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Hunter Exam, Zoldyck House, Tower Thingy, Phantom Troupe, Greed Island, Chimera Ants, Election, Dark Continent, Prince Hunger Games, GOTTA RANK 'EM ALL!
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  • Hunter Exam: 8/10 Zoldyck House:6.5 /10 Heavens Arena: 7/10 Phantom Troupe: 9/10 Greed Island: 7.5/10 Chimera Ant: 10/10 Election: 8.9/10 (i liked the focus on killua) (Ranked this before watching the vid)

    George BeqaeenGeorge Beqaeen3 timer siden
  • I really like these videos please do more

    cardboard10cardboard1012 timer siden
  • Of course Nux like Pariston, they are basically the same person.

    St. BermudaSt. BermudaDag siden
  • Animac keeps disagreeing with Nux and then literally says the exact same thing Nux says and claims it as his own perspective. 😐

    John GistJohn GistDag siden
  • I don't think these guys know that gyro is probably going to be a final boss in Hunter Hunter

    brodey hurdbrodey hurdDag siden
  • Hunter exam- 8,3/10 Zoldyck - 7,49/10 Heaven arena - 8,62/10 Phantom troupe - 10/10 Greed island - 8,69/10 Chimera ants - 11/10 Erection arc - 8,91/10 Succesion war- 9,12/10 Overrall rating- 9,01625/10

    Bunqee gum has properties of both rubber and gumBunqee gum has properties of both rubber and gum2 dager siden
  • 49:18 yemarum

    Krimson SkulKrimson Skul3 dager siden
  • Ginn reminds me of sinbad, way to many matching traits and goals

    Thomas the TitanThomas the Titan3 dager siden
  • Hunter exam 9/10 Zoldyck 8/10 Heavens Arena 9.5/10 Yorknew 11/10 Greed Island 9/10 Chimera Ant 11/10 Election 9.5/10

    spencer unrauspencer unrau4 dager siden
  • this video has 14 ads :(

    BenjiminnnBenjiminnn4 dager siden
  • Hxh>big 3 and is a fax

    HaMsTer _HaMsTer _4 dager siden
    • Agreed

      Bunqee gum has properties of both rubber and gumBunqee gum has properties of both rubber and gum2 dager siden
  • I am almost finished rewatching Hunter x Hunter. It still gives me goosebumbs even if I know what happens next

    John SindiongJohn Sindiong4 dager siden
  • They hate eachother like real friends how lovley

    Bryan SainzBryan Sainz5 dager siden
  • 55:24 I beg to differ. I think satotz lays out a bunch of things Ging has done & I'm sure it didn't even scratch the surface.

    XEVNXEVN6 dager siden
  • You guys sleeping on the Hunter Exam is pretty disappointing. It is the best shounen intro arc I've ever seen by a country mile and it does an excellent job of setting up most of the main players in the story; Including but not limited to, the big four, hisoka, illumi, netero, the phantom troupe. If you include the manga it also sets up Kite who becomes the entire moral focal point of the show later on.

    Henry MenozziHenry Menozzi6 dager siden
  • Takes nearly 4 minutes to get to the actual subject of the video, geez

    AxkinAxkin7 dager siden
  • he didnt contact the zodiacs cuz the hunter asscociation asked netero to deal with the chimara ants and he could bring anyone he wants the problem is that netero had a plan in mind and to achieve that plan he needed these 2 people he brought (forgot there names) cuz he was planning to defeat the chimeras before the king was born the plan worked but not in time

    Azozi 68Azozi 687 dager siden
  • Having shit tons of access and prestige and fame gee why would any one want to be a hunter

    peter Veckmenpeter Veckmen7 dager siden
  • How does it take this man to rank 5 arcs

    Tyler SeversonTyler Severson8 dager siden
  • I love Pouf

    Doppio&Okuyasu FanDoppio&Okuyasu Fan10 dager siden
  • The chimera arc definitely drag to the point where I wanted to fast forward some dialogue.

    daniel ibarradaniel ibarra11 dager siden
  • I'm the kind of person to rate Yugioh a 10/10. Of course I would rate every arc of Hunter x Hunter a 10/10.

