Nux - I'll Be Back (Official Music Video)

5. okt.. 2020
832 546 Ganger

Just a little love song dedicated to my haters.
You say
The price of my love's not a price that you're willing to pay
You cry
In your tweets that you hurl in the breeze as you see my memes fly
Why so mad?
Remember we made an arrangement, cus I'm a madlad
Now you're making me sad
Remember despite our estrangement, I'm your man.
You'll be back
Soon you'll see
You'll remember you belong to me
You'll be back
Time will tell
You'll remember how I made you yell
Memes will rise, haters fall
We've seen each other through it all
And when push comes to shove
I will flex on you so hard, just to remind you of my love.
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da ya da!
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da!
You try to virtue signal and I cant go on
Through all your bitching I'll never be gone
And no, don't change the subject
'Cause you're my favorite subject
My easily triggered subject
My pathetic little subject
Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever.
You'll be back, like before
I will fight the fight and win the war
For your love, for your hate
And I'll love you 'til my dying days
When you're gone, I'll go mad
So don't throw away this thing we had
'Cause when push comes to shove
I will flex on corporations to remind you of my love.
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da ya da!
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da!
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da ya da!
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da, da da da
Dat dat da ya da!
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Original song You'll Be Back from Hamilton:
Visual editing by MudanTV:
Audio editing by None Like Joshua:

  • Do you ever just wonder what is going on inside there head....(;-;)

    MerryMinstrelNokkMerryMinstrelNokk7 timer siden
  • Is it wrong that I'm new to this guy but I want him to do more music

    Gr1mSSReaper ChurchGr1mSSReaper Church9 timer siden
  • NOworldrs to their haters: Y’all just haters you leave me alone! Nux to his haters: I love you fam

    Tom SkyTom Sky20 timer siden
  • This is so bad that it’s beautiful 😂

    Randell GuerreroRandell Guerrero22 timer siden
  • As bad as his voice is this is 🔥🔥💯

    Akira KonaAkira Kona23 timer siden
  • Hamilton x Nux , the best combination.

    Snoozey OREOSnoozey OREODag siden
  • This is not your first time watching this welcome back

    The Seal JawThe Seal JawDag siden
    • I've watched it like probably more than 20 I'll start my count from 20, 21 edit 22

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  • Ya weirdo

    [ERROR 404][ERROR 404]Dag siden
  • your TOXIC

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  • Alternate title "Walugis message to smash

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  • lol

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  • I came back dad😢

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  • The biggest way to hate on Nux is to not hate on him 🤔

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  • Pretty nice.

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  • Spotify this

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  • You know, that was pretty good

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  • I feel ... weird

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  • What a flex

    Montana BassMontana Bass4 dager siden
  • Is his avatar just joker Gintama and red x pit together?

    James DanielJames Daniel4 dager siden
  • Bruh this amazing

    The Geno ManThe Geno Man4 dager siden
  • i was playing this in an discord voicechat with my friends they couldnt handle the flex so they left

    shutakushutaku5 dager siden
  • Amazing 10 out of 10 love it beautiful

    Riyaadh ChoudhuryRiyaadh Choudhury5 dager siden
  • I think this has the highest production value of any music video on youtube. Hell, in all of youtube.

    Magnum XMagnum X5 dager siden
  • His music is way better then mine, no cap

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  • I came back because of this

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  • spotify PLS i need it

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  • Dude, this is honestly well sung

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  • how many times have you listened to this me: how many breads have you eaten in your life

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  • Nuxtaku thank you for the song it sums up my personal view on the sheep I’m surrounded by every waking moment

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  • The cane spinning killed me JASJJSJSJAJASJSAJASJ

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  • I hate that he’s right. I am gonna be back. 😔

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  • This is actually not bad

    F.B.IF.B.I6 dager siden
  • When I saw the title, I knew that this song was going to be a cover of Hamilton’s, “You’ll be Back”

