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Sorry reddit, but you activated my TRAP card!
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  • A) Is this Gilbert Gottfried? and 1: If you're going to ban a word, you should be required to craft a new word to take its place. (Delegation suggested) If the new word doesn't pass a vote, neither should the ban. (Back to the drawing board)

    Blake OutlawBlake Outlaw14 dager siden
  • I respect your opinion Nux. But I wish you would at least ACKNOWLEDGE the inherent negative connotation behind the term "trap". Personally I'm not against the term because I know plenty of self identified traps, but the word is literally a description of a man tricking another man into thinking he is a woman. And as a cultured man you know that is generally not the case in any anime aside from Anohana mayyyyybe, and thats if you can even call that trap. Its really JUST crossdressing. The word trap just implies there is intent to trick another person with your appearance. And it would have been a cool thing to maybe mention

    C GC G22 dager siden
  • This man here has thought ahead. He has planned . . And already expected to get canceled, this is why he has not done a face reveal. He can get canceled a million times and pop up as another troll on another channel a million times over. He is immortal!

    Kyle BKyle B25 dager siden
  • When nux says “I win” you know something’s about to happen

  • I actually participated in the thread dedicated to discussing the ban. There were a lot "Offended on your behalf" people, as you can expect. BTW I used the word trap the entire time MUAHAHAHAH. I'm convinced SJWs have an internal Trigged-o-meter(TM) that when filled, makes them burst out in self righteousness and the only way to qualm these urges is to crusade for a nitpicked, often random subject, until self righteousness levels cap out. Then they shall enter a catatonic state, similar to hibernation, aimlessly browsing the internet, mainly Twitter, looking for things to be offended at, up until the point their internal Trigged-o-meter(TM) fills up again. The cycle continues.

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck NeinMåned siden
  • I feel like the fact that YT has finally started recommended me this videos mean I have made it to side of YT I belong to

    Secret AdmirerSecret AdmirerMåned siden
  • This man flexed so hard he created his own flexuality

    J XJ XMåned siden
  • the ancient egyptians were true advicates of gender equality

    Gage CampbellGage CampbellMåned siden
  • the ironic thing is this is how you give power to these words and make them into derogatory terms. now people will think the word trap gets to trans people so much that they had to ban it which means if they want to insult them they will be more likely to use it.

    You cant handle my name!You cant handle my name!2 måneder siden
  • I take a small break from animemes and this happens.....bruh I missed a part of history

    gage wiggintongage wigginton2 måneder siden
  • Mod 1: We should ban the word trap, because it's offensive to some people. Mod 2: Don't listen to him this is definitely a trap!

    CatFish21smCatFish21sm2 måneder siden
  • love it

    Anon YmousAnon Ymous2 måneder siden

    Neiasaurus CreationsNeiasaurus Creations3 måneder siden
  • The post on reddit got removed .-.

    LucanxuLucanxu3 måneder siden
  • Damn this video was some serious cringe. No wonder people hate weebs

    Michael HaydenMichael Hayden3 måneder siden
    • Weebs are almost always transphobic and racist.

      Nick the Good BoyNick the Good BoyMåned siden
  • dude i love your voice It so chaotic i might as well sub for that you know what sub

    Darth CeasarDarth Ceasar3 måneder siden
  • Why are reddit mods such fucking losers? Like, holy shit, where do they find these people?

    Antidote BearAntidote Bear3 måneder siden
    • @Darrei Deamos Good point.

      Antidote BearAntidote Bear3 måneder siden
    • Who has enough time to overview a subreddit? I think that explains everything

      Darrei DeamosDarrei Deamos3 måneder siden
  • We could always call them Admiral Akcbars. or are we all going Newspeak?(1984)

    George NelsonGeorge Nelson4 måneder siden
  • I respect anyone who's willing to die on their hill.

    Marshall HarveyMarshall Harvey4 måneder siden
  • In the Philippines, specifically in Visayas, GAY (BAYOT) is used to call someone a coward.

    AlexAlex4 måneder siden
  • Witch Feminist let's ban this

    lostseven 09lostseven 094 måneder siden
  • I tried going to upvote on the post but it wouldn’t let me.

    JikuAraigumaJikuAraiguma4 måneder siden
  • Megolavania! Also, what a trap saying to get right into it after like, 6 minutes of talking.

