No One Understands Rick and Morty

5. juni. 2020
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  • Matpat actually did

    Mustapha SowMustapha Sow7 dager siden
  • There was a Ted talk where they showed off the first quantum computer somewhat recently. The main hook was they had everyone at the talk play a game with the computer before the meeting to show it off. I honestly forget what game it was but I think it was something like have the human people think of a number between 1 and 10 or 1 and 100 at random, Write it on paper. Then the computer just randomly guess the numbers In people's heads. It was right around 99% of the time. The 1% it was wrong was apparently due mainly to computational error. In short, the computer read the minds of over 100 random people with close to 100% accuracy.

    PoechiPoechi11 dager siden
  • Dude, you're my new Spirit Animal! XD

    HaveFunTryHardHaveFunTryHard12 dager siden
  • The fact you thought the Harmon cycle was the hero's journey is kinda silly considering that it shares very little with Campbell's hero's journey

    BossToober87BossToober8713 dager siden
  • I can't rewatch these episodes Something ricked this way 109 Big trouble in little Sanchez 207 Vindicators 3: the worldender 304 Never ricking morty 406

    Z _MoouseZ _MoouseMåned siden
  • Pickle Rick pickle Rick

    anthony rameyanthony rameyMåned siden
  • Yup.. just sat through 42 minutes of a show I’ve never seen. Because Nux.

    Silk TMSilk TMMåned siden
  • I’m shocked to see that not many people got the main point of the facehuggers episode. Tbh the hypocrisy of the one on Rick’s face of not self destructing into another being did go over my head, but most of the stuff was... pretty obvious? I got it while watching the episode still. Actually, now that I think of it, I got something similar, but not quite the same and didn’t develop the thought that much: Rick’s facehugger wanted everyone else to follow what he thought was right, what he actually wanted wasn’t choice for himself, but imposing his thoughts on others, and recognition for it. He wanted followers, power and affirmation - later in the episode we discover that it was maybe to stand in the same ground as Morty’s facehugger, because those were all things the later had. He transformed his sexual frustration into envy and started wanting the things Morty’s facehugger had - because he couldn’t get *him*, and this envy and pride itself prevented him from acknowledging his feelings, feelings which went against the very own morals he preached should be followed, and morals he created exactly to contrast that of his loved one, so they would be on the same ground, which reveals another layer still of hypocrisy! The whole thing was built on his desire to ground himself from his feelings, while also trying to match, mirror, and make himself closer to Morty’s facehugger in every single way - while, at the same time, kind of taking the things Morty’s facehugger had, as choice would make the general populace think their own morals and thoughts through a bit, and some would end up thinking the same as him theoretically, when otherwise they would just follow Morty’s facehugger’s promises of longer lifespans and galaxy domination. Another thing that stuck with me is the sexism and women waiting to give birth less, but specially, later in life. I personally think it resonates with the episode even more than the pro-choice/pro-life discussion. People saying that it’s the duty of the woman to give birth and that our whole existence revolves around that, and therefore making us “lesser than men”, while choosing to give birth later in life is LITERALLY the theme of the episode. It’s not coincidental that Summer is the one to be immune to it - while she does have the toothpick and ends up poking fun at everyone that assumes immediately that something they don’t yet understand is mystical, it’s also because

    Ritmo quente da RagatangaRitmo quente da RagatangaMåned siden
  • I agree, the show didn't get worse with time, it was always like this:) I still enjoy it as a one off show

    T BoneT BoneMåned siden
  • This is the continuity that the train ep was hinting at

    Doomed To destroyDoomed To destroy2 måneder siden
  • Nux needs to watch Big Mouth... i feel like we need a character breakdown on Judd Birch... just me? Anyone else?

    Collin MonicalCollin Monical2 måneder siden
  • Where's the slapping dog thing from?

    Fernando DFernando D2 måneder siden
  • Is this going to be about the people who "relate" to rick due to their own superiority complex and can't see that they are the butt of the joke?