    ItsSquiddy9ItsSquiddy96 dager siden
  • Fuck this is all a jojo reference there’s dios in the background

    Hurricane 1_1Hurricane 1_16 dager siden
  • Nnn

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  • Man.. i just keep coming back

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  • Absolute peak of music industry

    FejkY IDKFejkY IDK7 dager siden
    • What about this hood classic ?

      pp gangpp gang6 dager siden
  • This is what Hamilton should have been

    Hisoka MorowHisoka Morow7 dager siden
  • In 0:48 Heard you stole someone Sans fan art and edit it to create your oc. You should apologize to them and stop being a prick.

    childe best boy mwahchilde best boy mwah7 dager siden
  • I would Put this under #Playthisatmyfuneral LOL

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  • This man radiates so much chaotic energy. It's amazing.

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  • Yes nux daddy Im your subject

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  • President nuxinor valentine 2032?

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  • What I expected after seeing the thumbnail - full on death Metal What I got : full on wholesome nux 👍

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  • ..Best song ever.

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  • Before I even play this video. My first thoughts were literally “Oh God 🤯”

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  • Me: but I wanted a face reveal Nux: but I gave you more

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  • Now now before I get hate, yes I haven’t seen a video of yours for awhile but my man coming back for this one hahaha XD singing a sequel soon? XD

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  • is no one gonna talk about the fact he has no lower body tho-

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  • Nux: You’ll be back Me: Who says I ever left?

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  • Truly the maddest lad

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  • This is so dumb lmao. I love it

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  • It's still fire! Good job.

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  • who the hell could be haters?? the like to dislike ratio is 100:1... srlsy

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  • No leg havin headass

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  • I was triggered by this just because I wanted to join in on the fun.

    Non-Canon_GanonNon-Canon_Ganon11 dager siden
    • Fr tho

      pp gangpp gang6 dager siden
  • He had no vocal trainer and tho it has some autotune its only to make those little tiny off notes perfect. Even with that being said, THIZ IS AWDSOME AF

    FeAr_ The PhantomFeAr_ The Phantom11 dager siden
  • This is on my playlist and i have no regrets

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  • I had to unlike so I could like again.

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  • This is just for the people that watched this channel before but left just to find this video 6 months later in their youtube recommendations

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  • well, I don't know what I'm more surprised by, how it me took 3 months to find this or how cringe and wholesome this song is.

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  • Frieza:just give up

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  • this is nux's swan song

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  • This is just so wholesome... THIS IS HOW YOU TRULY SILENCE HATERS: YOU SING YOUR HEART OUT AND TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM TOO even though they are pieces of shit..... KEEP UP THE FUNNY TOXIC GREAT WORK!!!!!

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  • What a fricking legend.

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    • @Max Flame 1:15

      DobyDoby12 dager siden
    • @Doby That is good way put it

      Max FlameMax Flame12 dager siden

      DobyDoby13 dager siden
  • Hamilton?

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  • So toxic! I luv it

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  • Ok

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  • Take me now you gorgeous man

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  • Took me 3 nonths to realise that this was from Hamilton

    The___KrautThe___Kraut13 dager siden
  • Just came back to hear this masterpiece

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  • I started watch this channel when you where always making those nobody understands videos. Whens your next.

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  • LMAO my dude YEZZZ

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  • Even in the official music video he has the same 5 images

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  • Lrlrlrlrlrlremember

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  • Flex on corporations should had My Anime List on it too ngl

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  • Is Nux Taku secretly Bill Cypher irl or is that just me?

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  • *salutes

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  • I love you Nux, but God dammit those vocals are cringe. Mostly because you hold some of the notes out way too long. You truly are the king of trolls. Well played

    musicmancpmusicmancp15 dager siden
  • Holy fuck, those vocals though, this absolute beast of a man. I can't get over that fucking range, I'm just floored

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  • You gotta give this song a listen sometime. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it.

    LordNul1LordNul115 dager siden
  • Beautiful

    loner Dudeloner Dude15 dager siden