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Hunter Exam, Zoldyck House, Tower Thingy, Phantom Troupe, Greed Island, Chimera Ants, Election, Dark Continent, Prince Hunger Games, GOTTA RANK 'EM ALL!
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  • part 2 with tekking NOW!

    KartoffelKartoffel14 timer siden
  • Animac would like the hunter exam more if he read it

    DeShawn WashingtonDeShawn Washington22 timer siden
  • Alluca was explained in the manga

    Prodriguez .954Prodriguez .954Dag siden
  • Allow me to insert my objectively correct opinion: Hunter Exam: 8 Zoldyck Mansion: 7 Heaven's Arena: 8.5 York New: 10 Greed Island: 7 Chimera Ant: 9.5

    laz3r_96laz3r_962 dager siden
  • NUX needs to watch 1999 version atleast up to the end of York New city arc Upto that point 1999 has done it better

    S VS V2 dager siden
  • I think the hunter arc was boring as fuck

    rex salazarrex salazar5 dager siden
  • 19:32 LMAOOO

    StudyVibesStudyVibes5 dager siden
  • Pls Illumi is so gorgeous-

    Sky The BiSky The Bi5 dager siden
  • This is literally the worst anime I’ve ever seen

    E EazyE Eazy5 dager siden
  • One thing that I think was forgotten about the show was Killuas inner battle to freedom from Illumi and the pain he went through, especially when he realized that he wasn't enough to stop Gon and that hurted him so much, that part where Gon said "You have it easy Killua", that was brilliant to me, I love Gons decent into darkness but the way Killua had so much inner conflict was amazing

    Sou1 C1eav3rSou1 C1eav3r7 dager siden
  • Dude get anime uproar out of here until he grows up or something, dude gets butthurt so much and doesn’t like anything that disagrees with him. I agree that some of his points are good, like pacing and the narrator, but instead of letting nux explain and respect his opinion, he freaks out and calls him names like a child would do.

    Swole SenzuSwole Senzu7 dager siden
  • Bro Anime Uproar gets so butthurt dude wtf

    Swole SenzuSwole Senzu7 dager siden
  • Who is that guy giving faulty logics ? Giving 7 after saying if didn't capture his attention. And then giving 8.5 to Chimera Ant Arc

    Sajjad H. NayemSajjad H. Nayem7 dager siden
  • Dose anyone know the actual title

    Blitz :Blitz :9 dager siden
  • I just finished hunter a few hours ago, finally started it a few days ago. Absolutely loved it. I cant pick my favorite arc yet, they all held my interest and drew me into the story in different ways each arc. Great anime

    Dan DollazDan Dollaz11 dager siden
  • Where's the Part 2 of NARUTO with Swagkage! We waiting!

    Saaheb Singh MachraSaaheb Singh Machra11 dager siden
  • Animac comes off as so unlikable and lacking any charisma at all lmao. Content with other people is not his strong suit.

    JJ13 dager siden
  • Pouf is amazing I agree with NUX

    Diego BrandoDiego Brando14 dager siden
  • Why not do ranked all JoJo parts? That be dope

  • Soooo good to see nux doing vids like this again!!! Gatta love it !

