Sanji's Death Just Made Everyone Cry

2. juni. 2020
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Also RIP Bakugo, big sad!






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  • LMAO watch the video and enjoy the memes 😊

    Nux TakuNux Taku7 måneder siden

      Sanji VinsmokeSanji Vinsmoke3 måneder siden
    • I looked this up and I thought it was real but it isn’t lmao

      Lemon aid BillLemon aid Bill4 måneder siden
    • Rip Ash That Thunderbolt Hit You To Hard This Time

      Stephen RylStephen Ryl4 måneder siden
    • Bruh sanji didn’t die Zoro and Ussop died smh

      Not HeresyNot Heresy5 måneder siden
    • @William o he didn't though.

      Samuel EvansSamuel Evans5 måneder siden

    SIGHaccSIGHacc3 dager siden

    Tina BennettTina Bennett8 dager siden
  • He didnt actually die :)

    bread Keeperbread Keeper8 dager siden
  • Nux:Makes title blah blah's death just made everyone cry Also Nux:Hyper enthusiastic over 9000

    Dark ElixerDark Elixer9 dager siden
  • Lol I clicked on this video literally crying

    Bella ExistsBella Exists9 dager siden
  • Yeah STFU

    Lobo SoulLobo Soul11 dager siden
  • I love spoilers, all i searched up was big mom daughter and I got a big spioler :), I just startedthe arc btw

    your manyour man12 dager siden
  • Did he actually die I’m so confused

    Faris AbduldaimFaris Abduldaim16 dager siden
    • No he's memeing

      Shane AmareShane Amare15 dager siden
  • I can't believe you spoiled Deku drinking Totoroki's piss SMH

    Beanos noBeanos no18 dager siden
  • Everyone's like: The rumor bla bla the meme bla bla And I'm like: ZOOOOOSSSSAAAAANNNNNNNNN HOLY GOD *takes a screenshot Yes I loved that. Precious. T H A N K Y O U . *fujoshi happy noises

    Fujisaki NanakoFujisaki Nanako18 dager siden
  • Tbh I don't care

    Winter SallWinter Sall26 dager siden
  • Nux ya got to be careful! You called one death man, your playing god here!!

    Demon BrolyDemon BrolyMåned siden
  • Great, I went through this”Bakugo death” and it was fake, not again.

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoMåned siden
  • I htehim but im also sad 😢

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. LuffyMåned siden
  • Spoiler Alert! Chopper will die at wano.

    CentipedeyCentipedeyMåned siden
  • hahahahaha bro u are killing me love the video

    Daniel DouglasDaniel DouglasMåned siden
  • F

    Family MckayFamily MckayMåned siden
  • Ok um I just started watching one piece and this worried me to death

    PeryyeePeryyeeMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks that albert/flamingo is talking?

    Nitro noob robloxNitro noob robloxMåned siden
  • You’re absolutely CRAZY. I’m subscribing

    Icon AriIcon AriMåned siden
  • Sad but he died as a pervert.

    シItz_DanielシシItz_DanielシMåned siden
  • F

    PineMoosePineMoose2 måneder siden
  • that man is the god of perv why he gotta die?

    gods beatgods beat2 måneder siden
  • I passed this as click bait now that I I know I came back.

    Improvman ψImprovman ψ2 måneder siden
  • Wait wait is it really true????? sanji was one of my fav character I hope it won't happen

    Ryhan ValleserRyhan Valleser2 måneder siden
    • It a joke

      willanie rugaywillanie rugayMåned siden
  • Nux : bakugou died Us : haha you though 1 year later Nux : HAA BAKUGOU REALLY DIES us : He wont , He just got injured right ??? Nux : sanji dies Us : haha nice on- * remembers bakugou * wait WHAT STOP UT

    ãñime Łēxããñime Łēxã2 måneder siden
  • I avoided your content for 5 months 😂😂 I did not know you were messing with people😂😂😂😂

    Kyle HigginsKyle Higgins2 måneder siden
  • Does he come back?? Pls do oh please im still at 373 oh no AHHHHHHH

    Ice Wallow ComeIce Wallow Come2 måneder siden
  • Clickbait :/ He even said it in the video

    ImSaiiImSaii2 måneder siden
  • Nux: *says Sanji's gonna die* One Piece fans: "Nice try. You said that about Bakugo in My Hero & he's not dead" **One year later, after MHA #285 was released...** One Piece fans: "OH GOD, PLEASE NO!!"