    Doppio&Okuyasu FanDoppio&Okuyasu Fan11 dager siden
  • York new city arc imo is one of the worse arcs of hxh

    DuhConfusionLordDuhConfusionLord13 dager siden
  • i just finished hunter hunter. and now i understand why lord nuxanor loves this series so much

    eurus kreacatoaeurus kreacatoa13 dager siden
  • I was a big fan of the Alluka side story

    A living Gas chamberA living Gas chamber13 dager siden
  • I just remember watching all of hxh and then I read the animated and unanimated arc. The whole time I was just bored.

    Tim NougatTim Nougat15 dager siden
  • those other 2 have bad taste hunter hunter is 10 out of 10

    Zine's NetworkZine's Network15 dager siden
  • That one guy was being so hipster when he was talking about giving yorknew 8.6💀

    F4BF4B16 dager siden
  • 4/10? Bruh my brain can understand that ppl dislike the show but its a fact that hxh is not that bad atleast 7 outta 10 in the worst case

    S2Xbit iXS2Xbit iX17 dager siden
  • I agree with animak on most of his points, the election and exam arcs were boring and unimportant but yorknew and chimera ant arcs were fantastic

    Troy CrannTroy Crann18 dager siden
  • 16:40

    HappyQuinn 101HappyQuinn 10119 dager siden
  • this vdo is just arguing :/

    VoidVoid20 dager siden
  • We didnt even get to see the full potential of meruem

    vxBlankvxBlank20 dager siden
  • To much extra in every arch for me I give hunter x hunter 8.6/10 overall. Has some of the best moments in all of anime, but has a good amount of duds as well.

    Tatokain JonesTatokain Jones21 dag siden
  • It’s the lack of any talk about the best side character in anime for me and the amazing massive character development he goes through in the chimera and election arc *cough* KILLUA

    Sydney GonzalezSydney Gonzalez21 dag siden
  • 44:02 glad im not the only one

    the anonymous ladthe anonymous lad21 dag siden
  • Can you rank Bleach Arcs

    Heze 28Heze 2821 dag siden
  • Is it bad that I would give every arc a 10/10 😅

    Ben WilliamsBen Williams22 dager siden
  • Idk my fav is Yorknew but still chimera ant is 10/10 when meruem is born and the 3 bodyguards are born

    Mohammed AmranMohammed Amran24 dager siden
  • Nux is crazy but a true genius since there is method in his madness. Seriously breaking the rules of mathematics to give an 11/10. Keep up the humor lad (Honestly Pouf is a rather interesting character since they made you WANT to hate him and they did a good job so he served his purpose well) I love how Briggs has such a specific way of ranking things and has the balls to claim Phantom Troupe/Yorknew City arc is overrated. But seriously his ranking method is both funny and smart (Briggs took calculus in college confirmed!) Animak bantering with Nux is just golden and their conversations feel STRAIGHT out of an anime. And i do appreciate Animak being the critical one to balance the others higher rankings. (Sometimes you have to be THAT guy)

    Quint And His ClonesQuint And His Clones24 dager siden
  • Me ranking all the arcs on MY opinion: Hunter Exam Arc: 8/10 Save killua arc: 8/10 Heavens arena arc: 10/10 York New arc: 11/10 Greed island arc: 10/10 Chimera ant arc: 11/10 Fuxking masterpiece Chairman election arc: 8/10

