Racism In Anime - A Retrospective

7. aug.. 2020
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Please watch and like, a lot of work went into this one.
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  • Thank you so much for making this video. I know you enjoy making sarcastic videos, which are fantastic, but I always find your (more) serious videos to be so very heartwarming and oh so beautifully worded. It's amazing to see someone who speaks so passionately and who gives thought to what they watch, who draws their own conclusions and has an open mind about any possible lessons that anime (or other media) may try to bring to the audience's attention. Personally, I have always felt that the core of my system of values and beliefs have been shaped thanks to the influences from anime and video games. At the same time, practically all of my family and most of my friends didn't care about anime one bit and at home I would always hear that I should ''grow up from watching that nonsense'' and how immature I am to even like it, ''even when you are such a mature girl in other aspects, how is it possible?''. Of course, no one even attempted to actually watch even one episode of anything. Because it's animated, it MUST be immature and without value - how damaging is such viewpoint? Ironically, I would find most TV shows and movies that my family liked to be rather lackluster and falling flat of presenting emotiones and lessons that would truly resonate within my core, although I try to keep an open mind and once in a while there are movies I find to be absolutely amazing. To each their own. Today, I'm all grown up and I find myslef much less concerned about getting approval from others or about sharing my passion and excitement, even though it still hurts a bit to be shot down for what I prefer to watch - but, on the other hand, I find myself thinking about how much nicer the world would be if people weren't scoffed at for liking what they like, for enjoying different things, for having different preferences AND how much nicer it would be if everyone made an attempt to understand the other side of the coin, too. It's such a miniuscule thing in comparison to the video's subject, but I think it's a bit similar, too. Skin color, race or out hobbies, passions, things that make us different - how kind it would be if we always tried to understand the other person, no matter how much different from us, and even if we didn't enjoy the same things, we can still find the common language and see how many similarities we do actually share. And perhaps there could be a lot we could learn from that other person, too, as they could from us, by just keeping an open mind and making a genuine attempt to get to know the other person and understand who they are. Meowth was very right, indeed. Thank you for the video. (And it's my 2nd time typing the whole comment, as I have misclicked and deleted my previous one before I could post it - thank you if anyone read it to the very end. Have a lovely day.)

    JotoheKianJotoheKianTime siden
  • How Canadian of you

    Logan MitchekLogan MitchekDag siden
  • fma literally talks about imperialism and its extreme respawn terrorism and has a big government pulling strings and forcing ppl to kill each other for resources. fma is the golden standard. the ishval war of extremination was based on Hiromu Arakawa's own experience on the north and the government attacking their own indegenous ppl in order to take over their land for resources.

    john smithjohn smithDag siden
  • Like... I never registered anything in anime as racist... Though the fundamental teachings still made it through...

    Mike KnightMike KnightDag siden
  • 24:00 the luffy punch sounds a lot like deku episode one... except nux doesnt hate luffy i guess?

    WushnyWushny3 dager siden

    jeremie Njorogejeremie Njoroge3 dager siden
  • Based fucking nux

    Descartes' ApparitionDescartes' Apparition5 dager siden
  • Is there any recent animes with racism in them? I wanna write an essay about one for class.

    Evil BarbieEvil Barbie6 dager siden
  • So glad to have a more serious video again

    Zay kitsu artistZay kitsu artist8 dager siden
  • This is one of my favorite Nux vids!!

    MaximtartMaximtart9 dager siden
  • Lmaooo the more I think about it the more itachis character arc is lowkey dumb like they’re were literally so many other options other than genociding your family

    Sick BoySick Boy12 dager siden
  • I love the pokemon 2000 Lugia song at the start. Subtle but no mistaking it.

    Michael Angelo JaramilloMichael Angelo Jaramillo13 dager siden
  • Anyone who can appreciate the depth and nuance of Squeler has good taste and of fucking course Nux appreciates Squeler as a character. Sad that there aren't that many people who are conversing about it.

    dekalabia decrabiadekalabia decrabia14 dager siden
  • Nux don’t you like how there are people stupid enough to actually agree with racist comments smh

    Daffy’s Bot subDaffy’s Bot sub15 dager siden
  • Honestly I wasn't really a fan of your videos because your voice... it grated on my ears at first lol, but this video was amazing.