    A wonderful Life19A wonderful Life192 måneder siden
  • it was so out of character for zoro to just lower his guard and reveal his identity infront of imu but hopefully the golf club beating he got helps luffy unlock gear seventh

    SolarSolar2 måneder siden
  • F

    Jonte GaskinsJonte Gaskins2 måneder siden
  • F

    AnimeBlox BoiAnimeBlox Boi2 måneder siden
  • F

    ssoundedssounded2 måneder siden
  • Don’t jinx it you did bakugo it with don’t curse it

    Max El PandaMax El Panda2 måneder siden
  • as for bakugou , people joked about his death until in chapter 285 something sad gonna happen to him , its like why would people joke about characters death i mean , its true , people joked about sanji death , bakugou death , levi death , yukio death , like what the heck there are a lot of people saying some anime characters gonna die , bakugou ( SPOILERS !! SPOILERS !! ) in chapter 285 he will get stabbed by shigaraki , near his heart one in his shoulder up his heart and one under it a bit in the middle of his chest , and i dont know if he got the other stabs , and those stabs are deadly one that were meant to be for midoriya , people joked and joked and joked about bakugou death until something like this happen , i believe hori saw a lot of people joking about it so he wanted to make it happen , i mean im not saying some jokes , but its true , people you gotta stop joking about famous anime characters death , maybe for you its normal , but others no , its annoying them and disturbing them , so please , please , PLEAASE stop those jokes and things , i hope you read this comment and you understood . have a nice day .

    Maram HechmiMaram Hechmi2 måneder siden
  • I’m on season 1 and fricken really cmon I JUST MET HIM

    NamekNamek3 måneder siden
    • It's a joke

      SpacefaceSpacefaceMåned siden
  • MANGA SPOILERS After the bakugo death prediction I'm coming back to this video to say if nux predicted not just one but two Manga deaths he will have ascended or plain of understanding and reached Manga prediction nirvana

    DabeastlyestofthebeastDabeastlyestofthebeast3 måneder siden
  • You can’t trick us

    Uchiha DeylanUchiha Deylan3 måneder siden
  • chapter whaaaaat broooother

    Jay Deligero VincentJay Deligero Vincent3 måneder siden
  • *Randomly scrolls through NOworld for random videos to entertain me *Sees Sanji's Death title *Proceeds to click for the sake of random BS worthy comedy. Yeah, knowing Sanji is alive is well at this point. And I have to say, you did not disappoint in providing a few chuckles and laughs.

    2005zhane2005zhane3 måneder siden
  • I almost took this fr

    Quality Dump postQuality Dump post3 måneder siden
  • F

    Arklo DoomArklo Doom3 måneder siden
  • F

    Just TamakiJust Tamaki3 måneder siden
  • nux:sanji is dead me who already watched a similar video , about bakugou dieing in bnha also me : nice try , HA YoU tHoUgH

    Maram HechmiMaram Hechmi3 måneder siden
  • Yeah I saw two of these before and all I have to say is "don't do this to me not again"

    Numb KoolaidManNumb KoolaidMan3 måneder siden
  • Why do I feel like sanji and zoro are the same as bakugou and midoriya from boku no hero academia

    ãñime Łēxããñime Łēxã3 måneder siden
  • F

    Peyman HassaniPeyman Hassani3 måneder siden
  • r.i.p sanji remember you :(

    Nathanielle AberiaNathanielle Aberia3 måneder siden
  • after the recent canon bakugo death now i'm afraid of this meme

    Matheus HeringerMatheus Heringer3 måneder siden
  • lol

    Anjal K.CAnjal K.C3 måneder siden
  • I think he will die because of lung cancer after seeing all blue

    Kusum LataKusum Lata3 måneder siden
  • Bro wtf sanji almost died a couple chapters ago first u guess Bakugo now sanji tf

    UsolandUsoland3 måneder siden
  • Kinda worried about sanji after MHA285

    jamal tuckerjamal tucker3 måneder siden
  • SPOILERS who here after sanji died from lung cancer

    fishy Ramirezfishy Ramirez3 måneder siden
  • f

    Nischal AcharyaNischal Acharya3 måneder siden
  • So sense this was click bait for one piece I just like to ask does anyone think law will sacrifice himself and give Luffy immortality the will of D is powerful so just asking

    legacy dreamlegacy dream3 måneder siden
  • he was simping, he had it coming ngl.

    LEGIONLEGION3 måneder siden
    • and yes i get the joke, im not being serious.

      LEGIONLEGION3 måneder siden
  • 1:56 Well, he's not wrong...