    Dr. ZamanDr. Zaman25 dager siden
  • I feel like Ging is like rose quarts

    PotatoPecoPotatoPeco28 dager siden
  • this is what i think : hunter exam: 7/10 because we got know the characters and somewhat their back story’s and the reason why they wanted to become hunter. zoldycks house: 5/10 because we got to see killuas family but i also like candary and gotoh. heavens arena: 8/10 killua and gon learned nen and hon finally punched hisoka and elevator lady (for 1999 hxh) phantom troupe: 10/10 one of my two favorite arcs!! it was so interesting and telling the back story and kurapika was such a badass and when chrollo was fighting silva even if it wasn’t serious. then hisoka betraying them and with kurpika . greed island: 9/10 it was good and when bisky taught killua and gon how to find their person nen. also how they completed the game and how they beat the bombers lol chimera arc: 11/10 I LOVED😃. even if i cried to the deaths. the way meruem was slowly finding out who he was and finding the passion for gungi. the phantom troupe finding some of the chimera ants and beating their asses. seeing how far gon got and seeing how knuckle and the rest were. even morel as a sea hunter was such good at the combat and everything was falling into place. and more (but it would be ten pages if i described what i liked about each arc lol) election arc: 9.5/10 we finally met ging. lol

    Tarter SauceTarter Sauce28 dager siden
  • Nux: I don't know if he has his nen *Nux secretly knowing the answer* Reply nux taco if you know what I'm talking about but don't say so people won't get spoiled.

    B PB P29 dager siden
  • Hunter exam 3:39 Zoldyck family arc 15:20 Heavens arena 17:36 Yorknew 20:47 Greed island 31:23 Chimera Ant 36:05 Election 52:10 Manga arcs 1:02:11

    Arcade AaronArcade AaronMåned siden
    • You're a legend

      Bunqee gum has properties of both rubber and gumBunqee gum has properties of both rubber and gum2 dager siden
    • Thank you

      ben kalhokben kalhok8 dager siden
  • I just finished watching the anime yesterday and, aside from Naruto, I have never been so emotionally invested in and moved by a story in my entire life. Yorknew and Chimera Ant are two of the greatest pieces of fiction I have ever seen. Now I'm going to work on catching up in the manga. Please do an arc ranking for Shippuden next.

    Matthew MadoreMatthew MadoreMåned siden
    • Big agree here first time watching HxH felt like Zabuza and Chuunin exams all over again. I’ll always be a diehard Naruto fan but admittedly Kishimoto got overwhelmed pretty early into Shippuden. How could you not with the enormous success and competition of OP and Bleach? The story and character development sadly suffered simply for the sake of milking a dead cow. Despite all the hiatuses and uncertainty, Togashi has maintained a genuine and compelling vibe to each arc that is very unique to HxH. Steeped in the same consistent mystery and tension that Naruto once had.

      Christian KarcherChristian Karcher22 dager siden
  • Hunter exam: 8 Zoldyck: 6.5-7 Heavens arena: 8 Yorknew:9 Greed Island :7.5 Chimera ant arc: 10 Election: 8

    Ian MoffetIan MoffetMåned siden
  • It was pretty overhyped I did like it but poison. Really.

    Cory SWAHCory SWAHMåned siden
  • Greed Island is my favorite arc. It's where we see Gons scary side during his fight with boom boom explosion guy, we meet Bisky, it has a cool concept, and it was fun to watch as well as nerve raising.

    Crystxlized HxwksCrystxlized HxwksMåned siden
  • Im on ep like 83 hol up

    Sw44nk _ 04Sw44nk _ 04Måned siden
  • The part where chrollo did the composer thing on the balcony was so cool it gave me the chills

    Connor RobbinsConnor RobbinsMåned siden
  • Face reveal

    Connor RobbinsConnor RobbinsMåned siden
  • Late but yeaaaa Hunter exam : 9/10 Zoldyck house : 7/10 Heavens arena : 8/10 Yorkshin arc : 9.5/10 Greed island : 7/10 (i dislike this arc) Chimera ants : 100000/10 (the build up is pretty boring at times but it's 100% worth it) Election arc : 9 ( i love this arc way too much)

    Taha TahaTaha TahaMåned siden
  • hxh is a good show but the first arc wasn't all that good, it was interesting tho like for new anime watchers especially

    rinrinMåned siden
  • do bleach next with bleach hub


    Unique BillUnique BillMåned siden
  • Doesn’t even remember Gyro or care about how it related to the story... You don’t have the capacity to rate it