    An 8 strength koboldAn 8 strength kobold2 måneder siden
  • Yikes

    Deku & AstaDeku & Asta2 måneder siden
  • If you guys didn't know a VPN is something that let's you, (then I tried to skip the ad) put all it's rivals in the industry

    Robby CooperRobby Cooper2 måneder siden
  • Still waiting ob that avatar video

    julian3julian32 måneder siden
  • Ah, yes numerous opinions of prounoun's direction, err directions..him ideololgees? well let's just say.. an eaglesburthumperdinctionglè once told me dis be de Bess twang. Best Bestwat, you may be asking? Best flizzin video film online in internet format since ONE ZERO DAYEAS TWO DISCETTES MPEG CAM RIP OF THE MOVIE JA' NEVOH WANTID. Shame on us all. And never take away water from the thirsting peekcocokry. 500 nitty rewarding for those who preserve and do keeping up on the thinks. Send dumb men with many current dollars of tendar. I want to have the money and then make a joke about getting the "sea" with "current -sea" and then I'll be rich and seth Myers will finally let me into his marriage. His wife won't leave me alone.

    Shane rShane r2 måneder siden
    • It's a currency related issue

      Shane rShane r2 måneder siden
  • i mean... anime is short for animation.... so yes.

    ToraohToraoh2 måneder siden
    • 🐧

      Shane rShane r2 måneder siden
  • On abortion and gay marriage. Abortions are gay.

    Travis WallsTravis Walls3 måneder siden
  • Ric and his actions are proof that his nihilism is put in it's place. Hell, he could be viewed as a instrument of God's will. Or maybe I'm thinking too much on it.

    Travis WallsTravis Walls3 måneder siden
  • anyone else hoping that nux will cover the anime rick and morty short?

    Ram MartinezRam Martinez3 måneder siden
  • F

    Ear BudsEar Buds3 måneder siden
  • #Canon Edit: キヤノンです.

    Duncan AlexanderDuncan Alexander3 måneder siden
  • I get it, you need to think more logically and you realize more

    ZNight cosplaysZNight cosplays3 måneder siden
  • Honestly I liked the first 2 seasons but 3 and 4 aren’t great the show is funny but it’s stale and a lot of the points nux made aren’t really true Venture Bros did a lot of this shit first and didn’t come out at the right time like R&M did

    Sick BoySick Boy3 måneder siden
  • You almoust ruined Rick and Morty for me with your bullshit interpretation of that "Facehugger parasyte" episode. It's much wider than human's biology and SJW bullshit. To me it was about human choice, how people don't see what is going on and obvious things they can do to make life better. Your take on Dragon episode is just...

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns19923 måneder siden
  • Vpns don’t work for Netflix

    RekreantRekreant3 måneder siden
  • #patmat

    poisonedkandypoisonedkandy3 måneder siden
  • F

    Sycodelic HKSycodelic HK3 måneder siden
  • Nux :D&d is basically the same as masturbating Me: I've never been so offended by something so technically correct before in my entire life

    silentassasonsilentassason3 måneder siden
  • Funny thing is, the whole point of the Multi World theory is that you CAN'T interact with the other realities, ever: observing another universe would, from what we know, cause it to instantly collapse and disappear. It's like believing there's no point in writing a book, because someone somewhere may have had the same idea in the past at some point but burned finished product: sure, it's possible, but it's already gone so who cares?

    Bubba's Big BlastBubba's Big Blast3 måneder siden
  • Code geass is in the uk Netflix

    Zakary ShahZakary Shah3 måneder siden
  • But avatar isn't an anime

    Thomas PatersonThomas Paterson3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for this video, the world needed it. Seriously. 💛

    Marc Samaranch RodríguezMarc Samaranch Rodríguez3 måneder siden
  • All the anime refrences.. I love it

    Windego - ChanWindego - Chan3 måneder siden
  • Finally someone who likes Onepiece and Rick and Morty. Youre awesome dude keep up the good works.. can you please like my comment?? Thanks

    Skanderbeg GladiusSkanderbeg Gladius3 måneder siden
  • I'd honestly just prefer Nux reviewing rick and morty.

    Xavier DiazXavier Diaz3 måneder siden
  • 25:34 yes

    Facundo CeriniFacundo Cerini3 måneder siden
  • Litty

    Afrika ŘamsèsAfrika Řamsès3 måneder siden
  • Avatar is an Anime not because it is animated but because the producers said the wanted to make an american anime

    AndyAndy3 måneder siden
  • you're the right kinda eccentric -- keep cool yo

    D SmithD Smith3 måneder siden
    • also, is that avatar part full-metal ?