    AceAce3 måneder siden
  • “Sanji’s Death Just Made Everyone Cry” DEJA VU I THINK IVE BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE

    BarreethovenBarreethoven3 måneder siden
  • Soooo, yk what happened to bakugo, uhmm hope this doesnt happen to sanji in wano

    Dev BhalaniDev Bhalani3 måneder siden
  • Dude u predicted Bakugos death and he isnt doing well,so immo concerned

    Los BlancosLos Blancos3 måneder siden
  • After the Bakugo prediction this video has me scared for Sanji

    firedragon333firedragon3333 måneder siden
  • cause of death: killed by giant dildo

    omega alternative universeomega alternative universe4 måneder siden
  • If its Oda we are talking about everything is possible

    Moma MilosevicMoma Milosevic4 måneder siden
  • sanji will die of lung cancer he used too much cigarettes all the time he smoke why no he will not die tell me pls that wont happen right pls tell me chopper can heal him right?

    Rod Cedrich ClimacosaRod Cedrich Climacosa4 måneder siden
    • Sad to say we lost him 😢😢

      fishy Ramirezfishy Ramirez3 måneder siden
  • Sanji is actually gonna die from lung cancer

    NightmareDeanNightmareDean4 måneder siden
  • me sees sanjis is dead when I open my NOworld and almost cries: Also me realising it's from nux:

    Dom lolDom lol4 måneder siden
    • He actually did die

      fishy Ramirezfishy Ramirez3 måneder siden
  • F

    •cloudy_dayz••cloudy_dayz•4 måneder siden
  • This will be a sock soon

    Jaime BecerraJaime Becerra4 måneder siden
  • I had the feeling that zoro will be the one that will die

    George GeorgievGeorge Georgiev4 måneder siden
  • RIP sanji

    Benedict IdaehoBenedict Idaeho4 måneder siden
  • Sanji was my favorite 😭

    PURE BLOCKSPURE BLOCKS4 måneder siden
  • Honestly I have this weird feeling that Brooke will discover a new ability to temporarily bring back anyone he knew personally *done to prevent bringing back someone like Gol D. Roger.*. Possibly in temporary exchange of his own soul. Though would be interesting for him to play a song with his old crewmates again :)

    electrobob992electrobob9924 måneder siden
  • I knew you were memeing but I was too afraid of spoilers to risk it, I am ashamed of myself, forgive me Lord Nuxanor

    Mobile Jam OSRSMobile Jam OSRS4 måneder siden
  • No I dont believe it this is click bait right please let it be click bait

    TroopZero YT studiosTroopZero YT studios4 måneder siden
  • i was clickbaited 😂😂😂😂

    RandomEmoTrash JBRandomEmoTrash JB4 måneder siden
  • F

    Cooper PhilipsCooper Philips4 måneder siden
  • F

    Cooper PhilipsCooper Philips4 måneder siden
  • I actually thought Sanji dies but then I clicked on the video and I realised it was a nux video

    Anonymous HAnonymous H4 måneder siden
    • Then you realized the manga existed

      fishy Ramirezfishy Ramirez3 måneder siden
  • Boring..

    Mitchell SantosMitchell Santos4 måneder siden
  • How many crack do u have to smoke to start saying this 😂 it's a joke

    _Yxndere army__Yxndere army_4 måneder siden
  • Just change sanji to ace then that would be true

    Luna _ GamingLuna _ Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Next: Luffy obtains dragonballs and becomes hokage

    Jj _RaviolyJj _Ravioly4 måneder siden
  • Sanjii 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    RetroAlienFreakaZoidRetroAlienFreakaZoid4 måneder siden
  • LMAO

    jbro MotoVlogjbro MotoVlog4 måneder siden
  • he dies from lung cancer. not surprised

    StunThekidStunThekid4 måneder siden
  • I'm not happy unless I'm pissing someone off. You are the master of doing that.

    The Dudeist NerfThe Dudeist Nerf4 måneder siden
  • Theory theory no mi you can eat bro

    artcell torreartcell torre4 måneder siden
  • Haha you evil evil person... 😆😆😆🤣🤣

    Sin ErrORSin ErrOR4 måneder siden
  • Spoilers in my opinion are so fucking stupid as long as you don’t tell me the details of the event I’m Gucci with it anyone can say oh wait till you see what happens to Sanji in my opinion that’s not a spoiler because you didn’t tell the details but it’s something more to look forward to

    avery thomasavery thomas4 måneder siden
  • So... is he dead or not?

    SznyySznyy4 måneder siden
  • Nonsense!!

    Gemerald PadayaoGemerald Padayao4 måneder siden
  • i dont believe this the manga isn't out yet

    GregOrio BarachinaGregOrio Barachina5 måneder siden
  • sanji can t die, this adventure for him is to find all blue, i think ussop will die after raftel like a brave warrior

    costachecostache5 måneder siden
  • Who's here after King drilled Sanji

    James del RosarioJames del Rosario5 måneder siden
  • No, lung cancer.

    jhengjheng5 måneder siden
  • Seriously?

  • Lol

    doggodoggo5 måneder siden