    D.I.T. YTD.I.T. YTMåned siden
  • I knew animacs taste was pretty bad, but until I heard him say HxH is 4/10 I lost all faith in his taste

    SevereSevereMåned siden
  • This is how I’d rank them imo Hunter Exam: 6/10 Zoldyck Family: 6/10 Heaven’s Arena: 8/10 Phantom Troupe: 9/10 Greed Island: 5/10 Chimera Ant: 8/10 Election: 6/10

    M_ALI_04M_ALI_04Måned siden
  • I think the reason that the zodiacs and other powerful hunters were absent in the chimera ant arc was that, with every hunter that falls in battle, a new member of the ant army would be created with equal strength, therefore it was important to limit numbers and strength where possible

    Marnga MarxMarnga MarxMåned siden
  • Bro pls do shippuden with swagkage

    julian3julian3Måned siden
  • I thought Swagkage was invited for this?

    Daniel MaDaniel MaMåned siden
  • When you can only watch the first arc cause hulu only has the first arc: 😡

    I'mTheCringezI'mTheCringezMåned siden
  • This guy was seriously calling Pouf a "Yandere Simp" then got so excited having more waifus in the election arc hahaha

    ʝıռx sռıքєʝıռx sռıքєMåned siden
  • The heavens arena arc?

    Tyson SluymersTyson SluymersMåned siden
  • Do black clover please

    Kai AungKai AungMåned siden
  • Ngl bro ur vids too long

    ginginMåned siden
  • Unpopular opinion. Cimera ant is the worst arc. No troll. Just so freaking slow and I hated the narration segments!

    Joel KooJoel KooMåned siden
  • 45:00 born with everything but a name

    Cza BeatsCza BeatsMåned siden
  • Did you just say zero to One piece (of shit)

    adamadamMåned siden
  • Rank every arc in gintama

    Oren MoutonOren MoutonMåned siden
  • The questionable move of the 2014 anime, leaving out the events of Chapter 1 from the manga... which makes Gon's motives a bit more clear.

    OtakuOtakuMåned siden
  • Pouf and Komugi are the devil and angel on Meruem's shoulder representing his chimera ant and human sides.

    Christopher RiveraChristopher RiveraMåned siden
  • Yes yes, that's cool and all but did you know bungee gum has the attributes of both rubber and gum?

    Beetest YeetestBeetest YeetestMåned siden
  • For me, hunter exam arc is the best arc, i am talking about the hxh anime from 1999, they did the great job on the 1999 anime, i agree that the hunter exam suck on the 2011 anime. what they did on the hxh 2011 is they FastTrack the exam. most of the hxh fans did not care since they already watch it from 1999. on this arc there were no nen aura yet only guts.

    lala melodylala melodyMåned siden
  • The reason why none of the zodiacs were brought to East Gorteau (the palace) was that Netero was asked to carry out the mission and he wanted to fight them by himself. Netero's a crazy son of a bitch and much like Hisoka is looking for great opponents. He only brought Morel and Knov with him because they were utility and wouldn't get in his way

    Meccha BaronMeccha BaronMåned siden
  • The next thing your going to say is "is Kurapika a girl or a boy?"

    SheridenSheridenMåned siden
  • I love how pouf is made and no one can change that

    Beku___XXBeku___XXMåned siden
  • "he died a human" literally made me sob

    Jihane AmaouiJihane AmaouiMåned siden
  • Rating on how much I personally enjoyed it Warning: It is possible that you are going to see some unpopular opinions :3 Hunter exam: 8.3/10 Zoldyck: 8/10 Heavens Arena: 10/10 Yorknew: 8/10 Greed island: 10/10 Chimera ant: 9/10 Selection: 9/10

    BonbozaBonbozaMåned siden
  • Damn I feel like the only person who really enjoyed the Hunter Exam Arc. Like that's in my top 3 arcs in HxH & it's one of the best opening arcs for shounen anime. Like Dragonball, Jojo, Naruto, & even One Piece's first arcs while good honestly pale in comparison to the Hunter Exam IMO.