    TheRetroDragon YopeTheRetroDragon Yope4 måneder siden
  • Bakougo what?

    TheRetroDragon YopeTheRetroDragon Yope4 måneder siden
  • That you gonna get or want a Reddit account for something got me lol.

    TheRetroDragon YopeTheRetroDragon Yope4 måneder siden
  • Nux is like an Elektross, his type should make it vulnerable to cancels, but his ability prevents them.

    Rui RibeiroRui Ribeiro4 måneder siden
  • I'm watching this glorious video after the fact so I can relive the beauty that was the war.

    infinite potatoinfinite potato4 måneder siden
  • Nux is The Game Theorists with a Carl Weezer voice modulator and thats why he hates on him so much... BUT THATS JUST A THEORY

    // Yuhh// Yuhh4 måneder siden
  • i know its good when the title is mostly maniacal laughter

    Joshua LovelyJoshua Lovely4 måneder siden
  • Responding 2:04 I was called a reverse trap by someone once, but it was only once and he was just being stupid. He felt bad after I corrected him. (yes I was offended at the time. I'm a trans guy) He's my boyfriend now lol

    Prince HeilielPrince Heiliel4 måneder siden
    • Oh yeah, that happens. Most of the time I've seen that (which adds up to a grand total of two times) they get corrected immediately.

      Eric CEric C2 måneder siden
  • Dude, loving your Naruto music. It adds to the delicious fuel.

    Petite CossettePetite Cossette4 måneder siden
  • I am trans, and even I never found the term offensive. I went on 2 trans subreddits (I already was there) to see if I could get some actual arguments as to WHY they were supporting the ban so much (and frankly they were making more insulting memes about the anime community than the word trap could ever be). I got 3 things. 1: "Its a slur." Thats it. No explanation as to why, just that people are getting offended over it (which is BS, to be offended about something like that, you have to WANT to be offended) 2: "It supports the same mentality thats behind the trans panic defense" which is about as valid as the gun argument. The trans panic defense was used by 4 people in 3 murder cases of trans people and it didnt even reduce their sentence. Even if, thats like saying weebs are going around murdering trans people...after all they share the same mentality. But thats not happening. There is literally no causal connection from weebs to trans murders. 3: Insults. And eventually a ban. How dare I think that trans people dont have the right to go around banning words just because they are an oppressed minority? Seriously though, censorship of that word isnt equality, its just oppression in the other direction, and that wont fix transphobia, itll just make people mad at the trans community.

    builder396builder3964 måneder siden
  • And now it became dead sub thanks to SJW Fucking thank you the most degenerate of deg-

    Madly SolMadly Sol4 måneder siden
  • you forgot the star wars memes 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LegoNightcoreLegoNightcore4 måneder siden
  • nux are you gen z you just seem like it

    Coda DowdCoda Dowd4 måneder siden
  • hell yeah love to flex on those idiots.

    Justamad maxJustamad max4 måneder siden
  • Oh how I love to see the Streisand Effect go wild

    José FaríasJosé Farías4 måneder siden
  • i dare you to tell me that nux at 19:23 isn't the cutest thing

    JaeJae4 måneder siden
  • I made like 5 posts about the t word on reddit

    chaotic lolichaotic loli4 måneder siden
  • this was quality sarcasm... ...or was it? HMmmmmmmmm!

    Kuratchi serafu playzKuratchi serafu playz4 måneder siden
  • ruka is my fav trap

    AlexAlex4 måneder siden
  • Y'know I was fucking thinking, "Oh fuck. Please be a shitpost." I still can't tell, one thing I both hate and love about Nux. But at least he seems to believe that it isn't transphobic, I do have to agree with most of what you're saying... ish. I'm only like 5 and a half minutes. Feel like it would just be fucking ham-fisted or whatever the phrase it is to try and explain why some of my community feel the way they feel about the word without prompt. Boy fucking howdy do I talk a lot, even when typing.

