Racism In Anime - A Retrospective

7. aug.. 2020
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Please watch and like, a lot of work went into this one.
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  • such an epic and awesomely omniscent narrative on global issues! thank you Lord Nuxanor!!

    TheDjcauseTheDjcause12 timer siden
  • " there's this big company, named bethesda, i don't know what they are or what they do" n-nux, you fool, how could you insult the makers of skyrim like this?!.... this is so sad (although screw fallout 76) 40:55

    weegee1012weegee101215 timer siden
  • Racism is just an offshoot of tribalism, a natural human instinct. It's obviously not a good thing and honestly nonsensical, even detrimental (even to the group doing the discriminating). Humans will always seek out tribes to be a part of, and unfortunately physical appearance is the simplest line to draw for the unintelligent.

    Chilly JackChilly JackDag siden
  • The Uchiha are NOT in the wrong. They were being pushed out. People like Danzo and his ilk blatant racists were in power and Horizon was passively letting it happen. The leaf village convinced Itachi committing genocide on his own people because there was a defect in them that couldn't change. The leaf village was so far in the wrong its not even funny. They were aware of the coup and were in a state of advantage the leaf needed to come to the table but they never were and said that if the leaf village fell into Civil War then the other villagesnwouldnstart another Shinobi war. That means nothing is okay

    Joseph MooreJoseph Moore2 dager siden
  • the world is blind, Nux is also blind, too many bluepills bruh

    Mark AžmanMark Ažman2 dager siden
  • i love this video

    Mahrad AMahrad A2 dager siden
  • okay regular show though

    Music寒い季節Music寒い季節3 dager siden
  • Bruh why does Nux's Meowth voice sound kinda like Nagzz's Vanilla voice?

    Potato LickerPotato Licker3 dager siden
  • So why are you a communist? Sorry I grew up watching Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's and Star Wars 🤔

    AskewFilly1AskewFilly13 dager siden
  • Great video! You should do one about promise neverland when season 2 comes out

    Felipe LuquezFelipe Luquez4 dager siden
  • numero uno, nice

    do you know da wedo you know da we4 dager siden
  • I feel like people on twitter think that racist people wake up every day and think “wow im ganna have another for filling day of being racist” when in reality racism is a lot more natural then that and racist people half of the time dont even know their being racist. So when people say “dont be racist its that easy” people who are actually racist dont think it applies to them because they dont even know their racist

    Digital RecordDigital Record7 dager siden
  • my 1st anime was Shinzo

    amy bremeramy bremer7 dager siden
  • The reincarnated elves in black clover are like black people in the real world today. Black people getting offended by the word nigga because their predecessors were treated as slaves or died yet the person who said it had nothing to do with it. Then hypercritically call each other nigga like they're proud of that history. Almost like they magically became immune to being racist themselves because of it. Yes I said it but I hate black people using the word nigga casually. To me it's like they dont really care themselves what that word really means and just trying to find an excuse to be racist towards someone. Wait, I can make a story from this and make an anime out of it. (I apologize if you got offended. It was not my intention.)

    Hayden TamouHayden Tamou8 dager siden
  • Yo when nux speaks we all listen

    James DuranJames Duran8 dager siden
  • You talk too much

    T-man The ManT-man The Man8 dager siden
  • Racism... It's like foreigners are another being. Man, we're all human, and human is a RACE. That's a race for an organism that can bipedally walk, talk, think intelligently and invent things. Dogs, cats, pigeons, platypuses, any other sea and flying creatures in this world are what we should call other races. Idk, I'm just spouting nonsense.

    Joshua Dela CruzJoshua Dela Cruz9 dager siden
  • Hey Nux is this the kind of anime philosophy videos your planning for 2021? If so i approve this is great!

