Rise of the ℝ𝕒𝕡𝕖 Hero

2. feb.. 2021
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  • What the hell! Rise of the shield hero got cancelled and this shit is going on ! I saw this shit ok what ever it is but after hearing ROTSH got cancelled it's actually triggering me. People just want some hardcore pørñ! I subscribed you because of your statements. Again other took everything from naofumi.

    decent KSdecent KS21 time siden
  • Is it bad i know what hentai that girl is from on the thumbnail?

    Joshua LANGJoshua LANGDag siden
  • Redo of healer number 1

    Shadow Hedgehog_16Shadow Hedgehog_16Dag siden
  • Ahh.. society demanding everyone like the same thing becuase the *other* stuff shakes it to its core. We are a world of hypocrits. The only thing i despize. Atleast a *beta male* can own up to being a *beta* while the rest fight over who and what should even be acceptable action, instead of teaching acceptable thought and logic. RedoHealer? This video is the first of its content iv actually seen- and its softcore compared to whats on even common.. *offbrand* sites.

    JikenXJikenXDag siden
  • Makes me glad i have not seen it

    Alex KatsinAlex Katsin2 dager siden
  • tbh redo of healer was my fav anime of this year xD

    leniwieCleniwieC2 dager siden
    • Based

      Antidote BearAntidote BearDag siden
  • A healer is bad? Me: I’m a support player in Dungeon Quest Roblox it’s the worst I do damage but it sucks

    Wolf_dude1218 RobloxWolf_dude1218 Roblox3 dager siden
  • Feel like ppl are on a hate bandwagon for redo of healer, it’s not supposed to change the anime game it’s so stupid it’s entertaining in a sense

    Elijah LeirerElijah Leirer3 dager siden
  • Redo the healer is the master piece on the anime history🥳🥳🥳

    Abdul azeezAbdul azeez3 dager siden
  • Bruh

    Cameron WachtendorfCameron Wachtendorf4 dager siden
  • Cancel Culture should be canceled

    I’m Friends with my FBI agentI’m Friends with my FBI agent4 dager siden
  • Wait...I play as the healer in d&d and stuff, and I have Pokémon Sword🤣

    Niko_ CreedNiko_ Creed4 dager siden
  • Lol I read that manga ,right before I found the eminence of shadow best damn manga ever.

    Elizabeth the doodElizabeth the dood4 dager siden
  • I cant beleive my friend like this anime.....

    Vermoria Kyle Alf BloodfangVermoria Kyle Alf Bloodfang4 dager siden
  • Don't thank me. Thank rape.

    Officer HotpantsOfficer Hotpants5 dager siden
  • It was a good story in my opinion, I enjoy the plot and believe his wrong doers got what they deserved and they should've gotten worse.

    Michael NeufangMichael Neufang6 dager siden
  • Is it bad that I laugh while watching this anime? Not necessarily laughing at what was happening in the anime, but I just laughed at myself for even watching it to begin with. Questioning myself why I was even watching it, yet I still watched all 12 episodes (uncensored) in 1 day... I'm fucked bro

    BuzzBuzz6 dager siden
  • Well bro u know I kinda understand the MC but he should’ve not tortured the princess, only erasing her memories shouldve been enough, and for his party, he could’ve just behaved with them normally instead of getting them addicted to his rod. Well that’s quite enough

    KunshiKunshi6 dager siden
  • ℌệ𝔫𝔱ằ𝔦 already has a ℝ𝕒𝕡𝕖 Hero that goes by The ℝ𝕒𝕡𝕖 man

    Shinkai AtusyaShinkai Atusya6 dager siden
  • I guessed it was redo of healer, funny, I’m pretty much right.

    Aiden FisherAiden Fisher6 dager siden
  • lowkey sad now that i just found out shield hero was canceled

    Daniel EdwardsDaniel Edwards6 dager siden
  • "If you ever played an RPG and were the healer of the party, I feel sorry for you" 5e d&d cleric would like a word with you...

    ruralairruralair7 dager siden
  • The problem with this show is it’s hentai without the balls to call itself a hentai. As a hentai it’s meh, as an anime it’s shit.