    Cara McCulloughCara McCullough4 måneder siden
  • The OG trap hideyoshi kun. We need more baka and test such a great show put it back on Netflix

    Dirty DanDirty Dan4 måneder siden
  • R/animemes is back and their plan is the most hilarious yet shallow thing ever. They shut down the subreddit for a month and overtime just had the mods flood the subreddit with normal memes hoping to literally bury the revolution.

    tyler2114tyler21144 måneder siden
  • I've been a trap before and I was never offended when someone called me out I even had a nice encounter with the people were friends now

    Trevor sassoTrevor sasso4 måneder siden
  • No joke you are the youtuber i aspire to be (if i wherea a youtuber) Gives no shits about if his gonna be "canceled" and says what he likes. Alot of people are to afraid to say what they really mean because theyr afraid of being canceles... but not you and thas some respect worthy shit

    Ivan PedroIvan Pedro4 måneder siden
  • People in animemes were using is as a transphobic way tho. Ultimately someone who isn't trans shouldn't get to saybwether something is transphobic or not. I'd love to discuss this further but Ultimately you wont understand my point on the matter so guess it mute

    Cat Girl GamingCat Girl Gaming4 måneder siden
    • @MegaNightmare4 look ultimately there were going to be ignorant people qho ise it to refer to trans women. Im not taking a stnace because i didn't see it as such however you have to understand where they are coming from. But it sshould have been lefr up to the trans community to decide if it was offensive and it wasn't. Im just trying to take it from both sides of the ilse tho im a slight bit hiased in thay regard

      Cat Girl GamingCat Girl Gaming4 måneder siden
    • They were not using in in a transphobic way. They only used it in reference to anime characters. And just because someone is trans, doesn't mean they get final say as to what is transphobic. I've seen many trans weebs say that they don't consider trap to be a slur. When trans people defend the word, its all "Well just because you aren't offended doesn't mean its not a slur." But when the majority defends the word, its all "Well you don't get to decide because you're not trans." Well which is is? Who EXACTLY gets to decide? The majority of the sub knows its not a slur, a large portion of trans people say its not a slur. The general consensus says its not a slur. Most people, regardless of what they identify as, agree that its not a slur. So which is it? Because it seems like it doesn't matter who says what, as long as they agree with you.

      MegaNightmare4MegaNightmare44 måneder siden
  • I came for Astolfo, then I came to Astolfo

    Cute PapayaCute Papaya4 måneder siden
  • The US' sensitivity to words is getting out of hand. Eventually every word will be deem offensive in US.

    FlyLoopFlyLoop4 måneder siden
  • Subscribed

    Detlaff von DracDetlaff von Drac4 måneder siden
  • Ban anime because it is offensive to real-life!

    Yuumi SanadaYuumi Sanada4 måneder siden
  • _when animemes goes private and says it's on hiatus_ we did it bois, they are no longer public.

    The Man Behind The SlaughterThe Man Behind The Slaughter4 måneder siden
  • Was that a spoiler for My Hero Acadamia at 19:26.

    DaPotatoDaPotato4 måneder siden
  • Naruto Soundtrack is 10/10

    Milan FillipiMilan Fillipi4 måneder siden
  • For once I'm glad someone is hiding behind the character of an online persona so this person won't be cancelled, nux is in everyone's head and they hate him for it

    uwuharauwuhara4 måneder siden
  • just imagine when Nux gets ten mil subs hes going to be unstoppable praise Lord Nuxanor IM INEVITABLE

  • I'm surprised they didn't use Yugioh. You've fallen for my T word card!!

    ZyphurZyphur4 måneder siden
  • Reddit be flexxing

    iSalakaiチューiSalakaiチュー4 måneder siden
  • I click because I see Astolfo

    RandomRandom4 måneder siden
  • 13:31 Muda.

    Skrub ZeroSkrub Zero4 måneder siden
  • Petition to ban Color Coded Characters, it’s offensive to colorblind people.

    Beat RockBeat Rock4 måneder siden
  • r/animemes is gone

    A n d y SA n d y S4 måneder siden
  • Dude every nux taku fan is able to just flex on 100 people on twitter, I've litterly made a twitter account to flex on america

    HoukiHouki4 måneder siden
  • Just gonna say it, saying "Trap is a slur for trans people" is actually more transphobic than actually calling trans people traps. Not only is it saying there's a stereotype but it's excluding non-binary and gender fluid trans people. My source, I hate that my Y chromosome isn't a second X, also my ex has two X chromosomes but really wanted a Y and after transitioning he crossdessed because instead of identifying as a man he identified as a Tom Girl.