    Artemis EntreriArtemis Entreri9 dager siden
  • not gonna lie.. i first subbed to this channel JUST to hear FURU METARU ARUKEMESTU BURUZAHUDO wayyy back in the day 🤣🤪 dat tongue action thoo!!!! 👊🏾🐵

    Orin LeeOrin Lee9 dager siden
    • Luv your loooong vid! **i mean dende 🧐😲

      Orin LeeOrin Lee9 dager siden
    • And yes, i saw EVERY FLEX IN ZE VOLDO!!!!

      Orin LeeOrin Lee9 dager siden
  • i guess we need a podcast now ...

    I'm CherI'm Cher11 dager siden
  • Another anime that I think tackles racism fairly well is Gurren Lagann, the beast-men over the humans then the reverse in the latter half of the series

    GamblerofFatesGamblerofFates11 dager siden
  • Nux talking about racism in 2020 - Detoxing chill talk about childhood. Nux talking about racism in 2021 - Toxic Flexing on everyone because he is the new prophet appointed by god to throw shade veiled as sarcasm at anyone watching.

    KlyKly11 dager siden
  • My uncle ask me why would I be so stupid to want a whole naruto sleeve and after I mention the fact that it is my life the only thing that was good in my life and the fact that after he watched naruto himself afterwards apologised to me because he had no idea what medium he was putting down its very underrated

    Ichklamar 99Ichklamar 9911 dager siden
  • Bro Teen Titans had an entire god damn episode about an alien being super racist to starfire. Not only this, thit was arguably more solid than any "kids show" example you've brought up. He's straight up biased purely on her race. Her friends fail to realize this due to not being victims of racial oppression themselves, except for cyborg who ends up finding out and sharing with her he's experienced the same thing due to being half-robot. Even at the end the guy is just convinced that her being a good person is merely an exceptional event contrary to her savage genes. The episode ends and racism is not "solved globally," it very much continues to exist and even in exactly the same proportions as when the episode started. It was an amazing lens through which you can being on some level to understand the mindset of a racist, if only the fact that their biases run so deep that a few conversations and a bit of logic simply isn't enough to "fix racism". It's an extremely powerful moment being bordered by shows and episodes moments where all the worldst problems can seemingly be 100% solved in a 30 minute time block including commerical breaks. I immediately though of this example when you started in on "western media," but i was gonna let it go since by and large you're still very nearly 100% correct and this is clearly an exception. However, you specifically mentioned the show as an example of a failure to "do racism right" and i can't let that shit stand, man.

    Trevor ValanceTrevor Valance12 dager siden
  • ok so luffy is a good role model im gonna go eat a magic fruit and piss off the government.

    PancakePancake13 dager siden
  • When you found someone complaining about this video in a 10+ page twitter thread, so you watch it again to bask in the heat of the radioactive toxicity it creates.

    General AblonGeneral Ablon13 dager siden
  • From the New World is my favorite animation. And, I really like the "low quality" art.

    That's InterestingThat's Interesting13 dager siden
  • RACISM *clap* IS *clap* BAD! *clap* *Applause*

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck Nein14 dager siden
  • This channel also makes HENTAI game shows... let that sink in

    Ishaan UnniIshaan Unni14 dager siden
  • Not sure if I entirely agree that the racism in re:zero is out of left field or on the nose. We know exactly why Emilia faces racism, as not only is she the same race as the most feared and despised person of all time, but also happens to look LITERALLY EXACTLY ALIKE TO HER. Not only that, but the racism she faces is also important to the plot, as in the grand scheme of things she is attempting to gain the trust of the entire country so as to rule it when it is only pretty recently she has even managed to gain the trust of those within her own domain. We also saw in the OVA that she is already considered a type of witch anyway because of ice powers and such and the relationship she has with the nearby village is equally made interesting by the fear and unease felt by the villagers as well as her own fear of herself and being alone. It certainly hasn't been as focused on as racism in One piece for example, but it's really not a particularly extensive series yet for it to be that nuanced. I definitely agree that it's harder to understand those that fear her seeing as we haven't explicitly seen what the witch of envy actually did, but I don't think its depiction of racism is particularly bad at all.