    Grey JediGrey Jedi7 dager siden
  • They are just forgetting the manga R*peman... the satire of Superman that rapes women so they can right their wrong deeds and learn to be good again for the sake of the male justice. There are other themes in it, but that's the main gist of the manga. Plus two animated episodes I believe. *shrugs*

    T. ThomasT. Thomas8 dager siden
  • Redo of Healer was bad, but I found it terribly bad that it was funny.

    LTScuppaDooLTScuppaDoo8 dager siden
  • wait so does that mean if u like it ure not normal???

    Suthan FathirSuthan Fathir9 dager siden
  • compared to some of the other things that exist on the internet, redo is fine...

    NoOneInParticulerNoOneInParticuler9 dager siden

    radafus linkradafus link10 dager siden
  • LOL this is so wholesome. i suppose >_

    DreimarDreimar10 dager siden
  • I would say that I would want a cat girl slave

    Ben HoheBen Hohe11 dager siden
  • i think euphoria is still unbeaten

    Oliver SteinerOliver Steiner11 dager siden
  • Redo of Healer is awesome I don't get why people only look at the sexual part of the series when the plot itself is good ,a morally grey individual getting revenge and changing the world for himself is not that bad, it's hypocritical to say that when everyone has some messed up stuff in their head or rather most of the people around the world have dark/bad secrets or fantasies so I don't get why people try to act as saints when they themselves would prove otherwise if certain situations would occur

    WandervartWandervart12 dager siden
  • HiDive pushes this anime so hard too. Without adequately explaining what exactly it is 😅

    LaurynnStarLaurynnStar12 dager siden
  • I actually enjoyed redo of healer, the dialogue was funny at times

    OofBusterOofBuster12 dager siden
  • Do people actually enjoy something so terrible?

    Bear Hugging JesusBear Hugging Jesus12 dager siden
  • Man you didn't yet read the worst to worst, which I'm planing to animate it , it's called deadtube

    otaku sqaudronotaku sqaudron13 dager siden
  • What if instead you said you wanted a cat girl as a pet?

    William PayneWilliam Payne13 dager siden
  • Lol💗🔥

    Matthew CalhounMatthew Calhoun13 dager siden
  • Ok hold on, everyone would totally be ok with excepting a cat girl slave if it was offered to them.

    PFT BurchellPFT Burchell13 dager siden
  • I’m still looking forward to the next season but honestly the show lost me when he didn’t treat the sword girl like he did his first victim. It was disappointing and disgusting honestly. However, I’m still looking forward to seeing how he punishes the gun guy.

    PFT BurchellPFT Burchell13 dager siden
  • Lol redo of the healer ? More like a hentai that has some plot ( bad one too) ........ i didn' t care about any of the characters the hole time i was watching it ... And the only character i liked died because of the apathetic main hero ( who let a hole village in the hands of a sadistic beach )

    Irene FineIrene Fine13 dager siden
  • I’m going Healer class now all the way

    The BlackDemon458The BlackDemon45813 dager siden
  • Wait, that's why there are no more Rise of a Shield Hero episodes?! WTF!!

    SowinskiSowinski13 dager siden
  • Meh. I like it. I like it when MC arent pussies. And this dude did not puss out when it came to his revenge. A little too much sex though, but whatever. Hope there is a season 2

    monksters1monksters113 dager siden
  • Anime News Network: The Internet's Most Trusted Anime News Source should change their name to Anime Gossip's Network: The Internet's most Untrustful Gossipy Source! Like seriously!!! Did they even watch half of the Anime's they review or do any research into their supposed News or even their facts. They just making themselves look like fools! Maybe that's the point though. I mean Journalism has lost it's respectable worthy news title, since all Journalism is now a days is filled to the brim with politics, false research, no basis on actual facts, and misrepresentation of actual events. No research done ever. Just whatever they feel is true, not based on actual facts.

    McKenna WentzelMcKenna Wentzel14 dager siden
  • plis no hate but i liked redo of healer and im not happy thet Reising of the Shiled hero got canceld

    Marin MusinMarin Musin14 dager siden
  • "Healers are beta" I play a druid in dnd, I fail to see how turning into a bear to slap stuff around is beta

    Captain ducktapeCaptain ducktape15 dager siden
  • When I first watched Re:Do of healer, I actually thought it was good, mabie a worst copy of Shield Hero, but good then when I watched it again, it was bad, because I tried putting scene in, oh I don't know, why he has every ability he heals, but isn't OP (compared to others), why his form of revenge is.... Hammering unwanted nails.... and also, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE PLOT, like he wants revenge, and he goes to do it, but that's the most generic plot ever, and there is really no charictor DEV, nor changes is almost anything, INCLUDING THE SIDE CHARICTORS, other than being brainwashed / more loyal Literally a case of "I can't believe this isn't h*nti," but with bad plot I will say I enjoyed this the first time around over being Unique, but I can't come back to this anime if it had a SS2 Also the Censored version is complete trash, meaning that I couldn't react to this, with the BOI's edit: Sorry this is long, but one more thing: about 85% of what happens in the anime contributes little, to nothing in the plot or charictors, which is the main reason why I stopped watching this anime after the 2nd time.