    Jess Is CringeJess Is Cringe4 måneder siden
  • Mods fear Nuxtaku

    Sonic The HedgehogSonic The Hedgehog4 måneder siden
  • Hmm I’m coming to a realization some trans people can’t take a joke

    OCTOBER YTOCTOBER YT4 måneder siden
  • being a vrchat trap this is offensive

    eidod23eidod234 måneder siden
  • I got banned for asking what's another subredddeit that would allow the world lol

    Spartan 8676Spartan 86764 måneder siden
    • @MegaNightmare4 thanks for that, I was wondering which one did and they banned me

      Spartan 8676Spartan 86764 måneder siden
    • r/goodanimemes

      MegaNightmare4MegaNightmare44 måneder siden
  • just say tap and then when they ban that, keep using words that rhyme until they ban so many common words that you can call out the mods for using them. Can't fail.

    TauTau4 måneder siden
  • Oh shit, it seems r/Animemes fell over the TRAP they made by accident and got private lfmao(Idk what this shit means I'm brazilian and I just know that it's used in the same way as lol...)

    K1t5un3 the yokaiK1t5un3 the yokai4 måneder siden
  • Lord nuxanor 7 minutes into the video. "Lets just jump into it" Same aura as the villain telling you to hurry up after his 20 minute monologue

    Ellis WallaceEllis Wallace4 måneder siden
  • 😂🤣 well no more Yu-Gi-Oh trap card memes on reddit huh? Shame... shame

    Triston BoorTriston Boor4 måneder siden
  • Petition to ban speaking: It is offensive to mute people

    yilloyyilloy4 måneder siden
  • Honestly I don't get why people are so caught up in using the term trap. Like, there's a number of alternative terms that do the job just as well (and some that arguably do it even better) without also happening to be a word that's regularly used in a derogatory and insulting way towards trans women. Seriously, go on any video, tweet, etc made by or featuring a trans woman, and you'll inevitably get comments calling them traps along with all the other slurs like shemale and tranny, and this experience is shared even by those who aren't popular or well known on social media. Go to a place dedicated to discussion like r/asktransgender and ask for yourself. Even if anime fans themselves don't always use it as an insult, the matter of the fact is that anime doesn't exist in a vacuum, and words can still carry the same connotations even in different contexts. Avoiding the word trap would be a small gesture that would nonetheless be massively appreciated by thousands or even tens of thousands of trans anime fans who feel alienated even though they just wanna share in the same joy that anime can bring us. -Sincerely, a frustrated trans girl who's a hopeless weeb

    Draconc SprnklesDraconc Sprnkles4 måneder siden
    • @Draconc Sprnkles I've no doubt some people have used the term incorrectly. There will always be idiots who don't know what they're talking about. But from what I've seen, people on the sub are actually pretty careful in regards to those characters. I've seen a lot of posts explaining why Astfolo is a trap and why Lily isn't, and with a proper explanation.

      MegaNightmare4MegaNightmare44 måneder siden
    • @MegaNightmare4 In regards to the "anime cross dresser," that's part of where I have a problem. While I don't have a problem with the existence of crossdressing characters, and I in fact often like them, there have been many times where trap's usage doesn't match it's supposed definition. Despite insistence that trap only refers to crossdressers, those same people also often use it to refer to canonically trans characters like Lily Hoshikawa and Alluka Zoldyck (i.e. born male but made a deliberate attempt to be perceived and treated as female), and continually insist that these characters are male partially because of that usage.

      Draconc SprnklesDraconc Sprnkles4 måneder siden
    • @Draconc Sprnkles No it doesn't. I straight up admitted that it is being used by many as a slur. It is a slur if used against a real person who is trans. But my point is that the same word can have multiple meanings. Meanings that are separate from each other. Calling a black person a monkey is a slur and incredibly racist. Going to the primate section of a zoo and calling the animals monkeys isn't racist at all. Trap can mean a slur, a device to capture someone, or an anime cross dresser. It depends entirely on the context you use it. Its only a slur when used in regards to a trans person.

      MegaNightmare4MegaNightmare44 måneder siden
    • @MegaNightmare4 Your argument still hinges on the idea that trap isn't used as a harmful slur, which is false. Many people, both popular and not, have been insulted by it. I mean, if you don't want to believe me, then fine, but your argument won't convince me either since it's based on a claim that I and many others have personally discovered is false.