    CackYoWeenCackYoWeen15 dager siden
  • thank you

    Mahammadou TunkaraMahammadou Tunkara15 dager siden
  • The fish men look like black people in an odd way

    Marcus BrownMarcus Brown15 dager siden
  • Racism: *exists* Nux: Not understandable, have a great day

    Kayla MascorroKayla Mascorro15 dager siden
  • why would someone dislike this

    creeperbros0207creeperbros020715 dager siden
  • Bruh didn't even mention the discrimination of/between Saiyans and Nameks and Frieza from DBZ.

    HipnikDragomirHipnikDragomir16 dager siden
  • One of the best things I've listened to. Please make more of these.

    James FagbuyiJames Fagbuyi16 dager siden
  • Nazis are terrible people but there not racist, they wanted everyone (including white people) that weren’t German dead

    xXTkillXx _xXTkillXx _17 dager siden

    Alex CookendorferAlex Cookendorfer17 dager siden
  • 57:20 "There is alot of heart (hard)" (Just thought it was funny because he was speaking about interspecies reviewers.)

    WatcherOf SomethingWatcherOf Something17 dager siden
  • After see the full video hai should just kill myself this life I will definitely had someone else directly or indirectly this is a cycle I cannot escape thank you for your video like a m t shirt in my emotions

    LELOUCH lamperougeLELOUCH lamperouge17 dager siden
  • Racism never dies.

    Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැතිNamenlos مجهول නමක් නැති18 dager siden
  • This hits home

    I am S.JI am S.J18 dager siden
  • Racism is affiliated with the human nature of wanting to be better than everyone else (a feeling which everyone gets by showing off and stuff) and with this feeling the racists separate themselves as the superior people due to simply wanting to be better than someone, they bring the target race down and degrade them. Also media is kinda not helping to stop this effect since official western media shows pictures and documentaries of how a little of that country once remained showing a picture of poor people, unclean water, devastating wars which take place on those countries and barely take the time to show the modern cities like Dubai, Addis Ababa, Botswana etc. It is not the countries that are poor, it is the people that are after being Exploited, Enslaved and Robbed of their resources.

    Räìdên PainnRäìdên Painn18 dager siden
  • "We must combine memes and relevancy together to form the ultimate perfect art." You are a legend.

    Paul MounierPaul Mounier19 dager siden
  • I didn’t grow up with Pokémon I’m 8

    Gunner HarperGunner Harper19 dager siden
  • never have i loved u in my life more nux. a freaking AMAZING memer *and* can talk about actual important stuff through anime, the greatest thing in the world. i will stay weird and, u, have a wonderful day\night :D

    A.J. sanA.J. san19 dager siden
  • nux: attack on titan me: FUCK YEAH!!

    A.J. sanA.J. san19 dager siden
  • i was just on auto play and it brought me back to this. ANIME NUX!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you said this NUX is dead, but but BUT.... REVIVE THIS VERSION MY FELLOW BILLY (He'll listen to us fo sure)

  • video: title and tumbnail. me: huh... seems interesting video: nux taku me: I AM SO WATCHING THIS

    A.J. sanA.J. san19 dager siden
  • I wonder how leftism would work in beast stars

    Myles WachiraMyles Wachira20 dager siden
  • I'm not going to jump straight out and defend Bethesda but the social media accounts for other countries are likely run by people from those countries so those people could be in danger if they used the LGBT flag for those accounts.

    Navin BrennemanNavin Brenneman21 dag siden
    • yikes

      PolocatfanPolocatfan19 dager siden
  • beastars has themes of racism but the shows lines up more with classism in more obvious manners as opposed to racism (in addition to sexism). the line between racism and classism can be burred at times, so it's safe to say that both are possible themes of beastars

    Spare BunSpare Bun22 dager siden
  • I appreciate the thought but it probably would have been better to just not make this video. Also the white savior complex leaks out a few times. Yikes.

