoraEXFedoraEX3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba isn't just the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh but anime itself.

    OnlyFailsOnlyFails3 måneder siden
  • Seto kaiba in a nutshell: Bruce Wayne with out batman and has a dragon fetish

    Harry Potter Mega fan 1Harry Potter Mega fan 13 måneder siden
    • Than does that explain Kaiba man?

      Marker of FateMarker of FateMåned siden
  • Kaiba: mokuba what do I always tell you if at first you don't succeed blast them with your blue eyes again Us:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Harry Potter Mega fan 1Harry Potter Mega fan 13 måneder siden
  • Seto on PS5 meme is a Kaibacorp approved sales pitch!

    MaguisMaguis3 måneder siden
  • If Seto Kaiba ever insulted me, I'd take it as an honor to be called the lowest of trash.

    Depressed AlienDepressed Alien3 måneder siden
  • Fun fact. Kaiba's english dub is voiced by the same voice actor who voices Brock. I can never unhear it now when it was pointed out to me.

    TawnyFirestarTawnyFirestar3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba vs lex luthor the ultimate ego battle of all time!

    AstarothAstaroth3 måneder siden
  • „Screw the rules, I have money“

    ChristophChristoph3 måneder siden
  • This is rich! I've never heard anyone be so excited about Kaiba! xD He's my favorite too. Always and forever. Hell yea!♥

    StrawberrikStrawberrik3 måneder siden
  • He used counter gate wich allowed him to draw a card and normal summon it if its a monster thats how he was able to tribute them.

    R6 ZephR6 Zeph3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba's Blue-Eyes are literally his waifu from a past life, since her Ka and Ba were mixed

    Zoroark LoverZoroark Lover3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is the fuckin best. Nothing will change my mind on this.

    Cherry ShortCherry Short3 måneder siden
  • I could not watch ANY other video of someone screaming unless it's about ones love for Kaiba because there is no other option

    ASprinkledDonutASprinkledDonut3 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is the epitome of flex. DSOD was basically Kaiba flexing: the movie. You can't get any better than building a space elevator just to assemble a puzzle, building a machine to travel to the afterlife for vacation and falling into a stadium with explosions around you saying you'd fire god if he was working for you because he did a lousy job. That's why we love Kaiba

    Tv ManiacTv Maniac4 måneder siden
  • I love kaiba and I’m surprised you didn’t use this clip

    Aaron DostalAaron Dostal4 måneder siden
  • Is because the way he dress? So Edgy.

    Uncle PaulUncle Paul4 måneder siden
  • Kaiba made the duel academy and purposely made yugis God card the worst rank

    Beowulf 45Beowulf 454 måneder siden
  • Still can’t believe Kaiba sacrificed freaking God, Gadget Soldier.

    The Giga MasterThe Giga Master4 måneder siden
  • Kaiba = Escanor

    Demi SladeDemi Slade5 måneder siden
  • Kaiba was the protagonist of the movie

    P PP P5 måneder siden
  • For the record, on the part where kaiba summoned obelisk, he DID tribute monsters i’m pretty sure. The duel rules basically made it so you did not need to tribute to summon high level monsters. Obelisk though basically ignored all the rules of the duel since it was a god card. So he still was afflicted by the requirement that god cards need 3 tributes. Hence why his blue eyes started glowing and shit when obelisk was summoned. They were tributes

    FabianFabian5 måneder siden
  • Evreyone knows the true god of flexing is anos voldigoad

    Dydh KillDydh Kill5 måneder siden
  • This video... it speaks my language. I have a shrine to Kaiba because he deserves it

    LonesomeMuseLonesomeMuse5 måneder siden
  • I LOVE hearing people get this hyped about Yugioh characters! YES!! I watched Yugioh for the first time a couple years ago and it’s quite literally taken over my life.

    Natalie CristineNatalie Cristine5 måneder siden
  • 11:14 best part should be in every meme compilation btw

    Samuel GarciaSamuel Garcia5 måneder siden
  • He was armed, it was an ARMchair I'll show myself out

    Michael ChengMichael Cheng5 måneder siden
  • "Yu-gi-oh is a Kids show" Season 0: Am i a joke to you?

    Rogan KaneRogan Kane5 måneder siden
  • Little does Nux know Kaiba's briefcase is his lightsaber

    Patrick ClementPatrick Clement5 måneder siden
  • Alright look thing is i dont like Seto Kaiba , I dont care how popular he is or how he makes Fan Boys or Fan girls orgasm. I domt think someone like him deserve praise or likes in all honesty same with Marik or Bakura. Just the character die already. I know im going to get hate for this . But i never liked him in all honesty and every time i see a fan video appreciating the character. I ask myself does the character even care about you ? But there it is i honestly thought Nux Taku aka you the one who posted this video would know better but of course you do anything for views and your videos are nothing but rambles. I dont get how your popular i dont really find you Nux Taku appealing at all.

    Tobi AkatsukiTobi Akatsuki5 måneder siden
  • Kaiba has that yugioh season 0 spirit. Anything for challenge. Anything for a game.

    Dio MatajudiosDio Matajudios6 måneder siden
  • Kaiba is the first to realize that simping for a woman is such a mindset, that i why he simps dragons instead. My kaiba is a dragon simp.

    TheInfernapeKing BattletubeTheInfernapeKing Battletube6 måneder siden
  • It's amazing what a singular man's need for his salty runback in a children's trading card game can do for the world's economy.

    RaivonRaivon6 måneder siden
  • well actually, kaiba DID draw a card out of the ground

    David KimDavid Kim6 måneder siden
  • Imagine in Kiba was a Green Lantern

    Aashish DyalAashish Dyal6 måneder siden
  • nux: Yu-Gi-Oh! is a kids show laughs in eng sub and season 0**

    Chika FujiwaraChika Fujiwara6 måneder siden
  • no homo but i'd simp for kaiba

    Chika FujiwaraChika Fujiwara6 måneder siden
  • So sad that the common sense meme died

    RainyRainy6 måneder siden
  • Most of us blue eyes players have that ego and narcissistic mentality lol

    Reaper SkullReaper Skull6 måneder siden
  • Compilation of Jaiden Yuki loving the game that involves pieces of paper

    H3kamanH3kaman6 måneder siden
  • Why the hell do you watch it on dub 😂

  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that kaiba touched Joey

    Logan XavierLogan Xavier6 måneder siden
  • Seto Kaiba Is The GOAT #2020

    Last90's DudeLast90's Dude6 måneder siden
  • Do Atem next

    Conan the adventuror 2Conan the adventuror 26 måneder siden
  • to those who think that Kaiba could beat Yugi with Blue-Eyes easily.... You do realize that Yugi once beat him in a match that was Battle-Ox vs Kuriboh, right?

    Colleen SchaferColleen Schafer6 måneder siden
  • Kaiba = The Batman of children’s card games!

    Blitz TigerBlitz Tiger6 måneder siden
  • Get rich quick plan

    wulfypupyboiwulfypupyboi6 måneder siden
  • Abridged kaiba: screw the rules i got money!

    Jeremye TremblayJeremye Tremblay6 måneder siden