    Santiago PerezSantiago Perez15 dager siden
  • Why the chimera ant arc sucks. 1.I really loved the beginning of this arc it was so sad when Curt and Reina 2 innocent little kids were eaten alive by a monster. But they were both reincarnated and never reunited. That was a waste. 2.Netero says it's been over 50 years since he was one of the top Nen users in the world. Where are the top 5 then? At least one of them has to be a hunter. This Ant thing is all over the news and no one cares? 3. Why did so many arms get ripped off? First Kite then the king rips his own arm off, then Netero loses an arm and a leg. Then Gon and speaking of Gon his arm got destroyed last arc as well. It was overdone. 4. Why not use hunters already established from the story like ok using Ging would have been cool of course but you could have used the hungers from the hunter exam like the long leg dude and the girl and the fat guy who are like chefs. They could have turned the tables on the ants and cooked and ate them. 5.Where is Hisoka he is a hunter and literally always looking for strong opponents. And the strongest ones in the story he doesn't even touch. 6.i hate that Mereum was redeemed at the end this dude was a brutal murder killed for no reason and the strongest guy in Hunter hunter and instead of having an epic team up battle final showdown you kill him with poison and he dies a nice guy. That's trash. 7. Gon's Adult form completely random. And I get that he was a nice guy but he barely knew Kite. Would he really get that mad to kill himself? Idk maybe. 8.it would have been nice if one of the chimera ants especially the king had a romantic interest instead of just a friendship. That would have made more sense if he was changing for love but to start a new kingdom and reproduce was one of the main reasons he was born. 9.No one cared about Ponzu and the other guy dying. Like did they even notice? 10. A whole episode was dedicated to Gyro and we didn't even see him once.

    Ray JonesRay Jones17 dager siden
  • Same experience as animak. Very very overhyped anime.

    Kristopher SanchezKristopher Sanchez17 dager siden
  • Chimera ant fights were progbably 10/10 but the arc overall was probably 3/10

    Josh WatersJosh Waters17 dager siden
  • Where were the zodiacs? Yes that's a good question. I have a better one. Why didn't Killua asked Nanika to save Kite or kill Meruem? They introduced a literal nih omnipotent god in the election arc. And don't bring up the condition mechanics because Killua fully healed gon with 0 repercussions. How do you balance that?

    Jorge HuertasJorge Huertas17 dager siden
  • *Anime uproar going on a tirade about Pouf’s hypocrisy ruining the quality of the Chimera Arc* ...That’s not how storytelling works

    John HernandezJohn Hernandez17 dager siden
  • Finished the anime an love it so much ! Every arc was better then that before

    Anon AkkorAnon Akkor19 dager siden
  • Honestly, my least favourite arc is the chimera ant arc. I found it so boring.

    shadow wolfshadow wolf20 dager siden
  • Hunter Exam: 7.5 Zoldyck Family: 7 Heavens Arena: 8 Yorknew City: 9.5 Greed Island: 8 Chimera Ant: 10 Chairman Election: 8.5

    NytherisNytheris20 dager siden
  • No disrespect to Animak but sometimes it definitely feels like he took some of the moments of this series at face value and not really realize what the true message and meaning were with some things like how with Netero vs Meruem, they even say that Netero had to kill him because he was already to deep into this as he even said that he would talk to Meruem if it was that simple, Netero probably did really think Meruem was going towards his humanity and he was sad because he's basically being forced to take the life away of monster who has now shown his humanity

    Phill H.Phill H.21 dag siden
  • I never want you to have a face revel because your chractar is so cool

    Adriel SmartAdriel Smart22 dager siden
  • So, I guess I'm the only one who loves Ging.😔

    XM1-GalaxyXM1-Galaxy22 dager siden
  • I literally just watched the arc and they DO NOT recap the last episode before the episode (chimera arc)

    CDF 9CDF 923 dager siden
  • "a ten is outrageously over rating it, so I'll give it a 8.69" 😂

    Taylor BeckTaylor Beck25 dager siden
  • Every arc is a 10 except Hunter exam and Zoldyck family which are both 7’s.

    The SenateThe Senate27 dager siden
  • Really miss the days when Nux was still an Ani-Tuber and not a hentai channel.

    Will RenoWill RenoMåned siden
  • Nux my men so much respeccc with this one. The way u were offended with them giving 8 was perfect. Really good show. Let's pray he will finish the show. No joke guys, pray.