    Michael SaenzMichael Saenz15 dager siden
  • 6:45 JOHN CENA

    TrummlerTrummler16 dager siden
  • racism exist but it is not everywhere. the perception of racism where it doesn't exist is a far bigger problem in America today than actual racism is.

    You cant handle my name!You cant handle my name!18 dager siden
  • Tribalism is the real problem. One group that share a trait with each other and distrust, fear, hate, or are jealous of a different group of people that have a shared trait. Sport fans and nerds that argue which franchise/movie/characters are better are low level examples of this, and violent racial supremacist are on the high end of this. The real problem is because of the way Humanity has been living potentially over the past 100,000-500,000 years. This tribalism is believed to be an innate human trait. That helped us survive a long, long time. Now just because things are largely peaceful in many parts of the world people are expected to get along. I don't know how many people believe in genetically inherited memories, but if that's true it not going to be easy to overcome humanity's tribalistic nature. Philosophy is fun.

    Kamron ThurmondKamron Thurmond19 dager siden
  • So what I'm hearing is Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS stole the plot of Alita battle angel...

    Kamron ThurmondKamron Thurmond19 dager siden
  • Though...R.I.P. Lelouch

    Yoda TheYoda The20 dager siden
  • This is gold!

    Yoda TheYoda The20 dager siden
  • Ok but if I can't judge a person for circumstances out of their control I can't judge them at all so alas I suppose I'll just mind my own business...

    Nico SommerNico Sommer20 dager siden
  • Ayee. I watched the whole dam thing.

    LuReLuRe22 dager siden
  • I think some Gundam series also touches on the topic of racism.

    Jovak ArtJovak Art22 dager siden
  • squealer looks like he would be perfectly happy in the world or invader zim

    Da WoofDa Woof23 dager siden
  • Why is racism a thing, where does it originate from? I think it is a very primitive survival mechanism from times of prehistory, where people lived in tribes and struggled to live another day, therefore they detached themselves from viewing the people from other tribes as humans, to avoid psychological trauma that came with inhumane acts done to take over their resources and survive. Basically it is a thing because there is always fight for resources, and people cope with potential trauma from murder et.c. this way. The worse are living conditions for a group of people, the more will it appear, as can be seen in nazi Germany, where the society was in a very bad situation, which propelled Hitler's ideas. That's my take on the origin of racism.

    TheSeth256TheSeth25623 dager siden
  • meowth's backstory is clearly about classism. I understand as a medium you can shape the meaning into whatever you want and it also fits for racism, but it's clearly for classism.

    jrmunro111jrmunro11124 dager siden
  • Flexism is the only -ism that matters.

    R GR G24 dager siden
  • God, this reminds me of Eyeshield 21 and how a football team from Africa all looked the same. Writer couldn't even be bother to differentiate them

    Maria JumaMaria Juma24 dager siden
  • Love the video but... i would classify it as prejudice in general rather than racism, alot of the examples are more related to classism which yes sometimes people associate race with class but they are two seperate entities in entirety. tbh most people have somewhat of it in them they just ignore it ik as a fact some people just scare me by how they look, also ppl with boomboxes scare me no clue why. its irrational but the loud noises just kinda make me nervous and make me look at me feet. i didn't used to be afraid of anything but all of a sudden i am afraid of like everything. prejudice is a problem that can never be solved, there are always people who rather than ignore that fear and try to interact and know people will get angry and mean because of it, hatred begets hatred and the cycle continues. The problem is all guaranteed solutions lead to things worse than what we currently have and would involve a world like 1984... sorry if i went too far but i do find the subject interesting because so many people think its something to be fixed but its not really fixable without literally brainwashing. at best id actually say to just acknowledge that prejudice is a part of everyone and that we just need to look past it.(as in everyone looking past their own prejudices). (it'll never happen tho cuz toxicity always exists)

    josh landonjosh landon26 dager siden
  • I’ve missed these long nux videos. I missed it when it came out, but viewing it now is super awesome.

    Christopher HarrisChristopher Harris27 dager siden
  • No no, I am not racist or discriminating... I just really cherish individuality!

    Tenshi KanashisaTenshi Kanashisa27 dager siden
  • Its interesting that many of these concepts get written off as "generic" as a seasoned anime watcher - cause they actually are to someone that experienced their fair share of anime. However, it is not generic at all to someone who never watched anime, cause western media rarely does stories like that.

