Our Embarrassing Yu-Gi-Oh Years (ft Swagkage)

13. mai. 2020
190 847 Ganger

Swagkage and I talk about our Yu-Gi-Oh pasts and the many times we flexed on za warudo.
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Dark Magician Girl art by コンノトヒロFANBOX (@tohirokonno): twitter.com/tohirokonno?s=09
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  • I absolutely love Nux's story about the card shop 🤣

    GamerWolfFangGamerWolfFang4 dager siden
  • 17:26 Do you know about Blue-Eyes Twinburst Dragon

    R6 ZephR6 Zeph16 dager siden
  • I used to bet my Blue-Eyes deck so they will play against me. I once lost to a guy because he made a buster blader deck then I ended up recovering my deck when I destroyed him with cyber dragons

    R6 ZephR6 Zeph16 dager siden
  • So I thought a vid aboud Yu-Gi-Oh would be nostalgic. But then I heard the Bomberman music, and well...I miss throwing bombs at my friends. They never got into Yu-Gi-Oh unfortunately.

    Den KanekiDen Kaneki18 dager siden
  • Darf der kewen und der karam spilen komen

    GB HudsonGB Hudson22 dager siden
  • I only have 3 blue eyes White dragon or sumthin like that onle 1000 Yu-Gi-Oh cards

    I don't know gamerI don't know gamer23 dager siden
  • card destruction cant be activated if your either player is under an effect that prevents them from drawing cards. which might be a funny way to counter darkworld (as this also applies to darkworld dealings)

    Deffee CapeDeffee Cape25 dager siden
  • Whoa this was a blast from the past. I played the 1st series Yu-Gi-Oh up until those stupid Pendulum cards. I remember I played this National Duelist that was visiting the shop I played at as a promotion for Yu-Gi-Oh. And of course he was slamming me down I had just Special summoned Dark Magician of Chaos, which he found funny with his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the field which had been killing my defense monsters, but then I pulled this combo off of Spirit Barrier & Astral Barrier. And he could not find a way around. He even called the ref. in to see if I was playing it correctly. Well I won the duel cause he said he didn't have any cards left to destroy my combo and conceded. He then said it was a combo he'd never seen before and said he'll be using it. BTW if you could have destroyed only one trap go for Spirit Barrier cause it is alot more costly for someone to use Astral Barrier WITOUT Spirit Barrier there to make the damage zero.

    RevyTwoHandRevyTwoHandMåned siden
  • I have this one move I use and I just use power bond on two of my MANY cyber dragon cards (as long as it is named cyber dragon) and just summon twin cyber dragon with 2x attack and attack the opponents cards with two 5600 attack each and it is not as op as it sounds.

    it's Kikai-Tekiit's Kikai-TekiMåned siden
  • I never played, but I did have a small collection of cards and I ended up letting a friend borrow ALL of my cards for a game. I asked him later for them back, and his response was "what are you talking about? I didn't get cards from you" and I never got them back.

    slug_withallmyloveslug_withallmyloveMåned siden
  • I recognized that picture of dark magician girl and I hate myself cuz of it

    Just a sandwich minding his own businessJust a sandwich minding his own businessMåned siden
  • Can't even remember the name of the cards but when I was 13 I got into Yu-Gi-Oh. I got so much into it I remember winning against some of the best duelist in my local community. It was epic. But my ADHD doesn't let me stay into one thing for too long so I just kinda stopped. I don't even know what happened to the cards.

    Misael OlveraMisael OlveraMåned siden
  • dear nux taku and swagkage, I actually have my own embarrassing yugioh story, you see I had several number cards, and I challenged this guy who we agreed not to use immortal cards, basically, no cards that negate their own destruction from anything, and so we duelled and the deal was I wagered all my numbers and we agreed on no immortals, and he plays this six samurai monster, and it is an immortal, so we broke the agreement I kept my numbers despite losing because we had agreed on it, but it stopped me duelling for a while and I thrived when pendulum monsters came into existence, i have this broken combo that makes it so I can one shot opponents with a single attack, doing practically 10,000 damage.

    Harry PatersonHarry PatersonMåned siden
  • When your so bored you watch to men talk about yugioh

    Guy PennGuy PennMåned siden
  • magic the gathering is the far superior card game.