    SkaseSkaseMåned siden
  • my list Hunter exam: 7.4/10 Zoldyck: 7/10 Heavens arena: 8.7/10 Yorknew: 9.4/10 Greed Island: 8.6/10 Chimera ant: 12/10 Election: 9.4/10 Hisoka wet dream: 10/10 Dark Continent: I WISH I COULD FUKING RATE overall my fav anime is hxh and prolly it will stay that way

    SkaseSkaseMåned siden
    • Yup hunter x hunter probably top 3 for me a great anime.

      ZUCKKSZUCKKSMåned siden
    • oh and succesion looks like 10/10 after we see more of that crazy prince and hisoka hunting ;D

      SkaseSkaseMåned siden
  • The one thing I disliked about Chimera Ant arc is how time froze whenever they were monologuing or thinking lmao and then they realised this and made some weird thing about it with Knuckle

    May ChoyMay ChoyMåned siden
  • I also recall the Phantom troupe being introduced as only A tier in like villain level etc, and if S tier is the highest or smth, it even hyped the troupe even more and showed how strong the universe can get

    May ChoyMay ChoyMåned siden
  • I'd say exams are 7, zoldycks are 6, heavens arena is 9

    Almond 2Almond 2Måned siden
  • 0:03

    SqtqnSqtqnMåned siden
  • Ging = Blast

    AJC YTAJC YTMåned siden
  • Chimera ant arc beginning trash

    Shammy-Thayne MaximilianaShammy-Thayne MaximilianaMåned siden
  • HxH 10/10 One pice sux its a 3/10

    Nassim Si naNassim Si naMåned siden
    • Wtf!!!!!!!

      Natsu_de_ ruffyNatsu_de_ ruffy18 dager siden
    • HxH-9,5/10 One piece-9,5/10

      bungee gum have properties of both rubber and gumbungee gum have properties of both rubber and gum24 dager siden
  • I think the chimera ant arc had one of the best endings ever in anime it was just so beautiful

    OraSamaOraSamaMåned siden
    • Overhyped

      Natsu_de_ ruffyNatsu_de_ ruffy18 dager siden
  • Briggs is one of those people who dislike things just because other people like it so he can feel different. He couldn’t even recall what the first half of yorknew was about yet he was acting like it was soo boring. How do you have an opinion on something when you don’t even know what happened? He

    NobodaeNobodaeMåned siden
  • Pls leave this animac or whatever guy out of this next time. He is all over the place, self contradictory and just stuck up.

    BF FlyerBF FlyerMåned siden
  • Part 1 of jkjk being better than the exam arc is a hill no sane person should die on I had to skip through the phantom blood

    Caleb428Caleb428Måned siden
    • @bungee gum have properties of both rubber and gum I went back and watched it do not fret, that being said it was still boring as hell

      Caleb428Caleb42824 dager siden
    • You skipped jojo part 1? How dare you? No Man should ever skip JoJo parts. You should be ashamed

      bungee gum have properties of both rubber and gumbungee gum have properties of both rubber and gum24 dager siden
  • bubble gum is already made with a lot of things rubber is made out of anyways lol get rekkt hisoka

    TowliezTowliezMåned siden
  • This vid is so uncomfortable

    Akram HabisAkram HabisMåned siden
  • Phantom Troupe Arc& Heavens Arenas are epic

    House of MatrixHouse of MatrixMåned siden
  • I think Pouf wasn't looking to control the king, he was concerned about the devolution Meruem was going for, resulting in all effort being eviscerated.

    DaehdalasDaehdalasMåned siden
  • My god animac must be the life of any party.

    Joshua OakesJoshua OakesMåned siden
    • Dude he seems so unlikable/not charismatic

      JJ13 dager siden
  • yorknew is the best arc

    Miguel MaykotMiguel MaykotMåned siden
  • I can't believe how wrong Nux is about Netero. The message of Netero v Meruem is that no monster will *ever* match the malice and evil offered by humans.

