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My Uzaki Chan/Netflix memes put the internet in shambles, all according to plan...
Hero Hei the Uzaki Overlord:






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Edited By: Metahulk

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  • He’s Hazama Turimi from blazblue except a heck of a lot more likable.

    Ethan MuellerEthan Mueller13 timer siden
  • God himself!

  • Ain't Nux Canadian?

    RedrumZombiesRedrumZombies5 dager siden
  • Nux is like Black Panther's suit : trying to attack it only makes it stronger

    Varad MahashabdeVarad Mahashabde9 dager siden
  • Let's not something

    Rosie angelRosie angel10 dager siden
  • hav you herd of a geym kald "obey me"

    Neomi KadanNeomi Kadan11 dager siden
  • Music at 1:54?

    10Ten10Ten18 dager siden
  • This is fire

    Isabel GertIsabel Gert21 dag siden
  • NO ONE CAN STOP THE NUX, LOL. #NUXFOREVER!!!! @3:03_How do you spell her name? I'm asking for a friend. (LOL)

    R.J.Godzilla81R.J.Godzilla8121 dag siden
  • The Intro: "If you were to ask your average NOworldr..." *Proceeds to show Michael Reeves dancing over a baby doll he lit on fire with another another baby doll with laser eyes* Me: "Ah yes, the average NOworldr." Michael and Nux should collab, the chaotic energy would be astronomical.

    Landon JoyceLandon Joyce22 dager siden
  • Netflix now been summoned to court, they going to jail. Also this is the first of your videos I have ever seen, instantly subbed, bring on the summoning!

    AJLAJL23 dager siden
  • ‘Hating people online is a weak mindset’ is the single best line I have heard uttered on the internet this year, hats of to you son!

    AJLAJL23 dager siden
  • I want nothing more than to be a hater so as to be potentially more appreciated than a fan, but... I just, I can't think of anything negative...

    Nico SommerNico Sommer26 dager siden
  • XD

    Mr FraskeyMr Fraskey28 dager siden
  • Nux Taku: "BEHOLD MY FLEX!" *insert Jojo Pillar men meme* *Nux Taku is bench-pressing entire galaxies with planets with Sabins from FFVI on said planets bench pressing entire trains ontop of more trains* Nux Taku: "MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Zhor'i AmbassadorZhor'i AmbassadorMåned siden
  • Nice flex.

    Jacoby StonecypherJacoby StonecypherMåned siden
  • How are going to break the ice?

    Steel- XLSteel- XLMåned siden
  • Nice Star wars reference at the end :D

    Deadly_Anime_CatDeadly_Anime_CatMåned siden
  • Ok, youi got me , i didnt watch the video

    Cynical MiscreantCynical MiscreantMåned siden
  • Billy

    cspace Infinity01cspace Infinity01Måned siden
  • Doing what meme lord does best

    cspace Infinity01cspace Infinity01Måned siden
  • Every time Nux gets a subscriber he yells, "ha, you've been baited!"

    Not TylerNot TylerMåned siden
  • The amount of brain mr. Tux Naku has here is off the charts. Keep up the good flexing and keep up the high IQ plays!

    SonicArcherGuySonicArcherGuyMåned siden
  • This is some Palpatine level flexing and it's incredible.

    Hopeless WolfkinHopeless WolfkinMåned siden
  • You are just evil sans.

    emprah the rocketemprah the rocketMåned siden
  • Joint the CULT OF BILLY

    Dark HowlingDark HowlingMåned siden
  • That america is retarded video is still monetized because you were also talking about "Cuties", try uploading the same video, but remove every single cuties reference (from the vid and the thumbnail) and it will be 100% demonetized, add them back in and upload to youtube, monetized.

    AzKatAzKatMåned siden
  • I love seeing the hate around your twitter it's hilarious.

