So, I Got SWATTED - The Full Story

24. juni. 2020
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2/10 experience, wouldn't recommend, but at least the Raiding NOworldrs video was dope haha CHECK IT OUT:






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  • Aye why don’t yah open up the door Ayyye ? Don’t want to kick down this nice mahogany front door yah gotcha self here buddy.

    Zachary GrosserZachary GrosserDag siden
  • Did they find our hentai stash?

    Phoenix RiderPhoenix Rider16 dager siden
  • So I wonder if the swat team wore body cams? And usually body cam footage is publicly accessible...? HMMM...

    HaroldHarold21 dag siden
  • cool

    felwinter _felwinter _22 dager siden
  • Yeah, IF you were in the USA, you might have been knocked around for having a smirk on your face.

    CJ and Auntie YayaCJ and Auntie Yaya24 dager siden
  • Nux you're the Man!!

    John DyerJohn Dyer24 dager siden
  • Plot Twist: Lord Nuxanor was Swatted by Lord Nuxanor’s Friend, Lord Nuxanor the Trollsome Lord of Toxic Wholsome Fanbases. Say that in a 189 IQ way lol

    Lucid NightmareLucid NightmareMåned siden
  • Offered the police drinks . . . you are of the wholesome Canadian bunch. You might've been spooked in the moment, but you kept your in-person politeness together enough to do that. I have respect.

    PistolemiPistolemiMåned siden
  • Mugshot reveal at 2 million subs? @Nux Taku

    Ethan LedinaEthan LedinaMåned siden
  • Nux: Oh no... Also Nux: Anyways...

    Master DementerMaster DementerMåned siden
  • The video: hold your fire this man isn't black My phone: here take some dragon ball z ad

    XAKing SunstarXAXAKing SunstarXAMåned siden
  • For what it's worth, I hope the person that called it in gets caught and wasn't using a burner phone and a fake name

    Null_WardenNull_WardenMåned siden
  • this gives me fucking death note vibes and thats a fuckinggg flexxx

    BobbySenpaiBobbySenpaiMåned siden
  • Only Nux could turn getting raided by the police back on the person who raided him. Pog

    CainoCaino2 måneder siden
  • bro the if i cant change it dont worry is my legit mindset for everything

    Chasta 1000Chasta 10002 måneder siden
  • Ya go ahead and prank someone but when you put people lives in danger you've gone to far so please people don't do this crap it's far from 189 IQ

    schyler oylerschyler oyler2 måneder siden
  • he or she could've said that you were hoarding anime cat girls

    SixtiethsodaSixtiethsoda2 måneder siden
  • Man, I was laughing the whole Video and everytime you mentioned you laughed I laughed hardeerrrrr HAHAHAHA I mean the grin Ohhh did it make me LAUGH like a Maniatic piece of shiet xDDD Lol I don't think I'm normal either LMAO

    ♥ Yui.the_nekkoqueen ♥♥ Yui.the_nekkoqueen ♥3 måneder siden
  • Holy fuck, we share the same philosophy.

    Neiasaurus CreationsNeiasaurus Creations3 måneder siden
  • conspiracy theory: lost pause swatted you to convince you to move in to clickbait your face reveal to him 😂

    ApatheticMareApatheticMare3 måneder siden
  • Nux, I've just recently subscribed and by god man! You are my fucking hero, got swatted and you took it in stride, you got balls of steel and I'm so happy I found this channel. Stay safe, and keep being you.

    Blood LetterBlood Letter3 måneder siden
  • Swatting somebody is a pussy move. Lord Nuxanor is too powerful regardless.

    Nicholas TraxlerNicholas Traxler3 måneder siden
  • Daidus is a sakura fan

    I got a point tho right? right?I got a point tho right? right?3 måneder siden
  • Be thankful that in Canada automated guns are illegal.

    The Rose GamingThe Rose Gaming3 måneder siden
  • I know it was 3 months ago but I hope u are still ok

    super leaf bladesuper leaf blade4 måneder siden
  • I wish I knew one of the swat guys so we could find out what Nux looks like

    PlaguiesPlaguies4 måneder siden
  • I think Nux clickbaits and memes so much that everyone thought he was joking.

    Adam PiaoAdam Piao4 måneder siden
  • Only Nux can see the advantage of being swatted! Great to hear you're ok!

    elementalblaze79elementalblaze794 måneder siden
  • The Hi samy Lawrence andink machine bendy and the ink machine please can you go on you cause I

    Chuck BrownChuck Brown4 måneder siden
  • How i imagine it. Nux sitting in his chair streaming when a knock comes to the door. He says, ill be back later. Time for a sponsor from RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! Suddenly cops come in and then instantly vanish because they were all Sakura fans and of course, those dont exist. So now everything is perfectly balanced. On a serious note though. Im glad you are ok Nux. Wouldnt want anything bad to happen to meme daddy

    B A StartB A Start4 måneder siden
  • NuxTaku : gets swatted also nux : MEME AND FLEX TIME

    Ghost 1-5Ghost 1-54 måneder siden

    No Name GamesNo Name Games4 måneder siden
  • you are the best bro............ swat:FBI OPEN UP!! NUX:I like chicken nugget. SWAT: WHAT!

