The Creepiest Kinks in Anime (ft Projekt Melody)

16. feb.. 2021
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Melody is a special character.
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  • the fact for a brief moment the Arthur theme is heard as background music lol cheers editor san

    RayRay5 timer siden
  • Agalmatophilia Katoptronophilia Formicophilia Coprophilia Axillism Acrotomofilia Necrophilia and you're talking about, a fetish of, animal ears? i respect people's fetishes but... damn boy

    Bruno DuarteBruno Duarte15 timer siden
  • Wow never thought I’d see someone who could put nux back in his heels like melody does. Impressive.

    Larricus 029Larricus 02923 timer siden
  • There are two types of people that watch anime: People who like catgirls and people who want to be the catgirl/boy.

    Ryan WagnerRyan WagnerDag siden
  • I swear I heard subway surfers music for like half of the video

    ImagamingspoonImagamingspoonDag siden
  • Projekt Melody, this video gave me a lot of cat-tharsis.

    G&S GamingG&S Gaming2 dager siden
  • "You reminded me of a porn I watched last night." I dream of a woman saying this to me.

    Prince ThunderflarePrince Thunderflare2 dager siden
  • In the cat girls deffence it is a thing were cat girls ears and tail are sensitive to the point of arousal

    Allen GroveAllen Grove3 dager siden
  • It was a rap for hisoka after u showed him looking at them from behind

    YEET GODYEET GOD3 dager siden
  • Hearing the Arthur theme song brought back so many weird memories😂😂😂

    Curtis MaCurtis Ma4 dager siden
  • wtf was that bass at the beginning

    Benjamin LeeBenjamin Lee4 dager siden
  • 1:33 and 3:04 best imitations

    Taylor JohnsonTaylor Johnson5 dager siden
  • Women's high heels and nylons-strictly speaking, that's a sexual fetish, but I can't explain why it's so popular.

    jimhsan1jimhsan15 dager siden
  • Mel is right that slave handles is a thing that's been around a while.

    jimhsan1jimhsan15 dager siden
  • I'm an advocate of dansai bunri no crime edge

    Champiggy/ Frm_piGChampiggy/ Frm_piG5 dager siden
  • Nux you are more pure that I thought, cat ears fetiche is the most normal fetiche in hentai... Damn, you need to study more deeply in the darkness around this subject... There's even armpit, eyeball, and other pretty normal fetiches that don't even scratch the surface of this shit. Not saying that I'm into it, no, I just know about it... Belive me man.

    The Grab MasterThe Grab Master6 dager siden
  • There more than 2.2k comments right now so I'm not going to go throw them all so if someone suggested it already sorry, but I'm surprised that you didn't have the fetish of brushing teeth, yes it is as weird as it sounds and yes it exists here is one example of of it "Challenge Brushing Teeth" Karen Araragi, It Makes My Heart Race - Best Anime Moments Link:

    digitale playerdigitale player6 dager siden
  • I thought it was irrumatio handles, not slave handles xd

    GoretantathGoretantath9 dager siden
  • Man I still dont get why rule 34 artists see this as inspiration

    Rohan KishibeRohan Kishibe10 dager siden
  • 4:45 sauce??

    Hisoka MorrowHisoka Morrow11 dager siden
  • wait 2 times it's happened i nvr seen the 2nd time .... i benged the whole naruto kid and suppinden vershions

    King icemanKing iceman11 dager siden
  • im with melody here... girls with cat ears n stuff hell yeh

    King icemanKing iceman11 dager siden
  • I love you dad

    Sky The EnbySky The Enby11 dager siden
  • I'm going to be honest I'm turned on with twin tails and giving love bites.

    Joey Van HaperenJoey Van Haperen13 dager siden
  • 7:04 Not the Arthur music in the background-

    sava keysava key14 dager siden
  • They missed that one: Nisemonogatari - Toothbrush scene

    DanziDanzi14 dager siden
  • Nux this is why you and melody get shipped, you guys get along too much

    Nick BieriNick Bieri15 dager siden
  • could melody s ribbon be considered a slave handle? ps : the only one of the girls that i could understand liking sasuke was karin because she was saved by him , even then after getting stabbed id loose interest in him im thinking haha

  • Left out Mysterious Girlfriend X RIP

    CoffeeZCoffeeZ17 dager siden
  • Creepiest kinks in A- *YOSHIKAGE KIRA*

    OogmanOogman17 dager siden
  • Armpits fetish gang: *We have survived another day*

    Smug KaguraSmug Kagura17 dager siden
  • We watched different death notes 💀🤣🤣

    Jesse WrightJesse Wright18 dager siden
  • Mel I'm hurt my name is John Jeff!!!!! Well it's fine

    My name is JeffMy name is Jeff18 dager siden
  • 0:17 Is it just me or does that look like yellow nectar from Pokémon Sun & Moon?