    Demi SladeDemi Slade2 måneder siden
  • I want to duel someone but I don't have anyone to duel... I loved my yugioh days. And I still duel my friends. Btw mystic mine should be banned. Bye

    Aldeadlox lAldeadlox l2 måneder siden
  • Now days they take away your Pokémon cards

    Storm NightStorm Night2 måneder siden
  • Back in my day, when you lose 100 life points you get punched, so if someone lost 1000 life points you get punched 10 times, the duel ends when the duelist was too beat up to continue.

    cyberider 1cyberider 12 måneder siden
  • We all epic gamers

    Bella BellaBella Bella2 måneder siden
  • "I have no effect cards... except Exodia, which has the effect of: 'you lose.' "

    Tommy HostTommy Host2 måneder siden
  • I got a story. So i just graduated highschool and so we had a hierarchical type duel system where there was a top duelist and they had to defend their title.... So i dueled one of my friends when i had exodia (all 5 peices) and i had a 0 turn win as i had picked up all five in my first hand.

    Maria RobotnikMaria Robotnik2 måneder siden
  • all i can say is "it's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel"

    IzanagiIzanagi3 måneder siden
  • I didn't. I hated the art style. Lol

    EccentricSageEccentricSage3 måneder siden
  • ha you think dark magician of chaos has long card text? look at these yugipedia.com/wiki/Endymion,_the_Mighty_Master_of_Magic yugipedia.com/wiki/Chaos_Emperor,_the_Dragon_of_Armageddon yugipedia.com/wiki/Beatrice,_Lady_of_the_Eternal yugipedia.com/wiki/Magister_of_Endymion yugipedia.com/wiki/Golden_Castle_of_Stromberg yugipedia.com/wiki/True_Draco_Apocalypse

    David KimDavid Kim3 måneder siden
  • Swag is an epic gamer confirmed

    Bobby JoeBobby Joe3 måneder siden

    Retro GamingRetro Gaming3 måneder siden
  • I have a friggin Exodia deck and it’s SO OVERPOWERED also throw in The Calculator card

    Retro GamingRetro Gaming3 måneder siden
  • no one, literally no one: Marick: I BANISH YOU TO THE SHADOW REALM!!!

    Retro GamingRetro Gaming3 måneder siden
  • I had the one kid who would bring the rulebook into school and every time someone he took it onto himself to say what the rules were BUT he had basically skimmed the rules or was cheating so his friends would win the argument so everything he said was utter bullshit then the other kid with the rulebook, I didn't bring it in, would be asked the rules and it would be completely different from what he said and it would become a fucking war between my friends who introduced the game to everyone else and his friends who benefited from the false rules

    Ultraman 664Ultraman 6643 måneder siden
  • I came here so fast after i saw she😀😉

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha3 måneder siden
  • Me: highly and nuxinor... Mind: DARK MAGICIAN BONER ACTIVATED

    Quarter GQuarter G3 måneder siden
  • As someone who's never played or watched Yu-Gi-Oh I feel alone

    SouDifferentSouDifferent3 måneder siden
  • The thing that gets me the most here is the Skullgirls music in the background

    that guy you knowthat guy you know3 måneder siden
  • I played and watch from when i was 7 to probably 12 2002-2007 I live in brazil and at the time we could only import cards so we had a limited amount ( starter yugi and kaiba decks) we would then print from the internet and play like that kkk.Now a days I dont play anymore but I collect them.Seen all the new mechanics at once I really only liked XYZ and Link summon, granted xyz became a little too much sometimes in the few times I played online.I still love the Egypcian tematic and Kazuki Takahashi's art work :)

    Felipe ParanhosFelipe Paranhos3 måneder siden
    • My favorite archetype is the Chaos/blackluster

      Felipe ParanhosFelipe Paranhos3 måneder siden
  • Oh once I had a yugioh card I would cling to it I wouldn't trade or wager it unless I had a copy of that card

    Paradraw ZombieParadraw Zombie3 måneder siden
  • i have like over 5,000+ cards of yugioh i might be addicted o 3o btw towers is banned and probably wont come off the list any time soon. but with links i bet it easy to remove now. Utopia the lightning is also really easy to kill it. any of the kaiju monsters etc

    SwordDancerX1SwordDancerX13 måneder siden
  • Lol awesome thing is qliphort SUCK! nowadays hahaha ygo is amazing, I'm sad the WCQ got canceled this year, last year's I placed 68th out of 900 :'( didn't get into top 64 because I tie with a bunch of people in the last scores table. From 56th to 70th we all had the same points, I'm still sad