    Nick335 OnlineNick335 Online15 dager siden
  • Everyone has a sad backstory but suck

    Temmie Annoying DogTemmie Annoying Dog15 dager siden
  • lol this was so wholesome

    Gio GabadadzeGio Gabadadze15 dager siden
  • Kafifuku

    Nam DiepNam Diep16 dager siden
  • Come on nux is was okay anime, I thought you might like it, hell I didn't blame him at all, I mean he could have just killed them but I understand 🤣

    Rodney ReedRodney Reed16 dager siden
  • What If I told you that this was animated by the same studio that worked on the first three seasons of High School DxD.

    Bryan Vinh NguyenBryan Vinh Nguyen17 dager siden
  • You are exactly right, I don't know anyone who is not messed up who would not agree 😈😈 Not saying your not messed up, but your not as messed up as people who would disagree

    Marvel ForeverMarvel Forever17 dager siden
  • I love rising of the shield hero, redo of healer is actual poop

    Marvel ForeverMarvel Forever17 dager siden
  • ...is it bad I enjoyed it?

    Raijin H2ORaijin H2O17 dager siden
  • If he just said it as his opinion, it'd be fine (and interesting to whoever likes this dude), but he goes and express it as facts, making it annoying for those who like the show. Not a single logical argument was given. Not even read the manga. Just his own feelings against it. This video has no value at all.

    Brian Koch HidalgoBrian Koch Hidalgo18 dager siden
  • I actually like credo of a hero's story o dobt know how though

    TomThe TromboneTomThe Trombone18 dager siden
  • You know,Redo of healer is More Popular among Women than men which is stated by the Author Herself.

    Satoru SuzukiSatoru Suzuki18 dager siden
  • me who enjoys it

    ynigo fogataynigo fogata18 dager siden
  • Lol, that is so wholesome! But seriously, there are all sorts of crazy stories out there. Not something I would want to watch, but that reaction video you've been talking about sounds lit!

    Veann GrigajtisVeann Grigajtis18 dager siden
  • Ngl. Kinda like redo of healing. Could do without alot of the brutality and rape tho but overall I like it

    GrĪм RЄÂקЄRGrĪм RЄÂקЄR19 dager siden
  • fun fact: according to the source material, it say "having sex with a "hero" cause great ecstasy as well as boosting exp and stats growth. so they literally used him as an elephant tusk, if elephant tusk actually work

    Ayakashi HadateAyakashi Hadate19 dager siden
  • let be honest, anyone in his shoes might do exactly what he did, or worst

    Ayakashi HadateAyakashi Hadate19 dager siden
  • I somehow enjoyed redo of healer because of the story. Because the animation isnt actually that bad and i just laugh at some of stuff Kerayu says. I also enjoyed Shield Hero and like slavery is in almost every fantasy.

    SadBoiSadBoi19 dager siden
  • I don't think the R-word and hero belong in the same sentence.

    TweedildeTweedilde20 dager siden
  • Redo was categorized as a hentai 😭😭

    JT MUSILJT MUSIL20 dager siden
    • Balanced as all things should be! Seriously tho, should have been labeled/categorized as a hentai from the start.

      Kelly TamiaKelly Tamia14 dager siden
    • Because it IS

      S N 7584S N 758420 dager siden
  • lol.. this was such a wholesome video. xD

    RichieTheGamerRichieTheGamer20 dager siden
  • Today is literally the first time I've heard of redo of a healer

    billy bananasbilly bananas21 dag siden
    • Then forget that you ever heard it.

      S N 7584S N 758420 dager siden
  • RoH is good in my opinon, start a fire in comments but this is my opinon.