    EE19 dager siden
  • Cat ears are 🤤

    Taylor SearsTaylor Sears19 dager siden
  • Day 1 of asking Nux if he remembers being in the class 1-A rap cypher rapping as Mineta: so did you enjoy it?

    All MightAll Might20 dager siden
  • Nux did you know if you join the military you can kill for free

    Martin WilsonMartin Wilson21 dag siden
  • you forgot about food wars

    goroksouleater 69goroksouleater 6921 dag siden

    Beastys AssistantBeastys Assistant21 dag siden
  • I wanna see melody and nex get together

    Beastys AssistantBeastys Assistant21 dag siden
  • Melody is just the best person to be on nux videos man 😂😂

    Mei LMei L22 dager siden
  • The music at 7:19........

    adam Oadam O23 dager siden
  • You should never let people get between you & your love.... even if it's the person your love is attached to.......

    Colt WingColt Wing24 dager siden
  • Holy shit that’s the first educational thing I’ve ever herd from melody

    Floodbait 838Floodbait 83826 dager siden
  • Hisoka and orichimaru lil boys

    Pumpkin guyPumpkin guy27 dager siden

    Kasheem GlennKasheem Glenn27 dager siden
  • My Confusion Struck when I heard Music From Dragalia Lost ?!?!?

    keithkeith28 dager siden
  • Melody is officially my spirit animal.

    Davis FisherDavis Fisher28 dager siden
  • no melody trying to fuck a animal is fucing wierd

    Giovanni EgidioGiovanni Egidio28 dager siden
  • personally, I fucking hate tales and ears in anime.. Hate.

    Giovanni EgidioGiovanni Egidio28 dager siden
  • If it was manga version i would be amazed if johnny wasnt in there

    OGmonkeyman11OGmonkeyman1128 dager siden
  • How tf was darkness from Konosuba not in this lmfao

    ZeroAspectZeroAspect29 dager siden
  • I, Kira Yoshikage am indeed a normal person. I have no fetish whatsoever, I have no clue who or what this man speaks of. He is probably a liar.

    Kira YoshikageKira Yoshikage29 dager siden
  • my favorite part of death note was the foot masage

  • My favorite part is when nux asked have you seen this anime then said yea me too in such a serious tone

    AevxAevx29 dager siden

    Fish Ants ColoradoFish Ants ColoradoMåned siden
  • 11:09 hey im on the same page as Melody here. and on the twin tails. Ive learned i have a lot in common with melody.

    Logan PerdueLogan PerdueMåned siden
  • Nux: Melody, have you seen the... Melody: Yes. Nux: But not porn? Melody: ....

    RAZORlukicRAZORlukicMåned siden
  • Nux you DID NOT just mention the twintail show AND NOT mention the amazing op/ed!

    BorisBorisMåned siden
  • 6:56 Pls I Need This

    Gabriel GomezGabriel GomezMåned siden
  • When the hell did melody become so deep?

    seges11seges11Måned siden
  • That awkward moment when someone you know accidentally blurts out having one of these fetishes.

    XperimentorEESXperimentorEESMåned siden
  • dansai bunri no crime edge... that's a show i didn't think i would hear mentioned like ever... fucking awe some show. dude, YOU DIDN"T TALK ABOUT THE SPIT FETISH IN MYSTERIOUS GIRLFREIND X!!! come on, it's one of the best shows ever, and it's fucking adorable.

    The Obsesed Anime FreaksThe Obsesed Anime FreaksMåned siden
  • The photo at the start Melody:the best part of waking up is being nux's slu- yeahigottastop immagetasisanddisistatthispoin-

    Kymani GwinnKymani GwinnMåned siden
  • wow didnt think id see one of my own fetishes in this...gonna have to watch that twintail anime now

    KamgalashKamgalashMåned siden
  • I’m not even joking less than five minutes ago I finished watching hunter x hunter 😂

    Shamus HarperShamus HarperMåned siden
  • Nex thanks for making this hilarious video it really helped brighten my day. I been trying to get over my girlfriend dumping me out of the no where and this just brightened my day thank you

    410Cole PYRO410Cole PYROMåned siden
    • do you know what the ost that was playing at 17:00 called?