    SSJAlphaSSJAlpha23 dager siden
  • good shit

    Godless MunkyGodless Munky24 dager siden
  • My issue with your video is that it only talks about the examples of how anime has showed racism is bad or classism is bad but you wholly ignore and neglect talking about the anime community and how they ignore these things entirely. Your talking about racism yet don't connect it to real life or how badly the anime community has gotten with racism against POC by anime fans whom have totally and outright ignored all the lessons you've pointed out. I've seen so much racism from the anime community that its sickening. All people whom said they love many of the anime you've brought up with all these examples. Yet they ignore it when they choose to be racist. Why is it that instead of using these examples you've brought up to attack a real life issue you only use them as examples and half measures. Doesnt seem like you dispise racism as much as you say when you make a disingenuous video like this that doesn't even support actual people whom have to deal with racism. Its kinda revealing about you entirely. I mean why attack and address a real world issue that happens every day in the community you claim to love when you can make quarter measure videos like this and talk about the topic just enough not to anger your fans but not go the whole way when addressing the issue. Thats pretty sad Nux

    Amanda ReedAmanda Reed26 dager siden
  • ‘Why do you call us such names all you show is your own ignorance and fear is it that you are too weak to challenge me any other way’ son goku

    Prince VegetaPrince Vegeta26 dager siden
  • 56:03

    Lucas PelayoLucas Pelayo28 dager siden
  • 26:55 nux saliva gave up on him

    Modh KhanModh Khan29 dager siden
  • Ah yes racism

    Minerva-_- R6Minerva-_- R629 dager siden
  • Dang, this might be the best video on Racism I have seen so far. Maybe there are more enlightened takes I have seen, but the fact that you complain in the way the far-right often does, but actually explain it in a really sympathetic and sensible way makes me appreciate this more. It basically breaks down the barriers between politically incorrect and politically correct groups. I still think representation is good though. People like to idolize characters and it can be painful when most of these examples are not capable of inspiring minorities with specific characters that they can identify with in virtual spaces. If everyone claims they are like Luffy, to outsiders it would not have much of an impact as on the surface, he is just what every generic Shounen protagonist was made out to be in the time period it was created in. Also, if you look at Marxism, this video is more of an argument for class struggles than race, but that is not really a bad thing as economics control so much of society and to not tackle that issue leaves people inefficient in seeking justice.

    sigurdthebluesigurdtheblueMåned siden
  • When the music starts playing when he starts talking about one piece... bruh. Rep life chills

    Micah Parker IIMicah Parker IIMåned siden
  • My man forgot to mention Ajin: demi humans.

    Tonio ReimundezTonio ReimundezMåned siden
  • !!!!!!!!Card Games on Motorcycles!!!!!

    janning schrotterjanning schrotterMåned siden
  • no company actually cares lol the only color that actually matters is green. anyone that thinks a company or politician cares about them is woefully brainwashed.

    Ryan KreniskyRyan KreniskyMåned siden
  • Thanks Nux for making this. This deserves SO many more views. U took the time to make something out of your norm that is an important topic and theme in anime and affects many of us personally. Thanks.

    Aaron McClartyAaron McClartyMåned siden
  • Sucks how you didn’t talk about jinchuriki and how people in the Naruto world oppressed them too

    Haha HahaHaha HahaMåned siden
  • I'm so sad that a lot of people misunderstand Nux. The truly wholesome toxicity this man has is incredible. I love his analytical videos and I waited this long to watch it because I wanted the perfect environment to enjoy it. It's unfortunate that the things he says here also applies to the people that hate him as well. They see him and they think, "Oh, it's the troll and leader of the most toxic anitube fandom." And I do understand that the first impression we give off is definitely harmful and toxic, but that's exactly what Nux said, "So quick to blame, never to learn." Thank you Nux