      Draconc SprnklesDraconc Sprnkles4 måneder siden
    • @Draconc Sprnkles You know we invented words right. The dictionary wasn't just handed to us by god after the big bang. We as a species actually invent the words, decide their meaning and give assign concrete definitions. Did you know the word "sext" was added to Websters dictionary in 2017? That was a word that we gave meaning to. We decide what meaning a word has. If people decide trap is for bears, then it is. If people decide its a slur, then it is. If people decide its a type of anime character, then it is. And if people decide all three, then it will have three different meanings. Each one completely separate and disconnected from the other. Have you heard of a "euphemism treadmill?" You should look it up, because its exactly what's happening here. By banning a word that has no harmful meaning, you actually end up making it a more taboo slur. It literally has the opposite effect.

      MegaNightmare4MegaNightmare44 måneder siden
  • You probably already know; the r/Animemes Reddit went private over this. GLORIOUS!

    Cerious GamingCerious Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Don’t worry about getting cancelled we the loyal army of lord nux are ready and armed to mobilize to your new channel at a moment notice(if you get one) and or blow up the whole internet with a single command

    Laid OLaid O4 måneder siden
  • this dude's flex was effective , won me over >3>

    dude cxdude cx4 måneder siden
  • In the words of the great Admiral Acbar ..."Its a TRAP!!!"😄 Now the ban Admiral Acbar...🤔

    shinnidanshinnidan4 måneder siden
  • yall know why im here.

    Jaren PocopioJaren Pocopio4 måneder siden
    • i need sauce

      Jaren PocopioJaren Pocopio4 måneder siden
  • Its not reddit, its just their shitty moderators

    The illegal MexicanThe illegal Mexican4 måneder siden
  • at first I watched your channel cause it was awesome. Then, hilarious flexes. Then, WARUDO shaking flexes with a wholesome message. But I know, NUXANOR is like the sun: he cycles between different FAM love-ness.

    CarlosCarlos4 måneder siden
  • i also amde a post. ban minecraft, skyrim and fallout. it is offensive to r/animemes because they have good mods

    RangoRango4 måneder siden
  • “Is it sexist? I don’t know!” This dude is the definition of vibe

    GentlestMoon 414GentlestMoon 4144 måneder siden
  • Petition to ban the word "ban" . It's offensive against things that were banned.

    Lucas CarvalhoLucas Carvalho5 måneder siden
  • Aaand then animemes imploded

    Raffia16th BlazeRaffia16th Blaze5 måneder siden
  • yes.

    G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz5 måneder siden
  • lit title 10/10. please burn down their offensives every single time

    G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz5 måneder siden
  • The word transphobic has lost all weight and holds no meaning whatsoever because of shit like this.

    MeruemMeruem5 måneder siden
  • Internet just gets more and more sensitive by the day... tired of it

    LazyLiamLazyLiam5 måneder siden
  • Nux: Aqua is a trash character Shuckmeister: *So you have chosen death.*

    Mark MillerMark Miller5 måneder siden
  • YES BAKA TO TEST IS AN EPIC ANIME! im glad you know it, but you should do some hideyoshi memes lol

    Leonardo pro _DortaLeonardo pro _Dorta5 måneder siden
  • 1:22 Hideyoshi was neither male nor female. Hideyoshi was Hideyoshi. They even had a bathroom for Hideyoshi.

    CuriosityFTWCuriosityFTW5 måneder siden
  • People attacking anime in 2020??? They're about a decade or two late on this Being a weeb is a good thing now

    CuriosityFTWCuriosityFTW5 måneder siden
  • Video summary: otaku cis male tries to say a term is not derrogatory to crossdressers and trans (groups he is not part of) because just "it's part of otaku history" and "that is debatable", as literally the same type of argument that people use to defend lgbtphobia

    Guilherme AraújoGuilherme Araújo5 måneder siden
  • Whoa whoa whoa. Captain America should have been the memer and Iron Man should be the mods.

    Travis WallsTravis Walls5 måneder siden
  • Which ones were trying to cancel you?

    Travis WallsTravis Walls5 måneder siden
  • We should just ban all terms because they can be used as insults towards anyone that is in any category, which is everything.

    Alex BaileyAlex Bailey5 måneder siden
  • 18:58 F in chat for Chadwick Boseman

    Chall The OneChall The One5 måneder siden
  • the subreddit is set to private now lol

    Chall The OneChall The One5 måneder siden
  • Oh God, I found I new God to warship...

    x 7rragx 7rrag5 måneder siden