    Tenshi KanashisaTenshi Kanashisa27 dager siden
  • Sworn I would have saw HunterXHunter the 'chimera ant arc'. Netero was wrong by the way

    UnknownMuscleGuyUnknownMuscleGuy28 dager siden
    • THANK YOU. I always thought Netero was wrong.

      TheChickenRiceBowlTheChickenRiceBowl23 dager siden
  • NGL i know this channel is mostly for memes...but this right here is most certainly appreciated content

    Professor HawkProfessor Hawk28 dager siden
  • blqck clover . fmab. beastars.

    •Kataki Ariri• Xeocrose固き•Kataki Ariri• Xeocrose固き28 dager siden
  • mfw racism is an intrinsic part of human nature and is also based.

    N**** *N**** *28 dager siden
  • The real tragedy is that people become the thing they swear to destroy by attempting to fight racism/bigotry with their own. It just breeds a cycle of hatred.

    EldestDragonEldestDragon29 dager siden
  • I value friendship extremely and I think I got it from One Piece when i was rly young and Yu Gi Oh :D

    Daedric JohnsonDaedric JohnsonMåned siden
  • Squealer shoulda win and ending would reflect on destruction he caused - innocent lives lost. It would be just as great, at least not that heart breaking.

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns1992Måned siden
  • I need to share this video with more people.

    PREXPPREXPMåned siden
  • The problem about the meowth quote about focusing on the ways we're the same instead of the ways we're different though, is we really all are different. Every single person in the world is different from every other person in the world and we can't and SHOULDN'T ignore those differences we should just realize that different isn't bad.

    MarlonOwnsYourCakeMarlonOwnsYourCakeMåned siden
  • You are overrating anime. There is Samurai Jack, Batman the Animated Series, Avatar - plethora of great cartoons both kids and adults enjoy. Even "kid's shows" tackle serious issues like racism. Anime is just part of media. It's not superior. There is just as much trash (if note more tbh) than in any other media like tv series, movies, games, etc. etc.

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns1992Måned siden
  • I dunno Nux. These homosexuals are kinda gay.

    Sean KrkovichSean KrkovichMåned siden
    • never have i been so ofended by something i one hundred percent agree with

      HotPVPHotPVP15 dager siden
  • Ill never forget when future trunks said “dont shoot, this man isnt black “

    sSthesquadSssSthesquadSsMåned siden
  • 35:15 Actually, there is this deeply ingrained concept of an "in group" and "out group" that everyone seems to have. It can be as small as acting very different around friends and family (or "in group") than when with strangers (or "out group") who you may act cold to (you know, if you're me and hate people) or it can be to the extreme of going full Hitler. Never go full Hitler. These concepts have been throughout history to varying degrees and is the underlying cause of prejudice and racism. The idea that "i can treat these people differently because they're not apart of my in group, they're not one of us". This whole "in group" and "out group" concept is actually something I learned from learning Japanese and about Norse culture. My sensei taught us about the groups when explaining how to use different levels of formality. With Norse, they literally have words for "in group" and "out group" and their whole lifestyle was built around the concept - which explains why they had vikings. This then had me thinking about all other cultures, who have had their own racism/prejudice and/or slavery to deal with at some point in time. It was all the same root cause.

    Moira MenzelliMoira MenzelliMåned siden
  • This is the absolute best video you made in a month and yet has only 300k views. I am dying inside.. I hope you can still make masterpices like this one despite the low performance. Keep on with the amazing job, man

    wismsgrewismsgreMåned siden
  • This was a brilliant philosophical analysis...! 👏😯 I applaud and salute you magnificent and wholesome memelord for making me to remember more quotable lines I have heard.

    Sen IntSen IntMåned siden
  • A fucking masterpiece is what that was. Thank you Nux.

    Char ManChar ManMåned siden
  • 18:40 "And obviously both sides have their sins crawling down their backs for the rest of eternity" I like that little reference, even if it was unintentional C:

    JohnJohnMåned siden
  • Through the whole video I was thinking about Shinsekai Yori. So happy to see this anime mentioned here :)

  • FMA is the goat

    bored clipsbored clipsMåned siden
  • "toxic fandoms of different anime" *puts bnha picture* sir- I completely understand......

    alexina rockalexina rockMåned siden
  • Love Nux, spiting facts for a whole ass hour

    Sparky BleuSparky BleuMåned siden
  • Dude, I had no idea that's what Naruto was about. Circumstances kept me from finishing it before Shippuden even started. Time to rewatch the whole series

    Tay KylesTay KylesMåned siden
  • The uchiha story is about descrimination not racism, cauz the uchiha and all the other clans in Konoha were from the same race especially the Senju Who are descendant of the same clan as the Uchiha.