    Brady Phillip IsjwaraBrady Phillip IsjwaraMåned siden
    • Yeah, I have been searching for good anime NOworldrs and I have not really heard of Nux before today. But now that I watch his videos, I think he is the best I have seen easily. The others are so elitist. Nux can really discuss anime and does not care about mocking himself by making fake statements at the same time. I am what could be described as a social justice warrior and I think this kind of NOworldr is actually ideal and that left wing spaces would never tolerate people like him or I. The left wing is not opened to nuanced examination and basically use identity recognition to get themselves out of trouble and self-reflection. Those who are willing to take themselves down a level are the ones that can be trusted to understand class and discrimination issues.

      sigurdthebluesigurdtheblueMåned siden
  • Everybody's gangsta until Frieza saying the M Word

    Lucky LechidoLucky LechidoMåned siden
  • Yo what about space dandy🔥🔥🔥

    Jahru EdmeadJahru EdmeadMåned siden
  • I love anime

    Jahru EdmeadJahru EdmeadMåned siden
  • You had the option to fake out RWBY as your top example and you squandered it. Unsubscribed.

    Ash HancoxAsh HancoxMåned siden
  • Bro I agree with what u said but never use beast stars as an example for anything Its story line is a rabbit trying to get a wolf to rape her

    Yt PixelKageYt PixelKageMåned siden
    • Haha.

      sigurdthebluesigurdtheblueMåned siden
  • Hey Nux? Thank you.

    Dan SkiDan SkiMåned siden
  • This was a great video

    Sleepy CummingsSleepy CummingsMåned siden
  • Unclear how "serious" this video was meant to be but i don't think you understand the differences between racism, discrimination and classism my dude, and its a hell of a time to not be educated on that. A lot of your examples aren't racism, it's bizarre that you say there's "no good solution", and your one piece example is at best an alien version of a white savior narrative that apparently turns into "giving oppressed groups power will make them JUST AS RACIST" which is just, so, SO not cool. That's a horrible lesson for teenagers. I think as an ideological analysis this video is okay, but equating it with real world racism sucks. There's plenty of great videos on real-world racism in anime (specifically related to representations) if you're actually interested! www.theguardian.com/culture/video/2020/oct/01/anime-has-a-race-problem-heres-how-black-fans-are-fixing-it-video

    Slippery TummySlippery TummyMåned siden
    • In my opinion, Nux may not be the most innocent in how they discuss the issue, but they really did make a good faith effort. This is a whole 1 hour video that happened beyond the time when it was trendy to say Black Lives Matter because George Floyd was two months before this and racial tensions were pretty strong even before that event. They did not just slap a video together like a lazy intellectual would. There might be examples of racism that involve actual real life minorities, but this video helps a lot in showing some cases of how racism is often intermingled with classism as well as how it has been in shows that we have known about for a long time and may have overlooked these themes back then. These are also really strong intellectual ideas or inspiration to ideas on how to de-construct and fight systemic racism which is tied to class segregation. Even if the arguments made in the video were partly fictitious, the narrative that is being painted is strong and beneficial. We should not care about the source if the message is still strong. I do think that saying anime is the only medium to tackle this issue well is pretty harsh and mistaken however, as anime can also be seen as very racist for how little inclusion it historically has, even going so far as lacking diverse fictional races that would be common in Japanese video games.

      sigurdthebluesigurdtheblueMåned siden
  • All hail nux takus passion boner and his will to keep thrusting LOL LOL LOL

    jake rommjake rommMåned siden
  • Meowth had the worst backstory in general

    JR. BeastJR. BeastMåned siden
  • Man, I was watching this on my TV, but I just had to hop on my PC to say that this is fantastic. Great video dude.

    FlyingJackelopeFlyingJackelopeMåned siden
  • I won't insult you with platitudes, but that was an awesome job my Man. Keep up the good work, fight the good fight, make love not war, I like cake, bewbs are nice, what was I talking about... oh nevermind.