    Azirel NWAzirel NW4 måneder siden
  • i loved the whole ¨was it a sakura fan, wait that's not possible, their are no sakura fans¨

    Mikey CooperMikey Cooper4 måneder siden
  • That sux really ( swat team rolls in Kicks door in has neighbor on the ground Where's Nux We hear he has Donuts )

    Bill BrownBill Brown4 måneder siden
  • (:

    Nikko SingletaryNikko Singletary4 måneder siden
  • Don’t worry nux we got your back

    Mason StrattonMason Stratton4 måneder siden
  • I've always looked at the world that way, if its something you have no control over or no influence on, why worry about it. If its something you can do something about then yea sort it, if not dosnt bother me.

    Stimm002Stimm0024 måneder siden
  • Nux is a meme machine , he makes memes even in life or death situations and then MAKES MEMES OUT OF LIFE OR DEATH SITUATIONS.

    Starry-p The Clown KingStarry-p The Clown King4 måneder siden
  • I’m still worried about nux so he’s right

    Starry-p The Clown KingStarry-p The Clown King4 måneder siden
  • Couldn't be a Sakura fan must've been Sakura

    Keegan HoltsclawKeegan Holtsclaw4 måneder siden
  • 4:12 Nux Taku: Whoever swatted me is probably going to jail. Me: Can they really find the person who swatted him?

    ExterminatorExterminator4 måneder siden
  • I didn't know we had a swat team in canada

    Zoheb ShahZoheb Shah4 måneder siden
    • Lol RCMP see nux before we do damn😂😂😂😂 love you nux

      Zoheb ShahZoheb Shah4 måneder siden
    • If I'm not mistaken it's called the ERT

      Zoheb ShahZoheb Shah4 måneder siden
  • He was scared and meaming he was screaming

    Fish BoyFish Boy4 måneder siden
  • Top ten flex fails in real life

    MessySnail 1MessySnail 14 måneder siden
  • "Scared and memeing at the same time". We each have our way to deal with stress, yours is just insane and I love it

    T BoneT Bone4 måneder siden
  • "Scared and memeing at the same time". We each have our way to deal with stress, yours is just insane and I love it

    T BoneT Bone4 måneder siden
  • From what google is telling me, nux is from Canada of course he is most likely safer compare to us in america

    navytiger2navytiger24 måneder siden
  • The officers watching this: 👀🍿

    Do TsuwaDo Tsuwa5 måneder siden
  • Being psychotic is not a problem

    Anarchy_ GamingAnarchy_ Gaming5 måneder siden
  • great philosophy though

    raxi rehraxi reh5 måneder siden
  • The stream is not there anymore...

    purpleguy252 Rip Meemopurpleguy252 Rip Meemo5 måneder siden
  • #scard memeing

    Aljaž BriljAljaž Brilj5 måneder siden
  • 9:46 am I the only one that noticed his right middle finger is REALLY long?

    sammie1253 Or Askewsammie1253 Or Askew5 måneder siden
  • When you finally got to 3:15 and said you were not in America, all of my worry and fear vanished. That's all I needed to hear. In other countries they have this funny foriegn thingy called "training" that they give to SWAT teams and it makes them safer. Also nice thing to do for your fans, try to keep them from worrying. but please NEVER TURN OFF RECORDING DEVICES WHEN BEING SWATTED. If they actually harm you, it could be the only thing you can use to defend yourself.

    Tails ClockTails Clock5 måneder siden
  • Just when we thought nux couldn't get a fatter ego. The galaxy dubs him the biggest way to flex.

    Andrue FinleyAndrue Finley5 måneder siden
  • NOCK NOCK NOCKING on nux's dooooooor lol wooooah

    GamingWithPotatos AumiGamingWithPotatos Aumi5 måneder siden
  • why thee fucks are the automatic subtitles listed as German??? and can somebody explain to me how to change that?, because the only options i find are to translate it (From percieved german) to english. suffice to say it makes subtitles useless, and while i love nux taku, i sometimes have trouble understanding his speech (especially when he triers to speak fast) since english isn't my first language.

    TheOlvaidTheOlvaid5 måneder siden
  • black guy here... and that super clip would've been hilarious

    Reginald CReginald C5 måneder siden
  • If he got killed we would flex on us by tweeting while he was ‘dead’ lol

    ChoccyMonkeyChoccyMonkey5 måneder siden
  • I it just me or is NOworld not promoting nux I have the notifications on but they never show up also he is never on my recommend page

    Angie WhiteAngie White5 måneder siden
  • It’s raided or be raided in this world.

    PointlessLifeHacks101PointlessLifeHacks1015 måneder siden
  • If you disappeared you would appear on some random place on the internet and everyone would find you and literally the first thing you would say is "I am gone? Who decided that!" And then you would flex on all of us.