    Badreddine BelabedBadreddine BelabedMåned siden
  • The way you talk is really annoying bruh similar to asta, I'm your new subscriber hope I get used to it

    A-26-Himanshu JagtapA-26-Himanshu JagtapMåned siden
  • Code geass is sooo legit story wise, and on the opposite side of what you talked about, leluche acts on feelings of vengeance, not facts, he is "the protagonist" only in the sense that he is opposed to Britania's policies, and there are many points at which negotiations could have been made, where innocent people did not have to die, but he plows ahead anyways because his revenge is more important to him than justice, peace, and equality. He repeatedly manipulates people who in many ways did nothing wrong in general or to him or to his race. His plan is self justified evil. Kind of written to be a perfect opposition to the king, raising the excellent point, who in real life is 100 percent right about everything? Who should you side with when everyone is wrong about something?

    Richard HarringtonRichard HarringtonMåned siden
  • another person obsessing over racism. how original

    dnpuckittdnpuckittMåned siden
  • Racism is like rape. You CANNOT justify it. You can justify murder! Oh, you can justify murder...

    John WardJohn WardMåned siden
  • I wish you mentioned Tokyo ghoul.

    Darian.1996@Yahoo.com MyersDarian.1996@Yahoo.com MyersMåned siden
  • 1: thank you for propping up my favorite anime, Code Geass 2: NO. CHARLES IS A DOUCHENOZZLE. 3: Jeremiah is the sexy one.

    5Geass5GeassMåned siden
  • Yu gi oh 5ds was amazing. I'm sorry but there's so much more than card games. I don't watch yu gi oh anymore because of how childish it turned but 5ds had very dark themes in it and I'm pretty sure they targeted young adults with that series. To me is the best yu gi oh to date.

    AAAAMåned siden
  • Dood that helps

    Unicorn ReaperUnicorn ReaperMåned siden
  • Amazing vid bro

    Angel GonzalezAngel GonzalezMåned siden
  • Need a flexes video about demon king misfit. But do you think making a video about him would really make a video out of him.

    Kirito YuukiKirito YuukiMåned siden
  • You dismiss Hey Arnold the kid cartoon with heavy theme

    adhi 99adhi 99Måned siden
  • If racism is essentially HATE, then the opposite is LOVE. Therefore Interspecies Reviewers must be the bestest anime eva' and could end bigotry. :-P

    MechaSushiXMechaSushiXMåned siden
  • Shut up about Code Gayass

    Ash WilliamsAsh WilliamsMåned siden
  • modern philosopher right here

    syko spoosyko spooMåned siden
  • Thanks Nux

    Taylor GangTaylor GangMåned siden
  • Uuuuuuu

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    • Uu

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    • Uu

      Ziggy HigginsZiggy HigginsMåned siden
  • Squealer should have lowkey won... Sometimes I really hate humanity

    Oreo ChatzOreo ChatzMåned siden
  • Finished some old anime recently and saw this vid when it came out. Now I'm rewatching it and gonna check out From the New World. Thanks Nux for recommending series that no one knew existed and I'm gonna get my popcorn and tears ready. There are times I feel you dont take some stuff seriously. But when you do, you show it with facts and dig deep on issues the rest of us might have a hard time explaining it. Love you kid.

    ELDEMONIO 009ELDEMONIO 009Måned siden
  • Bethesda says they support LGBT. Can't marry same sex in skyrim

    Matthew NiemannMatthew NiemannMåned siden
  • Oooh, i see you made a pseudoserious video essay in the Araragi house, nnnnice

    aldlkjaldlkjMåned siden
  • Tobirama is my Favorite Hokage.

    Apex - AnimeApex - AnimeMåned siden
  • Okay, but since you mentioned 5Ds... YGO Vrains also has some similar themes. But with AI. Just wanted to mention that, because Vrains deserves more recognition.