      D SmithD Smith3 måneder siden
  • Nux joking about how film theory made a video on every rick and morty episode when I am just happy to have more content while I am trapped in my home

    RemusTDRRemusTDR3 måneder siden
  • O

    Some guy who has a orange MustacheSome guy who has a orange Mustache3 måneder siden
  • You did your thang

    Meckel TaylorMeckel Taylor3 måneder siden
  • I would like this twice if I could. Maybe I’ll make a “WTF Easter egg moments” video breaking down this video for a DEEP analysis that others with sub 189 IQ missed. You know for the people.

    Joseph HoskowitzJoseph Hoskowitz3 måneder siden
  • Express VPN is like having a Morty, the Morty waves cancel your device waves.

    KaymxKaymx3 måneder siden
  • Morty: Breathes Everyone: IS THIS AN EVIL MORTY ORIGIN STORY?!?!

    Adam SenzaiAdam Senzai3 måneder siden
  • i think without even realizing it this is exactly why i love this show, i’ve recently been having those thoughts that is it really better to be smarter than everyone and knowing all these things about life or if i would be happier just living a clueless life and being happy with all these distractions, it’s made me really think about what it means to be alive and what we really should be worrying about

    Tony BasultoTony Basulto3 måneder siden
  • I call for the avatar video to be released now

    Zachary TerryZachary Terry4 måneder siden
  • For the algorithm.

    Gabriel GarciaGabriel Garcia4 måneder siden
  • Rick & Morty is good but I've never loved it as much as Dan Harmon's previous show, Community And I'll crucify Netflix and Hulu for removing the D&D episode

    Mr TemporalMr Temporal4 måneder siden
  • Damn. Shots fired at new rockstars and wisecrack. Lol

    Ser_ Ryon_VineSer_ Ryon_Vine4 måneder siden
  • Season 3 sucked, season 4 was great. That is the correct opinion.

    paulapaula4 måneder siden
  • Wisecrack shootout!!!

    sparsh kandpalsparsh kandpal4 måneder siden
  • #saltboners

    Tok'n NetworkTok'n Network4 måneder siden
  • I've seen many of those

    smooth collisionsmooth collision4 måneder siden
    • where's my switch lol

      smooth collisionsmooth collision4 måneder siden
  • And people wonder WHy iT tAke So lOnG foR nEW epIsODEs

    Tok'n NetworkTok'n Network4 måneder siden
  • This is definitely by far my favorite show of all time.

    Tok'n NetworkTok'n Network4 måneder siden
  • When you feel immediately that you are both Rick & Morty during your first watching.

    Tok'n NetworkTok'n Network4 måneder siden
  • So, the moral here is that Harmon is an ally after all.

    Bárbara GuerraBárbara Guerra4 måneder siden
  • There are a few good ones out there that actually analyze the episode well. Like the video that breaks down the Rick and Morty Marxist perspective.

    Nihilist The GodNihilist The God4 måneder siden
  • I would say this title is overexagurating this topic... And then I saw the majority of the opinions on the masterpiece that is _Rick and Morty Season 4_ and thought to myself, that the title of this videos fits good.

    Links-Gut-Versiffter GrünmenschLinks-Gut-Versiffter Grünmensch4 måneder siden
  • except technically avatar wasn't made in the west. the studio that produced the animation is from South Korea. but yeah, not anime.

    AnggaAngga4 måneder siden
  • this whole video is actually just a reference to evil morty returning

    nya~nya~4 måneder siden
  • You're so on point if a tree fall in the forest and no one ears it....

    Jiojio LachanceJiojio Lachance4 måneder siden
  • manyworld =/= multivers

    Jiojio LachanceJiojio Lachance4 måneder siden
  • I understand Rick and Morty and I like funny shit and things that doesn't make any sense whatsoever because it's funny and also because I have low IQ Rick and Morty season 4 is bomb okay?! That's my point and that is why my parents hate me

    Mr. GoodyTwoShoesMr. GoodyTwoShoes4 måneder siden
  • *Nux,* you should definitely watch *13 Reasons Why* if you enjoy laughing at toxicity! :-)

    KaizenKittyKaizenKitty4 måneder siden
    • Legit more of a nihilistic comedy than Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman combined, and it's not even a comedy on purpose.

      Weird Guy 149Weird Guy 1494 måneder siden
  • Did... I just watch the whole video...