    Reverof EnolaReverof EnolaMåned siden
  • I agree with nux and briggs😍🤭😆one piece tier arc is ofcourse the chimera ant arc...but yeah I agree towards middle the narration was dragging

    Nivedita TalukdarNivedita TalukdarMåned siden
  • I feel like they should make an arc for leorio because In Yorknew it’s Kurapika almost all the other are Gon and Killua

    Lee GamingLee GamingMåned siden
  • Hunter exams 5/10 Zoldyck 4/10 Heavens Arena 6/10 Yorknew 10/10 Greed island 5/10 Chimera 6/10 (Just my opinion)

    Viro KamiViro KamiMåned siden
  • I didn’t like most arcs, the Yorknew arc was by far my favorite arc

    Viro KamiViro KamiMåned siden
  • Succession war arc rating coming in 2050

    Maccoy HartwegMaccoy HartwegMåned siden
  • 1. Chimera ants 2. York new 3. Greed island 4. Hunter exam 5. Election 6. Tournament

    ryan johnryan johnMåned siden
  • The Chimeran Ant arc is an authors dissection of the human condition. Its fucking brilliant and giving it an 8.5 out of 10 means he simply didn't understand what he was watching. You can write philosophical essays on how great the Chimeran ant arc is. Its the greatest Shonen arc of all time.

    Iron BerserkIron BerserkMåned siden
  • i cant believe anybody can think the chimera arc is more than a 7 at most.

    Thomas MelloThomas MelloMåned siden
    • @B P i thought it was pretty average. some really great moments but also some really bad/annoying things

      Thomas MelloThomas Mello25 dager siden
    • Wtf why don't you think that

      B PB P29 dager siden
    • This is the most retarded statement I have ever heard

      Kaminoshi seikatsuKaminoshi seikatsuMåned siden
  • this is why i dont watch anime uproar

    My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter butMy opinion is stupid And doesn't matter butMåned siden
  • It’s ok that they didn’t like the whole story with Alluka but like they deserve respect for not trying to prove that Alluka isn’t a girl because her family says so

    ToastyBreddToastyBreddMåned siden
  • عايز تعرف مين بيدخل علي صفحتك وبيراقبك 😘! اكتب في جوجل vad5as واختار اول⛔ موقع انا دخلت علي الموقع انا عرفت مين بيدخل صفحتي بالوقت والتاريخ من موقع vad5as ابحث عنه في جوجل موقع موثوق من جوجل

    DC tributeDC tributeMåned siden
  • I would rate the arcs Hunter Exam: 7/10 Zoldyck House: 6/10 Heavens Arena: 9/10 Phantom Troupe: 10/10 Greed Island: 8/10 Chimera Ants: 11/10 Election: 9/10

    Okama YTOkama YTMåned siden
  • My favorites are Tower arc greed island York new city Alluka arc (dnt know what it’s called) Chimera ant - I liked it , it was just soooo long without characters like kurapika, hisoka, Illumi etc.. when the hiatus is finally over looking back at it it won’t feel long, but right now since the series stopped I feel like we didn’t get to see the mains enough

    DDTVDDTVMåned siden
  • “Hisoka is someone I can relate to-“ Me: WHAT? HOW, SHOULD I GE SCARED IF YOU? DONT LET KIDS NEAR!!!

    Gi GiGi GiMåned siden
  • My favorite arc was the greed island ☝️

    LenzofnLenzofnMåned siden
  • why I never saw this video when it came out? curse you youtube

    E RCE RCMåned siden
  • Y’all y’all y’all. Who has watched danganronpa? Cause like knuckle is like the kid of mondo and ishimaru 😗✌️✨

    i’m asleep atmi’m asleep atmMåned siden

    Anime Is LifeAnime Is LifeMåned siden
  • Brigs clearly has the best and most refined and best and most intellectual and best taste, objectively, also do Berserk

    madeningmadeningMåned siden