    PidgeyottotPidgeyottotMåned siden
  • I think you're misconstruing racism as prejudice and discrimination itself. Racism is merely one form of discrimination and prejudice. Some of your examples are not racism, but other forms of discrimination and prejudice. An important part of unraveling a particular instance of prejudice and discrimination is understanding what it is centered around, its history, and its context. Equating prejudice and discrimination in general to just racism is overly simplifying the complexity and scope of what a particular instance of discrimination and prejudice can encompass. Racism is specially discrimination and prejudice on the basis of what race a person is. Where one is born, what family name one is born with, one's financial status, what nation one is born from; these are all different from racism despite also being instances of prejudice and discrimination. There are many, many things that can be met with discrimination and prejudice beyond just race. It's important to understand that the fundamental issue with discrimination and prejudice is that it does not allow the opportunity for an individual to make their self known in who one is as a person. It's essentially guilt by association; judgement without a chance for one to show _who_ one is despite what one is in terms of labels associated with one, be it by choice or otherwise. You mention immutable characteristics, which I understand the argument of unfairness associated with that, being judged for something that is unchangeable is unfair, but I don't actually believe that is the core issue with prejudice and discrimination. I believe it is unfair to judge someone beyond just when it is their immutable characteristics that one is being judged by. Faulty, unfair, and/or selfish reasoning is ultimately at fault. For example, if one has a bad experience with someone from a particular town, it would be faulty to assume all people from that town are like that one person you experienced. It is assuming too much about so many from so little. It would be unfair towards the others in that town. It also is selfish to put one's security on such a pedestal that one would be willing to be unfair and incorrect about that presumption. Perhaps you live in an environment where everyone around you believes those with blond hair are evil. The temptation would be to take in this prejudice and discrimination to fit in with those around you. It is faulty to believe something without evidence or argument, but instead do so just because it's popular to believe it. It is unfair towards those with blond hair to be denied their individuality and chance to prove who they are on an individual basis. It is selfish to indulge in that belief at said people's expense due to the security and comfort it brings to be accepted and unthreatened by those around you who believe it. There are many more examples I could give, but the point is ultimately that the fault lies in the logic itself. I suppose where things may get more grey is when there is a massive display of data behind prejudice. If a statistic showed that 98% of people out of a large sample size of a certain look and/or association were violent and dangerous, and the data was convincing, an argument can be made that the perceived risk to one's self or others justifies that prejudice. I understand this argument. My counter would be though to have reasonable caution instead of full on prejudice; be ready to react if that caution proves true while taking measures to protect one's self that doesn't lead one to initiating a conflict their self. If possible, it is still ideal to try to learn who those of the supposed association and or look in question are on an individual basis. I feel that this would only start to become necessary in an extreme, non-civil circumstance though. One of the most extreme circumstances is when you know a group, be it a gang, army, or some sort of uniformed /pseudo-uniformed group in actively engaging in violence against you or others. As the situation becomes more extreme, the less one is able to safely judge others on an individual basis, and thus, more extreme actions because ever more justified. All the more reason to try to avoid such extreme circumstances if at all possible.

    Valkyrie RegaliaValkyrie RegaliaMåned siden
  • Bro, Best Video ever

    Alejandro MontoyaAlejandro MontoyaMåned siden
  • Why isn't anyone talking about frieza being racist, like. My guy killed almost all the sayians just because he didn't like them. And even calls them monkeys whenever he feels like it

    Athenkosi FreddieAthenkosi FreddieMåned siden
  • I'd like to just add that Tokyo Ghoul has its own collection of points for this very topic. that being said, loved the video because it just goes to show that anime is a lot more than just a bunch of cartoons.

    Jax KittenJax KittenMåned siden
  • I mean Japan have never been racist.. .right....why is everyone quiet?

    Beowulf 45Beowulf 45Måned siden
  • It's great hearing you talk about these lines from anime. I grew up with Pokemon and didn't even specifically remember the Meowth episode until you were talking about it. I did remember everything about Mewtwo, though. Meowth's apparent one stuck with me so well that I had it running through my head as you said it. I'm glad you did this. I haven't even finished the videdo and I'm glad you did this.

    Kojio FurdrakeKojio FurdrakeMåned siden
  • Jesus Christ as soon as you mentioned the meowth scene I recall the vivid fucking memory of seeing it

    The NoodleThe NoodleMåned siden
  • How's this about racism? It's just discrimination.

    Fennex FlameFennex FlameMåned siden
  • Racism is usually the result of humans fight or flight response triggered by the fear of the unknown. It is then becomes a fear of the unknown to ideology. I think what the scientific reasoning to racism at least.