    Fighting games and chill.Fighting games and chill.3 måneder siden
  • Bruh Nux’s OG Yu-Gi-Oh duel story with Exodia was sooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Chris V.Chris V.4 måneder siden
  • Nux?! HOW CAN YOU ALLOW SWAG TO JUST CALL HIMSELF THE GREATEST YUGIOHER OF ALL TIME? I demand you duel him and flex on him mercilessly for the title

    Luka StanojevicLuka Stanojevic4 måneder siden
  • They are so lucky they don’t suffer halqifibrax, adamancipator or eldlich

    Luckyfin 2005Luckyfin 20054 måneder siden
  • why are 30 - 40% of the images are MtG lol

    RemRem4 måneder siden
  • *Pendulum is dead and Master Rule 5 has revived Synchro.*

    Myles WMyles W4 måneder siden
  • It's still a good game.

    Myles WMyles W4 måneder siden
  • I need the link for the thumbnail, for *research purposes* only.

    CandyCandy4 måneder siden
  • Does avatar count as an anime

    I hate FortniteI hate Fortnite4 måneder siden
  • How fun.. I just started some yugioh stuff

    funbro pybrofunbro pybro4 måneder siden
  • I grew up playing yugioh for the first 18 years of my life (I'm 22) and even played competitively for several years. I stopped playing due to links. I moved on to magic the gathering and have enjoyed it very much. I will gladly play with anyone if they got an extra deck

    OctorhymeswithazOctorhymeswithaz4 måneder siden
  • Bruh, y'all should do a video where you duel each other

    Confused NinjaXConfused NinjaX4 måneder siden
  • Walking home from a friend's house it started pouring years ago and just destroyed all of my good deck. Could never go back

    Gaming TigreGaming Tigre4 måneder siden
  • I used to play YGO and also left it when the pendulums came, I played Heraldic Beasts and the one deck that literally no one wanted to play against, a Final Countdown, I made it so annoying and nerve-wracking that I always had to laugh whenever they had their field full and were still unable to attack, that thing was just a blast to use 😂

    46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 6846 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 684 måneder siden
  • This was fun and nolstagic to listen too.

    SiblingsTryToPlayNice - Commander NSiblingsTryToPlayNice - Commander N4 måneder siden
  • The image in the thumbnail is literally the second image if Google if you look up dark magician girl smentai

    LuekInANutshellLuekInANutshell4 måneder siden
  • Yugioh crackdown in middle/elementary school for me one time my teacher confiscated my deck with Monster reborn and all 3 usable variants of the god cards that I had gotten over the course of like... 2 birthdays and 1 Xmas gifts and of course what does this teacher do? SHE BURNT MY DAMN CARDS!!! In front of the whole class

    Aros 1997Aros 19974 måneder siden
  • I'll take on both of you with my Elemental Hero Deck

    Jacob Van EardenJacob Van Earden4 måneder siden
  • Oh god not yugioh stories from my childhood. So I had like 20 cards that were printed in japanese so I had no clue what any of the cards did or what they were except for the left leg of exodia I had. So apparently fast forwarding a few years I come to find I had an obelisk the tormentor from before his effect got printed and just never had used him in any decks I made, and I had another card that was apparently super broken even by today's standards in competition cause I saw ot in a video a year ago but I cant remember the name of the card. But I remember cheating with a lord of D deck saying that if I use flute of summoning dragon I could summon any dragon from my deck including fusions and I'd throw 2 blue eyes ultimate dragons on the field and nuke my enemy. Used to be the easiest wins of my life.

    Jarrod BogardeJarrod Bogarde4 måneder siden
  • Man swag should 1v1 me I’d OTK him it’d be fun.

    [FAZE5]Normie Boi[FAZE5]Normie Boi4 måneder siden
  • I actually didn't think Dark Magician Girl was that hot. I was waaaay more into the Elemental Charmers - specifically, Eria. Like I didn't see cards as Waifus, but if I were to do it _now,_ Raging Eria (Cataclysmic version of Eria the Water Charmer) would be the one. I just thought she looked so darn cool, and I was a big water-deck user, so, the idea that she puts herself on the line to summon literally any water monster regardless of its level provided you could keep her alive sounded absurdly cool to me. It still kinda does, and uhh, this card really isn't all that useful, but hey! Fun times.