    Bennett HBennett HMåned siden
  • I find the anime very funny to watch

    ShxdowzsShxdowzsMåned siden
  • Nux: They took the bait. THEY TOOK BAIT PLACES EVERYONE. Subscribers: Wait what do we say? Nux&Everyone: 3...2...1....GET DUNKED ON.

    KiBlastinSSR'sKiBlastinSSR'sMåned siden
  • Me: /moving cursor towards subscribe... Nux: two million subscribers we're summoning satan... Me: /moving cursor away from subscribe... Funny shit though.

    SitrukSitrukMåned siden
  • "Sometimes I _like it_ when the bad guy wins."

    ArkticusArkticusMåned siden
  • Always love the infectious energy and cheer of Nux embracing Lord Flexanor.

    Cap'n CodyCap'n CodyMåned siden
  • Sorry, nux, but I just watched your other vid about cuties and your anime wifu, and you really did say some sweeping generalizations about money being the most important thing to outrage mob sponsored corporations, and thus... America is retarted...well, a large portion of america is as awful as you claim it to be, and I took offense that "America" was the culprit, when there are very many americans that are outraged over that pedobait movie. NOworld likely monetised that last episode you did because the term retarted is bad, unless you are denouncing traditionalists who do not like all the wacky hypocritical deviant nonsense that the far left want to force upon all of th world. Just saying, most people with american pride are the good guys in most cases. Peace

    Richard HarringtonRichard HarringtonMåned siden
  • How can someone like you possibly have an ego

    JZzzzJZzzzMåned siden
  • Hey gave you a subscribe cause i enjoy your work and how your honest. That you feed off the hate that idiots give you and make it your own. To say this in the best way possible when i heard your voice it makes me think of a nerd overlord that is the main villain to an anime and you should fail cause the hero always wins but some how you are always one step ahead of them and by some lucky you always come out on top of your plans for spreading choas across the land. Continue what you do and i am glad i am now a minion of whatever you call your army for your conquest of chaos.

    Rian BradfordRian BradfordMåned siden
  • we should summon grill instead of satan

    daddy nux's biggest fandaddy nux's biggest fanMåned siden
  • Lmfao 😂😂😂 LEGEND!!!!

    Fatiegh HendricksFatiegh HendricksMåned siden
  • I love you Jackie Chan be nice if I could see more than one episode on NOworld while having the hunted down considering I like dub

    country zarbon Diggscountry zarbon DiggsMåned siden
  • The social justice cult is both directionless and stupid. They wreck themselves on a regular basis and it's hilarious to watch. All they really do is hate on "perceived threats" to their toxic fart bubble. This is why they hate anime girls. They associate anime girls with their nebulous "toxic masculinity" ideas. This is why Mel got so much hate, which in turn increased awareness of her existence. Hats off to Mel, Mousey, Silvervale and their fellow like-minded gals for choosing their own path instead of letting the cult tell them what to do.

    Tavi 959Tavi 959Måned siden
  • Okay, this sold me. I am subscribing to this absolute legend

    Zap797Zap797Måned siden
  • When you hate on Nux: “Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.”

    Andrew WillAndrew WillMåned siden
  • Facts are part of life and I like nux for speaking his mind and god flex on haters

    Max MillenniumMax MillenniumMåned siden
  • Idiots: Takes the bait Nux: Roses are red, violets are blue.. OMAE WA MO SHINDERU

    Chayut KovitchindachaiChayut KovitchindachaiMåned siden
  • I have a theory about why people don't tend to watch videos before reacting to them online. They do this because of NOworld's history-based suggestions system; if anyone else saw these people watching a video with a title like, well, the one you were referencing, they would automatically assume the worst. Now this would be fine normally, since you can just watch it in private, but thanks to NOworld's attempts to show you exactly what you believe in and nothing more, every time you try to watch any other video in public, your suggestions are flooded with videos with similar titles. Thus, everyone's scared to watch videos with controversial titles or topics, since even though you can clear your history, your NOworld suggestions could ruin you if anyone sees them. If you can't already tell I really hate forced adaptive suggestions.