    Dont MisunderstandDont MisunderstandMåned siden
  • To animeuproar: the reason why alot of people liked hunterxhunter is because we grew up with the show on tv. So as kids we liked the first arcs which werent as deep or philosophical but as grew older the show started getting deeper and that's how it retained the young viewers as they grew into adulthood

    Malak DaherMalak DaherMåned siden
  • Brovada helping reina because of ikalgo. Ikalgo helps brovada because killua. Killua helps ikalgo because of gon. And in the end, reina and the whole village helps brovada Its about passing the torch. 🙄

    Reza BektiReza BektiMåned siden
  • is it just me or did anyone else really wanted kurapika in the Chimera ants arc.

    Alejandro KaplanAlejandro KaplanMåned siden
  • I don’t get why everybody hates the hiatus arc, it was well-structured and very fervent. I think it won on pixelated details and valid morals. The digital art is portrayed as pleasant to the eye and thorough in shading and keeping it’s consistent art design. The brawls were so well-done and they’re underrated! The partial role of the sickness plays an important part in the main characters capacity and emotional stability. Nevertheless, there were very lovable characters and each one of them got their own screen time like Yoshihiro and Takeuchi. Definitely a 10/10 from me.

    gin ibushi is best boy you can not change my mindgin ibushi is best boy you can not change my mindMåned siden
  • Does anyone else not like animac?

    Khalil sabariKhalil sabariMåned siden
  • I can understand Animac’s criticism of the Chimera Ant arc’s pacing, and if that knocks the arc below 10 then sure, but the rest feels like he wants to go against the grain. Like hating Pouf. Totally understandable... he’s not likable! But being unable to appreciate the character seems stubborn to me.

    Eric RobinsonEric RobinsonMåned siden
  • "Jing"

    RustyQuartersRustyQuartersMåned siden
  • Nux had the best views and explanations, meanwhile Animac was just “I don’t like it BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT”

    GenosparkGenosparkMåned siden
  • 1. Yorknew City 2. Zoldyck Family 3. Heavens Arena 4. Hunter Exam 5. Chimera Ant 6. Greed Island

    Dominik :DDominik :DMåned siden
  • I give the first arc a literal 4 out of 10. I barely made it through and almost gave up several times. Every arc after is between 8-10, but how anyone loves that 1st arc is beyond me.

    Jaxson FantaJaxson FantaMåned siden
  • guess im the only one who hated chimera ant ark i would rate about 4/10 definitely the worst imo wayyy to slow especially

    ZeyohZeyohMåned siden
  • im sad cause greed island is great arc BUT yo for real pouf was a shit character I agree with animac

    Levi AckermanLevi AckermanMåned siden
  • Hunter x hunter is the best anime of all time

    Lana PerkinsLana PerkinsMåned siden
  • is your face based on killua??

    Spyros ZachariasSpyros ZachariasMåned siden
  • 11 out of 10 nice

    dio king diodio king dioMåned siden
  • I agree with Animak the most. The show is good but not great. I feel like the viewer got robbed of a lot of fights, most notably Hisoka vs Chrollo, Adult Gon vs. Meruem, and Killua vs. Elumi. There were too many fights amongst characters no one really cared about like the Heavens Arena fights and the Hunters vs. the soldier ants, and not enough between the bad ass characters like the Phantom Troupe, Meruem, Elumi, etc. I thought the show somewhat trolled the viewer because it constantly had you thinking that shit was about to go down and then nothing significant happened. I thought the last arc was very underwhelming compared to the previous arc and Ging was a major disappointment imo. I did think however that the first arc was great and it did a good job of introducing the viewer to the show. I would recommend the show but not “best anime ever” tier. 8/10 overall.