    Peter NoltePeter Nolte5 måneder siden
  • I'm so glad you're okay. I'm new to the fambase, but I need you to keep making videos for my mental health. Lol

    Jay WilsonJay Wilson5 måneder siden
  • Sounds like PewDiePie sometimes

    FoxHoundFoxHound5 måneder siden
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    Arnav ReddyArnav Reddy5 måneder siden
  • I swear, Nux is so cool, those who are inferior to him had him swatted to silence him.😂😂

    SOULTAKU 100%SOULTAKU 100%5 måneder siden
  • Sakura is stronger than your mom

    PerspectivePerspective5 måneder siden
  • Don't ever do a face reveal the police is too much already

    PerspectivePerspective5 måneder siden
  • Anyone who reads this we need to make a flyswatter with nux mask by it emote for chat

    Steve MartinSteve Martin5 måneder siden
  • Not in america hmmmm

    goodboigoodboi5 måneder siden
  • Exp points gained 40000000, you're level 198 IQ. Spend talent points accordingly.

    Zachary JamesZachary James5 måneder siden
  • yes. we exist. 5:30

    Captain DonutCaptain Donut5 måneder siden
  • whoever did this deserves to rot

    Wolf_ ThingWolf_ Thing5 måneder siden
  • I like to think nux was shitting himself during the raid but he’s just saying all this for his vid

    RyukobestwaifuRyukobestwaifu5 måneder siden
  • 5:37 I don't think joking in life threatening situations is odd at all. A few years ago I was driving in winter and spun out on a crouded road. While spinning out I started singing Dejavu from Initial D while my youngest sister just chilled in the passanger seat. After I regained controll she turned to me and said if my other sister (the middle one) had been driving she (the younger one) would have been screaming, instead she was laughing. Tldr: not strange at all.

    njnjnjnj5 måneder siden
  • Corporate needs you to tell the difference between these two pictures: Videos we want and videos where nux goes batshit crazy They're the same picture

    RandomosityRandomosity5 måneder siden
  • "Hold your fire, this man isn't black" Me: *laughs nervously in my blackness* 😬😬😬😬

    Rica IvoryRica Ivory5 måneder siden
  • yeah in the u.s. you get swatted you are probably going to 1 need a new door and 2 you're going to need a casket

    The Guitar KidThe Guitar Kid5 måneder siden
  • Dude... Imagine noble and nux living in one roof 😂 😂 😂

    LanxPenzenpepperLanxPenzenpepper5 måneder siden
  • Plot twist... The cops were fans and wanted to see his face... 😂 😂

    LanxPenzenpepperLanxPenzenpepper5 måneder siden
  • 13:20 that Blackbeard laugh tho

    Jacob BarkerJacob Barker5 måneder siden
  • Bruh he's like sans or is it just me not the avatar btw

    CiPiCiPi5 måneder siden
  • I like how nux has my personality if there is something serious you just start thinking of memes

    Erick fatboyErick fatboy5 måneder siden
  • If you were in the states you would totally need to move. It's no joke. Obviously Deji's pp is dumb small😅

    John DiazJohn Diaz5 måneder siden
  • In a world of chaos and disarray, it's brother and sister who save the day

    Pallipon DancePallipon Dance5 måneder siden
  • open fire she said "all lives matter"

    raymond lucaraymond luca5 måneder siden
  • It"s kind of off-topic, but Nux is literally Kokichi Ouma IRL (in terms of personality). Like getting swatted and thinking how to meme about that right away.

    Анна СиротинаАнна Сиротина6 måneder siden
  • Need a hug dude?

    Y.Z. sheikhY.Z. sheikh6 måneder siden
  • Showing a picture of Misaka Mikoto when Nux was saying "bye guys, I'm going into a life threatening situation, no worries," gave me some serious Railgun S PTSD.

    Aidan SAidan S6 måneder siden
  • Hey Nux! Could you please do a video on your positive mindset? Like I noticed on your store a while back you had the quote “your life is your own” and I just think it’s really interesting! It’s something I am working on developing myself.

    AbbyAbby6 måneder siden
  • ... part of me imagined a guy being tackled and going ragdoll

    Lucky The_Angriest_Person_AliveLucky The_Angriest_Person_Alive6 måneder siden
  • Nux, glad you’re ok, bro

    Lily MouaLily Moua6 måneder siden
  • This is why i WILL NEVER unsub from noble

    meanie-weeniemeanie-weenie6 måneder siden
  • Bruh wholesome videos like this one is such a breath of fresh air

    Justin FosterJustin Foster6 måneder siden
  • Plot twist the swat team was just fans wondering where 'nobody understands zoro' was

    RulerOfNormiesRulerOfNormies6 måneder siden
  • Did they find your shmentia stash

    Brevantae the beastBrevantae the beast6 måneder siden
  • You should have answered the door the same way Saitama answered for the Blizzard Bunch, "I've already got a vacuum cleaner!"

    Rob MRob M6 måneder siden
  • I feel like Noble and Nux living in the same house would just be too much flex concentrated in one place for the world to handle

    qMattpqMattp6 måneder siden
  • Guys SPOILER Nux Taku dies in One Piece

    John CamposJohn Campos6 måneder siden