    Charlie KahnCharlie KahnMåned siden
  • This man Nux makes toxicity look like an early morning breakfast.

    Cozmix InfinityCozmix InfinityMåned siden
  • nice

    Abash TechAbash TechMåned siden
  • I don't remember watching the America is retarded video but I also don't spout hate because honestlly I love your style Gonna go watch that video now though And I'll keep checking your subscriber count for when it hits 2M. Can't fucking wait lmfao

    Dark StormDark StormMåned siden
  • Must be 4 Chan turn anime

    Chan EurvilaichitChan EurvilaichitMåned siden
  • I'm not exactly a veteran to the nux Channel I haven't seen much of his content but after this video when I'm sold while I don't support summoning Satan I am 100% for making fun of idiots on the internet

    ProtomanRProtomanRMåned siden
  • Why Satan, Lucifer would be more fun...

    Pink Biohazard Mercurial CollectivePink Biohazard Mercurial CollectiveMåned siden
  • People when Cuties comes out-🧑‍🦯 People when Uzaki Chan exists-👁👄👁

    Coby DickesCoby DickesMåned siden
  • I understand your point and it's not wrong in the least, but I WOULD say that marketing is only as good as the public who receives it. I know you also said no one thinks it's a good anime or ad campaign (*maybe it's just the one American thumbnail), BUT there's only one reason Netflix could ever think it could get away with something like that...because they either have before or there's a competitor who has. My point is: the surface meaning of the video title may be more true than you believe.

    Scott RipbergerScott RipbergerMåned siden
  • Come back a week later and see the title changed from Retards to Bastards

    H U N C H OH U N C H OMåned siden
  • You glorious bastard, you actually got that video monetized? 🤣🤣

    Blad eBlad eMåned siden
  • I just noticed in the image Nux uses to represent his room there’s a Jason Voorhees hokey mask above the T.V. in the background

    Flame ShotFlame ShotMåned siden
  • What American got mad at you saying America is retarded, I thought everybody already knew

    Potato LickerPotato LickerMåned siden
  • Still waiting for twigod to show up

    stans brotherstans brotherMåned siden
  • I feel like Nux uses IFunny

    Burger ChanBurger ChanMåned siden
  • I'm glad that she's in college and that the creators explained that people can actually look at her, at first i thought she was genuinely a loli and it was disgusting, and i hated her design. I still dont really like her design cause that's just me. But thank god she is in college, and they gave a reference as to what she looks like under her clothes. I was expecting her to look like a woman one piece character with gigantic boobs. I did not like the video simply because people saying the word retarded as a insult is hurtful, because i know people who have that type of problem and watching them struggle with it, is so painful to watch.

    BlookBlookMåned siden
  • I've seen a lot of people say Cuties is good and that you're supposed to like the girls twerking

    PokeHearts FanPokeHearts FanMåned siden
  • Ah yes idiots making fools of their selves as I watch a video of my self

    Void AtlasVoid AtlasMåned siden
  • That thumb-nail....nice 😎😎

    SuikodenGRSuikodenGRMåned siden
  • This guy seems to have a few screws loose and I love it.

    Cy MannCy MannMåned siden
  • i live for the flex of the madlad lord nuxanor

    Eben McCulloughEben McCulloughMåned siden
  • I have just been graced with finding this guy...You sir are a gem. Laughing the stupid is the best medicine! Subbed and full bell!

    Johnny OutlawJohnny OutlawMåned siden
  • Wäääääää

    JutlarJutlarMåned siden
  • Anyone got the number for the thumbnail?

    ChaotiXChaotiXMåned siden
  • Waiting for 2 million subs.

    ZantarZantarMåned siden
  • Nux is op

    Ace’s are LuckyAce’s are LuckyMåned siden
  • This why we have the purge %^>

    Francisco RojasFrancisco RojasMåned siden
  • XO

    Francisco RojasFrancisco RojasMåned siden
  • I fucking love this dude.