    Smashball987Smashball987Måned siden
  • Hxh arcs: fun-dark-fun-dark-fun-dark-fun-dark

    AnneAnne2 måneder siden
  • honestly noves mental break down felt so real, in shounin anime we usualy see 1 dimensional fearless powerful users, or the only fearfully people are like ussop are just played for comic relief , but the way that nove just breaks down seeing the pure power of the royal guards presence it just feels real

    UndeadDepartureUndeadDeparture2 måneder siden
    • Knov spying on the Palace tho the feeling at that part🥶

      AnneAnne2 måneder siden
  • maybe y'all need to watch 1999 version

    Hisoka MorrowHisoka Morrow2 måneder siden
  • 28:46💀💀💀💀💀

    GaMEr LIVESGaMEr LIVES2 måneder siden
  • Ok but can we talk about how fucking good the ost is, literally some of the best music in any anime

    David St OngeDavid St Onge2 måneder siden
  • OSU!!!!

    GaMEr LIVESGaMEr LIVES2 måneder siden
  • Heavens arena 2 is chrollo vs Hisoka that was so fucking good and succession war arc boi am I waiting for the anime version never gunna happen but togashi I am waiting

    Mohammed AmranMohammed Amran2 måneder siden
  • Explain to me how I missed this video

    chomusukechomusuke2 måneder siden
  • Ig im really the only one who thinks the Chimera Ant arc is a little overrated and has some missed opportunities

    BrandonPBrandonP2 måneder siden
  • Chimera ant arc was so boring

    Yah MeanYah Mean2 måneder siden
  • The key to loving a show is to completely disregard any expectations you have. It has to be your choice to check it out, you have to be willing to listen to the story you're being told, instead of "waiting to get to the good part". If you're constantly only thinking about how it good people built it up to be, theres no way you can convince yourself it meets that expectation. Have you noticed that, aside from the zoldyck arc, almost the only reason they thought negatively of an arc was because it didnt match their expectations.

    Beenis Weenis IIIBeenis Weenis III2 måneder siden
  • Animac is a man of culture and taste

    Emilio MartinezEmilio Martinez2 måneder siden
  • Yo the tension was pretty freaking thick at some points in this, ngl

    S.E. 18S.E. 182 måneder siden
  • yes pleeeease rank the shippuden arcs

    Jayk KnightJayk Knight2 måneder siden
  • "Do you not see the problem, do you not see the problem?" Do you "not see" the problem? I think he's telling us something with code!

    Guillermo GonzalezGuillermo Gonzalez2 måneder siden
  • Greed Island is the best arc!

    ArnayArnay2 måneder siden
  • No one understands Ging 😔

    Pixel SmilePixel Smile2 måneder siden
  • When Briggs predicts the 2020 US election

    Jayson DominguezJayson Dominguez2 måneder siden
  • im on the chimera arc rn but the zoldyck family arc was dragged out and annoying in my opinion

    flawless kflawless k2 måneder siden

    lil ivanalil ivana2 måneder siden
  • Does anime uproar ever stop complaining and pretending he is more knowledgeable than any one else in the world

    kameron sherpakameron sherpa2 måneder siden
  • i agree 100% with nux that pouf is a 10/10 character

    Op 13 in anime are awesomeOp 13 in anime are awesome2 måneder siden
  • Hunter exams 9 Zoldyck family 8 Heavens arena 10 York New 12 Greed island 8 Chimera ant 100 for characters, 7 for story Election 10

    dhjajdhdjddhjajdhdjd2 måneder siden
  • briggs sounds like the dude i used to bully in middle school

    SuburbanSuburban2 måneder siden
  • You know, since you continue to use the catch-all phrase, 'one of the greatest anime of all time so much', I'm intrigued as to what anime you actually consider to be the 'greatest of all time'.

    Frank GreenwoodFrank Greenwood2 måneder siden
  • hiatus x hiatus joke!☑️

    Mysterious32Mysterious322 måneder siden
  • No way chimera ark better than phantom troupe one.

    Robert IonutRobert Ionut2 måneder siden
  • Well you can study OR you simply get ripped become a hunter and do what ever the shit you want

    Dirk LoidDirk Loid2 måneder siden
  • Yorknew was the best arc

    Stringbean670Stringbean6702 måneder siden