    Mk6-TWAGGYMk6-TWAGGY4 måneder siden
  • I used to loved yu gi oh but like I dont remember like anything from that phase

    Zain DixonZain Dixon4 måneder siden
  • Anyone know the source or artist of pic of that DMG?

    Fujiwaro nai MakouFujiwaro nai Makou4 måneder siden
  • So when are we getting a nux yugioh turny? I want a grand prize for it lol

    Juanito MarquezJuanito Marquez4 måneder siden
  • Man Im so jealous... Theres no yugioh in Sri Lanka....man....

    Tanum TasdfyTanum Tasdfy4 måneder siden
  • Played yugioh until all my old gen cards got smoked by these new random fusion crap

    Last CentLast Cent4 måneder siden
  • Mystic Mine Exodia.

    Mr. RageMr. Rage4 måneder siden
  • duel link's god cards act like the anime ones

    Boris ChanBoris Chan4 måneder siden
  • They should do a honest homage description together

    Aaron UchihaAaron Uchiha4 måneder siden
  • Before this video, I thought he was a douche. Now I know I was wrong. He’s a cool douche that I respect

    Herostorm _Herostorm _4 måneder siden
  • I remember playing Yu-Gi-Oh in highschool but it was banned because people thought we were gambling so we where actually cool 😎 to be dueling and running from the school security at the same time

    Eleve KingEleve King4 måneder siden
  • Yo, we gotta see Nux vs Swag at yugioh tho!

    Styx StoneStyx Stone4 måneder siden
  • I think my most embarrassing yu-gi-oh moment was when I had a Red-Eyes/ Armed Dragon deck and at the time I remember it being one of my top decks. It was laundry day and I forgot that one of my decks was in my pants that I was gonna wash and I didn't realize that I washed my cards until I when to dry my clothes.

    MaxuradeMaxurade4 måneder siden
  • u fools I have the best card, the calculator

    Foster DemingFoster Deming5 måneder siden
  • This is my first Nux video in a long while, gave me old school Nux vibes. Really liked it man.

    KingSolKingSol5 måneder siden
  • Nux: Makes video about yu-gi-oh Also nux: Puts in image of Magic the Gathering at 0:42 and 1:20

    HavochaosHavochaos5 måneder siden
  • Tbh for me it was Pokémon where it was at, remember being like ”charizard I chose you”

    Kickass WadeKickass Wade5 måneder siden
  • I have fond memories of yugioh in the past...*looks at deck on desk*...and right now

    Nothin’ SpecialNothin’ Special5 måneder siden
  • I feel bad about this one but some dude at a card shop gave me all 5 Exodia peices for my dark magician starter deck (dont even know how good that deck was tbh) but later I gave him a fake printed version of obelisk the tormentor (I had a really good printer at the time.... still he was fucking dumb) and sold the cards I traded for like 45 bucks. I really felt like shit though

    Jerry BradickJerry Bradick5 måneder siden
  • Amazing give me more!!!!!!

    Logan MarshallLogan Marshall5 måneder siden
  • Hey Nux can you tell which did you used to create that character of yours am trying to create one myself but I don't know which app is the best to use

    Likkle SkyLikkle Sky5 måneder siden
  • 24:12 *Ra sucks* sphere mode: let me stop you right there no but actually ra is currently the best one because sphere mode can tribute your opponent's monsters so it can bypass cards that can't be targeted and cards that can't be destroyed. this can be used to destroy unbreakable boards and on top of that you get a giant beatstick on your field later with sphere mode so ra is way better that the other ones

    just some guy who desperately wants a mustachejust some guy who desperately wants a mustache5 måneder siden
  • Is that Mkohl40 in 6:56

    Alejandro joglar riveraAlejandro joglar rivera5 måneder siden
  • You know what's sad? Anytime I'm trying to get lucky in a card game, I just start yelling about the heart of the cards.