    AnickAnickMåned siden
  • so what we learned is... pokemon makes less racists

    iplaygamesziplaygameszMåned siden
  • I think you missed an amazing anime that tackles racism on a much more personal level - Kimetsu no Yaiba. An interesting thing about racism is that people seem to have a tendency to disassociate their personal selves from what's seen as "racist" - from SJWs to actual racist people. This refusal to acknowledge racism as a objective topic - to recognize prejudice/racism as practiced by other people and prejudice/racism as it exists within (whether towards other people or internally) - is one of the things that makes racism so enduring and pervasive. IMO you hit the nail on the head with several of the points you made in the video - you *shouldn't* feel compelled to join protests just so you can show society that you're not racist. You *shouldn't* try to mosey up to anyone just to show other people that you're pro-diversity. I think on some level that actually defeats the purpose. You SHOULD, however, try to reflect on why you'd think any other human being could be inferior just because they look different. Just because their lineage comes from a different latitude. Just because their body works a bit differently. Because in the end, they're still people. You SHOULD see color. You SHOULD celebrate the fact that different colors exist. You SHOULD NOT use that to justify treating someone differently when it comes to something like academics or applying for a job, but you SHOULD know that someone with curly hair will need different types of hair care products or that someone with fairer skin will get sunburns more easily. In the end, fighting racism is as much (and I'd argue, much more significantly) a personal journey. In the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro exists as a hero who fights demons and even joins a society that aims to exterminate demons once and for all. But his motivations for doing so are very personal - he's doing it because he wants to find some way to save Nezuko, and he's doing it because he wants to stop the suffering of other people AND demons. His resolve allows him to do what needs to be done, and yet also allows him to find enough common ground with demons to show them kindness. Tanjiro's spark is inspiring - in the end it's not so much about fighting racism by *demonizing* it and people who practice it, it's about finding common ground with people and showing other people that that common ground exists (while remaining open to the possibility that some people just lack the capacity for change). In Kimetsu no Yaiba, for example, the hashira start out as a group of hardcore demon-haters but through the actions of Tanjiro/Nezuko they are able to start to re-examine their views - always a good first step, though some were ultimately unable to stumble beyond that. Demons are able to reflect on their various situations, and one way or another they are given the opportunity to do something about it (and some just keep on being their happy psychotic selves). It's refreshingly realistic. Altogether it's an amazing story about how hatred/irrationality exist as a sort of self-sustaining feedback loop and no amount of additional hatred/irrationality is going to fix that. Hating demons, in fact, only seems to make things worse. For the cycle to end people have to step up and confront their demons - and turns out doing that could be as simple as finding common ground with other people. Because so many things could have gone horribly wrong in that show if the antagonists were actually inhuman enough to be unable feel things like anger, regret, jealousy, despair or even apathy.

    whokilledmydoggiewhokilledmydoggieMåned siden
  • Nux sjw confirmed

    Chaos ConvergentChaos ConvergentMåned siden
  • Full metal is the best anime at portraying a realistic and imperfect society

    Thomas CliffordThomas CliffordMåned siden
  • Meowth really is lowkey ghandi Luthor king

    Thomas CliffordThomas CliffordMåned siden
  • badboys

    Dsadasa AsdasdDsadasa AsdasdMåned siden
  • "Slide through the demographics" Nux Found a new meaning for DMs...

    DaBlackStarDaBlackStarMåned siden
  • I just realised... he sounds like Francis from TikTok, the guy on the roof with the Taco blanket

    Jazz_Likes_Lofi vJazz_Likes_Lofi vMåned siden
  • I think you could’ve use gurren lagann and hunterxhunter chimera ant arc

    Michael PowellMichael PowellMåned siden
  • I forget who said it. There are two races in the world the decent and indecent and each one of those races has every color in the rainbow in it.

  • That punch from one-piece, one of my favorite moments in anime and luffy same exactly because of the reasons you mentioned

    Terry VanguardTerry VanguardMåned siden
  • Didn't Ben 10 and his crew fight a race of aliens who were calling themselves "the high breed" and try to "putrefy the other lesser races"?

    Jack of All VampsJack of All VampsMåned siden
  • I couldn't help but notice you don't know how Emilia was oppressed. Feel free to check out the OVA's my friend. Not Memory Snow, the other one. But do watch memory snow for some laughs.

    Anxious MacAnxious MacMåned siden