    Marven KortemeierMarven KortemeierMåned siden
  • Like, not saying this is a bad video but Nux could've gone a lot deeper (pun totally intended). he could've analyzed the texts more on their construction of racism because the way it is potrayed in japanese and american culture both advertedly and inadvertedly has a lot of layers and I feel he only touched the most surface ones.

    Juay DeRitoJuay DeRitoMåned siden
  • Wow From the New World is a masterpiece...

    PollyPollyMåned siden
  • I’m racist

    MikeyMooHDMikeyMooHDMåned siden
  • Still can't believe someone cut the first minute of this video to try to make him to look bad

    Jailan EwingJailan EwingMåned siden
  • We, as humans, do irrational things for survival, cheating the rules to get ahead, killing to survive, stealing to eat, r**ing to reproduce, it’s fundamentally animalistic, because humans, are in fact, an animal species, racism and sexism is not animalistic, it’s monstrous, it’s not instinctual, it’s not natural, it’s the vital error in humanity that we are too prideful,.

    Rainymations !Rainymations !Måned siden
  • Off-topic: I like that Lugia's song from the Pokemon 2000 OST was playing in the background.

    Lily PhạmLily PhạmMåned siden
  • Half of the entire world's wealth is in the hands of 5 people from the same family. If I say this alone, I am telling the truth. If I say who these people are, I'm antisemitic.

    Goiboi Esau - EN VTuberGoiboi Esau - EN VTuberMåned siden
  • I find it funny that Steven Universe did that "Don't be racist, kids!" ad after watching this.

    gxwild5gxwild5Måned siden
  • Nux speaking facts

    QuwQuwMåned siden
  • I wish I could find the quote but I believe it was from one of the bayblade animes. there is no good or evil, it's all a matter of perspective, what's good to you might be bad to someone else. - I think it was the protags grandparent or guardian/teacher. that sentiment has always stuck with me, as I try to look at the actions of everyone in my life to see if it is truely good or bad, right or wrong. giving me a new level of understanding. also that simple punch was the most hype shit ever.

    Mat3 NPCMat3 NPCMåned siden
  • yo i cant believe the villian in code geass was old ben shapiro all along

    Hi HiHi Hi2 måneder siden
  • I love what you say about luffy

    Anonymous GuyAnonymous Guy2 måneder siden
  • if there is one race there will be no racism - Tobirama Hitler

    bilal the classybilal the classy2 måneder siden
  • 10:45 isn't that classist

    The Electric MouseThe Electric Mouse2 måneder siden
  • The toxic replyies in the comments are so sweet

    RionRion2 måneder siden
  • me watching one hour nux video instead of watching a episode of some netflix series

    ĐęVįŁĐęVįŁ2 måneder siden
  • Nux, I am so glad you were finally able to get this video done. It was great, and I don't think anyone could have done a better job of not only showing the levels of racism/classism in anime and how it is dealt with in each instance. Thank you for showing how knowledgeable you are about the subject, not many others would have the pride to do so themselves. I've been a big fan of yours for a long time and this topic is one I have eagerly been waiting for

    Fear NocturnusFear Nocturnus2 måneder siden
  • Everybody that says nux is an immoral and bad person clearly aren't right in the head.

    The DudeThe Dude2 måneder siden
  • I am there 3 months later, after having watched ishuzoku reviewers, and what you said about the last episode... well yeah, actually it's surprisingly true. Now I can say I'm a true billy.

    BazouKBazouK2 måneder siden
  • You reducing those morals to just being about racism does a great disservice to these shows.

    Siddharta GautamaSiddharta Gautama2 måneder siden
    • It is not really reducing, but focusing on one aspect for one video. Additionally, he seems to reuse talking points and footage in other videos so you can probably find a video that dissects it in another way.

      sigurdthebluesigurdtheblueMåned siden
  • I havent watched any of your longer videos before but having just listened to this video mostly i am now wondering if you are secretly StamperTV... Great Video

    ZinlainZinlain2 måneder siden