    Poseidon BroZeusPoseidon BroZeusMåned siden
  • Ah, you too are a avid salt miner.

    jumpingbean69jumpingbean69Måned siden
  • All hail BILLY

    reed200200reed200200Måned siden
  • Nux is literally the NOworld embodiment of weebo Slim Shady lol

    Gerell BurrisGerell BurrisMåned siden

    Patron Of SaintsPatron Of SaintsMåned siden
  • i mean, in my opinion, red is a pretty color

    do drugs don't stay in schooldo drugs don't stay in schoolMåned siden
  • I feel compelled to no like and sub lol

    Alan DabalosAlan DabalosMåned siden
  • So you saying don’t trust NOworldrs should be trusted you are you tuber though should I not trust you or should I trust you should I trust the person that says don’t trust him?

    The DoctorThe DoctorMåned siden
  • I would love it if any time Nux comes across one of these haters, he just responds with 'You're just saying that to make me feel better.'

    DragonFae16DragonFae16Måned siden
  • Haters: your trash nux Nux: oh please more offend me more Haters:..... Umm were.... were gonna.. just go

    The ShusherThe ShusherMåned siden
  • Nux don't flatter yourself were the bad guys.......

    The ShusherThe ShusherMåned siden
  • XDDDDDDDD HOLY SHIT I DON'T HAVE WORDS XD Bro, I love your outlook, and I know I've said it before, but I wish I could approach things this way. This had me grinning like an idiot and laughing at the stupidity of people 🤣 This is why I love your content. Keep it up, bro! Keep on flexing XD

    Neko WerewolfNeko WerewolfMåned siden
  • I love watching Nux vids cause hearing the way Nux talks reminds me of myself

    Bradley SeebaranBradley SeebaranMåned siden
  • Nux has an insanely fun energy

    Slightly Confused ManSlightly Confused ManMåned siden
  • Please guys get him to 2million subs so we can summon Satan

    Astro FallAstro FallMåned siden
  • Me looking at this video "all warfare is based on deception" -Sun Tzu

    Fluffy FoxFluffy FoxMåned siden
    • I see you are a man of culture as well

      Swen McHeathSwen McHeathMåned siden
  • You must realize, Twitter doesn't make people stupid. it shows us who all the stupid people are.

    FyrunFyrunMåned siden
  • i really dont want to sub but i Really want him to summon satin

    Mr. BigglesworthMr. BigglesworthMåned siden
  • Get your akatsuki cloaks cause we have to summon satan at 2mil

    Demon king ShadowDemon king ShadowMåned siden
  • though huh this seems stupid, then big brain moment hit

    Anon BobAnon BobMåned siden
  • i like how you have the gintama background sound

    RJGamer1002RJGamer1002Måned siden
  • not gonna lie, you had me at summoning Satan.

    Hell BikerHell BikerMåned siden
  • i cant wait to watch "summon satan with nux senpai" it will be a great day

    S-A-L-T B-O-IS-A-L-T B-O-IMåned siden
  • Nux is a mastermind

    Dennis CallowayDennis CallowayMåned siden
  • Oh yeah I saw that video lol

    Smas S858Smas S858Måned siden
  • I thought the interspecies reviewer event was your moment of true assension

    Smas S858Smas S858Måned siden
  • Imma be honest, I wanna see your avatar in VR form like Projekt Melody and ItsAGundam.

    Ninjhetto NLK3Ninjhetto NLK3Måned siden
    • Using clickbait, as much as I despise it, to show people's lazy ignorance is smart. Done before, but I don't know if it's usually done on purpose.

      Ninjhetto NLK3Ninjhetto NLK3Måned siden
  • You make me happy. That is all. Thank you.

    ZinTyPhoonZinTyPhoonMåned siden