      Hentai RagginBagginHentai RagginBagginMåned siden
  • How tf did u know that hisoka pops up in my head? edit: goddamn it Nux u made me watch How not to summon a demon lord fuck

    the toiletthe toiletMåned siden
  • Watched severing crime edge years ago... Melody nailed it and she never even saw the anime...

    Brian DoigBrian DoigMåned siden
  • You, didn't add the toothbrushing fetish from monogatari.

    TheRemelaxTheRemelaxMåned siden
  • man i only discovered nux about a week ago and i love his vids already 😂

    Matthew TurleyMatthew TurleyMåned siden
  • Nux: murder CHILD slavery and canabalisim are things that I don’t atwokate for So what’s about youst slavery Ofcours after making sure they are 18

    Dirk LoidDirk LoidMåned siden
  • I wonder how this video would go if Nux Taku brought up Shu Tsukiyama's fetish for sniffing blood

    Reiner BraunReiner BraunMåned siden
  • Who knew there was haircut fetish going on... Wait...what?

    Happy SavageHappy SavageMåned siden
  • What the frick did I just watch........? Noice. Honestly. lol

    Happy SavageHappy SavageMåned siden
  • nux X melody would be a great couple

    koilkikoilkiMåned siden
  • 6:05 seconds lord nuxanor’s fetish spoiler

    Wraith FaithWraith FaithMåned siden
  • 17:45 WoW! Good Choice! (Of music, of course!)

    ÆR0ß!ÅŠT-XÆR0ß!ÅŠT-XMåned siden
  • Urban dictionary destroys melody, slave handle is a term my ass! 🤣

    Svejo BaronSvejo BaronMåned siden
  • Nux: ANYWAYS Melody: those ears baby!

    BadlyBadlyMåned siden
  • 7:09 arther music is playing

    animegamer lolanimegamer lolMåned siden
  • 10:12 "I'm actually quite embarrassed. I have seen uh, a lot of this, but um, not in the show."

    DoingTheJukesDoingTheJukesMåned siden
  • Dude the haircut thing reminds me of courage the cowardly dog

    Revrac EntertainmentRevrac EntertainmentMåned siden
  • when she said "you're not into cannibalism ?".. I feel you girl, why not Nux, why?.. Sadge

    Cordelia D. RheinherjarCordelia D. RheinherjarMåned siden
  • The Creepiest Kinks in Anime you aint got shit worth my time. i've seen true horror. and no i im not talkin about horror kink.

    匚尺ㄚㄖ卄匚尺ㄚㄖ卄Måned siden
  • I see Hisoka, *I CLICK*

    ɪᴛᴢ ʟɪᴛᴢ ʟMåned siden
  • "Murder, child slavery and cannibalism" so.. what about non-child slavery?

    IDNotFoundIDNotFoundMåned siden
  • did she say do chen chie

    Gh0st G4mingGh0st G4mingMåned siden
  • God, Melody’s brain is seriously that “Homework folder” meme. She probably studies this like I studied horror. She could probably write a dissertation on fetishes.

    JikuAraigumaJikuAraigumaMåned siden
  • 2020 = Twenty Twenty 2021 = Twenty Twenty Won 2022 = Twenty Twenty Too 🤣

    Grumpy ol' BootGrumpy ol' BootMåned siden
  • 7:50 child slavery? so slavery is okay???

    Dragon LordDragon LordMåned siden
  • Nux: !BOOM NUX 1 MELONY 16.000 when it comes to fetishes

    forgeforrealforgeforrealMåned siden
  • Here I go looking up slave handles. And Mel is literally the person quoted 😂

    Martin StensvehagenMartin StensvehagenMåned siden
  • Melody is so wonderful... I admire a diverse lexicon of kink.

    Black ClawsBlack ClawsMåned siden
  • How the f is there still ads in this video?

    First BlockheadFirst BlockheadMåned siden
  • Why does melody's philosophy on kinks make so much sense? This girl knows what's up

    Red VariableRed VariableMåned siden
  • is it juts me or do melodys eyes look alarmingly red? is she high?

    T0q14sT0q14sMåned siden
  • I think the casual panties fetish is the weirdest one

    Xellos KaczorXellos KaczorMåned siden
  • PROJECT MELODY is so a BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE. damn it i love her also NUxX hahaha but he is so innocent hahahah.

    Himmel Ferse Arts Paul TVHimmel Ferse Arts Paul TVMåned siden
  • Why is melody always looking like she is having a stroke or something? Great Video tho.

    UmbreliasUmbreliasMåned siden