    GBAC77 PlayzGBAC77 Playz5 måneder siden
  • Just clicked on this for LordNuxanor and Swagkage of the hidden NOworld village

    Ahmed BilalAhmed Bilal5 måneder siden
  • This man is a god

    AssasinxAssasinx5 måneder siden
  • 0:44 This is Magic The Gathering. Did't you notice that they are not playing for their souls😂😂

    ItachiUItachiU5 måneder siden
  • Still play Yu-Gi-Oh! & proud of it! Some freshman challenged me my senior year, saying how he had an unbeatable deck made from decks he bought from tournaments (and banned cards). That got me back into it, and I threw together an "Exxod Master if the Guard" deck out of a bunch of old cards I had lying around. I basically proceeded to *Flip* him off for Paying-to-Win, by making a deck that could last Hours before winning without me taking any damage! :) *currently running a Chaos Dragon Deck, definitely not Meta but fun as hell!

    James VerHulstJames VerHulst5 måneder siden
  • I got yu gi oh banned from my Islamic private school.And most of the teachers didn’t really care until my 7th where the principle gave a fuck.I got my cards taken a friend took it back .The principal literally sent a letter to every kid in the school saying do not bring Yu-Gi-Oh cards this shit is demonic don’t bring them. The idiot I am I still brought them but I played them after school. It still pisses me off that they were bad to begin with

    BlazingDarkness .GBlazingDarkness .G5 måneder siden
  • My proudest Yu-gi-oh moment was when I was dueling a friend with a spellcaster deck and I had 2 magicians valkyria, a sorcerer of dark magic and a secret village of the spell casters so my friend couldnt attack, use spells or use traps, and I slowly bled him out until he had no cards left. He probably could have won with a monster effect but my strategy was so strong it broke his will and his spirit, and therefore I was the superior duelist and I had no problems taking his best card and sending him to the shadow realm where he belonged.

    ramaravaderamaravade5 måneder siden
  • I didn't even know how to play Yu gi oh when I was a kid. I just collect all 10 star cards or whatever cuz I didn't watched the anime lmaooooo😂

    Caroline Dela FuenteCaroline Dela Fuente5 måneder siden
  • lord nux played banish a man of culture

    Carter DurchholzCarter Durchholz5 måneder siden
  • When the fake Egyptian God Cards came out ‘show canon allowed’, I bet my Blue Eyes first edition and lost that in a Duel with my Lord of D flute combo n cooked up The Ultimate Dragon🐉 Just to get Obliterated by the king of evil Obelisk with the Two Tribute sacrifice. My Soul Still hasn’t recovered. It crushed my heart Send Help ~From the Void.

    Stephen RomangerStephen Romanger5 måneder siden
  • I knew the thumbnail was gonna be off to the actual content 😅 part of me thought ok if it is I may click off but no glad a clicked the stories of you guys playing with yugioh cards when you were younger is 👍 Gonna delete from watch history tho simply because well the thumbnail

    MysticMylesZMysticMylesZ5 måneder siden
  • My biggest yugioh flexes -I was the only kid in my neighborhood who didn't have a blue eyes, so I ran dragon capture jar to give the finger to everyone who had one. It worked every time... -Won many duels using a 1 turn goddess sofiya deck, I remember getting cussed out over it.

    cinematographystudiocinematographystudio5 måneder siden
  • I remember going to toys r us weekly for the tournament that they told me every week they don't host

    IangIang5 måneder siden
  • This reminded me of when my school took away pokemon cards because we wouldn't stop fighting over them and dueling.

    Dakotah S.Dakotah S.5 måneder siden
  • why dont they ever let you gamble in school?

    EM3 FlameEM3 Flame5 måneder siden
  • Ah yes the Ra chant lol

    NMEdroneNMEdrone5 måneder siden
  • My Yu-Gi-Oh deck was all direct attack and life increases with toon world cards. Won almost all the time. Like 98% of the time. I also remember when one of my elementary teachers took my Blue eyes ULTIMATE dragon and lost it!! I was a devastated 10 year old.

    Siren PhantomSiren Phantom5 måneder siden
  • Nux vs swag duel?

    LocalDavsLocalDavs5 måneder siden
  • Nux and swagkage: ygo stories all along that are good and sweet tbh Me: level limit/graydle/blood mefist all day baby

    zenzebeatzenzebeat5 måneder siden
  • I just started to get back into yugioh and rewatch it, bruh

    BruciteBrucite5 måneder siden
  • My worst moment was bringing a deck filled with spellcasters to a YMCA funded camp, and (at age 12) was almost kicked out of this camp for life for a special edition Dark Magician Girl and Water attribute spellcaster female card causing claims of pornographic content in a children's camp.

    Gilbert Saber EnriquezGilbert Saber Enriquez5 måneder siden