    Isak petterssonIsak pettersson4 måneder siden
  • That moment you realize you actually understand rick and morty on all levels because you watched Community 189 iq

    Jeffrey MoffittJeffrey Moffitt4 måneder siden
  • now i feel bad about masturbation

    josh eligonjosh eligon4 måneder siden
  • do a stream where you just talk about every episode for as long as you can

    James withycombeJames withycombe4 måneder siden
  • I hope nux sees this comment look up an website called its a free website that beats every anime app and netflix to watch anime use it its extremely underrated and its one of the best websites to use

    Xavier AndersonXavier Anderson4 måneder siden
  • I saw the face hugger episode as nature vs nurture myself. However, I think that your explanation makes sense too. Really they could be the same out look, I just didn't go as deep as you did on the episode. I am a fan of the show for sure and love all the jabs it throws at different parts of media and politics (one the the main reasons I love One Punch Man), but I just haven't liked the recent episodes all that much. They feel stupid just to be stupid. Meaning that Rick's cynicism is rubbing off in the stories he's in. That whatever they produce, as long as it gets the point across, doesn't matter. I think a great example of this is the dragon episode and the train episode. They just seemed a little pointless just so they could say something about whatever they wanted to jab at without it really being good. If anything, while I think they do put great care into each episode, it feels like they just did whatever with these two and said "Ehh its good enough."

    Ceru53Ceru534 måneder siden
  • Why not use illigal anime sites?

    Nicholas BlontrockNicholas Blontrock4 måneder siden
  • You ever watch harmonquest

    Dsi1verDsi1ver4 måneder siden
  • Rick and morty isn't dead yet

    Dsi1verDsi1ver4 måneder siden
  • What's funny is those Easter egg articles/videos never even cover all of them and what they do cover mostly is the obvious shit we all notice.

    Dsi1verDsi1ver4 måneder siden
  • after seeing this video i can unironically say, Lord Nux has 1 8 9 iq

    thedudecalled7thedudecalled74 måneder siden
  • me: hmmm i dont want to be spoiled about the 4th season better watch it now and this vid afterwards also me: **finds 24/7 free lifestream of rick and morty at S1 E5** also also me ** grabbin some pizzas and chillin now**

    Necrodeus chanNecrodeus chan4 måneder siden
  • papa nux deserves more subs

    doom slayerdoom slayer4 måneder siden
  • Oh yeah? Well your videos aren't very good

    nick Bossnick Boss4 måneder siden
  • Anime is an adult cartoon

    doom slayerdoom slayer4 måneder siden
  • season 4 was great. change my mind

    ShadowAraunShadowAraun4 måneder siden
  • It is obvious

    azdyar bashaazdyar basha4 måneder siden
  • "147 things you missed, 14 theories, and also is Evil Morty actually Jesus and WON'T EVER RETURN?!?question mark" Someone finally said it. Thank you.

    Jared NeedhamJared Needham4 måneder siden
  • ‏‏‎

    andrei hendoreanuandrei hendoreanu4 måneder siden
  • I'm a big fan of every Rick and morty season, though S2 is my fav. It's got some cool "deep" stuff here and there but it's not a galaxy brain show. It's just always fun

    Noob MooseNoob Moose4 måneder siden
  • nux flexes on za worldo 👌🙏

    KIA SpecterKIA Specter4 måneder siden
  • F

    Gum Yun-fatGum Yun-fat4 måneder siden
  • NOworld stopped recommending your videos, I thought you died

    Cameron NadeauCameron Nadeau4 måneder siden
  • I love your videos you make me think so much more than I realize lol😂

    Jhalil OwensJhalil Owens4 måneder siden
  • You know, you do need a high iq to understand rick and morty

    SageSage4 måneder siden
  • 0:56 poor doggo.

    Emily GratzEmily Gratz4 måneder siden
  • 5:40 I've been waiting for somebody to address that. I hope the show brings it up eventually.

    The StuffThe Stuff4 måneder siden
  • Like if you’ve been a fan of nux since the first Flex video

    Deekay SageDeekay Sage4 måneder siden
  • the irony in this video is unbelievable

    FRO BROFRO BRO4 måneder siden
  • Finally a voice of reason for the show, hopefully the devs see that not all the fanbase is full of pushy haters even though its the loud majority. Thanks for this, think you can do a no one understands the Persona series next?

    Kennel JohnsonKennel Johnson4 måneder siden
  • Nux is right again code geass is really good if you haven’t watch it. Dew it

    Shun KaidouShun Kaidou4 måneder siden
  • Nux for President!

    Game JunkieGame Junkie4 måneder siden