    Snas DanceSnas Dance21 dag siden
  • Healers are betas? More like we're the chaperones fixing the tank and dps's booboos so they can keep playing with swords and sparklers while standing in fire.

    ADDMcGee25ADDMcGee2521 dag siden
  • Is it bad if I enjoyed it 😈

    Elite TvElite Tv21 dag siden
  • lol wholesome kekw

    Chick LegsChick Legs21 dag siden
  • Nobody is honestly hating on the show. Edgelords are making baseless claims that ppl are on sm to make a case to defend the show for the sake of making a yt video and jerk themself off...like this guy.

    Kevin CrabtreeKevin Crabtree21 dag siden
  • Hsjjssisjajajjajajajajjaajjajajajjajajjajajj u ain't see anything yet

    Claire's daily lifeClaire's daily life22 dager siden
  • Shield hero is simultaneously so based and cringe it ends up in a void of both.

    Connor WConnor W22 dager siden
  • He was acting so it went like his last time

    torin cooktorin cook22 dager siden
  • tbh i liked it whattttt

    CutwayyCutwayy22 dager siden
  • The funny part about it is it was written by a woman and according to her most of her fans are women. Ironic.

    BowragaBowraga22 dager siden
  • Yo Nux, Check out CGP Grey's "This video will make you angry" Your theory about Redo of Healer making such little waves because it was universally disliked as opposed to having people on either side is explained well in that video.

    DismantledDismantled22 dager siden
  • So many hypersensitive people about anime it seems. It's like their butt puckered when they saw anime in the first place. I'd hate for them to watch old TV shows, they'd be super anal-retentive about some of the old TV shows from back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

    Tautha De DananTautha De Danan23 dager siden
  • Rising of the shied hero has slavery just like bacily every other isekai anime

    YGK WilsonYGK Wilson23 dager siden
  • Rise of the shield hero: hey who are you? Redo of healer: I am you but better version

    Ok Not okOk Not ok23 dager siden
  • Redo Healer is a Dark anime

    A daveA dave23 dager siden
  • Me who gave an 6 👁️👄👁️

    sebi acvaristulsebi acvaristul23 dager siden
  • But rise of the shield hero ain't canceled tho???lmao

    🌀DigitalLenny🌀🌀DigitalLenny🌀23 dager siden
  • ide be down for season 2 unless its all the main charcture just "winning" i think Karuga (his name is weird) gets captured by bullet probably by Norn "betraying" him (she seems the most likely to be able to break the spell). I thought the story was pretty good idk everyone calling this a horrible anime needs to actually watch a horrible anime ScArred was garbage. At least Redo of Healer pushed the envelope. "Susperia" 1978 was awful but gave us Susperia 2017 which is a masterpiece. So maybe redo of healer will lead to idk something good in 10 years i mean how many animes mention "drugs"????

    The CthulhaThe Cthulha23 dager siden
  • I actually liked... the plot of Redo of Healer *pp slap myself for writing this comment*

    Heartless DaemonHeartless Daemon23 dager siden
  • People who have sex with him have their level cap increased. I tried reading the wn. It was horrible,

    kazemizukazemizu23 dager siden
  • I like to pretend a rape hero is a hero who is made when the evil race of the series rapes the mother of the hero making a half human half evil race hero.

    Oopsie PoopsieOopsie Poopsie23 dager siden
  • If someone can beat twitter please destroy twitter ASAP

    David CassionDavid Cassion23 dager siden
  • If they said Healers are useless wait for the Next patch you can see them beating your whole squad

    David CassionDavid Cassion23 dager siden
  • Redo of Healer can cancelled and it will be for justice.

    The American Brother of Might GuyThe American Brother of Might Guy24 dager siden
  • I read the light novel before this anime came out

    joshua stroudjoshua stroud24 dager siden
  • There's a reaon why I don't use Crunchy roll or Funimation

    Nat WhiteNat White24 dager siden
  • I keep seeing memes of a shoujo ramune live action oh no

    XXENEMXX EXXENEMXX E24 dager siden
  • Is he complaining about Japan again knowing it's not going to change anything?

    StratejicStratejic25 dager siden
  • Me over here being the cleric in dnd OH SO IM THE BETA OK next time u die ILL JUST 1v5 MYSELF THEN

    logan meltonlogan melton25 dager siden
  • redo of healer has a good story idea, it would be good if there was no porn

    Tranquilizer ETranquilizer E25 dager siden